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The Best Winter Boat Covers

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

A full-pledged sailor should know the preparations for winter, the coldest time of the year. If you don’t pay attention to necessary procedures, your boat will be exposed to snow and other outdoor elements. To prevent this scenario from happening, know the best winter boat covers to help you get the most suitable one for your water vessel.

best winter boat covers

Totally covering your boat and securing it with adjustable straps are some ways that you can establish protection. Not allowing the snow to mingle with your boat makes you save time and money. You’ll be able to use your boat for a longer period and maintain its optimum performance.

Searching for the right boat cover for winter is not hard as there are various options in the market. However, the best ones are in the following list.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Classic Accessories StormPro

+ Can bear all kinds of weather
+ Waterproof, breathable material
+ Stays in the right position with straps and buckles

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Budge B-621-X7

+ Has more than sufficient coverage
+ Makes ample space inside the boat
+ Breathable and waterproof boat cover

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

MSC Marine Grade

+ Great for long-term storage
+ Sturdy and not bulky to handle
+ Clings well on the hull

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Top 12 Winter Boat Cover Reviews

1. Classic Accessories StormPro Boat Cover

This inexpensive boat cover fits my 18-foot Crestliner with a port bow mount trolling motor. Its coverage is up to under the rub rail, and no other boat cover is as dependable as this one. Hence, I don’t worry too much about my boat when the cold season comes.

Thanks to fabric coating technology, this cover is flexible in facing different weather conditions. So it repels water as well as snow. Even if there are some things like tables and chairs inside your boat, nothing will be damaged. It can also protect your boat against UV rays and mildew. The material is breathable so air vents are present.

On the other hand, tie-down straps support the cover to stay in the right position. They pass through the top as it envelops the material. I found some extra straps but I was able to stop them from flopping. Some reworking was done together with tri-glide strap adjusters to lock in the straps and quick release buckles.

Seven sizes are offered so you can find the suitable one for your watercraft. I’ve found out that this is one of the top-rated boat covers for trailering. I did it at 80 mph speed and within the same setting, it survived two major rainstorms. You know it can last long as a 5-year and hassle-free warranty is offered for it.

A support pole and a storage bag are additional accessories. The poles are nice but some users won’t be able to use the full length. In my case, I used PVC so I can obtain the needed length of the support.
  • Can bear all kinds of weather and even rainstorms
  • Waterproof, breathable material with air vents
  • Stays in the right position with straps and buckles
  • Offers seven sizes for better choosing
  • With a 5-year, hassle-free warranty
  • Some users won’t be able to use the full length of the support pole
I can’t find any better winter boat cover aside from this one. It’s the quality of material that matters and this product excels in this part.

2. Budge B-621-X7 Boat Cover

As I witnessed how this boat cover works, it’s way better than the full custom type. I purchased it for my 23-foot boat and wakeboard tower. The size is more than enough to go across the vessel’s side and over the outboard cowling. Thanks to this product, my watercraft is always ready for winter!

What surprised me after putting this on is the ample amount of space inside the boat. I can move around and check on some things in the vessel. However, a friend of mine needs a support pole to stop water from accumulating. It all depends on the type of vessel if you need to add some things.

This cover works even though your boat has a center console and a bimini top. Although there are some bulges and bumps, it will still fit all over the parts. The semi-custom fit is achieved by the straps and sturdy shock cord hem. The straps have extra length, so they won’t be insufficient for every user.

Winter is the time that boaters worry about their crafts besides storms and hurricanes. What makes this a reliable winter boat cover system is being waterproof and breathable. It’s available in gray and blue. Thus, mold, mildew, rust, moisture, and condensation build-up are not tolerated.

Aside from enduring winter, it also faced wind storms and a hurricane. The strength of this natural occurrence is no joke. Since it provides marine-grade protection, it blocks heat, sun, and even heavy rain. Thus, things inside the boat are kept bone dry despite various weather.
  • Has more than sufficient coverage
  • Makes ample space inside the boat
  • Straps and shock cord are more than enough for every user
  • Breathable and waterproof boat cover
  • Repels snow and endure various kinds of weather
  • Some users may need support pole
Enough space inside the boat while this cover is spread means no moisture and condensation take place. So winter won’t be disastrous as you would imagine.

3. MSC Marine Grade Polyester Boat Cover

Winter in my area is quite long. So I have to search for a boat cover for long-term storage. Quality is important in this situation and I’ve seen it on MSC boat covers like this one. No wonder that it’s fine with the manufacturer to offer a 2-year warranty.

The medium weight, marine-grade polyester material has the sturdiness to mantle over the boat’s topside. I like how it’s not too bulky to handle and with elastic waist holds, so it clings well on the hull.

This cover is made not only for long-term storage but also for mooring. It’s a trailerable boat cover as I pulled it around 40 miles to store in winter. To my amazement, it doesn’t have any rip or fraying. I kept my boat in a garage, and this boat cover kept my boat dry the whole winter.

As a sailboat cover for winter, it’s steadfast in facing other kinds of weather. It faces several storms and my boat remains untouched under it. Even if you let it stay outside all summer long, it won’t fade. Outdoor elements cannot beat this marine grade polyester canvas which is further strengthened with PU coating.

Eight color choices can please every user. This cover also comes with a storage bag so it would be easy to keep away dirt when not in use. It’s waterproof for sure but it’s still recommended to use a support pole. Otherwise, water pooling may happen.
  • Great for long-term storage
  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Sturdy and not bulky to handle
  • Clings well on the hull
  • A trailerable boat cover
  • Adding a support pole is a must to prevent water from pooling
Since this MSC heavy duty waterproof boat cover is designed for long-term storage, it can bear the whole winter. It’s not easily damaged so it’s suitable for trailer use.

4. Explore Land Pedal Boat Cover

I’m happy about finding this product in several boat cover reviews. It’s my first time to see a non-custom cover that perfectly fits on my paddle boat. Thus, it gives me peace of mind for the long winter.

What sets it apart from flimsy, thin covers is the coating in the material. The 600D marine grade polyester becomes a heavy duty waterproof boat cover. I’m impressed with how snow and water don’t gather together as puddles. A simple trick is also needed aside from the reliable quality.

Double stitched seams enhance its waterproof ability. Moreover, the stretchable, adjustable heavy-duty cord tightens the cover. So the water is inclined to roll off on the side of the boat. This scenario is also applicable for snow that doesn’t pile up. Thus, no snow can get inside my boat.

The installation process is easier than I expected. I was able to achieve the right tightness by some adjustments. Additional strings are essential for exceptionally windy days or else, the cover might be blown away. I don’t mind getting them as my boat is fully covered and protected. Based on its performance, I believe that this thicker kind of cover is durable and long-lasting. The 2-year warranty is one of the proofs.

Once this boat cover tightly fits on my paddle boat, I don’t worry about off-season outdoor storage and the long winter. It also works as a mooring or a trailerable boat cover.
  • Snow doesn’t pile up because of the stretchable, adjustable heavy-duty cord
  • Has double stitched seams to make it waterproof
  • Durable and long-lasting with a 2-year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Need to add strings for exceptionally windy days
I can secure my paddle boat well during snowy days as I was able to find one of the effective boat winter covers.

5. North East Harbor Gray Waterproof Boat Cover

As a boat owner, boat storage covers winter is one of my concerns. I check details of different boat covers to discover the perfect fit for my boat. This is the best one after 30 years of the continuous purchase of winter boat covers.

When I found out that this one is suitable for V hull runabouts or pro-style bass boats, and those used for fishing or skiing, I didn’t think twice as it would be good with my bass boat. It fits vessels within 16 feet to 18.5 feet long.

I was so happy when I received it as this boat cover looks and feels durable. It shows how heavy-duty it is with continuous usage. To my assessment, it’s better than other items that are in the same price range. Thus, I can say that it’s a worthy investment.

This cover is made of waterproof 600 D fabric to prevent any damage caused by snow and rain. It gives me peace of mind even though the snow keeps on coming.

I can say that it has everything that I need for winter storage as this boat cover comes with tie-down straps, D-ring straps, and elastic hem. However, modification on the back straps is necessary, so I obtain a secure fit for my boat. I added a couple more in my case or you might want to have movable ones.

I’ve also used it when I traveled as it’s sturdy enough for trailer use. It’s not a problem to take it to places as the installation is easy. A storage bag is included in every purchase without extra charge.
  • Suitable for V hull runabouts or pro-style bass boats and more
  • For boats that are from 16 feet to 18.5 feet long
  • Looks and feels heavy-duty and durable
  • Waterproof so it prevents any damage caused by snow and rain
  • Easy to install and sturdy enough for trailer use
  • The back straps need modification for a secure fit
I’m glad that I found this boat cover. No more worries when snowy days take place as my bass boat is secured.

6. RVMasking Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover

I hoped to come across a boat cover that can fight off damages from harsh weather and other harmful outdoor things. The two air vents on each side of this cover are the solution to my problem. I must say that there are other wonderful things that I love about this product.

It’s not only my savior during winter but all year round. My bass boats and V hull runabouts get protected from the sun, rain, scratch, and dust. It’s a magnificent shield as it’s a fabric with three layers which are PU coating, anti-UV coating, and water-resistant polyester material.

This cover prevents moisture because of the vent system. The boat is dry as it is without any destruction from mold and mildew. Thus, it prolongs the longevity of your boat. It also holds up well on windy days with the support of adjustable straps, buckles, and elasticized hem for a secure fit. Based on my experience, it remains firm even though the wind is 55mph.

The quality is undisputed so manufacturers are not reluctant to provide a 5-year warranty and refund within 30 days of purchase if there’s something wrong with the cover. But I don’t need those privileges as I didn’t have any issues since I started using it.

This boat cover comes with a storage bag, a motor cover, and an instruction manual. It’s also recommended for trailering but make sure that you do it with caution.
  • Fight off damages from harsh weather
  • With air vents on the side to prevent moisture, mold, and mildew
  • Keeps the boat underneath it dry
  • Holds up well on windy days
  • Provides 5-year warranty and refund within 30 days of purchase
  • Needs to be cautious when using it for trailering
This item has an excellent winter boat cover system. My boat is always dry in storage because of it and I couldn’t be thankful enough.

7. CHANGE MOORE Heavy Duty Boat Cover

What sets this boat cover apart from other brands is the provision of overall protection. The scope is like from head to toe. I like it a lot as it’s what I need when I store my boat in winter. A heap of snow won’t be able to get into my boat.

Even rain or other kinds of liquid can’t penetrate this dense 420D Oxford fabric. The 3-layer PU coating even made it sturdier. Hence, it is extremely water-resistant. When I didn’t put a winter boat cover support system with it, a puddle of rain was gathered above it. I was astonished that the liquid just formed into beads and the cover did not absorb it so my boat remains dry.

When the sun is up, this boat cover doesn’t let me down too. My boat is not affected by the harsh UV rays. Moreover, strong wind can’t peel off my boat’s cover as there are adjustable, elastic bottom hem and ropes that you can tie around the hull.

All in all, the protection given by this product is for all kinds of weather and outdoor, natural elements. Even though the toughness is undeniable, maintenance is still advised. But you should skip using detergent and clean it only with water.

Aside from premium material, double stitching is one of its features so cracking won’t happen. The manufacturer ensures the cover’s quality as it can give a full refund from the offer of 60-day NO RISK.
  • Provider of overall protection to your boat
  • Can bear heap of snow
  • Water-resistant so it doesn’t absorb liquid
  • Can give a full refund from the offer of 60-day NO RISK
  • Shouldn’t be cleaned using a detergent
I entrust my boat to this cover as it provides overall protection in any weather. Its water resistance is amazing as water only turns into beads.

8. Roadstar Heavy Duty Boat Cover

Getting a boat cover with a universal fit lessens my worry. It’s the reason why I got attracted to purchase this item. I was delighted to see it for the first time as it appears to be well-made. It does well in protecting my boat in winter due to a custom fit.

This cover is suitable for trailerable V hull runabouts with a length of around 25 feet to 28 feet and a beam width of 118 inches. A heavy-duty carry bag comes for free as well. Hence, it can be carried with ease everywhere. Then you can keep it clean and only need a small space for safekeeping.

The feature mentioned above helps me as I need to transport my boat with a trailer for winter storage. Everything goes well and no tearing of fabric occurs after traveling through the highway. Thus, I can use it for the whole cold season as it’s designed for long-term storage.

There’s no doubt that the 600 D Oxford fabric can bear the test of time. It’s heavy-duty, sturdy, and waterproof. Adjustable straps partnered with a quick release buckle help further with the long duration of winter storage. These are the qualities that you need to repel snow as well as rain. What I only want the manufacturer to change is the bent snap part on the strap.

You may think that there’s a lot of benefits coming from this boat cover but you should know that it’s also good for mooring.
  • Has a universal fit
  • Can be in trailer use and mooring
  • Free heavy-duty carry bag
  • Protects boat within the long-term storage during winter
  • Made of heavy-duty, sturdy, and waterproof material
  • Should change the bent snap part on the strap
The cold of winter doesn’t tell me anymore that my boat may be affected by the snow. I’m sure that this cover with a universal fit secures it.

9. iCOVER Trailerable Boat Cover

I had never found a satisfying cover until I came across this item. It’s one of the excellent custom winter boat covers. I’m happy that it blankets over my 16-foot Jon boat. The coverage starts on one end where my 150hp motor is located up to the trolling motor on the front side.

Many parts complement the fitness of this boat cover, such as clips both in the front and at the back. The heavy-duty elastic cord is sewn into the hemline for a snug fit.

Boat owners would love it because it’s a cover trailerable boat cover. I used three straps to secure the front part of my boat and they went through the trailer’s tongue and back or the motor’s bottom. I traveled 200 miles and when I arrived at my destination, no ripping and getting loose were experienced.

The durable canvas fabric protects any boat all year round, even from the harshest weather. It’s suitable for a bass boat, fishing boat, V-hull runabouts, and many more. PVC coating prevents undesirable conditions like cold cracking, wetting, fading, and tearing. In the battle with snow, my boat is eventually the winner!

Putting this cover on is uncomplicated as the straps can be quickly and easily tightened. A storage bag is also provided as well as a 12-month warranty. So I can tell that it has quality, rugged materials and stitching for longevity. Just make sure that you get a bigger size for your boat to ensure the needed fitness.
  • Can cover everything in the boat including motors
  • Clips and cord for better fitness and snugness
  • Trailerable with the help of straps
  • Durable and protective all year round
  • Uncomplicated to put on as straps can be quickly and easily tightened
  • Needs to get a bigger size to ensure the needed fitness
Winter days will no longer pose hurdles in keeping my boat secured. It’s the best among the iCover boat covers for me.

10. Pyle PCVHP440 Adjustable Storage Cover

Choosing among winter pontoon boat covers may put you into a dilemma because of the size. Good news! This boat cover is designed for pontoons with beam width up to 96 inches. It has a universal fit with a 17-foot to 20-foot L beam width so you can avoid spending much money on custom-made boat covers.

This ‘one-size-fits-it-all’ boat cover has room to spare for accessories such as running lights, bow rails, and more. The strap system is great as I don’t have to deal with ropes and rip grommets. It’s quite helpful for easy fitting during installation and in trailer use too.

I just wish there are some snaps but it’s not an issue as I’ve managed using it. It’s best to make the pole support system to match it with your pontoon or other vessels.

I never could ask for more because this heavy-duty, marine-grade cover is around my 24-foot pontoon boat. Thus, the boat is bone dry the whole winter. The cover’s resistance to mildew and UV rays can survive in different kinds of weather. As for me, it’s the leading brand among the pontoon covers for winter.

Also, it is one of the pontoon covers that can make it after a strong wind, rain, harsh sunlight, and of course, snow. After I arrange the secure fit of this item, weather protection is well-established.

Despite the material’s durability, this product still needs extra love and care to maintain its peak performance. So I like the storage bag that comes with it. It can be portable even though it’s wide and long. I can have it in safekeeping to be ready for the next winter.
  • Designed for pontoons in universal fit
  • Has room to spare for accessories once installed
  • A strap system for easy fitting and trailer use
  • Survives in different kinds of weather and resists mildew and UV rays
  • Comes with a storage bag for safekeeping
  • Could have been better with snaps
I’m glad that I’ve found the dynamic one from several winter pontoon covers available in the market these days. It saves me from having a headache when searching for one.

11. Seamander Heavy Duty Boat Cover

I decided to get this one among numerous winter boat tarps. I was taken aback at first as it’s not the usual, heavy canvas. After placing it on my boat in a tight fit, my opinion about it was changed. I found the toughness that I’ve been looking for.

Storing my boat with this heavy duty waterproof boat cover in winter was not a mistake. It’s so amazing how there’s no single rip after the blizzard is over. That’s why it’s an effective trailerable boat cover. I can attest that it holds up well against a large pooling of snow and ice. The waterproof ability is tested and proven.

I prefer not to use the straps since they are short for some users, even though it depends on the boat model and style. Bungee cords work well for me. What matters the most is that there’s an extra length of this cover. I put it around my boat and not a single corner was unveiled to the snow.

It’s also reliable to protect your boat from other kinds of weather. Snow, strong wind, rain, sunlight, and other harmful outdoor elements won’t jeopardize this boat cover. I like its appearance too as it went through a special dyeing process. High colorfastness makes it attractive but the dye won’t leave or stain your boat.

Last but not least, it’s waterproof since a double stitched feature is added and a two-year warranty is offered as well.
  • A tough cover that can create a tight fit
  • No rip after a blizzard nor large pooling of snow and ice
  • An effective trailerable boat cover with double stitched, waterproof material
  • Can protect your boat from different weather conditions
  • Has high colorfastness but won’t stain your boat
  • The straps may not be enough for some users
My boat is safe when hibernating during winter, even though a pile of snow is thrown at it. Getting this cover is one of the wisest decisions that I’ve made.

12. Transhield Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover

A boat owner like me can’t help but be impressed with how this item was made. Why shouldn’t I? Many things are possible with it, like waterproof, air vents, shrinkable features, solid quality material, covering the tower or bimini top, and more! The credit goes to the dedication of Transhield to engineer fabric that can withstand the harshest weather.

Although this boat cover can counter bad weather conditions, it remains gentle to the boat’s surface. Snow is no longer a threat to me. Unlike before that winter gave me trouble in storing my water vessels. It also provides UV protection and blocks rain.

What I’m concerned about in winter are mold and mildew. But this boat cover got me covered as it keeps the freshness of what’s under it. The material is breathable so it eliminates moisture while it increases the rate of water vapor transmission. Even though the sun is intensely hot, the temperature below the cover is moderated.

I bought a size bigger than my boat. The one that I have is 22-foot long so I have the 23-foot boat cover. To wrinkle up and tighten the shrink wrap, I use a bud heater. I started from the top and I’m in awe every time the result comes up. It’s like being done by a professional!

The sewn-in rope can be adjusted and it’s so useful in molding the cover to the tower. On the other hand, I prefer straps with clips for the bottom part of the boat. Ropes are not easy to tie and untie when used in that area.
  • Made of well-engineered, solid material
  • Withstands the harshest weather
  • Eliminates moisture so no mold and mildew
  • Keeps freshness of the things underneath despite the high temperature
  • Has a shrinkable feature to have a secure fit
  • Ropes are not ideal for the bottom part
The shrink wrap of this cover is simply awesome. Moisture, mold, and mildew won’t form during winter storage.

Buying Guide


There’s an array of boat covers sold in the market and you just don’t get one due to its appealing parts. What you need to know before buying the right winter cover for your boat are the necessary features and functions. To know which item is reliable and worthy, here are some factors that you have to consider.


The ideal material in winter boat cover or tarp should be high quality and marine-grade. It means to be a marine-grade to stand firm against harmful factors that can destroy your vessel. This type of material went through chemical engineering to maintain its structure even if some force applied to it.

If you find yourself in everything that’s composed of marine-grade material, you can sort them out based on the fabric. You will no longer be wary of choosing if you have found 300 Denier polyester or better have the 600 Denier for maximum toughness.

It’s also important to check if the covering can block water, UV rays, and other outdoor elements. Being able to impede all of them is awesome! Polyurethane coating is a substance that can enhance the level of protection. For the inhibition of moisture which causes mold and mildew, air vents on the cover should be able to do it.

The Boat’s Size

Be particular or better yet, memorize your boat’s dimension before looking for a winter boat cover. Aside from quality material, sizing is essential as well. The right fit ensures full protection from harmful factors. It’s also helpful for mooring and effortless trailering.

Measuring your boat for the cover should start with the centerline’s length which is from the bow to the stern. Next, take a look at the beam width. Measure it by straight line side by side. Do it in the widest section of the hull.


Since you’re searching for a winter cover, it should be something that can repel snow and ice. Researching will help you as some features will tell you that you can depend on the product. For instance, there’s excellent UV protection or taped seams to repel water.


Boat owners should be knowledgeable enough to know the kind of boat that they own. Once you’ve identified the type, it’s easier to know your boat’s appropriate cover and accessories for your boat. It can save you some time from searching further.

Some covers are made to fit a specific model while some have a universal fit. You may get one with a snug fit or a size bigger to allow air inside to stop condensation. The latter may not be necessary if the cover has air vents.


The reputation of the brand is important for many buyers. Buying a winter boat cover can cost you a lot. A reputable company or brand defines premium quality and returns your money’s worth. So you won’t regret buying the cover.

Some Features

It would be best if you did not miss considering the winter boat cover support system. It’s also nice to buy a cover with accessories like storage bags, buckles, adjustable straps, elastic hems, and support poles.

Reading Reviews

Researching about winter boat cover includes reading reviews. Don’t just trust advertisements. Nothing beats the testimonies of the users, so you would know the real characteristics of the product.

Should I Cover My Boat for Winter


A cover for winter is your ticket in protecting your boat from possible damages on pipes, engines, and the rest of your boat. Water is something you have to watch out for and when it freezes, it can still bring destruction. This substance can result in cracking the engine’s block and manifold. This consequence calls for a replacement which means spending some money.

Once you have a quality and reliable boat cover, you give your boat much-needed protection. The cover will not allow the snow, debris, and other tiny particles from accumulating and clogging the scuppers.

Since a winter boat cover is waterproof, there’s no chance of melted snow getting soaked up and reaching your boat. Flooding won’t happen. The life span of your boat is rather extended.

How Do I Cover My Boat for Winter

When you’ve already accomplished the task of getting the right winter boat cover, it doesn’t stop there. The next thing you have to focus on is the installation. It should be done correctly to ensure that the snow and water are blocked. Give importance to it so you won’t be disappointed at the end.

Another thing you have to pay attention to is the winter boat cover frame. Some manufacturers add clamps and straps to the cover. It’s more convenient than a plastic or wooden frame. However, you can still choose to make one on your own to gain the right length or size needed by your boat.

How to Care for and Maintain the Winter Boat Cover

It’s best to take care of your winter boat cover so it can serve you every time the cold season comes. Here are the simple steps that you can do.

  • Straps and support poles can help you stop pooling on the cover. Accessories may need to be bought separately, so don’t forget about them if you buy just the cover. Nothing should be on the top of the boat cover. Even though it is tough, don’t burden it with the weight of some objects.
  • When trailering or mooring, heavy-duty straps should be tied around your boat. You don’t want unintentional tearing happening from doing either of the two settings.
  • Cleaning is always a part of maintenance. Dirt should be regularly removed from the cover. Use a brush with soft bristles. Based on the manufacturer’s instruction, you may use a mild soap or detergent. Only use water if the material is sensitive. Warm water can be used in rinsing.
  • Also think of the storage area, which should be a dry and cool place. Make sure it’s a safe area so you can prevent any outdoor exposure that can harm the cover.


Some boat owners may find it difficult to ascertain the right style, size, and features suited to their watercraft. Reading this review leads you to an easy path of knowing the best winter boat covers. Don’t forget to know the type of boat that you have and its measurement. Always remember the importance of the appropriate fit so your boat is fully protected in winter.

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