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The Best Dock Lines

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

A boat or any water vessel normally stays at the dock when not in use. As a responsible owner, you see to it that it stays in its place and the boat won’t go astray. Using heavy chains can do this job but they can’t expand or stretch. Hence, the sudden impact will be on the boat and the dock’s cleats.

best dock lines

The best dock lines are way better than those heavy chains. You would need the permanent type for the usual docking setting and transient dock one for regular mooring or docking.

Aside from the ability to stretch, dock lines should be able to resist the damaging effects of weather, sun, and water. If you don’t have any idea about the appropriate product, here’s the list of reliable dock lines.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Regatta Marine Essentials

+ Double braided nylon rope
+ Pliable, strong, and durable
+ Great for docking and mooring

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

SeaSense Dockline

+ Made of pre-spliced,
+ Flexible and durable
+ The ‘braid to braid’ structure

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

PWC Dock Lines

+ Dock lines for any water vessel
+ Hook snaps off quickly
+ Tying is simple

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Top 15 Dock Line Reviews

1. Regatta Marine Essentials Dock Line

The ideal color for the boat dock lines is black so that’s why I get it. But there are other significant reasons for getting this product. It can be used generally as it works with small and medium boats or other water vessels. It’s perfect for my 18-feet boat!

This nylon boat rope is double braided and with spliced ends which makes it hold up well. You can trust how strong and durable it is. Weathering won’t persist in chafing and fraying the strands.

The rope has a non-abrasive finish and it’s pliable so it will follow the direction where it needed to be. I can easily handle it without hurdle with tension and impact that can be thrown to the boat.

Therefore, it’s the tool that makes docking and mooring easy for me. There are four pieces of rope in one set with a length of 15 feet, 3/8-inch of diameter, and the eyelet situated at the end part which is 12 inches long. The total length is enough to keep my boat in place and avoid slipping.

The eyelet allows me to easily loop or fasten the cleat. Despite all the benefits that you can get from it, you can still get this product at an affordable price. So it won’t be too much for you to add more ropes for bigger boats that are over 25 feet, which is the only drawback of this dock line.

These black ropes are attractive. Another thing that I like about it is its ability to hide dirt. All in all, they’re made out of top quality materials. I love how it is wrapped in a plastic clamshell covering when it arrives. It’s a method to preserve its quality before the buyer gets it.
  • Double braided nylon rope with the spliced end
  • Pliable, strong, and durable
  • Great for docking and mooring
  • Four pieces of rope in one set
  • The eyelet allows for easy looping or fastening
  • Made of top-quality materials
  • Need to add more ropes for over 25-feet boats
These black, double braided dock ropes work the way you want it and they’re not stubborn as they follow directions.

2. SeaSense Dockline

I think it’s the top-rated boat dock rope as it doesn’t come loose easily. It’s what I need whenever I dock my boat. Since I trust this dock rope, I have peace of mind of leaving any water vessel at the wharf.

This dock rope is fifteen-inches long with half an inch diameter while the eyelet is 12 inches. Its ‘braid to braid’ structure is nice and it gives me the impression of its toughness. Pre-spliced nylon is the component of its length. Only the highest quality material is chosen for this rope.

My boat doesn’t tend to hit the dock any longer. This is the toughest dock line I have ever had as it can stand the whipping of the wind. You can trust it that it won’t easily break apart. Although it shows toughness, it’s still flexible and pliable.

The rope’s half-inch diameter is great as it can fit a small hole on the cleat hitch. It’s so easy to splice and tie on the boat’s chocks. You are assured that no sliding and rolling can occur. It’s also a breeze to tie it on the dock and I added a snap hook that has a quick release to its end.

While I’m working on the dock lines, the feeling on my hand is like the traditional dock ropes. I can also feel its durability at the same time. There are color options that you can choose from which are blue, black, and a combination of white and gold. This nylon rope usually works with a medium load.
  • Doesn’t come loose easily
  • The toughness of the ‘braid to braid’ structure
  • Made of pre-spliced, high-quality material
  • Flexible and durable
  • Easy to use and apply as dock lines
  • Has three color options
  • Adding quick release snap hook
  • Only for medium load
All you need to build your dock lines can be found in these nylon ropes. It won’t give you a hard time connecting the necessary parts.

3. PWC Dock Lines

These dock lines can be the harness of all water vessels such as boats, kayaks, pontoons, and jet skis. Based on the quality of the dock lines, you are assured that your vessel won’t float away from where it is anchored. With the finished length of seven feet, it’s enough for what I need.

This is a heavy-duty poly boating rope and thus, it can float. I like this feature very much as it’s more effective as dock lines. These ropes are versatile and functional. You don’t have to buy the necessary hook as it has a huge snap hook to be attached to bow eyes, cleats, ski eyes, and mooring rings.

I’m thankful for its two packs of the snap hook. Even though it’s made of plastic, it’s sturdy and it snaps off quickly and securely.

A 10-inch loop is also available as it is for the dock cleats. All the necessary parts are sturdy so I always use these poly ropes for the whole duration of summer. Tying them is so simple yet you’re assured that it won’t allow the vessel to wander on its own.

I like the combination of yellow and black colors so it makes attractive dock lines. It gives you your money’s worth as it can be used in different circumstances.

It saves my back when I need to drag my kayak in shallow water. I just attached it to my kayak and grabbed the handle. Bending is not necessary so it doesn’t ruin posture. However, I don’t recommend it to act as a tow line.
  • Can create dock lines for any water vessel
  • A heavy-duty poly rope, which is versatile and functional
  • Hook snaps off quickly and securely
  • 10-inch loop and two pack snap hooks are available
  • Tying is simple
  • Noticeable because of yellow and black combination
  • Can’t serve as a tow line
These poly ropes work best for docking jet skis. You would know once you start using them. Its quality will impress and serve you well.

4. ACY Marine Dock Line

If you’ve been disappointed with different dock lines like me, it’s time for you to follow in my footsteps of using this nylon rope for boating. The toughness of these double braided dock lines is all about premium quality. So you don’t have to be concerned that it might snap all of a sudden.

This double braided nylon dock line is just splendid. It’s UV resistant so it is resilient to the heat of the sun. It’s amazing how it doesn’t surrender to abrasion but the color may fade a bit. Flexibility can also be found in this product so you can have control over its elongation.

This three-strand rope can slightly stretch which makes it convenient for you. These characteristics make it a sturdy and durable dock line. But it remains soft and pliable.

I tested its strength and reliability when I tied it on an arbor with climbing ivy. Since this rope is quite strong, I was able to wrap and knot it at one end easily. Though the boat moved a little, it didn’t sway. It only shows that this dock line is capable of shock absorbency.

My friend also uses this as a spare tether line when he goes saddle hunting. Its toughness is tested and proven so you would know that it can secure your boat or another water vessel.

The breaking strength is within 44 939 pounds or 2 240 kilograms. Available colors are black, navy, gold, or white. It can be permanent dock lines and it is great for mooring too. It’s so easy to tie any water vessel to the cleat.
  • Tough and premium quality double braided nylon dock lines
  • UV rays and abrasion-resistant
  • Shock absorbent, flexible, and stretchable three-strand rope
  • Breaking strength is within 44 939 pounds or 2 240 kilograms
  • In different colors
  • Rope for boat mooring permanently or hunting
  • The color of the rope fades a bit
It’s the perfect dock line for me because of its strength, resistance to UV rays and abrasion as well as being shock absorbent.

5. Innocedear Dock Line

The manufacturer prides themselves on making these strong double-braided dock lines. It’s not just a single line of three-strand but there is an inner core and a covering sleeve. No unraveling or fraying can happen as it is whipped and treated. You can see how powerful and strong it is.

The structure of this rope is three times stronger than the usual ones in the market. The line diameter is half an inch and it is composed of military-grade nylon. Every fiber is damage resistant so it remains firm against sunlight, saltwater, oil, mold, salt, and harsh weather.

To sum things up, it is prepared for durability and shock absorbing ability. Thus, your boat can stay tethered. Docking a water vessel with this nylon rope is possible in any season as the fibers are water-resistant.

This rope has a length of 15 feet and it’s suitable for small to medium boats up to the size of 35 feet. It can handle the astounding 812 pounds of safe load up to massive 6 490 pounds.

It’s an amazing feature as it lends the necessary strength when docking my boat. I usually use these ropes as transient dock lines. With its length, I can utilize it as bow lines, stern lines, and spring lines. There’s a 12-inch eyelet located at the end of the rope too.

It’s worth my money as it’s strong, reliable, and can be used in different applications. However, you can only use it for small and medium boats.
  • Double braided dock line with an inner core and covering
  • No unraveling or fraying
  • Made of strong military-grade nylon
  • Resistant to sunlight, saltwater, oil, mold, salt, and harsh weather
  • Durable and shock absorbent
  • Lends necessary strength and can be used as transient dock lines, bowlines,…
  • Only for small and medium boats
When it comes to strength and load, these dock lines can secure your boat well. It seems to me that the manufacturer cares a lot about the products’ quality and customers’ safety, which firmly convinces me to purchase it for my boat right away.

6. Chrisfly Bungee Dock Lines

Many things make this bungee dock line effective. The body is made of strong bungee cord, PP, and PE materials. The thing that intensifies my fondness for this product is the Eva foam buoy as it is conducive for floating.

It’s not just the typical bungee cord as it has a cushion damping. A hidden rope is placed inside the cord for shock absorbency. The chafe guard is in the form of two foam floats. Since it can float, it’s easy for me to find the anchor as I pull my boat back to the beach.

I no longer need a marker buoy for the anchor line then. Its ability to float hinders the lines from sinking if they ever fall overboard. It goes along well where the waves go. So your boat won’t smash onto the dock.

These bungee ropes are adjustable dock lines. You only need to push the sleeve tube forward for the adjustment of the loop size. They help me to have a quick docking as I can make the sliding adjustment at both ends.

Tying will be easy as this cord is elastic. You can quickly secure the mooring of your boat and raft but it may be a bit short for jet skis. No shock from boats, docks, cleats, pylons, and other kinds of related hardware can undermine the purpose of this bungee cord. You may also use it to tie other things.

You would know that it has a good quality due to the manufacturer’s 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Once you’ve seen and touched it, you would know it’s durable.
  • Made of tough materials and floating Eva foam
  • Has cushion damping to absorb shock
  • Can adjust loop size for quick docking
  • Easy tying and elastic rope
  • Has a 12-month warranty
  • A bit short for jet ski
The bungee cord’s strandline is of high quality and rugged. So it will be fine to reuse it. The unique feature I admire the most is that the hidden bungee cord inside the rope acts as a built-in snubber, which assists the rope to function excellently.

7. Dock Lines Boat Rope for Docking

All the traits that I’m looking for in a nylon rope dock line can be found in this product. It’s not only attractive with its blue color but effective as well. The 15-feet body is made of marine double-braided nylon.

There are four pieces in a pack that promise quality and durability so they withstand inclement weather conditions and high waves. They are resistant to sun, water, and salt too. They won’t snap easily because of those elements. Even the color doesn’t fade.

The ends are secured by heat treatment so they won’t rotate and kink with a heavy load. The line diameter is 3/8-inch. This rope feels nice to the touch so it won’t give you discomfort when handling it. It’s thick enough so you can get a grip or leverage.

There’s also a 12-inch eyelet for every piece so it’s easy to tie. If it’s too long, you don’t have to cut it. Just tie it as needed. Untying goes smoothly too when you launch the boat. It also assures you that the hold is reliable when mooring the boat.

These nylon lines are suitable for boats with a maximum size of 25 feet. The maximum load that it can handle is 820 pounds. They do not just dock lines but they can be used in different situations such as strapping furniture, camping, projects, or tying up trees.

You can expect that these marine dock lines can last for years. I love how it gives my boat a sleek look.
  • An attractive marine double braided nylon dock line
  • Durable as it can last for years
  • Resistant to high waves, harsh weather, sun, water, and salt
  • Won’t rotate and kink with a heavy load
  • No discomfort when handling
  • Reliable when mooring and launching the boat and in other different situations
  • Only suitable for boats up to 25 feet
You may see this product stands out in a bungee dock line review and you’ll know why once you start using it. I can wrap up and store it easily. It demonstrates to be of good quality after many years of use.

8. Greenever Dock Lines

The advertisement says that this product is relatively stronger by 25% to 30% and it is not a bluff. It possesses all the abilities of the ideal dock line. It is extremely durable due to its double-braided structure. Thus, it doesn’t rotate or kink despite the heavy load.

It has an exquisite appearance as it’s a product of professional stitching. I just wish that it’s available in other colors aside from black. It’s soft so it won’t mash the boat’s coating. With the texture, it boosts shock absorption while minimizing the stretch.

They are adjustable even on board. The ropes are flexible when moving under the cleat. I find it easy to move the boat while being docked as well as creating stern lines and spring lines.

Exposure to the exterior and natural elements can’t be avoided. But the good thing is it’s a superior marine-grade nylon rope for dock lines. There’s a total of 24 strands in each line. So its’ resilient to saltwater, oil, molds, and UV rays.

This dock line has established strength as well. Its safe working load is 790 pounds while a maximum of 5,800 pounds is its breaking strength. It is well-rounded as it can function in several situations.

I can say that it works well with mooring and docking boats from small to medium size. My boat is 25 feet and everything works the way I want it to be. You may also use this for the alignment of a bumper or a boat fender. It’s also capable of transporting goods. You may attach it on a cart then pull it.

The producer of this dock line is confident about their product so customers can avail 100% satisfaction guarantee. I think I don’t need it anytime soon as its structure can last for years.
  • Strong double-braided rope structure
  • Doesn’t rotate or kink despite the heavy load
  • Soft texture to absorb shock
  • Adjustable and resilient to saltwater, oil, molds, and UV rays
  • Well-rounded as it can function in different situations
  • Has a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Only available in black color
Overall, I don’t see any differences between the description and the real product. Besides being thick and durable, its versatility is a fantastic feature since I can use it for loading furniture. I can’t complain anything about this product as it’s worth the money I spent.

9. Seachoice Dock Line

This brand is famous among water sports, fishing, and boating enthusiasts alike. I’m one of them and you can’t blame us as the products that they make are of good quality. It excels among the wide selection of marine ropes and lines.

This double braided dock line is embodied with premium nylon. Looking at it closely will allow you to see that it’s well sewn. So users can easily use it while it secures your boat at the dock. It’s not complex to handle as it’s soft, pliable, and flexible.

Therefore, it’s dynamic in absorbing shock. There’s an ease in maneuvering my boat while at the dock. Plus, this nylon offers higher wet strength, you won’t see mold or mildew after months exposed to the environment.

It’s also durable as I’ve used it for months now. These nylon lines are exposed to sun and seawater but it remains in good condition. It can also withstand abrasion. I’m satisfied and that’s why I used it for my fishing boat, pontoon, and truck.

I also have it for general use so one of it stays in my garage. My sister even used it to tie a hammock.

It has a perfect size as it has a length of 35 feet and a line diameter of 5/8 inch. A 15-inch eye splice is one of its features for easy tying. You may cut it to your desired and needed length for custom dock lines. But don’t forget to put it over the heat or smolder it.

I like that there are several colors that you can choose from. Black, burgundy, blue, forest green, navy, white, red, gold, or white are the options.
  • Used by water sports, fishing, and boating enthusiasts
  • Made of double-braided premium nylon
  • Flexible and can absorb shock
  • Durable even with frequent use and exposure to sun and seawater
  • You can cut it to customize the dock lines that you need
  • Comes in several colors
  • Needs to be smoldered when you cut it
The company that produces these nylon dock lines never fails to amaze me. I am generally satisfied with this product. The feature I like best about the rope is its materials, which makes it suitable for various purposes.

10. Jranter Bungee Dock Lines

You should know that bungee dock lines are solid and durable. Just like this one as it is composed of three stitches. The body is a hollow and braided polyethylene rope. Aside from its durability, there are other parts that you would love about this item.

There’s usually a bungee cord found in the inner part of the lines. It works as a built-in snubber. You can expect that this dock line can soak up the shock which means it can catch whatever impact is thrown at it. I realized that it’s a combination of a bungee rope, the usual dock line, and a snubber.

Foam float is on some of its parts to protect the boat from chafing. I don’t have problems adjusting the loop size because of its sleeve tube. When it’s time to attach it to a cleat, pylon, or post, looping is easy peasy.

I don’t worry whether my tying method is perfect or not. I know the bungee rope won’t allow my boat to float away even if there’s a strong wind. Even when there’s a storm, my boat is secured at the dock.

Another thing that I admire about this product is the low maintenance and the simple way of storage. I just rinse it off with tap water after using and surprisingly, it doesn’t have the smell of seawater. It’s like the traditional rope.

It has a length of four feet which can be stretched to 5.5 feet. These bungee dock lines are created for small and medium boats. I’ve been using it for over a year and it still upholds its great performance.
  • Solid and durable
  • Can soak up shock
  • Has a foam float to keep the boat from chafing
  • Can easily adjust the loop size
  • Keeps boats secured even during bad weather
  • Low maintenance and simple way of storage
  • Only for small and medium boats
These bungee dock lines shouldn’t be undermined as they can keep your boat secured all the time. Even with descent waves coming through, your boat still steadily stands there. Additionally, pulling out a bunch of rope is not necessary because of its clever design.

11. Predator NZ Dock Lines

I think it’s practical to get this bag with four pieces of dock lines. You will find a storage bag, eye splice whipped, and instruction manual together with these ropes. Expect only the rope for boating from this company as the creators have over 60 years of boating experience.

Nylon ensures the durability of the dock lines. It’s viewed as better than polyester because of its ability to stretch. The 24 strands used in these ropes assure this product will be long-lasting. I don’t have trouble handling it as it’s not prone to snagging.

The inner part of this boat docking rope is strong so it remains untouchable to the wear and tear of frequent use. All of the four ropes are also considered elastic dock lines because of this feature. You can rely on its 80% strength for shock loading state.

The ropes feel smooth and supple to the touch. So there’s no discomfort when handling it. While things are easy for you, it has a covering that can resist saltwater, oil, mold, harsh surrounding, and UV rays.

Boat length, weight, size, and type of boat should be considered when buying dock lines. Predator offers two choices to suit your needs. One is for boats up to 27 feet long and the other is for those that have a length of 45 feet. There’s also a 12-inch eyelet for easy tying and supreme splicing.

It provides a 100% money-back guarantee but I don’t need it. Numerous wives gave this rope as a present for their husbands who like water adventures. However, you would need boat rope accessories if you intend to splurge it with a ski boat or wakeboard.
  • Created by people with over 60 years of boating experience
  • Durable, strong, and stretchable as it’s made of superior nylon
  • Smooth and supple for comfortable handling
  • Has a covering to protect the rope from harmful elements
  • Can choose from two types based on your boat’s size
  • Has money-back guarantee
  • Rope accessories are needed when used with a ski boat or wakeboard
I’m one of the many boat owners that like these nylon dock lines a lot. Looking carefully at its design, I can see how well-made they are. These are definitely the right dock lines for me.

12. Wavesrx Premium Dock Line

Whether you believe it or not, this dock line can give you a three-year warranty. It’s surprising but it’s how confident the WAVESRX is with their product. When getting permanent dock lines and mooring ropes for boats, you would want something that serves its purpose effectively.

This dock line is made of superior nylon that was transformed into a double braided rope. It’s what you need to secure your boat at the dock. The rope has shock absorption and low stretch. These are the qualities that would stabilize your boat.

I think every detail of this rope is well-designed which results in a dock line. There’s a 12-inch eye splice end loop so that’s why I can easily attach to the cleat and the dock. To extend the life span, splice points and rope ends are reinforced twice and heat-treated to elude fraying.

I’m impressed with its great tensile strength with a minimum break capacity of 4,500 pounds. To elaborate its strength, this dock line can repel abrasion, oil, chemical, saltwater, gas, and UV. I conclude that it’s lasting.

This dock line is also competitive when it comes to comfort and ease of use. The first time I touched it, I loved the softness. When I started using it, I was surprised how it goes well with every move. Even with its strength, the soft texture is friendly on the boat’s coating.

Aside from the warranty, you can get freebies like two extra ropes and a storage bag for neat and convenient safekeeping. You can also use this dock line for your pontoons and jet skis. The navy blue color is cool but it’s better if there are other color options.
  • Provides three-year warranty
  • Great as permanent docking lines and for mooring
  • Double braided premium nylon
  • Has shock absorption ability
  • Lasting, easy, and comfortable to use
  • Has two extra ropes and storage bag
  • Only comes in one color
It’s efficiency and lasting performance are the things that I appreciate about this double braid nylon line. One small but outstanding feature is that the ends are done nicely, allowing the dock line to hold up for a long time.

13. Seamander Dock Line

I know that the various colors that this brand offers are pleasing to the eyes. Black, blue, gold, and white are the color choices. Another thing that you can choose from is the quantity. You can get a pack of a single rope and the other has two pieces.

It is done to cater to the needs of every boat owner. It depends on the size of your boat. You can get only one for a small boat or you may need more for a bigger boat.

This double braid dock line looks nice as it is composed of 100% premium nylon. So you are assured that it won’t suddenly snap while in use. It’s because it can stretch. Thus, stress on the rope is eliminated. So the line will go with the flow instead of breaking.

It has a shock absorption feature too so it stays unmoved by wear and tear. The making of this product is in the balanced spectrum so hockling and kinking are avoided. All the colors can stay in its new look because of maintaining the colorfastness as its life span is prolonged.

You can rely on it in making your boat stay in place at the dock while you’re away. There’s a soft eye splice at one end for easy tying and unfastening. It’s heat-sealed on its end part.

I use this dock line for my boat and pontoon. Since it’s balanced, whipped, and spliced, you can secure your boat from a strong wind. My boat is always safe while being dormant at any dock, seawall, or pier.
  • Several color choices and options of buying just one dock line or two
  • Double-braided and composed of 100% premium nylon
  • Has shock absorption feature
  • Maintains the new look and long life span
  • Easy tying and unfastening
  • Balanced, whipped, and spliced
  • Buying more dock lines for a bigger boat
All in all, with a wide range of applications, this product deserves your consideration. I don’t regret buying this product as it satiates my docking needs.

14. Extreme Max Dock Line

BoatTector has been serving the marine industry for so many years. It aims to produce items that provide optimal protection to your boats and other water vessels.

The outdoor equipment like this double braid nylon dock line can give you peace of mind whenever you dock your boat at the wharf or the lakeside restaurant. You can also use it as an anchor line within the currents or river and for mooring over the coastal tides.

The structure of this mega braid nylon dock line resists sunlight and reduces impact or shock. With its premium quality, you don’t need to get rid of some splinters that may scatter at the end of the day. It doesn’t get brittle and what amazed me is that the original color doesn’t change.

The ends of this line are professionally whipped so no fraying can happen. It’s the same state with its 12-inch loop so it’s ideally used for trailerable boats. I like that it is compatible with any cleat size. So you won’t have trouble making a loop on one end.

The good thing about this brand is it strives to fulfill the needs of all boat owners. You can’t only choose from various colors but different lengths and diameters. Checking the rope sizes for boats is what you need to be able to get the right dock lines.

Some people who like bigger ropes may want more thickness of the ropes as the biggest diameter is 3/4 inches. In my case, I don’t have any complaints as I can handle it well because of its flexibility.
  • Secures your boat and other water vessels
  • Can be an anchor line
  • Resists sunshine and reduces impact or shock
  • In premium quality
  • Choices of different colors, lengths, and diameters
  • Easy to handle and flexible
  • Not for those who prefer bigger rope
What I appreciate the most about this product is that you can choose what is appropriate for your boat. So you can get a premium dock line that you won’t regret buying.

15. Amarine Made Dock Line

The picture may drive you off from buying this product. Let me tell you that the images don’t give justice to the real thing. Aside from its looks, this nylon dock line does its job well. Nylon is better than polyester as it can absorb shock.

So when the boat bounced when being docked, nylon will be able to manage it. This rope for mooring lines lessens the stress and boosts the shock absorption instead. It’s useful in docking all watercraft. You may also use it in some water activities.

It’s recommended for boats up to 35-feet. It can handle a 968 lbs workload and a breaking strength of 4,840 lbs. Its strength is not only limited to weight or loads but with other factors too.

It has resistance to abrasion, UV, oil, acid, gas, and saltwater as it’s not synthetically made. Authentic nylon in good quality is used so no fraying or stretching can happen.

The entire length of this dock line is 25 feet with a half-inch diameter. There’s an eyelet too that is 12 inches long and its softness is good for the hands. Its end is sealed by heat treatment. It’s easy to use, tie, and loosen this thing to the joy of its user.

There are three colors you can choose from and they are black, blue, and white. The colors don’t bleed so it maintains its new look. Buying a single pack gives you two pieces of 25-feet dock line.
  • Good job on being dock lines and mooring lines
  • Made of good quality nylon for shock absorption
  • Can be used for any watercraft
  • Strong and resistant to exterior elements
  • Easy to use
  • Colors don’t bleed
  • Only suitable for boats up to 35 feet.
I can’t complain about using this product as a dock line and moor line. Since the day I started using it, no issues have occurred. I’m a happy customer.

What is Dock Line and How Does It Work


Dock lines for boats are also referred to as mooring lines. They are designed to secure a boat or other watercraft at a dock or a moor permanently or transiently.

When you use permanent dock lines, the length is shorter. It’s around three-quarters of the boat’s size. Some boat owners may have about half of their boats. For example, a boat length of eighteen feet should have a dock line of nine feet.

If it’s a transient dock line, the usual length is two thirds from bow to stern and as measured on the boat length. The reason is that you are not always sure of the cleat’s size.

You travel by your boat and you need to dock in various places. To cite an example, the transient line dock should be 12 feet if your boat is 18-feet long.

Aside from knowing the specific functions of the dock, you have to be responsible for choosing a reliable dock line. It should be strong but elastic enough to take in impact or shock. Resistance to UV rays, rot or mold, abrasion, and some chemicals is also essential.

Dock lines are used when you leave and return to the dock. Mid-range adjustments are done by the boat owners so they remain feasible despite tide and wind alteration. Your vessel will remain dormant and safe even if it’s unattended.

Types of Dock Lines

Polyester Dock Line

It has a strength that is tantamount to the nylons. Since it’s firm, it can resist ultraviolet rays and abrasion. It simply means longevity and you will love its flexibility as well. It can float and it’s a plus.

There are some drawbacks that you should know about this type. It can stretch a bit and it’s capable of taking shock. So it’s best to have precautions when using it.

Nylon Dock Line

The strength that it possesses is greater than the one made of polyester. It stretches so it can’t be weakened by shock loads. Thus, it can adapt to waves and ruggedness. On the other hand, know that it can lose its flexibility after some time.

Steel Wire Mooring Line

Its body consists of six strings of steel wire grouped in a curled pattern. The appearance is somehow identical to a chain. It’s easy to handle as it’s light but the necessary strength is still there.

Despite its similarities to a chain, it’s softer of course. Thus, elasticity is present to make it exceptional in dealing with shock. Unfortunately, it’s prone to corrosion so it’s known to have higher maintenance than the other types of dock line.


It’s a replacement for nylon and it is less expensive. You will be happy with its useful abilities like flexibility, resisting rot, and hovering in the water. But it can give in to UV rays so it’s not the strongest dock line out there. You would need to keep it inside when not in use to extend its life span.

Some synthetic fibers

Agava Sisalana is the source of the fiber used for this dock rope. When it comes to strength, it won’t be left behind. But it doesn’t stretch so it won’t be able to take in a massive amount of shock. It’s tough when it comes to sunlight.

You can have a good grip when using this but it can be abrasive though. Care and treatment should be applied in this case. You can prolong its lifespan if you use preservers.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Dock Lines


Dock lines are needed if you have a boat or other watercraft for docking. It’s always there whenever your boat is not used. Know the benefits and drawbacks to see that it’s a better choice than having dockmate dock lines. High technology products are not always better than the manual.

List of Benefits

  • Floating ability
  • The strength it bears and it doesn’t need much manpower
  • No need for assistance from heavy equipment
  • User friendly as it’s fine to solely use your hands
  • Lightweight and can be handled easily
  • Rustproof and chemical resistant that prolong the life span
  • Make worksite safer and more secure than ever
  • Design to be resistant to high tension and fatigue
  • Lubrication is not necessary

The drawback is the need to change dock lines after a few years. Even though it’s made of premium quality and with care and maintenance, you need to buy a new one. The accumulation of gunk can’t be avoided so it must be done.

Buyer’s Guide

There are some vital points on how to shop for the right dock lines. You also have to consider the appropriate one for your boat or any water vessel. Remember that you have to think of the vessel’s size.

First and foremost, you have to evaluate these things:

  • Be specific whether you’re going to use the dock lines permanently or just transient. Permanent dock lines are for regular docking while transient ones are used when you’re away from the harbor. Think of your intention before buying.
  • The ideal dock lines should have a body of durable and premium quality nylon rope. Polypropylene is a substitute for it but you ought to know that it can be easily deteriorated by the sun rays. It’s not stretchable as nylon and it doesn’t have adequate strength.

There are three kinds of dependable weaves in making dock lines:

  • Braided nylon – It’s so strong but it’s easy on your hands and palms. The looks are so nice
  • Three-strand – You would love how affordable it is despite its wonderful features and abilities. It can stretch a lot and it is resistant to abrasion. You will have an easy moment with it as it doesn’t fall for instances of interweaving.
  • Shoreline marine double braided nylon – It has a great appearance and the strongest weaving pattern. It blocks abrasion while it assures you of controlled elongation.
  • Mega braid – There are a dozen strands in this pattern. It’s what boats in the size of 70 feet and above need. But it is only available in black and white colors.

Buyers should consider the size, length, and diameter to be able to get the appropriate kind of dock line. You need to view the dock line size chart:

Line Diameter Length of boat

  • 3/8 inch Up to 27 feet
  • 7/16 inch 28 to 31 feet
  • Half inch 32 to 36 feet
  • 5/8 inch 37 to 45 feet
  • 3/4 inch 46 to 54 feet
  • 7/8 inch 55 to 63 feet
  • 1 inch 64 to 72 feet

When you need permanent dock lines, it should be three quarters to half of the boat length. It’s two thirds when it comes to transient dock lines.

The eyelet that is usually 10 to 15 inches long has a significant role in tying. Not all dock lines have them so be attentive to the feature.

Colors don’t have a contribution to the aesthetic appeal but you have to mind about it for the importance of maintenance. It’s just a simple thought but it’s best to be reminded that dirt is more obvious in light colors.

You need to have six kinds of dock lines so colors will help you to differentiate them. When you want to have color-coding, you should choose colorful ropes.

Care and Maintenance


It’s required that you have to regularly examine your dock lines for signs of damage and worn out. When you use it for a long time, it’s a must so you will be aware of chafing damage, discoloration, and unraveling. Once age makes them frail, you are obliged to replace it with a new one.

External inspection is extremely important so you would know if it’s still safe to use the lines. The integrity of eye splice and eye wear should be checked as well. The inner part of the rope should be examined to see if there are some damages.

Knowing possible issues is also good so you will be thorough in checking the entire length of the dock lines. For instance, rugged use results in piling up of the inner part that happens with man-made fiber. Loose coils should come off and you need to re-spliced the frayed eye and heat treat its end.

If there’s a part that is seriously damaged, don’t cut it. You may use a short splice to fix it. But then, buy a new one if the damages are unbearable as it’s not only for the safety of your boat but for yours too.

Some tips

  • You have to know how to store your dock lines properly. Roll them to become a long loop. You can place it on the boat’s edge. Loop on one end and pull it to tighten. By doing these steps, you make your ropes safe and accessible at the same time.
  • There’s a correct way of throwing the ropes to another person. Turn the whole length into two coils. Place it in each hand. When throwing, you can use just one hand like how you deal with a bowling ball.
  • You have to wash the dock lines to remove residue build-up. All you need are warm water with diluted soap and a brush.
  • It’s necessary that you maintain the flexibility of the ropes. You have to repeat drying and wetting. Then let them sit in a pillowcase and wash them in a washing machine. Add some fabric conditioner and air dry.
  • The main enemy of dock lines is chafing. So you have to practice these two ways to counter the issue. Wrap the line three times on the rail before tying. Doing it once won’t only result in chafing but a seesaw movement of your boat as well. Using a chafe guard is recommended too.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best dock lines?

The ones who make the top-rated dock lines are Regatta Marine Essentials, SeaSense, PWC, ACY Marine, INNOCEDEAR, Chrisfly, Dock Lines, GREENEVER, SEACHOICE, PREDATOR, Jranter, WAVESRX, Saemander, BoatTector, and Amarine.

 Are bungee dock lines good?

Bungee dock lines are good because of their structure. The bungee cord is wrapped with a rope which is regarded as a built-in snubber. Your boat is protected from chafing because of the two foam floats. The sliding adjustment can be done on both ends so docking is easy and convenient.

What size mooring lines do I need?

The rule of thumb for picking the needed size of mooring lines starts with the bow and stern lines. These things should be two-thirds of the boat’s entire length. It will also depend on the area where you moor your boat and how you do it.

How many dock lines do I need?

You need a total of six dock lines. The bow and stern lines should be two pieces each. To complete the required six lines, two spring lines should be added.

How tight should dock lines be?

The three-strand lines are advised in this matter. You must use the stretchy and elastic dock lines. Tightening is an essential step to minimize the movement of the boat while being docked. Always remember to tighten the spring lines.

To ensure the tightness, see to it that the ropes make a wide angle. It would also help you avoid clashing with other watercrafts.

How do you tie dock lines?

The eye splice is very important when tying your dock lines as it can slide right into any cleat hitch or piling found at the harbor. The bitter end is being modified on board. But you also have to remember that there are several combinations of lengths and diameters.

But here are some ways that can help you tie your dock lines.

  • You have to make a turning movement on the post to create a loop that has a free end. It should separate in the inner section.
  • Grip the standing line on the loop that you made then pull a section.
  • Do the same thing with the free end and allow it to have its way to get a part on the new loop.
  • Pull the knot down so it will turn stiff and you should do it on the standing line. The next thing that you need to pull is the free end. It is a way of unfastening the knot.


A durable braid and the material are the things that constitute the length of the best dock lines. Next is the resistance to abrasion, shock or impact, and exterior elements like UV rays, chemicals, mold, saltwater, and oil. Shock absorption and eye splice are also important to be able to handle it with no troubles.

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