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The Best Marine First Aid Kits

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

You still need to look after yourself when you’re out sailing or fishing. Injuries and emergencies can happen in the waters too. Normally, accidents are in various forms and severity. Sunburn, abrasions, cuts, and sprains are some of the things that can’t be avoided onboard.

best marine first aid kit

Medical assistance isn’t available right away because of the distance from the shore. Thus, you have to meticulously select the best marine first aid kit to prevent someone’s conditions from getting worse. It’s considered a lifesaver as it contains tools that can alleviate situations.

To ensure that you don’t miss any important items in a first aid kit, read the following reviews on top-rated products so that you will buy the right one and can get your money’s worth, as well as be prepared for an emergency.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

First Aid Only FAO-442

+ Has separate compartments for quick access
+ Designed for the on-the-go use
+ Can be customized and add other things

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Swiss Safe First Aid Kit

+ Contents are listed on its back
+ Have contents for various situations
+ Offers 100% money-back guarantee

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

M2 BASICS First Aid Kit

+ Filled with ample supplies
+ Has a sturdy bag but lightweight
+ A comprehensive first aid kit

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Top 12 Marine First Aid Kit Reviews

1. First Aid Only FAO-442 All-Purpose First Aid Kit

I want a well-stocked first aid kit for my boat so I bought this one. Though I was prepared, I’m shocked by the whopping 200 pieces of band-aid, absorbent pads, gloves, and medication that it offers.

Each item is packed in a plastic pocket for neat organization and quick access. You will appreciate that these separate compartments make it easy to see everything. I customized my kit by taking out some of the band-aids and putting antiseptic cream in, but even with these changes, I can easily close the bag.

Although the wallet doesn’t seem sturdy and the scissors and tweezers are not what I expected because they have some plastic parts, I still like the kit a lot. In general, the included tools work well.

There’s a thermal space blanket intended for hypothermia and a cold pack too. Exposure to weather changes is inevitable when you’re sailing, so these are super handy.

The items for emergency dressing are complete. Scissors and tweezers work with the available gauze and bandages that are made of fabric or latex. There are also tubes that can be used to stop bleeding. What’s even better is that these items don’t spoil and are good for more than a year.

Since the kit is filled with common emergency items, it’s made for minor aches and injuries. It’s designed for on-the-go use, so it’s a great marine first aid kit. Even so, you can have it as a reliable “nurse” at home.
  • Well-stocked first aid kit with common emergency items
  • Has separate compartments for quick access
  • Can be customized and add other things that you like
  • The things in this kit don’t spoil right away and medicine is good for more than a year
  • Designed for the on-the-go use
  • The wallet and some tools don’t seem sturdy
I like how this product is filled with the common essentials that can be used for emergencies onboard. You will no longer have to worry about unattended aches and injuries while cruising.

2. Swiss Safe FBA_Swiss Safe First Aid Kit

If you’re like me and know little about medical items, you will be happy with this product. When I received it, I was instantly in awe of its marine first aid kit contents list printed on the back. Although it’s a small kit, it’s fully loaded with all the necessities. With this, I won’t have to panic and call 911 if something comes up onboard.

I like how things are neatly organized so it’s easy for me to distinguish items from one another. The interior compartments are sturdy and rugged but it remains lightweight. It has a compact size that won’t take up a lot of your storage space. However, it’s quite unfortunate that I don’t have space to keep medicine inside of it.

I admire the maker of this first aid kit because of the upgraded features that can resolve various situations. There are bandages for small cuts and a triangular bandage that turns into a sling for an injured arm. A mouth mask for someone who has trouble breathing is available too. I’ve only mentioned a few but get this yourself to find even more surprises!

The medical-grade items included in this high-density kit are worth the price. You’ll also be glad to know that a 100% money-back guarantee is available as assurance.
  • Contents are listed on its back
  • Fully loaded with medical-grade things that are neatly arranged
  • Have sturdy and rugged compartments
  • Have contents for various situations
  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee
  • Can’t put medicine inside
If you are unfamiliar with medical items, this first aid kit is a must-have. The list on its back is a great help, and more importantly, the contents are useful.

3. M2 BASICS First Aid Kit

While I was looking for marine first aid kits for my husband who likes fishing, I found this gem that receives thousands of positive reviews! Needless to say, it’s amazing. It guarantees everyone’s safety onboard thanks to its ample supplies.

Before putting it in our boat, I learned more about the first aid kit through the PDF that was sent by the manufacturer. It’s a great help for those who don’t have enough knowledge about medical kits. I printed the PDF and placed it near the kit for reference.

It’s a comprehensive first aid kit and my neighbor who is a paramedic agrees so. Due to its on-the-go design, it’s suitable for marine use. It can be attached to a backpack with a carabiner. Moreover, it’s recommended for household use and earthquake preparedness.

You’ll find a bunch of gauze pads and band-aids in different sizes. There are bandages too and they’re fine but I replaced them with the ones that have better sticking power. Despite tons of high-quality items, you won’t be confused as they’re properly organized in clear pockets. I can always quickly find something to use when dealing with minor injuries.

The large zipper is present for easy access and the bag is sturdy in a carry case style. I’m surprised that it’s lightweight even though it’s loaded. Thereby, it’s great for outdoor use.
  • Filled with ample supplies
  • PDF regarding the contents of the first aid kit is provided
  • A comprehensive first aid kit
  • With on-to-go design and can be attached to a backpack
  • Has a sturdy bag in carrying case style but lightweight
  • Bandages don’t have much sticking power
I like this kit a lot because of the heap of supplies. Replenishing the necessary items will be done after a long time as I seldom use the contents.

4. Deftget Deftaidkits001 First Aid Kit

Most of the items in this marine emergency kit are necessary and waterproof. It’s compact and perfect for my small rowing boat that I usually take to the lake. Although it’s lightweight and easy-to-carry, it guarantees durability. The kit will last long for sure. Moreover, you can have your peace of mind with this product’s 100% money-back guarantee.

I like the color and the design, which includes a quality zipper and internal elastic pockets. These allow emergency supplies and tools to be stored and organized well. There are a plethora of first aid items in this product, but as I spent time checking them one by one, I discovered that there are no band-aids. I suggest you buy them separately, like I did. But, nonetheless, I’m glad that all the other essential items are included and are with a long shelf life.

I especially love that there’s a flashlight included, I won’t have to worry about getting lost in the dark. Just the other day, my friend got a cut while filleting our catch of the day. Thankfully, this kit came to the rescue! I was able to help him temporarily stop the bleeding and halt any chances of infection.

It’s multi-purpose so you can take it with you beyond sailing adventures. It also has an ideal size that fits any land vehicle and backpack. Many people use it at home as well as for camping and other outdoor sports. Since it’s almost complete, it’s often used as an emergency kit for natural disasters as well.
  • Compact and lightweight but durable
  • Has a design to organize the items
  • With a 100% money-back guarantee
  • A quality kit with a plethora of emergency items that have a long shelf life
  • Comes with a flashlight
  • Can be used for serious cases
  • No bands aids
If you go out with a small vessel, this is the right kit for you. It’s compact with items sealed in waterproof wrapping. Moreover, you can use it at home, on camping trips, and for other outdoor activities!

5. SHBC Compact First Aid Kit

Since it has a waterproof and shockproof case, I know right away that this is the ideal boat first aid kit. It’s also sturdy and durable but surprisingly lightweight. The smoothness of its surface is awesome as I can easily clean it with a damp cloth.

Each item is enclosed with waterproof and laminated bags. Most of the supplies are the common ones designated for minor injuries. They can be used with no confusion as they’re not overcrowded. Nevertheless, there are additional items, such as multi-functional saber cards, blankets, and a whistle. Thus, I can say that it’s equipped for survival and lowers the chances of infections.

The blanket in this kit can be used in many amazing ways. It can be put up like a tent that protects you from sun and rain. Once when it got windy and I felt cold because I didn’t put on enough clothes, I used the blanket to wrap around my body for warmth.

This kit can be placed anywhere as it’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use. That’s why I didn’t think twice about getting it for my boat. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is a bonus assurance for buyers. I can’t complain about anything, but don’t forget that this is a very basic kit that you may need to add to based on your needs.
  • Sturdy and durable but surprisingly lightweight
  • The case has a smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • The supplies are not overcrowded inside
  • With supplies for common injuries, survival, and stopping infection
  • Comes with a blanket that can be turned into a tent
  • Might need to add more things
This waterproof kit with an easy-to-clean case is exactly what I need when I am onboard. I don’t have to worry that the supplies will get wet if this kit accidentally falls into the water.

6. Surviveware Waterproof First Aid Kit

This is an excellent marine first aid kit that received an IPX7 rating, which shows it’s 100% storm-proof and ability to stay underwater for half an hour. Consequently, it’s waterproof and is the real deal when used on a boat. The bag can float too!

I love its construction as it has a comfortable handle, waterproof zipper, and power pullers to keep the bag watertight upon opening and closing. There’s a quick-pull Velcro for me to attach it to a rolling bag or a backpack. I can effortlessly take it off when needed. I only had a hard time unzipping it at first and I found out that there’s a lubricant inside.

Due to its small size, it’s perfect for boating and kayaking. It bears complete supplies! I don’t need to jump in panic when an emergency occurs. I can find something to take care of bee stings and even deep cuts.

The labeling on each area is excellent as it enables me to quickly find the necessary item. So, I won’t make mistakes even when I’m rushing to attend to an injury. I added a few of my items but I can still easily zip the kit up.
  • Has a storm-proof and waterproof bag that floats
  • Has a comfortable handle and heavy-duty, waterproof zipper
  • Can be attached to a rolling bag or backpack
  • Small size so it’s perfect for boating and kayaking
  • Bears complete supplies
  • Labeling of items on each area
  • Unzipping for the first time may be hard
I think the manufacturer put their hearts on making this waterproof first aid kit for boats. It has everything I need for an emergency! What makes it perfect for boating is its small size and waterproof feature.

7. DeftGet Compact First Aid Kit

This is the ultimate marine first aid kit for me as it has the perfect size for storage and contains everything that is needed during an emergency. In case a mishap happens, I can do initial triage out of its contents. Urgent care to some required stitches can be immediately administered once you have this kit. I like the bandage tape way better than the expensive type.

There’s plenty of gauze and band-aids to cover cuts. I’m impressed by the excellent selection of alcohol and antiseptic wipes. Also, I marveled upon seeing the poncho, q-tips, compass, flashlight, carabiner, and whistle.

The tools, like scissors and tweezers are made of metal, so they’re not flimsy. Thus, I’m prepared for what’s to come. I believe in what the ads say that the items meet the highest standards of emergency treatments.

Though it’s compact, the bag is solid and multi-tool. It’s also water-resistant as it’s made of watertight leather. Somehow, it’s soft to the touch. Being clumsy, I dropped it a few times but the case remains undamaged and the items are not moved even a bit.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered for those who are not satisfied with this product. But, I think I won’t be needing it as my kit still remains in its optimal state. Even though it’s great outdoors, it’s not ideal for a long hiking journey. I still like it as it’s right for my day-out on the waters.
  • Has a perfect, compact size for storage
  • Contents meet the highest standards of emergency use
  • Tools are made of metal
  • The bag is solid, multi-tool, and water-resistant
  • Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Not for a long hiking journey
I can’t ask for better first aid for my boat as this one has everything that I might need in times of emergency. The metal tools and the solid bag are both pretty good.

8. EVERLIT Survival First Aid Kit

I want to have an extreme first aid kit as my boat is always packed full. Aside from accessories, it’s a very important accessory to add to any water vessel. It has a nylon well-made kit with toughness and resistance to water.

This kit contains a complete medical supply that is picked by veterans and ex-armies. The number of items is more than enough to treat a whole family or a circle of friends. You can sort the assortment of items even if you only have basic knowledge of first aid, and there are no guides to seek for reference.

There are three compartments, so I can add some preferred items to it. I took out a few items that I think are not necessary. Nevertheless, you won’t need to add basic items, like gauze, alcohol wipes, several bandaids, antiseptic, soap towels, and burn pads.

The basic foundation of medical supplies of this kit is superb. Thus, it’s a great buy for the value of money along with a one-year satisfaction warranty as well. These are all favorable for buyers.

Aside from medical aid, it also has survival gear. There’s a bracelet paracord along with a compass, flashlight, emergency blanket, cutting tool, and more. Everything is tightly packed inside but it remains portable and lightweight. So, it’s suitable for any water vessel.
  • Very well-made nylon bag that can resist water
  • Contains complete medical supply that can serve a group of people
  • Has three compartments to add more things
  • Has one-year satisfaction warranty
  • Includes survival gear
  • Portable and lightweight as it keeps everything tightly packed
  • No identifying guide of the items
Basic medical supplies, extra special items, and a survival kit complete this terrific first aid kit! I won’t trade it for anything else.

9. Always Prepared First Aid Survival Supplies

I guess this is one of the outstanding marine safety kits out there. It has items that can help during water emergencies and unexpected circumstances. I have it in a boat that we use on the lake. Everything is suitable for a fresh and saltwater environment.

The main reason why I chose this product is that it’s waterproof. So, it’s great for sailing, motoring on water, and canoeing. I can even store some important documents in the cool, waterproof case.

The case is made of hard plastic so its contents won’t be crushed even if it drops. They are neatly organized so you’ll easily find what you need. Although there are many things inside the kit, I can still add some other items that I like as there’s available space.

It has basic emergency needs, such as first aid tape, gauze, antiseptic wipes, iodine pads, cotton swabs, gloves, motion sickness patches, and bandages in various sizes.

What’s more, you get a foil blanket, flashlight, compass, bungee cord, adjustable wrench, and whistle. The only complaint that I have is when I tried blowing the whistle and it creates a high pitch sound. This, however, is only a small issue. This kit is filled with many items for survival as well.
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater environment
  • Has waterproof, hard case
  • Can be used for document safekeeping
  • Items are neatly organized
  • Available space for additional things
  • Includes a whistle that creates a high pitch
It’s something that you need to include in preparation for boat season and be ready as a scout for unexpected circumstances! Basic items for emergency and survival are good at making conditions better.

10. Monoki First Aid Kit

Since it’s recommended for natural disaster preparations, outdoor sports, or activities, there are no reasons for me to add it to my boat.

I’m happy in getting this first aid kit as I have everything that I need for an emergency in one place. There’s a bunch of them. So, I divided the quantity into half and left some in the kit I have at home. Then, I have more space for the things that I prefer.

The medical items are high quality and I can use them to dress wounds as well as prevent infections. You will surely find something that can ease mishaps onboard. The items are useful for everyone including nurses or other medical professionals.

Outdoor survival is part of sailing or boating. Thus, some items are added for this matter. Aside from a whole day of enjoyment on your boat, this kit is good enough for long hikes and cross-country drives. Having it with me when sailing makes me feel safe even when something unexpected will happen.

I sometimes can’t believe the number of things inside this portable medical and survival kit. But, they’re all neatly organized. There are four colors you can choose from, including black, blue, green, and red. The bag is made of textured fabric but I personally wish that it’s made of better material.
  • Have a bunch of high-quality items for emergency use
  • Can dress wound to prevent infection and other mishaps
  • Useful for nurses or other medical professionals
  • Acts as a survival kit
  • Good enough for sailing, long hikes, and cross country drive
  • The bag material should be better
It’s a good portable medical and survival kit because it meets the marine first aid kit requirements. I guarantee that it’s enough for a long outdoor journey.

11. Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit

With the comprehensive first aid products in this kit, I’m convinced that it’s one of the most appropriate marine medical kits. Upon seeing its content, I know for sure it’s capable of handling all emergency cases and minor injuries. You’ll be able to stabilize someone’s condition before sending the person to the nearest medical facility.

This kit immediately got my attention because it fulfills the guidelines of OSHA and ANSI 2009 for 100 people. It’s safe to conclude that this single kit can cater to several people onboard. But still, it’s not bulky as you would imagine. I was able to store it in a hatch!

Despite bearing a lot of stuff, I admire this kit’s organization due to the compartments. There are two layers to separate the bigger pieces from the smaller ones. Tilting shelves are present too. Essentially, these features pave the way for quick access and refills.

But make sure you lay it down before opening it. If you open it while it stands, the content may spill everywhere. Anyway, there are slide latches to make the kit stay in place. I’m also impressed with its solid container. It gives assurance that the items are intact and moisture can’t seep into them.
  • Can handle all emergency cases and minor injuries
  • Fulfill the guidelines of authorities for 100 people
  • Has compartments and two layers for organization
  • Has tilting shelves for quick access and refills
  • Stays in place when stored
  • Solid container so things are intact and moisture is blocked
  • Items may spill everywhere when opening the container in a standing position
I don’t have to worry that the supply in this kit will run out soon. Even though there are a lot of items, they are well-organized and I can easily pick what I need.

12. Adventure Medical Kits 276060 First Aid Kit

My impression of this product is that it looks like a West Marine first aid kit. The first thing that I saw is the marine medicine book. It’s best to read it so you’ll know how to properly use the items. There’s no doubt that it can be a coast guard approved first aid kit because there’s an extensive section in the book that discusses sea injuries.

I’ve learned more things, such as lifeboat survival tips, treatment of sting and bites from ocean predators, and marine communication. Aside from getting educated, the content is substantial as well. I was able to stop the bleeding on my finger when it was cut by a sharp fin. Moreover, they can be used in treating pain, hypothermia, burns, sprains, and fractures.

You won’t get lost with the number of items in this set as they are neatly packaged in a waterproof bag. Hence, it’s uncomplicated to get what you need quickly. For example, the items needed to stop bleeding are grouped in one bag. However, it’s crucial to check the shelf life of every item as some are good for only 60 days.

My canoe and two boats have this kit. It’s suitable for marine use thanks to its high-impact case that has a gasket seal. So, there’s an assurance the items inside are always dry and safe.
  • Comes with a marine medicine book to show on how to use the items
  • Substantial content for different cases that can happen on board or in the waters
  • Items are sealed in a waterproof bag for a specific case
  • Has medications that last for a year or two
  • High-impact case with a gasket seal to secure the content
It’s a spectacular creation for a marine first aid kit due to its content, kit system, and loads of useful information. I know I can keep myself safe with its assistance while sailing.

Buyer’s Guide


You should think well and be wise when buying a marine first aid kit. It’s fine to base it on coast guard first aid kit requirements. Next, bear in mind that it’s not all about quantity. Your consideration should also be on the availability of the items that are specific for an emergency. Make sure you have them so you can do treatments right away when onboard.

You have to take a look at the following factors to come up with the right buying decision.

  • Check that the kit includes all the basic items for injuries, such as bandages, antiseptics, and tools like gloves, tweezers, and more.
  • The items should be organized, so you can easily find what you need when the emergency arises. When you don’t find the necessary items on time and fail to administer the treatment, then the first aid kit is useless.
  • The ideal marine first aid kit should also include a guide. Not all buyers are very particular with the contents. Even a knowledgeable person may be overwhelmed with tons of items inside the kit. The necessary information should be clearly outlined so you won’t get confused even when you feel jumpy or under pressure.
  • Quality is always given importance, so make sure you get a kit filled with reliable components. It’s a sign that you can depend on them during emergencies. Hence, you get to make someone feel better and even save lives.
  • Every buyer looking for a marine first aid kit would like to have soothing medication for sunburn, seasickness treatment, sunscreen, packs for relieving sting or pain, and other items that are conducive for boating purposes.
  • Being waterproof is a requirement as the kit is used for marine purposes. It’s placed on boats so it’s undoubtedly near water.

What is the Top-Rated Marine First Aid Kit

A marine first aid kit is equivalent to a common first aid kit that contains the basic items or essentials. They are the items used for sprains, cuts, sunburns, scrapes, and other minor cases. Generally, they come in small packs for onboard utilization. Aside from treatment, they also give relief and soothing effects to marine-related emergencies.

Some marine first aid kits may come in a compact size but it has a vital role in protecting the boaters and the passengers. Since sailing going means away from the shore, it’s the tool for alleviating a person’s condition until they get proper medical assistance. Injuries or other circumstances won’t be aggravated as well.

What Should be in a First Aid Kit for Boats


Apart from the basic items among the boating first aid kit list, some additional items should be available. A pair of sunglasses is useful when you’re navigating the waters, especially on sunny days. It can safeguard your eyes from UV rays as well as water splashes.

A waterproof flashlight is another helpful item. It can be your guide crossing dark areas and when sailing at night. When weather unexpectedly changes, it’s a big help too.

You can expect more from a kit like silicon tape that dries out the wound, gauze in various sizes, benzoin to aid the bandages, band-aids, pocket masks, and a whole lot more. There are also great tools, such as tweezers or forceps, shears, irrigation syringes, safety pins, and the list goes on.

Is There the Same First Aid Kit for All Boats

The answer to this question is no as there are different types of first aid kits for marine use. It depends on the type of vessel.

Inshore First Aid Kits

It’s the recommended kit for small water vessels that are involved in inshore boating. They usually don’t go farther than 60 nautical miles from the shore or away from medical assistance for 6 hours. Mostly, they have dressings, bandages, plastics, paracetamol, and basic first aid supplies.

Coastal First Aid Kits

It’s suitable for watercrafts that wander within 150 nautical miles of seaboard or away from medical assistance by 12 to 24 hours of travel. The supply in this kit allows a boater to deal with less serious medical emergencies. Hence, you will find tools used for resuscitation, allergies, and digestive problems.

Ocean and Offshore First Aid Kits

These kits are assembled for off-shore rescue services. They’re what you need when you’re far away from the shore and it would take a long time to get professional medical assistance. The vessels are often 150 nautical miles distant from the shoreline or they exceed the helicopter’s range. So, you can also consider this type as a yacht first aid kit.

It’s compliant with the requirements of ocean-going vessels, like life rafts and commercial crafts. Items for treating wounds, burns, and fractures are available in this kit. It may also come with an oxygen kit.

There are two bags in an ocean and an offshore first aid kit. One is for daily medical care and the other is for emergencies. Make sure that all the items are readily available for unwanted incidents.

How to Care and Maintain

A checklist of first aid items is extensive. So, before you put the kit on your boat, make sure you have the essentials and don’t forget to replace the ones that you’ve used.

Also, make sure that you know the expiration date of the medicine and the other items included in the kit. You should always store them in a cool, dry place and keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. It’s best to place it in an area that you can easily reach when the need arises.

A marine first aid kit also includes tools that you need to keep clean after use. This is handy because dirt and particles can cause nasty contamination and infections.

Where to Buy It

You can find an array of first aid kits in marine supply stores and of course, online. With so many choices, you must be wise to get the right product. Be Also, keep in mind that online frauds are common these days. It’s best to settle for reputable websites like Amazon. Discounts are sometimes offered and you may be given free shipping as well.



Sailing or boating is undeniably relaxing and fun. Sadly, unfortunate circumstances can still happen when you’re on the waters. Because boaters can be away from medical assistance when something bad happens, the best marine first aid kit can ease the situation. It stops things from getting worse and can even save lives. Besides, If you are care more about cabin products for boat such as boat seats or boat carpets, you also can search them on categories on the top of the article.

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