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The Best Battery Powered Navigation Lights

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

A responsible boat owner secures the proper navigation lights required by the local authority or the international law. They are essential in the absence of visibility or when sailing from sunset to sunrise. It’s best to make your presence known whether you’re moored at night or underway.

best battery powered navigation lights

Poor visibility can also happen apart from evening and nighttime. The best battery powered navigation lights are handy in this situation. You need them regardless of the activity that you indulge in. You may be motoring, sailing, paddling, or rowing offshore and on a lake or a river. With these lights, you can ensure safety for yourself and those around you.

Your boat navigation lights must be as reliable as the ones in the following product reviews. Browse through them to get an idea of what will suit you best.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Bright Eyes BE-BTLGT-GR-1

+ Affordable 
+ Flexible loops
+ Two, portable LED lights

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Attwood 14191-7

+ Made of quality plastic
+ Versatile when mounting
+ For small boats

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Innovative Lighting 560-1110-7

+ Its brightness is not glaring
+ Ideally used any time
+ Doesn’t reflect

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Top 12 Battery-Powered Navigation Light Reviews

1. Bright Eyes BE-BTLGT-GR-1 LED Boating Lights

I was looking for affordable boat navigation lights when I came across these that are brighter than stock lights. I knew right away that they are the right choice in making night boating splendid and enjoyable. Even the winter season can’t stop me from taking out my canoes as I can still comfortably paddle in the dark thanks to these lights.

Outrigger canoes, the ones that I own don’t have an electrical system. Thus, battery operated boat lights like these are ideal! Batteries are included so there’s no need to spend extra on them separately.

These lights have flexible loops that make it uncomplicated to slide into pipes with a thickness of around 5/8-inch to an inch. Detaching is effortless as well. I always bind the straps to make sure that they’re secured in windy conditions.

There are two portable LED lights in green and red which can run in three modes. You can have a slow blink, strobe, or solid brightness. These battery powered boat lights can be placed on the bow, stern, and any other parts that you prefer. They’re great for kayaks, pontoons, skeeters, and other small boats as well.

Based on my observations, I can attest that these lights are made to withstand the marine environment. There’s even a 100% money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer so you know that this item is reliable!
  • Affordable with the inclusion of batteries
  • Flexible loops to insert the boat navigation light on the pole
  • Two, portable LED lights that can be in three modes
  • Can be placed in any area of small vessels
  • Reliable as it can withstand marine environment with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Need to secure the lights with a strap so they can hold up against the wind
These lights will surely guide you when you sail or paddle in dark areas or at night. So far, they haven’t caused me disappointment even once.

2. Attwood 14191-7 Navigation Light Kit

The battery powered boat navigation lights in this kit work as expected. It has desirable quality due to its robust engineering of quality plastic. Moreover, it’s sealed within a shatter-proof polycarbonate, projector lens, and shock-proof housing.

An O-ring is added to seal the compartment for three AAA batteries which are included for free. These features are very important for an outdoor item like this navigation light. The kit contains red or green light for bow light and a white one for the stern light. They’re all brightly-shining LEDs.

A nice C-clamp makes these lights easy to mount and remove. I can even switch the lights between my canoe, rowboat, kayak, and Jon boat thanks to the handy C-clamp. No inconvenience occurs as batteries last for a decent amount of time.

However, my friend found out that these lights are not compatible with classic pontoons. If you have an older model boat, you should consider the other products in this review. Otherwise, you can be assured because they’re proven and tested to be portable navigation lights for small boats.

Some started using this as a temporary lighting system to go fishing or sailing at night while they fix the permanent wires. But, many of them ended up using it for good. There’s an extension rod that you can attach or remove for storage as well.
  • Made of engineering quality plastic
  • Sealed in shatter-proof lens and shock-proof housing
  • Free AAA batteries that sealed with O-ring
  • With nice color and amazing brightness
  • Versatile when mounting
  • For small boats and can be a temporary lighting system
  • Might not be compatible with some older models
This boat navigation light served several of my watercraft at the same time. I’m so happy with it as it guides me through darkness and foggy settings.

3. Innovative Lighting 560-1110-7 LED Bow Light

This product is well-made not only in terms of its appearance but also its brightness and durability. I have it on my 22-foot outrigger canoe. It meets the coast guard regulation of lighting longer boats that are from 40 to 45 feet. That’s why there’s no need to specifically have green or red lights. This white light works for the requirement of the law.

The brightness coming from this battery powered bow light is not glaring. It doesn’t get in the way of my vision and paddling. I don’t get annoyed by any speck of light that reflects on my upper arm as well. Night paddling with canoe, kayak, and paddleboard becomes smooth sailing.

My friend who’s using this boat navigation light for his kayak has positive comments too. Its brightness doesn’t interfere with port, starboard, forward, and night sky views. Therefore, it’s the ideal boat navigation light for fog-engulfed water traffic as well as during pre-dawn, evening, and nighttime.

The suction cup is the most impressive feature of this bow light. It surely has a lasting performance as I’ve seen how it holds up well for years. Follow my advice of checking every part so you won’t miss the black plastic circle. This part is another mounting option together with the suction cup.

Since this is LED, it can save more energy than an incandescent one. It works with four AA batteries which need to be bought separately.
  • Meets the coast guard regulation for lighting longboats up to 45 feet long
  • Its brightness is not glaring
  • Doesn’t reflect or interfere with the surrounding
  • Ideally used any time
  • Has a suction cup for lasting performance
  • With black, plastic circle for another mounting option
  • Need to buy AA batteries separately
I prefer the brightness that comes from this bow light. It’s what I need for my evening or nighttime canoe trips.

4. Botepon Marine Boat Bow Lights

To meet the local regulations on boat navigation lights, I bought these bow lights. I and my peers like to have a night outing on my kayak so I placed them on the bow. These two LED lights are super bright and they can reach up to 0.6 mile. They are visible even from across the lake and during the daytime. With these abilities, I am sure that I established a safety zone for myself and other boaters that I meet along the way.

These battery operated nav lights can be used as emergency lights and backup lights. Although you use them in different ways, the IR performance remains the same. They can be in the form of steady light, slow flash, and warning flash.

Steady light continues for about 35 hours and the flashing mode for 160 hours. This duration is based on a single batch of CR2032 batteries. A one-touch design makes it convenient to turn the lights on.

Mounting and removing are effortless as this boat navigation light has a double hook and flexible silicon body. I just let it slide through the rail and it stays in place. If you ever reach salt water, it’s recommended to keep it away to prevent rusting.

Aside from placing them on kayaks, they can also be dinghy nav lights. You may additionally use them to provide light on bikes, skateboards, paddleboards, and more.
  • Super bright and can reach up to 0.6 mile
  • Can be used as a navigation light, safety light, emergency light, and warning light
  • Lasts for many hours with CR2032 batteries
  • Has different lights modes with a convenient one-touch design
  • Effortless mounting and removing
  • Can be used on bikes, paddleboards, skateboards, and more
  • Gets rusty on saltwater
These are one of the best battery powered navigation lights for kayaks that meet my safety needs and the requirements of the local authority. They provide impressive brightness that reaches half a mile.

5. Attwood 14192-7 LED Navigation Light

It’s an outstanding boat navigation light kit as it allows me to permanently install a navigation light. In a single purchase, I received a white LED stern light, red and green LED bow light, telescoping pole, and mounting hardware.

To start with a specific description, all the lights are bright with reliable switches. The holder for mounting is similar to the C cell. Screws are suitable for fiberglass, wood, and poly while the VHB tape assists in the mounting process.

Mounting the light can be done in different ways. It can be installed in various small vessels as battery powered nav lights, for instance. If the mounting surface is not flat, you can find optional screws. AAA batteries have a long run time with these lights but you have to buy them separately.

I like the telescoping pole that properly projects the light. It roughly extends to 24 inches. A friend of mine complained that it levels with his eyesight making him uncomfortable. But, I haven’t encountered any issues with it.

Splashes of water can’t always be avoided, but I don’t have to worry because these lights are waterproof with an outer housing and lens that additionally counter shatter and shock. Furthermore, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with wires and attachment as it’s permanently installed.
  • Outstanding boat navigation light kit for permanent installation
  • Bright stern light and bow light
  • Can be installed in different ways and on various small vessels
  • AAA batteries have a long run time with this light
  • The telescoping pole extends up to 24 inches
  • Waterproof, shock-proof, and shatter-proof
  • Batteries are not included in the light kit
These waterproof battery navigation lights can be permanently installed so I don’t have to worry about moving them all the time. They work as I want them to be!

6. Deals4you Portable LED Boating Lights

When it comes to portability, these battery operated boat navigation lights excel among the rest. They’re easy and convenient to use. All I need to do is clip them on the stern, bow, mast, or paddles by hand. I don’t even have to rely on tools! I’m quite surprised that they hold up so well on their own. But, in essence, their installation doesn’t give me headaches.

Although they’re small, they comply with coast guard regulations. They’re bright enough as small vessel or inflatable boat navigation lights. I didn’t expect that they could have this degree of brightness. You can buy them in a mix set of green, red, and white lights or a set with all in the same color.

Only a little bit of freshwater is fine with these waterproof lights. To avoid damages, place them high to avoid water contact. The amazing part is that they still snug very well despite the presence of heavy salt air. Thus, they’re safe to use at the beach as well. The sturdiness is astounding even though these tend to be temporary.

With the flashing option from these portable lights, I can go kayak fishing after sundown. Powered by 2032 batteries, these stay lit up long before needing fresh ones. They don’t drain until I reach the dock after fishing.
  • Easy and convenient to use and install
  • Bright enough to comply with local regulations
  • Available in sets of single color lights or mixed colors
  • Snug well despite heavy salt air
  • Sturdy even though they’re for temporary installation
  • The lights should be high enough to avoid water contact
If you’re fine with temporary installation, these battery powered navigation lights for small boats like dinghies and inflatables are perfect. You can depend on their sturdiness and brightness.

7. Shoreline Marine SL91916 Navigation Light

Battery powered boat nav lights with clamp-on save me from messing around with wires, switches, and power sources. So, refurbishing my 20-foot pontoon boat turned out splendidly. It was evening time when I first used it and I was in awe of its brightness which suits my intention of using it during nighttime water adventures.

I’m at ease to go night fishing with my old pontoon because of this light. It’s bicolor and works wonderfully as all-round boat navigation lights. All you need is three AAA batteries to light them up. Since they’re LED lights, power consumption is minimum. Although they’re portable, they go well with the rules of the local warden.

These lights are used with ease either as stern light or bow light. They’re enclosed in very hard plastic housing. The length of the pole is about 24 inches and I think it’s a very sturdy pole. There are metal clamps of the same quality too.

Inserting the battery and installation are both easy. There’s no trouble in putting the batteries and clamping the light doesn’t require much effort even when you add other hardware parts.

What caught my attention in the product description is its waterproof ability. But, I must say that you should avoid water and never let it submerge.
  • Has brightness that suits the intended purposes
  • Works as all-round boat navigation lights
  • Portable and goes well with local rules
  • Enclosed in a very hard plastic housing
  • With hardy metal clamp for easy installation
  • Shouldn’t be submerged into the water
These clamp-type battery operated navigation lights are awesome in several ways. I get to install and add batteries with no problems. Most of all, they work as all-around navigation lights for the bow or stern.

8. Aqua Signal 27440-7 Battery LED Stern Light

Although this is small and compact, it has the brightness that is inclined to a boat safety lighting solution. It’s an improved version of the bigger light made by the same company, Aqua Signal. Even the switch design is better now as it’s flatter than the previous style.

The suction cup on this light is sophisticated with a carabiner clip at the bottom. Four AAA batteries are needed to make this work. It pleases me that the compartment is huge enough and doesn’t require binding to squeeze in the batteries.

This portable stern light can be installed almost anywhere. Various clamps are available so you can choose the appropriate size for the pole. It also means that you are not limited to where you can mount it. In my situation, I put the suction cup on a rowing shell that is not flat or smooth. No issues came up.

Screwing the pole is a breezy process too. You can turn it into dinghy navigation lights. However, you need a round piece of plexus for attachment.

I love this product as it can be an all-around light, a stern light, or even a flashlight. You may be amazed to see it float with its black case. But it won’t if it’s together with the pole, so be extra careful.
  • Small and compact but works as a safety lighting solution
  • An improvised and sophisticated version of its bigger version
  • Can be installed everywhere because of various clamps
  • Easy screwing of the pole
  • All-around light (can be a stern light and flashlight)
  • Need a round piece of plexus when installed on a dinghy
  • Won’t float if the light is together with the pole
I absolutely love this improved version so I’m sure you will appreciate it too. Since you can mount it anywhere as an all-around light, you’ll surely find it effective and useful.

9. Boao Led Boating Light

Since I can sometimes be clumsy, I am hesitant to use suction cups. With my carelessness, my boat’s safety light may potentially end up in the river. Therefore, I opt for these affordable battery powered LED navigation lights.

Based on my experience, the illumination coming from these lights can be seen across the lake or as far as 0.6 mile. Thus, they have the ability to function as safety lights. Users like me will feel secure while rowing a boat or go fishing at night.

A single purchase will give you 12 pieces of lights. There are two different sets and each has a different color combination. All of them are outstanding because they are available in three lighting modes. The flashing one is the best for me.

The other mode acts as a warning light that slowly flashes then becomes steady. You should know that you can make some switching and adjustments based on your needs. Last but not the least, you can have the lights on steady mode.

I feel relieved that I can hang it anywhere like in the front or back fork, backpack, safety helmet, handle, seat cushion, and vertical tube. Hence, I don’t only use them for my kayak and inflatable but also dog walking at night. You will be surprised by these lights’ versatility in terms of uses and implementations. Just see to it that you don’t get these lights submerged as they’ll stop working.
  • Affordable safety navigation lights
  • Illumination and visibility go as far as 0.6 mile
  • 12 pieces in one set
  • Has three lighting modes
  • Can be hung anywhere you like
  • In different uses and implementations
  • Won’t work when submerged in the water
These small battery powered LED boat lights can be used in many situations and not only onboard. With their help, you won’t displease authorities.

10. Amzonly ZP-ZYQ001 Easy Clip-on Light Kit

I’m grateful for the 4 pieces of navigation lights in this kit as I’m safe whenever I go sailing or fishing after sundown. There’s a red light, a green light, and two white lights.

Aside from being portable boat running lights, they are useful on SUPs, bikes, strollers, runners, masts, or paddles at night. Thus, they can be handy in a wide range of applications. This is, in part, made possible by their IPX5 weather-resistant case.

There are other useful things in this light kit as well. I’m amazed at the screwdriver with its magnetized tip that securely holds screws and fasteners during assembly. Changing batteries is also trouble-free as well so running out of power doesn’t worry me. I even got eight pieces of batteries from this kit for free.

Four pieces of elastic straps are provided for easy fastening of the lights on poles or tubes. You may not need them in some situations as there’s a clip at the back of every light. This way, you have the option to attach it to a flat belt.

A one-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer so I can consider it as one of the more reliable products in the market. Despite its waterproof and guarantee, however, you don’t have the liberty to soak these lights in water. Nonetheless, I love the fact that I don’t have trouble utilizing this kit as it contains all of the necessary items.
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications
  • With IPX5 weather-resistant
  • Comes with a screwdriver with a magnetized tip for easy assembly and changing of batteries
  • Can be attached with the clip at its back or through the elastic straps
  • Has a one-year warranty
  • The lights are not safe to be soaked in water
These are reliable LED lights for your watercraft. They offer an impressive brightness that keeps you from fiddling in the dark, which, in turn, prevents bumping and accidents.

11. Deals4you Aluminum LED Boating Lights

These lights are on the port or starboard of my kayak. They help me get through sailing and fishing in the evening or at night. I’d like to recommend this as one of the most excellent kayak navigation lights. To my delight, the red light is great as a taillight for a bike. You may also use them on Jon boats, fishing boats, pontoons, skeeters, and other water vessels.

These battery LED navigation lights announce your presence to other boaters. Even though they’re portable and convenient to take everywhere, they are an effective boat safety lighting solution. So, you won’t get in trouble with the authorities. They do wonders despite their size when set as running lights on the bow or stern. Some people use them as backup lights too.

Each light needs two CR2032 batteries. When you use them for the first time, turn the light’s head counterclockwise. Then, remove the insulating film that you can find between two batteries. Be sure that you don’t miss this to avoid problems when you start using it.

Installation is trouble-free as the light is attached to a strap that you can secure to a tube or pipe. I’ve inspected the lights carefully and noticed the curve on the side that sits against the tube. This discovery implies that you can only mount this product well horizontally. However, it’s not ideal to do it vertically as it won’t properly adhere.

I gave these lights as a gift to my fellow boater. She also has high regard for them. We both like the one-year warranty but we don’t need it at all.
  • Can be used on different water vessels and bike’s tail light
  • Portable and convenient to take everywhere
  • Boat safety lighting solution that won’t get you in trouble with the authorities
  • Can be used as backup lights
  • Trouble-free installation
  • Has one-year warranty
  • Not ideal for vertical mounting
Everything went well from adding batteries to attaching and using these portable boat navigation lights. They keep me and other boaters safe from sailing or fishing in the dark.

12. Pactrade 4350152878 Portable Navigation Light

This light is awesome! It’s not only suitable for personal water vessels but its illumination can also be utilized during hunting and camping. The light from this item will guide you through the night and fog.

What I like the most about this light are the heavy-duty parts. First, the suction cup is durable so the light will firmly hold on the surface. I even thought it was one of the magnetic navigation lights. It’s the best choice for those who own inflatables and other vessels that don’t allow the use of screws.

Secondly, the switch design is heavy-duty too. Hence, accidentally turning on and off the light won’t happen.

This is one of the most dependable battery powered LED lights for boats. However, users need to keep in mind some specific points stated by the manufacturer for correct usage. It’s suitable for boats below 22-foot long and with a speed of 8mph. Moreover, it’s made for vessels without a 12-volt electrical system. Of course, you may opt for this if you don’t want to get mixed up with wires and a power source.

To power this light, you’ll only need two pieces of D cell batteries which should be purchased separately. But you won’t have to worry about spending a lot on them as LED lights like these don’t consume much power.

  • Can also be used as a light during hunting and camping
  • Guides you through the night and foggy moments
  • Has heavy-duty suction cup for attaching on the surface and switch
  • Great for vessels who don’t allow the use of screws
  • For vessels that don’t have a 12-volt electrical system
  • Only suitable for boats below 22-foot long and with a speed of 8mph
If you are looking for credible navigation lights, this one is the best option. You can trust that its suction cup holds well on the surface.

What is Battery Powered Navigation Light and How Does It Work


A battery-powered navigation light is what you need when it’s impossible to wire navigation lights. Some boat owners also prefer it as they’re not fond of handling wires and electrical systems. Furthermore, it’s a piece of emergency equipment when a power outage occurs.

Although a navigation light is only powered by batteries, it can still make you visible whether you’re underway or docked at night. It also works when you pass through dusky areas.

It’s a reliable substitute for the standard navigation lighting system. Boaters are pleased to have it as a backup light when there’s an issue with the main light or even when there’s a serious problem with the electrical system.

Ease of use is another advantage when using battery-powered navigation lights. Setting it up only takes a few minutes. If you have it on your vessel, you don’t need to panic during power outages and emergencies. Plus, you can enjoy boating after sundown and even in winter.

Types of Battery Powered Navigation Lights

Boat running lights vary in colors, an arc of illumination, range of visibility, and assembly location. Know the different types that are available in the market.

  • Masthead Light

This type of navigation light is for vessels with an engine. It emits white light that goes forward with an arc of 225 degrees. The right positioning is at least a meter above the sidelights. Setting it up properly will allow its illumination to reach the range of two nautical miles. Sailing watercraft; however, usually doesn’t require a masthead light.

  • Stern Light

A stern light creates white light that is placed at the vessel’s lower section or the stern. It’s added on the boat so your presence is known to those who are behind you.

  • All-around White Light

You should choose this one if you own a vessel that has a length below 12 meters and is operated by an engine. When you have this, you’ll be seen by others from different directions.

  • Sidelights

You’ll have these lights on the right and left sides of your boat. The red light is on the left while the green one is on the right. They should be added to water vessels up to 12 meters. It aims to reach one nautical mile. Larger boats require a larger range than this.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Battery Powered Navigation Lights

You’ll get several benefits if you buy a top-quality, battery-powered navigation light. It’s convenient and practical to use which are qualities that may be impossible to achieve when having hardwired lights. Moreover, it will save you during emergencies or unfortunate circumstances like a power outage.

The battery-powered lights are generally easy to install. You don’t have to be skilled to get it done. Necessary steps found in user manuals are easy to follow. You may not even need them in some cases. Trouble-free mounting is a feature of some products while others are used as a clip-on.

When it comes to construction, durable materials are used for sturdy construction. This is a significant factor for rugged marine use and harsh outdoor conditions.

Various colors are shown by some navigation lights to spread brightness when the need arises. Hence, you stay visible in dark and foggy areas. This guarantees your safety and everyone near you. This type of navigation light is easy to operate. It’s portable and convenient so you don’t have to sweat on it.

You may even take it with you everywhere as it’s compact. Storage won’t be difficult as well. With this long list of benefits, the best part is its affordability. There’s no excuse for not buying it for the sake of complying with marine rules and regulations.

You’ll find the right color and size for your boat and its needs. Battery replacements are made easier by every manufacturer. However, the drawback falls onto this aspect. You may forget to prepare some spare batteries and when they’re drained, the light ceases to work.

Another thing you have to be careful about is to protect some lights from water. They may not be waterproof so don’t be confident and careless.

Buyer’s Guide


This buying guide is essential to help you make the right decision in picking the best among the list of brands. Here are the valuable factors that you should consider:

The application is the main basis when getting the right boating light powered by batteries. Kayak navigation lights should be submersible while the portable ones work best for dinghies. Note that the smaller the craft is, the smaller the light should be. Thus, know the application first before you go through different brands.

When it comes to color, white light, bi-colored, and tri-colored are all available in the market. These battery-powered alternatives can either be set up temporarily or permanently. Rest assured that both processes are uncomplicated.

Aside from the application, the boat size is also important when looking for navigation lights for canoes, inflatables, and rowboats. The choice of color and design should be based on boating rules and regulations. From these mandates, you’ll find out the appropriate size and color for bow, stern, and running lights.

It’s common knowledge that LED lights draw the lowest amount of power compared to other kinds of light. Fortunately, battery-powered lights are generally with LED. Assembling them needs a suction cup, C-clamp, or pole mount.

In addition, larger vessels need larger navigation lights that are brighter than the small ones. There are different types of light so variation of visibility exists as well.

Care and Maintenance

Nothing is complex when taking care of battery-powered navigation lights. All it takes is occasional checking for corrosion, rust formation, and other damages.

You have to keep an eye on battery consumption as you need to replace them when they’re drained. When you install the lights, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Cleaning should be done when it’s exposed to water. Do it on the lights and other components. Always remember to keep them dry.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the top-rated battery-powered navigation light?

Bright Eyes, Attwood, Innovative Lighting, Botepon, Deals4you, Shoreline, Aqua Signal, Boao, Amzonly, and Pactrade are the brands that you can trust in making the credible battery powered navigation light. Just the name of the company can tell you if the product is reliable or not. So, make sure you take note of the mentioned products.

What navigation lights are required for human-powered vessels?

Without navigation lights at night, you’re like a blind cat that wanders in the darkness. Human-powered vessels need a white light which can be a masthead light or a stern light.

There’s no need to put the same-colored starboard and port sidelights which you can see on powered vessels. You can opt for white light that can be seen from all sides. But you may also add these lights if you handle larger vessels.

  • Starboard Side Lights

This light is green and it’s usually placed on the right side of the starboard. You need this so the others are aware that you’re approaching. It’s similar to the road traffic lights as green means go. Turning the green light on gives you the right of way. Still, you have to proceed with caution to avoid mishaps and accidents.

  • Port Side Lights

A port light is a red light that tells other boaters to stop as you’re approaching from the left side. It’s also the same when one is driving. You have to stop and give way for the other person when you see the red light.

Why are navigation lights red and green?

Red and green navigation lights are found on both sides of the boat. They have the same meaning as traffic lights. Red means stop and the green means go. These colors are used to indicate each side. The red light is on the left or the port while the green one is on the right or the starboard.

Passing on the port side is the most preferred method by the boaters. Thus, it means flashing the red light. On the other hand, turning on the green light is a move to ask the right of way from others. If you see it, you’re also expected to give passage to your fellow boat owner.

How to care and maintain?

Caring for and maintaining battery-powered navigation lights doesn’t require a tedious process. You can just check the light and other parts for rust, corrosion, and other damaging presence. They may need cleaning when exposed to marine water. To prevent impairing the lights, it’s best to keep them dry all the time.

Where can I buy it?

Local marine stores sell battery-powered navigation lights. You can ask the store clerk when you are confused about the products. You can also shop online if you want to ensure the availability of a certain product. As long as you’re sure that you’re on a reputable website, you can be rest assured that you’re getting quality products.

Great deals and discounts are offered by online shops. Freebies and uncharged shipping can be availed as well. You may also see comments and product reviews on online stores. They can help you decide on what you’ll purchase.


While you look forward to going sailing, you shouldn’t forget about your safety. The best battery powered navigation lights are one of the marine accessories that you need to buy. They won’t allow you to bump onto something when it’s dark, dusky, or foggy. Furthermore, your presence is alerted to other boaters. In this way, accidents are prevented without getting the attention of authorities.

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