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The Best Kayak Anchor Trolleys

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Positioning an anchor in a kayak is quite challenging especially for newbies. You won’t encounter this struggle if you have the best kayak anchor trolley. As a result, uncomplicated anchoring is enforced on the stern or the bow.

Be reminded that the water concentrates its force on the sides. That’s why the anchor should be placed on one end of the kayak. It’s not only easy to do it in the right section but also it prevents the vessel from tipping over. Avoid making mistakes like connecting the anchor to the seat as it will overturn the kayak.

best kayak anchor trolley

Another advantage when placing the anchor on the right section is the breezy deployment and retrieval. All the details in anchor management are way too easy if you have an anchor trolley.

Anchoring is not too demanding once you have an anchor trolley kit for kayak. Searching for this item won’t be a daunting task if you go over this review.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

H2o Kayak Anchor Trolley

+ Can stand the test of current
+ Sturdy parts for longevity
+ Can handle different kinds of anchor

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

YakAttack Kayak Anchor Trolley

+ Quick installation
+ Has clamp locks
+ Prevents hull slap

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Yak-Gear Anchor Trolley Kit

+ Heavy-duty, deluxe anchor trolley
+ Positions the kayak the way you want
+ Has all the necessary parts

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Top 10 Kayak Anchor Trolley Reviews

1. H2o Kayak Canoe Anchor Trolley Kit

A quality anchor trolley like this one doesn’t need to cost a lot. This kit has a lower price rather than buying individual parts. Not to mention that it has an awesome kayak anchor pulley system composed of sturdy parts. They seem to be made of stainless steel which is a sign of longevity.

Depending on your watercraft, you may not need to utilize everything in this anchor trolley kit. In my case, I only used the circle, pulley, carabiners, and rope. These are the things that my 10-foot pedal kayak needs. You may also find zig zag cleats, nylon pad eyes, snap hooks, mounting hardware, rivets, nuts, and screws in this kit.

I attached the carabiners to the small attachment points. Then the installation pulley and rope followed. Every step is easy peasy and I was able to skip drilling! I haven’t encountered any problem but my dad had once. He needed to get another set of rivets as the ones in this kit don’t match larger fittings.

The outcome of using this anchor trolley is uncomplicated switching of the anchor’s position. If not for this trolley, I won’t be so confident about anchoring. My kayak remains immovable once it’s seized by the anchor even if there’s current or wind. Adjustments are easily done on the bow and stern.

I usually use grapnel anchors and it’s not an issue. Fortunately, this anchor trolley system can handle stakeout poles, drift chutes, and any anchor. Thus, you can get any kayak anchor kit.

The pulley is simple but it works excellently. With its cleat lock, I can angle my kayak in any direction I like. This function serves well when one goes fishing as you can place yourself in an advantageous position.
  • Composed of sturdy parts for longevity
  • Drilling is not needed in some cases
  • Can stand the test of current and wind
  • Uncomplicated switching of positions and adjustments on bow and stern
  • Can handle different kinds of anchor (grapnel, stakeout, and drift chute)
  • The rivets provided in this kit may not be enough for large fittings
No matter what kind of anchor is in your kayak, you don’t have to hesitate to use this trolley. Anchoring can always be done in the right way.

2. YakAttack Kayak Anchor Trolley

This is an incredible kayak anchor trolley kit as it’s an outcome of great innovation. Thus, it stands out among other anchor trolley designs. Every part particularly serves its purpose well. I can’t help but be amazed at knowing how each of them functions marvelously.

The LeverLoc line clamp locks simply rock as it can be easily secured once you’ve aligned the kayak on the position you want. It’s achieved by simply flipping the switch motion. I was able to retain my kayak in the safe zone over 40-feet depth of water.

This lock has immensely helped me when I go fishing. It’s utilized to fasten the ring. Together with the hooked line, they prevent hull slap so you can silently go fishing and stalk your target.

Anchoring goes smoothly with the help of the YakAttack stealth kayak anchor pulley. Furthermore, the 35-foot, highly reflective paracord doesn’t tangle as there are hooked pad eyes. It won’t get in your way while in use.

Several YouTube videos can guide you through installation. It was no sweat as it only takes 15 minutes to assemble hardware pieces like two pieces of pad hooks, harken pulleys, an anchor ring, and a locking line clamp.

However, there’s a need to add silicone to the screws. The pulley is open at the back so you shouldn’t put a lot of it. It can stop water from trickling into the hull. The silicone can also ease the situation when the screws are over-tightened.

I like how I can keep it properly when not in use as it has trolley ring snaps located at the base. They can be knotted with ease so they can be securely tucked in before deploying the anchor.

  • Has clamp locks that secure the kayak’s position
  • Prevents hull slap to avoid creating noise while fishing
  • Paracord doesn’t tangle because of hooked pad eyes
  • Quick installation
  • Securely tucked in before deploying
  • Adding silicone on the screws
I never had a problem installing and using this YakAttack anchor trolley. It even makes fishing productive. Thus I highly recommend this anchor trolley for you.

3. Yak-Gear AK1 Deluxe Anchor Trolley Kit

Based on the product’s features and functions, it is the ideal one for me among the number of kayak anchor trolley systems. What made me love this product is its contribution to positioning the anchor. Bad angles when casting no longer annoy me. Moreover, I easily change the anchor point despite the movement from the water.

There are several exciting experiences I had with this trolley. The current on the river doesn’t stop me from going fishing. I can even maneuver the bow of my kayak to turn into the current smoothly. My kayak can go in the direction that I want any time. Fishing won’t be fun without this trolley.

I also like painting landscapes while I’m on my kayak. With this trolley’s wonderful ability to stabilize a vessel, I can concentrate on my piece. The mini zig zag cleat does the trick.

Two thumbs up to this anchor trolley kit as it has everything you need. I think the instruction manual is not enough to quicken the installation and make it right. Once you watch a Yak-Gear instructional video, you can follow the necessary steps like a pro!

There are some tools that you need for connecting the parts. You may use a silicone sealant but it’s not necessary at all. Just use the correct size drill bit to make the screws watertight. See to it that you don’t overdo it as too much tightness won’t do good.

I can describe it as a heavy-duty, deluxe anchor trolley. The Harken pulley and 30-foot rope show it all. I don’t have trouble handling them and with the cleat as well.
  • Works even with river current or water movement
  • Can easily change the anchor point
  • Positions the kayak the way you want it
  • Has all the necessary kayak anchor trolley parts
  • A heavy-duty, deluxe anchor trolley
  • Should watch the instructional video for the correct and quick installation
I like how this kit contains everything that I need. The effects that it brings are fantastic for my fishing needs and artistic side.

4. YYST Kayak Canoes Anchor Trolley Kit

A pack of this product offers the necessary parts so it’s no wonder that it can be a canoe anchor trolley system. I owe this kit a lot as I could make a lot of memories from my fishing adventures. A big applause to the craftsmanship of the person who devised this product.

This trolley can effortlessly adapt to the wind so I can stay in the same spot as long as I want. Of course, I choose the place where I can catch a lot of fish. I love how I can make adjustments when the wind changes. All it takes is by pulling the cord. Then I put concentration back to fishing. In this scenario, the line can remain in the water while my hands are off the paddle.

Various parts are found in this kit just like how a good anchor trolley kit should be. There are anchor cleats and pad eyes together with screws and nuts. Nylon rings are durable while the anchor pulleys are made of stainless steel. The braided trolley line is 30 feet long. You should know that it can stretch a lot so it needs re-tightening when wet.

The installation is a piece of cake for everyone even for first-timers. The instruction manual may not be necessary as it’s self-explanatory. Every necessary step is simple as you complete a good trolley system for kayaks, canoes, and other small watercraft.

I’ve also used it on my 14-foot aluminum boat. I went fishing over a little current and had a good time without being bothered by any movement.
  • Allows you to stay in the same spot
  • Can make adjustments despite changes on the wind
  • Contains necessary parts
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Suitable for kayaks, canoes, and other small watercraft
  • Re-tightening the trolley line when it gets wet
I don’t have to find another trolley for my various watercraft pieces as this one has proven its worth.

5. YakAttack Kayak Anchor Trolley

This anchor trolly is another one I want you to look at since its operation is quiet and no noise at all. Aside from the promise of eliminating noise during usage, there are a lot of good things that I like about this trolley.

This anchor trolley helps me with anchoring position all the time. The LeverLoc line clamp is awesome; a flip of a switch motion does wonder during anchoring. The trolley line is locked properly so it follows where you want to place your anchor.

When you don’t need to use the trolley, you just secure the anchor through the ring snaps located at the base of the LeverLoc. The pulley system is so smooth whether you deploy or secure the anchor. On the other hand, the PadHooks with HD options make way to easy and accurate control line placement.

I can attest that the parts make anchoring effortless. Even the most inexperienced kayakers would be able to understand how it works immediately. Furthermore, fishing with a kayak is much easier and more productive with this anchor trolley. I no longer worry even if a gust of wind comes along.

Instructions for installation are straightforward. It’s a piece of cake so I didn’t need any video guide. All I can talk about is the convenience that this anchor trolley brings and I’ve never had a negative experience from it.

You can have peace of mind in using this trolley as the parts are of good quality. I don’t see this as a complaint but I think the paracord is better to be in black shade. I can’t say that the fluorescent orange stripes are exactly for easy detection.
  • Quiet and no noise operation or usage
  • Secures the anchor well when not in use
  • Allows easy and accurate control line placement
  • Makes anchoring effortless even for inexperienced kayakers
  • Makes fishing easier and more productive
  • The paracord is better if it’s black for some users
Use this anchor trolley for no noise kayaking and even fishing. Trust its structure as it’s made of quality materials.

6. OceanMotion Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

As for me, kayaking gear made of stainless steel is reliable. This material is made to last and it’s present in this anchor trolley. Hence, the composition manifests its durability. It’s the main reason why I got this trolley kit which is complete with the needed parts.

I want to talk about the ultra-strong rope included in this set. It’s made of nylon with a reflective tracer for more visibility in low-light situations. Anchoring is not only easier but safer too as a result. Come to think of its 550 breaking strength. The hold and safety of your anchor are assured.

The paracord can also be used as a dock line as you can remove it from the ring. Then tie it on the dock cleat. It’s almost 25 feet long and you might cut it short based on your needs.

I don’t worry about rust and corrosion due to the presence of stainless steel. It’s a thing that you need when you mingle with water and sea as it’s durable to stand the test of time and usage.

There’s a need for a kayak anchor trolley install because of the flush-mount style pulley. Carabiner and pad eye are not necessary. Some holes should be drilled for this part. Therefore, you can attain a seamless look for your trolley while it unquestionably tightens the line.

Since the manufacturer is confident with this product, a one-year quality guarantee is offered. Installation is super easy as clear instructions are provided. After properly setting everything up, you’ll be able to place your kayak in the ideal position when fishing. You can do it despite any wind or current direction.

  • Ultra-strong nylon 25-foot paracord for easier and safer anchoring
  • The paracord can be used as a dock line too
  • Not prone to rust and corrosion
  • Flush-mount pulley for seamless look and tightening the line
  • Allows you to place your kayak in an ideal position when fishing
  • Working on the flush-mount pulley
Having a one-year quality guarantee and being unique among anchor systems for kayaks are the qualities that make this kit second to none.

7. Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit

Getting this anchor trolley kit is a good decision as it’s cost-effective. It also saves you time looking for other necessary parts as it has everything you need. This positive perspective may be clouded when the kit parts are not compatible with your kayak or vessel.

Hobie made a universal anchor trolley kit. It means you can buy it without worrying that it might not suit your craft. Somehow, you may not need some of the hardware. It would still work as an anchor trolley the way you want it to be.

There are different kayak models. That’s why some parts are not essential on a certain kayak or a boat. Sadly, this trolley is not suitable for inflatables. It’s the only reason why this kit may not be attractive for some who only have inflatables.

Installation is easy peasy with instructions provided in the package. It’s straightforward so guidance may not be necessary at all. I only spent 10 minutes putting all the parts together.

Some users use some parts of this kit like the anchor line to replace the one from other brands or anchor kits. It’s proof of how reliable the line is.

I installed the trolley on the right side but it’s fine if you have it on the left. Since I started using this trolley, I don’t have to fear current and wind to bother me while fishing. I can easily maintain my position despite the outdoor elements.
  • A universal anchor trolley kit for any vessel
  • Easy peasy installation that can only take 10 minutes
  • The anchor line can replace the one from other anchor kits
  • Easily maintains position even though with the interference of current and wind
  • Helpful during fishing
  • Not suitable for inflatables
Don’t be reluctant to choose this anchor trolley kit as it fits every vessel. There’s no doubt that this trolley is all about quality.

8. YYST Kayak Canoe Anchor Trolley Kit

This anchor trolley system works as advertised so I can say that it’s one of a kind. It works well with my Caper Ocean kayak and Moken 12.5 kayak. Therefore, I can say that it’s worth my money. You can even tell that it’s a quality product just by its appearance.

Screws, nuts, and rivets are all made of stainless steel which is known as durable material. The rest of the parts are reliable too. It’s best to use a rivet gun to place the rivets on the vessel properly. The pulley system is wonderful as it doesn’t fail to serve its purpose. I just added a carabiner to make it removable.

Smooth sailing moments with my kayak and this anchor trolley make me feel relaxed. I can face any direction as it’s trouble-free to position myself and the kayak perfectly. I can either place the anchor on the left or the right side. Changing my anchor’ setting is simple just as making adjustments when there’s a change of current or wind.

Attachment hardware that is properly installed prevents leakage. It’s just amazing as I don’t want to be pestered by it. Installation is not challenging as an instruction guide is available. You would only need to spend some time buying an anchor rope as it’s not included.

I bought a bungee rope for it as I’m sure that it’s not stretchy. You may also opt for a paracord. Getting the line that you like is better as you are particular with the strength of what you pick. It’s also good that you can procure the needed length for your kayak.
  • Parts are made of stainless steel, a durable material
  • Has a wonderful pulley system that doesn’t fail to work
  • Trouble-free positioning of the kayak or vessel
  • Adjustments can be done despite the wind and current changes
  • Has attachment hardware that prevents leakage
  • Buying the anchor line separately
This anchor trolley works on stabilizing my kayak even with the wind and current. Positioning and adjustments are not so hard to do because of it.

9. Vibe Kayaks Anchor Trolley

It’s great to have an anchor and a trolley in just a single purchase. I was able to obtain an excellent anchor set-up from this kit. The trolley is also outstanding in supporting the anchor to allow you to be in the position you want. I can stay in a certain place without being bothered by outdoor elements.

Even if there’s wind and sudden water current, I still adjust my position through its nylon pulley system. There’s a mini zig zag cleat where you can secure the rope. This part can help you in finding the place that you want to take a break or dock.

When I go fishing, I depend on this anchor and trolley. I don’t feel conscious about the stability of my kayak. Complete concentration is given to the activity as the vessel doesn’t move. What makes me love this product more is the smooth turn of the bow to the current.

Both the anchor and the trolley have several components. It’s not something to worry about as you can put them all in a nice storage bag. To start with a specific description, the anchor has flukes. It’s called a grapnel anchor that is ideal for kayaks and any bottom condition. It holds pretty well even on a muddy surface.

The anchor also comes with a 30-feet or rope and a marker buoy. Installation of the anchor trolley is not complicated. Just follow the instructions that are included in the package. Screws should fit some holes. Drilling throughout may not be essential as pilot holes will do. Then manually tighten the screws to avoid water leak issues.
  • Anchor and anchor trolley in one set
  • Can be in the desired position despite the water and wind interference
  • Makes kayaks and other vessels stable
  • Allows you to turn the bow to the current smoothly
  • All parts can be kept in the same storage bag
  • Only pilot holes should be made on the hull to avoid water leak issues
Convenience is what I love the most about this product. Moreover, function and efficacy are not compromised as well.

10. Redneck Convent Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

I love how I can easily make my anchor move back and forth because of this trolley. The parts and the design are amazing. A rotating cylinder causes quick and smooth action for flexibility and uncomplicated change of direction. Angling your kayak or boat in different directions is a breeze due to the zigzag kayak cleat lock.

The trolley line is removable so you can use it as a dock line. Tie it up on the right section for docking and it secures your kayak and other water vessels in place. This is the job done by the awesome adjustable anchoring points. You can do it in all types of water.

Although there’s a sudden change in wind and current, I can have a smooth transition while my kayak remains stable. The 32-foot braided nylon trolley line is great too. It has 550-lb breaking strength which means durability despite continuous use. Whether you’re fishing or docking, it works well.

You can find some parts in this kit are a mini zig zag cleat, snap hooks, pulley blocks, O-ring, pad eye surface mounts, and mounting hardware. Although it seems there’s many installation steps because of the several parts, they’re easy to execute.

Screws and rivets are provided. However, some vessels require longer rivets. So you may need some time to get the right ones in the hardware. I used the ones that are in the kit and they’re fine on my kayak. Every part is built to last long, especially the hardware that is made of stainless steel. You can depend on its resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • The trolley can be a dock line
  • Adjustable anchoring points to adjust all vessels place in any type of water
  • A smooth transition can be done despite changes in wind and current
  • Durable despite continuous use
  • Stainless hardware is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The rivets in this kit may not be long enough for some vessels
The parts of this anchor trolley kit are made for maximum strength and durability. It’s fantastic how you can use it in any vessel and all types of water.

Buyer’s Guide


You may be outdated if you’re still using a kayak anchor without a trolley kit along with it. If you thought about buying a trolley at this point, don’t just purchase one without discretion. Know the important factors to get a product that can cater to your needs. Check these factors before spending on an anchor trolley:


An incredible anchor trolley is compatible with a lot of kayak anchor systems. Otherwise, you will have trouble when you try to use them together. The trolley should be suitable for the anchor and kayak. If it doesn’t work out, you may need to put more effort into kayak anchor trolley DIY though.

To avoid buying the wrong trolley, you can refer to some reviews and research. It’s also helpful to ask around the community. Experienced users are reliable sources.

Cleat for Anchor Tie Off

The tie-off cleat is usually included in an anchor trolley kit. It’s the part that allows you to tie the anchor rope when docking your kayak or any water vessel. See to it that you have the appropriate cleat to ensure a wonderful kayaking experience.

Tie-off cleats are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes. You will find cleats made of galvanized steel in most trolley kits as it’s a material that promises durability. It can resist corrosion for longevity.

If you’re willing to spend more, you can instead purchase a marine grade and weather-resistant cleat. It will give you peace of mind in return as you know that your kayak is properly anchored and docked.

Pulley System

Having a pulley system enables you to change the anchor’s position from the stern to the bow and vice versa. With this function, there’s no need to disembark the vessel. People who are on a tight budget can settle with a plastic pulley system.

Paying extra for sturdier material is another thing that you can do. There are metal or stainless steel variants that assure durability. You will be able to switch your anchor whenever you want or need to smoothly.

Ropes on Anchor Trolley

They are also termed paracords and the length is usually from 25 feet to 35 feet. Another side that you have to check is the material of the rope. The reliable one shouldn’t be frayed in just a few uses. If it does, it’s good to have some spare with you in case it snaps.

Easy Installation

With so many parts, it seems that the anchor trolley is difficult to install. Manufacturers are aware of this concern. They made products that won’t give users a hard time. Thus, you can find a kit that is easy to install.

To make things easier for the user, a detailed instruction manual is provided. If there’s no guide, you’ll have to figure it out yourself. It’s a challenge that some users may find difficult. You may also watch some videos to learn about the procedures in setting up a certain trolley.

The level of expertise matters in installation as well. An inexperienced user naturally needs a guide. You alone can tell if you can handle the installation without any instruction.

Read the product description to find out if there’s an instructional manual provided. It’s an essential step if you don’t have much knowledge.

A Complete Kit

A complete anchor trolley kit is more attractive to buyers. Some don’t have all the necessary accessories and you may need to have a separate purchase for missing items. If you want to save time and money, you’d better check all the components before buying the kit.


Price is the concern of most buyers. It has a big part in the decision-making of what to purchase. There’s an array of affordable kayak anchor trolleys. Be mindful that your budget is not the sole basis for choosing the right trolley. Quality is something that you have to value the most.

It’s safe to choose a reasonably priced kit that will serve you well along the way. You may find ones at a low price that works much better than the expensive brands. Paying more doesn’t ensure quality at all times. Once you weigh things with these pieces of advice, you will be able to buy a worthwhile anchor trolley.

Care and Maintenance


You can ensure that your anchor trolley is giving its optimal performance in several ways. Take care of it and observe maintenance just like the following steps:

When you’ve seen that the rope has started to fray, replace it right away. Bear in mind that loose threads can cause bigger issues.

In the case of loose screws, you have to apply waterproof silicone sealant.

You have to protect the anchor trolley from UV rays. Sunlight makes wear and tear happen. Store or cover the trolley right after use as a precaution.

Don’t allow debris to cling to your trolley while the kayak is docked. Seaweed and saltwater can destroy the structural integrity of the trolley’s components.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the most favorite kayak anchor trolley?

Take note of YakAttack, H20, YakGear, YYST, Vibe, Oceanmotion, Redneck Convent, and Hobie as they make the best kayak anchor trolley. They just have some different features but they all keep your kayak in place and allow you to change position while on board.

Some features in a certain trolley are more suitable to your needs and your kayak. Better know each of them as they are all trustworthy. You will surely find the one that works best for you.

Yakattack had humble beginnings and it persevered to establish a bigger institution. It sells kayaking gear from the very beginning until its popularity becomes immense. H20 is also a trustworthy brand as it never fails to produce high-quality products.

YakGear prides itself on creating top-notch products and you will understand why once you use them. YYST is on the same track as it ensures that its products serve the buyers well.

Vibe is also known as one of the trusted companies in producing kayaking gear like anchor trolleys. OceanMotion is committed to making products that are tough and heavy-duty. The anchor trolley from Redneck Convent won’t disappoint you as it functions based on your needs.

Hobie is the last on the list but not the least. Buyers are impressed by its consistency in creating quality water products since 1950. Only a reliable company that practices consistency on quality lasts for years.

How do you anchor a trolley on a kayak?

Some may think that anchoring with a trolley is a lot of work. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to do it. Generally, you only need the line to the side where you placed the anchor. The rope goes through the cleat. After you execute this step, you can attach the anchor.

What side does the anchor trolley go on?

The answer to this question depends on your preference. You’re free to decide in this situation as you know which side is convenient and comfortable for you. It’s so basic, right?

The ‘ideal’ side is based on whether you are a right-handed or left-handed person. Not going against your will is a way to gain a wonderful kayaking experience.

Do I need an anchor trolley?

Yes, using an anchor trolley is a kayaking need as it allows you to have a relevant, sustainable, and comfortable position in your kayak. Expect it to happen if you choose to go sailing in ideal weather and environment. However, there are several reasons for you not to think twice about adding an anchor trolley system.

Having a trolley means you don’t have to deal with multiple cleats. An anchor trolley kit comes with a cleat that you can put on a favorable spot. Without it, you need to add more cleats for the sake of stability. Nonetheless, a single, reliable cleat is capable of doing the same thing.

Most anchor trolleys work with any anchor. They allow the user to have any position despite the changes in the wind and current. Adjustments for your safety can be done even if there are opposite forces.

How to set up and use?

A manual or an instructional video can help you set up the anchor trolley. But here are some of the steps that are usually done:

  1. To get started, you have to prepare the necessary tools like a head screwdriver, waterproof silicone, and drill that has appropriate bits.
  2. The next thing you have to pay attention to is locating the place where you’ll place the trolley. It should be above the waterline and 10 inches away from the bow or the front of the kayak. After determining the right area, mark it so you won’t lose sight.
  3. Put a small amount of the silicone sealant into the hole of the pulley. Lightly place the screw in the hole.
  4. You can try rotating the pulley using the first-ever screw that you added. Then you can drill another hole.
  5. Repeat what you did in number 3 for the second hole.
  6. Steps 2 and 4 should be done on the rear part of the kayak as well.
  7. Find the convenient place on your kayak for the mounting of cleat or lever lock. You may drill some holes then add silicone again.
  8. Ensure that the cordage is threaded through the pulley’s top section. Tie the cord’s end with the help of an overhand knot to put it on a ring.
  9. Apply force when tightly pulling the cord’s other end. Another overhand knot can lock it in the right place.
  10. At this point, you can add the pad eye on the kayak’s front and rear. Subsequently, you have to split the gap between the two pulleys.
  11. Double check every part and make sure that you can properly lock the anchor with the cleat.

As for the anchor trolley usage, you can slide the rope through the eyelets to transfer the anchor in any place. You can make it tighter when the wind blows. When you’re fishing, a trolley will help you restore the original position of the anchor. To reach a different spot, you only need to pull back the anchor.

What is the most appropriate rope for a kayak anchor trolley?

The rope included in a trolley kit has a length ranging from 25 feet to 35 feet. Paracord is another term for this part. Some ropes have a tracer which is useful in low light conditions. It’s also wise to check the material of the rope.

Can I use an anchor trolley in any waterway?

It’s not advisable to use an anchor in a swift river current. Doing so will expose you to danger as your kayak might flip. However, there are anchors designed for river fishing. You may choose them if you want to.

Fishing with your kayak in a lake during windy days is possible. The best thing that you can do is to use a removable rope. Even though most fishing kayaks or anglers tend to remain in one spot, they are disturbed by the wind too. That’s why an anchor trolley system is made for such circumstances to lessen the stress when you go fishing with your kayak.

Where to buy a kayak anchor trolley?

A kayak anchor trolley kit can be everywhere whether online or offline. Weigh some things before you come up with your final decision. A knowledgeable salesperson can help you with the purchase when you go to physical stores or shops.

You can also research on your own as you don’t always meet a well-versed salesperson. That’s why some buyers would go online to buy an anchor trolley. As long as you visit a reputable website, you can gather reliable information that would make a difference to your decision.

Shopping online saves you time and effort. You are able to easily get the information that you need through comments and forums. The product description of any product is accessible on the internet too. So you would know the background and features of every anchor trolley.

There are freebies and promos given by online shops. The shipping fee is sometimes free. Thus, all you need to do is click, check out, and wait for the item to be delivered to your doorstep.


Kayaking and fishing are more enjoyable and safer if you have the best kayak anchor trolley. There’s no need for you to get off the kayak whenever you need to change position. Changes on wind and current won’t bother you as it keeps your vessel in place. Anchoring is way better because of these benefits.

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