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The Best Electric Trailer Dollies

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Moving a boat trailer requires substantial strength and effort! Even with a helping hand, they are often too heavy to be handled manually. The best electric trailer dolly is your savior! Powered by a reliable motor, it maneuvers trailers in tight spaces without requiring too much from the user.

best electric trailer dolly

With too many options for a powered trailer dolly, you will be overwhelmed. This is not an excuse to decide in haste. Do not choose an accessory product only because it is cheap. Quality and performance are more important considerations. Keep on reading and I will recommend the top products to include on your list.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

SuperHandy Trailer Dolly

+ Powerful motor
+ Heavy-duty construction
+ Easy to install

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Tow Tuff Trailer Dolly

+ Comes with a third wheel
+ Offers variable speed
+ Adjustable height

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Mini Trailer Dolly

+ Heavy-duty rubber wheel
+ Braking system ensures the safety
+ Has a Jockey wheel locks

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Top 10 Electric Trailer Dolly Reviews

1. SuperHandy Electric Trailer Dolly

You can’t go wrong with this powerful electric trailer mover. The 800-watt motor delivers industrial-grade performance. It is designed with the needs of professional boaters in mind. It has a maximum trailer capacity of 3,600 pounds and accommodates a maximum tongue weight of 600 pounds. The heavy-duty steel construction allows it to handle even heavy loads.

It has several patented features to stand out from the competition. For instance, it has a distinct ball attachment that improves mobility and responsiveness. It has an exclusive drive system, which makes it maintenance-free.

Safety is another strong suit of this trailer dolly. It has overload protection that shuts down the motor when there is electrical overloading. It protects not just the dolly but even the operator. Moreover, it has a 24-inch-wide base, which ensures stability. This wide base prevents the dolly from flipping when moving a hefty load.

The powerful battery is a plus. There are two 12-volt rechargeable batteries included. At 12V 7AH, they are powerful enough to withstand long-time operations. There is a convenient indicator that will let you know if it is time to recharge the battery.

Ease of assembly is another thing I love. Right out of the box, I didn’t even have to read the manual. Most of the wires are hooked up. It took roughly 15 minutes before the trailer dolly was ready.

However, one of the drawbacks of this dolly is the poor tire traction. It easily slides, especially on smooth surfaces. I recommend replacing them and using tractor-type tires instead if you want better traction.
  • Powerful motor delivers professional performance
  • Heavy-duty construction guarantees longevity
  • Patented drive system for maintenance-free operation
  • Easy to assemble right out of the box
This electric trailer dolly guarantees dependable performance from its powerful motor to the patented drive system even for professional applications.

2. Tow Tuff  Electric Trailer Dolly

The three-wheel design of this motorized trailer dolly is one of its most impressive features. It guarantees stability, even with the maximum weight capacity. This three-wheel design prevents the dolly from flipping. It has an 8-inch swivel caster complemented by two 13-inch tires. They work smoothly on all kinds of terrains.

With two 24-volt 7AH sealed batteries, the dolly has a reliable power supply. There is a LED indicator to know the charge status of the battery easily.

For versatility, it comes with an adjustable height from 22 to 28.35 inches. This makes it compatible with different trailers, especially for those with a two-inch coupler. It accommodates trailers with a maximum weight of 3,500 pounds and a tongue weight of 600 pounds.

You can go slow or fast depending on the trailer load, thanks to the variable speed. Plus, it has forward and reverse speeds. Meanwhile, the maximum speed is 1.5 mph.

Nonetheless, this trailer dolly does not come with a brake, which is a potential safety issue. It would have been better if there is a way to control its stops. Moreover, the tires have weak treads. The poor traction results in easily slipping on wet paved surfaces.
  • Comes with a third wheel to improve stability
  • Offers variable speed to suit different situations
  • Adjustable height makes it compatible with different trailers
  • Has a convenient LED indicator for monitoring battery charge
  • Does not come with a brake
  • Tires have weak treads that compromise traction
With its three-wheel design, variable speed, and adjustable height, there are plenty of reasons why this powered trailer mover stands out.

3. Mini Mover Generation 2 Electric Trailer Dolly

Do you need extra muscle for moving a heavy boat trailer? If yes, then this power trailer dolly is your savior. It has a 12-volt electric motor that is powerful enough to move a maximum weight of 6,000 pounds. The best thing is that it works even in inclined surfaces up to 7 degrees.

The heavy-duty rubber wheel is also impressive. It has exceptional traction, allowing the dolly to move smoothly on different terrains. At a width of 8 cm, the tire ensures stability. Even if it only has a single tire, the dolly remains steady.

With the automatic braking system, stopping the dolly is a breeze. Engaging the brake quickly stops the dolly and the trailer. This is important for safety and to prevent property damage.

Moreover, it has a special jockey wheel lock that secures the dolly and boat trailer. Once locked, it is immovable without a compatible key. The dolly comes with two keys, so you will have a spare if you lose one.

If there’s one thing I didn’t appreciate in this electric trailer dolly, it is its difficult assembly. The vague instructions did not help. Many of the parts have incorrect labels. Also, before buying this trailer dolly, note that it works best only on packed surfaces, like concrete and asphalt. It does not perform well on grass, gravel, and loose stone.
  • Move trailers in up to 7-degree inclines
  • Heavy-duty rubber wheel provides excellent traction
  • An automatic braking system ensures the safety
  • Jockey wheel locks to prevent theft
  • Difficulty in assembling
  • Not for grass, gravel, and loose stone
In sum, this single-wheel trailer dolly has a sturdy rubber tire, special jockey wheel lock, and automatic braking system, among other innovative features.

4. Trailer Valet TVXL2 Trailer Dolly

As the name implies, this is an extra-large trailer dolly with a generous weight capacity. It moves loads up to 10,000 pounds, making it one of the most powerful products in this guide. Despite the high weight capacity, operating the dolly is effortless.

The versatile design of this dolly is worth emphasizing. You can operate it as an electric boat dolly by hooking up an 18-volt drill. Alternatively, you can also use the included crank. It has a quick-attach handle that makes the operation a breeze.

Another thing I love is the dual-tire design. Each 9-inch tire is made of solid rubber to guarantee a sturdy build. Each tire withstands a maximum pressure of 500 pounds. Furthermore, the tires have positraction technology to maximize grip on different surfaces. This improves maneuverability and handling, making the dolly easy to move.

It also comes with an auto-brake function, which is a basic safety feature. The brake doubles as a wheel chock. This allows me to easily lock the position of the trailer when I am not moving.

Unfortunately, this dolly isn’t the easiest to use. A lot of beginners will struggle since securing the ball hitch is quite tricky. Tightening the hitch requires a lot of work.
  • High weight capacity up to 10,000 pounds
  • Can be operated using an 18-volt drill or manual hand crank
  • Tires have excellent traction for great handling and maneuverability
  • Comes with an automatic brake that also works as a chock
  • A ball hitch is difficult to secure

With a versatile operating mode, this electric dolly is built to handle even heavy loads. It has excellent tires for support and maneuverability.

5. TV Trailer Valet RVR5 Motorized Dolly

Supporting a maximum boat trailer weight of 5,500 pounds and a maximum tongue weight of 650 pounds, this trailer dolly is perfect for demanding applications. This trailer dolly is a self-motorized unit, so it takes the hassle of moving my trailer manually!

One of my favorite features is its remote-controlled operation. I do not need to be near the unit to control its movement. With the remote, all it takes is a push of a button and the dolly moves in an instant. I can control it at a maximum distance of 40 feet.

This electric boat trailer dolly has four planetary gear motors. It works whether in a single or tandem-axle trailer. The motor allows 360-degree motion, which provides me with excellent control regardless of how I like to maneuver my trailer.

I am a fan of the sturdy caterpillar treads that move continuously. They are a great departure from the traditional wheels you see in most dollies. It has excellent traction that tackles almost any surface easily. At 2-inch-wide, they work on dirt, grass, gravel, and asphalt, among other terrains.

It is also praiseworthy because of its rechargeable battery. The average runtime is 30 minutes when the battery is fully charged. There is also a convenient indicator, so I will easily know when I need to recharge the battery.

If you are on a budget, then this electric tow dolly isn’t for you. It is one of the most expensive on my list, but the price is highly justifiable.
  • A remote control allows operating from a distance
  • Has four planetary gear motors for powerful performance
  • Caterpillar treads provide excellent traction
  • Works well on different surfaces
  • Not for people on a budget
This electric trailer dolly has a remote control, four planetary gear motors, and sturdy caterpillar treads to deliver unmatched performance even on heavy loads.

6. Happybuy Trailer Mover

This heavy-duty electric trailer moving dolly is made of aluminum alloy. It is a lightweight material that is easy to move around. Despite its weight, it has a durable construction that guarantees long-term functionality. The aluminum has a powder coating finish to resist rust and corrosion.

Almost every part is optimized to deliver the best performance. The powerful 350-watt 12-volt motor has a pulling capacity of over 5,000 pounds. Even if the trailer is heavy, I can move it around easily. The powerful motor has built-in protection against overheating to prolong its functional life.

It has a large 8-inch diameter and 2.8-inch-wide tire that makes it stable. Plus, it has excellent traction, allowing it to move effortlessly across different terrains. The anti-slip patterns make it easy to use even on slippery surfaces.

Even for first-time users, operating the dolly is a piece of cake. It comes with two handles to provide better control and ease of maneuvering. The lift handle conveniently controls the jockey wheel’s height. This way, moving the dolly forward and backward is almost effortless. The handle is also where you can find the strategically positioned button for quick control.

One thing I wish to be improved is the quality of the bracket. It bends easily, compromising the dolly’s structural integrity. I suggest that you do not maximize the stated weight capacity to prevent damage to the bracket.
  • Lightweight but durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Large wheel delivers optimal torque
  • Motor has built-in protection from overheating
  • Comes with two handles for ease of control
  • Mounting bracket can bend easily
From its powerful motor to large wheels, this travel trailer dolly promises exceptional performance.

7. Trailer Valet TVXL25 XL Trailer Dolly

This trailer dolly offers the versatility of control. While there is a crank for manual hand operation, I can use an 18-volt drill instead. There is already a drill attachment provided, making it easy to operate.

The patented design of the ball attachment is one of its most notable features. I can adjust the ball base up and down. The hitch ball diameter, meanwhile, is 2-5/16-inch which improves the dolly’s maneuverability.

It comes with no-flat solid rubber tires! No need to worry about inflating them! The two 9.25-inch tires have deep treads for excellent traction on flat surfaces. Each tire withstands the pressure of up to 500 pounds.

More so, this electric Trailer Valet dolly has a rugged steel body for longevity. With zinc-nickel plating and black powder coating, it has great rust and corrosion resistance. Not to mention, it has been through 500 hours of salt spray testing to guarantee its quality.

The automatic brake is another exceptional feature of this product, which prevents the trailer from accidentally rolling. It engages once you release the handle. Putting the handle down automatically activates the brake.

Before you buy this trailer dolly, take note that it is only for flat concrete. It does not work well on other terrains and can also be a potential safety issue.
  • Offers versatile operation using a crank or drill
  • Exclusive ball attachment design
  • Equipped with solid no-flat rubber tires with deep treads
  • Has an automatic brake for safe operation
  • Works best only on flat concrete
There are many reasons to choose this model with its patented ball attachment, no flat tires, and a hand crank option.

8. Trailer Valet Electric Trailer Dolly

This trailer dolly is not only the largest of the three models from the RVR series, but also the most powerful from the product line. It has a maximum trailer weight capacity of 9,000 pounds on flat terrains. Meanwhile, the maximum tongue weight is 960 pounds.

Convenience is one of the biggest selling points of this dolly. No more bending over to control its functions. I can do it conveniently through the remote control, which is usable at a maximum distance of 40 feet.

The four-high-torque planetary gears of this motorised trailer mover ensure commendable performance. Whether your trailer has one or two axles, the motor is built to astound. The motor is also notable because it allows a full range of motion to move effortlessly even in tight spaces.

Like the others from the RVR series, it has caterpillar treads instead of regular tires. The two-inch rubber treads work on grass, gravel, and asphalt, among other level surfaces. It has deep treads for maximum traction.

This unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. When full, the average runtime is half an hour. There is a convenient indicator to monitor battery status as well. Additionally, I like how the unit automatically shuts off after three minutes of inactivity, which is a great way to save battery.

The biggest drawback is its price. As one of the most expensive on my list, it is best only for the pros or those who do not mind a splurge.
  • High weight capacity of up to 9,000 pounds
  • Convenient remote operation up to 40 feet
  • Four high-torque motor guarantees exceptional performance
  • Allows full range of motions for ease of movement in small space
  • Not ideal if you are on a budget
While it is expensive, it is a great option for demanding users as it has a high weight capacity, powerful four-gear motor, and remote operation.

9. Parkit360 B2 Electric Trailer Dolly

From firm grass to packed gravel, this electric trailer dolly works on several surfaces. It can even function in a 4 to 6% incline. Thanks to its 1.7-HP motor, it is powerful enough for different applications. Even with an impressive motor, it is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for maneuvering tight spaces.

The U1 sealed battery is weatherproof. Even with exposure to outdoor elements, it isn’t easily damaged. The battery also lays on the side for a low-profile design, making the dolly more space-efficient. The built-in charger has a six-inch cable that connects the battery to the power supply.

Another innovative feature is intelligent speed control. You can choose from high or low, depending on how you want the dolly to move. It stops gradually to prevent potential damages. This feature allows precision parking, especially in tight spaces.

Using this trailer dolly allows an effortless and secure hitch connection. Through Stableblock technology, I can attach it to any ball hitch in an instant. The package includes a ball mount adapter and tightening bar for easy assembly.

However, one drawback of this model is that it has narrow wheels. The small size means that it can easily flip, especially when on an incline. At only four inches, the tires are amongst the smallest of all the products in this guide.
  • The compact body easily fits even in tight spaces
  • A sealed battery is protected against harsh elements
  • Intelligent speed control for parking precision
  • Has an easy to connect hitch
  • Comes with narrow wheels
With its compact body, it is perfect even for tight spaces. It has a plethora of advanced features including intelligent speed control, sealed battery, and secure hitch.

10. Biltek JW005 Electric Trailer Jack

One of the best things about this battery-powered trailer dolly is its heavy-duty motor. At 12 volts, it has the standard power found in most of its competitors. It is powerful enough to move a maximum vehicle load of 5,000 pounds. Meanwhile, it accommodates a maximum jockey wheel load of 600 pounds.

Like many high-quality electric dollies, it comes with an automatic brake for your safety. This brake quickly stops the trailer, preventing it from being a safety hazard.

The durability of this electric trailer dolly is also worth lauding. It has a powder-coated finish, which protects against rust and corrosion. Even with exposure to outdoor elements, it isn’t easily prone to wear.

Another thing that I love about this dolly is the lock. It comes with two keys. When I am not using the dolly, the lock secures its position, preventing others from using it. This lock is a great way to prevent theft.

Ease of use is another asset of this model. I can control the unit through a strategically positioned button on the handle. It allows seamless movement and effortless control. I can easily grab the handle because of its good grip.

Maneuvering the unit is also easy because of the 8-inch rubber tire. Even if it has a single tire, it supports a heavy load.

The assembly of this motorized trailer jockey is difficult. There is insufficient vertical support. Drilling holes is necessary to install the brackets.
  • Comes with an automatic brake for safety
  • A powder-coated finish prevents rust
  • Strategically-positioned buttons for ease of use
  • Has a lock to prevent unauthorized use and theft
  • Requires drilling of mounting hardware
Equipped with a 12-volt motor, this dependable electric trailer dolly has an automatic brake, rust-resistant finish, and a safety lock.

Buyers Guide


Do not bother making a DIY electric trailer dolly. For better quality and unmatched performance, buy one instead. Here are some important considerations to help you narrow down your options.


The quality of the electric trailer dolly depends very much on the material it uses. This factor indicates durability, price, capacity, and performance. Steel is the most popular material, which is known for its exceptional hardness. It is a common choice for industrial-grade dollies because it can handle a lot of weight.

Aluminum alloy is another common dolly material. It is lighter and not as durable as steel. Nonetheless, over the years, manufacturers found a way to make aluminum stronger by combining it with harder metals.

It is also common for trailer dollies to be powder coated or zinc-plated. It protects against harsh outdoor elements, minimizing the possibility of rust and corrosion. This is effective in preserving the structural integrity despite exposure to sun, snow, and rain.


Start by determining the weight of your boat and trailer before identifying the suitable weight capacity. It is best if you can choose one with a high weight capacity to accommodate heavier boats in case you own a new one in the future.

It would help if you looked at the maximum trailer weight and maximum tongue weight that the dolly can support. Going over the recommended capacity isn’t recommended. It will not only cause premature wear, but it can also result in an accident and property damage.

Adjustable Height

For versatility, it is good to choose an adjustable height electric trailer dolly. This factor will let you change the position of the hitch depending on the height you will tow. It makes the dolly compatible with different trailer types.


A good trailer dolly is one that comes with non-flat tires. You don’t have to worry about inflating the tires, making them maintenance-free. Consider the tread patterns or traction as well. See to it that it rolls well on different surfaces. Although, most will work only on packed terrains like asphalt and gravel.


For your safety, I highly suggest you to choose an electric trailer dolly with an automatic brake. Most basic models won’t have this feature. Nonetheless, this is necessary for your safety. It automatically stops the dolly when you are not pushing the handle. This will also allow you to work on inclines easily without the risk that the trailer will be rolling back.


Most electric trailer dollies are battery-powered for portability. Lithium-ion is the most common. Think about how long before the battery fully charges and how long it takes before it drains. It is also good to have a battery indicator, so you will be instantly notified if you need to recharge.


This is the heart of the electric trailer dolly, so make sure that it delivers a commendable performance. The motor must be powerful enough to handle heavy weight and move the trailer even in a slight incline. Even if the motor is powerful, make sure that it operates quietly.

Care and Maintenance


Keep the electric trailer dolly in its peak performance. Below are some tips on how to do it.

  • Start by reading the manual from the manufacturer. Religiously follow the recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. The failure to do so can void the warranty.
  • Lubricate the moving parts. Over time, they can attract dirt and debris, especially with long-term outdoor use. Without proper lubrication, some components can be stuck, limiting the smooth movements and optimal functionality of the dolly.
  • Store the dolly properly when not used. Kindly keep it away from the sun, rain, snow, dust, and other similar elements that can speed up wear. It is best to cover it before long-term storage.
  • Maintain the right tire pressure. Inflate the tire as needed to be sure that it supports the stated weight. If you don’t want to think about this, choose non-flat tires. They won’t deflate even with a heavy load.
  • Check the wiring, making sure that it is not damaged. Any wiring problem will cut the connection from the battery to the motor or other parts. If there are splits or frays, consider changing the wires.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you move a trailer by hand?

Yes, you can move a trailer by hand, but it depends on its weight and load. However, in most cases, it will be large and heavy, and hence, I do not recommend moving it manually. Even if you have a helping hand, it will require significant energy. If you aren’t careful, you can end up with an injury and property damage.

How to set-up and use?

Setting up and using a trailer dolly is easy but can be overwhelming if you are a beginner. If you are clueless, I suggest viewing online videos for help. Trax Power Dolly is one manufacturer that provides comprehensive videos explaining how to get started. Here’s a snapshot of what to do.

  • Start by setting up the dolly next to the trailer that you would like to move. Make sure that it is compatible with the trailer and tongue weights.
  • Mount the bracket to the trailer tongue and coupler. Use the necessary tools when needed to create a secure connection.
  • Once the connection is ready, turn on the motor and move the dolly to the desired direction.

Take note that operating an electric trailer dolly will vary from one product to another. I recommend that you take the time to read the manual and understand the manufacturer’s steps.


If you are often moving your boat around in a trailer, then you need the right dolly! This equipment allows the effortless movement of heavy boats, even in tight spaces. With a motor, no load is too much to handle. Best of all, you don’t have to do the manual lifting. The best electric trailer dolly will do most of the work!

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