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The Best Marine Exhaust Hoses

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

It’s important to get your boat ready for a productive outdoor sea adventure. To do this, marine enthusiasts need to find a safe way to pull off fun-filled marine activities and duties.

best marine exhaust hose

One of the Boating 101 safety equipment that should be on your checklist is the best marine exhaust hose. It helps ensure optimal engine performance as it eliminates all the waste gases and combustive elements away from your boat.

Given the many released versions, it’s a bothersome problem to decide what choice suits your boat the best. In this list, I’m going to provide different models of an exhaust hose that will make your boat a conqueror of untamed oceanic waves.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Shields Hardwall Exhaust Hose

+ A synthetic cord that  maximizes durability
+ Withstands antifreeze, sea water, and chemicals
+ Reaches SAE J2006 standards

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Continental 58524

+ Premium-built nitrile rubber construction
+ 2-plies synthetic helix wire
+ Well-engineered for rugged use

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Sierra Shields AMRM-350-1120


+ Exceptional durability
+ Suitable for trucks, gasoline,…
+ For pleasure boats

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Top 8 Marine Exhaust Hose Reviews

1. Shields Hardwall Exhaust Hose

Shields is known for providing excellent quality marine hoses with impeccable performance offshore. This particular model is used for many marine applications that you need for boat maintenance.

The black synthetic rubber tube is equipped with a solid reinforced wire that can withstand and resist persistent air and exhaust fumes sticking inside.

The inner tube also boasts a synthetic cord that firmly holds the wire helix. This attribute makes the product more durable, so if you’re looking for a boat exhaust hose with a long lifespan, this option is worth considering.

This marine wet exhaust hose can also withstand antifreeze, sea water, and chemicals, making it ideal for the boat environment. Plus, it meets SAE J2006 standards, giving you peace of mind regarding its performance.

It is ideal for scupper lines and exhaust connections that need length. You can also use this in engine intake, toilet intake/discharge, or for bilge and holding tank pumps. I have bought 3 wet exhaust hose like this to give to my friends, and they have nothing but praises for its performance.

I like everything in this item because it has characteristics that benefit a vessel’s engine. The only downside of this model is that it is tricky to find in online/physical stores. Stocks don’t always last.
  • Versatile — can be used in different marine applications
  • The rubber tube is made of reinforced wire construction
  • A synthetic cord that maximizes structural durability
  • Withstands antifreeze, sea water, and chemicals
  • Reaches SAE J2006 standards
  • Stocks aren’t always available
I honestly treat this 3 inch marine exhaust hose as a tool to maintain my automotive engine. It helps keep my boat in its top condition.

2. Continental 58524 Marine Exhaust Hose

This marine exhaust hose is probably one of the top contenders for the finest exhaust hose available in the market. It flaunts high-quality nitrile rubber construction. The material is eminent for its superior resistance to oil and temperature.

In addition to that, nitrile rubber properties comprise synthetic fibers which are in demand in the marine industry for long-wearing durability and flexibility.

This Continental model can be used in boat engine applications as fuel filler neck, fuel tank vent, and exhaust hose. The 2-plies synthetic helix wire reinforcement withstands high pressures of exhaust and gasoline intake.

This hose is primarily designed for methanol, ethanol, and diesel. The tube is well-engineered for rugged usage. It can resist temperatures from -30 to 100 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you no longer need to spend an extra penny for antifreeze or cooling gels.

The wire inside is thick, and you would need a hacksaw to cut it to avoid sharp edges. It is suitable for any customized marine wet exhaust fittings. Moreover, the stylish black chemivic outer cover provides top-notch insulation, thanks to its nitrile/PVC materials.

This hose is built with a sturdy physique to endure the velocities of emitted gas particles. On the downside, it is shorter than I expected. Other than that, this hose performs incredibly in seafaring duties.
  • Premium-built nitrile rubber construction
  • Durable and flexible for marine engine applications
  • 2-plies synthetic helix wire
  • Well-engineered for rugged use
  • Praiseworthy temperature resistance (-30 to 100 degrees celsius)
  • Customizable design with bleck chemivic cover
  • The length is shorter than what is advertised
If you are contemplating what marine exhaust tubing to select, don’t hesitate to give this hose a try. You can solely depend on its long-lived build.

3. Sierra Shields AMRM-350-1120 Marine Fuel Hose

What do you usually look for in highly competitive marine exhaust hose products these days? Let’s be honest, we’re all looking for a durable yet affordable engine exhaust hose for boats. One competitor for this title is Sierra’s Shields AMRM-350-1120 model.

This is not only economical but also impressive when it comes to high-caliber performance and protection. It meets SAE J1527 type A2 for marine fuel hoses standard. Together with this is the ISO 7840 Type A2 NMMA and CE-approved certification for marine-grade quality utilization.

Furthermore, the tube employs a reinforced wire helix pressed to an HD synthetic cord. This results in abrasion resistance, which lengthens the lifespan of the product. It is suitable for a wide range of gas and diesel applications. It is also compatible with trucks, but it will be stiffer than the usual hose for said vehicles.

This robust marine exhaust hose can be sold by the foot. If you ever need 4 marine exhaust hose setups, you can buy this variant in your preferred length. The wall of this hose is thick and made for different types of pleasure boats. Hence, adventure tours with this hose will be exhilarating!

This technically advanced marine hose will spoil you with convenient solutions for on-board boating needs, and it is a worthwhile investment. I only wish that the hose is packed properly next time, since my order arrived with a bare plastic covering.
  • Exceptional durability with affordable price
  • Multiple certifications: SAE J1527 TYPE A2, ISO 7840 TYPE A2 NMMA, and CE
  • Reinforcement: wire helix construction with HD synthetic cord
  • Suitable for trucks, gasoline and diesel marine applications
  • Can be sold per foot, ideal for personal boat requirements
  • For pleasure boats
  • Poor packaging that might damage the hose upon transport
While you’re busy scanning product details online, why not check this item’s specifications? With this exhaust hose, guaranteed protection is present in any marine system.

4. UNAFLEX SERIES 250 Marine Exhaust Hose

The integral part of every marine hose is the structure. Is it hard-walled? A little bendable? Long-lasting? Well, these characteristics are present in this flexible marine exhaust hose at a budget-friendly price point.

This variant has an excellent hard wall tubing element that boasts high endurance against different types of marine exhausts. Inside the tube is the wire helix reinforcement that adds strength.

Additionally, the four plies of rayon fabric intensify the outer cover’s impact protection. It provides outstanding abrasion and high-temperature resistance that suffice every boater’s engine maintenance. It is also pretty bendable. It covers 9 inches of curvature — so if you need more than that, I suggest using a corrugated hose.

You are given top-notch protection as it exceeds SAE J2006 R2 standards. This hose also excels in resisting the engine heat and vibrations. It resists exhaust fumes, mild acids, saltwater, and even toilet effluents. Hence, this is a genius investment for those who are still waffling over what hose to buy.

This model is essential for various industrial applications. It improves sanitary and engine control systems. For its inexpensive price, this hose is as remarkable as Trident exhaust hose products.

All in all, this exhaust hose is probably one of the most convenient marine hoses ever made. The only thing I dislike is the availability. You are less likely to find this hose available all the time in both physical and online stores.
  • Low-cost yet excellently built with hard wall tube
  • Comes with helical construction embedded in bendable rayon fabric
  • Resists heat and vibrations
  • Surpasses SAE J2006 R2 standards
  • An extensive variety of use: exhaust fumes and toilet sanitation
  • Resists saltwater and acids
  • Low supply in both outlet and online stores
Given its affordable price, any boater can maximize the marine-grade qualities of this 3-inch wet exhaust hose.

5. Shields Marine Hose Shieldsflex 2501144 Water Exhaust Hose

Wash the worries away with Shields marine exhaust hose. This 12 feet-long hose might provide everything you need in a marine exhaust pipe.

The black synthetic cover protects the hose from turbulent sea situations. Inside the tube is the sturdy wire helix reinforcement which has a massive amount of excellent defense against toxic exhaust fumes and chemicals.

The length of this hose is enough for any moderate flex for your boating requirements. It gradually adjusts as you try to bend it over. This hose makes it a lot easier to attach and detach it to pipes and fittings without using too much force.

I find this exhaust hose extremely good and valuable for its reasonable price. When I searched “marine exhaust hose near me” on my mobile browser, this product was one of the top results. I am glad to have come across it.

Moreover, this hose can easily be located in online stores like West Marine. This product frequently appears alongside the many models of Vetus exhaust hose. Plus, it complies with SAE J2006 Type R2 standards.

I would highly suggest this for the engine and raw water intake too! I wish it was much longer for one of my applications. Still, Shields is an established marine hose supplier, and you can never go wrong with this version.
  • Top-quality black outer cover and wire helix construction
  • Price is reasonable
  • Moderate flex for easy handling
  • Available in trusted online marine supplier stores
  • SAE J2006 R2 standards conformity
  • Can also be used in raw water and engine intake
  • Long but not long enough for some applications
The 250 series always have one design pattern — the enhanced quality of the supporting materials. It’s obvious how heavy-duty they are when you trim the hose.

6. Shields Hardwall Exhaust/Water Hose

With a 4” wide diameter, this model is going to be infrangible for an epic sea adventure. It exudes marine-grade flexibility and endurance that can cater to different marine exhaust services. The main black synthetic tube is built with a wire helix attached to HD cords.

It contains an ample amount of mobility, and any boating requirements should be done seamlessly with this hose as it gradually bends to any specific mode of use. The superiority of this hose reminds me of the trident 250/100 flex marine wet exhaust and water hose.

Both have their strength when offering a long operating life in marine activities, but this hose finished the game with its fully-developed flexibility. You can smoothly install this to scupper lines, engine/toilet sanitation system, bilge pump/discharge, holding tank, and more.

Furthermore, it meets SAE J2006 Type R2 standards. Hence, this all-around marine hose includes a strong resistance against ozone, mild chemicals, saltwater, and effluents.

The outer core is solid and is very unlikely to allow any odor permeation.

All is well, just be wary of the hose pipe fittings. This model might not fit some of them, so kindly check them beforehand.
  • Black synthetic outer cover and HD cords
  • Includes wire helix reinforcement inside the tube
  • Can be bent to meet different boating needs
  • Incredible flexibility: scupper lines, bilge discharge, sanitation system, and more
  • Conforms to SAE J2006 TYPE R2 standards for peace of mind
  • Resists odor permeation
  • Fittings and pipes compatibility
The construction of this exhaust hose is heavily compounded to maintain robustness and durability for various marine applications. I would recommend this variation to boaters with busy and demanding marine jobs.

7. Sierra International 18-2276 Exhaust Hose

The flexibility of this exhaust hose might end all the existing competition in the marine market industry. At first glance, it showcases a God-tier quality engineering that gives out high-flown marine attributes for efficient performance.

Let’s dissect the reasons why. First off, I want to commend the increased flexibility value incorporated in this version. The 3.74’’ inner tube diameter includes a universal fitting that saves you a lot of time from improvising.

Moreover, this hose complements the Volvo Stern drive the best. It is also identical to the Mallory 9-42700 and the 834751 Volvo Penta. Still, it is always crucial to check the dimensions before buying.

This product is handled with great care and importance. Sierra International provides customers with a limited lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on faulty products.

Since it has a universal fit, installing it is not a difficult job. Judging from its rigid construction, this entry will be a bomb in ocean adventures.

This is ideal for pleasure boat enthusiasts since it will satisfy their thrilling boating needs. However, be mindful of the stores where you purchase this, since there are stores that sell this for an unreasonable and overpriced rate. I advise looking for trusted stores instead.
  • Extensive 3.74” diameter with a universal fit
  • Interchangeable hose for the Volvo Penta 834751 and the Mallory 9-24700
  • Complements the Volva Stern drive
  • Includes limited lifetime warranty
  • Rigid construction, ideal for pleasure boats
  • Some stores sell this at a high price
For beginners who get intimidated by a variety of options, this is a worthy consideration. This particular hose has a great warranty that gives you peace of mind.

8. Continental 58530 Fuel Fill Hose

I’ve been scanning a lot of marine catalogs for exhaust/fuel purposes, yet this hose still surprises me with its tremendous amount of utility. Firstly, this hose boasts a hard-wearing construction. The black chemivic nitrile finish presents a high level of water, oil, and gas resistance.

This heavy-duty marine exhaust hose reveals the iconic Good Year engineered construction. It is carefully crafted to withstand harsh sea tides and waves without leaking.

The sturdy tube is characterized by the incomparable strength of a 2-ply synthetic covering with a wire helix that maximizes the hose’s durability. Apart from this, I am stunned by several product certifications: SAE J1527, USCG Type A Class 2, CFR33 Subpart J, and Fire Resistance Type-A.

This item’s versatility is also noteworthy. It’s made for diesel engine maintenance, fuel tank vent and filler neck, and more.

Just like any trident marine exhaust hose, this hose is an alternative for premium and long-enduring service. It handles methanol and ethanol without any problem. Plus, it holds exhaust well and possesses extreme resistance against high temperatures ranging from -30 to 100 degrees celsius.

On the downside, hose reducers can’t be used with this item unless they have the same ability to withstand fuel.
  • Resistance to water, oil, and gasoline
  • Made with long-enduring Good Year construction
  • 2-ply synthetic covering with wire helix reinforcement
  • Guaranteed longevity and safety through multiple certifications
  • Multipurpose: diesel, methanol, ethanol, and more
  • Extreme resistance to cold and heat
  • Hose reducers are not always advisable
You may be asking yourself, “Is this long-lasting?” Not to be biased about this product, but I think it is. Judging from the materials and structure, it can last for many years to attend to any boating essentials.

Buyer’s Guide


When picking exhaust hoses, one of the things to consider is their material. Rubber and silicone are desirable in terms of strength and elasticity. Rubber has more flex than silicone, but silicone is stronger and may last six times longer than rubber. However, silicone models are more pricey.

In addition, the clamps on marine hoses are also pivotal. They help the hoses withstand motions from the boat’s engine and secure them. A nice material for the clamps is stainless steel, as it can resist corrosion.

Most marine exhaust hoses these days also incorporate wire helix reinforcement to add rigidity and flexibility. Such hoses can endure higher pressures, which is great for discharging exhaust. Some hoses, whose diameter is higher than 4 inches, do not include wire reinforcement.

It’s crucial to consider the diameter of an exhaust hose. It determines the probability of an exhaust hose carrying and releasing the exhaust fumes without being obstructed by backpressure. You can get a 3.5″ marine exhaust hose, a 2 inch marine exhaust hose, plus other variations.

Exhaust hoses should also be able to handle high temperatures (around 250F). Usually, silicone hoses do well in this aspect.

Also, identify the purpose and check the label of the hose to see if it works the best for you. This practice ensures smooth and unerring boat maintenance along the way.

Finally, it’s a good idea to buy from reputable companies. You can check out the brands that I’ve listed in the reviews above. Gates marine exhaust hose models are also good choices.


Don’t always choose an exhaust hose based on recommendations. Do your own research and consider your requirements. Some products offer numerous benefits but still don’t serve the purpose that you need.

Looking for the best marine exhaust hose can be challenging at times because choosing one determines the fate of your marine journey. Hopefully, our shopping guide has made your choice easier.

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