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The Best LED Boat Lights

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Commercial establishments and residential houses have been using LED lights for years. It’s not different for boat owners as they are also searching for the best LED boat lights as well. They are people’s choice because of their high-quality lighting and ability to bear harsh weather.

best LED boat lights

Since LED lights are in demand, there’s a vast number of brands on the market. These lights are utilized in different applications. They can be the puck lights, interior boat lights, underwater boat lights, underwater dock lights, dome lights, spreader lights, and transom lights.

Therefore, buyers have a difficult time choosing what LED lights to get. The best one should be dependable in providing light for a wonderful sailing experience. Here’s a review that would introduce you to the most trusted brands.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

EXZEIT Boat Lights

+ Can withstand harsh weather
+ Waterproof
+ Encompasses 120 degrees

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Shangyuan Boat Lights

+ The light that is easy on the eyes
+ Good for decoration
+ Super easy to install

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Seapon Boat Light

+ Energy-saving
+ Can be cut every 2 inches
+ Easy installation

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Top 12 LED Boat Light Reviews

1. EXZEIT Waterproof LED Boat Lights

I’m fond of sailing at night. So I need some very bright lights to keep me on track over the waters. Aside from being a big help, there’re a lot of wonderful things to say about this pair of 6-inch lighting pods.

Just from its appearance, you can tell that it’s heavy-duty and made of high quality. It brings illumination that encompasses 120 degrees. Each light has 12 OSRAM lenses and each lens is 1.5 W. As for energy consumption, each light needs 20W.

Because it’s waterproof, you can attach it to any part of your boat and even on a pontoon, tractor, truck, SUV, and other vehicles. Water can’t get inside and damage the lights and the pre-tinned 16 gauge wire, which is much better than the dirty copper of cheap LED lights.

I’m quite impressed by its durable aluminum housing as it remains tough in harsh weather and no rusting can occur. It can withstand snow, hail, and rain.

Although the product had screws for installation, they were slightly difficult to use so I instead used a standard hex bolt to ensure the lights stay in place for permanent use. All in all, it’s easy to install.
  • Brightness encompasses 120 degrees
  • Waterproof, can be attached to boats and other vehicles
  • Pre-tinned 16 gauge wire
  • Durable, rust-free aluminum housing
  • Can withstand harsh weather
  • Screws might be difficult to use
These are tough lighting pods that keep me safe throughout darkness and harsh weather thanks to the massive coverage of its illumination.

2. Shangyuan Marine Boat Lights

I love how versatile these products are as they’re not only a good source of light. They can also be decorative marine led interior lights. They provide adequate light that is easy on the eyes and not too bright. Their provision of night vision is suitable for fishing and duck hunting.

Installation is super easy with wires that are ten inches long. The black wire is negative and the white one is positive. Hook wires of the same color together. Run them to a fuse buss or use a 10-amp inline fuse. Each light needs 12 volts to work.

A quarter of an inch hole and two pieces of the screw will complete the installation. You get them for free together with foam tape bases. They should be installed on a flat surface and you can also add glue if you want the lights to have a secure hold. Despite not adding glue, everything went well for me.

Refrain from applying excessive torque when installing as it can crack the housing. Be careful to avoid any mishap. It’s possible to place the lights in tight areas and compartments. They remain efficient in providing bright light and they look awesome as well.

There are different colors you can choose from. I find green great for my eyes. The other options are red, yellow, white, and blue. Every purchase gives you six strip lights.

You can install these lights everywhere and they can last for years. They can also be on kayaks, pontoons, yachts, golf carts, and other kinds of vehicles. Aside from being long-lasting, they are energy-saving lights too.
  • Provides adequate light that is easy on the eyes and not too bright
  • Good for decoration, long-lasting and energy-saving
  • Super easy to install (10-inch long wires)
  • With free screws and foam tape bases
  • Can be placed in tight areas
  • 5 different colors to choose from
  • The housing may crack if excessive torque is used for installation
These lights serve their purpose well with hardly any disadvantage at all.

3. Seapon Pontoon Boat Light

I was able to avoid paying for the installation of lights for our pontoon. I did it myself for less than an hour with this light. It’s all worth it as I saved some money.

The bright light coming from it allows me to go night fishing. The blue light looks brilliant on my boat’s floor and underneath my pontoon. It’s fine to place it on the parts that get contact with water as it is waterproof.

It can be used as interior light, under gunwale light, boat deck light, center console light, cockpit light, courtesy light, and many more.

Installation is easy as the entire strip has self-adhesive tape at its back. Screws and strip clips come with it too. You may also tie the lights on the deck. Drilling some small holes would help them affix on the floors.

With its 5m length and 1cm width, this is one of the most favorite marine led strip lights. The only flaw is being too long for my boat. What I did is cut the excess length as it can be done every 2 inches. It won’t ruin the entire operation as mine continues to light up.

I have an extra switch in my boat and it’s where I attached the light. You can also use a 5-amp fuse. Powered by 12V DC, it’s one of the perfect marine led cabin lights I’ve ever had. It also needs less than a watt to light up, and is simply amazing in saving up energy and being environmentally friendly.
  • Can be used as boat deck light, cockpit light, and more
  • Easy installation, no professional needed
  • Can be placed near water
  • Self-adhesive tape, screws, and strip clips are provided
  • Can be cut every 2 inches
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • The length can sometimes be too long
You’ll be happy having this light on your boat or pontoon. Not only for its bright light but for its awesome look as well.

4. Partsam Marine Clear Lens

I just love the look of these marine clear lenses as well as their brightness that is not blinding. They are on my boat’s deck and in the interior as well. When I received this product, I wasn’t convinced that it would work well. I found out I was wrong when I started using them.

They look cool and appealing so they can be used in various applications. Each round lens is three inches wide. It’s durable even if it’s lightweight with its plastic housing. I haven’t been obliged to do any fixing so far. Its longevity is also something that you can rely on.

It’s structured for universal use so you can also add it to trucks, tractors, trailers, and other vehicles.

To ensure the stability of the lights, screws included in the package are attached to their chrome bezels. Like what should be expected from marine LED lights, it’s waterproof with an IP68 rating. It operates with 12 V DC which is the reliable power supply nowadays.

I used 18 wire gauges for them but 22 works well. Then I hardwired them with black and red wires. But you can use 12-volt batteries to power them up. Low upkeep is another thing that I like about these lights.

One problem I had is installation. These lights do not mount flush to the wall naturally. I had to drill a screw hole and a sinkhole to make this happen.
  • Its brightness is not blinding
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Useable for trucks, trailers, and other vehicles
  • Comes with screws, 12V DC
  • Waterproof (IP68 rating)
  • Only needs low upkeep
  • Flush mounting needs more work
These are the top-rated led boat deck lights because of their cool effects and brightness that is not blinding.

5. Obcursco LED Boat Navigation Light

These are the ideal led boat navigation lights for me as they aren’t easily bent or knocked down. Although they will be submerged, they won’t stop working because they’re IP67 waterproof. Direct sunlight, continuous rain, and frequent boating won’t damage them easily.

These 18 5050 LED strips give off intense brightness. They can even light up the whole dock. I’m impressed as it is not something I expected from navigation lights. They’re much brighter than the previous ones I had and I’ll be exclusively using this brand.

I put them on the boat’s bow to serve as navigation lights. They give my boat a clean look with their slim appearance. They allow you to see what’s ahead of you. It’s all because of their 5050 Visibility LED bead and high color reaction. The lights have a vast coverage of up to 40 feet.

This light strip has DC 12V voltage and only requires 3.6 W. It’s half an inch wide with a length of twelve inches. The lights are green and red or blue or white. They would look cool as bass boat led deck lights.

The 3m adhesive backing is used to hold the LED lights. So it’s much easier to install compared to pole-mounted navigation lights.

The lead wire is six feet long and I connected it with a 12-volt battery. Based on my experience, it lets you save some energy.

As for drawbacks, when I ordered two of these lights, one worked fine, but the other did not stick well when installed. It only took a sealant for me to solve this problem, though, no customer service needed.
  • Aren’t easily bent or knocked down
  • IP67 Waterproof, energy-saving
  • 5050 Visibility LED bead and high color reaction
  • Light coverage is up to 40 feet
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Might require sealant to stick well
There’s no use for old junk lights as these navigation lights are all you need to guide you.

6. LEDMO Upgraded LED Strip Lights

I’ve never thought these LED strip lights would be so effective for my intention. I thought they were only suitable as decoration, but with their clean and bright light, they’re marvelous at functioning as marine interior lighting.

Two rolls of these strip lights give you a total length of 32.8 feet. So they can be utilized as led deck lights for boats. These lights give the deck a vibrant appearance—a bit of purplish and bluish hues.

I was able to arrange them well on my deck as it’s fine to cut them without worrying about damage. I just followed the cutting marks between every three LED lights. Then I can connect the strip with other pieces of the strip light. Covering the whole deck with these lights is easy-peasy!

The strip lights easily stick on a clean and smooth surface so I cleaned up before placing them on my deck. Unfortunately, it won’t stick to porous surfaces like wood. I used a mechanical fastener to ensure that the strip adheres well.

The bulbs are 12 volts and 60 W and they’re linked to a DC12V 5A power supply. They don’t easily become hot as I tried touching them after hours of use. Since the light strips have a long life span, the maintenance cost is low and I don’t have to change boat lights too often.
  • Gives clean and bright light
  • Suitable for decoration
  • Can be cut and connected to another strip
  • Easily sticks on a clean and smooth surface
  • Doesn’t easily turn hot
  • Has a long life span
  • Won’t stick to a porous surface
Clean, bright light like daylight is provided by these light strips which I’ve been using for quite some time. They are the decorative type too.

7. TH Marine LED-51830-DP Dome Light

This is wonderful for marine led lighting as it provides night vision. I placed it at the navigation station and it’s perfect for cruising sailboats. You can also buy a few and use them as boat cabin lights.

The light colors are bright but not overbearing. They’re great inside and outside the boat. I can use this dome light to read a book without hurting my eyes.

I have six of them in my boat but they consume a small amount of power. It’s because this dome light is a low power draw super flux, P4 type of LED. It’s with 12 volts and its light spreads in a wide beam angle of 120 degrees.

The unique feature of this dome light is having a switch. A plastic cover is provided to protect the light and I attached it with four screws. I also connected the two wires, which are covered with silver to prevent corrosion.

Installation was not as fast as expected. What took a long time was the flush mounting as the wires are too tight. I needed to push them upwards a bit to secure the light in the cover.
  • Night vision is perfect for sailboats
  • Bright but not overbearing
  • Consumes a small amount of power
  • Light spreads in a wide beam angle of 120 degrees
  • Has a switch and a protective plastic cover
  • Silver-tinned wires prevent corrosion
  • Flush mounting consumes a lot of time
This nice, small dome light is perfect for small cabins and storage areas. Another reason to buy it is to improve navigation.


If you’re looking for a sturdy light, this one’s for you. Since the manufacturer termed these “flood LED work light pods”, they can serve as waterproof led lights for boats. You can install them on land vehicles and use them as lighting devices for agriculture, engineering, and your household.

The strength and durability of these light bars are from their die-cast aluminum housing. They’re also dust-proof and non-corrosive. The LED lights are encased in 6-inch pods and covered with an upgraded PC lens surface that is capable of high transmission. They are generated with 12V.

They sit pretty well on the T-top of my fishing boat, providing a decent amount of light. It can’t be denied that they are great led marine deck lights. 6 LEDs with 18 watt in total along with 6K color temperature extend what your vision can reach.

This wattage also helps the 1070 aluminum alloy in dispersing heat. It has an enhanced air circulation design to support this function. So I don’t worry about overheating even with continuous use.

Buying these lights gives you adjustable mounting accessories. The lights can be adjusted around 90 degrees, which enables me to change the light beam with so much ease. I was so surprised when I saw that the light could slide.

But the bolts weren’t long enough for installation. I made it work by buying the right bolts and attaching the LEDs to the provided brackets before tightening the bolts. It’s hard to put the lights in the proper place if you place the mounting brackets first.
  • A sturdy light bar for various applications
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, and non-corrosive
  • Has an upgraded PC lens surface
  • Helps you extend your vision
  • Disperses heat so overheating won’t happen
  • Adjustable mounting accessories
  • Installation may require some effort
I’m happy with how this light shines at my deck and stays strong against water and harsh weather.

9. Partsam Utility Strip Light

The bright light coming from this is great for dark compartments. Thus, I use it as interior boat lighting and as a decoration too because of its nice looks. It is useful for interior cabinets and even in my daughter’s dollhouse. With its compact size, it has numerous functions.

You can use it on land vehicles too. In my case, it is now in my pontoon. I once used it for an ice fishing box and it didn’t dismay me. With its endurance outdoors and in cold weather, it can withstand moisture.

You can get six pieces of diodes strip light which are four inches long and an inch wide. They work with 12 V and have white, clear lenses. Low amp can get them to work, which means longer battery life. Hence, they can last for a long time.

Aside from great illumination, versatility is another thing I like about this product. You can install it everywhere as it has a universal fit. I appreciate the black rubber gasket for mounting as it makes the lights stay in place. Two screws on both sides of the light are added for a secure hold on flat surfaces.

The only challenge for me is when I put it on my trailer. The gauge of the wires is too small but I made it work by using splice connectors.
  • Can be used in the interior of the boat, on land vehicles, and more
  • Can be a decoration
  • Can withstand moisture
  • Long-lasting, thanks to its battery life
  • Black rubber gasket and screws for mounting
  • Gauge wires can be small
I’ve been using these strip lights for many purposes as the warm glow from it works well for me.

10. Obcursco Boat Light LED

Obscuro also produces outstanding interior led boat lights that shine bright in compartments and decks. These have broad applications like led boat courtesy lights, boat center console light, transom light, cockpit light, and night light.

From the moment I laid my eyes on this product, I could tell that the quality is good. The case is made of electroplating plastic but it’s still sturdy and it’s not prone to corrosion. Aside from being IP67 waterproof, the led lights are protected from dust, dirt, sand, and snow.

It remains lit up even at the lowest temperature like minus four degrees Fahrenheit. It is also resilient against UV rays and has a long life span thanks to its low energy cost. It is stylish and durable at the same time.

These round LED lights are three inches wide with upgraded black (negative) and red (positive) wires. Two screws on both sides of the frame are needed for installation. It’s a simple thing to do even if you’re not dexterous and you don’t have to look high and low for the mounting holes.

If the lights don’t work, try to change the polarity of the wires. It’s only a matter of paying attention to details.

Some people prefer green led lights for boats because they don’t attract bugs even though they’re so bright. Good thing that it’s one of the available colors of this product and the other options are blue and white.
  • Its bright light can be used in many applications
  • Has sturdy electroplating plastic and waterproof case
  • Not affected by dust, dirt, sand, and snow
  • Has a long life span, UV ray protection, and low energy cost
  • Easy to install (with screws and mounting holes)
  • Different color options (green, blue, white)
  • Wire polarity may affect the product
There are many reasons to get this light. For me, I love its sturdiness and long life span.

11. Hong 111 Marine Boat Lights

I bought these lights at first to fulfill my boat lighting ideas. The ten pieces in one pack are the reason why I decided to buy this product. I was a bit surprised when I saw solid lighting from them. It made me realize the lights are good for illumination.

These lights can have different applications too. You may use them as navigation lights, step light, stern light, cockpit lights, courtesy lights, and night light. They are also suitable for kayaks and golf carts.

There are four color options — white, blue, green, and red — so everyone can choose according to their preference. I picked the blue one as I like the vibe that it brings to my deck.

Though I’m more inclined to use them for the interior of my boat, I like that they’re waterproof and made of ABS materials. I think this is a plus for any marine equipment exposed to rain and water.

These lights can survive harsh weather conditions. Their life span is also reliable as they are made to last.

These cuties are lightweight with a measurement of 3.8-inch length and 0.78-inch width. They work with DC 12V, have PC lens and a pair of 11-inches wires. Take note that black is negative and the other wire (whichever color it is) is positive.

Every piece of this light is so easy to install. There are free screws and foam tape bases. Since you can use the lights in different applications, the screws may not be sufficient for some users. There’s always a way out as you can get the required screws for your application.
  • Gives solid lighting
  • Wide range of applications
  • Has color options (white, blue, green, red)
  • Durable and lasts long
  • Lightweight (3.8 inch long, 0.78 inch wide)
  • Easy to install with free screws and foam tape bases
  • Some users find the screws insufficient for some applications
I love the solid lighting of these units. It proves that they’re not only for decoration.

12. Acegoo Boat Recessed Ceiling Light

I’m very pleased with this product as it is compact and ultra-thin. Its diameter is around 2.7 inches so it can fit into a 3.5-inch light fixture. You’ll have enough space for it and it won’t ruin how you set up things in your boat. It even looks nice so it compensates for my lack of boat interior lighting ideas.

You can get four dimmable lights with every purchase. Cool lights and warm lights are the options you can choose from. I’m content with the cool light as it creates the ambiance that I want.

The whole case is made of aluminum to provide a sleek look. This material helps to dissipate heat from the LEDs so overheating can be avoided. 12V DC is the power supply and the light needs 3W.

Using this light means saving energy as its consumption is over five times lower than halogen lights. Each light weighs just 1.8 oz. I like how lightweight it is and how easy it is to install.

The spring clips for mounting make for a smooth installation. But you have to be careful while handling them as they can be easily damaged.

The hole where you place the light should be 0.6-inch deep while the cutting hole should have a diameter of 2.4 inches. Once everything is set up, the lighting angle is 120 degrees.
  • Compact, ultra-thin, and lightweight
  • Dimmable and can give off warm and cool lights
  • The aluminum case can help dissipate heat
  • Energy consumption is low compared to halogen lights
  • Easy installation with spring clips
  • Light angle to the extent of 120 degrees
  • Spring clips should be handled with care
I’m glad to have these lights in my cabin. They are stylish and energy-efficient.

What is a LED Boat Light and How Does It Work


A led boat light exceeds the capability of the traditional, incandescent light as it’s over ten times better than the latter. Its operation is entirely different with 150 lumens per watt. It’s one solid, whole instrument without assembly or disassembly.

To light it up, the semiconductor does the job as the current is being supplied. The semiconductor is durable and it remains in the same condition while continuing to support the efficiency of the LED lights.

The flow of current for LEDs goes in one direction so these lights are called diodes. The P-N junction is where the light energy is released as the current passes through.

These lights will save you from experiencing battery drain as it only uses 10% to 20% of the energy used by incandescent lights. This amount of energy consumption means that it can last long. What makes them reliable is that they can still work even when exposed to low temperatures and vibrations.

The chemistry of the device is responsible for the color of the LED lights. Based on this factor, there are two types of LED lights. The ones with indium gallium nitride have white, blue, green, and ultraviolet colors.

The second type, which is composed of aluminum gallium indium phosphide, is yellow, orange, or red.

Types of LED boat lights

These things will guide you to where you’re heading and you would know the precise position of your boat. They also release signals for other vessels that are around you. So accidents and collisions are avoided. You may also use white lights or red and green lights for this.

  • Anchor LED lights

Depending on your circumstances, these may be required by law. They are responsible for showing the exact location of a boat when stationed in a dock.

The light should be bright white as mandated by the law. Maximum visibility is important as poor lighting can be easily concealed by fog or the night’s darkness.

  • All-Round White LED Lights

These can be installed in any water vehicle with an available power connection. It illuminates all directions as well as showing the boat’s position. They have dual functions.

First, they can be stern lights or masthead lights for shorter vessels with a length of not more than 39.4 feet. The other usage of these lights is acting as anchored lights when the boat’s sidelights are malfunctioning.

  • Deck LED Lights

As its name suggests, they are used for the deck and they can even be a part of the cabin. You can have them underneath the roof or on the exterior sides.

Many boat owners are after these lights as they are deemed useful in many applications. They can be used for servicing or maintenance. Night fishing is also supported by these lights. They are also called docking lights and they are usually used when you’re only sailing near the dock.

  • Docking LED Lights

Leaving and hovering the marina would require you to use these lights. They typically provide extreme brightness for mariners and boaters to see everything. These lights are usually installed on high posts and surfaces of the boat. They are installed on a permanent lighting fixture.

  • Underwater LED Lights

Sometimes, being underwater is unavoidable.These lights can assist you with your fishing exploration as it can attract sea creatures when you go night fishing. But many boaters use them on open water because of their waterproof feature and tight casing.

  • Search LED Lights

This type of light helps you easily find the location of things while you’re on the water or the deck. It may not be frequently used but it’s capable of giving adequate lighting at the right angle. It is both suitable for the exterior and interior parts of the boat.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using LED Boat Lights

Here are some benefits of using LED boat lights. They have many advantages compared to incandescent lights.


LED lights have less mercury and they’re not prone to overheating. Hence, you can use them for a long time.

Energy Efficient

A LED light is much better than its counterpart as it consumes less energy. Choosing to install it in your boat is a way to save some money in terms of power usage.

Long Life Span

Users find the long lifespan of LED lights impressive and useful. They would usually be in service for 60,000 hours, which is equivalent to 7 years. You will save more money than choosing ordinary lights that would require replacement from time to time.


Semiconductor materials are used to make LED lights instead of a filament or neon gas. So together with the tight seal on the light’s casing, they promise durability.


It has an array of functions. Aside from water vessels, land vehicles can benefit from it as well. As you can notice, LED lights are present in households, businesses, and commercial establishments.

Even marine LED lights for boats are used as decorations inside the house. They are indispensable light sources in any environment and situation.

The drawbacks are the following:

High Initial Cost

Installation of LED boat lights are costly but it will be worth it in the long run. As they continue to do their job, you will discover how cost-effective they are.

The Sensitivity of the Voltage

LEDs need a fixed supply of current which should be lower than the rating of the electrical system in your boat. They are sensitive to excess current or voltage. So always check the wattage of the lights and you can use LED drivers to regulate the power that they receive.

Not a Survivor of Winter Condition

The weather during winter is not for LED lights as they don’t generate enough heat to melt the snow that covers them.

Buyer’s Guide


To make the selection of LED lights boats easier for you, here are some factors that you have to consider:

The Quality of Light

It is a very important factor when you’re trying to get LED lights for your boat. Lumen is referred to as the amount of light produced by LEDs and the quality of the light is based on it.

There are different brands so expect various light qualities. You will find some of them that provide clear white lighting while others are dim.


Durability is another important factor aside from quality. Every buyer wants a top-notch product that can withstand harsh weather and an unpredictable marine environment.

The presence of salt in seawater may lead to corrosion. The LED boat lights should be encased in upgraded plastic material or anodized aluminum. That way, they won’t give in to corrosion, you will be able to use them for a long time.

Voltage Compatibility

Boats’ voltage ranges from 6 to 30 volts. The electrical system of most boats is around 12 volts to 24 volts. 12v led lights for boats usually correspond to the said electrical system. But there’s still a need to check if the LED lights are a match for your boat or other water vessels.

EMI or Electro-Magnetic Interference

EMI is important to check the performance of the LED lights. Doing it is for your safety too. When going over the choices of LED boat lights, you’d better check the EMI to know the lights’ applications. They should be suitable for both personal and industrial use.

The right LED boat lights should work without being interrupted by radio equipment, radios, and other electronic devices. It means that electromagnetic interference can’t stop them from working.

The Color Temperature

Color temperature means the character of the light which is measured by Kelvin. There are variations with LED boat lights like natural daylight, cooler lights, and warm ones which appear as a yellow hue.

The natural daylight temperature has 5,600 K. Cooler lights have a lower number and it’s higher when it is a warm light. It’s up to you to choose the color temperature based on your needs and the ambiance that you want to establish in your boat.


The reason why people like using LEDs is their low energy consumption. This also applies to the ones used in boats and other water vessels. Still, you have to look at the lumens per watt. You can determine that the LED light is cost-effective if there’s high lumen per watt as it consumes less energy for sure.

Meet Legal Requirements

Legal requirements differ from places to places. But one common thing that every boater should do is to abide by the rules. Knowing restrictions and requirements will also let you identify the right LED boat lights for sunrise and sunset.


Price should be one of the important factors when getting LED boat lights. It varies based on the materials, features, and quality. You can always find something within your budget range that can suffice your needs. Some special features can also be prioritized.

Even if you go for expensive ones, there will be a massive return to your money. You will be able to save some bucks in the long run. There will be low replacement costs as you don’t have to change them often. Energy bills won’t be high either.

Care and Maintenance

You don’t have to think and work hard on the care and maintenance of LED boat lights. The process is the same as the traditional light bulb. Regular cleaning on both interior and exterior parts should be done to maintain good performance.

Once you notice malfunction or see worn out wires, inspection and testing should be done immediately. It calls for replacements when the lights are damaged and they have wear and tear signs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best LED boat lights?

The brands that make the top-rated LED boat lights are EXZEIT, Shangyuan, Seapon, Partsam, Obcursco, TH Marine, YITAMOTOR, Hong 111, and Acegoo RV.

How long do LED boat lights last?

A LED boat light can serve its purpose for 60,000 hours or 7 years.

How to set up?

It’s pretty easy and straightforward to set up LED boat lights. These are the three steps that you have to follow.

  • Mounting the light on the surface of the boat is the first step. Allow the wires to run over the hull.
  • Connecting the lights requires a drain plug. Place the lights into the socket so you can attach them with the batteries.
  • Drilling the hole for installation may not be required. But if it’s necessary, let the wires run through the holes so the lights and battery can be connected.

How to maintain and care?

Maintenance is necessary for LED boat lights to ensure their longevity. Proper care can be done with regular cleaning of all the parts. It’s also essential to check for damaged wires and other issues.

Do LED boat lights need to be waterproof?

Most of them are graded as waterproof particularly for those who are designed for submersion. The waterproof rating is usually IP65 or IP67. When the rating is high, it’s an indication that the lights can withstand underwater settings.

What color of LED boat lights can attract fish and sea creatures?

White and green lights are the best recommendations. They can attract fish. But you have to place them on the exterior of your boats as bugs are also captivated by them.


Get the best LED boat lights to ensure that you have a blast when night boating or night fishing. They provide good lighting and remain cost-effective even in the long run. Be attentive to their features so you can pick the one that would cater to your needs.

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