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The Best Carpets for Boat Trailer Bunks

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Maintaining your boat is not only limited to keeping it clean and protected from environmental contaminants. It also needs the utmost care whenever you load and launch it on trailer bunks. To assist you with this task, you need the best carpet for boat trailer bunks.

This assures your hull’s maximum protection from damages and scratches. In like manner, it also safeguards your boat bunks. While there is a wide variety of brands that promise hard-to-resist features, finding the right one that meets your needs may be a daunting job.

best carpet for boat trailer bunks

If you make the wrong choice, you may end up settling on an easily worn-out and damaged material. Luckily, we are here to save you from this trouble.

Our shopping guide shall help you invest in a carpet that guarantees durable and high-resistance quality. Likewise, the additional information and know-how shall assist you in upkeeping your boat trailer bunks.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

CE Smith Trailer Carpet

+ Guaranteed long shelf life
+ Easy customization & installation
+ Equipped with a rubber backing

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Attwood 11246-1

+ Easily installation process
+ Built with minimal water retention
+ Easy to customize accordingly

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

SeaSense Trailer/Boat Bunk

+ User-friendly padding
+ Marine-grade polypropylene 
+ Breezy installation 

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Top 12 Carpet for Boat Trailer Bunks Reviews

1. CE Smith Trailer Roll Carpet

If you’re tired of your easily worn-out and damaged bunker carpet, it is time to upgrade with the CE Smith Trailer Roll Carpet. Its thick and strong material guarantees you of heavy-duty quality that can survive the harsh marine environment.

Plus, it is equipped with a premium quality rubber backing that protects the carpet from weather damages.

Interestingly, it is made out of 100% PET polyester, which makes its fabric breathable. Therefore, the carpet can quickly dry even after loading and launching your boat. Worrying about nasty mildew and mold on your bunk boards becomes a thing of the past.

Changing carpets turns into an effortless task because of this product. From easy customization to installation, everything is made convenient. Take note that it is advised to use rust-proof staples when attaching this unto your boards.

This option is highly recommended because of its straightforward capabilities that save time and money. It can last you long, especially if you are regularly taking care of it. To do this, rinse off the carpet whenever dirt gets into its material. Once you do, you won’t only be maintaining the fabric; you will also be ensuring a dirt-free boat hull.

Nonetheless, you may find this option more expensive compared to other brands. But, of course, you can trust this product to give you your money’s worth and offer you a better boating experience.
  • Heavy-duty quality is made to survive the harsh marine environment
  • Equipped with a rubber backing that protects it from weather damages
  • Quickly dries and prevents mold and mildew
  • Easy customization and installation
  • Guaranteed long shelf life
  • Pricier compared to other brands
Overall, this high-quality carpet has maintained its reputation over the years. Please keep in mind that regular upkeep will maximize its shelf life.

2. Attwood 11246-1 Bunk Padding

Ordinary carpets may do a good job keeping your hulls protected and damaged-free, but this alternative does it better. Since the Attwood Corporation manufactures it, you can be guaranteed that it is made with the highest quality materials. Plus, they have been tested by experts and boaters themselves.

Its superior quality polypropylene allows it to endure the severe cold, UV rays, and marine environment. Although it is made tough and durable, it provides a smooth surface that efficiently loads and launches your vessel without abrasions and scratches.

This marine bunk carpet can cover your trailer bunks without any fuss. I love that it is flexible, easy to cut and customize accordingly. Its acrylic backing also allows it to bind easily unto the floorboards. Additionally, it is available in charcoal, which also adds up to its aesthetic quality.

To further hasten your installation process, you would need to measure your bunk boards to know what size to purchase. Moreover, to prevent rust, you must utilize stainless steel staples. You will be surprised after installing it as it looks like a professional upholsterer had just upgraded your trailer bunks.

Many boaters claim that its minimal water retention makes it the best product in the market. It protects the surfaces from mold and mildew, which also prevents premature aging on your trailer bunks.

Regardless, the price tag that comes with its top-notch quality may be a little heavier than other products.
  • Engineered and tested by experts and boaters themselves
  • Made to endure harsh weather conditions and marine environment
  • Flexible, easy to customize accordingly
  • Protects the surfaces from mold and mildew
  • Easily installation process
  • Built with minimal water retention
  • Pricier compared to its competitors
In a nutshell, if you are planning to upgrade your ordinary carpets, this is an excellent choice for you. It is durable, long-lasting, and assures you get the best out of your hard-earned bucks.

3. SeaSense Trailer/Boat Bunk Padding

If you are hunting for a reliable and affordable bunk board carpet, you wouldn’t want to miss this product. It is tricky to find another choice made from a durable and high-quality material without the hefty price tag.

This product comes with the capability to protect hulls for a long time. Aside from this, it is made to dry quickly, thus preventing mold and mildew. What is more, the marine-grade polypropylene assures its ability to withstand the harsh marine environment.

It is highly recommended for boaters who hate heavy carpets. Since it only weighs one pound, refurbishing your trailer bunk becomes a piece of cake. According to amateur boat enthusiasts, this is the most user-friendly padding ever. That is thanks to its acrylic backing and reduced fuzz.

Installing it is made convenient since the carpet is static-free. Even better, after cutting the material, it resists fraying so that you can be free from accidents. All in all, its combination of comfort and quality makes it a smarter choice.

Its versatility is another reason to stick with this brand. Impressively, boaters can use this both as padding and a carpet for watercraft!

One downside of this product is it doesn’t offer many options. The only available color is black. Additionally, custom sizes are also very limited. That is why it is always smart to measure your trailer bunks before purchasing. When you do, you can save time and money.
  • One of the most affordable trailer bunk carpet
  • Does not compromise durability and high-quality
  • Marine-grade polypropylene for minimal water retention
  • Breezy installation as it is a static-free carpet
  • User-friendly padding
  • Can be utilized as padding and carpet for boats
  • Limited color options as it is only available in black
  • Limited custom sizes option
Right to it, this versatile product that functions as padding and a carpet is the ideal choice. It is engineered with durable and high-quality material that is built to last long. Even greater, it does all that without cutting off your budget.

4. Fulton Replacement Trailer Bunk Carpeting

Excellent resistance is the first factor to consider when looking to purchase a boat trailer bunk carpet. This ensures a longer shelf life and maximum protection for your boat’s hull. Luckily, this product delivers this kind of capacity.

Engineered with top-quality marine-grade material, it surprisingly exceeds expectations when it comes to durability and lifespan. I don’t have to worry about fading, extreme traffic, and weather conditions. With this, I can be confident that I get the most out of my investment.

It is no surprise that Fulton was able to bring this superb quality since, over the years. They have been known to bring a better boating experience thanks to their tried and tested marine accessories, vehicles, and machinery.

New and old boaters are never disappointed with its maximum power to protect the boards from mold and mildew. Plus, it remains slippery for the boat’s hull to load easily.

It is not that heavy, nor that light. So, you don’t spend too much time installing it on bunk boards. I like that its sharp black color conceals dirt, and I don’t need to clean it too much. Best of all, it is the most economical choice among other competitors that offers the same quality.

Meanwhile, you may find the upholstery a little thinner and easily unraveled. But, rest assured, it stays true to its promises.
  • Promises a longer shelf life
  • Ensures maximum protection against scratches
  • Stays slippery when loading and unloading your vessel
  • Resists damages, fading, and conceals dirt
  • More affordable compared to other alternatives offering the same quality
  • Material may be a little thinner, so it doesn’t do a reliable job in resisting fraying
Overall, this is an economical choice that doesn’t compromise quality and resistance. The guaranteed long shelf life and power to resist damages never disappoint.

5. Lancer Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet

Finding for a budget-friendly and reliable trailer bunk carpet alternative is a tricky task. Luckily, this product offers these two advantages in one. Although it is more economical than other choices, it can be trusted to keep hulls shiny and scratch-free.

New and old boat owners vouch for its sturdy material that can endure severe weather conditions. Even if your vessel is mostly on and off the bunk trailer, this remains resistant to wear and tear. There is also no need to worry about fraying.

Furthermore, the rubber backing makes it easier to attach it to the bunk boards. I like that it snugly fits, and the results seemed to have been professionally done. Apart from that, the rubber backing also allows minimal water retention. This way, mold and mildew are prevented.

This choice offers several color choices that meet your aesthetic preferences: blue-black, midnight, burgundy, and black. You can be sure that its vibrant colors last long as it is made to resist fading.

Unfortunately, you may find this less durable and thin compared to its competitors. This is only recommended for boats that are loaded and unloaded a few times a year.
  • Budget-friendly alternative bunk carpet
  • Resists fraying and damage from severe weather conditions
  • Equipped with rubber backing
  • Minimal water retention prevents the growth of mold and mildew
  • Available in four color options
  • Thinner and less durable compared to other choices
To conclude, this is the ideal purchase if you are hunting for an affordable alternative. It is simple and straightforward. Above all, you can assure that your boat’s hull is protected and scratch-free.

6. 12 Inches x 12 Feet Carpet by the Foote

Impacts are inevitable when loading and launching your boat. That is why Carpet by the Foote is made with durability that can withstand any foot traffic and collision.

The marine-grade polypropylene allows it to work efficiently in the marine environment without being easily subjected to wear and tear. Plus, it is made with minimal water retention.

This carpet is also UV stabilized, which allows it to repel harmful UV rays. So, you can be confident that the color doesn’t fade despite long exposure under the sun.

Amateur and old boat enthusiasts whose vessels are mostly in and out of the trailer bunks highly recommend this choice. It offers the straightforward capabilities of a trusted carpet without the high price. If you are in a limited budget, you may never search long for a worthy investment.

Compared to other choices, this is surprisingly easy to install. I like that my trailer bunks look brand new after re-carpeting. Although it may look like other ordinary carpets, its long shelf-life, direct, and simple quality makes it a go-to bunk carpet replacement for boaters.

Regardless, you may want to supervise this carpet closely at it may fray sooner than expected. Cutting it should be paid with extra care to avoid unraveling that may damage the product.
  • Durability withstands impacts
  • Made with marine-grade polypropylene for marine environments
  • Easy installation and long shelf life
  • Ideal for boat-owners with a low budget
  • Equipped with UV stabilizers that counter sun damage and fading
  • Cut edges may fray without close supervision
Unquestionably, this is the perfect go-to replacement for old and damaged carpets. It is simple, straightforward, and made to last long. The capabilities it offers are just enough to meet your needs.

7. Tie Down Engineering 86137 Bunk Board Carpet

Replacing carpet on boat trailer bunks is not an easy project. Hence, you would need this excellent choice to save time and effort. In truth, the Tie Down Engineering 86137 is equipped with a backing that snugly fits onto the bunks efficiently. New boaters love that they can achieve professional-like carpeting in their own hands.

This bunk carpet for 2×4 boards is highly recommended if you are looking to upgrade your old and worn-out carpets. The marine-grade material allows it to keep its functionality despite extended exposure to the marine environment.

Additionally, it resists damages from impacts and drastic weather changes. You can rely on its ability to protect your boat from scratches without being easily worn out. Growth of pesky mold and mildew shall also cease with this product.

I love that it resists fraying compared to other brands. Indeed, Tie Down Engineering never disappoints when it comes to delivering marine products that answer every boater’s need without breaking their bank.

Be that as may, the texture of this product isn’t as impressively thick as expected. Also, the product and packaging get mixed up sometimes. Keep in mind to double-check your purchase.
  • Equipped with smart backing that makes it easier to install
  • Highly recommended as a replacement for worn-out carpets
  • You can trust that it can last for long
  • Resists impacts and damages from weather conditions and the marine environment
  • Stops the growth of mold and mildew
  • Not as thick as expected
  • Product and label get mixed up sometimes
As a final point, this investment remains to be one of the trusted choices by amateur boaters. It is user-friendly, affordable, and you can trust its capability to keep your hulls shiny for a long time.

8. Attwood Trailer Bunk Padding

The Attwood Trailer Bunk Padding is another product from Attwood that doesn’t disappoint. This bunk carpet is top-notch when it comes to protecting your hulls from abrasions and scratches.

It provides a soft surface in loading and launching your boat. I like that it is noticeably smoother compared to other marine bunk carpeting. Likewise, I am confident that my boat’s hull is safer and damaged-free.

Unlike ordinary carpets, this product is engineered to sustain impacts. Hence, you can be sure that it will last you long. Additionally, it is made from marine-grade polypropylene that resists wear and tear from the marine environment and severe weather changes.

More importantly, its minimal water retention ensures you of its quick-drying ability. It terminates the growth of mold and mildew over time. With this, you won’t have to change your carpet for a long time.

Boat owners are incredibly impressed with its breezy setup. It is static-free and equipped with acrylic backing that allows you to cover your bunks and rails conveniently. Besides, it creates a snug fit without slips, thus saving you time and effort. The right weight and thickness also make the installation easier.

I love that its charcoal color creates a chicer appearance for my trailer bunks. Plus, it doesn’t have too much fuzz, which makes the carpet aesthetically pleasing.

Despite that, the texture of the material is not the best among other choices.
  • Durable material that resists impacts
  • Provides a noticeably smoother surface that protects vessels from damages
  • Withstands damages from the marine environment and extreme weather
  • Low water retention prevents mold and mildew
  • Comes with acrylic backing with ideal weight and thickness
  • A static-free carpet allowing breezy setup and a snug-fit
  • Not the best texture
Overall, this is a suitable replacement for your old and worn out carpets. It delivers top-notch protection for your vessels. Plus, you won’t be changing your carpets for a long time.

9. Marine Outdoor Runners – Charcoal Bunk Carpet

If you are searching for the best carpet for trailer bunks, you may not need to search elsewhere. The Marine Outdoor Runners – Charcoal Bunk Carpet is an exceptional product that offers beyond expectations. Its durability is the most trusted among its competitors.

Boat hulls are left shiny and scratch-free, thanks to its heavy-duty material. If your vessel is mainly in and out of the boat trailer for a year, I would highly recommend this. Both amateur and expert boaters can also attest to its ability to last long despite harsh impacts.

It is UV stabilized so that you can be worry-free even under prolonged sun exposure. On top of that, it is engineered with marine-grade material that can resist damage. So, despite the harsh marine environment, it remains durable for an extended period.

By far, this is the most economical investment you will ever make. It is made from 100% PET polyester, ensuring you of its superb quality. Withal, minimal water retention allows the material to dry quicker.

You can use this marine carpet for boat trailer to efficiently cover your 2×4 trailer bunks. On the other hand, I like that the neat color charcoal matches any hue of vessels. It doesn’t only achieve a new-like look on my trailer bunks, but I can also proudly showcase my watercraft.

First-time boaters vouched for this product’s easy installation that saves you more time and effort. Be that as it may, this product doesn’t offer many color choices since it only comes in charcoal.
  • Exceptional durability guarantees a long shelf life
  • Ideal for vessels that are mostly in and out of the trailer bunks
  • Resists damage caused by the marine environment and harsh weather conditions
  • Minimal water retention
  • A neat charcoal color to match any hue of vessels
  • Ideal for first-time owners
  • Only available in charcoal-colored
Right to it, this investment is spot-on when it comes to durability. If you opt for a choice that remains reliable over the long run, this is the real deal.

10. horeline Marine Polyester Trailer Bunk Padding

If your old and shabby carpets need urgent replacement, Shoreline Marine Polyester Trailer Bunk Padding is the right choice. The polyester material is engineered to provide durability that meets your needs.

This is particularly recommended for boats that are occasionally in and out of the trailer bunks. The marine-grade material makes it ideal for use on boats. Even better, it does a decent job of resisting damages caused by impacts and extreme weather.

Aside from its dependable resistance, this also lasts for a good while. The cut edges don’t fray easily. Plus, it is not easily subjected to fading and wearing out.

Surprisingly, hulls smoothly slide down unto its surfaces. So, you can be ensured that your vessel is protected from scratches and abrasions.

Although this product isn’t one of those well-known brands in the marine industry, it remains to gain boaters’ trust. With this, you will get the exact worth of the money you pay for.

I like that it makes installing an easy task. It is equipped with a strong acrylic backing that secures itself to the bunk boards without much hassle. It is not so heavy yet thick enough to afford ease of installation.

All the same, remember that this product is ideal for vessels rarely in and out of the waters. Also, it is not recommended for heavy-duty usage.
  • Trusted durability resists damage from impacts, weather, and marine environment
  • Does not easily fray and fade
  • Provides a smooth surface for hulls to slide in
  • Strong acrylic baking allows easy installation
  • Ideal for boats that are rarely in and out of trailer bunks
  • Not the excellent choice for heavy-duty usage
In brief, this is a convenient deal when you urgently need a carpet change. It delivers decent durability that effectively protects hulls.

11. Value Carpets 12″ Wide Trailer Bunk Carpet

You may not need to search elsewhere when you seek a low-maintenance bunk carpet. This convenient alternative doesn’t require regular cleaning compared to other products. This way, you’ll get to skip endless upkeeping and spend more time with your boat.

Even though it is manufactured as an automotive carpet, it performs a dependable job protecting boat hulls. Boaters vouched for the durability that this carpet offers. Despite the low price, the quality doesn’t disappoint. This is ideal for those who are in a tight budget but hate compromising their boat’s safety.

It is made with 100% BCF polypropylene that ensures you of its long-lasting capacity. Even better, it is UV stabilized. Even on extended periods under the sun, it will not become worn out too soon. Aside from that, it excels at resisting mold and mildew.

Believe it or not, the vibrant color doesn’t fade even for extended periods of use. I like that I won’t get to change my carpets for a good amount of time with this investment. Plus, it puts a new perspective on installation. Since it is user-friendly, I get to forgo the hassle in refurbishing my trailer bunks.

Furthermore, the versatility is another reason to purchase this product. You can utilize it for both outdoor and indoor carpeting. Consequently, saving you a good deal of money.

Notwithstanding, the carpet is thinner compared to top-tier brands and you may not be satisfied with its inferior quality. If you are particularly hunting for a heavy-duty material, I wouldn’t recommend this to you.
  • Low-maintenance
  • Dependable durability keeps hulls shiny for a good while
  • Offers a vibrant color that does not fade through time
  • Resists environmental damages
  • Can be utilized as an outdoor and indoor carpet
  • Saves time and effort in installation
  • Thinner than most brands
In general, this is the right product if you are looking for an alternative carpet for your trailer bunks. This functions well in both indoor and outdoor carpeting. Most importantly, it performs a reliable job in keeping hulls scratch-free.

12. Red 18” x 18’ Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet by the Foote

If you are tired of those monotonous and boring old black carpets, it’s time to switch to this alternative. The vibrant red color allows you to showcase your boat proudly. It is coated with a synthetic polymer that resists stains. Hence, you don’t have to pay too much effort to clean this product.

I was delighted to discover that it counters not only stains but also repels nasty odors. By far, this is among the first carpets in the industry that possess this kind of ability.

Most importantly, it is made with dependable durability that withstands impacts and foot traffic. Since it is made out of marine-grade polypropylene, the product can function in marine environments and withstand wear and tear. What is more, it is made lightweight for low water retention.

Like other marine products from the Foote, you can trust its ability to shield against potential damages from destructive weather. It is UV stabilized, so prolong exposure under the sun will not harm the material.

Most boaters stick up to this investment for its superb resistance to mildew, mold, and rots. This way, you won’t have to trouble yourself into changing your carpets for a long time.

One pitfall with this product is its inability to hold out against fraying. The cut edges may be susceptible to unraveling.
  • Vibrant red color adds appeal to your trailer bunks
  • Easy maintenance since it repels stains and nasty odors
  • Dependable durability is made to last you long
  • Marine-grade polypropylene allows it to work efficiently on marine environments
  • Equipped with UV stabilizers which allow it to resist damage from the sun’s rays
  • Cut edges can be frayed
On the whole, this is a trustworthy and straightforward boat trailer carpet replacement. It is resistant to odor, stains, and damages, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. To boot, the vibrant red color is something that makes it stands out from other choices.

What is Carpet for Boat Trailer Bunk


Carpets for boat trailer bunks provide a smooth surface for boat hulls to slide on whenever you are launching or loading your boat. It is recommended to keep your boat shiny and protected from scratches and abrasions.

Other than that, it also shields your hull from any damages whenever they are being stored or towed. Its high-quality materials are engineered to resist damages caused by harsh weather and marine environment.

How Does It Work

Carpets for boat trailer bunks are covered around the boards. After installing them, they provide a soft surface for your boat to slide on every time you load and launch it.

Despite impacts and heavy foot traffic, it keeps your hull protected from any damages and scratches. This way, you can maintain your boat’s appearance. Plus, achieve a better boating experience.

Boat trailer carpets are made to be breathable and with low water retention. This way, it dries off quickly. Furthermore, it also performs a reliable job in preventing mold and mildew which lengthens the material’s shelf life, including your trailer bunks.

Types of Carpets for Boat Trailer Bunks


Although all boat carpets for trailer bunks serve to safeguard boat hulls, they come in different types to cater to other boaters’ needs.

Here are the following types of carpets for trailer bunks:

Vinyl Bunk Carpet

This type of bunk carpet is highly recommended to new boat owners. It removes the hassle in installation as it snugly fits unto the boards without slipping. Despite that, the material is vulnerable under extreme sun exposure. Upkeeping it, particularly during summertime, is imperative to prevent damage.

PVS Bunk Carpet

A PVS bunk carpet is dense enough to repel moisture. Boat owners who are looking for a long-term investment go for this type. It resists mold and mildew. Plus, it offers ease in installation. Since it is a heavy-duty carpet, the price also comes in hefty.

The trouble with this type of carpet is it is not made to resist sun damage.

Rubber Bunk Carpet

This is equipped with a rubber backing that allows easy installation and snug fit on the bunk boards. The price is surprisingly affordable, given its first-rate quality. Regardless, it doesn’t hold up well with extreme exposure to sunlight.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Carpet for Boat Trailer Bunks

Carpet for trailer bunks is a crucial accessory for every boater. As you know, damages are inevitable when loading and unloading vessels. Thankfully, trailer bunk carpets do an effective job in reducing the friction between the hull and trailer bunks. This ensures your boats stay shiny. But just like any product, valuable benefits are met with drawbacks.

Here are the following advantages and disadvantages of using trailer bunk carpets:


  • It safeguards hulls from scratches and abrasions.

The boat’s surface is vulnerable to damages, either on or away from the marine environment. It is a must to protect them while being loaded, launched, stored, and towed.

Fortunately, bunk carpets do this job efficiently. Their smooth material provides a safe surface that decreases the amount of friction. With this, anyone can showcase their shiny hull proudly.

  • It is made with high-quality materials guaranteed with durability.

Since they do an essential job of safeguarding hulls, they are made with top-notch materials to prevent premature wear and tear. It is engineered to resist damages from the marine environment. Plus, some products are UV stabilized to avoid damages from the sun.

  • It provides long-lasting protection.

Unlike other types of carpet, these are made to last for years. Even though they are frequently submerged in saltwater or freshwater, they keep their durability intact.

  • It has minimal water retention that allows quick-drying.

Since boat trailer carpets are made to be breathable, it only takes a while before they get dry. This way, the growth of mold and mildew are prevented, which lengthens its shelf life. Not only that, but this also keeps bunk boards from premature wearing.

  • It makes installation easy.

Products that are equipped with rubber backing features easy installation. It is made to attach unto the bunk boards without slipping. This gives you less time struggling and more time having fun in the waters.


  • It is expensive compared to other types of carpets.

While it is true that they provide 100% protection for your boats, they might be heavy for others who are in a tight budget. Considering this, some boat owners opt for indoor and outdoor carpets because it is cheaper.

Buyer’s guide


Buying just any carpet does not guarantee 100% protection for your boat. As you know, every product is equipped with different features to cater to other boater’s needs. Before you take the plunge, it is essential to know the different specifications to understand what works best.

To help you make a valuable investment, here is a buying guide to keep you in check:

Check the quality.

Choosing a product that is created with marine-grade material is the first thing on top of the list. Since carpets are primarily used to assist in loading and unloading boats, they have to repel damages caused by marine environment.

Additionally, they should be built with rubber backing for minimal retention. This wards off mold and mildew that may lead to premature wearing on the carpet and bunk boards. Apart from quick-drying, a rubber backing also makes installation more efficient.

Carpets that are UV stabilized are also a great buy since they can withstand long sun exposure.

Check the thickness and weight.

Every boater has their preference when it comes to a carpet’s thickness. Others favor the one with just the right thickness, as this makes installation easier. But, if you are searching for a reliable and long-lasting investment, I suggest you purchase a thicker material. Specifically, a ¼ inch thick carpet.

Aside from this, it helps that you pay attention to the weight. Boat carpets are often weighed using ounce measurement. The higher the weight, the better quality it holds. For one, a 20 oz marine bunk carpet is an ideal purchase. You can be sure that it has superior resistance and durability that can last you long.

However, keep in mind that the heavier carpets also come at a hefty price tag.

Choose the right size.

If you want a more convenient installation, it pays that you measure the bunk boards’ area before purchasing a product. Once you find out the exact measurements, choose the one that fully covers your bunk boards. Preferably, buy the carpet that is a little over the actual measurements.

Choose the one that can be installed conveniently.

To save you time, purchase the product that offers easy installation. This way, you can forego headaches every time you set up your bunk boards. As for me, I usually go with boat carpet kits as they provide more efficiency.

Decide on a color that matches your watercraft.

Even though this comes last on the list, this factor is still significant. Every time you purchase a carpet, decide on the color that fits well with your vessel. When you do, you can proudly showcase your boat. Plus, it adds a little aesthetic every time it is on the waters.

Care and Maintenance

As a boater, your responsibility is not limited to maintaining your watercraft. You need to take care of its accessories, especially of its carpet trailer bunks. They protect your boat, so it is fair enough that you equally take care of it. Not only will this lengthen the shelf life of the fabric, but it will also keep your bunk boards from mold and mildew.

To help you in upkeeping of your carpet, here a few tips to practice:

Remove dirt using a vacuum.

Before washing your carpets, you have to remove loose dirt on the surfaces. A trusty vacuum is recommended for this job.

Wet the surface.

Drench the surfaces with clean water. Don’t use a pressure washer, as it may damage the material and the glue that binds it with the bunk boards.

Apply a cleaner on the material.

You can use your preferred brand of carpet stain remover, or you can choose a solution of vinegar and water.

Brush the surfaces.

Don’t use hard brushes. Instead, use a medium or a soft brush to gently eliminate stubborn dirt on the area.

Rinse the carpet.

After you are done washing off dirt and debris, rinse the cleaning solution. Do this while brushing in a front-to-back direction.

Dry it.

Once you are done cleaning your carpet, first get rid of moisture using a vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, let it out under the sun to dry. Avoid exposing it for too long as it might lead to damages.

When the carpet is all dry, fluff it out with a medium or nylon brush and eliminate the surfaces’ remaining dirt. Do not keep it under the sun, especially those carpets that are not equipped with UV stabilizers.

Regularly check your boat trailer carpets.

Usually, carpets last for about two to ten years, varying from its quality and usage frequency. To counter any accident, always examine them. Look out for wear and tear, and decide whether or not it needs replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the top-rated carpet for boat trailer bunks?

Not every brand of carpet works for everyone. That is why it is essential to conduct thorough research before purchasing the right one that works for you. When you do, you will be guaranteeing premium protection for your boat. Plus, you’ll get your money’s rightful worth.

To help you decide, here are some of the few trusted brands by boaters:

  • CE Smith
  • Attwood
  • SeaSense
  • Marine Outdoor Runners

These manufacturers offer top-tier products that hold durability, functionality, and user-friendly ability. For one, the CE Smith – Deluxe Marine Bunk Carpet offers a better boating experience like no other.

Although they are more expensive than other brands, you can assure that you won’t be spending your every cent for nothing. Their high-quality rightfully justify its hefty price tag, so you’ll be granting yourself a profitable investment.

How do you put carpet on a boat trailer bunk?

First, ensure that your carpet size fits your bunk boards. Remember to allot enough carpet to cover both ends of the bunk.

When everything is set, detach the wooden bunks from the trailer. Rip off the old carpets and remove the screws or staples. After you do, inspect your trailer bunks. If they are damaged, you might need to replace them. Attach the bolts to your bunk boards before draping the carpet on your wooden bunks.

To make things easier, ask for assistance in fitting the carpets on your bunks. You can either secure it using staples or glue. But using staples is preferable as it allows your new carpet to stretch whenever you launch and load your boat. This way, you can prevent wear and tear.

For a snug fit, staple it down every 2 or 3 inches.

Do you glue trailer bunk carpet?

Yes, you can. But it is preferable to use staples to allow the carpet to stretch as it loads and unloads your vessels.

If you want to utilize glue, purchase the one that is made for marine use. Go for a top-notch quality that is water-based. You should avoid alcohol-based glue as it damages the carpet rubber backing. Also, it should effectively adhere to the rubber backing.

Before you attach the bunk carpets, make sure that the wooden bunks and the rubber back are free from any dirt or debris.

Can you use indoor outdoor carpet on boat trailer?

You can, but don’t expect too much. Aside from that, upkeeping indoor and outdoor carpet is crucial. Remember that its material is not made to withstand damages caused by moisture, so you can’t guarantee that it will last long.

Although they can do a reliable job in resisting damages caused by weather, they only hold up for months.

How do I make boat trailer bunks slippery?

For a slicker trailer bunk, spray silicone on your bunk carpets after launching your boat. Preferably, you need to spray after every 6 or 8 launches. When you do, you’ll be surprised at how loading and unloading your vessels becomes easier.

Additionally, you can utilize Gulf Wax. Bunk slicks also come in handy. These are strips that you attach on your floorboards to make them slippery.

Where can I buy carpet for boat trailer bunks?

After you had all the specifications in check, it is time you purchase it. And not just from any supplier or store. You need a reliable one that won’t disappoint after every purchase.

Some of the most trusted suppliers are Amazon, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. You can find the product that you are looking for since they offer a wide range of high-quality choices for your boating needs.

The best part is, you can save a great deal of money from discounts!

What are carpets for boat trailer bunks made out of?

Since these types of carpets are typically submerged into the water, they are built with marine-grade quality. They have a high resistance to moisture, including mold and mildew.

Aside from that, they are also made from polypropylene and polyester. Generally, trailer bunk carpets are made out of polypropylene, which effectively safeguards the boat’s hull during launching and loading.

Most boat owners prefer carpets made out of polypropylene as they are made for minimal water retention, and they quickly dry. Further, they are equipped with UV protection that is ideal for boats usually under the sun. They have a long shelf life, excellent resistance, and reliable durability.


We hope that the product reviews, including their pros and cons, assist you in choosing the best carpet for boat trailer bunks. Moreover, the information and tips hope to assist you in upkeeping your carpet, so that you may get the best out of your investment.

On the whole, choosing a bunk carpet that meets your preferences and needs is not necessarily a daunting task. As long as you delve into the information needed before making a choice, you won’t have to regret your purchase. Most importantly, you’ll get to keep your hulls gleaming for years to come.

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