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The Best Teak Oils for Boats

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Teak wood is not something to be taken for granted as it is a significant part of the boat. Appropriate care and maintenance should be practiced by boat owners. Knowing about the best teak oil for boats is essential.

best teak oil for boats

Some may overlook the significance of teak oil. But you shouldn’t dismiss the fact that this substance protects the valuable wood on your boat. Remember that this material is originally from trees, which are living things, so special attention is needed.

By applying the ideal teak oil, you can make the natural beauty of the wood more apparent and enhanced. Color and grain are improved as well. Many brands can help you do it. You can choose from the following products the one that suits your needs and preference.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Star Brite Teak Oil

+ Gives wood a natural look 
+ Protects teak wood and fine woods
+ Quick-drying, blocks mold

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

TotalBoat Teak Oil

+ Gives a natural golden finish
+ Acts as a wood preserver
+ Easy application and quick dry

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<strong>Top 3</strong>


+ Formulated for dense exotic woods
+ Resistant to UV
+ Application is a breeze

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Top 12 Teak Oil for Boat Reviews

1. Star Brite Premium Golden Teak Oil

This oil for teak wood stands out in doing its job of giving a natural look to the wood. I love how it enhances the color and grain. The warm golden color it brings is fantastic. Aside from its effects on the appearance, many features tell you that it’s dependable.

Tung oil polymer is its main component. It’s a substance that can protect teak wood and some fine woods as well. It infiltrates into the wood to make it resistant to the sun, bad weather conditions and fading. The formula is made ultra-refined so the effects are long-lasting.

With its durability, I didn’t think twice before buying it. The product description is right when it says that it’s ideal for boats. I would normally go sailing with my boat all summer long. Thus, I like how it prolongs the life span of the teak wood while blocking molds and mildew.

The result of this boat teak oil is not the only thing that sets this product apart from other brands. The ease and safety of use are simply awesome. Sanding is needed before application. It’s just normal as you have to get rid of dirt and other unwanted bits.

In my case, I used 80-120-200 sanding paper so I could remove the worn out surface and applied doubled coats. Drying only takes an hour which is fairly quick.

I just used a rag to apply the oil. If you follow what I did, you have to dispose of the rag carefully as the substance is flammable just like the linseed oil on teak. It’s best to use protective gear during application. On the other hand, I like its affordable pricing despite how excellent it is in many ways.
  • Gives wood a natural look and warm golden hue
  • Protects teak wood and fine woods
  • Resistant to the sun, weathering, and fading
  • Has ultra-refined formula for a long-lasting effect
  • Affordable, easy and safe to use
  • Quick-drying, blocks mold and mildew
  • Rag with oil needs to be disposed of with care
  • Using protective gear during application is recommended
I’m satisfied with the star brite premium golden teak oil because it can give the looks that I like to the teak wood and a long-lasting effect. All in all, I think it’s a great product.

2. TotalBoat Teak Oil

It’s the top-rated marine teak oil for me as it can take care of the teak wood well. You can only expect wonderful results from this premium-grade marine formula.

Teak wood can turn from a golden hue to gray when it is exposed to sunlight, oxidation, and moisture. Regarding this issue, this product penetrates the wood to prevent the damages that these things cause.

Since it has a great ability in protecting wood, it can also preserve any indoor and outdoor furniture set. Of course, the golden finish that it leaves is applicable on boat teak. It can be applied to almost everything made of wood like chairs, picnic tables, teak pools, shower seats, and decks.

The natural golden shade that this teak oil spreads on the wood is not only about appearance. It also acts as a wood preserver aside from the protection coming from it. This premium teak wood oil can take care of tropical and oily hardwoods like acacia, mahogany, and ipe.

I applied it on my boat’s deck but it will be fine on the molding, hatches, swim platforms, and steps. The finish of this oil is very good, and the application is easily done by just wiping it. You may use a brush or cloth. Another bonus is that it dries quickly.

Allow the oil to penetrate for around 20 to 30 minutes. Then you can wipe the excess oil after the allotted time. It also works on seriously weathered wood but you need to have more coatings. Give it 8 to 12 hours between coatings.

This teak oil works like magic. The only flaw that I can say is that a red, bright warning label should be added. The one that is added to the can is a bit small so it won’t be seen right away. Keep in mind to dispose of rags or clean the brush well after use as it’s flammable.
  • A premium grade marine teak oil
  • Gives a natural golden finish
  • Can be used on almost everything wood, including furniture
  • Acts as a wood preserver
  • Easy application and quick dry
  • Can fix seriously weathered wood
  • The warning label should have been bright
Whether you need to enhance new wood or one that’s deteriorated, this teak oil will help you fix the surface.

3. Rust-Oleum Watco A67141 Teak Oil

I checked the Watco teak oil review and this one has the features that can enhance teak wood. It even made the furniture at home look great for more than a decade. I wasn’t surprised to discover that it’s formulated for the protection of dense woods like mahogany and rosewood because of its effects.

Its efficacy applies to both interior and exterior wooden parts, even the exotic types. It even gets into the wood to prevent chipping, peeling, and wearing out. The finish that appears hand-rubbed, rich, and glowing can provide a lot of benefits.

You can also use it as a refinishing boat teak. I first discovered it when I used it on my ski boat. I was surprised at how sleek and new it became. The same outcome was seen on the wood teak parts of my chair.

This Watco teak oil is a marine solution for teak wood above the waterline. Thus, it can resist moisture which can cause mildew. The UV protection is outstanding as well. Every boat owner will no longer be worried whenever sailing on a hot day and even when it’s rainy.

Application is a breeze as you have the option to wipe or just simply use a brush. It’s straightforward and there’s no need for a lengthy procedure. Sanding may be unnecessary in some situations. Drying doesn’t take a lot of time too as you’re ready to go in a matter of 24 hours.

What you need to prepare is some protective gear before application. You shouldn’t brush off the fact that there are harmful ingredients in it. Anyway, seeing yourself protected from harm is an instinct.
  • Formulated for dense and exotic woods, interior or exterior
  • Natural, glowing, and hand-rubbed finish that prevents chipping, peeling
  • Resistant to UV, moisture and mildew
  • Can be used for refinishing
  • Application is a breeze
  • Drying doesn’t take a lot of time
  • Making sure you have protective gear before applying the oil
Use it on dense wood and to refinish teak wood and you won’t be disappointed as you will accomplish what you like to happen.

4. STAR BRITE Teak Oil

What I like the most about this teak oil sealer or preserver is its provision of long-lasting protection. I think using this formula is like giving your wood teak a rejuvenation. Hence, I can maintain the new look and appeal of the boat’s wooden parts.

I’m one of the users who believe in the credibility of STAR BRITE and this product didn’t disappoint me. Most of the furniture set at home is made of teak wood and I use this formula to take care of them. I decided to let my husband use it on his boat too. We couldn’t be any happier with the result!

The natural color and grain of every wood that this teak oil touches are enhanced. It thus results in a brand new look. It’s like I have new pieces of furniture while my husband gets compliments on how good-looking his boat is. He can attest that it does well at restoring teak wood on a boat.

It seals and protects at the same time. When the wood absorbs the oil, it seems like it’s so thirsty. Kidding aside, it simply shows that it does what it promises. Due to the ultraviolet absorbers, it can withstand weathering. It’s formulated for teak and fine woods.

Cloth or brush is what you need for the application of this teak oil. The manufacturer recommends using their cleaner when the surface is weathered or dirty. Start application of the oil when the surface is dry and follow the direction of the grain.

You have to wear some protective clothing when you apply it, just like with all teak oils. The second coating can be done if it’s necessary. Once you see a sign of weathering, you should do the finishing job with this product.
  • Seals and provides long-lasting protection
  • Enhances the natural color and grain of the wood
  • Has ultraviolet absorbers to counter weathering
  • For teak and fine woods
  • Protective clothing needed
  • Cleaner should be used on the dirty and weathered surface before application
I’m no longer worried about weathered wooden parts as this product is my backup.

5. TotalBoat Danish Teak Sealer

Since a boat or a water vessel is always exposed to water, it’s unavoidable that the deck can get wet. Wetness and moisture can make mildew grow. With this concern of mine, this teak sealer is the solution.

I switched to this Danish oil finish from the usual teak oil. I like how it repels water so no slippery surface will develop. This feature protects decks, cockpits, swim platforms, grab rails, handrails, and other wooden parts.

I also use it for my furniture pieces that are located outdoors. They are freed from fading and rotting even though they often experience weather changes. It happens as the finish from this sealer is simply amazing. You may apply it on your chairs, benches, tables, patio decks, and more.

The formula of this teak sealer is best suited for hardwoods like walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak, sapele, and ipe. It captures and enhances the beauty and the grain of these oily woods. I marvel at how it maintains the natural golden shade of the wood and prevents it from turning gray.

The application would either require a clean rag or a foam brush. You have to allow the liquid to sit and be absorbed for about 20 to 30 minutes. When there’s an excess amount, wipe it with a rag. The drying time is 8 to 12 hours.

If you need a second coating, scuffing the surface with an abrasive pad is necessary. Go in the direction of the grain when applying this marine teak sealer. Once it’s completely done, you can clean it with mineral spirits. The needed steps are so easy.

When the wood has turned gray, you have to clean it first before applying. The recommended amount for the first coating is 200 to 250 square ft per gallon. On the second coating, it should be 300 to 400 square ft per gallon.
  • Repels water so no slippery surface
  • Can be used for outdoor furniture and hardwoods
  • Combats fading and rotting
  • Enhances the natural beauty and grain of the wood
  • Easy to use
  • Scuffing the surface with an abrasive pad before the second coating
  • Grey wood needs to be cleaned before application
This Danish sealer is so good at enhancing the looks of the wood while protecting and maintaining its appearance. It is also considered the right teak oil for outdoor furniture.

6. Bare Decor Premium Golden Teak Oil

When I started restoring old boats, this was the second product that I tried. I marveled at the result of the first try. Who wouldn’t as it gives life to old wooden pieces? I felt lucky that I didn’t have to dig and try every kind of oil before getting the best one and I’m referring to this product.

This premium teak oil has an ultra-refined formulation that gives the wood a natural golden hue. It’s derived from high molecular weight polymers. Brown and white options are available to suit everyone’s preference. You can gain the same result and that’s making the natural color and grain glow up.

When you apply it over a wooden area, it penetrates deep into the surface. Once it’s dried and established, there’s protection against the sun and harsh weather. Therefore, you’ll have peace of mind that the wood can survive the test of time and exposure to outdoor elements.

Aside from boats and other vessels, it can also protect things at home like furniture. Twice a year application is recommended. It’s best to administer right away once you see weathering conditions. But you have to clean it first then let it dry to start applying the teak oil.

You can use a brush, clean cloth, or sponge to apply this oil. It’s best to follow the direction of the grain and overlap for full coverage and uniformity. Excess oil can be removed after 5 minutes. When the surface is very porous, a second coating is essential.
  • Can restore old boats or wooden surfaces, including furniture
  • Has an ultra-refined formula with polymers
  • Brown and light color options
  • Enhances natural color and grain
  • Protects against harsh elements
  • For weathered woods, it’s necessary to clean and dry before application
  • The second coating is essential for very porous surfaces
Restoration and enhancing of wooden surfaces are done excellently by this product. See for yourself and you won’t regret it.

7. Minwax 671004444 Teak Oil

Among the marine teak finishes, I like how this teak oil gives a slightly brown appeal to the wood. If you have a similar shade preference with me then this is the product that you’re looking for.

Due to its ability to penetrate the wood’s pores, it makes the grains look better. The effect is not just for the looks of the surface but it’s reliable in providing protection as well. Even dense woods can be shielded from UV rays and moisture which may damage some parts of your boat.

With the protection it provides, it works on wooden things situated above the waterline. It’s also useful for furniture located indoors and outdoors. If you’re planning to use some wood inside your household and you worry about rusting from metals, then go for it and get protection from this teak oil.

It brings out a darker shade and you can also expect restoration of the naturally warm and richness of wood from its finish. When you need to bring back the glow of the aged wood, get ready to administer this teak oil.

I used a small brush for the easy application of this substance. Then I wiped the excess using a rag. There are some measures that you should know. Applying shouldn’t be done under direct sunlight. When it’s humid, you have to prolong the drying time for four hours.

No residue is left on the surface. You may start with a thin coating then apply it multiple times for a desirable result. If you find the golden look not appealing anymore, it’s time to switch to this product to have a bit of brown.
  • Works on dense wood
  • Shields the wood from UV rays and moisture
  • Used for boats and for outdoor furniture
  • Teak oil for indoor furniture
  • Restores the richness and natural warmth of the wood with a brown color
  • Easy application with no residue
  • Applying shouldn’t be done under sunlight
  • Drying time is longer when it’s humid
I like the slightly brown effect of the finish as well as the protection from the sun and moisture.

8. Star Brite Premium Teak Care Kit

Getting this kit will give you so much convenience. All you have to worry about is applying it as it has everything you need. The kit includes a teak cleaner, a teak brightener, and of course, Star Brite premium teak oil. See? You don’t have to look for the necessary things once you have the kit.

I love the teak cleaner as you don’t have to put much effort into removing mildew stains and signs of weathering. No hard scrubbing or rubbing is needed just to clean an aged wood.

You don’t have to sort out the effectiveness of the cleaner with some neutralizers or chemicals. But when the flaws are too deep-seated, you may need to get rid of every speck with a power washer.

In terms of the brightener, enhancement of wood’s natural color and grain is its objective. Clean the wooden parts with water first before applying. Simple steps of wiping and rinsing are what you need to do. All it takes is five minutes of your time to make something look brand new.

You will be impressed with the premium teak oil. It deeply penetrates the wood to deliver long-lasting protection. It is suitable for boats and other water vessels as it has ultraviolet inhibitors. You don’t have to worry that intense sunlight may damage the wooden sections of your boat anymore.

You may have multiple coatings as it depends on the need of the wood and your preference. Once you start using StarBrite teak oil, you can just have the application periodically. All fine woods can benefit from it as it restores and maintains their natural beauty.
  • Includes a cleaner, brightener, and premium teak oil
  • No need for scrubbing, neutralizers or other chemicals when using the cleaner
  • Brightener can deliver the effect in just 5 minutes
  • Teak oil with UV inhibitors provides long-lasting protection
  • Great for fine wood
  • Restores and maintains the wood’s natural beauty
  • Need to use a power washer when getting rid of deep-seated dirt
It’s not only the convenience of the kit that I like a lot but also its way of maintaining the natural beauty of the wooden sections of my boat.

9. AquaTeak Premium Teak Oil

I do approve of the formulation of this teak oil as it’s natural and eco-friendly. It’s also effective on all fine woods when it comes to enhancing the color and grain of the wood. The results are satisfactory when it comes to improving the wood’s appearance.

The amazing effects are also relevant to restoring weathered teak wood. However, the surface should be cleaned first. Once the blemishes are gone, it’s the right time to allow this substance to work. You will see the different effects of teak oil before and after based on the visuals of the wood.

Aside from the wooden sections of your boat, interior and exterior furniture made of teak wood can benefit from the wonderful finish of this oil. To establish maximum protection, it is quite efficient in penetrating the wood. So drying and weathering will be non-existent.

To obtain a wooden surface that has a deep, rich glow, the procedure is so easy. There are no complicated steps and I like how this teak oil is not too greasy. I used a microfiber cloth to smooth out the substance on the surface. It’s just light and it doesn’t change the natural color of the wood.

Make sure that you work with it in a ventilated area as there’s a strong smell from it. Two coatings were applied on my table that had dried out because of the humidity.

You only need to use it once a year to achieve the looks and get the needed protection from outdoor factors. There should be no worries about the possibility of graying. Using this ultra-refined, premium oil is the best way to maintain teak wood in my boat.
  • Has a natural and eco-friendly formula
  • Effective on all fine woods, boats and furniture
  • Combats drying and weathering
  • Not too greasy, easy application
  • Doesn’t change the color of the wood
  • An ultra-refined, premium oil
  • Weathered teak should be cleaned before oil is used
  • Has a strong smell when being applied
I let this teak oil take care of the wood teak sections in my boat. Therefore, I don’t need to deal with damages and issues.

10. Amazon’s GTO-125 Golden Teak Oil

I found out about this product when I bought antique teak carvings that came from India. I picked it among the ones listed on the teak oil reviews. The main reason is its environmentally safe formula which is great when dealing with wood.

I washed the carvings meticulously first before applying the teak oil. I spent a couple of weeks drying coating after coating. Yes, it takes some time but the amazing result is all worth it.

It leaves the wood its natural look and adds enhancement by letting it gain back the shine that it lost. Application is done easily and coatings can be done more than once. It’s all up to your judgment regarding the number of coatings that you need.

I overlooked the marine formulation tag and it took some time before I used it on my boat. I wish I could have done it earlier. The warm golden color that it brings can make cracking and drying disappear. These markings are usually seen on aged wood.

It has a penetrating ability too so it can be a teak sealer for boats too. I know that it surrounds the wood fibers to form protection. It’s for the wood to keep its integrity and block moisture that can cause damage. The oil would prevent it from looking dry even in the long run.

The eco-friendly and biodegradable formula is composed of the finest oils. It’s great as it is non-flammable, which makes it safer to use than the other brands. I just recently found out that it has been the boaters’ choice since 1978. I no longer wonder why it does an excellent job in sealing and protecting teak wood.
  • Environmentally friendly, non-flammable, biodegradable marine formula
  • The application can be done easily
  • Gives warm golden color and blocks moisture
  • Cracking and drying are gone
  • Can revive the looks of aged wood
  • Composed of the finest oils
  • Takes some time to dry
What makes this product stand out from the rest is its assurance of safe usage.

11. DALY’s Wood Finishing Products Teak Oil

The product description of this teak oil doesn’t lie. I’ve proven it after usage and when I saw the results. It contains a high-quality formula that penetrates the wood for sealing and protection. A low sheen is the covering that it makes.

Using this oil will allow you to eliminate peel, blister, crack, and chip. It assures you that the teak wood will be maintained well. So you don’t have to spend time sanding, scraping, and refinishing. It can also be applied as an intermittent coating to cover up the varnished surface.

Since it can fix marred or worn out areas, you can rely on it in prolonging the wood’s life. It creates a non-slip surface that combats wearing and repels water. I have it on my wooden deck but you can also apply it on the brightwork, hatch cover, and hardwood rail.

It’s also an effective oil for outdoor teak wood furniture. The same thing will also happen when you use it for indoor items. Thus, many people apply it to their bathroom or kitchen cabinets, or other woodwork.

A gallon is sufficient for 200 to 400 square feet but it will depend on the texture of the surface. It will be dry to the touch in 4 to 6 hours. However, you need to wait overnight for another coating. The waiting period has to be extended to 24 to 36 hours when the area has high humidity and moist condition.

It’s fine with me that I have to spend more time to achieve the desired result. It pays off as it revives the color of my boat deck and keeps it protected. I didn’t experience any hardship during the application as I only needed to be patient as it consumed a lot of time.
  • Has a high-quality formula for sealing and wood protection
  • For teak wood maintenance, reduces time for sanding, scraping, refinishing
  • Can be a cover-up for varnished surface
  • Creates non-slip surface that repels water
  • Great for boat parts made of wood
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor furniture
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor furniture
Needs to wait for a long time before recoating, especially when humidity is high

12. Furniture Clinic Garden Restoration Kit

Numerous kits promise to help you refurbish wooden furniture. I want to get the best one for enhancing the teak wood deck and cabin in my boat. I’m glad that I didn’t forget about this restoration kit which I used a few years ago on my patio.

Then, I bought an old boat so I had to do some work to make it look presentable. I love how this kit has everything you need. It has a cleaner, brightener, and teak oil.

The first step is administering the cleaner. I made it work by learning some techniques to avoid misinterpreting how it brings out the result. You have to add bleach and water and use a ball of wire wool in cleaning worn-out wooden surfaces. Dirt came off instantly as you scrub.

After scrubbing, wipe the dirt and bits with a lint-free, clean cloth. Rinse the area with water. to completely get rid of the cleaner.

I applied the brightener after cleaning the surface. The purpose of this substance is to improve the wood’s natural color. Shake it first before you mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio. Don’t forget to wear safety gloves when handling it.

Follow the grain direction when applying the brightener. Let it sit for a few minutes then you can rinse it off. Brightener is not required to be used all the time. Only weathered wooden surfaces would demand it.

The last part is applying teak oil. Just like with the brightener, you have to follow where the grain goes. Lint-free cloth is the best thing to use for the application. Once done, you can leave it for a few minutes then wipe the excess oil. Four to six hours of drying time is required for the wood to absorb the oil.
  • Has everything you need in refurbishing teak wood
  • The cleaner makes dirt comes off instantly
  • The brightener improves the wood’s natural color
  • Transforms weathered wood into a new one
  • Wood absorbs the teak oil well
  • Need to add bleach and water to the cleaner and use wire wool for best results
  • Safety gloves when using brightener
Since everything I need is in this kit and I like the result a lot, I will use it every time I need to revive the dry, old look of wooden surfaces.

What is Teak Oil for Boats and How Does It Work


Teak oil for boats is not only exclusive to water vessels but usable with everything with teak wood, fine wood, or hardwood. It’s great for interior and exterior use as well. The usual components of teak oil are linseed oil, tung oil, soya oil, mineral spirits, and varnish.

When dealing with dense wood like mahogany, cherry, walnut, snakewood, rosewood, and oak, teak oil is the best choice. This substance delivers a warm glow and radiant sheen but still maintains the natural color of the wood.

Teak oil is known for its magnificent provision of ultraviolet protection. It’s the primary reason why it’s best for marine use. You may also utilize it for outdoor or garden furniture.

Excellent teak oil should be absorbable by the wood. This paves the way to its efficacy in providing protection and the ability to improve the wood’s appearance. Aside from UV rays, it protects wood from moisture and water. Thus, longevity is ensured.

You don’t have to worry about teak wood turning gray or getting damaged because of teak oil. Before drying, you have to see to it that you wipe away the excess oil. Furthermore, it’s essential to give time before you apply the next coating.

Types of Marine Teak Oils

The various types of marine teak oils are conventionally made for almost every project and task. Whether they’re contemporarily or traditionally concocted, their goals are clear and distinct. They carry out the preservation and restoration of both interior and exterior wood.

Teak oil was originally intended for closed-grain and dense wood or timber. What makes it reliable in handling hardwood is its profound penetrating ability as well as consistency. That’s how it gets on the deck, garden furniture, and other related things.

Teak is originally from Southeast Asian countries but it is grown in other places nowadays. This wood is deemed to be tough in resisting insects and fungal decay. When it is used in some parts of the boat, it can be exposed to saltwater, sunlight, and rain.

Teak remains resilient against those exterior elements but like any other wood, it will come to a point that it will turn into a silvery gray. The surface’s extractives and lignin that provides color are degraded so it happens. Hence, teak oil was invented as a necessity.

Marine teak oil can be labeled as a product for exterior wood, interior wood, and furniture.

Exterior Teak Oils

This label also promotes UV resistance or the inclusion of pigment. Several products are available in stores. Some resemble a deck stain or paint but they are too soft, thin, or dry. The pigments that it creates boost the protection that it can provide. But it can leave the wood with a darker shade.

The ones that are sold as teak oils with UV resistance are mostly oil-based or varnish blends. The usual content is linseed oil, tung oil, mineral oil, or even wax. Application of this substance should be done periodically.

Interior Teak Oils

Most exterior teak oils are being promoted as interior teak oils too. Hardwoods are included in their scope of use. But you have to know the necessary characteristics that are useful for interior furniture. One of those should be drying. More driers mean the oil can counteract oily resins found in teak.

Furniture Oils

Teak was a popular material in Danish furniture in the mid 20th century. Most designers and factories used it. The finish on these objects is referred to as oil but it’s actually a durable catalyzed polish.

This oil appears as a non-film building oil to non-experts as it is usually applied thinly in a flat sheen. The catalyzed varnish is what Danish sprayed on those pieces of furniture. To boost marketing, this varnish is promoted as a special ‘teak oil’.

People were made to believe that it could replace the natural oil for teak furniture. It does its job well in disallowing liquid to penetrate the wood.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Teak Oil for Boats


Boat owners have known the practice of using teak oil for many years. The benefits of using teak oil start with enhancing the color and the grain pattern of the wood. The warm glow and rich natural look impress most users.

It also delivers the most appealing wood finish as it deepens the ingrain beauty of teak or other kinds of wood. Teak oil can restore the natural oil and the resin that comes from the teak. Thus, the sheen glow of this wood is maintained.

When it comes to giving protection, teak oil is also reliable. Once it’s applied to the teak or wood, no ultraviolet or water stain can easily destroy the surface. Thick wood, which doesn’t splinter after some time, can also be protected by teak oil.

Application of teak oil needs no expertise as you can use a brush or a cloth to apply it evenly. It’s fine to apply it on both exterior and interior surfaces.

As being a part of maintenance, teak oil should be applied periodically. It doesn’t mean that once you apply it, it’s a lifetime guarantee. You need to have it at least once a year. As you can see, this is not a great drawback at all.

Some teak oils may change the color of the wooden surface. It’s an advantage to some users and others may not like it. Gluing may be hard when the wood has a teak oil finish. This oil may not be suitable for some kinds of wood.

Buyer’s Guide

These are the things that you have to look at before making your final decision of which brand you’re going to purchase


Upon checking the teak oil choices in the market, you will find that they are expensive. Make sure you get the effective one as you must get back your money’s worth.

Being Sustainable

Deforestation issues arise in some countries because of teak oil. They have become serious in some areas. You can support sustainable harvesting by buying from the manufacturers with the same advocacy. They produce eco-friendly products that meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Common Finish Options

Knowing the options will help you achieve the result that you’re looking for. Available finishes are natural or unfinished, pre-weathered, and sealed. You need to apply the finish after several months as it turns to gray.

Can Combat Molds and Mildew

Quick fading of teak finish can be minimized based on the location of the wood parts. You can do it with furniture. But when it’s some boat parts, exposure to sunlight can’t be avoided. Hence, weathering happens so that’s why you need to apply the teak oil once or twice a year.

Care and Maintenance

Teak oil was conventionally processed with natural oils. These oils can replenish the oil lost by the wood because of the cleaning method and environmental factors. However, the treated wooden surface is not slick so it’s not suitable to be walkways, steps, and more.

The reason behind cleaning teak wood is the mold and mildew formation which will allow the gray color to surface. Remember that when you apply oil on teak, you also feed the existing fungi and bacteria. That’s why cleaning and recoating the teak wood is necessary every year.

Since there are natural oils in the formula, you have to protect the nearby fiberglass from it. These oils are known to taint this kind of glass. When storing teak oil, it should be in a cool, dry place. Keep it away from direct heat to avoid fire hazards and accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best teak oil for boats?

The ones who make the top-rated teak oil are Star Brite, TotalBoat, Rust-Oleum Watco, Bare Decor, Minwax, AquaTeak, Amazon’s GTO-125, DALY’S, and Furniture Clinic.

How many coats of teak oil should I use on my boat?

Two to three coatings are recommended. Two is fine but if you want to achieve a sleek finish, you have to make it three.

Do you sand between coats of teak oil?

It’s advisable to sand between coatings to get rid of dust nibs. This step requires fine-grit sandpaper-like #320 and #400. If you want to minimize any clogging, you can use dry-lubricated or ‘stearated’ ones. They’re like a sand sealer as they share a soap-like ingredient.

When you deal with teak, you start with thinly applying teak oil and allow it to be absorbed by the wood. Before you proceed to the next coating, sand the surface first. You can continue recoating until the wood ceases to absorb.

You may not need to sand anymore unless the wood grain raises. It should be done gently and it’s a way to remove the part of the wood that turned gray.

How to apply teak oil boat?

Here are some steps for applying teak oil on a boat:

  • Use a solvent or a chemical stripper to remove any finish. It’s also needed to rough sand it by using 100-grit sandpaper for the elimination of debris. When you have to fine-sand, 120 or 150 grit sandpaper will help you. Use 150-grit sandpaper for the final sanding.
  • A brush or a rag will let you apply the teak oil generously. Wipe it carefully into the grain. You have to stroke it in a way that it’s evenly applied for the wood to soak up the oil. More application should be done on the areas that absorb the oil.
  • Give every coating half an hour to sit before proceeding to another coating.
  • You can wipe the excess oil 15 minutes after you apply the coating. The drying period should be 8 to 10 hours.
  • To obtain a sleek finish, apply a third coating. Before doing it, the grain should be smooth. Using 220-grit sandpaper will do the job.

When wiping the dust off, use a drenched rag or cloth; then, apply another coating. Repeat step 4.

When should I use teak oil?

The signs of weathering and some gray spots would prompt any boat owners to use teak oil on their boats. However, it’s not only a one-time application as it’s a part of maintenance. Teak oil is normally applied once or twice a year. You will be the one to judge if it’s time to re-apply based on the wood’s appearance.

How long will teak oil last?

Teak oil may last for a year so; some boat owners will apply it once a year. Some teak oil finish will stay good for a few months. It all depends on the exposure to exterior elements like sunlight and bad weather.

Do I need to clean the wooden surface before applying teak?

When the wood receives regular cleaning then you can just dust it thoroughly. But if you allow dirt to accumulate, cleaning should be done with soap and water.

You don’t have to purchase a cleaner if you have a complete kit. Otherwise, you have to check the teak furniture cleaner and use it. It’s also possible to create a homemade cleaner.

Drying after cleaning is a must. You must get rid of the moisture. When the moisture remains in the wood before teak oil application, it would only be useless. It won’t only change the color of the wood but shorten its lifespan as well.

Where do I buy?

Both online and local stores sell teak oil. It’s fine to shop in person and choose what’s best for your boat. You don’t want to miss great deals and offers online where there are a wider array of options. Free shipping is also given.

All you need to be sure of is the credibility of the website that you’re checking. So you would know all the information and products are legitimate.


Identifying the best teak oil for boats is made easy for you by this review. You should apply teak oil properly. Do it carefully to achieve the desired outcome. Once you find the dependable teak oil, you have to apply it periodically to maintain the brand new look of your boat.

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