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The Best Portable Toilets for Boat

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Having a structured travel plan saves lots of time and room for diverse recreational activities. You’ll prepare the snacks and become a backpacker who braved the wilderness of nature.

Particularly, a summer getaway is exclusively dynamic and thrilling -especially when you go hiking a mountain or sailing a boat. What if you need to unload some timber in the middle of a boat trip?

best portable toilet for boat

This scenario is quite unsettling, especially when everyone is having fun and you are preoccupied with this discomfort. The struggle is real but not anymore because of the advent of the best portable toilet for boat.

These upgraded porta potties for boats should be on the top list of your must-have carry-on travel essentials as they serve a general-purpose for travelers like you who want an uninterrupted excursion.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Camco 41541

+ 5.3-gallon waste capacity
+ Made thoroughly
+ Integrated handles for transport

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Porta Potti 92306

+ Made of sturdy polypropylene
+ 5-gallon waste tank
+ Integrated compartment for toilet paper

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Dometic 301097206970

+ ABS construction
+ 2.6-gallon waste tank
+ Small and lightweight

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Top 12 Portable Toilet for Boat Reviews 

1. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Camco is a reputable brand in supplying marine products for years, and seeing this model of portable marine toilet brings refreshing feelings. It is designed to be used in RV-ing, camping, and boating.

The waste tank has a 5.3-gallon waste capacity that will suffice for all-day-long maritime escapades. You don’t need to check the tank if it’s full from time to time. Plus, this model is enclosed by side latches that provide a secure grip between the flush and the waste tank.

Furthermore, the flush tank features an easy-to-open cap that lifts and can be detached for freshwater storage. Along with this is the fast-moving bellows-type pump that eliminates the waste out of the bowl in a snap.

The sealing slide valve locks off the waste perfectly and prevents leakage issues. With this little potty, expect an odor-free water tank operation. It may be a modern artificial toilet, but it generally helps in maintaining a stain-free bowl.

This Camco portable toilet bowl also includes sidebars or integrated handles that make it more reliable for convenient and direct transport to campers or boats. If you live in a caravan or trailer, this model can fit in the organization of a narrow space alongside your stuff.

The structure of this porta potty is well-engineered in robust polyethylene construction. It is superb in impact and corrosion resistance. Therefore, if you are shopping for a porta potty for pontoon boat, this version can assist you in roughly built areas. I would rate this 5-star if the rubber gasket is durable.
  • Ideal to use for RVs, Camper, and Boats
  • Extensive 5.3-gallon waste capacity enough for a long day ride
  • Includes side latches for security
  • Heavy-duty bellows-type pump for immediate waste disposal
  • Integrated handles for a hassle-free transport
  • Made thoroughly with polyethylene construction that resists corrosion
  • Fragile rubber gasket
It boasts a super lightweight and compact design, ideal for an all-night road trip. Compared to other portable potties for boats, it is much cheaper and convenient for any travel plans.

2. Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp

Portable toilets these days tend to be smaller because they are influenced by minimalistic design, and this portable toilet for van is a top contender for this. It incorporates a larger bowl size that maximizes comfort in every seat. On the side, you’ll see the attached toilet paper holder within your reach.

The plastic seat is made of polypropylene materials known to be durable and flexible yet cheaper than other portable toilet brands. This product is also referred to as “Curve”. It is equipped with a battery-powered flush feature that allows the freshwater to stream down the bowl smoothly.

The waste tank holds a 5. 5-gallon capacity so expect that it becomes heavier in every use. You don’t need to be anxious about filling it up with excessive freshwater or waste contents since this porta-potty comprises an automatic tank level indicator for easy tracking. It will be a practical investment for any leisure activities.

This model can be a perfect boat chemical toilet because of its modern, sleek design that complements well with your marine lifestyle. Plus, it makes a great portable boat toilet enclosure for its air-tight valve with a rotating pour-out spout that obstructs spillage.

This porta potty is smart and straightforward. Still, be wary of the drawbacks. The flush is supported by a manual lever. Hence, you’d need to open it to carry the waste directly to the waste tank. Since it’s a battery-powered toilet, it will eventually wear out over time, and Thetford Corp currently doesn’t offer a replacement.
  • Newly improved larger bowl size for comfortable sitting
  • Integrated compartment for toilet paper
  • Made in sturdy polypropylene material
  • 5-gallon waste tank, spacious enough for an emergency night out
  • Tank liquid level indicator device
  • Pivoting Pour-out Stout for breezy waste drainage
  • Manual lever and battery-powered flush system wear out over time
Once you feel a sudden stomach upset, this option is the best boat porta potty that can save you in aggravating situations. Long trips never sounded this good!

3. Dometic 301097206970 Portable Toilet

This model of dometic portable toilet is peculiar. It doesn’t have the typical bowl-like structure we often see in toilets. At first sight, it looks like an icebox cooler. I love how chic the overall structure is.

Boasting an ABS construction, this small porta potty for boat rocks in durability and stability. Its flush button is one press away, allowing the waste to situate in the waste tank smoothly.

Some quick portable toilets we can see online or in a physical store lack compactness, and they exhibit bulkiness. This variant is an exception; the one-time push flush button introduces a reliable air pump system allowing minimal pumps. The magic passage of the air serves its purpose in hygienic waste management.

The 2.6-gallon waste tank capacity can suffice an all-day expedition agenda with you and your friends. It has a cute size appearance that offers a variety of options for RVs, boats, and tent camping.

Unlike the previous porta potty for boats, this option highlights an extended pivoting discharge, making it reach the ground swiftly without splattering the body. Having a smurf-like porta potty makes a room of comfort for any motor car and motorboat.

I love the entire design, it’s fantastic and creative. The front handle and latch are noticeable, proving that the design is well-planned. Aside from that is an adult-size version of this that maximizes optimal comfort. The only thing I don’t like is that the matching fittings for long-term use aren’t free.
  • Unique yet comfortable ice box-like structure
  • Sturdy and well-engineered ABS construction
  • Push-button technology: No batteries and pumping needed
  • A 2.6-gallon waste tank offering balanced weight in transport
  • Small and lightweight, perfect for every travel getaways
  • Longer pivoting spout for effortless discharge
  • Fittings are sold separately
Whether you are in an intense travel planning session with your friends or casually having a long trip with your family, it is essential to think of providing yourself a porta-potty like this one.

4. Thetford White 92860 Porta Potti

This toilet exudes contemporary style. Portable toilets these days no longer look like a recognizable traditional pot of comfort. The genius craftsmanship of this version redefines how you submit yourself in your daily demanding activities outdoors. Once you feel any digestive problems, this porta potty for boats will get rid of them.

It consists of a standard lid latch that demands less force to open. The seating cap is as soft as your dining chairs. The seat is detachable, and gathering the pieces back after cleaning is as easy as ABC.

Notably, the toilet is made in legendary polyethylene construction. Therefore, expect that this version commits to long-term use. It possesses an ultra-lightweight structure and an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to pick up anywhere.

If you’re shopping for portable boat toilets, there are a lot of things to consider. How often do you use the toilet when sailing? If you rarely use it and your headroom is allotted for your water engine system, this version is a perfect alternative.

You can place this porta-potty on the side corners of your deck boat. Voila! It sits properly in the corner. The tenacious grip of the sealed valve traps the obnoxious odors in the holding tank. Additionally, it comes with a bowl deodorizer sample.

However, I just don’t think that this model can accommodate a large number of stools.
  • Impressive modern style portable toilet
  • Contains easy to access standard lid latch
  • Extremely comfortable bowl seat cap for prolonged usage
  • Comes with a rigid-built polyethylene construction
  • Super lightweight and the ergonomic handle makes it handy for transport
  • Long-lasting sealed valve, shutting down and the unwanted smell in the tank
  • Cannot contain large-sized feces, not advisable for defecation
If you’re in a hunt for a portable potty for pontoon boat, this choice will never disappoint. This version displays a familiar touch of classic and modern style. It is notably lightweight, suitable for camping and island hopping.

5. Zimmer Portable Toilet For Camping

This version takes portability to the next level. It is 9.75 pounds in weight, and this is one of the lightest porta potties on this list so far. You can easily pack this up on the back of your van or RV without making the space crowded.

This square porta-potty exercises a homey principled design that uncovers long-lived comfort. It unveils a 5.3-gallon waste tank that can attend to emergencies in a road trip or sea adventure. The freshwater tank can be filled up with a sanitation hose, and it requires less effort to make it full.

The two tanks are removable and made for rugged situations. Even when you’re doing any strenuous activities outdoors, they are intact and can easily be united by the side latches. The toilet is formed with a heavily built polyethylene composition that works as a camper’s aid for unexpected bowel movements.

The 3-gallon freshwater tank capacity is equipped with a bellows pump that accommodates up to 70 flushes. Hence, no need to change the water in a flash. You can probably enjoy a luxurious vacation outdoors with this purchase.

The slide valve seems pretty sturdy and quickly opens when unloading the sewage. I just noticed that the waste tank cap is located on the side. It could have been better if it is positioned at the upper level to avoid potential leakage issues.
  • Ultra-lightweight portable toilet weighing only 9.75 pounds
  • A customized porta potty design made especially for camping
  • A space-saving toilet with a 5.3-gallon waste tank
  • Made in heavily built polyethylene material
  • Powered by a bellows pump with 70 flushes capacity
  • Sturdy and easy to open slide valve for dumping waste
  • Waste tank cap location is susceptible to leakage if not handled properly
This boat porta-potty with pump-out is fascinating. It offers a variety of benefits when taking part in a wholesome camping retreat with your friends. The relevance of camping has been restored through this small yet terrible camping bowl.

6. Reliance Products Hassock Portable Toilet

This product meets my expectations at first glance. Honestly, I didn’t immediately recognize this version as a portable potty for boats. Its cute-size design reminds me of the chamber pot, but this time it’s an enhanced toilet variant.

Whether you are trying to escape the world for a while through participating in various outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing, you can rely on this uncomplicated porta potty. It fits in any mode of transportation. RVs, motorhomes, boats, campers, trailers – you name it, and this pick can adjust to your liking.

This is a self-contained toilet with an integrated cover that holds the tissue paper hanger. The lid of the bucket also contains a modified seat to make the best use of the toilet. The inner bucket is demountable for the waste matter to be dumped appropriately.

You can use cat litter or kitchen trash bags inside the bucket, which will serve as the major waste container since it functions manually. It doesn’t have a flush technology system. Adding water will only cause weight pressure, making the contents vacate the bucket.

I would most likely have this ready with the portable boat toilet curtain. You’re just going to set up the curtain and put this inside it on a boat, then you’re done. This option suits casual boating commitments. Otherwise, if you’re a marine adventurer who frequently uses boats for a living, this might not meet your full sanitary needs.
  • Lightweight and simple self-contained toilet design
  • Ideal for many recreational activities because of its small dimensions
  • Includes a compact splash cover with tissue roll holder
  • A modified seat for all-round comfort in every use
  • Removable bucket for conventional wastewater disposal
  • It can’t be filled with water
  • A manual/traditional toilet design, only suitable for temporary activities
Modern portable toilets get slimmer and smaller each time. Reliance Products made sure that this porta potty will execute a decent performance despite being lightweight and simple.

7. Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet

If you opt to buy a low-priced portable toilet for pontoon boat, this toilet is for you. It covers a 2.6-gallon detachable holding tank that can support your marine adventure.

This small and compact toilet is furnished with ABS resin, which is known to have a powerful impact resistance. You don’t need to worry about searching for the safest spot on your boat or RV to protect this substantially built travel toilet.

It has a larger bowl seat and increased bowl size for adults to fully utilize at ease while enjoying a summer camp with family or friends. The interior encompasses a fine, sleek texture – making it easier to ditch the waste out of the surface.

It offers an excellent flush pump with 3 spouts to efficiently rinse the bowl area, leaving zero-stain as you go. You just have to pull the piston valve at the left corner and push it back to its place when you flush.

The holding tank and waste tank are united by the internal side latches that you won’t initially notice. You have to pull the thin rectangular switch out at the back, and you’ll see a discreet handle underneath. Lift it, and the upper portion will be disassembled.

Notably, the design is neat yet tricky at the same time. It doesn’t have an accessible handle to grab at any time when packing things. Nevertheless, the well-engineered swiveling dumping elbow and push vent make waste removal easy.
  • It offers a spacious 2.6 detachable holding tank
  • Made in durable ABS resin coating with utmost impact resistance
  • Larger bowl lid and seat supporting adult weight
  • Sleek interiors that help in rinsing the bowl smoothly
  • Flush pump with 3 spouts that gently wipes off the lingering stains
  • Rotating dumping elbow with push vents sealing the odorous sewage
  • It doesn’t have a cognizable handle for easy transport
If you’re contemplating what boat porta potty for sale you should consider, this toilet variant is worth a try. It has a lot of feature variations that support your creative outdoor desires.

8. SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet

I get that some of you have a bad habit of purchasing a small portable toilet for boats without checking the actual useful functions. Fortunately, this oblong-shaped porta-potty supplies a variety of marine support.

The structure is made durable and long-lasting by high-density polyethylene. Moreover, the freshwater storage is built with a 5.3-gallon capacity. If you’re enjoying a joyride with your squad and have many stopovers in amusement parks, concerts, and beach parties, this life-saver toilet is the best companion.

The flush is composed of a bellows pump, so you expect a more durable flushing system than those battery-powered porta-potties. You can easily locate the 3-way pistol flush that drenches the bowl pretty well. It functions superbly, and the water flows in a tornado-like manner. You can use up to 50+ flushes!

The sealing waste valve can easily be seen in the joining point of the two tanks. It drains the water down to the bottom waste tank pretty well. It is sealed twice, allowing the absence of spillage and odor.

The sturdy easy-to-maneuver pour spout helps in discharging the waste neatly. On top of that, this porta-potty includes a free portable toilet bag for easy and safe storage.

My only issue is that the seat cap appears to be smaller for adults. Other than that, this variant is magnificent for camping.
  • High-density polyethylene construction that is ready for any outdoor use
  • Large 5.3 waste tank capacity making you feel confident stepping outside
  • Bellows pump flush system that lasts longer than the battery-operated potties
  • 3-way pistol flush containing up to 50+ flushes
  • Double sealed valve maintaining an odor-free toilet bowl
  • Rotating pour spout that thoroughly holds a splash-free waste disposal
  • Small seating cap that might not fit some adults
You can feel the cozy wind of serenity consoling your irritated stomach in this friendly porta potty for family camping. This variation will best complement a portable boat toilet curtain where you can exercise your right to privacy.

9. Camco 41549 Portable Toilet Bucket

This cylindrical bucket toilet holds up to 5-gallon waste capacity. The entire composition is highly developed in the extreme durability of polypropylene material. When transporting, you can rely on the plastic grip attached to the wire handle to avoid wrist and palm strain injuries when the bucket is full.

Expect that with this toilet product, everything is not automatic. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who lives the fun out in the water rather than the grounds, then a marine portable toilet with a pump-out best satisfies this need.

Otherwise, if you’re a nemophila, this bucket is an ultimate buddy in the woods. Whether you’re hunting a deer, camping with a team, hiking a trail, you can feel the residential comfort of this waste container toilet.

The seat snaps are also tightly affixed to the bucket to fully accommodate occupants at ease. Good thing is that it is unyielding, and you can just clutch it and get ready on a woodland adventure from the get-go.

It comes with a ziplock waste bag encapsulating three-bucket liners. Inside these garbage bags is a biodegradable powder that decreases the reek of the waste matter.

I don’t have any violent dislike for this product. It could have been better if the seat caps overlapped the bucket. It is a small-scale design that caters to petite people more.
  • 5-gallon waste capacity, ideal for an overnight camping
  • Superior polypropylene construction that is tough in a harsh environment
  • Easy to grip handle designed for a strain-relief experience
  • Floaty weight toilet with comfortable seat snaps attached to the bucket’s rim
  • A sealed bag containing three-bucket liners with sanitary powder
  • The seat cap design only accommodates petite people
If you casually go fishing or randomly visit a coastal area with your boat, this portable toilet for boat can be the ideal option for momentary activities. This independent toilet bucket is inexpensive and easy to set up.

10. Dock Edge Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty

Maximize your time to relax and enjoy outdoor activities as you do your business quickly with the large freshwater tank capacity, allowing you to rinse and clean the bowl 360 degrees. The bidirectional piston pump is dominant in this aspect.

Since it has a floor-mounted design, it can survive even in elevated areas in RVs and boats. They can be arranged in these two transportation modes for long-term use. Aside from this, you can easily monitor how much water has been used from the holding tank and waste tank through the water level indicator underneath.

It handles odors exceptionally. Even if the toxic wastes remain stuck on the waste tank for too long, the toilet doesn’t seem to emit any rotten smell.

It also comes with a detachable directional pour spout that makes unclogging sewage handy. The air vent near it also makes a quick waste discharge, making it always readily available for use.

Cleaning the toilet ain’t a nuisance in this model. Once purchased, you would get a free liquid gold concentrated toilet deodorizer. You can scrub the bowl portion and apply deodorizer after, and it feels brand new in every wash.

I wish there could be any on-the-go handle since it is naturally bulky for me. The actual handle is found in the waste tank area, yet it appears to be jerry-built.
  • Large freshwater tank capacity brimming the bowl with sanitary reservoir
  • Includes bidirectional piston pump for full bowl sanitation coverage
  • Floor mounted porta potty design suitable for RVs, campers, and boats
  • Water tank level indicator that helps you manage your tank fill daily
  • Has extreme odor and leakage seal with directional pour spout
  • Free liquid toilet deodorizer
  • No carrying handles.
  • The waste tank handle underneath is flimsy
It provides a heavy-duty look at first sight because of the bulkiness of the design. Hence, it has a lot to offer for you. It is not as lightweight as the previous models, but it is quite understandable for its profound components.

11. Alpcour Portable Toilet

What comes to your mind when you see portable toilets for pontoon boats? Are you anything like me who overthinks that a narrowboat can also narrow the chance to inhale the foul contents of the toilet? But with Alpcour’s heavy-duty porta-potty, that’s a worry-free inconvenience.

It has a familiar design of detachable tanks that are intertwined with two side latches. On top of that, The anti-leak drain valve in the middle efficiently helps you rinse the bowl thoroughly and directly turn it over to the waste tank without any unwanted leakage issues.

Do you know that a lot of porta potties don’t have self-sanitizing agents? This particular portable toilet boasts natural deodorizing components that enhance an odor-free on-the-road experience.

Expect that even after rugged uses, you can solely rely on the natural wonders of this porta-potty. Emptying becomes a piece of cake since the rotating dumping spout gently goes around without squirting waste liquids.

Furthermore, it comes with a free sanitation sprayer that you can pair up with a toilet bowl cleaner to further clean hard-to-reach areas. Lastly, I appreciate the help of the user manual attached to this package. Of course, a self-taught mechanism happens, but the manual makes it quick to assemble.

It also comes with a carrying bag for tidy storage when not in use. However, it is not a tough toilet in emptying the bowel contents. It doesn’t have a 3-way stream of flush system.
  • An easy-to-carry porta-potty with detachable tanks secured by side latches
  • Stable functioning anti-leak drain valve
  • Adapts self-deodorizing components for odor-free holding tank during the day
  • Uses rotating dumping spout that disposes of the waste systematically
  • It comes with a free deodorizer and bag storage
  • It doesn’t have a 3-way water flush system
With the overall lightweight structure combined with multiple functions, this toilet is a hot contender for RV, boat, and camping purposes. It is multifunctional yet very residential when used outdoors. Hence, I highly recommend this option for a long weekend trip.

12. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

I am amused with this portable potty’s quirkiness, as it is a breath of fresh air—this game-changer briefcase-style mobile toilet of today’s ultramodern world.

This fold-to-go waste toilet displays adequate flexibility while on a morning rush scheduled outdoors. It has a robust construction perfect for a camper and traveler since it takes up a minimum amount of space.

It is easy to carry obviously. It is a 3-legged porta potty that stands firmly on the ground. You don’t need to build the parts since each of them is locked by a folding system.

Plus, the product is compatible with any floor or surface texture. It can rest steadily in rough terrains, grass, trails, etc. The other case part of this toilet is removable so that the legs can be pulled up and utilized for ground support.

The toilet seat feels comfortable enough to make you feel like you are sitting on your toilet at home. It looks small and slim, but it is durable enough to handle up to 500 lbs weight.

The seat cap involves a netting cover where the waste bag kit is hooked. The bag is thick enough to catch the solid matter completely during your private business. It is fastened tightly to avoid slipping and spilling.

It is crafted for any recreational activity. The minor concern I have is that the legs are sometimes stiff when spreading out, but it is sturdy enough to remain intact.
  • Peculiar modern design with smart portability
  • Fold-to-go toilet, no assembly required
  • Easy-to-carry compact briefcase toilet
  • 3-leg stands that are stable even in uneven terrains
  • Comfortable seat, carrying an approximately 500 lbs weight capacity
  • Includes a mesh hanger that tucks in the waste bag securely
  • The legs are not that flexible
If you are in search of a space-saving porta-potty, this option can best meet your expectations. It has a suitcase-style formation that can be transformed into a compact toilet, making it ideal for a small space environment.

Buyer’s Guide


If you look through the online shopping portals, good marketing stunts can easily lure you, especially if you lack sufficient knowledge in inspecting a portable toilet. It is best to identify the purpose of use.

For instance, a bucket-type porta potty can’t be a good temporary bathroom replacement in boats since everything is manual. Although it can serve its purpose in containing the waste, the waste odor can spew out anytime if the garbage bag is scratched or slightly torn.

Some self-contained toilets offer a poo powder that turns the waste into a gel, diminishing the odor and contamination. However, it is impractical to go back to the shore for disposal when you are in the middle of the sea – fishing or navigating.

Always consider the reason for purchase. Then look at the waste disposal system that works for you. Do you want a manual or automatic porta potty? In addition to that, look at the size if it fits your vehicle compartment or camping setup.

Compare the prices of porta potties with almost the same functionality. I see ridiculous prices of some renowned brands for a portable toilet. It is best to look for more options rather than having 2 – 5 selections.

How Do Portable Boat Toilets Work


They work as an alternative comfort room when you are living the dream outside of a boisterous city. To unwind and replenish one’s self in thrilling outdoor activities.

The fun never stops so, should you? Hence, portable toilets make it easier for you to do your business quickly and comfortably when you’re blocks away from an available public restroom.

Can You Poop in a Portable Toilet


 Yes, you can. Portable toilets contain waste matter with different unique procedures aligned to a specific model.

For instance, bucket toilets can carry solid waste smoothly. Most of them have poo powder sanitation techniques that “crystalize” the excrement to be thickened entirely for hassle-free disposal.

How Do I Stop my Portable Toilet from Smelling

Make sure to dispose of the waste tank as soon as it becomes full. Then use a detergent, water, and bleach and pour out the mixed contents into the bowl. You can use a scrubbing pad for the bowl and rinse thoroughly with water. Use a disinfectant or deodorizer every week to maintain a fresh and “brand new” smell in every use.

Care and Maintenance

Do you ever wonder how porta-potty vs marine head characteristics differs? A porta potty is designed for both residential and commercial use. You can bring it with you if you spend most of your days outdoors. It helps you relieve uneasiness about visiting an unfamiliar place with a problematic stomach.

Marine heads are often found in the boats, and they contain the whole watercraft’s waste, and the sewage is often eliminated through the pump-out dock stations. Hence, properly maintaining a porta-potty requires manual work.

You have to invest in cleaning kits for bowls and do the labor of love! You love being hygienic then it is a must to take care of the things that help you become one. Remember to use a vacuum pump when cleaning the waste tank to extinguish deep-seated dirt clinging on the inside. Lastly, use a deodorizer after every cleaning.


Portable toilets have evolved from being a downtown’s public comfort room to being a packable and lightweight waste container for outdoor activities. It is indeed one of the greatest inventions of humans.

It provides a mobile place of tranquility when nature calls. You can carry it anywhere you go, and it saves you a lot of time and effort from going to the nearest public restroom.

Holding your urine isn’t safe for a long time. Thanks to the best portable toilet for boat, you may now have a more relaxing and comfortable trip.

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