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The Best Boat Trailer Tires

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

The sun is out! It’s time to take your boat and head to the lake. Just when you thought that nothing could go wrong, you are suddenly stuck in the middle of the road with a busted trailer tire. This is when you will realize the benefit of investing in the best boat trailer tire.

best boat trailer tire

A high-quality trailer tire will support a hefty boat weight while ensuring smooth movement on different surfaces. Pick one that is durable enough to withstand harsh environments, including rough roads and saltwater. From material to traction, consider different factors. Prioritize quality and performance over price.

If you need help searching for the right tires for boat trailers, keep on reading! I will list down some of the top products worth considering, as well as important factors to narrow down choices.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Carlisle 6H01351

+ All-season tire for year-round riding
+ Low-rolling resistance
+ Stiff sidewall for puncture-resistance

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Wheels Express 13545SWB

+ Balanced on new rims and ready to install
+ Durable tire tread to minimize wear
+ Long-lasting paint job on the rims

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

WE 14-2B Trailer Wheel

+ Comes fully inflated out of the bo
+ 6-ply tire supports up to 1,760 pounds
+ Tough rim has a long functional life

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Top 12 Boat Trailer Tire Reviews

1. Carlisle 6H01351 Bias Trailer Tire

Made by one of the leaders in the trailer tire market, this is another product worth considering. It is compatible with most of the popular brands of utility, cargo, and boat trailers. With a maximum capacity of 1,760 pounds at 50 PSI, it is effortless to tow heavy boats. Even better, it is an all-season tire, which means that it is built for year-round driving.

One of the most notable features is its Intelli-Tread design. As it is common with other Carlisle trailer tires, there is minimal rolling resistance. Compared to conventional tires, it is more fuel-efficient. It also maintains a consistent speed and extends the tires’ lifespan. Whether on wet or dry roads, the tread ensures optimal performance.

Another construction feature I love is the multiple tread center ribs. It improves stability even with a full load. This is important for safe towing. Plus, it distributes load evenly, which also minimizes wear. The tread has an optimized contour, to enhance road contact and extend the tire life as well.

It is further notable because of the use of special rubber compounds. With proprietary technology, it is constructed to deliver better heat dissipation. This improves wear performance, preventing the tread from thinning even with regular use. Moreover, it has a stiff sidewall to improve puncture-resistance.

However, one problem with this tire is that it is a bit tricky to install. It also does not include a rim when purchased. Connecting the tire to the rim can be quite challenging.
  • Compatible with most boat trailer brands
  • All-season tire for year-round riding
  • Low-rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency, speed, and durability
  • Stiff sidewall for puncture-resistance
  • Mounting can be a bit tricky
  • Does not include a rim
Built for year-round use, these boat trailer accessories made by Carlisle have an exceptional tread construction for improved stability and durability.

2. Wheels Express Inc 13545SWB Boat Trailer Tire

I highly recommend this tire if you are looking for value for money. It is affordable, especially because it already comes with a well-balanced rim. It is inflated and ready to install upon receipt, making the assembly straightforward even for a beginner.

Right out of the box, the first thing that I noticed in this trailer wheel is its excellent paint job. It is thicker than what I have seen in most of its competitors. It looks like it won’t chip easily, even with exposure to harsh road conditions.

The minimal tread wear is another good reason to choose this trailer tire. With its heavy-duty construction, I am confident that the tire is not easily damaged even on rough roads. The .24-inch tread depth prevents premature wear. It is not prone to impact punctures as well.

With a weight rating of 1,360 pounds at 50 psi, it is a load range C tire. It is best to limit its use to small boats, such as personal watercraft. For heavier loads, I recommend that you choose a bigger and thicker tire.

Before buying this trailer tire, take note of the possible sizing discrepancy. While I did not experience it myself, some boat trailer tire reviews note that you can expect to lose up to three inches of ground clearance. To add, since it is made of steel, rust and corrosion on the rim are common problems.
  • Balanced on new rims and ready to install
  • Durable tire tread to minimize wear
  • Long-lasting paint job on the rims
  • Potential sizing discrepancy
  • Prone to rust and corrosion
From its affordability to long tread life, this is another excellent choice for the best trailer tires for boats.

3. WE 14-2B Trailer Wheel

It is not from a popular brand, but it is a good choice if you are on a budget. It arrives at your door fully-inflated. Moreover, it is a tire and wheel combo, which means that the rim is already attached. It minimizes the time and effort I have to spend on assembly. This also means better value for money compared to buying the tire alone.

As a load range C tire, it has a maximum weight rating of 1,760 pounds. This is the standard in the other products that I am reviewing in this guide. This 6-ply bias tire is sturdy enough to handle most small to medium-sized boats.

To support a high weight, this trailer tire relies on its steel rim. To add, it is steel-belted, which improves its structural integrity. It may be too early to say, but I believe that this tire has a long lifespan. It is good for different road conditions and is not easily prone to wear, which is amazing considering its price. From the freeway to the mountain, the tire holds well.

While the tire is generally impressive, it is only built for short distances. Otherwise, the tire may not maintain its optimal shape. If you are looking for one that withstands long-distance drives, I suggest that you choose radial tires instead.
  • Comes fully inflated out of the box
  • 6-ply tire supports up to 1,760 pounds
  • Tough rim has a long functional life
  • Not for long-distance rides
To conclude, this 6-ply tire has a high weight rating and comes with a sturdy rim, making installation effortless.

4. ECustomRim 39343-2 Trailer Tire

For small boat trailer wheels, this is another great option. Whether you have a personal watercraft or a lightweight boat, this trailer tire is appropriate. It has a maximum tire weight rating of 990 pounds at a maximum air pressure of 90 PSI. It accommodates most brands of utility, cargo, and boat trailers.

Like the majority of options for the most trusted bass boat trailer tires, it is already mounted on a rim. For impatient people like me, this is a good thing. The tire is also inflated at the right level. However, I advise that you adjust the pressure to match the load of your trailer.

I have used bias and radial tires, and a common problem I encounter is excessive vibration. This makes the trailer unstable, resulting in unsafe towing. With this product, however, such a scenario never occurs. The smooth-rolling tires have no noticeable vibration. It has a well-balanced design that securely tows my boat and trailer in different road conditions.

With a two-year warranty, I can rely on support from the manufacturer. I have peace of mind knowing that they can extend a helping hand. The standard warranty offered by many other companies is only one year.

If there’s one problem with this boat trailer tire, it would be that it slowly but consistently loses pressure. This is a potential safety issue. I suggest that you check the valve stem and see to it that there is no hissing sound. Also, be sure to maintain the right pressure depending on the maximum load.
  • Compatible with the most popular trailer brands
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Rotates smoothly without a lot of vibrations
  • Has a slow but consistent loss of pressure
With its wide range of trailer compatibility, pre-installed rim with the recommended air pressure, and two-year warranty, this is a trailer tire worth considering.

5. ECustomRim TR20020 Trailer Tires

Installing trailer tires do not have to be difficult! With this product, I can complete the assembly in a snap. Like most of the options above, it comes with an on-rim assembly. This means that the tire and wheel are already connected when shipped, which saves me a lot of time and effort.

What I love the most about these bias trailer tires is the galvanized wheel construction. It is not dull as others, such as the galvanized spoke of Rainier St Radial Trailer Tire. The finish is a bit shinier, which adds character to the wheels. With the special steel coating, it is rust-resistant. Even with exposure to outdoor elements, they are not easily damaged.

The weight rating is also incredible. It has a maximum load capacity of 1,760 pounds at 50 psi. Like many of the products in this review, it is a load range C tire. It is compatible with different boat, utility, and cargo trailer brands.

For your peace of mind, it is also good to know that it has a two-year warranty. If there is any problem in craftsmanship, within two years of purchase, I can rely on support from the manufacturer.

The tires are prone to slow air leak, which affects pressure. If I am not careful, I can suffer from blown trailer tires on the road. I always make sure to check the pressure and refill air as needed to keep my tires inflated.
  • Galvanized to improve rust resistance
  • Built-in rim allows easy installation
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Prone to slow air leak
From its galvanized rim to ease of installation, there is a long list of benefits that make these trailer tires worth every dollar.

6. Weize 175/80D13 Trailer Tires

This set of two bias-ply tires is made of heavy-duty nylon cords. They are angled 30 to 45 degrees to the direction of travel to minimize wear. To add, it has an alternating criss-cross tread pattern to make the sidewall stiffer. It improves handling and enhances durability even on rough surfaces.

The rigid sidewall of these boat trailer tires supports heavy weight. With a tire weight rating of 1,377 pounds at 50 psi, it remains stable despite the load of the trailer. Meanwhile, it has an M load speed rating, which means that it runs at 81 mph at its maximum load index rating.

More so, it has a double steel belt, a feature you will find in heavy-duty boat trailer tires. It reinforces the tire, resulting in a higher load capacity and improved stability. To add, it improves shock absorption for a guaranteed comfortable ride.

Even in the most demanding road conditions, these trailer tires are built to perform. I like how they are not easily prone to heat damage. Additionally, they have a high-tensile belt to make the tire puncture-resistant.

Watch out for the size. It is advertised to have a 13-inch rim. However, the true size of the rim is 14.5 inches. If the trailer fender is too small, the difference in the size can make the wheel useless.
  • Made of thick nylon to ensure durability
  • Double steel belt makes the rubber tire tougher
  • Rigid sidewall keeps the tire stable
  • High-tensile belt resists punctures
  • Indicated size is smaller than the actual size
From the nylon cord to double steel belt, these boat trailer tires have plenty of features that make it one of the most durable on my list.

7. Million Parts 13027356 Trailer Tires

With a rim diameter of 12 inches and a rim width of four inches, this is a great option for small trailer owners. It has a pre-attached white spoke trailer wheel, which streamlines assembly. Plus, the built-in rim improves the structural integrity of the tire. It is easier to maintain its optimal shape. In essence, the sturdy rim prevents the tire from easily deforming.

One more thing I love about this high-quality tire is its exquisite tread design. The tread design minimizes slip even on wet surfaces. With the improved traction, the trailer stays put when I don’t want it to move. Also, with a depth of .24-inch, the treads do not easily taper. The more I use it on rough roads, the more the tread wears out.

I also attribute the durability of the tire to the use of high-strength rubber. It improves the stability of the trailer because of its balanced design. It wears out evenly on all sides. This will make towing safer as it prevents wobbling.

However, take note that it has a low weight rating. With a maximum capacity of only 780 pounds, this B load range tire supports a light load. If you have a larger boat, I suggest that you go for load range C, which can support up to 1,820 pounds.
  • High-strength rim allows the tire to maintain its shape
  • Exquisite tread pattern prevents slipping
  • Durable rubber tire improves the stability of the trailer
  • Low weight rating
If you prefer a sleek tire profile that handles small boats, this is a great pick. It has a high-strength rubber construction with exquisite tread to perform well on different surfaces.

8. Roadstar 5.30-12 Trailer Tires

Whether on a boat or cargo trailer, these tires are outstanding! They are compatible with most of the popular trailer brands. They are easy to connect on the trailer because the rim is pre-mounted. The white spoke trailer wheel has a five-bolt wheel pattern with a 4.5-inch radius, so make sure that is compatible with the trailer.

These load range C bias ply boat trailer tires have a maximum weight capacity of 1,050 pounds at 80 psi. Even at maximum load, the trailer stays stable and the wheels roll smoothly. This is because of the high-strength rim, which supports the tow load. It does not easily deform, maintaining peak condition even after years of use.

To ensure top-notch performance, these tires for boat trailers have been through rigorous testing. The latter proved that it enhances stability while providing a smoother ride. Aside from keeping my boat safe, I am more comfortable on the road.

Additionally, it has an innovative tread design. This provides plenty of benefits, including low-rolling resistance. It minimizes the impact of friction on the rides. It also improves fuel efficiency as my car needs to exert minimal effort when towing.

While I did not experience it, some people are complaining about common manufacturing defects, especially on the sidewall.
  • Fits the most common trailer brands
  • Passed rigorous tests to ensure top-notch quality
  • Low-rolling resistance to improve fuel economy
  • Manufacturing defects are common
From improved fuel economy to compatibility with a wide range of trailers, there are many reasons to pick these boat trailer tires.

9. Motorhot STR II Trailer Tires

Contrary to most models in this buying guide with a white spoke trailer wheel, this model has a black rim. Combined with the black rubber tire, it gives my trailer a modern and sleek look. I also like the black spokes because dirt is not easily visible.

The use of top-grade rubber is one of the compelling reasons to choose this product. It is a solid material that runs quietly and minimizes vibration. This means that I can tow my boat smoothly in different surface conditions. The rubber in the tire holds up well even after tears of use unlike others that thin easily.

As a bias ply tire, one of its biggest advantages is that it has a stiff sidewall. It is sturdy enough to minimize sway and bounce. This means that my trailer remains more stable. When there is too much wobble, my boat and trailer can be a safety hazard. It won’t pose a significant risk as long as you follow its maximum load rating of 1,360 pounds at 50 psi and maximum speed rating of 75 mph.

One of the drawbacks of these bias tires is that they can run hot, so it isn’t a good option for boat trailer tires for long distances. This can compromise the structural integrity of the rubber.
  • Black spoke is not easily prone to dirt
  • No loud noise or excessive vibration
  • Holds up well even with long-term use
  • Has a stiff sidewall to minimize sway
  • Easily become hot
These boat trailer tires are made of high-strength rubber for a smoother and safer towing experience. It has a sleek and elegant black spoke that does not easily attract dirt.

10. Roadstar B78-13 Trailer Tires

If you are on a budget, then this is a great option! It is already mounted on rims, making it cheaper than buying tires alone. Compared to prices in physical stores, it is more affordable to buy it online. With its technical specifications and features, the price is unbeatable!

It has a tire weight rating of 1,360 pounds at 50 PSI, which is a category C load range. This is common in many trailer tires. While it supports most boats, if you have a larger and heavier load, then I recommend that you choose another trailer tire.

Ease of assembly is one thing I love about these tires. Even for beginners, installing the tires is a breeze. They are ready to use out of the box. It is already mounted on the rim and the tire is readily inflated.

The construction is also impressive. I have yet to see how many years it will last, but I can say that it is built to be tough. The powder-coated steel rim protects against corrosion. Meanwhile, the 6-ply nylon tire is thick enough to handle the stated load capacity. The deep tread blocks ensure its longevity. It rolls smoothly, making towing a lot easier!

Check the stem often because it can easily loosen, especially when on rough roads. Ensure that it is tight enough to maintain proper pressure. Otherwise, the tire can lose air while towing, and this can become a safety issue.
  • A great option for people on a budget
  • Easy to assemble even for beginners
  • Powder-coated steel rim resists corrosion
  • Tire has deep treads to improve durability
  • Stem can easily loosen
This affordable trailer tire has a powder-coated steel rim and 6-ply construction. It is ideal for small to medium-sized boats.

11. Million Parts 13027351 Trailer Tires

This set of two trailer tires is already inclusive of pre-installed rims. The built-in rim helps maintain the structural integrity of the tires. It prevents quick deformation as a result of wear, especially when subjected to heavy load. By maintaining its shape even with long-term use, it does not quickly call for a replacement.

The high-class rubber in this spare boat trailer tire is also commendable. With its exquisite workmanship, I am sure that it is long-lasting. As long as I follow the 1,820-pound weight limit, I am confident that the rubber tire will withstand time. I also like how the tires were already inflated to the recommended pressure when I received them.

In terms of on-road performance, these tires are notable! They are well-balanced, which makes towing safer. Plus, they track well, especially on smooth surfaces. The tires can handle even sharp turns, making my trailer easier to maneuver. There is minimal vibration, preventing my boat from making unnecessary movements as it is towed.

One of the drawbacks of these trailer tires is that the lug patterns are quite small. They may not fit heavier trailers. There is also a discrepancy with the lug sizes. While it is advertised to have a diameter of 4.5 inches across the center, the actual hole pattern has a distance of 4.25 inches.
  • Built-in rim maintains its shape even after long-time use
  • Long-lasting high-class rubber tires
  • Tracks and turns smoothly
  • Well-balanced tires with minimal vibrations
  • Lug patterns will not fit heavy trailers
  • Wrong advertised lug hole pattern
Overall, from the durable built-in rim to the superior rubber tire, this is another product that provides the best bang for the buck!

12. Roadstar P819 Trailer Tires

With an eight-inch rim and four-hole bolt pattern, this is one of the most affordable boat trailer tires to buy. It is never meant to be a substitute for passenger car tires, but it is versatile enough to handle different trailer types and brands.

Among others, the innovative tread is one of its best features. It has a premium contour and low-rolling resistance. It creates sufficient traction, making sure that the trailer rolls without problems on different surfaces. Best of all, it is thick enough to prevent premature wear, especially when used on rough roads.

Another remarkable feature of this trailer tire is the wide shoulder design. It improves road contact even when the trailer is at full load. Following different tests, this design was proven to improve stability and smoothen rides.

With the built-in powder-coated rims, it is rust and corrosion-resistant. It also has a nice white gloss finish. Plus, the tire air pressure remains consistent. This is unlike others where I constantly need to re-inflate.

This trailer tire has a B load rating, which is the lowest load range classification. With its 4-ply construction and a maximum weight rating of 590 pounds, this has a low load capacity. It is for small and lightweight boats only. When the load is too heavy, there is a higher chance that the tire will blow.
  • Innovative tread minimizes tire wear
  • Wide-shoulder design for a smoother and safer ride
  • Powder-coated rims resist rust and corrosion
  • Consistent tire pressure eliminates the need for frequent air refill
  • Built only for small boats
While it has a minimal load capacity, this trailer tire is designed for optimal road performance.

What is a Boat Trailer Tire


Boats are large and heavy. Moving them around is not easy. Unless you have superhuman strength, you cannot lift it by yourself. Even with a helping hand, it is difficult to carry a boat. You need to mount it on a trailer. To move the trailer, such as from your garage to the lake, you will need a boat trailer tire.

Do not assume that you can use car tires on a boat trailer. From the specifications to design, trailer tires have unique requirements. You should use only Special Trailer or ST tires. They are built with sturdy sidewalls, which can handle the weight of the load, including the trailer, boat, engine, and everything else you will need to tow.

Compared to traditional tires, trailer tires are narrower. They also have shallower treads, which minimize wiggle. As a result, it is more stable to improve fuel efficiency and enhance safety. Also, trailer tires have up to 10% higher load capacity than light truck tires and up to 40% higher compared to passenger car tires.

Types of Boat Trailer Tires

There is no wrong or right option when it comes to the best type of trailer tire. It depends on your needs.

Radial Boat Trailer Tire

It has central plies that run around the tire. The overlapping polyester cords are angled at 90 degrees at the center of the line. There are also steel mesh belts perpendicular to the tire to improve strength. It has a thick shoulder that protects against shock. Some of the best examples of this tire are the Freestar M-108 8-ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire and Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire.

I recommend radial boat trailer tires when going on long trips. It provides a smoother, quieter, and more comfortable ride compared to bias ply tires, as long as you keep the load light. It tracks the towing vehicle well to prevent sways, even in curves. Compared to bias, it has a longer tread life.

Bias Boat Trailer Tire

A bias ply tire has a nylon belt angled at 30 to 45 degrees from the centerline. This is as against the 90-degree angle in a radial tire. Some will have a fiberglass belt to enhance strength. It offers excellent traction, especially when the trailer is on slippery surfaces.

Compared to a radial tire, a bias trailer tire is more affordable. It also carries a heavier load without deflating. However, it is susceptible to heat and abrasion, so I do not recommend it in extremely hot places and rough roads. It won’t do well on curved roads either. It is best only for short trips.

A quick way to identify bias or radial trailer tires is to look at the sidewall or the technical specifications often included in the model number. For instance, in boat trailer tires 205/75R14, it is a radial tire because of the letter R. If it is a bias tire, then it is designated by a letter D, which would have made it 205/75D14.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Boat Trailer Tires


There are plenty of good reasons to invest in reliable trailer tires. Towing the boat is easier and safer with the right tires. They ensure that the trailer is well-balanced whenever I am moving my boat. It can also improve the fuel economy of my tow vehicle. I can explore more places knowing that it is effortless to bring my boat around.

I cannot think of any drawback of investing in ST tires. Some might find it costly, especially those with exceptional construction and superb performance. The cost should never be an issue. The pros outweigh the cons, making the right tire a good investment for trailer owners.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right trailer tires for a boat is overwhelming. From the aspect ratio to load rating, there are many technical specifications to think about. I recommend that you look beyond the price. To help you narrow down your list, below are some of the most important considerations.


The height and width are two of the most important considerations in determining the right tire size. Make sure that it is compatible with the trailer and the tires that you are replacing.

It is critical to have the right space between the fender and the top part of the tire. Otherwise, the mobility of the trailer will be affected. From the width to the aspect ratio, consider the different technical specs to find the right size of the boat trailer tire.

Speed Rating

Trailer tires will have a letter on the sidewall that indicates the speed rating. For instance, in boat trailer tires 215/75R14 102L, the letter L at the end indicates the maximum speed. The L designation is specific to trailer tires and the maximum speed is 75mph. For safer towing, do not go beyond the indicated speed rating.

Load Range

This is the maximum load capacity of the boat trailer tires, designated by letters B to F. B handles the lightest loads and F handles the heaviest. Take note that it does not only indicate the weight of the boat but everything else the tire tows. This is inclusive of the weight of the trailer, engine, and anything connected when towing.

Tire Pressure

In most cases, the trailer tire is already inflated when it is received. Look at the current pressure and make sure that it is right for the weight of your boat. Over time, the tire will deflate, especially if it has a heavy load and after traveling a long distance. Re-inflate the tire as needed to ensure its peak performance.

Tire Construction

The materials used are significant as they are indicative of the durability of the boat trailer tires. One of the most durable tires I have seen is the Goodyear endurance, which is made of rugged polyester and reinforced with a steel belt. Nylon overlay construction is also common to strengthen rubber tires. A sturdy center groove is a must-have to maintain stability.


The traction of the trailer tire depends on its construction. A strong grip is crucial, especially on smooth roads and slippery surfaces. Without enough traction, the tire is prone to sliding, which is a safety issue. A rubber tread compound is necessary for better traction. The tread pattern also influences traction.

Ease of Use

Right out of the box, the trailer tire should already be inflated. I prefer one with a rim to simplify the assembly. This is a great way to save money compared to buying a tire without a wheel.


Not all trailer tires are created the same. Find one that is compatible with your trailer set-up. For instance, consider the number of lugs, which can be four to five. The distance of the lugs is also important.


For your peace of mind, choose a trailer tire with comprehensive warranty coverage. It can be anywhere from one to two years. It is seldom that you will find a warranty longer than that. Make sure to read the terms of the warranty as well.

Care and Maintenance

Regardless of the type of trailer tire, proper care and maintenance are vital to maintaining peak condition. Below are some of the best things to do to keep the tires in their best shape.

  • Check everything before towing a boat. See to it that the tires are in perfect condition. Watch out for cracks, dents, and other structural problems. Go beyond the tires. Inspect the tongue jack, bunk, safety chains, and coupler.
  • Maintain the right boat trailer tire pressure. Over or under-inflation will have safety repercussions. It also makes the tow vehicle more inefficient, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Invest in a pressure gauge to ensure the right air level.
  • Follow the maximum weight capacity the manufacturer recommends. Go online and look for a trailer tire load range chart for a handy guide. Going above the stated load index rating can result in the swaying of the trailer and will make towing unsafe.
  • Replace old tires. Check the sidewall and you will see the manufacturing date. It is a four-digit code that indicates the week and year it was made. For instance, if it says 0118, then it means that the tire was manufactured on the first week of 2019. Replace trailer tires at least every three to six years or depending on wear.
  • Use your finger to test the valve stem. Push the stem and listen. If you hear a hissing sound, you need to change the valve stem. Otherwise, the tire will suffer from a slow air leak.
  • Do not let the trailer tires go dormant. Letting it sit for a prolonged time, especially with a heavy load, can exert unnecessary stress. There will be flat spots and high wear areas. If you will not move the trailer for some time, raise the axle and add concrete blocks on the ground.
  • Drive based on the recommended speed rating by the manufacturer. Going too fast will wear out the tire quicker, especially if you are on a rough road.
  • Rotate the tire as needed. This will promote even tread wear and improve balance. Also, do not mix bias and radial tires. Use only the same type.
  • Create a regular cleaning schedule. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Mild soap and warm water are enough. Do not use products with harsh chemicals. Avoid scrubbing the tires with a steel brush and abrasives. If the trailer tires were exposed to saltwater, wash them immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the top-rated boat trailer tire?

There are many trusted brands, but some of my favorites are Carlisle ECustomRim, Goodyear, and Trailer King. They have a wide selection of trailer tire models to suit different needs, including varying weight limits.

What size tires do I need for my boat trailer?

The right tire size is an important consideration for safe and efficient towing. Bigger isn’t always better. Although, if the boat is heavy, you will benefit from having a larger tire as it is more capable of handling a hefty load without premature tread wear. From the tire width to the wheel diameter, consider several technical specifications.

To check boat trailer tire sizes, look at the sidewall. It has the key numbers that trailer owners need to know. For instance, for boat trailer tires 225/75R15, 225 stands for the section width, which means that it is 225mm. 75 is the aspect ratio, which is also measured in millimeters. Meanwhile, R is the internal construction, which means that it is a radial tire. Lastly, 15 is the wheel diameter in inches.

Going back to the question, there is no easy way to answer it. You have to consider several factors, such as load and road conditions. The rule of thumb is that the larger and heavier the boat, the larger the trailer tires should be.

Should you balance boat trailer tires?

Trailer tires are not balanced when they are received. In most instances, there is no need to balance them. While you can do so, it is not necessary. The main responsibility of trailer tires is to support the load it tows and not to prioritize the comfort of the passenger. However, if you are worried about excessive vibration, then you can balance the tires.

How long do boat trailer tires last?

A trailer tire can last three to six years. However, you do not have to wait that long before replacing the tire. Aside from tread wear, look for flat spots to determine if a replacement is necessary. When the trailer is parked and loaded for an extended time, the tread compounds thin and rot.

Can I put larger tires on my boat trailer?

Yes, you can use larger tires on your trailer, but make sure that it is within the necessary limit. The best way to know this is to check that there is enough clearance from the fender to the top part of the tire.

Using too large tires will limit the movement of the trailer, especially when turning. When the tires are too small, on the other hand, it might not support the weight of the boat.

Can I use trailer tires on my car?

No, you cannot use trailer tires in your car. You also cannot use car tires on your trailer. If your main goal is to tow a boat in your trailer, then you need to find ST tires, which means that they are specifically built for handling the vertical load. They are different from passenger car tires.

What is the right PSI for trailer tires?

This depends on the weight of the trailer. Check the sidewall of the tire and follow the maximum pressure recommended by the manufacturer. It is often anywhere from 50 to 65 psi.

Towing your boat with less than the recommended pressure will reduce the weight capacity, resulting in overloading and overheating. Adversely, over-inflation can blow the tire.

How do you install a boat trailer tire?

Installing a boat trailer tire is intimidating for beginners. However, it is quite easy with the right tools and a bit of patience. Here’s how to do it.

  • Start by putting a jack under the boat trailer. Raise the trailer until there is enough clearance to remove the existing tire.
  • Remove the lug nuts using a wrench. Set the nuts aside.
  • After unscrewing the lug nuts, remove the tire. Take off the valve core to deflate it.
  • Replace the tire. Align it to the lug nuts, making sure that the lug pattern is compatible. Hand-tighten the nuts and use a wrench to secure them.
  • Lower the boat trailer and remove the jack.

Where can I buy?

The best place to buy a boat trailer tire is online. You can get it from websites like Amazon. E-commerce is convenient since you can shop anytime and anywhere.

You can also check reviews from other users to easily compare the possibilities. Before buying, visit websites like The Hull Truth to read forums and learn from others.


Do not underestimate the importance of the best boat trailer tire. It can make a huge difference between a fun and frustrating boating adventure. Choose one that handles a substantial weight, delivers excellent traction on a wide array of surfaces, and lasts a long time. Consider my recommendations in this buying guide, and it is hard to go wrong!

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