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The Best Boat Spotlights

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

You may be reluctant to go on a water expedition at night. But you will be at ease and more willing if you have the best boat spotlight in your boat. It allows you to have smooth navigation so you feel secure with it. Boating journeys can be done whenever you want.

best boat spotlight

If you’re a first-timer looking for a boat spotlight, a picture of a bulky flashlight may fill your thoughts. In fact, light spotlights can be hand-held. Manageable size is much better than dealing with something heavy and it can save you some space. Some manufacturers understand the ideal size and produce spotlights for fitting perfectly in the corner section of the boat.

You don’t need to spend time searching high and low for the right spotlight as this review introduces you to the best brands. Check the features and specifications of the following items so you can choose the suitable one for you and your boat.


<strong>Top 1</strong>


+ The bright light is widespread
+ Long-term usage and storage
+ Rechargeable battery

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Stanley SL10LEDS

+ 2,200 lumens
+ Low and high light setting
+ Rubber grip

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Jabsco 60020

+ The halogen bulb
+ Made of non-corrosive material
+ Has a remote control

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Best Marine Spotlight Reviews

1. BIGSUN Q953 LED Spotlight

I can say that this is the perfect handheld spotlight for boating. Aside from its super bright light, there are several things that I love about this device.

The front light has 6K lumens which can cover eight football fields. I can even control the kind of illumination I prefer as there are three modes which are from high to medium and flashing light.

Amazingly, there are sidelights. They are four floodlights of LED CREE and you can also adjust the light to your preference. You can switch them into strong or medium lights. Red and blue lights for the warning can show up by pressing the button for two seconds.

I dropped it twice but it’s still working at its optimum performance. Thus, the casing with aluminum alloy and ABS material which are impact-resistant are both tough. This characteristic is also found in its rechargeable lithium ion battery as you can use this light for hours.

The package comes with a 12V USB charger. Once you complete the charging, the battery life can last up to 16 to 24 hours. It’s all about convenience as I don’t need to think about wires. I was even able to charge my cellphone with it so it’s like a power bank.

Its portability makes it easy to use. You can even let it stand on its tripod when you choose not to hold it. An adjustable strap is also provided so you don’t have to carry it all the time. Since you can use it hands-free, it’s great to use not only for sailing but in camping, hiking, and hunting too.

Another surprising thing about it is the manufacturer is providing a lifetime warranty. Their after-sales service can be contacted online at any time of the day. Everything goes well with this spotlight. However, I need some storage for the charger and the cable at its back or even on its strap to avoid misplacing them.
  • Has front lights and side floodlights for warning lights
  • The bright light is widespread
  • Has tough casing for long-term usage and storage
  • Rechargeable battery that can last around 16 to 24 hours
  • Portable with tripod for hand-free use
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Should have storage for cables at its back or the strap
This led light makes its name. I think whoever designed this light is a genius. My life becomes easier thanks to this spotlight. This rechargeable marine spotlight is all that I could ask for!

2. Stanley Fatmax SL10LEDS

Having a rechargeable spotlight for boating at night is something that every boat owner should have. It has a 10W lithium rechargeable battery. It can stay charged for up to 12 months but it will depend on how often you use it. I like the ultra-bright light it produces because it has 2,200 lumens.

It has a pistol grip that allows you to change the light setting from low to high. It’s where you turn it off too. When you set it on low setting, its runtime can last up to 7 hours. It can serve for an hour when placed in a high setting. The trigger lock is so convenient as it allows you hands-free usage.

There’s a rubber grip that is ergonomically designed for the user’s comfort. It’s lightweight but it doesn’t mean that it’s flimsy. You can use it the way you want it when fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities. It can save you whenever there’s a power outage.

I sometimes let it stand on its own as it has a collapsible stand that pivots. So you don’t have to hold it all the time. I like the durable housing with some rubber bezel around the light.

I can charge this spotlight at home or even inside my car as it comes with AC and DC adaptors. I sometimes charge my phone with it like it’s a power bank. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty and this product shouldn’t be submerged in the water. Anyway, I use it above the water.
  • Has a lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • 2,200 lumens create ultra-bright light
  • Low and high light setting
  • Has a rubber grip for user’s comfort
  • Has a collapsible stand that pivots
  • Has one year warranty
  • Shouldn’t be submerged in the water
It’s so convenient to use. The low setting creates normal light while the high setting can reach an impressive distance and gives off ultra-bright light. Additionally, fast charging makes it ready to use anytime.

3. Jabsco 60020 Series

If you’re looking for a marine remote spotlight, this one’s for you. Its six-inch halogen bulb has bright illumination which is consistent for the long four years that I’ve been using it. It has a gear drive that can last long while the amp draw is low. I haven’t switched to any other product since I found this light.

It can’t only survive the test of time but as well as splashing water and harsh weather. Its sealed beam is made of non-corrosive thermoplastic so it stands and remains tough through all the unwanted trials. This light is designed with a patented clutch mechanism to protect the motor from damages.

The part that I like the most about this spotlight is its ability to move. Of course, with the help of the remote control. The vertical movement goes to the extent of 75 degrees while going horizontal will be up to 320 degrees.

It allows me to focus the light on the targeted area. The tiny switch or button on the remote control is easy to maneuver.

The convenience of remote control and free movements is essential for every boater. Locating moorings, buoys, and channel markers will be easy. You can also use it for RVers so you can figure out the road signs quickly. I also use it when I go camping with family and friends.

The 15-feet cable is also provided and you will have to connect it to the power supply. It’s easy to install but you have to use a sealant or bedding compound to waterproof the mounting area.
  • The halogen bulb gives bright light
  • Protected by sealed beam made of non-corrosive material
  • Has patent clutch mechanism to protect the motor from damages
  • Has a remote control
  • Vertical movement – 75 degrees, horizontal movement – 320 degrees
  • Easy installation with 15-feet cable included
  • Have to apply sealant or bedding compound on the mounting area.
With the remote control to let this spotlight focus on the designated area, it will be your assistant during night fishing.

4. GOODSMANN Marine Spotlight

I was impressed with the maximum brightness that comes from this spotlight. What’s more to love about it is its wider beam. With the 1,400 lumens from its halogen bulb, reflector, and high-quality lens, the light reaches 530 meters. So you won’t encounter your fear of the dark with this bright light.

It’s the right marine handheld spotlight for me as I can go night fishing or boating. It helps me detect buoys without making mistakes. I can easily access the switch at the back if I need to turn it on or off while holding it. I sometimes hang it as it has a metal bracket at the back. I just hang it that way when it’s not in use.

A 12V DC power cord is attached to it to supply the power that it needs. I love how lightweight it is so when an emergency comes, you can easily snatch it. I’ve been using it for a long time in my boat and I haven’t used the 12-month warranty so far. I sometimes use it at home when there’s a power outage.

This spotlight can also be used for hiking, hunting, camping, road trips, and patrolling. Its front housing and lens block any intrusion of haze, smoke, fog, and water. It’s well constructed because the casing is made of top-grade ABS plastic. These materials are proved for their durability.

It comes with an 8-foot coil for you to charge the light. However, the plug size is not compatible with some outlets. But I made it work by getting an attachment with battery cables for a 12V plug.
  • Gives maximum brightness and wide beam up to 530 meters
  • The switch can be easily accessed
  • Has a metal bracket so you can hang it
  • Lightweight, durable, and well-constructed with good materials
  • Has a 12-month warranty
  • Needs to buy attachment battery cables when the 12V is not compatible with the outlet
It is one of the greatest 12V spotlights for boats in the market. There are many things that you would love about it just like Goodsmann submersible led spotlight.

5. GLANDU Super Bright Spotlight

This heavy-duty spotlight can provide you the brightest light delivered by the 6000 lumens. It’s ultra-bright that it reaches a distance of 800 meters. The rechargeable battery can last up to 20 hours. So it has everything you need for a marine spot light for boats.

You can choose between the two brightness settings which are high and low. Allow it to flash blue and red light as a warning by pressing the button for three seconds. So this spotlight with L2 super bright lamp beads can be used in so many ways. You may even use it to charge your phone, camera, and other digital devices.

This device acts as an emergency power bank and I like the fast charging 18650 lithium-ion batteries. There are three of them so it’s long-lasting. Another factor that makes it durable is its casing that is made of aluminum alloy and ABS material.

Therefore, its solid body is impact-resistant. Bumping and falling can be minimized. It’s IPX4 waterproof along with its sealing ring. So you don’t have to worry about splashes of water when going boating. It’s undeniably convenient for outdoor use. Its brightness pierces through fog and haze.

It’s also a handheld spotlight so being lightweight is great. There’s also a foldable tripod so you will be able to let the light stand on its own. You can let it sit beside you while you work. It’s the appropriate chance that you use the sidelights.

When it’s not convenient for you to continue holding it, the adjustable shoulder strap will make things easier for you. It doesn’t have a disadvantage as a spotlight. It only needs a little improvement like being more rugged for tough use.
  • Has 6000 lumens to give off super bright light
  • Has brightness setting of low and high level
  • Can be used to charge electronic devices
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • A lightweight, handheld spotlight
  • Has foldable tripod and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Could have been more rugged for tough use
Its light spreads to long distances and you can also let it focus on a specific area. Apart from its amazing brightness, this spotlight appears to be flexible in applications thanks to its size as well.

6. Go-Light t2151 Gobee Searchlight

I want to talk first about the two main things that I like about this product. I use this device as the main spotlight for my boat. The 360 degrees rotation is what makes it very effective. This halogen bow has an outstanding 80,000 Candela that can get to as far as 1,857 feet.

There are other features that every user will find useful. There are a 14 degrees beam angle and 90 degrees of tilting. You will be able to position the light where you want to concentrate its light.

Since it’s a bow mounted spotlight, there’s a 12-inch stanchion made in stainless steel. This rod can be installed with a bow socket that is with two or three prongs.It has a universal fit so you can use it on your boat, any water vessel, and even land vehicles.

To make this light work, it needs a five or seven amp fuse. However, I need to upgrade the fuse for my boat so the light won’t trip over. It’s not an issue as I was able to make it work. I did it to ensure that the light won’t break or fall into mishaps.

Of course, there’s a remote control for you to let the light face the designated direction. I made it as a necklace whenever I used the light. I won’t misplace or lose it this way. It can work for hours and the light remains unchanged. Not to mention that it’s been with me for three years. The bow mount works best in spreading the light.
  • Can rotate for 360 degrees
  • The light can get as far as 1,857 feet
  • Has 14 degrees beam angle and the ability of 90 degrees tilting
  • 12-inch stainless steel stanchion for mounting
  • Remote control for rotating the light
  • Durable and can be used for hours
  • Buying a bigger fuse for some boats
I like my spotlight to be bow mounted so it can project the light well. The remote control makes it easy for me to control.

7. Guest 2040A Marine Spotlight

It is a 7A, 12 volt marine spotlight that serves its purpose well. I like the size a lot. The saying ‘small but terrible’ applies to this device. Just imagine that it’s only 5 inches long but it carries an ample amount of light and brightness.

It has a combo beam which makes the brightness astonishing. The spot beam has 72,000 Candlepower while the flood beam has 30,000 Candlepower. My boat’s size is 42 feet but the quality of light remains the same. My neighbor has a 30-footer boat and we are both impressed with the light.

It also works as a bass boat spotlight. I feel safe while going boating at night. It helps me go fishing and see the buoys and markers while I’m approaching the dock.

I’ve been using it for a long time and I can testify that it’s made with top-grade materials and the motor is excellent. It’s a tough guy as both the head and the base are made of stainless steel. So the light is kept well inside. It’s waterproof and it’s the characteristic that every spotlight in a boat or water vessel should have.

There’s a remote control that can operate the spotlight through a joystick. You can opt for a dual station too. It comes with a 15-inch cable cord to connect it to the power source.

Installation is pretty easy. You can start by drilling two 2.5-inch holes for you to mount the spotlight. Then deal with the wires to reach the power supply. Don’t allow it to be placed upside down as its design is not good for that position. If you do, moisture and condensation may form.
  • Carries an ample amount of light and brightness
  • Has spotlight and floodlight
  • Long-lasting and waterproof because of top-grade materials
  • Its body is made of stainless steel
  • Has a remote control
  • Easy installation
  • Shouldn’t be installed upside down as its moisture and condensation may form
The stainless steel body is sleek and I‘m satisfied with the amount and quality of light it gives. Personally, I think it works best as a boat spotlight but you definitely can use it for other purposes

8. BUYSIGHT Rechargeable Spotlight

With the plethora of marine spotlights for boats, it’s a competitive product as it has everything that I need. There’s a load of wonderful things as it’s the typical spotlight that can focus on a certain area even if it’s a long distance.

The super bright light is produced by CREE XHP-70.2 LED beads which are covered by a shatterproof glass to shield it from possible accidents. You can make adjustments as there are three light settings. Amazingly, it has a floodlight warning on its sides and this part makes it a multifunctional device. The blue and red lights flicker when you press and hold the button a bit.

I usually use it outdoors during night boating and camping. Its light penetrates through hazy weather and it can be seen by others even if it’s foggy. You can attach it in its stretchable bracket when you have to use your hands to do other tasks. Adjustments on angle and height can be done.

I sometimes hold it for a long period but it doesn’t stress me because of the ergonomically designed handle. I can grip it well. There’s an adjustable strap too. Another thing I can do with it is to charge my phone.

This rechargeable spotlight is lightweight. To make sure that the light is secured, it has an aluminum alloy covering. That’s why there’s no chipping or scratches that can tarnish its surface. There’s a double-deck light cup inside for light focusing and heat dissipation so it’s fine to use this for hours.

As long as you handle this thing with care, no drawback will arise. But make sure you take off the foam rings on the power switch as it might bother you with unintentionally switching it on or off.
  • Works like a typical spotlight with massive brightness
  • Has three brightness settings
  • A multifunctional device
  • Has a stretchable bracket and aluminum alloy cover
  • Has ergonomic handle design and adjustable strap
  • Double-deck light cup for light focus and heat dissipation
  • Foam rings can be bothersome
I like it a lot as it works as a typical spotlight should. The brightness is beyond my expectation. I could feel the good quality just by holding it for a few minutes. This is worth your money for sure.

9. Eornmor LED Flashlight

It’s a powerful source of light as it has an ultra-bright main light and efficient flood flashlight situated at the side. The maximum amount of light equals 6000 lumens delivered by CREE LED. The spot beam has excellent focus and it allows the light to stretch up to 800 meters.

I like how I can adjust the light based on my preference with its rotating stand. The change can be done up to 45 degrees. Wires can sometimes mess things up so I’m thankful that this device has rechargeable batteries. It can last up to 8 hours in high mode and low mode will allow you to use it for a day.

The lithium ion battery makes it work like a power bank. It’s not only for an emergency when low visibility happens but with gadgets in low battery. Aside from being a spotlight in a boat, it can be used when you go hiking, camping, and even in rescue operations. It works with heavy-duty uses.

It’s quite sturdy with its casing that is made with top-grade aluminum alloy and ABS material. IPX4 rating was given to this product which means it’s waterproof. It would remain tough and unmoved when splashes of water hit it. But it’s not advisable to submerge it in water.

I can use it hands-free with a bracket. Adjustments can be done whenever I use it. It can give you the necessary amount of light while you’re working. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s not convenient to hold something all the time. It also comes with a cable cord for charging.
  • Gives ultra-bright light that can extend to long-distance
  • Spot bear has an excellent focus
  • Has a rotating stand
  • Can be in heavy-duty uses
  • Sturdy and waterproof
  • A bracket for hands-free use
  • Shouldn’t be submerged in the water
Overall, out of the lights I have used, this product presents the coolest look. The design is everything that I want for my boat light. Additionally, this spotlight works to give light in heavy-duty uses, which is beneficial if you go boating constantly at night.

10. Brinkmann QBeam Spotlight

I will be using this product for a lifetime because I think it’s the top-rated marine spotlight. The effect of its halogen bulb is superb. It gives off extreme brightness and its 3 million maxpower is astounding! It has a Q-beam that covers a wide scope of brightness so I can see things even afar. Also, the light is composed of 1,200 lumens and the lens consists of tempered glass and high-quality optical material.

The ability of this product makes boat navigation a breeze at night. I got this as a backup at first. It was a blessing in disguise that the previous main spotlight went out so I used this new one. I never thought that it’s so bright and from then on, I’ve been using it as the main spotlight.

It is designed as a handheld spotlight for boat and it will save you when you find yourself in the dark. No wonder that it is the best choice for rescue teams, firemen, police, prison guards, and border patrol. It’s deemed useful in times of emergency as the on or off sliding switch can easily be accessed.

In my case, I use it for boating and fishing at night. It is helpful in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting, and road trips. Its large handle makes it comfortable to carry as it’s weight balanced. So your hands won’t feel fatigued right away. It can last long too as it has a durable casing made of ABS plastic.

There’s an Oxford bag for the spotlight and it’s where I keep the spotlight when it’s not in use. The power supply is through a 12V cord which I wish should have been longer. It’s good that it has a one year warranty.
  • Gives off extreme brightness which is helpful in emergent cases
  • Has 3 million max power, suitable for long night trips
  • Has Q-beam for a wider scope of light
  • Handheld with weight balanced handle
  • Comes with an Oxford bag for preservation
  • Has durable casing
  • The cord should have been longer.
This handheld spotlight is dependable in any situation so I’m thankful that I have it. It functions well and keeps me safe. Since the day I used it, I have never gotten lost in the dark.

11. Q QUNSUNUS LED Spotlight

I’m so lucky to come across this product while I was going over marine spotlight reviews. It is the trusted LED boat spot light as there’s a remote control for me to focus the light on a certain area.

The remote control works even if I’m a bit away from the light. A 9V battery is needed so it will work and it’s included in the package.

Aside from the ease of use with the help of remote control, the strong magnetic base is marvelous. I can place it over the metallic surface of my boat. It stands still with further assistance from the anti-skid rubber as it beacons for navigation. You can use it this way on other vehicles too.

It can do movements from 120 degrees and up to 360 degrees. The panning movement is so smooth. Its ability is enhanced by the spot beam. The light is flexible as it can be multi-angle and multi-directional. It’s capable of reaching a long distance of up to 200 meters.

This device can also be used as interior lighting. It looks great inside the cabin. You may use it in different applications as it’s useful in construction, mining, off-road driving, camping, and other outdoor activities. Even rescue operations and disaster relief action find this light reliable.

It’s durable because of its diecast aluminum housing and PC lens. It is even rated as IP67 waterproof so getting wet won’t put it down. This light comes with a 12V to 24V lighter cigarette and a 2.5 m power cord. The cord is a bit thick and I added a black outer sleeve for extra protection.
  • Has a remote control to help you focus the light on a certain spot
  • Has a strong magnetic base
  • Can standstill with rubber for anti-skid
  • Multi-angle and multi-directional with movements in different degrees
  • Can be used in many applications
  • Durable with IP67 waterproof rating
  • Adding extra protection for the wire
It’s great that you can point this light to the spot that needs illumination. What I like most about this light is that it works effectively from a great distance away.

12. AUZKIN 7-Inch LED Light Bar

I always prefer a water resistance spotlight. This spotlight keeps up with my standards of choosing a spotlight and I’ve been using it for a long time. It is completely waterproof as it is submersible. So it has an IP68 rating. Thus, I don’t need to worry when my spotlight gets wet.

Humidity, dampness, and even storm can‘t weaken this light. It continues to give off its white, cool bright light. So it seems that it can turn night into a day with its 6000k white light. It includes 40 magnificent third generation 5050-SMD LED chips! Clear visibility remains even when there are fog and rain.

It’s inside a die-cast aluminum housing and shatterproof lens so it’s not prone to degradation. It’s also shockproof and dust-proof. There are ten cooling fins and a huge dissipation area so the LED lights can cool down in just a short notice. Therefore, the lifespan is prolonged.

The 97% light transmission is so awesome. The illumination stretches farther due to its combo beam. The dual row of the spotlight is for 30 degrees while the middle floodlight is 170 degrees. So I can be safe during night journeys over the water. It is compatible with other land vehicles as well.

It’s easy to install as there are an adjustable bracket and mounting bracket kit. With the kind of bracket it has, you can mount it on any surface. But unfortunately, it doesn’t include a wiring harness and fuse. It’s fine with me as I can easily get these parts from the hardware.
  • The halogen bulb gives bright light
  • Protected by sealed beam made of non-corrosive material
  • Has patent clutch mechanism to protect the motor from damages
  • Has a remote control
  • Vertical movement – 75 degrees, horizontal movement – 320 degrees
  • Easy installation with 15-feet cable included
  • The wiring harness and fuse are not included in the package
I’m worry-free when using this boat mounted spotlight and enjoy night boating at the same time. I would recommend using this boat spotlight to obtain a better night vision for bad weather days.

13. SUPAREE LED Remote Spotlight

This product contains the necessary traits that you want a spotlight to have. It’s the top pick among 12V LED spotlights for boats. The excellent performance of this product is from the combination of the lighting pattern of light bars and remote searchlights.

Thus, it’s a cost-effective, bright light that is not only suitable for outdoor activities but can work as an emergency light. I use it when I go fishing at night. Because of its wonderful abilities, I’m not surprised if it’s in industrial mining, home security, and even in the army.

It has a spot beam that maximizes the range that the light can cover. I’ve found all my needs on this light with an LED remote control. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the sound that the motor makes when it turns. But it’s not a big deal.

The remote control allows you to maneuver the light. You can make it go up for up to 360 degrees while going down is to the extent of 120 degrees. It also has a tough lens. It is rated as IP67 waterproof so I’m not worried about water splashes.

The magnetic base is strong and reliable so you will have peace of mind when you put it on any metallic surface. I’m glad that I don’t need to deal with screws and brackets for installation. What I did is plug it in to start using. It’s done with the help of a 2.5-meter power cord with a cigarette plug.
  • The light performance is a combination of the light bar and remote searchlight
  • Can be used in different situations
  • Has LED remote control
  • The light can move up and down
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Has a strong magnetic base
  • The sound from the motor when it moves
With the convenience of use because of the remote control, the light coverage is simply satisfactory as well. Altogether, these features perfectly meet my needs and expectations.

14. Sanlinkee LED Spotlight

I chose this product as it’s an ultra-bright light for boating at night. What can you complain of its 6000 lumens and the beam that sends the awesome light into a far distance? I love its small size and portability so it’s easy to grab in times of emergency.

It has side floodlights so it can be in different applications. You can use it on any outdoor adventure as it will be very convenient for you.

These floodlights have three brightness settings which are strong, low, and blue and red light strobe. It’s a pistol grip spotlight and you need to hold the button for 5 seconds so the light strobe comes up. I use it when reading books. It’s for real and I’m not joking. That’s how bright it is.

Although the structure is for handheld use, there’s an available tripod for you to let it sit on its own. If it’s in a high setting, it can last around 8 to 16 hours. A low beam run can serve you for 16 to 24 hours. It can be charged with an AC/DC adapter or car charger.

I’m also impressed with its durability that starts with its aluminum alloy and ABS material casing. Accidents happen and with the quality of its covering, it won’t easily break into pieces. It’s rated as IPX4 waterproof so I use it whether it’s a rainy or snowy day.

It’s deemed as waterproof but you don’t have to do some experiments. Never immerse it in the water for a long period as it will impair the light. I don’t have to hold it all the time because I use the adjustable shoulder strap. It saves me from getting a muscle strain.
  • Ultra-bright with 6000 lumens
  • Small and portable for various applications
  • Three brightness settings
  • Can serve you in many hours
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Has tripod and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Shouldn’t be immersed in water for a long time
This light has everything you need as it is designed to be multipurpose. The long-lasting battery is the most impressive feature of this spotlight. I have nothing to complain about its functions.

What is a Boat Spotlight and How Does it Work


When talking about the easiest and the most convenient marine accessory, a boat spotlight will be immediately featured. The functions that you can expect from this device are navigation assistance and pushing through a turning point in the dark area.

You can practically use it to guide you in picking things that fell in the water. It can be done given that they float on clear water that is not too deep. Spotlights can also work as a safety aid as they can give warnings to other boats or water vessels.

Spotlights are also called searchlights as they can give radiant light. The arc lamp and reflector allows it to transmit a magnificent beam of light. You can direct it to different spots and areas. These lights are either with rechargeable batteries or wires.

Types of Boat Spotlights

There are only two types of boat spotlights and here they are and their description:

Hand-held Type

It is also referred to as wireless and when you opt for this, you have to buy a spectacle. You have to do it so there’s something that can help you lock the plug in the proper position. Moreover, it gives you the assurance that the light remains stable and protected.

Expect the variations in size and power from different brands of hand-held type. It would be useful in so many ways as you can take it with you everywhere. To make it work, you only need to aim and shoot. So it’s great for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Built-in Type

This type needs to be set up or installed. Once it’s set, you will no longer be able to lift it up. Keep an eye on the process of installation. Make sure things are in the proper place to avoid any light hazards.

If your installation is wrong, it results in a dusky light force that would only deliver a vague vision. It is recommended to transiently mount the spotlight and use it when dusk comes. When the light starts getting dimmed, it means that it needs replacement.

When you choose the best location for this spotlight, it’s best to be somewhere away from the water. After it is installed properly, you don’t have to worry about dropping it by accident.

If you have a Jon boat and search for the light that can work best for your boat, a guide for Jon boat light here will help you make the right choice. Furthermore, take a look at marine LED spreader light reviews if you like.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Boat Spotlights


It gives serenity and relaxation when you sail with a boat when the water is quiet. To be able to gain this experience, investing in a durable and effective spotlight is the key.

You won’t like the feeling when you get stranded and you don’t have a reliable spotlight. Getting this light is a preparation for an emergency. If you have a functional spotlight, the rescuers can easily find you if ever you get stuck somewhere.

Spotlights also prevent your boat from getting damaged. For instance, running into a rock can be disastrous. When you buy a top-quality spotlight, it’s worth it instead of paying a big sum of money to fix damages.

Here are some perks you’ll get if you have a spotlight with a great performance:

  • Gives signal in times of trouble
  • To check the fishing line
  • Ability to be in motion on dusky water
  • Prevent collisions
  • Can assist when pulling some fish through illumination
  • Lets you recognize rocks and other possible obstructions
  • Easy way of finding stuff inside your boat

In terms of drawbacks, it involves the two types of spotlight. The hand-held type is portable but there are some things that you need to consider when using it. You shouldn’t forget to keep an eye on it. There will be tendencies that you may drop it on the water or even lose it.

It can’t be avoided even though how sturdy and waterproof the spotlights are. Since most of the hand-held types are rechargeable, bear in mind that batteries do run out.

On the side of built-in spotlights, it’s not conducive to mobility. Once installed in a certain area, you have to keep it that way. It may not be convenient for you to operate because it’s stationed in one place. But it doesn’t mean that the intensity of light is not reliable.

Buyer’s Guide

You would know that a certain spotlight suits your needs and preference by the following factors.


Knowledge of the bulb’s capacity is very important. The kinds of bulbs that you can choose from are LED, halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent. Although LEDs are the most expensive, it’s by far more superior. These lights burn longer but they don’t consume much energy than the cheaper counterparts.

LEDs can be a safe option as it doesn’t quickly accumulate heat. On the other hand, halogens are pricey but the energy consumption is lower. Fluorescent light lasts longer and it gives more life. Incandescent lights have the lowest price but they’re not energy efficient.


The goal of having a spotlight is to see things. Lumen is what makes this device bright. So you have to check the amount of lumen so you have an idea of the level of brightness. The product that you desire is something that has a high lumen as it can provide you the brightness that you need.

The Capacity of the Battery

The spotlight must have a high battery capacity. No one would want a light that would forsake them in the middle of the ocean especially at night.

Weight and Dimension

Every user would love a lightweight spotlight for easy handling. A heavy one will only strain your arms. When it’s compact, storage will also be a piece of cake. As you know, bulky ones can take up a lot of space.

Being Waterproof

Since you use the spotlight in a boat or a water vessel, dropping it in the water can happen. So, why don’t get something that is waterproof as it’s readily available? If ever accidents happen, the light remains undamaged.

Overall Built

Aside from being waterproof, the casing or the covering should be resistant to bumps, scratches, dents, and impacts. There are some things that the light should be able to combat like harsh weather. If the light doesn’t get affected by outside elements, it won’t be impaired.


Ideally, buying from a reputable manufacturer is a wise choice. Since a certain company has proven its credibility in producing a high-quality product that lasts longer, you have the guarantee. There’s usually a warranty for the customers to feel secure about the product that they buy.

Care and Maintenance

Any device or machinery needs care and maintenance for longevity.

  • Inspection of the light fittings should be done periodically in case there’s leakage.
  • If you replace the light with a new one, you need to apply a silicone of putty on the base for waterproof ability.
  • It’s important that you check salt accumulation inside the casing or covering. If you discover its presence, it means that the seawater penetrated inside it.
  • The fittings that are made of glass need cleaning too. Use a fine and smooth cloth and a good cleaner to do it. When the glass is clear, the light’s performance is at its peak and it can convey the signal marks well.
  • Corrosion and fungus accumulation may happen so take some time to check the fittings.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best boat spotlight?

The manufacturers of the top-rated boat spotlights are Brinkmann, BIGSUN, Q QUNSUNUS, Stanley, Jabsco, AUZKIN, GOODSMAN, GLANDU, SUPAREE, Sanlinkee, Go-Light, Guest, BUYSIGHT, and Eornmor.

Can you use a spotlight on a boat?

Yes, it can. A spotlight is designed for boat owners to have smooth navigation. It’s an essential part when going boating or fishing.

What is the brightest spotlight that you can buy?

The brightest spotlight that you can buy is the one with 6,000 lumens which is the basis of the light’s brightness.

What is the powerful spotlight?

The powerful spotlight is the product made by Brinkmann, BIGSUN, Q QUNSUNUS, Stanley, Jabsco, AUZKIN, GOODSMAN, GLANDU, SUPAREE, Sanlinkee, Go-Light, Guest, BUYSIGHT, and Eornmor. It’s based on the brightness, life span or battery capacity, and durability.

How many lumens is good for the spotlight?

Lumen is the basis of measurement of the light’s brightness. When there are more lumens, it means more brightness. Spotlights have various specifications like the various levels of brightness. You may think that there’s a specified amount of lumens to make a spotlight effective.

You also need to consider the aspect of more light and less energy. An example of this is the comparison between LED and halogen bulbs. A 6.5-watt LED can be as efficient as a 50-watt halogen bulb. LED converts energy into light aside from heat

The spotlight should be able to radiate equally to the entire scope and all directions. The very bright light is what you need when you want to see things from afar. Spotlights with rechargeable batteries can give the level of brightness that you expect from a spotlight compared to ones with a replaceable battery.

When it comes to the lumens of LED spotlights, 1,000 lumens and more are great. A hundred will be fine too. But if you want the light to reach a long distance and be visible, you have to opt for a thousand lumens.

When it comes to halogen bulbs, you have to get the lumens presented in the light output and multiply it by 15. So you can measure the total lumen.

Where to buy?

It’s easy to look for a spotlight that you need for your boat. Searching for it in person would take you to local marine and fisheries supply shops. When you choose to buy online, make sure you purchase from a legit online shopping website. It’s for you to obtain quality, top pick products.

It’s convenient to shop online and you’ll be able to check other options.

Can I turn on and use the spotlight while being charged?

Rechargeable spotlights usually come with AC and DC adaptors. It’s fine that you use it while charging. But still, you have to be careful as it’s needed with any electronic device.


Aside from brightness, the illumination of the best boat spotlight can reach a long distance. It allows you to see what’s from afar and you are aware of what is coming. Having a great spotlight can also give warning to other boats and water vessels. It’s useful for night boating and fishing and it will guide you during the docking time.

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