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The Best Washdown Pumps

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

It is common to have a stained boat now and then. Removing fish guts, water stains, spilled food, and mud can be a challenging job for everyday boating. After a long day, we want to get rid of these leftover junks. Luckily, a washdown pump helps in clearing them out of the deck every time.

best washdown pump

We can always welcome the next sunshine-filled, undisturbed boating trips with proper boat maintenance. Buying the best washdown pump is necessary to preserve the finest quality of the boat. Thus, tough jobs in a marine environment are manageable.

In this list, I’ll walk you through the most useful and effective washdown pumps to use for your boat. I have secured a list of 11 outstanding products for you to choose from. This guide right here can permanently resolve your sanitary concerns all at once.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

SEAFLO Water Pump

+ Pumps out 5.5 gallons per minute
+ Runs dry without any problem
+ Built-in sturdy Santoprene construction

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Happybuy Water Pump

+ 70 PSI water flow and 5.5 GPM
+ ABS plastic that enhances durability
+ Noise-free, and corrosion resistant 

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Jabsco 32605 Washdown Pump Kit

+ Capable of reaching up to 60 PSI
+ Draws out 4 gallons of water per minute
+ Meets ISO 8846

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Top 11 Washdown Pump Reviews

1. SEAFLO Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump

A fantastic way to start your fishing activities aside from pre-planning your route is to equip your boat with fishing essentials. One of these is the top-tier marine washdown pump that you can find in this unit.

The profuse strength of a 60 PSI pressure capacity can immediately wipe out the loose grime and dust lurking in the deck. This device pumps out 5.5 gallons per minute; that’s why it has a top-tier quality when rinsing your boat’s body. Plus, it runs dry without any issues.

The hard-bodied diaphragm is supported by a Santoprene construction that includes advanced sealing solutions for automotive engines. It makes this product more durable and long-lasting. You don’t need to be anxious about it falling apart at some point.

If you’re in quest for a fresh water washdown pump replacement, you definitely need to check this out. It is a 5-chamber positive displacement diaphragm integrated with a self-priming system. It is designed to deliver the best for the marine environment!

It also comes with 2 pin connectors, barbed fittings, and 1 strainer. Along with this is a 4-year warranty inclusion that gives you a frustration-free purchase if you encounter any trouble with the unit.

Lastly, keep an eye out for the washdown pump switch. It is a little feeble, making it troublesome in constant use. Other than that, I don’t have any other problems. I still like this SEAFLO washdown pump model for the up-to-date features.
  • Stable performance with 60 PSI water pressure
  • Pumps out 5.5 gallons per minute, ideal for general boat cleaning
  • Runs dry without any problem
  • Built-in sturdy Santoprene construction
  • Equipped with a 5-chamber diaphragm and a self-priming mechanism
  • Includes a 4-year product warranty and other components like pin connectors
  • Poor-quality pressure switch, not advisable for continuous operation
I usually don’t look at the brands when installing a boat washdown system, but I have to remember this unit this time. It doesn’t disappoint regarding my intended applications. The 4-year warranty reassures me, knowing I can always get what I paid for.

2. Happybuy RV Water Pump

Are you happy with your current marine washdown system? If not, let me introduce you to the Happybuy high pressure washdown pump. It runs smoothly at 70 PSI with 5.5 gallons per minute.

With such paramount tolerance for water pressure, it can help maintain the dock’s cleanliness. My friend has used it as a water pump for boat dock, and he’s satisfied with the consistent masterful performance. This pump is skillful enough to be a dependable companion in cleaning anchor chains, RVs, fish boxes, and beacon stations.

The pump is engineered with ABS plastic that massively contributes to its durability and lifelong service. It comes with unique features that are surprisingly impressive. Among these is the 12V self-priming structure that can make cleaning duties manageable.

The automatic pressure switch controller self-activates when the nozzle is turned, and it gives gratifying results. Additionally, the water pump is quite responsive, and it comprises a bundle of useful tools.

Aside from its noise-free and water repellant qualities are the anti-UV 25’ hose, trigger nozzle with quick connect, quick connect adaptor, NPT connectors, and straight barb fitting. Don’t worry about it being a hassle in saltwater applications since it is designed with rubber mounting feet to resist corrosion.

The minor weakness of this unit is that it is designed for intermittent use only. Its 30-minute duty cycle can’t suffice my desired applications. Regardless, you will enjoy the optimal condition of this device when cleaning.
  • Delivers a steady 70 PSI water flow and 5.5 GPM
  • Multipurpose washdown pump for various applications
  • Manufactured with ABS plastic that enhances durability
  • A 12v self-priming water pump that comes with accessories
  • Advanced marine-grade Automatic Pressure Controller
  • Noise-free, water and corrosion resistant pump
  • Designed for intermittent use
Whether you’re on this list for personal boat fixtures or commercial investment, this model can help you settle any of these. It lives up to its brand name as it provides genuine happiness in every wash.

3. Jabsco 32605 Series Marine Washdown Pump Kit

If you’re in the hunt for a boat washdown pump kit, this option can end all your shopping worries instantly. It is a 12 volt marine washdown pump that works splendidly in clearing the filthy dirt out of the boat after every use.

This model is a top choice for boaters who want a spotless deck now and then. It reaches up to 60 PSI water pressure and pumps out a maximum of 4 gallons of water per minute! It means that it has an enormous cleaning capacity for boats. Plus, it is compact, making it easy to install even in tight spaces.

ParMax4 complies with ISO 8846. It has maximum protection against flammable gases on small crafts. Hence, this is one of the top-rated washdown pumps for boats. It boasts a noise-reduction element that creates a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere when in use.

Moreover, the 3-chamber pump design excellently expels pressured water without any problem. This marine beast is a self-priming pump, reaching up to 6′ from its water source, making it a heavy-duty and inexhaustible pump for regular use. Additionally, The motor is completely sealed, providing extra protection for an efficient pumping performance.

Everything about this product is incredible. However, one customer mentioned not receiving the strainer as advertised.
  • Powerful 12v device that takes cleaning to the next level
  • Capable of reaching up to 60 PSI
  • Draws out 4 gallons of water per minute
  • Meets ISO 8846 (Ignition Protection Standards)
  • Compact 3-chamber design with noise reduction and a sealed motor
  • 6′ Self-priming pump that increases cleaning efficienc
  • One customer didn’t receive the strainer
Given the rise of various marine pump products, looking for saltwater washdown pumps for boats is tough. I’m glad I have stumbled upon the Jabsco washdown pump because it gives a 5-star performance on my boat, and I think it is a must-have item for boat sanitary demands.

4. Lippert Components Flow Max Water Pump 689052

Lippert Components has a unique marine-grade quality washdown pump that can help you eradicate dirty boat problems. If you’ve been reading a lot of marine washdown pump reviews today and you’ve come across this unit by accident, then I guess you are meant to discover this incredible washdown pump.

It is a 12V marine device that supplies 3.0 gallons of water per minute. It provides a steady flow of water and doesn’t create any brassy noises, ensuring a disturbance-free environment. If you are specifically looking for raw water washdown pumps, I bet your search is finally over with this champ.

The motor pump’s competitive 50 PSI working pressure fully disperses water in any recreational and industrial vehicles without any complication. It possesses a generous amount of durability, making it a heavy-duty companion for marine enthusiasts.

Unlike other competitors under the same category, this model incorporates a self-priming capability.

This positive displacement pump is a smart choice for anyone who wants a medium budget range washdown pump that performs superbly even in unfavorable weather conditions. Moreover, it contains useful accessories like screen filters and connectors that provide a sweat-free installation.

The corrosion-resistant pump is to die for with its CSA certification. The only minor inconvenience you can encounter is the absence of universal water pump fittings. It might not fit some water lines. Therefore, I would recommend looking at this area of the product before purchasing.
  • Generates 3.0 GPM without incessant noises
  • Runs steadily in 50 PSI, and efficiently removes dirt out of your boat
  • Extremely durable self-priming pump
  • A reasonable price
  • Trusted brand with CSA certification
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • It doesn’t fit some water line connections
This is one of the most brilliantly crafted water pumps on the market. It has this creative ability that will help you clean your RVs thoroughly with little to zero disruptions. If you think you need a pump for all seasons, then you just hit the right product.

5. Oasis Washdown Deck Wash Pump Kit

Another hot contender for multi-purpose water pumps is the Oasis Washdown pump Kit. It comes with endearing features that will surely blow your mind. This pump is what you need if you’re an owner of several vehicles.

It offers all necessary aspects that can aid your personal and commercial pursuits. This unit offers a wide range of applications with its 70 PSI maximum water pressure. You can use it to clean yachts, caravans, trailers, and more. It is also one of the most-used marine pumps for bilge boat systems.

This self-priming pump works at 12 volt and up to 20.0 amp. If you’re looking for a saltwater washdown pump, you can solely rely on this unit because of its indestructible 5-chamber diaphragm made in Santoprene construction.

If you’re going to ask me what I like best about this product, I would say it’s the diverse protection. It is composed of multi-step corrosion defense that allows you to use this unit for extended periods.

Moreover, it contains a thermal and ignition protection system that can detect overheating and eventually shuts off the machine when a critical level is reached. Don’t worry, it’s just a way of cooling down the system. You can use it again after a few hours when the temperature drops. This safety feature helps the pump run dry without incurring damage.

This kit comes with a trigger nozzle and a quick-connect adaptor. The 25′ coiled hose is coated with UV-resistant material that you can find valuable in sultry weather. The only thing that you may find a little disappointing is the moisture that permeates the motor.
  • 70 PSI, ideal for various applications
  • 5-chamber structure with immaculate Santoprene construction
  • Multi-step corrosion defense for saltwater applications
  • Includes thermal and ignition protection
  • Can run dry with no problems
  • Trigger nozzle, adaptor, and UV-resistant hose
  • Moisture ingression is possible
I think there’s nothing better than a versatile motor pump that you can count on everywhere you go. Its high-caliber marine-grade construction will give you tranquil marine cleaning operations.

6. SEAFLO 55 Series – Washdown Pump Kit

Seaflo 55-Series is a practical choice if you’re hunting down an all-inclusive washdown pump that can cater to various marine applications. The stoutness of this device is enchanting and unbreakable while being lightweight. This characteristic makes this pump reliable and handy.

This newly-improved SEAFLO model has a superior pressure switch compared to the previous 51 series. It has a powerful 5-chamber diaphragm that delivers 5.5 GPM.

Unlike other competitors, this unit comes with high efficiency. This machine works in 12 volts DC. It allows adequate speed and power to extinguish unwanted mess situating on your deck. If you require a portable washdown pump, then this unit fits this title perfectly.

This motorized pump is not intricate to install in boats. It is designed with top-quality engineering — making it suitable for anchor wells, fish boxes, dinghies, and even caravans. It offers a kind of quality that isn’t limited to maritime activities.

It can handle up to 60 degrees Celsius, which I think is convenient in the summer seasons. It won’t easily blow out under momentary heat exposure because of the thermal and ignition safety features.

The 6 ft self-priming capability is also noteworthy. It is capable of running dry. Moreover, it comes with a 20 ft Hosecoil and a sprayer for the complete application. All is cool with this pump except for the product warranty. Some online stores don’t issue a supposedly 4-year warranty, which I find sketchy.
  • The pressure switch is superior compared to the 51 series
  • Robust 5-chamber structure producing 5.5 GPM
  • Easy-to-install 12v DC portable, lightweight pump with a coil and sprayer
  • It suits a lot of useful applications
  • Thermal plus ignition protection
  • 6 ft self-priming and dry running
  • Product warranty exclusion in online shops
I am sure that this unit will last for years before it wears out and calls for a replacement. Just be wary about purchasing it online so that you can fully enjoy the product without any service disputes.

7. Flojet 4325 Series Washdown Pump

This washdown pump rocks in all aspects. Its user-friendly attributes can be advantageous to both professional and amateur boaters. From its physical appearance, I could say that this pump is heavy-duty and hard-wearing.

If you’re on the quest for a decent washdown system for leisure boats or motorhomes, this model right here can aid you with abundant benefits. It operates on 12 volts and takes out 4.5 GPM. It also draws out a capacity of 6.0 amp. The diaphragm self-primes up to 2.4m vertical lift, which is sufficient to give your recreational boat a proper clean-up.

I can’t get enough of this valuable pump! You can do your duties comfortably, thanks to the noise-absorbing mounts that are completely reliable all the time. I am also stunned by the corrosion and thermal protection this unit offers. Hence, you can use it for freshwater and saltwater.

The four-piston design also helps in distributing higher water pressure without a snag. It meets U.S.C.G. electric standards, and this certification adds a safeguard for everyday work. Additionally, you’ll be covered by a 1-year warranty upon purchase. It also comes with an installation manual, so this is quite helpful for beginners.

It appears pricey for a budget-conscious consumer like me. Alternative products offer a low price point, but this item is still worth the price for its first-rate quality. Therefore, this version is a practical investment in the long run.
  • Heavy-duty operating pump that offers 4.5 GPM
  • Sterling 2.4 m self-priming performance
  • Praiseworthy corrosion and thermal protection
  • S.C.G compliant washdown pump with noise-absorbing mounts
  • It comes with an installation manual and a one-year warranty
  • A bit expensive compared to other washdown pumps
Finding the right washdown pump that works for you is a challenge. Luckily, when it comes to overall quality, I’d bet my life on this unit! It is designed with creative craftsmanship that lasts long.

8. Johnson Pumps 10-13407-07 Washdown Pump

This Johnson washdown pump was one of the most anticipated motor pumps for boats when it was first released in the market. Since then, boaters and fishermen with this item have felt at ease on their marine journeys.

This version boasts a 70 PSI pressure rate that is extremely powerful. Such a remarkable feature removes water stains and mud in no time. I find it most convenient when cleaning fish scales that seem to have no point in invading my deck.

Moreover, this version delivers zero pulsating without piercing sounds. It comes with a trigger nozzle, PUM Protector inlet strainer, and BSP and NPT connectors for half an inch hose. These accessories help you do your washdown setups easier than ever.

This variant also exhibits masterwork quality with its 20A fuse. The manufacturer sure knows how to develop an economical pump with high standard functions. It expels 5.2 GPM, which is higher than most of the water pumps these days. Also, it contains thermal protection that imparts admirable durability.

The 185-watt motor runs at a satisfactory level. The body features a PA/PPA construction; these elements make it likable and worthy of purchase. My dad bought this for his boat, and I can’t stress enough how happy he was with the result.

Overall, the pump is immensely durable and proactive. The five-chamber Santoprene diaphragm and nitrile-built valves make this factor possible. However, there’s always room for improvement, and I hope the flimsy accessories will be upgraded soon.
  • Impressive 70 PSI pressure rate
  • Noise-free and pulsation-free
  • Free accessories included
  • 20A fuse and 5.2 GPM
  • Sturdy and long-lived motor pump with a PA/PPA body
  • Inferior quality accessories
The sheer competence of this product is evident. I adore this water pump for being a living legendary marine device that doesn’t disappoint in performing various marine applications.

9. Delavan 7812ED-201-SB Water Pump

We’re down to the second-to-last product on this list. Delavan washdown pump is a terrific sanitation device you can pair with vessels! Its pumping capacity can help you achieve an easy and quick washdown operation.

If you already have a complete necessary kit and are looking for a motor pump replacement, this unit can serve you right. It operates on 12V and draws out 2.0 gallons per minute.

The pump delivers pressured water at 6 amp. It is capable of providing a pressure rate of 60 PSI. Whether you want to give partial, or full sanitary coverage to your boat, this version is a wise choice. It gives a balanced amount of durability and flexibility.

With this pump, you have nothing to worry about. It works as an on-demand pump. It has a switch that can only be activated when liquid flow is needed. This feature brilliantly saves the energy and power of the pump.

The mentioned automatic switch functions according to the pressure settings. It prevents the body from wearing out fast. Moreover, this unit has a thermally-protected motor for added durability.

The pump is also splashproof. A little exposure to water droplets can’t possibly damage the system. It also offers a top-notch self-priming mechanism that serves its purpose perfectly. The 3-chamber system resists diesel and oil blends, an ability other modern pumps lack.

All in all, this version is majestic. I just wish it had more GPM capacity for my application. Still, it offers a lot of benefits, this star player won’t fail you.
  • Excellently handles up to 60 PSI water pressure
  • Life-saver on-demand automatic switch for power conservation
  • Multi-protection against heat and water splash
  • Unfailing self-priming support
  • 3-chamber design with oil and diesel resistance
  • Low GPM, not fit for some applications
This model’s goal is crystal clear. It is to provide users with long-running support. I commend it for having most of the vital elements each boater needs in everyday marine activities.

10. SHURFLO Problaster II Washdown Pump

As I saw the last product on the list, I shook my head in disbelief. I did a quick scan of this unit, and I found it impressive! Save the best spot for the SHURFLO washdown pump. It is a heavy-duty electro-coated pump that you need if you have leakage issues with your current pump.

It comes with O-ring seals and fully sealed wire entries that ensure the switch would be impermeable. This feature is the chief advantage of this model since other previous pumps don’t offer this coverage.

Moreover, this pump provides thermal and ignition protection that prevents the pump from overheating. With this safety feature, you can expect that it won’t fail under a minimal amount of heat. Plus, the body is corrosion-resistant. You can rely on it everywhere.

It is capable of operating at a pressure limit of 60 PSI. It is designed to resist the tough environment of both saltwater and freshwater. After a long day of fishing, fish scales and the unpleasant smell spewing out of the boat can be easily eliminated.

Furthermore, this powerful pump includes an Easy Connect Swivel Strainer, a Blaster Spray Nozzle, a ¾” garden hose fitting, and two ¾” barb fittings. These complete tools make it simple and easy for you to set things up. This model also self-primes up to 6 ft, which is long enough to do the most necessary applications.

It’s versatile to withstand marine environments. The only setback I notice is that when you look it up in online stores, it is ridiculously expensive. Different stores offer different prices, so be mindful of this case.
  • Long-wearing electric-coated motor with O-ring seals and sealed wires
  • Sealed switch and wiring guards, impeding permeation
  • Thermal and ignition protection
  • Corrosion-resistant water pump for both salt and fresh water
  • Praiseworthy performance of 60 PSI
  • 6’ Self-priming pump with complete accessories
  • Expensive, varying prices at online stores
This device can beat water junks out on your deck or cockpits to prevent impending contamination. This is a pump for all seasons. With a lot of cool features, it is a must-buy.

11. YaeMarine Washdown Pump Kit

This is the first time I encounter YaeMarine’s product, and I must say that it exceeds my expectations. It is a must-try washdown pump if you want additional pressure for your high-maintenance watercraft.

Many seafarers choose this device to fulfill their needs in cleaning up their vessels and preserve their pristine condition. This pump efficacy is unsurpassed because it provides a stable water pressure of 70 PSI. It also comes with 8A-18A and 12 volts. These traits make this unit superior.

This 5-chamber pump is classic. It has both modern features like an automatic pressure switch and a self-priming mechanism that make this model exceptional. The priming capability is up to 6ft. You can certainly rely on its power alone for your desired application.

Furthermore, this machine is characterized by an anticorrosive varnish coating. It is guaranteed with extra protection so that you can continuously use it without impediments. It manifests excellent pumping performance in freshwater and saltwater environments.

Besides, you can use it for recreational boats, RVs, and other marine applications that fit. It also comes with fittings to properly set up your installation. These are a spray gun, inlet strainer, and ¾ quick connect ports.

It offers a 90-day free return/refund warranty. If manufacturers could add more protection in a wet environment, I would come back for this. For now, it doesn’t support my intended application. The pump is sensitive in damped areas, but this is a minor issue that can be improved in the future.
  • Works magnificently at 70 PSI with a maximum of 18A
  • 12v 5-chamber structure for numerous applications
  • Automated water pressure control
  • Self-primes up to 6ft
  • Anticorrosive varnish coating and installation fittings
  • Free return/refund within 90 days
  • It isn’t waterproof
All in all, this model contains rewarding features that can help you in getting rid of all types of leftover junks on your boat. I am absolutely into this unit!

Buyer’s Guide


There are countless things to consider when looking for a washdown pump, and I bet there are tons of questions on your mind right now. Every pump displays a massive strength that helps boaters flush unwanted dirt that is sitting on the decks. Now, let us untangle the factors one by one.

Always look for a higher pressure

High-pressure pumps are undeniably superior. You can have superior performance with them because they wash away dirt in no time. If you want a faster cleaning operation, you shouldn’t think twice and pick the models with at least 60 PSI.

A pump isn’t efficient if it lacks protection

Thermal and ignition protection is common in pumps, but several ones offer extra protection like corrosion, diesel, oil, and water resistance. Sometimes, having all of these features in a water pump could be costly. Hence, it still depends on your application. Never overlook this tip.

Choose Pulsation and Noise-free

Nothing’s more frustrating than a noisy water pump. Who would want an ear-splitting pump? As much as possible, always select a pump with little to no pulsation/noise. It creates a disturbance-free washdown routine.

Consider checking the warranty details

Warranty is sometimes underrated. People always focus on the primary specifications, but with washdown pumps, you have to be careful. There are stores online that don’t provide the warranty as advertised. Since it is a machine, there’s always a big chance that you can experience problems with it. It’s inevitable and natural, so don’t miss checking the warranty out.

Use credible sources online to help you with your queries

You might want to check the hull truth forum for a thorough discussion. If you haven’t read it before, you should consider it now. It contains a cornucopia of information about boating and fishing.

What Does a Washdown Pump Do


It is a device that helps marine enthusiasts eliminate junks left on the boat. It washes away all deep-seated specks of dirt that seem difficult to put away. It enhances the sanitary process and reduces the cleaning duration.

How Do Washdown Pumps Work

Washdown pumps release water supply from an external source. The pump pumps the raw water with an ample amount of strength and pressure. Then, it uses a washdown hose to drain the content out of the deck.

What is the Top-Rated Saltwater Washdown Pump

Happybuy and SHURFLO washdown pumps are excellent. I’ve seen many fishing hobbyists and sailors use them for intense resistance against rust and corrosion. Both are tough choices in marine environments.

How Do You Install a Washdown Pump on a Boat

Let’s assume you’re in this section because you haven’t bought one yet, and you want yourself to be familiar with this area, so let’s begin.

First, mount the pump in a dry place of the bilge. Allow at least 6 feet in height from the water intake.

Second, connect the hose from the fitting port to the termination locations in the front and the back. The front side should be near the anchor locker, and the backside should be attached to the bulkhead.

Third, affix one side of the check valve to the intake line. Connect the other side of the valve to the hose connected to the inlet port of the water strainer. Make another connection from the strainer outlet to the inlet fitting.

Lastly, from the T fittings, run the hoses to the drilled holes used for joining bulkhead parts. Use clamps to secure the hoses. Then install the remaining connections on the deck and connect the pump to a power source.

In doing all of these steps, make sure to secure a drill gun, correct fittings, hoses, screws, clamps, and of course, the pump, and you’re all set.

Care and Maintenance

Some of us are not machine-savvy, and that’s okay. We rely on mechanical professionals for help. But in taking care of the washdown pump, you don’t need to know everything about it.

You can take care of it by practicing proper routines. Make sure you have a thru-hull to stop the hose’s water supply after cleaning.

You can also winterize the pump during the winter season to add maximum protection. Likewise, avoid overheating the pump. Although most pumps have thermal protection, it is still advisable not to depend on it all the time. Use seal to avoid any leakage.


Every boater needs to equip their boat with washdown pumps, as they provide an effective remedy to keep it as fresh as new. There are options like boat grooming services that can instantly give your vessel a Cinderella-like transformation, but they are expensive and impractical.

The existence of the best washdown pump provides a long-term solution to back-to-back filthy boat problems. It is a vital part of the boat’s system that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It won’t hurt to invest in what keeps your luxury escapes at sea enjoyable. If you care more about the other types of boat pumps, you can refer at boat water systems above.

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