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The Best Boat Winch Straps

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

The best boat winch strap allows effortless retrieval and launching of your boat. Reeled into a winch drum, it has a hook that connects to a boat while the other end links to the winch assembly.

A good winch strap has maximum tensile strength with minimal stretch. It must support heavy loads while preserving its structural integrity. From the webbing to the stitches, consider factors influential to its durability. The hook that attaches to the end of the strap is also a crucial consideration.

If you are searching for a high-quality boat trailer winch strap, I am here to help. Read this guide as I walk you through some of the top products available, as well as their notable features.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Shoreline Winch Strap

+ Premium polyester construction
+ Resists the formation of mold
+ Plated hook with spring-loaded flap

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Botepon Marine Strap

+ Handles even high tension
+ Durable forged steel hook
+ Replacement or exchange in 2 years

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Fulton WS20HD0600

+ Bright color improves visibility
+ Comes with a limited five-year warranty
+ Sturdy die-cast metal hook

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Top 12 Boat Winch Strap Reviews

1. Shoreline Marine Boat Winch Strap

If you are searching for affordable winch straps for boat trailers, this is one option to consider. It is from a reliable brand, which is already a compelling reason to pick it over others. The manufacturer has almost three decades of experience in the market for boating accessories.

More than being affordable, I commend this winch strap because of its premier construction. The polyester webbing is impressive. It is a semi-water-resistant material and does not stretch as much as nylon while preventing mold and mildew. This is important since winch straps often get wet. Plus, this winch also features rip and tear-resistant.

Speaking of its construction, it is also a good thing that it has a plated hook. With its heavy-duty construction, it resists rust and corrosion, making it ideal even for marine environments. The hook has a spring-loaded safety flap. It easily opens when pushed and stays closed to secure whatever I connect into it.

It is also worth noting that this strap is fully adjustable. I can customize it depending on my needs. While the length is 20 feet, I can easily personalize such if I need it shorter to suit a specific application.

However, one drawback of this winch strap is that it has a low weight capacity. The safe working load is only 1,500 pounds. This is good only for small boats or personal watercraft like a jet ski. Using it on a larger load makes the strap easily prone to wear, compromising its structural integrity and safety.
  • Premium polyester construction for long-term functionality
  • Resists the formation of mold and mildew
  • Plated hook with spring-loaded flap
  • Has a low load capacity
Designed for small vessels, this winch strap is made of durable polyester with minimal stretch. At the end of the strap, there is a plated hook with a safety flap.

2. Botepon Marine Trailer Winch Strap

With this 20-foot long and two-inch-wide winch strap, it is effortless to tow my boat into a trailer and secure its position. It has a high working load of 2,600 pounds and a breaking strength of 4,500 pounds.

Like most of the winch straps available, it is also made of heavy-duty polyester. It keeps the load in place because it has minimal stretch. This also makes towing a safer experience, knowing that it secures my boat. It handles even a high tension. Even the stitches are remarkable, making sure of the strap’s longevity.

This boat trailer strap has a forged No. 45 steel hook. The hardness of steel guarantees many years of functionality. Plus, it has a zinc coating to protect against external elements that cause wear. Even with exposure to saltwater and UV rays, the coating protects against harsh environments. It won’t rust or corrode over the years.

No need to worry about the quality and durability of the strap. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty. If it breaks within such a period, they will replace or exchange the product. This demonstrates how confident they are about the strap’s quality.

One of the problems with this winch strap is that the clip eye is quite sharp. The more it scratches the strap, the higher is the likelihood that it frays. This affects the strap’s durability. Filing the clip eye helps to make it less sharp.
  • The manufacturer offers a two-year replacement or exchange
  • Durable forged steel hook
  • Handles even high tension
  • Sharp clip eye frays the strap
From its polyester webbing to steel hook with zinc coating, this winch strap has exceptional features.

3. Fulton WS20HD0600 Winch Strap

With its bright yellow color, this winch strap has excellent visibility, making it great even in low-light environments. It has a maximum working load of 10,000 pounds and breaking strength of 4,000 pounds.

Unlike those made of polyester, this 10,000-lb boat winch strap is made of nylon web. It is softer than polyester, but that does not mean that durability is an issue. It is also abrasion-resistant. It can stretch up to 30% under heavy loads, so make sure to observe the weight capacity.

To add, it has a die-cast metal hook that complements the sturdy strap. It is galvanized to protect against rust and similar problems. There is a spring-loaded latch that secures whatever I will connect to it. The sewn-in loop holds the hook in place and will keep the load secure.

Another good reason to choose this boat winch strap with hook is its limited five-year warranty. The manufacturer guarantees that the strap is free of defects within such a period. However, take note that the warranty is valid only to the original owner.

The strap is thicker than the original strap in a Fulton winch. While this means that it is durable, it is also a bad thing. Spooling the 20-foot strap will create minimal clearance and will rub on the bolt. It also makes it more susceptible to damage because of the friction.
  • Bright color improves visibility
  • Comes with a limited five-year warranty
  • Sturdy die-cast metal hook
  • Thick strap rubs on the bolt
Made by one of the most reputable brands, this Fulton boat winch offers excellent visibility. It has a durable nylon strap and galvanized metal hook.

4. Meili Boat Winch Strap

For small boats, this boat strap winch is a great pick. It offers exceptional value for every dollar since it already comes as a pack of 2 winch straps. Aside from affordability, the simplicity of the strap is another big selling point. It is effortless to secure my boat with these straps, preventing the load from bouncing and shifting while in transit.

One common complaint about winch straps is how the hook can damage boats. With this model, the vinyl coating and fabric pads prevent scratches. There is padding under the buckle that minimizes friction. This also prevents abrasions that result in premature wear on the strap.

I also love how user-friendly these straps are. It has an easy-flip buckle, which is a breeze to use. Securing the strap is easy, unlike in those with bulky ratchets. It tightens and locks automatically, minimizing the effort required for the assembly of my boat on a trailer.

Another good reason to pick this product is the unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If I am unhappy within 30 days, I can return it to the manufacturer to receive a refund. This means that I am purchasing without risk!

While the quality is exceptional, one disadvantage is that it is built only for light towing. It has a breaking strength of 1,200 pounds and a working load of 400 pounds, making it significantly weaker than the other straps in this guide. The strap is too thin, which is reflective of its low weight limit.
  • Affordable and comes in a set of two
  • Designed to prevent scratches on the boat
  • Effortless assembly with the help of easy-flip buckles
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee for 30 days
  • Thin strap with a minimal load capacity
In sum, this 2-piece winch strap with hook is exceptional because of its vinyl coating padded buckle, and money-back guarantee.

5. Tie Down Engineering 50470 Winch Strap

One of the best things about this winch strap is its high-tensile strength of 5,000 pounds. It supports heavy weight, making it perfect even for a large boat. Even better, there is a heavy-duty latch on the hook. This means that the spring-loaded flap stays closed when towing or pulling to keep the load secure as it moves.

Like many of the top options in this buying guide, this winch strap has polyester webbing. This is a tough material that has minimal stretch. Even if it reaches the maximum load capacity, the strap remains rigid. This is unlike others that are too elastic and extend beyond their original length. Even when wet, polyester is not forced out of its shape.

The installation of this winch strap is effortless. It took me roughly five minutes to assemble the strap on the winch assembly. There is already a loop on the other end of the hook for quick attachment.

Nonetheless, one problem with this boat trailer winch strap replacement is that the hook is too small. It is a bit of a struggle to put it on and take it off. Plus, there is only a single stitching on the looped end of the strap that secures the hook. It is not as strong as those with double stitches.
  • Has a high-tensile strength to support heavy loads
  • Heavy-duty latch ensures that the hook stays closed
  • Polyester webbing has minimal stretch
  • The small hook makes it difficult to get on and off
  • Loop has single stitching that can compromise strength

From the high-strength polyester webbing to the rigid latch that closes the hook, I can guarantee that this heavy-duty boat winch strap is remarkable.

6. Seamander Boat Winch Strap

A good boat winch strap replacement does not have to be expensive. This product is easy on the wallet but has decent quality. More than being affordable, it easily replaces the old strap in my winch. Changing and tightening the strap is hassle-free. Within minutes, I am ready to finally reel the winch.

The durability of the winch strap is notable. It is made of industrial-grade materials, so I am confident that it will last a long time. It has a high rated capacity of 4,500 pounds. The high-strength webbing secures my boat while having a minimal stretch. Even after years of use, it remains tightly-woven.

Even the stitching of the strap is impressive, assuring a tight connection to the hook. The technical stitches increase the strength of the nylon thread. This technique is unlike other cheap straps that easily fray.

To ensure satisfaction, the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty. I also appreciate how they provide an unconditional refund. In case I am not happy with how it works within the warranty coverage, all I need to do is inform the manufacturer and I will get my money back.

While the strap quality is exceptional, the hook is sub-par. It rusts quickly. This is a big problem when using the strap in saltwater. Despite being zinc-plated, the hook is prone to external damages. Keeping it clean and dry after every use helps in minimizing rust.
  • A great choice for budget-conscious buyers
  • Easily replaces the old winch strap
  • Industrial-strength construction guarantees durability
  • Exceptional warranty coverage with an unconditional refund
  • The hook is prone to rust
In sum, this affordable and durable winch strap promises long-term functionality. It is covered within two years and comes with a money-back guarantee.

7. K&M Specialty Welding Tools Winch Strap

This boat winch strap with a safety hook is made of high-quality nylon. While I prefer polyester, the nylon in this product is rigid, so I am confident of its performance. The nylon strap has a working load of up to 3,000 pounds, making it a great choice for small boats.

Securing the strap to my boat is easy. Thanks to the user-friendly design of the hook, I can effortlessly open and close the spring-loaded latch. There is also a generous clearance so that it opens wide. Even better, the hook has a zinc coating, which protects against damages from the external environment, including UV rays and saltwater.

As a bonus, the strap comes with a free marine reflective safety tape. This will increase visibility in lowlight environments. The silver and red tapes are D.O.T. certified. They have excellent adhesion, making them easy to stick to the strap.

The installation of this winch strap is effortless. Within three minutes, I am done reeling in the strap and I am ready to pull my boat out of the water. There is already a looped end and the other end has an attached hook.

This strap is thinner than a standard seat belt, giving some people doubt its structural integrity. I have the same qualms, so I suggest that you use it only in small boats. If you have a large and heavy vessel, then it is best to choose a thinner winch.
  • Zinc-coated hook resists rust and corrosion
  • Comes with a marine reflective tape
  • Quick installation within just three minutes
  • Thinner than a seat belt
For small and lightweight boats, this winch strap is a great choice. It is made of nylon and has a rust-resistant zinc-coated hook. It also includes reflective tape.

8. Custom Install Parts Winch Strap

This is a great winch strap for beginners. Aside from being economical, it is also effortless to install. I just have to remove one bolt, secure the strap, and wind the reel. Within minutes, I am ready to pull my boat. Removing the strap when it warrants a replacement is equally a breeze. There is already a hook at one end and a loop where the bolt passes through the other end.

Fraying is a common issue in winch straps. The manufacturer addresses this problem by using double stitches at the end of the strap. It reinforces to make it less prone to fraying and other damages that compromise the strap’s longevity. It does not easily come apart while also securing the hook. This allows the strap to provide maximum support.

Many of the low-quality winch straps have an inferior hook. This boat winch strap with stainless steel hook has a zinc coating. It enhances the corrosion protection of the hook to make it more durable. The hook is also impressive because it has a weight rating of 25,000 pounds. Meanwhile, the strap has a working load of 2,000 pounds and a breaking strength of 5,000 pounds.

If there is one potential issue with this winch strap, it is the size of the hook. While it is large enough for a jet ski, it is quite small for the eyebolt of some boats.
  • Effortless installation even for newbies
  • Double-stitched ends minimize fraying
  • Zinc-plated hook protects against rust and corrosion
  • Small hook for a boat’s eyebolt
I recommend this winch strap with a zinc-plated hook for first-time buyers. It is easy to install and has excellent corrosion protection while also minimizing the chances of fraying.

9. AC-DK Winch Strap

This strap works whether in a manual or electric boat winch. It also has a high weight capacity. This strap has a breaking strength of 1,500 pounds and a maximum working load of 4,500 pounds.

Polyester webbing is the main material. It is better than nylon as it has minimal stretch. This means that even if I have to pull a heavy load, the material does not extend too much. Plus, regardless if it gets wet, polyester remains rigid and does not compromise its structure.

Speaking for durability, I also love this strap because of the steel-forged hook. The safety snap hook has a zinc coating, which protects against rust and corrosion. To add, the hook is attached through a double-stitched enclosure at one end of the strap. The high-quality stitching prevents the loop from easily breaking.

The manufacturer covers the strap for two years. They provide professional service, so I don’t have to worry about the strap breaking. I can rely on their reliable support if it needs repair.

However, the strap is prone to sun damage. This drawback applies to polyester and nylon straps in general, not just for this product. If you want better sun protection, then consider using steel cables instead of straps.
  • Both ends have double stitching for maximum weight support
  • Made of tough polyester to ensure durability
  • Zinc-plated hook prevents rust and corrosion
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Strap is prone to sun damage

This polyester winch strap has a zinc-plated hook attached through a double-stitched loop. The two-year warranty coverage and steel-forged hook are also notable features to buy this product.

10. Percare Winch Strap

This is another product I recommend to people on a budget. It is one of the cheapest of the products on this list. It does not compromise quality and performance despite being affordable. It may not have the bells and whistles you will find in its higher-end counterparts, but it suffices for most users.

The polypropylene strap has a snap hook in one end and a loop at the other. The hook effortlessly attaches to my boat. There is generous clearance, allowing it to accommodate even a large eyebolt.

It is also commendable because of the winch strap capacity. It has a maximum working load limit of 1,333 pounds. Meanwhile, the breaking strength is 4,000 pounds. The strap has premium stitching to ensure optimal support without breaking.

Same as with the other straps in this buying guide, it has a zinc-plated hook. The coating protects the core material from rust and corrosion. The safety latch has a good spring mechanism for quick bolt connection.

The winch strap comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. This gives me peace of mind since I know that the manufacturer covers the product against defects. I also like how it passed strict tests before shipping to ensure excellent quality control.

However, one problem with this winch strap is the small size of the looped end. It is suitable for small bolts. But for larger materials, including the hook at the other end, I cannot get it through the loop.
  • Compatible with both manual and electric winches
  • Snap hook has a large opening
  • High breaking strength for optimal weight support
  • Small opening at the looped end

From the polypropylene strap to its zinc-coated hook, this affordable winch strap has great features making it a worthy addition to your list. I highly recommend this product for people on a budget.

11. Curt 29007 Winch Strap

If you have a Curt hand winch that requires a new strap, this is a great product! It has universal compatibility. The strap has a load limit of 1,333 pounds. On the other hand, the breaking strength is 4,000 pounds. From hoisting to lifting, this is a handy winch strap. The best thing is that it is one of the most affordable models in this buying guide.

The high weight capacity of this strap is because of its durable construction. It is made of non-stretch nylon. This means that even if it pulls a heavy load, the material remains rigid. This performance is unlike others that easily bounce. Even the spring-loaded hook is durable. It has a reliable latch that ensures security. The hook is also zinc-plated for rust and corrosion resistance.

Ease of use is another reason why I am recommending this boat trailer winch strap and hook. There is already a looped end where I will insert the bolt. More so, the other end already has a hook and there is a convenient latch for effortless connection to the eyebolt of my boat. It fits ¾-inch hooks or anything smaller.

However, like most of the winch straps, it does not include a bolt. If the old strap bolt is already corroded, then you will have to buy a new one. The good thing is that a new bolt is cheap and easy to find.
  • Universal compatibility with all Curt hand winches
  • High-strength nylon web construction
  • Easy to hook up on any boat
  • Does not come with a new bolt
With its universal compatibility, non-stretch nylon construction, and ease of use, there are many reasons why this winch strap deserves attention.

12. Goldenrod 6249 Winch Strap

Since 1886, Dutton-Lainson has been offering high-quality marine products. The reputation of the manufacturer is a compelling reason to choose this winch strap. This product has a breaking strength of 4,000 pounds. Meanwhile, it suits winches with a 2,600-pound weight capacity. With its exceptional strength, I can compare its performance to a steel cable.

The galvanized hook is also excellent. The coating protects against rust and other problems that speed up wear. Plus, it is large enough to accommodate a standard eyebolt. With a ¾-inch hook throat opening, I can snap it easily on my boat. There is also a secure clasp, making sure that the hook stays closed.

Another good thing about this product is its ease of installation. Right out of the box, it is ready for assembly. It is inclusive of the mounting hardware I need. It spools easily because of the smooth material. After installation, it leaves enough clearance in the winch spool, which prevents friction, minimizes fraying, and makes reeling smoother.

This winch strap includes a replacement bolt. However, the dismal quality of the bolt is disappointing. There is a possible size discrepancy depending on the winch you are using, so you might need to drill a larger hole. Worse, it is easily prone to bending at maximum load. I suggest that you choose a higher quality bolt to complement this strap.
  • Made by a reputable family-owned company
  • Comes with a large and durable galvanized hook
  • Easy to install
  • Leaves enough room in the winch spool
  • Bolt included has poor quality
More than the reputation of the manufacturer, I commend this winch strap because of its exceptional construction, making it comparable to a steel cable.

What is a Boat Winch Strap

A winch strap is a woven rope and hook. It attaches to the winch spool through a bolt and the other end of the strap has a hook that connects to the eyebolt of a boat. It is used for towing, hoisting, and lifting, among other applications. It also secures the boat on the trailer. The winch strap handles high tension, making sure that it does not break while supporting a heavy load.

Types of Boat Winch Straps

When choosing a winch strap, you must be familiar with the different types available. They vary in terms of material, and each has its respective pros and cons. From the weight of the boat to budget, consider different things when choosing a material that works best for a specific application.

Polyester Winch Strap

With its high strength and low water absorption, polyester is one of the best materials in winch straps. Even if it is wet, it has a minimal stretch. This means that it does not stretch a lot beyond its original length. It is also soft to the touch and abrasion-resistant. It has plenty of benefits that justify the high cost.

Nylon Winch Strap

It is more elastic than polyester, so this is a good choice if you need a bit of stretch in the winch strap. The good news is that it recovers quickly, so it will revert to its original shape immediately. Over time, however, the stretching of this material can compromise its longevity.

Polypropylene Winch Strap

While it has excellent water-resistance, polypropylene has poor breaking strength. It is also easily prone to abrasion. It is not as common since not as safe as nylon and polyester. While it is good for tie-down applications when there is minimal weight, but I think, for pulling and hoisting, it is still a poor choice.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Boat Winch Straps

The best thing about a winch strap is that it hauls a boat easily. Retrieving it out of the water and loading it onto the trailer is a lot quicker. It guarantees security and safety. Plus, they are made of high-strength materials, so they will last a long time.

Nonetheless, one of the drawbacks is the minimal weight capacity. For large and heavy boats, straps may not be enough. It is best to use a steel cable, which supports a heftier load. Also, some straps are prone to stretch and UV damage, which will hurt their structural integrity and weaken their performance.

Buying Guide

Choosing a marine winch strap is overwhelming. Nonetheless, this is not an excuse to decide in haste. Below are the most important considerations.


Not all winch straps are the same. Find one suitable for your winch assembly. If possible, choose a strap from the same manufacturer as the winch on your trailer. Also, consider whether you have a manual or electric winch and find a strap compatible with such. Whether you have a single or 2-speed boat winch, choose a strap that matches your set-up.


The size of the winch strap refers to its length and width. This is standard in the products mentioned above. The width should be two inches, which is what most winch drums will accommodate. The length, on the other hand, is often 20 feet.


Learn about the capacity of the winch strap by understanding two important technical specifications. The first is the working load limit. It is the maximum weight that the strap can handle in a normal condition. It is often 1/3 of the breaking strength. The second important technical specification is the breaking strength. It is the weakest point of the strap, representing the point at which it fails.


Boat winch straps will have a hook at one end, often made of stainless steel. Pick one with a hook big enough to accommodate the size of the eyebolt in the boat where you will connect the strap. Also, it is good if covered with a zinc coating to enhance protection against rust and corrosion. It is also important for the clasp to be easy to open.


The stitching of the strap influences its durability. With poor-quality stitching, the loop easily breaks when the load is heavy. It is good if it has double stitched for reinforcement. The stitches must be thick enough to handle even a hefty load.

UV Protection

With constant exposure to harsh UV rays, winch straps degrade. The first signs of damage are evident in the change of color. Over time, it also becomes more brittle, making it more fragile. Pick a strap with excellent UV protection so that it won’t easily wear down even with frequent outdoor use.

Ease of Use

A good winch strap is effortless to install. There is already a stitched loop at one end and a hook on the other. It is also better if the manufacturer provides the bolt you will need to secure one end of the strap into the winch drum.

Care and Maintenance

Keep the winch strap in its peak shape even after years of use. Below are the most important things to do.

  • Start by reading the instruction manual. From the weight capacity to installation, religiously follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Do not soak the strap in water, especially during cleaning. Some materials absorb water and stretch. This will compromise the strap’s durability.
  • Clean the hook after every use, especially when it has contact with saltwater. It will help to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Keep the winch strap dry, especially during extended storage. It is prone to rotting if it is wet.
  • Refrain from stretching the winch strap. This will extend it beyond its original length and can also harm its durability.
  • Keep the boat winch mount clean. If it has dirt, dust, and debris, it can be trapped in the winch strap, which will make reeling more difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best boat winch straps?

Dutton-Lainson, Kurt, Shoreline, Fulton, and AC-DK are some of the best makers of marine winch straps. They are the most recognizable companies, so I am confident about recommending any product from them.

What size of winch strap do I need for my boat?

The size of a winch strap is standard. The length is 20 feet while the width is two inches. It fits in most standard winches. If you need it shorter, you can cut the strap. However, in most situations, such size is the required length.

How to set-up and use?

If you are replacing an old strap, start by unrolling it out of the winch drum. Loosen and remove the central bolt to get rid of the strap. Inspect the bolt. If there is rust or corrosion, it is best to replace it with a new one. Just follow the steps below.

  • Clean the inside part of the winch before installing a new strap.
  • After cleaning, position the looped end of the strap (not the one with a hook) inside the winch, next to the drum.
  • Insert the bolt on the side of the winch, making sure that it passes through the loop.
  • Secure the bolt on both sides.
  • Start rolling the winch strap until you reach the end.
  • Connect the hook to the eyebolt of the boat.

What is the warranty?

This will depend on the specific product that you will choose. While the standard warranty from most manufacturers is one year, there are some covered for two to five years. Longer warranty coverage is better. It is also good if there is a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the quality of the winch strap.

Where can I buy?

While you can buy in-store, I recommend buying online. It is more convenient! Websites like Amazon have a wide array of choices available at all price points. Another good thing about buying online is that you can easily compare your choices, making it easier to find one within your budget. The reviews from other users also help in evaluating the options.


Pull and secure heavy loads easily! The best boat winch strap makes this possible! The products above are made of high-quality materials to support the weight of my boat. Whether I am reeling my vessel out of the water or securing it into a trailer, a good winch strap is a must-have.

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