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The Best Marine LED Light Bars

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Facing the gloomy or foggy atmosphere over the waters can be dangerous or exciting, depending on the light installed in your water vessel. You will be thrilled to sail in the darkness if you have the best marine LED light bar.

best marine led light bar

With the top quality lighting it provides, you will be triumphant amid low visibility and shadowy situations. A LED light bar has other reliable traits that are necessary when you’re out there on the sea for a long time.

Aside from the adequate amount of light that marine light bars can provide, their longevity and durability will also impress you. It’s a good thing that the best options are in the following list. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to find the ideal led light bar on boat t-top section that every boat owner needs.


<strong>Top 1</strong>


+ Used in various applications
+ IP67 rating and non-corrosive
+ Has aluminum fan to disperse the heat

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Naoevo 7-inch Light Bar

+ Works underwater for hours
+ Comes with 1-year warranty
+ Can be lights for the courtyard

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

DWVO LED Light Bar

+ Waterproof and dustproof
+ Easy installation with brackets and harness
+ Good as agriculture equipment lighting

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Top 12 Marine LED Light Bar Reviews


Don’t judge this pair of light bars even though they’re only six inches long. It can compete with longer light bars. I’ve been using this on my boat, truck, and even in my backyard. It’s super bright in that it extends my field of vision even in darkness and low visibility circumstances.

The 6k color temperature makes the high-intensity lighting that I like. It’s the reason why it’s used for various applications.

It makes me feel secured while I’m on the water and driving at night. The light is uniformed because of the combination of high quality LED chips and a reflector cup. The lens surface that also contributes to its durability amplifies the light transmission.

This light bar is made to last. It’s protected inside the PC lens and 1070 aluminum alloy casing. It has an IP67 rating which makes it waterproof, dustproof, and quakeproof. I’ve already tested its strength as it was exposed to a harsh environment. It’s non-corrosive as it can overcome damaging factors.

I usually used this light for many hours and it didn’t give up. It includes an aluminum fan to allow the heat to disperse quickly. Thus, it results in a longer life span. Amazingly, the light can slide after a successful installation.

I love the mounting set included in the package. It’s cool that the light can be adjusted up to 90 degrees. I’m able to change the direction of the beam from time to time.

However, the bolts may be short for some applications based on my friend’s experience. He found the right ones in the hardware store and was able to complete the installation.
  • Used in various applications (boat, truck, backyard)
  • Durable high-intensity light with mounting set and adjustable beam angle
  • Uniform light made by high-quality LEDs and reflector cup
  • Has lens that amplifies light transmission
  • IP67 rating and non-corrosive
  • Has aluminum fan to disperse the heat
  • The provided bolts can be shorter in some applications
The size of this light bar doesn’t matter. What does matter is its high-intensity light.

2. Naoevo 7-inch Light Bar

Each of these two light bars can be an underwater LED light bar and I will explain why. Aside from being rated IP68 waterproof, there are two additional screws on its frame to ensure protection from water, rain, snow, and even storm.

These lights can work within temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F up to 176 degrees F. I used them underwater for five hours and they didn’t stop working. It’s simply amazing!

For greater efficiency, they have a spot and flood combo beam so the light spreads widely. The 6K white light can transmit 97% illumination. Thus, I get to experience the efficiency of the flood beam which helps me get through night fishing and rainy days. It maximizes brightness and reduces light loss.

The massive amount of light that it shows is the reason for its wide application. You can use it as a light for courtyard and land vehicles. The light can travel a long distance. I’ve used it for many hours but I’ve never had to worry about overheating as the lights have ten cooling fins at the back.

The mounting bracket is not only for ease of installation but it also contributes to how the light works well. I love how I can make adjustments within 45 degrees. I find it easy to change the direction of the light beam because of this feature. I didn’t make a mistake during installation as a manual is provided.

I bought a wiring harness and switch as they’re not included in the package. Once they were connected to the power supply, I started using them right away. The lights have a one year warranty but I think I won’t need it as these light bars are superb.
  • Can work at different temperatures (-40 to 176 F)
  • Works underwater for hours (IP68 waterproof, 2 screws)
  • 6K white light spreads widely with 97% energy used for illumination
  • Can be lights for the courtyard and land vehicles
  • Comes with 1- year warranty
  • Has 10 cooling fins, adjustable mounting brackets and manual
  • No wiring harness and switch
If you need a light that can be used underwater, this one will serve you well for a good period of time.

3. DWVO LED Light Bar

Three rows of lamp beads and a reflector cup give this light its exceptional bright. The high luminous efficiency from this product proves that it’s one of the most favorite marine grade led light bars. However, its scope of use expands to agriculture equipment lighting and off-road lighting as well.

It has a wide reflector in the middle part which makes multi-angle refraction possible. With the super bright light that can be bent in different directions, this light bar can continue shining even in extreme surroundings.

I love its 48000 lumens that’s bright without making me feel dazzled. It’s even unique with its 8D tempered glass fisheye lens. The irradiation features allow for long distance illumination.

That’s why I can see what’s ahead of me when I sail and drive. The light also lets me know what’s coming behind me as the illumination floods both sides of the vessel or vehicle.

Since it’s rated IP68, it’s protected from water and dust. It can keep me company during rainy, snowy, and stormy days. The aluminum alloy die-casting shell adds more sturdiness to the light.

Anti-corrosion and heat dissipation features cool it down even when used for many hours. Thus, its life span is prolonged.

Installation is easy as sturdy mounting brackets as well as the 8-feet wiring harness are available. I didn’t have a hard time assembling the essential parts. Unfortunately, all of the wonderful benefits you can get from this light do not apply to bigger trucks and SUVs.
  • Has incredible dazzle-free multi-light beads with reflector cup
  • Good as agriculture equipment lighting and off-road lighting
  • Multi-angle refraction allows you to see long distance ahead and behind
  • Waterproof and dustproof IP68 rating and anti-corrosion
  • Has heat dissipation feature and aluminum shell
  • Easy installation with brackets and harness
  • Not effective for bigger trucks and SUVs
It has the characteristics of a spotlight that can keep you safe while you travel and sail.


There’s no doubt that you can call this an emergency and rescue boat light bar. It lights up everything as it has two rows of 300W white LED lights with 27,000 lumens per watt. This pair of light bars are encased in a diecast aluminum with a curved design.

It shines over a wide area with two 60-degree flood beams and one 30-degree spot beam. That’s why I’m no longer reluctant to go fishing at night as it’s clear enough to spot some fish even though my vision is not that good in the dark. Its brightness can permeate through fog too.

This light bar is not only for boats as it is also compatible with 4×4, trucks, jeeps, cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and SUVs. It’s possible as it has a universal fit. I purchased it twice for my boat and truck.

Since it’s designed for emergency use, it has an IP67 rating which means it’s highly resistant to water, dust, quake, and even explosion. The durability of the product is attributed to its solid construction of aluminum housing. Although it’s built like a formidable tank, it’s so lightweight.

It comes with mounting brackets so it was easy for me to install. However, I had to buy the wires separately. Wiring it on my own and hooking it up to my preferred power source were not complicated for me.
  • Two rows of LED lights with 27,000 lumens per watt
  • Encased in a durable, diecast aluminum in a curved design
  • Has two flood beams and one spot beam
  • Universal fit, suitable for trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles
  • Highly resistant to water, dust, quake, and explosion
  • Lightweight and comes with mounting set
  • You have to separately buy the necessary wires
All in all, this is the toughest one among the LED light bars for boats that I’ve known. I’m more than satisfied with its light as my vision doesn’t hinder me from going fishing at night.

5. Nilight LED Light Bar

I’m in awe from the very first time I saw the intensity of this light. I can say that it’s made for distance and floods. So I think I made the right choice when choosing this product. Based on my observation, it’s effective to the extent of 100 feet and it can blast its light up to 150 feet.

The light coming from this 20-inch LED light bar on boat is super bright. It’s thanks to the three rows of white LED lights with 6000 to 6500 degrees kelvin. I like the reflector cups on both sides of the light. These parts allow multi-angle refraction and establish an ambient illumination.

The light rests on a combo beam as well. For the greatest light efficiency, a nest reflector cup design is placed in the middle part. The looks of the PC lens and LED chips tell you that they have high quality.

The PC lens on them is not prone to scratches. It’s just a small part of its durability. The main feature that assures me that it can last long is its die-cast aluminum alloy housing. Aside from high performance, it is rated IP67 waterproof. So it’s good for water vessels and harsh weather.

This light bar includes mounting brackets and screws for installation. I’m amazed at the mounting brackets as they can slide and adjustments are possible too. Hence, the light is flexible as I can easily adjust its position.

This product has a working temperature of around 40 to 85 degrees Celsius, and an efficient heat dissipation system. I just wish that the manufacturer had provided the wiring harness but it’s manageable.
  • The light blasts up to 150 feet
  • Super bright with 6000 to 6500k
  • Has multi-angle refraction for ambient illumination
  • High quality PC lens and LED chips
  • IP67 waterproof and aluminum alloy housing
  • Has a heat dissipation system, screws and adjustable brackets for installation
  • No wiring harness
It’s a marine led spotlight bar that can shoot its light from afar. Two thumbs up for its brightness.

6. AUDEW LED 12V Light Bar

I like this light bar as it can be installed anywhere with a length of around 13 inches. It gives off super bright light as there are 72 LED bulbs inside it. With its quality and performance, it can be the light for boats, trucks, field operations, vehicle repair, camping, and a lot more.

It can also be used as an emergency light. That’s how dependable LED lights are like this one are as it can supply any need for lighting. It has a stable performance with its 12V power supply which guarantees safety as well. It’s even brighter than daylight and this description is not an exaggeration.

I placed it in the galley of my sailboat and it looks spectacular. You can also place it in any dark areas of your boat. Everything is in order with the boat light bar mount custom design.

Installation is easy with the help of the snap-on brackets and Viscose, a kind of double-sided tape. However, I had to add reinforcement by using some glue to make sure it holds well for long term use. There’s no trouble doing it as you can place it on any surface.

There’s also a switch at one end of the light so you can turn it on and off even without disconnecting it from the power source. The supply of energy goes through its two wires which are added for convenient installation.
  • Can be placed anywhere thanks to its size
  • Has super bright from the 72 LED bulbs
  • Can supply any need for lighting
  • Has stable performance
  • Easy installation with snap-on brackets and Viscose
  • Has an on/off switch and two wires
  • Needs to be glued when mounting
This light can be everywhere and satisfies every lighting need as it’s brighter than daylight. It’s the kind of light that everyone needs.

7. Aurora Marine LED Light Bar

Some people would like to have a black boat LED light bar. But not me, the white housing caught my attention first. So I bought it instead of the traditional color. I don’t regret doing so.

Aside from its great length, this light bar has a powerful light from two rows of LEDs that carry 25,680 lumens. The light spreads out well because of its combination beam pattern. So there are no dark moments whenever I sail at night.

The design of this light bar promotes durability. It’s given that LEDs have a long life span. But it won’t go a long way if the housing is not dependable. In the case of this light, it has aluminum housing with heat dissipation. Thus, it’s fine to use it for hours because of this special breather feature.

Another thing that the manufacturer considers to ensure durability is the screws used for mounting. They are made of stainless steel and they assure you that the light bar is secured in its place. All the needed wires and wiring harness have deluxe quality for professional installation.

The Deutsch connector is even waterproof to minimize possible mishaps with precipitation when the light is being used. All the necessary parts for installation are provided and you don’t need to search for them. The wiring harness includes a switch on or off button.

However, I had to change brackets to place the light in a slanted area. This light bar is not only a led light bar for duck boat or other water vessels. You can also install it on trucks and cars.
  • Two rows of LEDs with 25,680 lumens
  • Has combination beam patterns to spread the light
  • Has durable aluminum housing with heat dissipation and stainless steel screws
  • Provides all the necessary parts for installation
  • Deutsch connector is waterproof
  • Can be used for trucks and cars
  • The need for different mounting brackets when installed on slanting areas.
I just love its white housing and widespread light for night boating.

8. AUTOSAVER88 LED Light Bar

I think this light bar is a complete package. Why not? It turns night into daytime. It happens because of its well-made parts. The light that it produces comes from high quality LED chips.

What impressed me the most is the 4D fisheye lens. It takes the light’s capacity to the next level. Because of this feature, the extremely bright light is anti-glare. It has more distance and range as well with the help of the reflector cup. This ability makes it ideal for offroad adventures.

Since the light can show you what’s ahead, you can use it for land vehicles. It would help you see clearly when driving. Headlights are nothing compared to the illumination of this light.

It remains functioning even if it’s in a harsh environment due to its aluminum housing. This covering is rated IP68 waterproof and dustproof. The durability of this light is provided by the fins-dual cooling area. Heat can quickly dissipate so the light’s system won’t be damaged.

Upon receiving the package, I can install it right away as it comes with the necessary parts. Mounting brackets and wiring harness are provided. However, you may need to get specific windshield brackets if you want to place it above the windshield.
  • High quality LED chips to give daytime-like light
  • Anti-glare 4D fish eye lens and reflector cup make the light widespread
  • Can be used for land vehicles
  • Durable (IP68 waterproof and dustproof, aluminum housing and cooling fins)
  • Package includes installation tools
  • When placing it above the windshield, you need to get specific mounting brackets
I love how this bright light encompasses a vast area. I think a lot of thoughts and considerations were invested in making this efficient product.

9. Nilight 18024C-A 420W Lights

The extreme brightness from this 20-inch light bar is designed for off-road driving. But it’s good at being a LED boat light bar too. You can use it for other vessels like yachts, and skiffs. It can also serve as equipment lighting so don’t be surprised if you see this in construction and mining areas.

The arrangement of the triple row LEDs of 42000 lumens, the nest reflector cup, and the combo beam makes it function excellently. There are broad, reflective plates located at both sides of the light. They pave the way for multi-angle refraction. Thus, it creates an ambient illumination.

To make this awesome performance last long, the manufacturer also worked on its durability. It even received a rating of IP67 waterproof due to the aluminum alloy housing, rubber pad, and silicone sealing strip. There’s a heat conduction silicone gel that can cool the light even if you use it for several hours.

This light is the best example of high quality, performance, and great customer service. The after-sales service replies within 24 hours to assist you with your query.

As for installation, mounting brackets are available but you need to buy the wiring harness. What I love about the brackets is their ability to slide. It allows me to make adjustments to their positions whenever necessary.

However, you need to make some fabrications on the brackets if you plan to mount the light lower than six feet. You may need to make it face downwards rather than upwards.
  • Used as a light for water vessels, land vehicles, and equipment
  • Has triple rows of LED lights with 42000 lumens
  • Multi-angle refraction for ambient illumination thanks to reflective plates
  • IP67 waterproof (aluminum housing, rubber pad, silicone sealing strip)
  • Has heat conduction silicone gel and flexible mounting brackets that can slide
  • Great customer service
  • The need to buy a wiring harness
  • Fabrication on mounting brackets when mounted in an area lower than six feet
With optimum performance from this light bar, you get the adequate illumination that you need.

10. Autofeel LED Light Bar

You can’t blame me if I have this light bar attached to several things. These two pieces of light simply provide what I need. They are my duck boat light bars. These lights are also in my yard and SUV. They can also be used on working equipment like a crane, snow plow, and more.

What made this light bar remarkable is the things that constitute its structure. From the luminous 5,500 lumens given by each pair to the 6,000 t0 6,500 color temperature, there will be no obstacle to seeing things around you and even ahead of you.

Optic, PMMA lenses increase the light transmission rate. Thus, night visibility is enhanced so it’s like my sunshine in the darkness.

The brightness of this light also spreads well and reaches a long distance. The dual rows of quality LED clips have a spotlight that moves around thirty degrees. For the light to have a wider scope and further reach, floodlights of 170 degrees around clips are added.

When it comes to durability this light bar won’t be left behind. It is IP68 waterproof so the light is protected from water, dust, rust, and even shock. What makes it work continuously for hours is its low thermal resistance and heat dissipation features.

The housing is made of aluminum alloy which boosts the life span of the lights. My boat was out in different kinds of weather and this light kept on working.

Setting this light on my boat is so easy. There are mounting brackets that fit any mounting openings or holes. But don’t use too much force on them as you will find it hard to bolt them.
  • Can be used in various applications
  • 5,500 lumens and 6,000 to 6,500 color temperature to enhance night visibility
  • Has optic PMMA lenses and mounting brackets
  • The light can reach long distance
  • IP68 rating to protect the lights from water, dust, shock, and rust
  • Has aluminum housing, low thermal resistance and heat dissipation features
  • Mounting brackets may be hard to bolt if you use too much force on them
Be ready to be surprised by the amount of light from this pair of light bars. You won’t expect it for its size.

11. ZMoon LED Light Bar

It is a heavy-duty, rigid marine LED light bar that ensures your safety on the water, while driving off-road at night and during periods of low visibility. The transmission of light is up to 97% so it’s the reason why it’s used as equipment lighting. It is even found in households too.

Since it contains advanced LED chips, it produces 6,500K white, bright rays for clear visibility. I’m amazed at its illumination that can expand as it has an optic system. It has a light beam that covers 15 degrees as a spotlight and a 170 degrees floodlight. This setup impresses me as it’s well-built.

It’s a tough pair of lights as it can keep on working even if you travel or sail afar. Its durability is tested and proven as the light is on for hours. It can withstand water or rain, sand, and wind. The 6063 aluminum alloy casing keeps the light protected from harsh weather so it is rated IP67.

Aside from being waterproof, it is also highly resistant to shock. No dust can get into its casing either. To cool down the light even if it works for many hours, there are ten cooling fins.

I’m glad that a 10-feet wiring harness comes with it. This part can withstand high temperature and has a molded fuse for high current supply. It’s the key to good conductivity. There are also adjustable mounting brackets. Both of these features are suitable for all vessels and vehicles.

I’ll give you a simple tip for adjusting the brackets. Be gentle and don’t do it haphazardly or else, you might break them
  • In various applications (on water, while driving, and more)
  • Up to 97% light transmission
  • Has an optic system that allows the illumination to spread
  • Durable with 6063 aluminum alloy casing
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to shock
  • Has cooling fins, 10-feet harness and mounting brackets
  • Adjustments on mounting bracket should be done carefully to avoid breakage
It’s not only sturdy because of its structure but also because it can be used continuously for hours.

12. YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar White

The traits of this light bar are what I need. I like that it’s medium-sized but it allows me to see the things in front of me. It provides pure white light because of two rows of LEDs that bear 10,800 lumens. Quality materials are combined to build this device.

I use it as a light bar on center console boat. You can have it in an off-road vehicle, heavy equipment, and agricultural machinery. With its wide scope, it can be utilized as emergency and rescue lights. Two thumbs up for its universal usage!

The light has a wide coverage as it has a combo beam. Every situation will be well-lit due to the 60 degrees flood beam and 30 degrees spot beam. So I feel secure sailing at night. It can also help you avoid accidents or collisions as you can see what’s ahead of you.

Although it is sturdy, it’s surprisingly light. It is also designed with noise reduction. Thus, it won’t produce vibration due to interference from strong wind, snow, and harsh weather. Moisture won’t dwell in this light bar as well.

The light is protected by a PC lens and aluminum alloy housing. It’s rated IP67 so it’s waterproof, dustproof, anti-explosion, and quakeproof. I guess I won’t be needing the three-year warranty that comes with it.

A mounting set is provided so you can proceed to installation upon receiving the package. It has a white casing which may be off in some land vehicles. But it looks sleek and cool on my center console boat considering its size as well.
  • Has two rows of white LED lights that bear 10800 lumens
  • Universal usage (for off-road driving, rescue lights, and more)
  • Light has a combo beam
  • Sturdy but light with PC lens and aluminum housing
  • IP67 rating with noise reduction feature
  • A mounting set is provided along with 3-year warranty
  • The white casing may be off with some vehicles
A product is appealing when it serves its purpose well. This is one of the best examples.

What is a Marine Led Light Bar and How Does it Work


A LED light bar is designed for low light settings. It provides safety for individuals who drive, sail, or go boating at night or in circumstances of low visibility.

This device is also used during the daytime of the extreme winter season. You need a light to see things around you even if it’s misty and obscure. It is made to withstand harsh weather and severe environments.

Although it’s originally designed for off-road driving, it is great as boat lights. LED light bars are known to be reliable in providing much-needed light. Being non-corrosive is a useful feature for these lights as they are always exposed to saltwater.

These light bars use LED chips or lights instead of incandescent bulbs and conventional beams. They are then enveloped in a sturdy casing for protection and durability. This covering also prevents vibrations from harming their performance.

Of course, LED lights are much better than traditional lights. They can even provide a wider scope of illumination which can reach a long distance. Another advantageous trait that they have is instant and less complex installation. It is done with the help of marine light bar mounts.

Types of Marine LED Light Bars

You must know the different types of marine LED light bars. So you can pick what’s best for your vessel. Whether you have a small fishing boat, a yacht, a center console boat, or a duck boat, there’s an appropriate light bar that you can find.

Wide Beam Light Bars

You can depend on this light to let you clearly see the things around you even in misty and dusky surroundings. They are usually 50-inch long and found on the stern or over some parts of the cabin.

Combo of Spot Lights and Flood Lights

The need for distinct illumination when you’re on the water or at sea can be supplied by this type of light bar. The spotlight can illuminate a certain spot while the floodlight can provide a broader lighting scope.

This combination is recommended for water vessels as they consolidate each other. It’s to assure clear visibility and safety.

Deck and Compartment Lighting

This type of light bar is usually tiny and round. So it is perfect for small areas like cabin, compartments, and bunks.

Light Strips

Light strips are admired by many because of their versatility and resistance to water. They can be installed on any surface or area. You can avail them in different colors such as red, yellow, green, and blue. They’re unique in some ways as you can darken the color or even make them flash.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Marine Led Light Bars

It’s a must to get a marine LED light bar because it has an improvised light output. Instead of thinking that night boating or fishing is dangerous, you will find outdoor activities exciting thanks to the great illumination from this device. Take the following into account:

  • Curved marine led light bars are ergonomically designed to fit on every vessel or vehicle.
  • Night vision is enhanced by this device aside from making your boat look cool. The light bars are excellent sources of illumination so you have a clearer vision of what’s ahead of you. Low visibility, harsh weather, mist and fog, and dark terrains can’t stop you from going out.
  • When it comes to durability, LED light bars excel in this aspect too. They have a sturdy and heavy-duty casing or covering. They are also resistant to water and dust, so even if they’re exposed to harsh elements, they will still continue to function.

In terms of drawbacks, you need to install them in the ideal area and at an appropriate angle. There are ones with adjustable mounting brackets but you still have to place them in a way that allows for good illumination.

It may come to a point for some people that the light is only focused on some areas. Once the light is installed, it should be able to give its full ability and capacity. Don’t allow its illumination to focus more downwards or upwards. It should be extended to the fullest.

Manufacturers have made it easier for users to install an LED light bar. An example of this is the duck boat light bar mount. But you still need to see to it that the light is in the proper place.

To make sure things are installed properly, you can hire professional services. Another drawback is unwanted noise coming from the light bars. You may hear a whistle and a high pitch sound. It’s annoying for sure but you can fix it by using a silencer.

It assures you that you’re getting the most benefits from your LED light bar.

Buyer’s Guide

For you to get the right LED light bar, you have to distinguish the boating requirements and your boating habits. You have to know the important components to get a quality choice.

LED Chips

Led chips are the heart and soul of the light bar. Thus, it’s the crucial part when you’re looking for a reliable LED light bar. They should be of high quality with guaranteed durability. Their efficiency is also important as it is the main element of illumination from the lights.

Beam Pattern

There are five beam patterns in LED light bars. Two of them, the spotlight and the floodlight, are the most popular. A spotlight narrowly focuses on a person or a place while a floodlight is broader in scope.

The best beam pattern is the combination of spotlights and floodlights. This light combination is wide in range and reaches long distances. It’s something that makes the light bars effective.

Waterproof Rating

It is also called ingress rating. This helps buyers determine if the light bar can stand liquid and other contaminants. If the product doesn’t have this rating, condensation on the light lens may happen. Then, it will result in nonfunctional lights.

The Compatibility with your Boat or Other Water Vessel

The voltage systems of marine vessels range from six to thirty volts. The common lights are within the scope of twelve volts to twenty-four volts. A 12v waterproof led light bar is the most common. You can avail of the right wiring harness based on the requirement of your vessel.

Protection from Overheating

This feature is linked to the longevity of the light bar. It’s known that LEDs produce less heat than halogen. But you have to weigh in the long duration of use as you can’t stop the accumulation of heat.

To counter the possible chance of overheating, the light bar should have circuit boards and housing with a heat dissipation system or cooling system. Heat can damage the lights and they would eventually succumb to premature failure.


Since water vessels are exposed to saltwater which can cause corrosion and rusting, it’s best to have a light bar that is wrapped with a sturdy casing. Aluminum and tough coatings will be the protection against damage caused by water with a high level of salt.

Care and Maintenance

You have to take care of your marine LED light bar so it can be in service for the long term. Here are things that you need to do:

  • Testing before installation is a part of care and maintenance too. It’s to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with the device.
  • Never over-tighten when mounting the light.
  • Make sure that the lights and the wires are not near moving objects.
  • You have to thoroughly examine if the light is properly positioned so the best result is achieved.
  • Keep the lights and wires away from coolant systems, exhaust components, brake components, sources with high heat, and other related things.
  • Fasten the wires to prevent potential damage.
  • Combine all the wires or connections; the wires must be fastened every 18 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best marine LED light bars?

The ones that make the top-rated marine LED light bars are YITAMOTOR, Nilight, DWVO, AUDEW, Naoevo, Aurora, AUTOSAVER88, Autofeel, and ZMoon.

How do I stop my LED light bar from whistling?

Led light bars do whistle and it may surprise some users. When it happens, it’s so annoying. It ruins your mood while sailing or driving. The noise comes from the wind that goes through cooling fins.

It’s impossible to find a completely silent LED light bar. This noise is the consequence of having a heat dissipation system.

The good news is that you can resolve it by adding a silencer. You have to place it between the cooling fins. There are different types of silencers. Some of them are attached using screws while some are clip-style.

  • Transparent LED Light Bar Silencer

Setting up this silencer is so easy and convenient. You can finish in no time. It’s an aerodynamic cover to block that noise coming from cooling fins. It is in universal size so it fits all sorts of light bars.

It’s the best choice if you want your light bar in full display. Polycarbonate is the material used for this silencer and the clear transparency allows your lights to shine with no obstruction.

When you place it over the light, it looks sleek and its presence is not obvious. It doesn’t only prevent noise from coming up, but it also protects the lights from rain, UV rays, wind, and mud.

You can even make it more stylish by adding some colors. Therefore, it does more than just eliminating the noise.

  • Rubber Light Bar Silencer

This silencer is affordable but it works well in concealing whistles or any sharp sound coming from your light bar. It reduces vibration when you insert it between the fins. So the wind that goes into the cooling fins will no longer create noises.

It won’t alter the cooling system as you insert it in. It’s small and it can’t be easily seen by others. You may also get a flyscreen spline to press in the gap of the fins located at the back of the light. It can be easily purchased from hardware stores.

Which marine LED light bar is the brightest?

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to the brightest LED light bar. The ones made by YITAMOTOR, Nilight, DWVO, AUDEW, Naoevo, Aurora, AUTOSAVER88, Autofeel, and ZMoon are excellent choices.

How many watts is a good boat LED light bar?

There are no similar watts for different LED light bars. It takes multiplication to figure out the adequate watts for your light bar. The wattage of all LEDs inside the light should be multiplied by the number of bulbs in it.

The light will be brighter if the watt is higher. However, this statement is not applicable all the time as another factor that represents bright light is the lumen.


Since you now know the factors that would make the best marine LED light bar, you can get one for your boat or other vessels. It will last long for sure. You will be satisfied with its long-distance illumination. It guarantees safety and enjoyment when you’re sailing or driving.

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