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The Best Boat Washes

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Owning a boat grants you endless adventures and memories with your friends and family. However, keeping one isn’t as easy as it looks. Frustrations such as stains, dirt, rust, salt sprays, corrosion, nasty odors, etc., can ruin any boating experience. When left unattended, these stains and odors deteriorate your boat’s functionality and appearance.

best boat wash

To avoid serious problems, regular cleaning must be on top of every boat owner’s list. As you know, this is not an easy task, and you would need the best boat wash that works for you and, most importantly, optimizes your watercraft’s appearance.

Luckily, this post shall be your guide in picking the options that will meet your boat cleaning needs. More than that, you can discover tips and hacks to ensure you’ll spend most of your time enjoying your boat, rather than cleaning it.


<strong>Top 1</strong>


+ Formulated with rich conditioners
+ Has a pleasant and fresh scent
+ Does not leave streaks on surfaces

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Star Brite Boat Wash

+ Effective in getting rid of hard-to-remove stains
+ Gentle on the boat’s surface
+ One bottle can last you long

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<strong>Top 3</strong>


+ Safe to use many surfaces
+ Cleans and waxes at the same time
+ Removes light to stubborn stains effectively

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Top 15 Boat Wash Reviews

1. MEGUIAR’S M4364 Boat Wash

Grime, scum, and dirt may be challenging without the right cleaning agent. Fortunately, this Meguiar’s boat wash does this job without stripping away the boat’s nutrients and wax protection. It is formulated with rich conditioners that leave a bright finish on the surfaces, unlike ordinary cleaning solutions.

Aside from that, a little goes a long way with this product. Its superior sudsing action maximizes its cleaning efficiency, making one purchase an excellent and economic choice.

It is easy to rinse off and does not leave any streaks, making it safe for the gel coat. All you need to do is wash the suds off gently to enhance the sheeting action. After it has dried off, it is important to wipe it off with a towel to avoid water spots.

Although it is tough on dirt, its pH balanced formulation ensures safe cleaning that preserves the shine on your boat surfaces. You don’t need to do the hassle of buffing and waxing since it does that in just one easy step.

Another advantage of this product is its fresh and clean scent that keeps your boat smelling pleasant. Cleaning becomes satisfying compared to other boat wash that stings through your nose.

Nonetheless, wearing gloves and taking extra precautions when using this cleaner is a must since prolonged contact with the skin may irritate.
  • Cleans grime, scum, and dirt without stripping the boat’s protective wax
  • Formulated with rich conditioners that maximize and protects the surface shine
  • Long-lasting sudsing action makes cleaning efficient
  • Has a pleasant and fresh scent
  • Does not leave streaks on surfaces
  • Wearing gloves is a must when cleaning to avoid skin irritation
Overall, if you are looking for the top-tier boat soap that leaves your boat’s surfaces dazzling and protected even without waxing, this is the perfect choice for you.

2. Star Brite Boat Wash

The Star Brite Boat Wash is a go-to for eliminating hard-to-remove stains such as dried off fish blood, tar, scum, exhaust smudge, gas stains, and tar. Its concentrated formula tears through stains while remaining gentle and safe on the boat’s surfaces.

It is an all-around cleaner that works effectively on both interior and exterior surfaces, including vinyl. Decks, hulls, fittings, and chromes shall be left spotless with just one application. Apart from watercraft, you can also use this for washing your cars, trucks, and trailers, making it cost-efficient.

Since it is made with concentrated formula, three capfuls of this solution are enough to clean a 20-foot boat. Cleaning is also less of a fuss since you don’t need to dry it with a towel after rinsing. The best part is it doesn’t leave any streaks and residues.

Although it does a remarkable job of effectively cleaning deep-seated dirt, it remains safe for the environment. It is made from biodegradable ingredients, making cleaning in water surfaces a guilt-free task.

However, if you want to make your boat look shiny after washing off its stains, this is not a recommended product for you.
  • Effective in getting rid of hard-to-remove stains
  • Gentle on the boat’s surface
  • Easy to rinse and does not leave any residues
  • Can clean both interior and exterior surfaces
  • One bottle can last you long
  • Made from biodegradable ingredients making it safe for the marine life
  • It doesn’t leave your boat surfaces shiny
Overall, this option shall never fail you when it comes to stripping light to dark stains in your watercraft. This is ideal for boat owners looking for a solution that keeps their boat from stubborn stains while keeping the environment safe.

3. MEGUIAR’S M4232 Flagship Wash

If you are hunting for the best boat wash and wax that does cleaning and waxing simultaneously, this is your answer.

It removes salt formation, scum, fish blood, fresh and old stains, and at the same time, provides a protective wax layer to protect the boat’s surface from the harmful UV rays and corrosion caused by moisture and salt. The best part is it leaves no streaks, only a spotless and dazzling finish, restoring your watercraft to its optimum shape.

These are all made possible thanks to its premium formulation of synthetic polymers and carnauba. Boaters looking into saving time and money recommend using this product as it gives them the freedom to skip waxing while still maintaining the boat’s shine.

Another cost-efficient quality of this boat soap is its power to work on many surfaces such as metal, vinyl, clear plastic, gel coat, and fiberglass without scrubbing!

It is also good to know that this product is made from biodegradable and non-detergent ingredients. Not only is it safe for the environment, but it is also safe for the boat and you. Although powerful, it cleans gently and doesn’t strip off the wax protection.

The only limitation with this product is its non-concentrated formula that produces low suds compared to its competitors.
  • Cleans and waxes at the same time
  • Removes light to stubborn stains effectively
  • Safe to use many surfaces
  • Safe to use in waterways due to biodegradable and non-detergent ingredients
  • Leaves a layer of protection against the harmful rays of the sun and oxidation
  • Non-concentrated formula and low suds
Unquestionably, this is an ideal option for those in the hunt for a product that restores their boat’s former glory and shine. Aside from cleaning, it also protects the boat from oxidation and damage from the sun’s rays.

4. Salt-Away Products Cleanser Concentrate

When you’re out on a fishing trip from the sea, the salt deposits on your boat’s window may ruin any view. Lucky for you, this boat wash for saltwater is formulated to rid your boat from old and new salt deposits that decreases its look and ruin any outing.

With this cleaner from Salt-Away, dealing with interior and exterior dirt and salt deposits is not a problem. Plus, it is the sought-for product for boat owners looking to rid their watercraft from pesky rusts. This cleaner lasts long since it is concentrated and comes in a one-gallon bottle.

Apart from external cleaning, it is also designed as a motor flush for either personal, inboard, or outboard engine. It clears away salt and rust deposits and protects it from corrosion, increasing your boat’s life span.

You can rely on this product to be safe for the environment since it is free from toxic and non-biodegradable chemicals. I love that I can use it on different surfaces like aluminum, fiberglass, metal, plastic, rubber, and more. You can even use it for your gears, vehicle, and household cleaning!

Since it doesn’t strip any waxes, my watercraft’s shine lasts longer. You can also notice how it leaves a protective film to prevent future residues from clinging unto the surface.

For all that, although the one-gallon bottle is cost-effective and ideal for maintenance, this purchase may cost too much for those wanting to test out its effectivity.
  • Specifically formulated to rid of fresh and accumulated salt deposits
  • Concentrated formulation that comes in a one-gallon bottle is ideal for maintenance
  • Clears away salt and rust deposits from your engine
  • 100% made from non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients
  • Doesn’t strip waxes away and leaves a protective film on the surfaces
  • May be costly for those wanting to test its effectivity
To conclude, if you are having endless trouble with the excessive salt buildup in your watercraft, this solution’s cleaning capability shall never fail you.

5. Seapower Marine Wash Boat Soap

The tiresome chore of getting rid of water spots and streaks ends here. This is because the Seapower Marine Boat Soap is a highly concentrated marine wash that can effortlessly washes off these nasty stains. You can even forgo waxing as one application cleans, waxes, and protects the surfaces simultaneously.

Among other wash and wax boat products, this does not strip away wax from previous cleaning. It is made from carnauba wax, ensuring your boat’s new-like appearance and shine that lasts long. So, even if you regularly clean after a fishing trip, you can be at ease that it won’t harm your boat’s wax or polish.

It is good news that it works on any surfaces, like fiberglass, wood, polyurethane, rubber, metal, etc. You can be sure that the external surfaces of your boat shall look stain-free and glossy. Plus, it ensures safety for marine life since it is biodegradable.

If you are looking for a product to solve your boat maintenance problems, this is the most economical choice for you. Since this concentrated solution comes in a one-gallon bottle, chances are you will not need to buy more cleaner any time soon.

Apart from its smart cleaning ability, many boaters stick to this choice because of its fresh scent, making cleaning lighter and less of a chore. Furthermore, they love that it rids of odors and leaves refreshing look and smell.

Anyhow, one weak point about this product is you can’t buy a smaller bottle if you want to test out its capabilities.
  • Cleans, waxes, and protects the surfaces in just one application
  • Doesn’t strip away wax from previous cleaning
  • Ensures a long-lasting new-like shine
  • Made from environmentally-friendly ingredients
  • Concentrated formulation in one gallon for maintenance purposes
  • You can’t buy a smaller bottle if you want to test it out
Nonetheless, this concentrated boat wash is a great deal. It does a three-way action that cleans, shines, and protects in just one application. You can forgo waxing and save time and money with this choice.

6. Star Brite Super Orange Boat Wash

The Star brite Super Orange Citrus Boat Wash & Wax is for boat enthusiasts looking for a product to efficiently clean their watercraft. It does a brilliant job of removing oil, grime, and dirt from surfaces. There is no need to wax after washing as it is formulated with wax.

If your boat looks faded, this is an excellent choice since it restores luster and vibrant as it waxes. Plus, it leaves durable polymer protection, preventing stains and weathering on the surfaces. Its versatility is also another benefit, as it does its job on vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, painted surfaces, metal, and more.

Additionally, it is the best economical marine soap. A minimal amount of its concentrated formulation goes a long way. You don’t have to use much, and one bottle lasts longer than its competitors. The light citrus scent also puts an end to pesky moldy odors.

Best of all, it retains the gloss of your boat without ruining the old waxes, optimizing its power to leave a shiny finish. Since this is one of the top-rated Star brite boat wash in the market today, you can vouch for its superb ability to leave any surface spotless. It is also good to know that it is biodegradable, ensuring the safety of marine life.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a cleaner that gets rid of rust stains like magic, this is not the one for you. The product may take longer to effect, and additional scrubbing may be necessary.
  • Specifically formulated to remove tough oil, grime, and dirt
  • Restores faded surfaces to its former luster and vibrance
  • Leaves durable polymer protection to prevent weathering and stains
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces
  • Rids of nasty odors and leaves a light orange scent
  • More time and scrubbing are required to rid of rust stains
To wrap up, this is considered one of the best go-to boat washes that do a commendable job of removing stains and odor. Plus, it combines cleaning and waxing, ensuring a brilliant surface.

7. Mothers 91532 Marine Wash

Mothers 91532 Marine Wash ‘n Wax has one of the top-rated soap reviews in the market today. It is designed to eliminate salt spray, scum, grime, dirt, and oil stains effortlessly! What is more, it leaves a brilliant finish while adding a layer of protection on the boat or RV surfaces.

I love this cleaner because it is pH balanced, and I don’t have to worry about leaving scratches whenever I clean. Cleaning is also made easier and faster as I don’t have to spend so much time rinsing it, thanks to its low-sudsing formula.

One more good thing is it is concentrated, making a purchase last for long. You can utilize this cleaner multiple times before it runs out. This boat soap is also made from biodegradable ingredients that are safe for the environment.

For sure, boaters will love its versatility as it works on many surfaces, including automobiles. So, the next time you are having trouble with your car stains, you can always use this formula.

Anyhow, one weak point that you can notice once you start using this product is it doesn’t have a fresh scent. For boaters looking for a solution that leaves their boat smelling fresh as new, this product might not be your cup of tea.
  • Clears the toughest stains effortlessly
  • pH balanced that is safe for your boat or RV surfaces
  • Low-sudsing formula makes cleaning convenient and easy
  • Leaves a brilliant finish and protects as it cleans
  • Concentrated formula that is made from biodegradable ingredients
  • Doesn’t have a distinct smell to it
In a nutshell, this boat wash is the real deal when it comes to washing off tough stains on your boat. It leaves a brilliant finish while it protects, and it is pH balanced. You don’t have to worry about leaving unsightly scratches on your boat.

8. Smoove Purpleicious Ultimate Boat Wash

This boat wash is for boaters who prefer a professional formula that effectively cleans without the harsh chemicals stripping off the surfaces. It eliminates salt spray and dirt without washing off the existing wax, thus allowing your watercraft’s shine to last longer.

In like manner, the concentrated pH balanced formulation contains wax that adds more shine unto gel coats and painted surfaces. I do not have to fret about water spots since it has a superb sheeting action. This environmentally-friendly cleaning product does its job gently and simply.

Please be guided that it is available 32 ounces and a gallon. You can start with the former size and test out its effectivity. If it works for you, you can then stick to purchasing its 1-gallon bottle. When you do, you will be making an economical choice as a little amount of this cleaner goes a long way.

Furthermore, you can use this for cleaning stubborn dirt and stains in your trucks or cars. There is no need to buy extra cleaner for other vehicles as this powerful wash can handle them all. Plus, You will be impressed with its fresh scent that eliminates odors as it cleans.

Nonetheless, this boat wash only leaves a very thin layer of wax on the surfaces. Hence, if you want to make your boat looking extra shiny, you may have to invest in a heavy-duty boat wax.
  • Professional formula that cleans gently
  • Doesn’t strip existing wax from the surface
  • Environmentally-friendly and pH balanced
  • Available in a 32-ounce bottle for trying out, and in a 1-gallon for your maintenance
  • Fresh scent that eliminates odors
  • Leaves a very thin layer of wax
To conclude, this professional boat wax is recommended for those looking for a gentle but effective formula. It has a fresh scent, so you don’t have to worry about those pesky moldy odors.

9. 3M Perfect-It Boat Wash 09035

When looking for a professional cleaner for almost all surfaces on your boat, 3M Perfect-It Boat Wash, 09035 is the best choice. You will no longer use multiple products to clean your watercraft or RV. Plus, it will never strip off the protective wax, thanks to its gentle and safe formulation.

This choice dissolves stubborn stains like algae, dirt, grime, and all marine debris from fiberglass, paint, gelcoat, and metal surfaces. Apart from its high-grade formulation that counters all stains, its high-sudsing formula makes cleaning a breeze.

Another thing that makes this product stand out is its heavy concentration. One ounce mixed with a gallon of water does wonders in cleaning large surfaces. A gallon would last you dozens of washes, so you’ll have the benefit of getting the most out of your hard-earned money.

It is recommended to use it with other boat cleaning products from 3M. When you do, you shall witness a perfect restoration of your boat. Long-time boat owners vouch for this product’s trustworthiness when it comes to leaving a perfect finish to their boat.

For all that, its price may not be budget-friendly for others. Compared to its competitors, it is more expensive. But of course, with its perfect formulation that exceeds expectation, where would search elsewhere?
  • Cleans almost all surfaces from your boat or RV
  • Cuts through heavy stains effortlessly
  • Reveals a new-like appearance after every wash
  • Leaves a perfect finish
  • A little goes a long way
  • More expensive compared to its competitors
Right to it, this choice is an excellent boat cleaner that cuts through stains from almost all surfaces of your boat. With this, you don’t have to purchase multiple boat wash products.

10. Shurhold YBP-0302 Brite Wash

The Shurhold Yacht Brite YBP-0302 Brite Wash is the perfect product for all your cleaning needs. It doesn’t only leave any watercraft pristine; it also cleans any vehicle. This concentrated boat wash is specifically formulated to tear salt spray, grease, and other tough stains from rubber, metal, fiberglass, and painted surfaces.

With this, you can save more money and effort since it cleans almost all surfaces from top to bottom. Professional boaters have turned to this premium product since it doesn’t strip off wax or polish from the previous application. Unlike other harsh chemicals, you can be confident that it cleans thoroughly without leaving a dull finish.

Interestingly, it doesn’t leave unsightly water spots. Cleaning becomes easier since minimal brushing is only required to rid of any dirt.

Furthermore, you can rely on this potent but gentle product that is made from environmentally-friendly ingredients. Its concentrated solution comes in a gallon that lasts for a good deal of washes.

On the other hand, since this choice is more expensive than other products, it may be impractical. Anyhow, if you are an overzealous boat enthusiast, you will always choose the best boat caring products no matter the price.
  • Cleans almost all surfaces of your boat or RV
  • Also scientifically formulated to clean cars, trucks, and motorcycles
  • Tears off stubborn stains without stripping wax from the previous application
  • Resists stubborn water spots
  • Concentrated formulation that lasts for dozens of washes
  • More expensive compared to other boat soaps
In summary, this is the most favorite all-purpose boat cleaning product that tears through stains without harming boat surfaces. Plus, you can use it on your car to save a great deal of money.

11. Camco Armada Marine Wash

This premium-grade option is a highly favored wash and wax cleaner today. Such formula contains 100% carnauba wax scientifically proven to leave a mirror-like finish on all surfaces.

You can rely on this product when it comes to cleaning, shining, and even protecting your boat from marine buildup and stains. What I love is it does all that in just one easy step. As you wash the dirt off your boat or RV, it replenishes the wax simultaneously. This maximizes your boat’s shine and life span.

You can rely on its power to clean and shine fiberglass, painted, and metal surfaces. Apart from that, it is also free from toxic chemicals so you can protect marine life while keeping your boat shiny and stain-free.

It is good to know that it is the only boat cleaner with natural carnauba wax. You can rely on its cleaning ability that doesn’t strip previous wax applications. It is also an economical choice as it is a concentrated solution. Thus, it will last for a boatload of washes.

For all that, you can’t expect this gentle product to dissolve stubborn stains on its own. Vigorous scrubbing and more time are needed before you can achieve desirable results.
  • The only boat wash and wax cleaner that contains all-natural carnauba wax
  • Cleans, shines and protects surfaces in just one step
  • Replenishes the wax on the surface as it cleans
  • Concentrated product that is gentle on all surfaces
  • Extends your boat’s life span
  • The gentle formulation requires more effort and time in dissolving stubborn stains
Ultimately, you can consider this choice to be the best wash and wax cleaner. It is the only product that contains 100% real carnauba wax. Thus, if you are looking for a cleaner that maximizes your boat’s shine and life span, you will never go wrong with this one.

12. Star Brite Power Pine Concentrated Wash

If you seriously need a boat wash that works perfectly on any surfaces, look no further than the Star brite Power Pine Concentrated Wash and Wax. The super-concentrated formula cleans all types of stains from fiberglass, metal, wood, plastic, vinyl, painted, gel coated surfaces, and glass. Additionally, this dependable choice also works wonders on your car.

Since this is more concentrated among other products, one purchase will last you long. It is available in 32 ounces, which can make 96 gallons of cleaning agent. Likewise, the one-gallon can make an over 384-gallon of cleaning agent. Thus, it is a sure investment ideal for maintaining a stain-free watercraft.

More importantly, this environmentally-safe choice works well in both fresh and saltwater. It also doesn’t leave any stubborn water spots and streaks. Thus, making cleaning more efficient.

You will be getting tremendous value with this product. Thanks to its potent wax, you can achieve your boat’s maximum shine. Apart from cleaning and shining, it also leaves protection to resists future stains and prolongs its stain-free shine.

Please take note that this cleaner comes at a hefty price tag. Anyhow, since this premium boat wash and wax offers near-perfect results, you will be getting the most out of your money.
  • Cleans all stains, including marine contaminants from any surfaces
  • Super concentrated formula lasts you long
  • Resists water spots and streaks
  • Leaves your boat shiny and protected from potential stains
  • Can also clean cars
  • A high-priced boat wash
In brief, this potent boat wash and wax is a smart choice. Its super-concentrated formula delivers near-perfect results. Also, it does not only tears off stubborn stains, but it also shines and protects surfaces. Hence, you can ensure a long-lasting clean boat or RV with lesser time and effort.

13. Mainstream Marine Boat Cleaner

Some boat-owners prefer a wash that cleans both interior and exterior surfaces, like the Mainstream Marine Boat Cleaner. This all-purpose product effectively removes stains such as grease, grime, dirt, and seagull droppings. It cleans the exterior of your boat, including sails. Plus, it also dissolves coffee stains from your sofa to any other upholstery inside your boat.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly boat soap that is non-caustic, phosphate-free, and safe on all surfaces, this is the real deal. It works on stainless, fiberglass, and wood. Boat owners especially recommend this since it cleans decks thoroughly for both fresh and saltwater.

The good thing that mostly makes me feel in love with this product is its safe formulation for synthetic fibers. You don’t have to buy any other cleaning product to clean your sails and upholstery with this.

Such treatment will not only leave fabrics spotless, but it also protects them from stains and extends its durability. Additionally, this mild formulation doesn’t do any harm to their water-repelling surfaces.

Apart from its thorough and safe cleaning on fibers, it can also clean fishing tools and boating accessories. Through dissolving salt residues on them, you will be preventing premature aging. Thus, making this product ideal for extending your boat’s interior and exterior life span.

Regardless, one weak point with this cleaner is it leaves spots when not handled well. That its why it is important to rinse and dry the cleaned surfaces. When you do, your dazzling and spotless boat shall thank you later.
  • Cleans both exterior and interior surfaces of your boat
  • Safe and gentle on synthetic fibers
  • Mild and environmentally-friendly formulation that is tough on any stains
  • Also cleans boat accessories and prevents corrosion
  • Cleans for both fresh and saltwater
  • Cleaned surfaces become spotty when not rinsed and dried well
By and large, this boat cleaner is an excellent choice for those looking into an all-purpose cleaner. With this, you can clean both interior and exterior surfaces safely. Most importantly, it is safe for marine life and health.

14. H&M OPW2 Orpine Boat Soap

If you are still not using the H&M OPW2 Orpine to clean your boat, you miss out on a premium boat soap with wax. It cuts through a lot of deep-seated dirt and salt deposits in your watercraft and washes it off. At the same time, it leaves a non-yellowing protective layer of wax to keep your boat dazzling.

Another thing that makes me stick to this product is its economical 32-ounce bottle that lasts long. For just one ounce of this concentrated formula mixed with 3 gallons of water, you can clean a medium-sized boat.

Plus, it works not only on exterior surfaces such as fiberglass, gel coat, windows, wood, plastic, and painted surfaces, but it also cleans the interior—even your fish boxes. Such versatility makes it a worthwhile investment for many users.

It is also recommended for keeping metal surfaces dirt-free, thus keeping it from rust. Aside from making your watercraft spotless, you can also use this on your automobile. The best part is it protects surfaces from water spots, so you don’t have to spend much effort in drying your boat after washing.

The only minor drawback of this product is that it takes time and effort to remove mildew and molds.
  • Cleans dirt and salt deposits off of your boat
  • Leaves a non-yellowing protective layer of wax that keeps your boat shiny
  • Works on the exterior and interior surfaces
  • Removes nasty moldy odors, leaving cleaned surfaces with a fresh pine scent
  • Economical 32-ounce bottle that lasts long
  • Takes more effort and time to clean mildew and molds
All in all, this product is a premium choice and a must-try for boat owners looking to stick for an effective boat wash and wax that is worth the price.

15. West Marine Heavy Duty Boat Soap

Who says heavy-duty cleaning products can’t be gentle at the same time? West Marine Heavy Duty Boat Soap is made from potent ingredients scientifically made to remove stubborn dirt, grime, and scum. The best part is it does its job effectively without harming the surfaces and stripping off wax.

What makes this product stand out from the rest is it cleans with fresh or saltwater. Additionally, I only have to use one product in cleaning my entire boat since it works well in all surfaces.

It is safe, and unlike other heavy-duty boat wash, it is phosphate-free and safe for marine life. This option is specifically perfect for those looking for a safer alternative that is harsh on stains but gentle on surfaces and the environment.

Furthermore, a purchase of this one gallon will be of good use for a long time since two ounces of this formulation makes a one-gallon cleaning agent.

This product has never failed boat enthusiasts with its incredible cleaning power that cuts through deep-seated stains with minimal brushing.

Please take note that this product takes more time and effort to get rid of old stains. It may take more scrubbing and time before you can achieve desirable results. But, rest assured, this formula’s cleaning power shall never fail you.
  • Heavy-duty formulation that cuts through the toughest stains
  • All-purpose cleaner that works on every boat surfaces
  • A safer alternative for those looking for a potent cleaner without the harsh chemicals
  • Works with minimal brushing
  • Powerful wash that lasts for long
  • It takes more scrubbing and time to get rid of age-old stains
On the button, this is the perfect alternative for boat enthusiasts looking for a safer cleaner that is tough on stubborn stains but poses no harm to the environment. It works wonders on all your boat surfaces, so you don’t have to spend more money on other products.

What is a Boat Wash and How Does It Work


Boat wash is a cleaner specifically formulated to cut through stains like salt sprays, marine contaminants, dirt, scum, grime, grease, etc. It cleans like any soap, but it doesn’t strip the wax from surfaces. Some are even formulated with wax so you can forgo waxing without compromising your watercraft’s shine.

Whenever your boat is on waters, contaminants and organisms may stick on its hull. Salt spray, for one, is a common contaminant on seawater that causes the exterior surfaces to wear. This deteriorates not only the overall appearance of the boat, but it also shortens its life span.

To solve this problem, you need to wash it with a trusted boat wash regularly. Most come in a concentrated formula, so you have to mix it with water according to its instructions. Once you do, you can either spray the solution unto the contaminated surfaces or apply it using a cloth. This cuts through stains and dissolves them in no time.

Types of Boat Washes

The two types of boat wash formulations are liquid and concentrated. Liquid boat wash can be immediately applied unto stained surfaces. Meanwhile, the concentrated ones are to be mixed with water, depending on the instructions. This is the most preferred type among boat owners since a bottle lasts longer.

There are also two types of boat washes: the plain ones and the wash and wax soap. While both eliminates any types of stains, the wash and wax soap shines the boat’s surfaces. Some are even developed to protect surfaces and resist future stains and deposits.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Boat Wash


Boat owners have always affirmed the importance of a boat wash in keeping the boat shipshape. Although there are advantages to it, it also entails disadvantages. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using a boat wash:


  • It cleans stains efficiently and effectively without damaging the boat’s surfaces.

If stains are left unattended, they may damage the watercraft. What’s worse is it can cost you loads of money. Using a boat wash is an excellent investment since it counters all of these problems.

  • Boat wash formulated with wax leaves your boat shiny and protected in just one application.

Boat soaps that contain wax leave the boat pristine and shiny. Plus, the wax layer that it leaves on the surfaces resists stains. Thus, ensuring a longer-lasting spotless and shiny boat. The best part is you don’t have to spend time and money to invest in a boat wax.

  • It saves you more time and money.

Suppose you are thinking of merely using regular household cleaning products to rid your boat of stains. Think again. Since it is not formulated to clean boats, its pH balance may cause damage and instead defeat the purpose of restoring your watercraft. Thus, costing you more time and money for repairing.

  • It is safe to use on water surfaces.

Boat washes are mostly formulated with non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients. This allows you to clean your boat efficiently on water surfaces without harming the marine life within them.


  • Some cleaners contain harmful chemicals that are harmful to the environment and health.

There are heavy-duty boat cleaners out there that contain harmful and toxic chemicals, such as phosphate. Moreover, there are still non-biodegradable boat washes available in the market. You should be well aware that these types of boat washes pose harm to the environment, and even your health.

  • Cleaners that are formulated with harsh chemicals may damage your boat.

There are boat washes that are formulated with harsh chemicals. While these effectively cut through the toughest of stains, it regrettably causes harm on the surfaces. Such products leave scratches and strips off wax or protective coating. This potentially leads to a dull appearance and could even decrease your boat’s life span.

Buyer’s Guide


Choosing the optimum care for your boat is an essential part of ensuring its pristine and brilliant appearance.

To help you reach a favorable decision, here are the following things you need to keep in check:

Find out the type of surfaces that needs to be washed.

Knowing what kind of surfaces needs to be cleaned comes on top of the list. After noting whether it is wood, fiberglass, painted, or gel-coated surfaces, you can choose a product that specifically cleans such materials.

Find out what type of stains needs to be cleaned.

When dealing with challenging and old-age stains like grime and grease, a heavy-duty cleaner is a perfect fit for the job. Meanwhile, new and old salt deposits are dissolved by cleaners specifically engineered to counter salt sprays. All-purpose boat soaps, on the other hand, cleans surface dirt.

Decide on a cleaner that is suited for the surface of water your boat is exposed to.

If you spend your excursions on saltwater, salt deposits could build up on the surfaces that will eventually cause oxidation. To solve this problem, a cleaner that effectively washes off salt is a smart choice.

Choose the one that leaves your boat shiny and protected.

Apart from its cleaning power, it is essential to choose a cleaner that promotes the boat’s shine. Choose the one that is formulated with wax and leaves a protective layer. This prevents stains and protects surfaces from the harmful rays of the sun. Consequently, you will be spending less time and effort cleaning your boat and more time having fun with it.

But if you prefer investing in a separate wax product, you can opt on using a regular boat wash.

Choose the one that rids of nasty odors.

This factor is mostly overlooked when deciding on a boat wash. Nonetheless, it is ideal to invest in a cleaner that kills unpleasant odors caused by molds, mildew, etc. This allows you to bask on trips with your boat looking and smelling clean.

Check the ingredients

Always check the label when purchasing a boat wash. As much as possible, you should avoid products that contain toxic ingredients like phosphate. Choose a safe, non-caustic, and biodegradable solution that contains no harmful chemicals.

Care and Maintenance

When you take care of things, they last long. This goes the same for boats. But taking care of your watercraft isn’t as easy as it sounds. It goes beyond cleaning after every trip. But rest assured, keeping your boat in check maximizes its performance, which shall grant you more enjoyable and priceless trips ahead.

To make this challenging responsibility easier for you, here are the following tips to keep in mind:

  • Regularly clean it after every trip.

Whether you went on a fresh or saltwater trip, marine and environmental contaminants will inevitably invade the boat’s surfaces. If left unattended, it will cause even more significant damage that leads to its wear and tear. Regular washing does the trick of warding off these unwanted deposits.

Apart from cleaning it, frequent waxing every three or four months is necessary to maximize protection against invasive contaminants.

On top of that, the interior surfaces shouldn’t be overlooked. Keep in mind to wash the molds and mildew off of your upholstery at least once a year.

  • Conduct a regular inspection.

This is done to spot early signs of issues and solve them immediately. You need to check the hulls for cracks, hoses for leaks, and electrical wires for connection problems. Most importantly, you should give your engine oil a once over and examine whether it needs oil change.

If you are still a novice boat owner, you can check out helpful and informative boating forums online, like the hull truth. Such helps enlighten the minds of those who are a little lost in understanding boat systems. Plus, you can be sure that boating professionals answer your queries.

  • Regularly seek professional for your boat maintenance.

No matter how confident you are in dealing and caring for your boat, there are maintenance chores that only professionals can do. Annually seeking for professional maintenance helps you solve serious problems and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the top-rated boat wash?

You already know that regular cleaning secures your boat’s utmost appearance and performance. With that, you will need an optimal boat wash to counter every stain and dirt.

Here are a few guaranteed providers of boat care and cleaning products that deliver near-perfect results:

  • Meguiar’s
  • Orpine
  • Seapower
  • Star brite
  • 3M

Products from those manufacturers are scientifically tested and highly rated to clean any stains on your boat effectively. Not only that, but they also keep surfaces protected. Thus, guaranteeing you a long-lasting clean and shiny watercraft.

Can I use boat wash on my car?

Yes, you can. Boat wash formulation is multi-purpose, and you can use it on many surfaces. For one, Thetford boat wash is a versatile cleaner that can clear stains on cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

How do you wash your boat?

Boat wash comes in two formulations: liquid and concentrated. But before using them, you need to wash the loose dirt off of your boat. As for the liquid formula, you can immediately apply it to surfaces that need to be cleaned. You can either use spray or sponge before scrubbing the surfaces with a soft brush.

Meanwhile, concentrated formulation requires mixing it with water. The vital step is to follow the right proportions on the instructions. You can then spray it or apply it with a sponge before scrubbing the surfaces.

After you let the product do its job, rinse it with water and dry the surfaces.

Where can I buy boat wash?

You can never go wrong when you purchase at Amazon. They have a multitude array of products from trusted manufacturers. The best part is that they offer countless discounts, and the prices here are lesser than in local shops.

Can I use dishwashing soap or detergent as an alternative for boat wash?

No, you can’t. Although dishwashing soaps and detergents are made to clean stains, they are not formulated to be safe on boat surfaces. Their pH balance may strip off the protective wax, leave soap residues, and, worse, leave unsightly scratches on your boat surfaces.

Does boat wash strip off existing wax or polish on the boat?

There are potent boat washes that are too tough on certain surfaces. In turn, they clean stains effectively but strip off existing wax. If you don’t like to bother waxing after washing your boat, it is always smart to opt for a gentle and safe boat wash. Choose the one that is harsh on stains, but gentle on your boat’s surfaces.


At large, proper maintenance and care for your boat are a tough duty. But with the best boat wash, this responsibility becomes lighter.

Even so, choosing the right one among the vast array of choices doesn’t come easy. That is why we want to share this post. Rest assured, the pros and cons of the products listed shall help you make a choice that works for you. Moreover, the accompanying information seeks to aid in caring for your watercraft.

Hopefully, we had filled you with facts on keeping your boat polished and stain-free for your next boating trip.

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