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The Best Boat Hooks

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Boat hooks provide the convenience that you will never expect. They offer a wide variety of functions that will aid you in your water journey. You will not even know you need one until you get on board. At this point, you must be wondering about the functions that the best boat hook can offer.

best boat hook

It comes in handy in different situations. You can use this tool to place loops over piling, snagging docks, and mooring lines. Plus, it is also applicable for fending off at a quay or grabbing a gear bag. There are still more tasks that a boat hook can cover.

I’m sure you are now wondering what the best ones are. Discover the finest products in this review to step up your game on board. Having a good boat hook will give you incomparable comfort on the sea.

<strong>Top 1</strong>


+ Extremely sturdy product
+ Only weighs 1.5 pounds
+ Excellent customer service

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<strong>Top 2</strong>


+ Highly durable boat hook
+ Has good versatility
+ Have wider coverage

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<strong>Top 3</strong>


+ The comfortable handle
+ Heavy-duty and floatable
+ Ideal for multiple tasks

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Top 10 Boat Hook Reviews

1. EVERSPROUT Telescopic Boat Hook

Another reliable telescopic boat hook is here! EVERSPROUT amazed me with this product that makes my journey more convenient. The product’s high leverage made me fall in love with it. When it is compacted, this pole can pull or push more than 100 pounds of pressure. It’s an amazing tool for its size.

On the other hand, a fully lengthened version of this pole can push up to 30 pounds of pressure. It is enough to do all the important tasks on the boat. Plus, this boat hook is extremely sturdy. Mine lasted for years with no rust. The factor that made this happen is its galvanized locking system that efficiently averts corrosion.

Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty! I love Eversprout’s excellent customer service. They even plant one tree for every order of their product. It’s a give-and-take situation where you can help the environment big time. Even if it’s extremely sturdy, this product is still lightweight. I can not believe that it only weighs 1.5 pounds.

This boat hook works well as designed. It is especially ideal for people with small boats like me. You may have a slightly hard time if you use it on large boats. That’s why I don’t recommend it. However, it’s a good product for retrieving fallen items such as ropes and hats or docking with small boats.
  • The product has high leverage that you’ll surely love.
  • Extremely sturdy product.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Has excellent customer service.
  • One tree planted for every purchase.
  • A lightweight product that only weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • Recommended only for small boats.
Overall, I really love this product. It works perfectly well for my boat. It’s been my companion for years now, and I never experienced rusting with this one. It’s truly one of a kind.

2. STAR BRITE Telescoping Boat Hook

With all the products widely available in the market, this one is my favorite. I’ve known STAR BRITE for a long time, so I can attest that this brand is committed to providing the finest boat hook one could ever ask for. Its telescoping pole can extend from 4ft. to 8ft. in length, giving me wider coverage.

The best thing about this boat rope hook is its versatility. It can serve different functions. It works great as a push rod for my boat, and I can even use it to tug up lines. I love how it makes my sea trip more convenient. Plus, I can use this when I reach my destination and need a tool for docking.

I don’t like heavy poles that need excessive strength upon use. Thankfully, this boat hook pole is not one of them. It’s all thanks to the feathery weight of its aluminum material. Plus, I can guarantee that it is durable. Mine lasted for years, even when I traveled to the sea a lot of times. It did not rust or show any signs of deterioration.

Its telescoping feature is one of a kind. However, you have to ensure that you secured and tightened its extension to prevent it from collapsing, especially when you push off the dock. This item is a good boat hook to bring on a calm day at the sea.
  • Its telescoping feature allows it to have wider coverage
  • This product has good versatility
  • Makes your sea trip more convenient
  • Comes with feathery-weight aluminum material
  • Highly durable boat hook
  • Make sure that you secured and tightened its extension
This product never fails to give everything that you want in your boat. All of its features are high-end. Plus, it comes with a cool modern design that perfectly fits into your boat. You should try it.

3. WINDRIDER Telescoping Boat Hook

Ever since I bought my boat, I always wanted something that makes docking easier and quicker. This boat hook from WINDRIDER does the job. Thanks to its comfortable handle, I have an easy grip. It makes all my tasks comfortable and easy to do.

Plus, its three-part telescoping feature makes it one of the top-rated boat hooks for docking. It extends up to 8 ft., giving me more coverage and allowing me to reach certain areas of my boat effortlessly. I can also use this multifunctional hook for other tasks like pushing and pulling.

Moreover, its universal threaded tip allows me to scrub off my boat and push other boats when docking. I can rest easy because there’s no chance of damaging other boats with mine. Plus, this heavy duty boat hook floats! I love this feature because I don’t have to worry about it falling off of my boat.

This product is incredible. All of its features helped me a lot. However, I wish that the shortest position of this telescoping boat hook could lock properly. But it is still okay because the short length only serves few purposes. I usually use the long positions of this hook.
  • The comfortable handle makes grip and handling easier.
  • Its three-part telescoping feature makes reaching areas more manageable.
  • This multifunctional hook is ideal for multiple tasks.
  • Its universal threaded tip allows easy boat scrubbing and pushing of other boats.
  • This product is heavy-duty and floatable.
  • The shortest position of this boat hook cannot lock properly.
It’s a great product all in all. If you want to make your docking a breeze, then you should consider this boat hook. I’m confident that you will like it as much as I do. All of its features are highly reliable.

4. BETTER BOAT Boat Hook with Pole Screw

The first hook that’s compatible with a standard ACME threaded tip is here. I love this boat hook tip as it fits perfectly with my ¾-inch standard ACME threaded tip. I appreciated its excellent versatility and convenience that I can’t find in other marine hooks. I use it for various purposes for my boat with no worries.

With this extendable boat pole hook, I can have access to areas that are hard to reach. Plus, I love its thick and durable rubber bumper. Because of it, I don’t have to worry about scratching or damaging hulls and other boat surfaces.

Another thing that made me love this product is that it floats. So, I do not have a hard time getting it if it falls into the ocean. Its design is specially meant for boaters like me. Besides that, its bright blue color tip makes this boat hook more visible in my eyes. I can easily locate it when lost.

The only downside of this boat hook is that it tends to extend when pulled hard, so I have minor troubles when tightening it down as a short pole. However, it is not really a big deal since I can still store it in small spaces, even with extra length.
  • The product perfectly fits ACME threaded tips for versatility and ease.
  • This marine pole hook is extendable, allowing me to access hard-to-reach places.
  • The thick and durable bumper doesn’t scratch or damage hulls.
  • This product floats so you won’t have to worry when it falls into the ocean.
  • Visible blue tip.
  • Extends when being pulled hard.
It’s a good sailing hook. With all its features, I can truly say that you should try this product out. You will not have any regrets in trying this hook as it makes your trip more convenient.

5. DOCAZOO DocaPole Big-Reach Pole Hook

When I need a good companion for my sea trip, I always trust DOCAZOO. This brand has been in the industry for a while, manufacturing excellent boat hooks for rope. They have the finest quality pole hook that you can see in the market. Plus, I love their fire-proof and non-corrosive products.

What makes me like this boat hook is its patented push and pull design. Thanks to the M-shaped hook, I can do any task easily. I can also reach high areas with no worries. Plus, I’m sure you will love its locking mechanism as much as I do. With it, I can screw the hook onto any standard threaded pole that I encounter.

This boat hook is also one of the most reliable mooring hooks for boats. I love a tool that comes with multiple functions, and this one never fails to amaze me. It has a universal twist-on design that easily hangs decorations, lights, ropes, and other objects. Thanks to this, I have no worries about doing any tasks.

This product is a great addition to my collection of DOCAZOO Docapoles. However, I noticed that this hook is smaller than my usual ones. I wish that the hook were larger to hold more functions. The size of the hook is just a minor issue. Nevertheless, it’s a good product for me.
  • The products from DOCAZOO are fire-proof.
  • This product prevents any rusting or corrosion.
  • It comes with a patented push-and-pull design.
  • The M-shaped hook allows you to do tasks and reach high areas easily.
  • Comes with multiple functions and a universal twist-on design.
  • The hook is smaller than other products or units.
Overall, it’s a good and reliable product. If you want a boat hook that lasts for a long period, then this one’s for you. I’m sure you will love all of its features that make your trip convenient.

6. SAN LIKE Telescopic Boat Hook

Are you looking for a boat hook that can perform several tasks onboard? Check out this one from SAN LIKE and witness all its amazing features that will certainly leave you in awe. I am also amazed by this product. Let me tell you more about why this product is worthy of your every penny.

Its high versatility is a plus for me. Because of it, I can use this item for any task at hand with its different adjustable lengths. This item is a must-have accessory for your boat. Unlike other boat hook poles that rust, this one doesn’t. So, replace your old ones with this highly durable and anti-corrosive item that has a good and secure grip upon use.

Everyone loves a boat hook that floats. So, I am sure you do, too. Have a remarkable experience with this item as it floats for a long time, especially when it is expanded. I do not have to fret about getting it when I accidentally dropped it in the waters. Plus, I love its extremely visible blue color because I can find it easier and quicker.

You can say goodbye to the bruises and hassles of grabbing the dock. This boat hook got you covered. The only minor setback of this product is its flimsy lanyard. Therefore, the user should take extra care of it.
  • Comes with high versatility thanks to its different length options.
  • This durable product does not rust.
  • It offers a good and secure grip on every use.
  • This boat hook can float on water, giving you easier access when it got dropped.
  • The product’s extremely visible blue color makes your search easier and quicker.
  • The boat hook’s lanyard is not durable, so you have to be extra careful.
This product works well. It comes with all the features that everyone wanted. So, I am certain that you will love all the goodness it offers as much as I do. You should try this product out.

7. ATTWOOD Aluminum Telescoping Boat Hook

The best of the best is here. ATTWOOD offers us their highly durable boat hook. I’ve known this brand for a long time, and I always wonder how they make their products incredible and captivating for the masses. If you just heard about this product, it’s time to check it out.

I am a meticulous buyer myself. I don’t always purchase products when I feel unsure about them. But when I saw this item, I immediately turned my eyes to it. Its vinyl grips perfectly attach to the polyethylene hook and tip and give me non-slip handling. I don’t experience any slipping, even when the product is wet.

Plus, I have no trouble adjusting it, thanks to its molded ribbing. I can easily grab and twist it. The product’s durability is also top-notch. Mine can withstand even the harshest weather on board. This pole can extend up to 5.5 feet, allowing me to reach high areas and make docking more convenient.

This is a useful tool to have. However, it doesn’t float, so if you drop it in the water, there’s a high chance you’ll lose it. Just be careful while using this hook so there’s no need to retrieve it.
  • Comes with vinyl grips that make handling non-slip.
  • The molded ribbing makes adjustments easier and quicker.
  • Offers top-notch durability that can withstand even the harshest weather.
  • Can extend up to 5.5 feet for more area coverage and easier docking.
  • Does not float.
If you want a long-lasting product, then it’s about time to get this one. You will love all of its features to the point that you will not regret buying it. It is worth every penny you used on it.

8. SEACHOICE 71050 Telescoping Boat Hook

Are you tired of straining your back while retrieving items? Worry not. This Seachoice boat hook is both lightweight and strong, so you can move your belongings with ease. Plus, it can zoom in and out from 4 feet to 7 feet in length, giving you a more extensive reach. I love this feature because I don’t have to bruise my rib trying to push off other boats.

The shaft is made with 6063 aluminum material. I have been using aluminum-made boat hooks for a while now due to their durability and feathery weight. With this product, I do not have to keep up with maintenance even after years. I can save a lot of money just by doing so.

I like this boat hook from SEACHOICE because it is made of glass-strengthened nylon, which greatly adds durability to the product. I tried bringing this on my sea trips, and it lasted for a while. Plus, I do not have to worry about any slipping issues, thanks to its non-slip grip.

It is a good stand-alone product. However, it would be best if you can make a few modifications to it, all of which are easy and simple to do. One example is making it floatable so that you won’t have a hard time getting it out of the water. You can do this by injecting foam into the inner diameter of the tube and outside the pole.
  • Easy on your back
  • Can telescope from four to seven feet in length for better coverage.
  • Made with 6063 aluminum material, which is durable and lightweight.
  • Does not need constant maintenance, saving you money.
  • The hook is made of glass-strengthened nylon, making it sturdier.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • This product is up for modifications, such as making it floatable.
As a SEACHOICE user, I can say that this product is engineered with a never-fail attitude. It has no serious issues whatsoever so that you can make use of this product’s full potential. It’s a worthy product.

9. CAMCO Telescoping Handle with Boat Hook

Many famous brands in the market offer good marine equipment, and CAMCO stands out among all. Their marine products always satisfy their customers. That’s why people keep coming back to get a fill of their marine accessories, including me. Check out how amazing CAMCO’s telescoping handle with a boat hook is.

The main thing that I love about it is that I can adjust it from 5 to 9 feet in length. With that, I can reach higher areas as it gives extensive coverage. Plus, its ergonomic and unique tear-drop design makes this product easy to use. Adding to that is the TPE handgrip that prevents any slipping tendencies when I hold the handle.

It is ideal for washing vehicles. I use this tool to wash higher areas on my boat. I often find it hard to clean the boat myself due to my short height. That’s why I’m extremely thankful for this marine equipment. Besides that, the product’s anodized aluminum structure makes the product sturdier and more lasting.

With all the features combined, this product is an excellent tool for pushing and pulling because of its great stability. However, you have to pay the price if you want firm handles, and that price is its weight. I noticed that this telescoping handle could get heavy, especially when it gets wet. But if you are strong, then it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • You can adjust this product from 5 to 9 feet in length, giving more coverage.
  • Its ergonomic and unique tear-drop design makes it easy to use.
  • The TPE handgrip prevents any slipping tendencies when you hold it.
  • Ideal for washing vehicles and vessels.
  • The anodized aluminum structure makes the product sturdier.
  • This telescoping handle can get heavy when it is wet.
This product is excellent. If you want to have good company on your sea trip, this one is a good choice to have. Its firmness and durability can last for multiple trips with no issues. Try it.

10. RAINIER SUPPLY CO Premium Boat Hook

Everyone wants a boat hook that lasts. Thankfully, RAINIER SUPPLY CO offers exquisite products that last for years. I purchased their boat hook a few years back, and it is still in good shape until today. When talking about durability, this product is unmatched thanks to its marine-grade premium aluminum.

I love how it comes with two handle designs. This feature allows me to use the product conveniently. Plus, it offers additional leverage, especially at full extension, thanks to its two-tiered structure. With this feature, I can say goodbye to the hassles and pains of pushing and pulling objects that are out of my reach.

I can also rest easy when pushing other objects because this tool does not leave scratches or grazes on any surface. It has a threaded tip with gentle rubber for optimum softness. Moreover, the reinforced nylon in its end makes the boat hook extra durable. It can withstand heavy weights efficiently, allowing me to do all tasks in a jiffy.

This product works as advertised. However, I wish that the grip was non-slip. I have sweaty palms, and I find it hard to control the pole with my hand. If you have dry hands, then you should have no problem using this item. It will also help if you put on gloves to add friction to the handle, giving you more grip.
  • Marine-grade aluminum material and reinforced nylon for durability.
  • Comes with two handle designs, making your use more convenient.
  • The two-tiered structure offers additional leverage, especially at full extension.
  • Does not leave scratches or grazes on any surface.
  • This product has a threaded tip with a gentle rubber for optimum softness.
  • Can withstand heavy weights.
  • The handle is not non-slip.
You should try this product. I am really excited about this boat hook because it exceeded my expectations. If you want a good companion to go on your trip, try this one.

Do I Need a Boat Hook


Yes. A boat hook can come really handy. You will definitely thank its presence in your boat as it can serve different tasks like pushing or pulling, especially during docking. So, to avoid any regrets while you are in the middle of the ocean, it would be best to be prepared and have yourself a boat hook.

Buyer’s Guide

It’s best to be equipped with basic knowledge about boat hooks. A boat hook has two ends, one with a hook, and one with a blunt tip. Its length ranges from about 1.2 to 7.6 meter.

You should also know that there are wooden and telescoping marine hook poles. It all depends on your liking and which one suits your boating lifestyle. However, let me tell you about the features of these two.

A wooden boat hook is sturdier than a telescoping one. Plus, you can use it in different tasks such as dredging, retrieving, and even boat maneuvering. However, it tends to be heavier compared to telescopic poles, which are often aluminum. Most wooden varieties can be heavy. Plus, they don’t retract because of their fixed length, making them hard to store.

On the other hand, telescoping poles are lightweight, thanks to their aluminum construction. Plus, they are adjustable, making them easy to store and suitable for different tasks. Since this type is telescopic, you can expect that it’s not as sturdy as wooden ones. That feature also limits its available use.

Aside from the products I mentioned above, you should also check out three other models.

The first one is the Davis telescoping marine hook that has 4- and 6-foot lengths. It can extend out to 8 and 12 feet and is made out of anodized aluminum. Plus, it has a threaded tip that allows mop attachment. I also love this type because it comes with a soft vinyl top that protects the boat’s finish. It saves space because it can be retracted.

The next one is the west marine boat hook. This aluminum-made tool also telescopes. Plus, it is more secure thanks to its twist-lock feature. It has curved nylon heads that make line retrieval easy and soft tips to avoid scrapes. This type zooms from 3 to 7 feet and is intended for smaller boats.

There’s also the Robship hook. This one assists you in threading a rope through a mooring ring by pushing or pulling. It works with your mooring line directly, no messenger or guidelines needed. It can function as an average boat hook when the hook head is locked in place.

What is the Boat Hook


There are different boat hooks with features that suit your boating style. Having the right one will make your work easier and more comfortable. I have tried several products, especially the ones mentioned above. I can say that all of them are excellent boat hooks.

Attwood’s boat hook has durability like no other. Plus, its features are as advertised, and I love all of them. If you want to have a lifetime companion on board, then Attwood is a good brand to consider.

Camco also keeps up to the standards of the market. Their products are also top-notch. Plus, they have excellent customer service that I love. It caters to all my needs and concerns, ensuring that I make the right choice every step of the way.

If you are buying a boat hook for the first time, then having one from these brands is good to start with. Boat hooks from Camco and Attwood are reliable, and the features that come with them surely make your boat life more convenient.

What Do You Use a Boat Hook for

There are several uses for a boat hook. You can attach a brush and use it as a mop. A rope is also compatible with it. If you want to make docking easier, a boat hook can snag docks and mooring lines. It is also used when launching off or placing a loop over a piling. Lastly, you can also grab objects from high areas or places that need extra length.

What Size Boat Hook Do I Need

It all varies on where and how you will use your boat hook. The fixed length for a boat hook is 4′ and 6′ (120 and 180 cm), and the telescoping ones adjust to 8′ or 12′ (240 or 360 cm).

If you use boat hooks on standard tasks like docking, fending off at a dock, or getting objects that are hard to reach, I suggest the standard size. Plus, the standard size is enough to serve almost all functions.


This article guarantees to showcase only the best tools for your sea trip. By now, you already know the list of the best boat hook options. Therefore, it’s about time to choose yours. Carefully consider all the features that work best for you. This will help you avoid regrets after getting yourself one.

Plus, having a floating boat hook to go with your trip will give you comfort that you never experienced on board before. It is a good investment for your vessel.

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