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The Best Boat Cover Support Systems for Any Vessel Size

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Hanging out in the open water gives wonderful feelings. Just think of the sun’s warmth and the fine mist that caress your skin while the wind blows your hair. Behind this awesome experience when sailing, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that your boat gets beat up on or off the water.

best boat cover support system

As a responsible boat owner, you must get the best boat cover support system. You know that saltwater has corrosive effects and UV rays can be intense and harsh to any water vessel. Snow, rain, dirt, branches, and bird’s droppings are other outdoor elements that compel you to be protective of your boat.

The cover can stay in place when there’s a support system. It won’t be too tight or loose for the wind to just sweep it off. Here’s the list of excellent cover support systems and you will find one that suits your boat for sure.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Taylor Made Products 55741

+ Can support any boat type
+ Prevent sagging even on the low section
+ Durable straps and a sturdy hook

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Camco 41970

+ Lightweight telescoping poles
+ The poles don’t poke the boat cover
+ Can withstand weather cycle

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

iCOVER Support Pole System

+ Designed for long-term storage
+ Doesn’t allow water pooling to happen
+ With sturdy, collapsible aluminum pole

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Top 10 Boat Cover Support System Reviews

1. Taylor Made Products 55741 Boat Cover Support System

Water pooling is what I fear the most when I store my boat with a cover outside. Common sense tells me that I needed to add cover support in the middle section to prevent puddling. So I bought one but it was difficult to set up. My second attempt at getting a cover support system is successful because this one works as needed.

If you don’t have a windshield or some features to support your cover, this set is your best option aside from making a DIY boat cover support system. Of course, doing it yourself costs more and takes much effort and time. So I opted to buy this one.

This Taylor Made boat cover support system has 50-foot webbing, a support pole, two hooks, and quick-release buckles. Make sure that the pole snaps to the webbing while the hooks should be connected with the transom. I added a strap for the middle section and you may use a crossbar too. Unfortunately, we have to buy those since the brand does not provide them in the set.

Once you have this support system in your boat, water pocketing won’t happen anymore. The heavy overnight rain sheds off right away and the straps remain taut. In this case, I don’t fear that my boat will get wet without my knowledge.

With proper care, this set can last for years. Because it does its job well, it prolongs the life span of your boat cover too. Hence, I saved some money from buying this affordable product as it’s affordable and you don’t need to buy a cover every year.
  • Suitable for boats with no windshield and support system features
  • Works like DIY boat cover support system
  • Prevents water pocketing from happening
  • Makes heavy rain sheds off right away
  • Can last for years with proper care
  • Cost-efficient
  • Need to add a strap or crossbar in the boat’s middle section
I think this support system is a must for every boat owner. If you have a problem with water pooling like I had before, this is the best choice!

2. Camco 41970-A Boat Cover Support

The main reason that you need support for your boat cover is to prevent it from sagging. The weight of water and snow can make the cover droop. Since this product is adjustable and versatile, this is the solution to those problems.

This support system is suitable for boats up to 22 feet, so it’s great for my 19-foot bowrider. The pole is long enough for my vessel. Every user will be happy with this product since it can adhere to various boat types with adjustments from 30 inches to 50 inches in 2.5-inch increments.

It’s more reliable than rigging some lines and ropes as it can support itself with plates on the top and the bottom parts. The plate situated at the bottom part has foam to keep the entire adjustable boat cover support pole from sliding.

I can attest to how it can withstand different weather. After the wet and snowy days, it remains still and holding up. When summer comes, it doesn’t give in to the heat of the sun. The heavy fabric on this cover support won’t allow water pooling even after heavy rain. I have a waterproof cover so the water just rolls off.

What every user would love about this product is the easy installation. I can do it just by myself. Storing it is effortless too as it has a compact form. To avoid having issues in using this cover system, make sure to tighten the straps. You don’t want them to lose and fail to protect your boat.
  • Prevents boat from sagging
  • Suitable for boats up to 22 feet
  • Can withstand different weather
  • Self-supporting with plates and foam at the bottom so it won’t slide
  • Easy installation and storage
  • Ensuring the tightness of the straps as they might turn loose
The best features of this product are the possible adjustments and the steady as ever pole. It’s worth every penny!

3. iCover Boat Cover Support Pole System

I almost gave up on finding the best one among the numerous boat cover support poles. I gave it a last shot and it led me to buy this wonderful item. This is affordable but the quality is not compromised as it remains consistent in protecting my boat. 60-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty are provided so there’s an assurance of its quality.

The aluminum telescoping pole is great for my 18-foot Lund ProAngler. Adjustments are possible from 38 inches to 68 inches. Moreover, the whole support system matches any boat with a length of up to 25 feet. I know some people who also use this as a pontoon boat cover support pole system. However, two sets of this system are necessary.

The pole deals with the low, sagging parts of the boat. There are long, durable straps to strengthen the support system. They have to be tight enough to meet your expectations. The length is favorable to everyone as it’s long enough to make any adjustment.

I placed the stand in the middle part while the straps made the cover slant until the edges. The pole should be 3 inches or 5 inches higher than the windshield.

I commend how it can shed off rain and even when the consequences of a storm. A strong wind came too and it didn’t budge a bit. It stayed under the sun for a long period and no damages have come up. Honest to say, I am confident that it can withstand all weather conditions.

There are other advantages of a pole support system aside from protecting a boat. Putting on the cover is much easier than I had before. The cover is not prone to ripping and collapsing when you use this support system.
  • Affordable but a quality product
  • Has a 60-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty
  • The whole support system is a match for boats up to 25 feet
  • Remains tough under all-weather conditions
  • Protects the cover from easily getting ripped or collapsed
  • Can be used for pontoons but it needs two kits of this support system
I can’t complain about anything. I just wished I could have bought this earlier so I was able to save money.

4. Taylor Made Products 55745 Boat Cover Support System

I’ve seen some pontoons with a damaged interior. Owning one for the first time prompted me to get the right pontoon cover support. I’m glad I could find this item to keep away water and debris when storing my pontoon.

Pontoon storage during rainy days means no water pooling and pocketing. The same protection is provided during winter. I’ve also seen how it holds up when a strong wind comes by. The price is fair but it works like expensive brands when it stands firm in facing weather changes.

Adding this support system over the boat cover is a lot easier, and I think it’s because of the absence of snaps. There’s no need to crawl under the cover as other people do.

It’s composed of 60-foot long and an inch thick polypropylene webbing with four molded hooks and a quick-release adjuster. I like the design but the hardware and pivot points are plastic. So I bought metal ones for a secure set-up. Once you fastened this support system, then you successfully extended the life span of my boat cover.

There are two poles for every purchase. I place one in the middle and the other in the front. The adjustments of the pole are from 27 inches to 50 inches so I can place the cover at an ideal height.
  • Keeps away water and debris
  • The price is fair but works like an expensive brand
  • Stays firm in facing weather changes
  • Installation is a lot easier than other brands
  • A nice design with polypropylene webbing
  • Have to replace plastic hardware and pivot points with metal ones
Although it’s my first time owning a pontoon, I haven’t experienced any issues so far. All I gain is a fun experience. Thanks to this cover support system!

5. attwood 3001.4843 Boat Cover Support System

This one is much better than the previous support systems I had. I can adjust the telescoping center pole in this set from 28 inches to 48 inches. I make it high enough for my boat to establish protection. I don’t take off all the parts of this system from my boat when I use a trailer. I just remove the pole and tighten the cover before I set out.

It’s now my second time buying this item. I’ve used the first one for 10 years and it’s still fine except for the plastic guide on the top of the pole. It has the sturdiness that you can depend on. Rain and snow fell on it but the reinforcement to the boat cover remains.

Water doesn’t permanently stay on the cover because of it. You shouldn’t worry about low sections as the water just runs off rather than pooling. It’s important to prevent water from accumulating to prolong the lifespan of your boat cover.

With its toughness and reliability, it’s no wonder that I use it in all of my boats. I have one without a windshield but it still fits perfectly. But I used two sets of this cover support system for bigger boats as it’s only intended for vessels that are up to 19 feet long.

I like the flexibility of the poly web straps with non-marring hooks. Arranging the parts is easy because of them.
  • In trailer use after removing the pole and tightening the straps
  • Sturdy as it remains in its place despite snow and rainfall
  • Stops water pooling and accumulation even on low sections
  • Fits on boats without a windshield
  • Two sets are needed for bigger boats that are more than 19-foot long
If you don’t like to keep on looking for a sturdy boat tarp support system, you’ll have to buy this one. So you don’t need to change the support system from time to time.

6. Carver 60008 Boat Cover Support System

The cover loosens when the wind blows, and it creates a depression where the rain gathers. Eventually, the cover will collapse and get ripped. I went through these circumstances before I knew about this product. Although it has a simple design, it doesn’t complicate things for you and the boat cover.

Sagging and water pooling won’t happen as long as you have this support system. It all happens because of the generous length of straps and rods. So all users can fix it well on boats that won’t exceed 28 feet in length. It’s even compatible with any boat type.

There are two pre-installed straps and adjustable 20-foot straps that snap instantly on the rear tow hooks. Do you think it’s quite enough for your boat? Well, there’s another 40-foot strap designed for the bow. You won’t run out of straps for sure as there are millions of them. Kidding aside, these plentiful straps and the lightweight parts make installation easy.

Pontoon owners should also get this support system set and they won’t regret it. However, they need to buy two kits for their pontoons in creating the necessary frame.

The pole comes with a snap and vinyl end. You can adjust it from 22 inches up to 70 inches. I’m happy that it’s not made of plastic but with aluminum instead. Of course, I don’t want it easily bent as its role is to support the boat cover. I use all the straps to maximize its function.
  • Has a simple design but prevents sagging and water pooling
  • Compatible with any boat type
  • Have different straps designated in specific boat parts
  • Easy installation with plentiful straps and lightweight parts
  • Adjustable aluminum pole
  • Needs two sets if used on pontoon boats
Using this product will not leave you in vain as it doesn’t allow sagging on your cover. Thus, your boat is well-protected from possible damages.

7. Camco 41971 Telescoping Pontoon Boat Cover Support

I find this kit of boat cover support awesome as it’s complete with every part that serves a definite purpose. The three telescoping poles ensure the cover won’t tend to sag. They are all self-standing and can be adjusted in heights from 30 inches to 50 inches in 2.5 inches increments. Thus, you can use this as a support for any boat type.

Each support pole comes with a pair of support plates for the top and bottom parts. The bottom plates have foam so that the poles won’t be unstable. Hence, I don’t worry whether the weather will be strong wind and rainy or snowy attacks while using this boat cover support system.

My boat cover has never gone down since I started using this support system. No water pooling has occurred even in low areas. So the cover’s quality and performance are maintained as it continues in covering my boat.

The two pieces of 33-foot to 34-foot straps are durable. That’s why I recommend using them on boats up to 33 feet long. This given length implies that it’s also useful on pontoons. To create a secure hold, you should add sturdy hooks to the straps.

Installation and storage didn’t give me a hard time as well. I can put all the parts and store them in their compact size by myself.

I don’t have any complaints about this product. What it only tested is my patience as I need to wait for some time for its available stocks. It only means that it’s in demand.
  • Can support any boat type
  • Prevent sagging even on the low section
  • Maintains the quality and performance of the boat cover
  • Has durable straps and a sturdy hook for a secure hold
  • Can be stored and installed easily
  • Waiting for the available stocks
With durable parts, it gives you the well-established frame needed by the boat cover. I don’t have to make a homemade pontoon boat cover support system just to arrange things properly.

8. Better Boat Poles Support Systems for Boat Covers

To prevent the pooling and sagging problems on low areas of the boat cover, I need something as sturdy as this pole support. It’s made of lightweight aluminum that is marine-grade and ultra-durable. Adjustments are possible in this telescoping pole. So I said goodbye to the flimsy and easily bent boat cover support slats.

Mushroom caps with rubber button ends are added to the poles to stabilize their positions. There are multiple attachment points for the pole not to be prone to falling over. The rope runs from the bow to the stern to link all the poles.

Another thing that I like about the poles is that they don’t poke my cover. As a result, they don’t leave damages at all. This support system saves me from worries so I use it on all of my boats, including pontoons. I just wish there’s a pack of three poles for one of my bigger boats.

Despite the weather cycle, this pole support system is consistent in serving its purpose. I was able to bring up the boat cover on both sides to avoid making lower areas for water pooling. Therefore, I can store my boat outdoors during the rainy season without fear.

It also helps me to successfully block snow during winter. There’s no problem even the snow melts as water doesn’t remain on the cover. The summer heat doesn’t weaken this support system too. It only becomes hot to the touch so be careful when disassembling.
  • Has lightweight telescoping poles that are marine-grade and ultra-durable
  • Has caps and multiple attachments point to prevent the pole from falling
  • The poles don’t poke the boat cover
  • Can withstand weather cycle
  • Could be better if there’s a pack for bigger boats
Ditch the flimsy poles and straps and choose this durable support system. You will have no worries all year round when storing your boat.

9. Budge BA-39 Boat Cover Support System

This is the ideal support system for my boat as it’s capable of raising the whole cover. It’s also designed for long-term storage that means your boat can survive through the winter. I’m not worried that boat motors and other parts will get frozen. There’s no need for replacements after the cold season as ice or snow doesn’t have a chance to stay on the cover.

I’ve also used this product under the rain and even a downpour. Water pooling doesn’t happen on my cover as it becomes taut. The intense heat can’t put it down as well.

The components of this boat support system adhere well with boats under 27 feet long. It’s perfect for my V hull runabouts. Yes, it’s the most incredible support system for vessels with a V hull. You will have no trouble fitting it.

The collapsible pole is made of aluminum so it’s sturdy and reliable. It comes with adjustable straps and a strap holder. This possibility makes this system compatible with various boat types.

I’m thankful for this product as it’s the medium for long-term storage. I can’t complain about anything except for the slightly crinkled straps when I opened the package. Fortunately, I was able to iron it out for easy installation. I never mind doing some extra work as my boat and its cover survive the freezing winter because of this kit.
  • Designed for long-term storage
  • Doesn’t allow water pooling to happen
  • The ideal support for boats with V hull and under 27 feet long
  • With sturdy, collapsible aluminum pole
  • Adjusted straps to be compatible with various boat types
  • The straps may be slightly crinkled upon arrival
This support system is amazing at raising the whole cover as outdoor elements won’t leave a sagging part on it.

10. SBU Boat Cover Support Pole System

Adjustment of straps and support poles tells you that you would make parts fit on your entire boat. Why not go for full coverage of the support pole system from Boat Accessories? You don’t need to go through trial and error for the sake of adjustment as this boat cover support bows and the rear side. Its design assures you that your boat and its cover are protected from outside elements.

This set has a full strapping kit with 50-foot webbing for creating something like a slope-shaped tent, just like the Shoretex boat cover support system. It can cover my whole boat that’s 21 feet long. I’m amazed at how the cover doesn’t sag or form a looping area for water and debris to gather.

You will also find an adjustable, aluminum pole that you can snap with the webbing. I put it in the middle part of the boat and connect it with the bow. I wrap the straps around the bow, then hook it up with the rear transom. These steps may take some time but it’s worth it.

Once you correctly set this support system, you can just let the boat cover lie on it. It’s perfect for storage any time of the year as it can bear rain, snow, wind, and sun. Water and small particles just roll off from the cover. I’ve also found out that it’s suitable for mooring.

Not allowing outdoor elements to stay on the cover brings a lot of benefits. My boat cover remains in its optimum performance as no stain, damage, and premature aging tried to take it down. If these unnecessary things fail to get through the cover, it means my boat is secure.
  • Offers full coverage
  • No hurdles on making adjustments on the pole and straps
  • Has a 50-foot webbing that creates a slope-shaped tent
  • Water and small particles just roll off from the cover
  • Suitable for storage any time of the year and mooring
  • Prevents stain, damage, and premature aging to happen on the cover
  • Connecting and wrapping the straps on the bow takes a lot of time
I’m impressed with the full coverage of this pole support system. With this wonderful setup, my boat and its cover are well kept.

Transhield Universal Boat Support System (Outdated)

There are many advantages once you have one of the top-tier boat cover supports. It prolongs the cover’s life span and gives you peace of mind when you store your boat. This product caught my attention from the moment I saw its name. I got curious as it gave me the impression of having a universal fit.

What makes this support system fit any boat length and style is its availability in two options. The two-pole kit is suitable for standard, recreational boats while the four-pole one is what pontoons and larger boats need.

The length of the poles ranges from 36 inches to 70 inches. There are four entry points on the pole tops. I’m more than satisfied with its 200 feet of webbing that goes into four directions. Thus, its coverage is sufficient for almost any boat size.

Once you go for the right choice and install it properly, your cover is ready for outdoor elements. It will be easy to add it to your boat after watching an instructional video. My neighbor, a 50-year-old woman, didn’t complain about anything when she added this to her husband’s boat.

I was in awe that it still holds up after the very first encounter of an intense snowy day. It stands true to what the ads say which is preventing water pocketing and pooling. The smooth surface is instilled in its components to prohibit water from getting stuck on the boat cover.

Since I’m impressed with this Transhield support system, I also bought the cover from the same brand. The two products work well in protecting my boat. I haven’t witnessed any downside from any of them.
  • Available in two options for different boat sizes and styles
  • Has 200-foot webbing which is sufficient for any boat size
  • Can survive intense snowing
  • Prevents water pocketing and pooling because of its smooth surface
  • Haven’t witnessed any downside
I can’t think of other boat cover support that is as efficient as this one. Nothing can beat its 200-foot webbing!

Buyer’s Guide


There are different types of boat cover support systems. So it’s just natural that you get overwhelmed when choosing one that suits your boat. You can choose from a strap suspension system, adjustable telescopic support pole, and bow slats.

You don’t only consider the type in choosing the right boat cover support system for your boat. Your personal preference is also important. For example, the one that supports the bow gives your boat a sophisticated look but it’s challenging to put it up. But if you’re an expert in this kind of thing, you can go for it.

The next thing you have to check before buying is the size of your boat and the storage location. Never think that your boat is safe when you store it in a garage or away from the water. Bear in mind that dust, dirt, and grime are as harmful as sunlight and seawater.

The strength and sturdiness of a boat support system are essential. These factors will prevent your boat from experiencing unwanted movements and skidding caused by heavy rain or strong wind.

When using a support pole, see to it that they come in a wide base and foam to intensify the security against the boat’s sole. With these helpful features, the pole won’t only stay upright but also won’t leave scuff marks.

Just like any other accessories used for water vessels, being marine-grade is a sign of durability. You would know that the boat cover support system you have will last longer than the flimsy ones. It also lowers down the risk of rust development and corrosion. The marine-grade products may have a higher price but it works in the long run.

Who Makes the Top-Rated Boat Cover Support System

The ones who make the top-rated boat cover support system are Taylor Made Products, Camco, iCover, attwood, Carver, Transhield, etc. as their number of buyers increased. These companies have satisfied all of the requirements for qualified and effective boat covers support systems.

How to Install a Boat Cover Support System


Rather than brainstorming on how to make a boat cover support system, it’s much better to buy a kit that you will just install by yourself. You will save time and money when you do the latter.

Telescopic Pole Support System

It depends on the model but you usually need to assemble this support system type before mounting it onto your boat. Some brands have a twisting mechanism which means that you only need to twist the pole for adjustments. It’s the feature that allows you to achieve the needed length.

Some poles require a thumb-screw adjuster to connect through screws. Poles from different companies vary but all of them need to be securely tacked together. Thus, it won’t collapse and compromise the protection that your boat needs. It should be placed in the middle part of the vessel so you can cradle or hook the webbing straps.

A cap or plate is found at the top section and it’s where you thread the webbing straps. After threading them, make sure that it’s fairly taut and no slacking.

Strap Suspension System

You will need a hole for the attachment of the clamshell. Hence, you have to do some cuttings on the appropriate area of the cover. Place the cover over the boat, and then you can feed the lines to the available pulley. Pull the lines and keep doing it until you see that the cover doesn’t have sagging and folding parts.

When the cover is snug, you have to secure the line by locking it at the pylon. Make sure that the cover is high enough from your boat.

How Do I Stop My Boat from Collecting Water

You’re halfway through the required process in stopping your boat from collecting water when you have the right boat cover support system. This gear prevents the boat cover from sagging and it drives the water away from the vessel.

The fitness of the boat cover is also essential. A loose one will easily be blown by the wind. It may also sag, which is not good as it will only tolerate water pooling or pocketing. When there’s a pond of water, it will likely fall on your boat. It will be a disaster as it can cause damages which means that you need to spend on repairs.

Aside from changes, the weather is sometimes fickle even though you’re particular about the weather and climate in your area. It’s your responsibility as a boater that you properly stowed away your boat and put it in an area where harmful factors are minimal. Moreover, your boat won’t be at stake from collecting water.

You may boost the safety of your boat when you place it in a covered boat garage. But if you don’t have access to it, you’ll have to do a regular check-up on your boat. You have to ensure that the cover and the support system remain in their proper fitness.

How to Care and Maintain

The amount of attention you spend in taking care of your boat is what the boat cover support system deserves. If the support system is not in use, you have to be careful in keeping the parts. This measure should be observed so the parts won’t be damaged or dented.

Even though the support system that you have is corrosion and rust-resistant, you still need to take care of it. Most support poles are made from aluminum for the most sturdy and durable. But they still need some maintenance.

The webbing straps are tough with the ideal materials of polypropylene or nylon. Take note that they should be kept in a cool, dark area so they won’t be quickly damaged.


Owning a boat is a privilege so taking great care of it is reasonable. One way of doing this is getting the best boat cover support system. If you have it, you will reserve the vessel’s nice appearance and optimum performance. Therefore, be careful protecting your boat with the boat cover system will allow it to serve you for a longer time.

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