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The Best Marine Greases

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

The best marine grease is essential for every boat owner. It provides exceptional lubrication, making sure that the different parts of the boat function smoothly, resulting in better overall performance. Plus, it minimizes wear on the moving parts, preventing frequent repairs and expensive replacements.

best marine grease

When running in extreme temperatures and high speeds, marine components rub excessively. This friction increases the possibility of damage, creates noise, and reduces performance. A marine grease effectively addresses these problems. It also prevents rust and corrosion, especially in saltwater.

So if you are looking for marine grease, read on! I will walk you through some of the top products available. From wheel bearings to anchor chain reels, you will need top-notch grease.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

LUCAS 10682

+ Comes in a pack of three marine greases
+ Great corrosion protection
+ Effectively resists oxidation

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Quicksilver 8M0071838

+ Withstands high loads and temperatures
+ Does not break down in the water
+ Versatile uses in different components

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

WD-40 300417

+ Excellent for wet and moist environments
+ Grease stays in place even in the water
+ Meets the VOC regulations in 50 states

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Top 12 Marine Grease Reviews

1. LUCAS 10682 Marine Grease

This marine wheel bearing grease offers exceptional value for the money. It comes in a pack with three tubes, each containing three ounces. From trailer chassis to wheel bearings, this product can deliver notable benefits.

Its calcium sulfonate formula has great inherent properties that make it especially suitable for marine applications. For instance, it resists oxidation and protects against corrosion, making it perfect for both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Another thing I love in this marine grease is the use of special adhesives. They increase the staying power of the grease on surfaces. Even with the constant exposure to the parts’ water and movements, the grease will remain and offer impressive lubrication. It resists extreme pressure and water washout.

I don’t have to feel guilty about using this marine grease as it is safe for the environment. It does not have heavy metals like antimony, arsenic, and lead. The grease is also free of zinc, chlorine, and phosphorus, among other additives that harm aquatic life.

However, one drawback is that the tubes have a lot of air. It can implode from the tube during application, which creates a lot of mess in the work area. Also, please take note that it is smaller than a standard grease tube. It fits only midget or mini grease guns.
  • Comes in a pack of three marine greases
  • Great corrosion protection in both freshwater and saltwater
  • Effectively resists oxidation
  • Contains special adhesives that allow the grease to stay longer
  • Has an environment-safe marine formula
  • The tubes have too much air
  • Fits only in mini grease guns
From its superb corrosion protection to the use of special adhesives, there are many good reasons to pick this LUCAS marine grease.

2. Quicksilver 8M0071838 Extreme Grease

Friction speeds up the wear of a boat’s moving parts. Plus, it can affect the overall performance when the parts often rub when they should be working smoothly. If you are looking for the perfect solution, this grease is a promising product.

A lot of inferior marine greases do not offer great protection when it gets too hot or when the load is too heavy. I like this product because it has a formula that withstands even high loads and temperatures. It ensures the highest level of effectiveness, even in extreme environments.

Even if the components of the boat get wet, this Quicksilver marine grease does not break down. Its lithium-based formula protects even the boat’s components that often get wet. Thus, it is unlike others that water can easily wash away.

The ease of application is one more reason to choose this product. It comes in a small and handy tube, so I can easily keep it in my boat without requiring a large space. It is thick with a viscosity similar to hot glue. With its consistency, it is easy to dispense out of the tube.

More so, this is a versatile product. Aside from boats, it is also great for cars, trucks, campers, utility trailers, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. I can use it on cable linkages, steering systems, gimbal bearings, shift cables, disc brakes, chassis, and suspension systems.

Before using this lubricant, make sure to wear rubber gloves. It is a headache to remove from your hands.
  • Withstands high loads and temperatures
  • Does not break down in the water
  • Has a consistent thickness for ease of application
  • Versatile uses in different components
  • Difficult to get off your hands
In sum, this versatile marine grease has a thick and consistent formula, which remains effective even in the water and with heavy loads or extreme temperatures.

3. WD-40 300417 Specialist Marine-Grade Grease

With this marine grease, I can expect impressive lubrication in different environments. It is perfect for marine applications as its formula remains effective even in wet and moist surroundings.

Another reason why it is great for boats is its water resistance. Water does not easily wash out the grease in the different components. With its staying power, there is no need for frequent reapplication while ensuring maximum protection. Even after getting wet, it can still effectively minimize noise and ensure smooth operations.

From propellers to chassis, boat parts are continuously exposed to water. Over time, this will make them prone to rust and corrosion. Good thing, this product protects against the latter. It will effectively minimize wear. Whether the boat is in fresh or saltwater, the level of protection is commendable.

It is also notable because of its lithium-based formula, which has a melting point of up to 620 degrees Fahrenheit. This is perfect even in cold weather. It has a complexing agent that increases its dropping point.

The safety of this product is worth highlighting as well. It meets the VOC standards in the 50 states. This means that there are no volatile organic compounds that can increase the likelihood of side effects associated with its use.

Nonetheless, if there’s one issue, the thickener and oil seem to separate easily. To prevent this, I suggest that you store it properly.
  • Excellent for wet and moist environments
  • Grease stays in place even in the water
  • Resists rust and corrosion in freshwater and saltwater
  • Lithium complex formula withstands high temperatures
  • Meets the VOC regulations in 50 states
  • Thickener and oil easily separate
Whether in freshwater or saltwater, this marine grease guarantees exceptional staying power, superior lubrication, and excellent corrosion protection.

4. Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Grease

From boat trailers to marine equipment, this grease has multiple uses. It is mostly used as an anti-friction agent. By minimizing friction, it effectively dissipates heat. This makes it effective in reducing wear on moving components.

This is an aluminum complex grease. It is not as popular as those with a lithium or lithium complex formula. It has additives, a base oil, and a thickener. With its composition, it has exceptional surface adhesion, which also prevents water washout. Even in extreme conditions, the grease remains on the surface for optimal protection and effectiveness.

If you need marine grease to create an invisible shield against water, this might be the ideal solution. It has excellent resistance even in extreme water conditions. By keeping the water out, it protects against rust and corrosion.

Some might find this blue marine grease to be initially expensive, but such isn’t the case. It is unlike others that come in small tubes. Instead, it is in a large tub with 14 ounces of grease. If you have a large boat and you need more grease, there is also a version of this product that comes in a 120-pound container.

Compared to most of the products in this guide, it is a bit runny. With its thin and watery consistency, it might be messier to apply than thicker ones.
  • Dissipates heat that friction can cause
  • Has an aluminum complex formula with excellent surface adhesion
  • Creates a barrier against water
  • Excellent price to value to ratio
  • The texture is too thin
With its excellent water resistance, this marine grease stays on the lubricated surface even in extreme environments, providing a high level of protection.

5. Tie Down Engineering 11008 Marine Grease

While it is specifically formulated for marine applications, it is versatile enough to be useful for other uses. If you need marine grease for your bike, this is also a great option. It is effective for cars as well.

Even in a high-pressure environment, this marine grease works. It has a Timken OK load of 65 pounds. This means that the grease has been tested in a continuously increasing pressure to determine the highest load that it can handle.

As it is common with other greases, it has a lithium complex formula with calcium sulfonate. The one-of-a-kind additive system is also a plus, ensuring maximum lubrication even when you are in a harsh environment.

Whether you are using a boat in fresh or saltwater, this is a good grease to use. It protects against rust and corrosion. When metal parts are exposed to water, they are more prone to external damages, and such is one thing that you can avoid with the use of this product.

Another thing that makes it effective for marine applications is the presence of special adhesives. It creates a strong bond wherever I am applying the grease. This prevents washout, making sure that it stays.

One of the drawbacks of this product is its packaging. The soft container can easily smash in transit, creating a mess and rendering the grease useless.
  • Multipurpose grease even for bikes and cars
  • Effective even in high-pressure settings
  • Has unique additives to ensure lubrication even in harsh environments
  • Protects metal parts against rust and corrosion
  • Tube is easy to smash
From boats to bikes, this grease is an exceptional product. It works even when there is high pressure and in harsh environments.

6. Plews & Edelmann 11404 Marine Grease

The manufacturer markets this as grease for trailer bearings. Nonetheless, it is multifunctional, so I can use it even for non-marine applications. From cars to power tools, this high-grade lubricant is notable.

Marine greases must withstand unforgiving environments. Luckily, this product has a high-temperature resistance of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that even in extreme heat, it performs the intended function.

Aside from withstanding heat, it also resists the water, which is an important characteristic of marine grease. With its water-insoluble formula, it is not easy to wash the grease away, even if I apply it on areas that often get wet.

It is not only great for lubrication, but it also inhibits corrosion of metal components. It guards against water, air, and salt from propellers to engine blocks, which are some of the most common conditions that result in corrosion.

Need another compelling reason to choose this product? One thing that can convince you is the solid reputation of the manufacturer. With more than four decades of experience in making lubricants, I am sure that its quality is second to none.

However, a shortcoming of this boat trailer bearing grease is that the can is only half full. It is quite disappointing to see the container to find out that it isn’t filled to the brim.
  • Has a water-insoluble formula for great staying power
  • Works even when there is high heat
  • Prevents corrosion of metal parts
  • Made by a company with over four decades of experience
  • Container is only half full
Made by a reputable manufacturer, this marine grease is strong enough to remain on the surface even when there is high heat.

7. YAMAHA Marine Multi-Purpose Grease

The mere fact that it is from YAMAHA is already a good reason to consider this product. More than being made by a known company, I also love its high-strength adhesion. Even if I use it on the parts of a boat that experience heavy vibrations or high frictions, it remains effective.

This waterproof marine grease is not easy to wash away, making it a great option for boats. I have used thinner greases in the past, and I notice that they easily lose their adhesion once they are wet. However, that is not the case with this product because it is waterproof, so it stays on the surface longer.

From propellers to motors, different parts of a boat are prone to corrosion. This results in paint blisters and rust formation. Good thing, this product has anti-corrosive properties, which will also prolong the functional life of different components.

Its ease of application is another benefit worth highlighting. While the manufacturer notes that it is for use with a grease gun, I can put it directly on the surface that I like to lubricate. I just have to cut the tip and it works like toothpaste.

Despite the good things about this marine grease, one issue is that it is quite difficult to apply. It is thicker than most lubricants, making it a bit of a struggle to squeeze out of the tube.
  • Adheres even to surfaces with high vibrations
  • High-staying waterproof formula
  • Easy to apply straight out of the tube
  • Has non-corrosive properties for longer life of different boat metal parts
  • Difficult to squeeze out of the tube
Even in wet environments and when there are high vibrations, this marine grease has good staying power and maximum effectiveness.

8. Liquid Wrench GR015 Marine Grease

I highly recommend this product if you are on a budget. It is one of the most affordable marine greases I have seen on the market. Despite being economical, I am happy with its overall quality, which is similar to what you will find in its higher-end counterparts.

When looking for the right grease for boat trailer wheel bearings, one of the most important is heat resistance. Luckily, this product offers a high melting point. This means that even when the trailer runs hot, the grease will not melt.

This marine grease does not use heavy metals and harsh chemicals that damage aquatic life. Without undesirable additives, it is safe for the environment. Even if it touches the water, it does not lead to any adverse effects.

As a calcium sulfonate grease, it does not require additives to deliver its functions. This also eliminates the need to add chemicals. Despite not having additives, it has notable shear and mechanical stability, which prevents leaks and run-outs, especially in punitive conditions.

Like many of the greases that are included in this list, it has immense anti-corrosive properties. Whether in freshwater or saltwater, it has a high level of protection. To add, it also protects against atmospheric chemicals, salt, and air, among other elements that speed up wear.

However, you should be careful with its application as it tends to be messy. Find a marine grease gun that fits perfectly to minimize waste and dirt.
  • A great option for budget-conscious buyers
  • Has a high-melting point to resist heat
  • Comes with an environment-safe formula that does not contaminate water
  • Offers good shear and mechanical stability in different conditions
  • Top-notch corrosion protection in different settings
  • An application can be quite messy
With its affordability, mechanical stability, high melting point, and water-safe formula, there are plenty of reasons to choose this wheel bearing grease for trailers.

9. STAR BRITE 57-1169 White Lithium Grease

If you are looking for high-quality marine products, STAR BRITE is one name you will always encounter. Unsurprisingly, this high-quality marine grease is one of the most popular options even amongst avid boaters.

Among others, one of the best things about this product is its silicone-free formula. I can use it even on the plastic components of my boat that require lubrication. It won’t damage plastics, unlike other greases with harsh chemicals.

Aside from plastic, it works great on metals, especially in the prevention of rust and corrosion. The great thing is that it is long-staying on the surface for maximum protection against environmental elements. It is not easy to wash out, making it perfect for marine applications, especially in saltwater.

Because of its strong adhesion, it is also heat-resistant. Even if I use it on parts of my boats with constant heat exposure, I need not worry that the grease will dissolve and become less effective. It resists high temperatures up to over 385 degrees Fahrenheit.

The versatility of this marine grease is remarkable as well. Aside from my boat, I can also use it for lawn equipment, such as trimmers and leaf blowers. Regardless of where I am using the grease, it delivers the same high level of lubrication and protection.

One drawback of this product is the flimsy packaging, making it easy to crush. This makes it prone to damage while in transit.
  • Safe even for plastic components
  • Not easy to wash out even in saltwater
  • Has a heat-resistant formula
  • Versatile for different applications
  • The packaging is easy to crush
With its ability to resist water and high temperatures, this marine grease works great in demanding settings. Best of all, it is safe to use even in plastic.

10. Green Grease 203 Marine Grease

From boats to trailers, ATVs to motorcycles, this is an effective synthetic marine grease. It contains exclusive base stocks, unlike others that usually have derivatives of motor oil. Compared to regular automotive grease, it lasts up to eight times longer.

Using this waterproof grease in marine settings is highly recommended because of its staying power. It has a state-of-the-art innovative ingredient to create a waterproof seal. It is effective in both freshwater and saltwater. This invisible seal also protects against rust and corrosion in wet environments.

Speaking of staying power, the grease’s synthetic polymers form an almost unbreakable bond to the material at which the grease is applied. It resists wash-out, centrifugal separation, shock loads, and high-impact.

The grease also has a high dropping point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that it takes extreme temperatures before it changes from semi-solid to liquid. If the grease has a low dropping point, then it won’t serve its purpose well.

For many years, marine grease is one of the essentials in my boat. I have used a lot of products, and a common problem I encounter is poor packaging. But this grease stands out because of its superior leak-proof container. I don’t have to worry that the container will smash or the grease will spill before I can use it on my boat.

While it is generally a good and effective marine grease, one of the cons is that the tube has a lot of air. It is not as full as the others on this list.
  • Contains proprietary base stocks that ensure optimal performance
  • Has a waterproof formula for staying power
  • Packaged in a leak-proof canister
  • Works even in unforgiving conditions
  • The tube is not full
Overall, this is an exceptional marine grease because of its waterproof formula, leak-proof packaging, long-staying synthetic polymers, and high drop point.

11. Tarantula Red Lithium Complex Marine Grease

If you are looking for an effective marine grease for a propeller, boat trailer wheel bearings, anchor reels, and other boat parts and accessories, this is an alternative worth considering. With its waterproof formula, it works well in marine settings.

This grease does not separate, even with extended storage. Do not feel the pressure to use it immediately. Unlike its cheaper counterparts, it has no oily residues that separate from the grease. It remains tacky and will not drip.

Looking at the formula of this marine grease, it is notable because it has advanced additives. The latter improves the grease’s consistency and longevity, so it isn’t easily prone to wash out. From extreme pressure to high temperatures, it is easy for this grease to withstand challenging environments.

One of the things about this grease is that it is super tacky. The application can be a bit of a challenge, but its viscosity is also a good thing because it lengthens the service intervals. It takes a while before you need to reapply.

Best of all, the company is offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy in any way, let the manufacturer know and they will issue a full refund.

Nonetheless, this is stickier than the other marine greases I have used. This makes it more difficult to apply and remove. Cleaning it off the fittings is quite a struggle because it is sticky.
  • No oily residue even after long-term storage
  • Contains advanced additives for better environmental resistance
  • Super tacky to eliminate frequent reapplication
  • Comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Sticky and messy to use
Without any oily residue, this tacky grease will last a long time and will not separate. It can also provide you with peace of mind since it has a satisfaction guarantee.

12. CRC 06037 Marine White Lithium Grease

This is different from the marine greases mentioned above because it comes in an aerosol can. The best benefit of the latter is that it is easy and mess-free to apply. I do not need a grease gun. I just have to point it on the part that I would like to lubricate and spray.

Even if you live in an extremely hot or cold location, this is a good marine grease. It will not freeze or melt. Plus, it is not easy to wash off, making it a great option for marine applications. It has a maximum working temperature of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Like many of the options for the right marine grease for outboards, it effectively repels water. Even when used on other parts, I am confident that the grease will stay on the components it is supposed to lubricate.

Another good reason to choose this marine grease is its versatility. I can spray it on almost anything I can think of that needs lubrication. It is great on latches, hinges, cables, pistons, trailer balls, and windows, among others.

If there’s one potential improvement in this grease, it is adding an extension tube to the spray head. This will make it easy to spray the lubricant in tight spaces.
  • Easy and mess-free application without using a grease gun
  • Does not freeze or melt
  • Repels water for high staying power
  • Versatile and superior lubrication of different parts
  • Spray does not come with an extension tube
To conclude, this grease is in a user-friendly aerosol can. It is water-repellent and versatile, so I can use it in more ways than one.

What is a Marine Grease/ How Does It Work


Marine grease is a lubricant that is specifically formulated for marine applications. It has optimal water resistance, ensuring that it stays on the surface and remains effective even after getting wet. It greases the boat trailer wheel bearings, but you can also use it on other parts of a boat, such as a propeller, trailer winches, and anchor reel.

Most marine greases have three main components – oils, thickeners, and additives. They work together to lubricate and protect the component at which they are applied. Because of its viscosity, it also acts as a sealant.

Types of Marine Greases

When choosing marine grease, one of the most important is to decide on the specific type that suits your needs. This is often indicative of the main ingredient and the mechanism by which it works. Below are some of the most common options:

  • Calcium Grease: This is a general-purpose grease that is ideal for parts that do not often get wet, such as hinges. While it is waterproof, it is not good for extreme temperatures.
  • Calcium Sulfonate Grease: If you are looking for marine grease that is effective in high-temperature applications, this is a great option. It is great for demanding environments.
  • Lithium Grease: One of the most basic types of marine greases, it has a temperature resistance of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It is great for non-critical uses.
  • Lithium Complex Grease: For high temperatures and shock loads, you will benefit from using this grease. It handles a maximum temperature of 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • White Lithium Grease: It is popular for being a multipurpose marine grease. It is used in metal to metal contact, and also has high corrosion protection.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Marine Grease

One of the biggest benefits of using marine grease is lubrication. It eliminates excessive friction of the moving parts. This will result in smoother performance and better efficiency. The smoother the components work, the lesser is the effort needed.

In line with its lubrication benefits, marine greases are also designed to minimize wear of high-contact parts. Because of the smoother movements, there is lesser strain, reducing potential damage.

Rust and corrosion protection are also notable benefits of using marine grease. They are great for both fresh and saltwater environments. This will help in prolonging the functional life of the parts with constant water exposure.

It is hard to name any drawback, except for the cost. Nonetheless, I won’t mind paying for such a product considering its many benefits. I can save a lot in the long run, which makes the marine grease worth every dollar.

Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a high-quality marine grease? Below are some of the most important considerations to narrow down the possibilities.

Water Resistance

Choose a water-resistant or waterproof grease for marine applications. You will be using it on parts of the boat that often get wet, so make sure that it stays in the water. If it isn’t easy to wash out, it protects even in wet environments. It eliminates the need for frequent reapplication while also ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Temperature Rating

One of the most vital technical specifications in a marine grease is the maximum temperature that it can handle. The higher, the better, especially if you live in an extremely hot place. Otherwise, it is easy for grease to melt when it is too hot and freeze once it is too cold.


It determines how thick or consistent the grease is. If it is too thin or runny, it is messy to apply and may be ineffective in providing the necessary lubrication. On the other hand, if it is too thick, it can also be difficult to use and a struggle to clean or remove.

Ease of Application

A good marine grease is user-friendly, which means that its application must be effortless. Some will require a grease gun, while there are also others that you can apply directly on the parts of a boat. It should be consistent and not messy.


Look at the ingredients of the marine grease to evaluate its safety. Many will have chemicals that are toxic when inhaled or ingested. Choose one that comes with a non-toxic and water-safe formula, considering that it is used for boating applications. It must not have ingredients that can harm aquatic life.

Care and Maintenance

Make the most out of your marine grease and ensure its effectiveness even after a long time. Here are some of the best things to do:

  • Pay attention to proper storage. Keep it in a cool, dry, and dark place to maintain its inert properties despite the extreme environment.
  • Read the label and religiously follow the instructions from the manufacturer. They know their product, so keep in mind their recommendations.
  • Replace the cap and see to it that it is tight after use. Air and dirt can penetrate the grease, which will reduce its effectiveness.
  • Store the cartridge in an upright position. This will prevent the grease from leaking and being messy out of its container.
  • Label the grease with the date of first use and its type. This will prevent mixing different greases and ensure freshness upon its application.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the top-rated marine grease?

Lucas Oil, Quicksilver, WD-40, Sta-Lube, Star Brite, and Super Tech marine grease are some of the best brands you should know. They are used even by avid boat enthusiasts, so you can be confident that the quality is second to none.

What is the difference between marine grease and regular grease?

In evaluating marine grease vs regular grease, one of the most important to highlight is the environment where they are suitable for. Regular grease does not have the same waterproof quality as marine grease. With marine grease, you can be confident that it stays despite being wet and subjected to extreme conditions, such as high temperature and pressure.

How do I apply marine grease on boat trailer bearings?

To grease boat trailer bearings, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Start by securing the position of the trailer using a jack. This is important for your safety.
  • Once the trailer is stable, clean the bearings. Water and soap will be enough to get rid of dirt and grime. Use a brush or scrub to get rid of tough dirt.
  • Apply the grease directly on the bearing. The application procedure will depend on the type of grease that you have. Some will need a grease gun, while others can be applied directly.
  • Remove any excess grease by wiping clean using a cloth.

Where can I use marine grease?

You can use marine grease in different parts of the boat that requires lubrication and corrosion protection. They are commonly applied in moving parts that create a lot of friction. It is often used on trailer bearings, propellers, anchor reels, and hinges. You can even use it in non-marine applications, such as bike and lawn equipment.

How long does marine grease last?

Marine grease can last up to five years, depending on its composition and quality. We recommend checking the container and seeing the date specified by the manufacturer. Look at the color and the viscosity of the grease to determine if it is still good to use even after long-term storage.

Where can I buy marine grease?

It is best to buy marine grease online. Purchase from trusted websites and sellers, including Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart. You can also check the individual websites of the manufacturers. By buying online, you can easily compare prices and read reviews, making it easier to arrive at a well-informed decision.


Whether it is in trailer chassis, wheel bearings, anchor chains, and propellers, the best marine grease has endless applications. Aside from lubrication, it also protects against rust and corrosion. This is crucial in keeping your boat’s components in peak condition even with long-term use in harsh environments. You also can find more boat products such as ethanol fuel treatment or fuel stabilizer on above of this article.

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