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The Best Portable Toilets for Pontoon Boat

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Certain accessories must be added to a pontoon and one of them is the portable toilet. It’s essential as the call of nature comes at any time. Holding it is unbearable and it will only give you troubles. So it might keep you from making wonderful moments.

best portable toilet for pontoon boat

Many pontoon owners acknowledge the need to have a potty. It becomes a part of the preparation before leaving the dock for the comfort of everyone on board. There are some circumstances that you would need it the most even though you’re going for a short journey. Some unexpected things can happen like having a stomachache or feeling nauseous. Hence it is a good investment in having the best portable toilet for pontoon boats.

In the current market, there are too many of them, so it may be challenging for you to pick the right one. However, a good thing is this review can guide you in getting the right portable toilet that can save you in difficult situations. So continue reading.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Camco 41541

+ With a watertight seal to lock in odor
+ Has a waste tank of 5.3 gallons
+ Slide valve locks to avoid leakage

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Porta Potti 92306

+ Modern and sleek style
+ Comfortable
+ No odor and leaks

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

SereneLife SLCATL320

+ Can withstand heavy-duty
+ Made of odor-resistant materials
+ With extra-large tank 

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Top 10 Portable Toilet for Pontoon Boat Reviews

1. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

The need to release something out of your body is like an emergency. It sounds funny but it’s not if you don’t have this portable travel toilet. The design makes it convenient to do your ‘business’ when you’re outdoors. Using it means you don’t have to gather all your guts to face the awful smell.

I don’t have regrets about making this as a porta potty for pontoon boats. The waste tank has a 5.3 gallon capacity. A sliding gate valve is marvelous for a watertight seal to lock in odor. It also opens to accept waste. I know it’s a challenge to put away the solid waste but there’s a cap behind the tank to give way for easy emptying. However, it will be much better if it has a waste hose.

There are handles located at the top and the bottom of the toilet. The potty is lightweight too so it won’t burden you. Therefore, taking and carrying the potty to the dumping area is not awkward because of these features.

A seat, a lid, and a flush tank with 2.5 gallon capacity are the main parts of the ‘throne’. The flush is a bellow type. I put a bit of blue liquid to fend the odor away. There are side latches to make the toilet securely attached to the tank. You won’t be troubled with leakage because it has sealing slide valve locks.

This portable boat toilet is durable with a decent seat that is 13-inch wide. It stands 15.5 inches. It’s suitable for kids as the entire family uses it when camping and sailing with the pontoon. My 7-year old twins can sit comfortably on it. I also put this toilet at the back of our minivan when we go for a long drive.
  • With a watertight seal to lock in odor
  • A cap on the tank for easy emptying
  • Has a waste tank of 5.3 gallons
  • Side latches make attachment of toilet and tank secure
  • Has slide valve locks to avoid leakage
  • It will be much better with the waste hose
What more can I ask for? This portable toilet flushes well and locks in odor while leakage and dumping the waste are not that challenging.

2. Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp

I never thought that a pontoon boat portable toilet could look so nice like this one. Aside from the looks, it’s versatile so it can be placed in pontoons, boats, vans, RVs, tracks, and present in camping and health care. No wonder it’s a leading brand among its competitors.

This portable toilet has a 17.6-inch height which makes it a tad shorter than my house toilet. The style is modern and sleek; and it allows me to sit comfortably as the bowl is made bigger than usual. As a guy with a towering height of 6 feet and 5 inches, I can’t tuck my feet under it but it’s not a big deal. I don’t feel awkward just like when I’m on a smaller potty.

I like the ergonomic design of the carrying handle so it makes using and cleaning easy. Thus using this potty does not give you a hard time dealing with odor and leaks. When emptying the tank, you only have to release the waste through the rotating spout. It’s great as I don’t want to contemplate the waste and the odor.

There’s a holder for paper towels and once you purchase this portable toilet, you get a deodorant or waste digestion that is good for four uses (5 gallons each). Other freebies are measuring cups and batteries which is necessary to make the flush work as well.
  • Versatile as it’s used in different cases outdoors
  • Has a modern and sleek style
  • Any adult can sit on this porta toilet comfortably
  • No odor and leaks
  • Easy to use and clean with a rotating spout to release waste
  • Tall people may find it hard to tuck their feet under the toilet
Even though this one comes with a downside, it is still a good product for you to look at. Use this potty like you’re in home’s toilet because of the comfort that it provides.

3. SereneLife SLCATL320 Portable Toilet

My concerns about a portable toilet are its strength to bear the weight of the user and cleaning requirements. And this portable toilet is the most suitable one as my family and I are a bit overweight. We can sit on it pretty well without any problem. With many times of use, I can say this toilet can withstand heavy-duty.

Cleaning and emptying are so easy due to its pour spout that can rotate. Thus, splashing can’t occur. A sewer hose is on its back too for effortlessly dumping the waste. Talking about the product’s material, the material used for this product is odor resistant. Thus, you don’t have to endure the smell when cleaning up.

This portable toilet is designed for travel so adding it to my pontoon is a great choice. You don’t have to be unsure about doing it as it doesn’t take a lot of space. Even the extra-large tank of 5.3 gallons won’t weigh you down. With two adults and two kids, it doesn’t need emptying for two to three days.

I’m at an average height and it’s a luxury for me to sit on it. It may be a bit short for tall individuals but there’s a solution to it. You can place it over something hard and sturdy to let it rise a little in a pontoon boat toilet enclosure.

It may look hard solid but an elderly can still lift it. The carrying case that comes with it is a big help. There’s also a travel toiletry bag to make it convenient to carry.
  • Can withstand heavy-duty
  • With pour spout and sewer hose for easy dumping of waste
  • Made of odor-resistant materials
  • With extra-large tank (5.3-gallon capacity)
  • Designed for travel as it comes with a carrying case and travel toiletry bag
  • Can be a bit short for tall individuals
I can’t leave the dock with my pontoon when I don’t have this potty. It’s an essential whenever I go sailing.

4. Dometic 301097606 Portable Toilet

There’s no need to look for a pontoon boat with a toilet for sale as this product got your needs covered. Just put it inside a changing tent or a pop-up shower and you get to experience a toilet like the one you have at home. Furthermore, no bad smell is dispersed into the air while it’s not in use.

There are two options which are 2.6 gallons and 5 gallons. These two options can serve a certain number of people and the duration of use. Hence, it’s up to you to choose the option that can meet your needs.

The tank is prismatic with a tank level monitoring so you would know the emptying time. This portable toilet also comes with a latching lid, used for a secure hold because waste spillage is destructive. Flushing is done by pressing the bottom and it works with no issues. However, it can be loud. It’s fine but it might be a disturbance to someone who is sleeping nearby.

The seat is made for comfort and it’s compact. Thus, it’s a space saver and kids can use it. Still, the seat is low for those who are above six feet tall. It can be resolved by adding a bit of elevation like a hard block of wood. Aside from using it in a pontoon, you can have it in a van. Thanks to its compact size, you won’t fail on finding a space for it and strap it in the designated area.

I trust the high-strength construction of this potty. It can withstand harsh surroundings. When it comes to cleaning, I don’t have complaints as it goes smoothly and easily.
  • No bad smell when not in use
  • Has a flush bottom
  • Comfortable seat for adults and kids
  • Has a latching lid to make it intact and secured
  • Easy to clean high-strength construction
  • Loud sound when flushing
  • The seat is low for people over six feet
I never thought a portable toilet could be as comfortable as this one. I also like how I can choose the right size for my needs.

5. Thetford 92860 Porta Potti

The sleek, modern design of this potty fits into my pontoon privacy enclosure well. Its compact size makes it possible as well. I used it in potty training my toddler and put it in the van for long trips at first. Then I started using it in my pontoon and it went well.

This porta potty has two separable parts. The bowl and lid are situated on the top. What’s on the lower part is the waste container which is taken out when waste needs to be discarded.

The seat and cover are removable. With some parts detachable together with the rotating spout, cleaning is easy for me! A sealed valve locks in odor and it’s located in the tank. To neutralize the smell, I put a bit of water and free deodorant.

There’s a standard lid latch to tighten the two parts together. Carrying this potty is uncomplicated with ergonomically designed handles. They are important features when the time comes that you need to empty the tank.

The bellow pump flush is simple to use but it sometimes acts up by not completely washing the bowl. So I have water inside the pontoon porta potty enclosure in case this circumstance happens.

This potty is low when placed on the ground or surface but it’s still manageable for adults and kids to use. There’s a lot of room for mobility and comfort as you can squat and stand up quickly. I love how compact and lightweight it is. Hence, it’s no surprise that it’s used in healthcare, recreational vehicles, and in times of emergency.
  • Has a sleek, modern design
  • Detachable parts, rotating spout, and a waste container for easy cleaning
  • Has a valve that locks in odor
  • Standard lid latch to firmly put the parts together
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The bellow flush sometimes acts up
My family loves outdoors and it’s great that everyone can use this porta potty. It guarantees comfort and convenience!

6. Camco 41535 Portable Travel Toilet

I can say that it’s the right portable potty for pontoon boats since I started using it. The rod-style pump mechanism is simply amazing because it’s durable and it works smoothly. It’s not the typical system that gives occasional hang-ups. Hence, you can readily flush what you deposited in this toilet.

With a reliable flush, urinating and taking a dump can be both accommodated. Adjustments on the seat can be made as there are a separate seat hinge and locking lid. It can be raised for male users and lowered for females and those constipated.

A low toilet like this can help you align your colon so you can have a smooth ‘go’. However, it needs to be elevated when taller people would use it. A sturdy block can assist in this situation.

You don’t have to worry about leaking issues as this porta toilet will leave you at peace. There’s no single drop of liquid that came out of it. Even if my pontoon is over rough waters or rapids, nothing came out of it. This is all thanks to its sliding gate valve seals!

The body of this potty is made of slick ABS material. This material is advantageous when it comes to cleaning and preventing odor. The swivel dumping elbow would help you discharge the waste properly to free yourself from a mess.

It has a detachable 2.6-gallon waste tank and a water tank with a 4-gallon maximum capacity. Know that the lid can be latched for easy transport. You can also completely remove this part every time you clean the potty.
  • Smooth, durable rod-style pump mechanism for flush
  • The seat can be adjusted
  • Doesn’t leak despite movements
  • Made of slick ABS material for easy cleaning and odor prevention
  • Waste disposal is free from mess
  • Needs to be elevated for tall users
Like few portable toilets in this reviewing list, this item may not be perfect for tall users. But just by looking at some of its nice features, I hope you can give this toilet a try.

7. PLAYBERG Portable Travel Toilet

Even though I don’t have a pontoon boat with a bathroom, this portable travel toilet makes it convenient for my crew and me to respond to the call of nature. It’s like having the normal toilet inside my pontoon as it has a removable cover as well as a lid seal to secure the substance inside it. Thus, no spillage will take place.

Dealing with odor for a long time is unbearable for me and I tend to puke. I prefer this potty as I can put bags to take hold of the waste. I use scented bags and once the lid is closed, no odor will seep out of the toilet. The maximum size of the bag that you can use is 8 gallons.

Using bags also means simple disposal of waste and going easy on cleaning that is done thoroughly though. What I like about this part is that the possible mess is ruled out. I clean it like the way I do with the toilet at home with wipes. Moreover, there’s a paper toilet holder on the side to keep the roll in place.

I also love how sturdy it is as it can hold massive weight even though it’s made of plastic. Aside from being lightweight, it’s easy to carry around because of its handle. But then, there are chances that it shifts. It rarely happens though as long as you’re not clumsy.

Last but not least, there are no rubber or foam parts so I can keep things sanitized. Refraining from detaching and reassembling parts during waste disposal is a relief for me. All I need to do is to pull out the bag when it’s time to.
  • With cover and lid seal to avoid spillage
  • 8-gallon maximum capacity
  • Easy cleaning with no mess
  • Sturdy as it can hold the massive weight
  • A simple way of waste disposal through bags
  • May shift around
Coming with too many good features, I highly recommend this portable toilet for you. Especially, if you can’t stand the horrendous odor when emptying a porta potty, this one works best.

8. Dock Edge DE6268 Visa Potty

It’s the most durable potty I’ve ever known. The durable and strong construction is even obvious in photos. I use it for three months every year and it’s still in good shape. Talk about loyalty, you will find it in this potty.

What I want to applaud about this product is the comfort that it provides. It’s all because of the extra deep bowl which is made for adults. It’s also slick, so everything goes down when flushed. The height of this potty is almost the same as the porcelain toilet that I have at home.

The flush system is run by the bi-directional piston pump rinse. What I did to make it right every time I use the potty is pulling the pump twice. I do it before using the boat toilet so sticking won’t happen. It turns out that an adequate supply of water is necessary. However, due to the large capacity of the water tank, running out of water rarely happens.

There are airtight lid snaps to establish a seal that prevents leaks and blocks odor. This feature also prevents vibration while the pontoon moves. On the other hand, this item features an indicator that shows you the levels of waste tank and water tank. Getting rid of the waste would be easy as well because of the directional pour spout. After waste disposal, cleaning is essential and I was able to do it properly because the spout is detachable.

Since the surface is high-gloss, you can quickly scrub and disinfect it. I coat the inside with olive or canola oil to make cleaning even easier.
  • Has durable and strong construction
  • Extra deep bowl for comfort
  • Everything goes down when flushed
  • Airtight lid snap to block the odor and prevent leaks or vibration
  • Easy cleaning because of high gloss surface and directional spout
  • A good supply of water is essential for the flush
I have this item inside my pontoon toilet enclosure for some time now. I love the comfort and how it flushes all the waste and odor to keep them away from my senses.

9. Cleanwaste D119PET Portable Toilet

I don’t want to detach and clean up parts of a porta potty. That’s why you can find this product in the portable boat toilet curtain of my pontoon. I just need to cast aside the bag with the waste inside.

I can skip the necessary steps when using a detachable potty. I feel relieved as I don’t have to deal with the chemical mixture, waste, and cleaning tank with deposits.

There’s no need to assemble some parts. You only have to make sure that the legs standstill. Find the locking tabs to ensure the right bearing of the potty. Once you set it up correctly, it displays its sturdiness. In this case, you can sit comfortably on it as it can carry a maximum weight of 500 pounds.

You won’t be lost as long as you read the instruction sheet because a toilet kit comes with every purchase. When the potty is not in use, you can place it inside the built-in carry handle.

The manufacturer recommends using the suitable bag that they made. As the right size will ensure that you won’t spill any substance when you take it off from the porta potty. Furthermore, there is a rim under the seat, so that I can tuck in the bag. Make sure to cover the entire seat in case splashes occur.

Some people put cat litter inside the bag to clump the waste. But I opt for poo powder as it doesn’t take much space on storage. This special powder gets rid of foul odor. I can prevent the horrible fumes as I only eliminate waste through bag disposal.
  • No detaching, reassembling, and cleaning of the tank is needed
  • Sturdy with firm legs
  • Carries the maximum weight of 500 pounds
  • Can be stored in a built-in carry handle
  • Makes you avoid foul odor
  • Need to use poo powder or cat litter to clump the waste
Using a portable toilet doesn’t always mean that you have to endure the disgusting odor. You will get to experience it with this potty.

10. Reliance Luggable Loo

What you see in the photos is what you get with this portable loo. I’m amazed that it’s affordable compared to other marine porta potties. Still, it works well without any unpleasant surprises.

This product not only becomes a top seller because of the favorable price, but also due to its great features. First of all, it appears like a bucket with a capacity of five gallons. I did some trials before using like finding out about the handles’ strength and I wasn’t disappointed. I put some five gallons of water and I carried it back and forth. It held up so well!

Secondly, the seat has a cover so one can sit without any complaints. You can snap it off when it’s needed. This seat cover can be changed when it gets dirty. Removal of this part is easy as well. On the other hand, the handles snug with a perfect fit on the bucket so you can carry it in one piece.

Black plastic bags can catch the waste and prevent leaks. Therefore, waste disposal won’t be a pain in the ass. Three bags snug well on the bucket and they don’t give any discomfort to the user. So I can drink as much water as I want when I’m in my pontoon.

When it comes to the height of this porta toilet, it’s slightly lower than the regular toilet. But it’s still comfortable to use even with the plastic bags getting warm on it when exposed to direct sunlight. Even people over six feet will be fine sitting on this luggable loo.

It’s extremely sturdy and rugged for outdoor use. No one would even suspect you’re carrying a toilet as it can be mistaken as a regular bucket.
  • Relatively affordable
  • The seat cover can be changed
  • Easy waste disposal with the help of plastic bags
  • Comfortable for tall people
  • Made as extremely sturdy and rugged for outdoor use
  • Multiple plastic bags get warm when exposed to direct sunlight
Although this looks like a bucket, it can save your bladder and it won’t allow you to feel bloated. It can fit inside the pontoon boat porta potty enclosure well.

Buyer’s Guide


If you go through various portable toilets, they are made small and compact. Hence, complex features are not included. The portable toilets are a substitute to the regular toilet when you are away from home. Comfort and convenience are the main reasons why they’re made.

Still, it would help if you got something that is worth your money. The following factors will help you to get a good one.

Types of Portable Toilet

Systems of the portable toilet can be from flushable to the ‘wag bags’ for disposal. Due to diversity, the types are sorted into three groups.

The simplest one is called the bucket type. It does look like a bucket and you may need a waste bag for it. The second type is collapsible which means it can be folded. Thus, transporting is easy and convenient. It has a seat where you can attach a waste bag.

The third type is the flushable toilet. It can be described as the most intricate as it comes along with a small plumbing system. A waste tank is on its frame to keep the waste as well as unpleasant odor inside.


The necessary capacity depends on the number of people who will use the portable toilet as well as the duration. It’s simple logic. The small one is fine with small families, while big families need a potty with a bigger capacity.

This factor will also give you an idea of the frequency of waste disposal. Before purchasing a porta potty, check the size and capacity first.

The Mechanism of Waste Disposal

Dealing with waste disposal is a challenge to the users of the potty. Manufacturers design various mechanisms for this need. Understand this part first before buying and try to analyze to check whether it works for you or not.

There are several potties with the flush system that you can choose from. Some may find it convenient to use the ones with biodegradable bags. You don’t have to take out the waste but it’s thrown together with the bag. To help you decide, always think about comfort when choosing the one that suits you.

A Matter of Privacy

People want comfort and convenience when using a portable toilet. Also, privacy is another matter that every individual seeks when doing the deed. The feeling of uneasiness may arise when others are around. A porta potty should be able to occupy a collapsible changing room for a pontoon boat.

Get a potty that can assure you of privacy. You can easily find one that would fit in an area intended for nature’s call.


The right size of a portable toilet should be congruent with your weight and height. See to it that the size of the toilet can accommodate your weight. This factor is for your comfort too.

Trouble-free Use

Straightforward potties will give you the relief that you want every time you urinate or take a dump. No stress should bother you. It is particularly essential when you’re releasing waste from your body. Avoid models that require complex steps as they might confuse you.

Another part that shouldn’t be toilsome is cleaning the toilet. You need to finish it in a short while.

How Do Porta Potties for Pontoon Boats Work


Porta potties are the practical alternative when standard toilets are nowhere to be found. It’s the situation when you go on long tours over open waters with your pontoon. Although you would only be out over the water in a short time, you’re safe from having a huge discomfort.

You can use a porta potty any time the need arises. It’s straightforward and transporting is not a hassle. However, there’s no plumbing system like the toilet found in households. This feature is missing to make the potty mobile so the user can take it everywhere.

Of course, there’s an option to dispose of the waste in the proper place. While it’s not time to empty the potty, you don’t have to worry about the smell as there are helpful features like anti-leak and foul odor absorber.

Do Any Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms

Have you ever wondered if there’s a pontoon boat with a bathroom for sale? Yes, there is but it’s about getting luxurious. Therefore, you can rarely find it. Buying one means spending more money than getting a pontoon and buying a portable toilet for a pontoon boat with curtains for privacy.

Aside from the toilet, a luxury pontoon has a shower too. Don’t be deceived about the size of the pontoon. It doesn’t mean when it’s big that there’s a toilet built inside it. Yet, you can still have fun on the water when you have the regular pontoon with a potty.

Care and Maintenance

It’s critical to maintain the cleanliness of a portable toilet in your pontoon. Cleaning, washing, and rinsing must all be done thoroughly. Waste disposal should be done regularly as well as sanitizing the whole piece of potty and the designated area.

Necessary care and maintenance are also for the potty’s optimum performance and longer duration of service. It’s not something that would pressure you as it only takes low maintenance.

To keep the portable toilet in good shape for a long time, you need to practice the following steps:

  • Don’t forget to flush every after use when you’re using one that has a flush system.
  • Always have to make sure that the potty is covered when not in use.
  • Thorough cleaning should be a habit every time you discard the waste from the potty.
  • It’s essential that you sanitized the holding tank. In this case, a tank deodorizer or a waste digester is needed to remove the unpleasant smell.

Getting rid of the appalling smell is not too demanding like what you might have thought. Here are the proper ways of doing it:

  • Handling the potty with care is the basic step to stopping awful odor from spreading.
  • It’s worthwhile to invest in chemicals that can turn solid waste into tiny particles.
  • Dispose of the waste before the tank or bag gets full.
  • Be particular in cleaning the potty’s surface. A potty cleaner can assist you to tidy up every inch of the whole area thoroughly. Removing the dirt and filth helps eliminate bad odors that got stuck inside the sludge or cover.

Here are some tips to make the spot where you place your portable toilet look good as new and bright:

  • Make sure to use the appropriate biodegradable bags for the potty.
  • It’s not to let the sunshine in. You can open the area for half an hour when the potty is not occupied. You’re giving the air a chance to circulate. Thus, a foul smell won’t hang around and it will just disappear.


You go out with your pontoon to have a good time sailing, fishing, hunting, or just sightseeing. It’s wrong timing when the call of nature bugs you but you can be assured that the best portable toilet for pontoon boats can save your day in such a situation. You can find one in this review as all the options guarantee durability, comfort, reliability, and waste management.

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