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The Best Boat Seat Pedestals

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Relaxing – that is how boat trips should be! Whether you are on a fishing trip or just traversing the open waters, it should be comfortable! You need one thing to make this possible – the best boat seat pedestal.

best boat seat pedestal

A high-quality seat pedestal absorbs shock and keeps you safe. It has top-notch and durable materials. The pedestal features several adjustments so that you can customize its position depending on your needs and preferences. Installation, safety, and size are also crucial considerations.

From simple to complicated, there are a plethora of options for seat pedestals. Whether you are on a budget or do not mind going on a splurge, the choices are overwhelming. Read on and we’ll help you make the right choice for pedestal seats for boats!


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Attwood 91320-ADJ

+ Made by a reliable brand
+ Adjustable height
+ Powder-coat finish

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Wise 8WP21-374

+ Thick wall construction
+ Universal fit for marine seats
+ Rotates at 360-degrees

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Oceansouth Pedestal

+ Good shock absorption
+ Corrosion-resistant materials
+ Reliable gas lift

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Top 12 Boat Seat Pedestal Reviews

1. Attwood 91320-ADJ Boat Seat Pedestal

For more than 100 years, Attwood built a global reputation for its top-notch marine products. The brand name alone is already a convincing reason to choose this pedestal above its competitors. From the material to installation, it offers a lot of exceptional features.

Among others, I love this adjustable seat pedestal because you can customize the height. It is adjustable from 11.5 to 17.5 inches. You only need to pull and lock a guiding pin to set the seat to a certain height.

The durability of the seat is also notable. The reinforced joints will make it sturdy enough to withstand even the roughest waves. Plus, it has a black powder coating to tolerate marine environments. It creates a harder finish compared to traditional paint for stronger protection against external elements that can speed up wear.

Installing the seat is effortless. I like how it has base and seat mounts, which you will need for the assembly. It has a pole-welded base and all that you need to do is screw it on the floor. The same is true with the top part of the pedestal —no need for drilling, except for the screw pilot hole.

Topping it all, you will enjoy all the good things without spending a lot. I will not think twice about buying this product because it is economical. Despite being affordable, it boasts of a die array of features that are comparable to higher-end pedestals.

While it is advertised as a swivel pedestal, it does not rotate right out of the box. This advertisement makes the name quite misleading. To get it to spin, you will need to buy an attachment, which is an additional cost for people on a budget.
  • Made by a reliable brand
  • Adjustable height to fit individual needs
  • Reinforced joints for increased strength
  • Great for buyers on a budget
  • Powder-coat finish suitable for sea travels
  • Does not swivel
In sum, this Attwood boat seat pedestal offers adjustability and durability while being affordable. Nonetheless, while it swivels, you need to buy a separate attachment for that.

2. Wise 8WP21-374 Pedestal

Go beyond price when looking for the right boat seat swivel pedestal. If you do not mind a bit of a splurge, this Wise pedestal makes an exceptional pick. It is from a reputable manufacturer, so that alone is a good reason to have this product on your radar!

Looking at its features, the thick wall construction is impressive. This is indicative of its durability. The anodized aluminum is equally notable. It increases the thickness of the core material while also improving corrosion resistance. Because it is made using strong materials, it supports even users who weigh more than 300 pounds!

More so, I recommend this seat to anyone looking for versatility. It has a 5.25-inch standard hole pattern, making it compatible with virtually all brands of boat seats. Additionally, it features a 360-degree swivel, making it effortless to turn whatever seat connects to the base. You can also slide the seat using the fore and aft mechanism.

Aside from the versatility, it meets Class AD certifications of the American Boat and Yacht Council. It means that it can withstand any boat speed. This rating is given only to hardware that meets strict requirements, proving the pedestal’s quality.

If you are searching for Tracker boat seat pedestals, this product from Wise is a great choice. You can use it whether the boat is on the go or in a stable position when fishing.

I also commend this pedestal for its ease of installation. Even when installing a pedestal for the first time, it is free of complications. The 9-inch diameter base that comes with the package already has recessed holes for mounting.

If there’s one minor problem on this pedestal, it would be that it is squeaky. When it moves or adjusts, the creaky noise is annoying. Proper and frequent lubrication will help address the problem.
  • Thick wall construction
  • Highly durable and corrosion-free
  • Rotates at 360-degrees
  • Universal fit for marine seats
  • Meets Classes AD seat requirements
  • Can be squeaky
To conclude, this Wise adjustable pedestal is made using durable materials. It is also versatile and easy to install. There are times that it is squeaky, but such is easy to solve with a lubricant.

3. Oceansouth Boat Seat Pedestal

Boat rides can be uncomfortable, especially when the water is not at its friendliest. Good thing, when you are using this fishing boat seat pedestal, you can enjoy exceptional shock absorption. It effectively reduces the shock that your legs and back can feel. The advanced suspension system makes this possible.

Aside from its shock absorption, I also commend this product for its durability. Even after years of use, it will maintain its peak performance. Among others, this is possible because of the aluminum cast shaft. It is also aluminum anodized, which protects against corrosion and other external damages. Plus, it resists potential issues that salt and UV exposure might cause.

To add, it has a gas-powered lift mechanism, delivering easy seat adjustment. You can customize the height from 14 – 18 inches. There is a long lever that protrudes and extends under the seat, so you can adjust it easily. Regardless if you want the seat high or low, you can quickly change its height depending on what you are most comfortable with.

When you purchase this pedestal, it already comes with the nylon top and the base. The pedestal is ready for installation right out of the box.

However, one improvement I would like to see is the stability of the seat. It is quite sloppy, especially when the waves are rough. This can contribute to your discomfort.
  • Good shock absorption to improve safety
  • Made using corrosion-resistant materials
  • Protects against saltwater and UV rays
  • Height-adjustable for best fit
  • Reliable gas lift
  • Sloppy on rough waters
Overall, this durable and corrosion-resistant pedestal offers adjustable height using a gas lift system. Even for rough seas, it offers excellent shock absorption. Nonetheless, the stability of the seat can be a problem.

4. Attwood 2385400 Boat Seat Pedestal

From durability to stability, the boat seat pedestal mount is an exceptional choice. Not to mention, Attwood is a company that has been around for over a century, so you can be confident that the quality is unparalleled.

One of the reasons for its durability is the anodized post with a super satin finish. Because of anodization, it has protection against corrosion and other external damages.

The post welds to the base for longevity. This is stronger compared to other pedestals, where the base and the post are separate components. In detail, the 9-inch aluminum boat seat base is equally long-lasting.

You don’t need a lot of time and effort to complete its installation! All you need is 15 minutes and it is ready for the seat attachment. The boat seat pedestal kit already has a mount for setting, making it easy to connect the bottom of the seat.

It is also worth mentioning that it meets the stringent standards set by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). This means that it passed the toughest tests to prove its quality and functionality. Based on the ABYC standards, this model is a Type A pedestal. It means that you can use it at any boat speed and be sure that it stays stable. Please take note that it is not for a helm or driver seat.

Despite its many benefits, I am not a fan of the plastic seat adjustment. The bolt and nut that secure this part to the seat are quite flimsy.
  • Exceptional durability
  • Post welds directly to the base
  • Effortless installation
  • Built to meet standards of qualified pedestals
  • Plastic seat adjustment
To sum it up, this pedestal has an anodized finish and welded base to ensure durability. It also meets ABYC requirements, so you can be confident that it stays stable regardless of the boat speed.

5. SeaSense Economy Pedestal

I can recommend this boat seat mount to people on a budget. It is one of the cheapest of the products on this list. Due to its price, however, do not expect high-end features. It is pretty much basic, but it does the job for most users.

If you have a small boat, you have another good reason to choose this solid product. The height of the pedestal is 7-3/4 inches, which makes it shorter compared to most of the products in this buying guide. This also makes it a great choice for short people.

I have used a lot of boat seats or jon boat seats that end up being wobbly when the waves get rough. This is frustrating and uncomfortable. Luckily, this pedestal stays stable. Even if your boat has to brave massive waves and strong winds, it will not end up being rickety.

Even if it is affordable, it is durable. The steel construction of the pedestal can make you confident that it will withstand many years of use. It is a bit heavy, but steel is popular for being solid. Additionally, the base comes with four slots on the base for easy mounting. The top part of the pedestal also has slots for a universal fit

Nonetheless, one thing I did not like is how it has a fixed height. It is better if you can make the chair higher or lower depending on what a user requires.
  • Ideal for budget-conscious buyers
  • Good for small boats
  • Remains stable
  • Made of durable steel
  • Non-adjustable height
I commend this boat seat pedestal for its price. Despite being affordable, the quality is quite decent. It is compact and stable, which will ensure your comfort even when there are harsh waves.

6. Attwood SP-37904 Wedge Extension Post

This boat seat pedestal post is another item from Attwood, a reputable brand for marine accessories. I believe this is more than enough reason to choose this product despite its price. It is quite expensive, but it is worth every dollar!

With an adjustable height feature, the boat seat pedestal extension will let you tweak the position of your boat seat based on what is most comfortable. The height is adjustable from 13 to 19 inches.

I am a fan of this pedestal’s top-notch construction. It has a satin finish that protects the post from external elements that can speed up the damage. It is anodized, which protects against corrosion. To add, it has been through a process known as bead blasting to prevent the porosity of aluminum. There is also a high-sheen surface, as a result of brushing.

Speaking of durability, the strong base is also notable. With its reinforcing ribs, the pedestal post can withstand even the harshest water conditions. Even if you encounter massive waves on your boating trip, the pedestal will remain secure. This is unlike others that easily wobble even with the slightest water movements.

Aside from the base, the top part of the post is likewise impressive. The seat mount is built to lock into a post. It has wedge-shaped parts that will slide smoothly to create a stable fit. This is also one of the reasons why the seat won’t end up shaking.

Meanwhile, I would like to say that its pneumatic riser can be improved. It feels a bit flimsy. I suppose that it can keep up with the quality of the other parts of the seat.
  • Effortless installation
  • Prevents detachment of the seat
  • Sturdy base design
  • Long-lasting aluminum coating
  • Flimsy pneumatic riser
It might be expensive, but this Attwood pedestal seat post offers exceptional value for the money. From its durability to ease of installation, it packs plenty of benefits that can compel any user to choose it over others.

7. Wise 8WP21-18S Boat Seat Pedestal

This Wise boat seat pedestal comes with an adjustable height that ranges from 12 – 18 inches. I love how it comes with a large knob for adjustment instead of the usual lever design. To change its height, loosen the knob and pull. Release once you are happy with the position.

One of my favorite things is that it remains stable even as the water gets rough. If you notice that it wobbles, simply tighten the top knob, which will make the seat motionless. When you loosen the knob, on the other hand, you will activate the swivel function.

The wide base is also a reason for its stability even if there are huge waves or heavy-duty conditions. At a diameter of nine inches, it is wide enough to support any seat that you will connect to the mount. It also has recessed holes, which will make mounting a lot easier.

Like many of the products I reviewed in this guide, the durability is unquestionable. This makes it worth every penny. There is a thick wall, which is also what makes it more stable. With the anodized finish of the aluminum post, it resists corrosion.

Nonetheless, a minor complaint that I have on this pedestal is that it is too noisy. I can hear a creaking sound when the seat moves, which is a bit annoying.
  • Remains stable even as the boat moves
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Thick and strong wall
  • Wide and solid base
  • Made to withstand heavy-duty conditions
  • Makes a lot of noise
Another pedestal from a reputable brand, I like how it doesn’t wobble despite having massive waves. Also, it is built with a wide base and a strong post, which prevents unnecessary movements.

8. Springfield 1632013 Stand-up Pedestal

Springfield is a pioneer in the marine industry and is popular for its wide array of boat seats and pedestals, including this model. It is thin, which makes it a great choice if you are after space-efficiency.

I believe this pedestal is built to be functional over the years. Its durable construction makes sure that it is unlike others that will quickly ask for a replacement. From the post to the base, it is sturdy. This allows it to support heavy users without being wobbly. Even when the water gets rough, the pedestal will not shake.

The 360-degree rotation is one more thing that I like on this pedestal. This makes it a great post for a casting seat. You can easily turn your back by rotating the chair.

Another reason why I love the Springfield boat seat pedestal is that it comes with an adjustable high height from 22.5 to 29.5 inches. Because of this, you can use it either as a leaning or seat post. The pedestal has a strategically positioned lever that you can easily reach.

However, please note that this is meant to be used with a Kingpin threaded base, which does not come with your purchase. It is not compatible with a non-threaded base.
  • Durable construction
  • Sturdy base supports heavy users
  • Rotates at 360 degrees
  • Comes with an adjustable height
  • Compact design for small boats
  • Does not come with a threaded base
If the price is not an issue, this seat pedestal is a notable option. It is made of high-quality and long-lasting materials. Plus, it has a 360-degree rotation and a compact design, making it ideal even if you have space limitations in your boat.

9. AQUOS Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal

Got a low budget but unwilling to compromise quality and performance? This seat pedestal is one option that should be on the top of your list! It does not have the bells and whistles you will find in its higher-end counterparts. Nonetheless, for most users, the quality is pretty decent.

Even if it is a budgetary pedestal, it uses an impressive material. The boat seat pedestal base is made of engineered composites. This is plastic, but it is rigid enough to ensure longevity.

It is also corrosion-resistant, so you can be confident that it will withstand the marine environment. This is unlike inferior steel that easily rusts and corrodes as a result of exposure to UV rays and saltwater.

I highly recommend this adjustable boat pedestal to anyone who does not have the energy to waste on complicated installation. From the seat mount to the base, it has pre-drilled holes. Mounting the base on the floor and attaching a compatible marine seat will be done within minutes!

Additionally, it features a gas lift that adjusts the height of the pedestal from 13 – 18 inches. The height adjuster is a positive-locking handle that has stainless steel parts. It works smoothly for making precise adjustments in a breeze. It is also long enough, which means that accessing it even from under the seat is easy.

However, if you weigh over 200 pounds, I recommend that you choose another pedestal. Going above the stated weight capacity can make the seat wobbly and will compromise durability.
  • Made using engineering-grade materials
  • Smooth height adjuster
  • Great for budget-conscious buyers
  • Pre-drilled holes for quick installation
  • Supports with handy handles
  • Low weight limit
Wrapping it up, this budget-friendly pedestal has a plastic but durable base, which is strong enough to withstand marine environments. Plus, it has an adjustable height and smooth gas lift mechanism.

10. Leader Accessories Boat Seat Pedestal I

A lot of the boat seat bracket mounts are expensive. Luckily, this pedestal from Leader Accessories is exceptional even if it is offered at a reasonable price. From its effortless installation to easy assembly, there are countless reasons to pick this product.

The first thing I notice on this pedestal is its solid construction. At a glance, it is easy to tell that it will last through the years. Thanks to the use of anodized aluminum, it can resist corrosion and other external damages. It also has a brushed satin and matte finish, which is a great way to hide imperfections, such as scratches.

Right out of the box, you will enjoy its straightforward assembly. The 5”x5” square swivel is pre-drilled with corner holes, giving it a straightforward way to attach a compatible marine seat. Meanwhile, the 9-inch diameter base has six holes so that you can quickly connect it to the floor of your boat. It has 2 3/8 boat seat pedestal holes.

Further, it includes a large base, which means that it can accommodate even a huge seat. The platform is 13 x 7 inches. This is bigger than most of the pedestals in this review, which means the seat will be more stable.

You can adjust the height of the pedestal from 14 to 20 inches. It has no lever or gas lift mechanism. Instead, you need to loosen the knob, move the pedestal up or down until you reach the desired height, and tighten the knob to lock position.

While the overall construction is impressive, the slide is quite loose. In turn, this will make it rattle, which can be a problem in rough waters.
  • High-quality and solid construction
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Easy-to-adjust height
  • Wide base
  • Slide is prone to rattling
Considering all things, this boat pedestal offers great value for the money! It has a solid construction and quick installation.

11. Attwood Economy Pedestal

Any boat enthusiast will agree when I say that Attwood is one of the most reliable manufacturers of boat accessories. It leaves no wonder that their Economy Pedestal makes it to my recommendations. Unlike the other products from Attwood mentioned earlier, this is more affordable, so it is great if you are on a budget.

The sturdy build of the pedestal is one of its best assets. The welded joints are reinforced, giving it a seamless look similar to a post with one-piece construction. To add, it also has a black powder-coated finish that withstands the marine environment. I like black as a choice of color because it does not easily show any sign of wear. It does a great job of hiding imperfections.

More so, mounting the seat will not require a lot on your end. The base and the mount have four holes in each corner. This is where you will attach the screw.

The stability of the pedestal is also worth mentioning. This is one thing that I can attribute to the shape and design of the product. It has a square and wide base, which will prevent the pedestal from rattling, even when the water is rough.

If there’s one reason why you might not like this pedestal, it would be that it can be prone to rust. Considering that you will use the seat in a marine environment, it would have been better if they made it rust-resistant.
  • Economical seat pedestal
  • Welded and reinforced joints
  • Black finish hides imperfections
  • Remains stable even when water is rough
  • Can be prone to rust
With this boat pedestal, you will remain stable in your seat even when there are massive waves. It also has a durable construction, made possible by its welded base and powder-coated finish.

12. Sport Master Bass Boat Seat Pedestal

Wrapping up my recommendations for boat seat pedestals is one product that promises to deliver value for money. This is the only one from my list that comes as a set of two. The price seems initially high, but considering that you will get two pedestals, it is reasonable.

I am impressed with the unique design of this pedestal. It has a three-piece construction – base, post, and mount with a total height of 14 inches when assembled. However, what makes it unique is that you can remove the post if you want it lower. This way, you will be left with only the base and the mount.

As for the construction, it uses a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. The post is made of brushed aluminum. The base, on the other hand, uses stainless steel. It also has e-coating, which has great anti-corrosive properties.

Like many of the pedestals above, the installation is straightforward. Even if it is your first time assembling a pedestal, you will not have a problem. Inserting the seat into the mount is effortless. It also comes with pre-drilled holes.

One minor drawback of this pedestal is that it does not come with screws. While they are cheap, it can be quite a hassle for some to be looking for screws to attach the base to the floor and the mount to a seat.
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Can be used without the post
  • Advanced corrosion-resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Does not come with screws
In sum, you can enjoy value for money as it comes as a set of two pedestals. Each pedestal has a three-piece construction, and you can remove the post if you want the seat in a lower position.

What is a Boat Seat Pedestal


A boat seat pedestal is a fixed structure that attaches directly to the floor that normally has three main parts – the base, post, and mount. The base is the portion that touches and screws to the floor. The post, meanwhile, is what holds the two parts together. The mount connects the seat to the post.

There is an option to rotate the seat. Attach a swivel mount and the seat can rotate up to 360 degrees. You can also add a slide, which will let the seat move forward and backward or left and right.

One of the main differences from a conventional boat seat is that it is fixed in its position. It uses screws to connect to the base. In regular seats, you are free to move it around, depending on where you want to use it on your boat.

With a high-quality pedestal on your boat, there’s no need to worry about harsh waves. Your seat will stay in a fixed position since the base is attached directly to the ground. Aside from your safety and comfort, it also prevents motion sickness.

Types of Boat Seat Pedestals

Looking for a boat seat pedestal is an overwhelming task. The options are plenty, but you should never decide in haste. Among others, you should know the different types available, including those we’ll talk about below.

  • Class A Pedestal: This means that it is practical for every speed. I recommend this since it is more versatile. Even if your boat is running fast, the seat will remain stable. It will make a nice choice for buckets or helm seats.
  • Class B Pedestal: If you have a low-speed boat, then this is what you should choose. It is designed to handle speeds lower than 5 mph. It is used for fishing seats or any other seat not meant to be used while the boat is underway.

Class A pedestals are further classified into two – Class AD and AP. If you want a pedestal for the driver or helm position, Class AD is best. It also meets the strictest requirements set by the American Boat & Yacht Council. The latter requires a positive-lock swivel and should withstand a force of up to 150 foot-pounds of torque. Additionally, it should have fore/aft and vertical adjustments.

Class AP, on the other hand, is for the passenger. Some of the requirements include a swivel locking mechanism that can handle up to 30 foot-pounds of torque and a locking mechanism for every movement axis.

Use the pedestal based on the recommendations of the manufacturer. For instance, if it is for a passenger seat, do not use it in the driver or helm seat.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Boat Seat Pedestal


Should you buy a boat seat pedestal? Or is it nothing but a waste of money? To help you decide, I will give you a quick look at some of its pros and cons.

The Good

  • Stay Comfortable: A pedestal gives you a comfortable place to sit on. This is especially handy when you are fishing. This will provide the support that your back and legs need. Otherwise, you might suffer from excruciating pain.
  • Remain Safe: More than being comfortable, a pedestal will help to keep you safe and sound. Especially when there are harsh waves, the boat can be rickety, and you might end up rolling on the floor if there is no secure seat.
  • Lessens Motion Sickness: Boat rides are fun until you hit big waves! The boat will rock and you will be uncomfortable. A good seat pedestal is effective in lessening motion sickness by promoting a more stable position while you are sitting on the boat.
  • Durable: A good pedestal will last a lifetime. It is often made of aluminum or steel. It is also common to have powder coating or anodized construction. This will protect the core material from UV rays and saltwater, among other things that can cause rust and corrosion.

The Bad

  • Requires Installation: Some people might hate how you need to spend time installing the pedestal. The trickiest part is mounting the base. You need to drill holes on the floor to screw the platform and secure its position, making sure that it does not wobble.
  • Does Not Come with a Seat: If you are on a budget, you might not entertain the idea of having a pedestal. It is only the foundation and you will need to buy a seat separately. Nonetheless, the cost should not be a problem since it can deliver plenty of benefits.
  • Expensive: Seat pedestals from popular brands are costly. Nonetheless, do not let this discourage you. These products are expensive because they have exceptional features and incredible performance, which will make every dollar worth it.

Buyer’s Guide

Having a hard time deciding what to buy? To help you narrow down the possibilities, below are some of the most important considerations.


Like when buying other boat accessories, the material is a crucial factor. It dictates the price and overall quality of the pedestal. If you are on a budget, consider economical materials. They are cheap, but they are also not as long-lasting as their higher-end counterparts.

Aluminum and steel are two of the most common materials in boat seat pedestals. Steel is heavier, but it is also up to 250 times denser than aluminum. This means that steel is more durable. The biggest selling point of aluminum, however, is that it is not prone to rust and corrosion. This is important in marine environments since saltwater and UV rays can speed up the damage of seat pedestals.

To improve durability, it is common to have a powder coating. It provides better structural integrity by limiting exposure to harsh elements that can result in irreversible damages. It also improves the aesthetics by giving a distinct finish to the pedestal.

Ease of Installation

If you are buying a seat pedestal, the good news is that you do not need to pay someone to install it on your boat. You can do it by yourself. Make sure that you pick one designed for effortless installation.

Most of the pedestals available will come with pre-drilled holes. You can find these in the base and mount. This way, you can easily connect it on the floor of your boat and the bottom of the seat that you wish to attach to the pedestal.

Swivel and Slide Functions

The main function of a pedestal is to attach a boat seat to an immovable post, which will remain rigid even when there are massive waves. Some pedestals, however, have added functions. For instance, it is common to find a swivel pedestal. This will let the chair move in 360 degrees freely.

A slide function is also common in pedestals. This is good if you have the luxury of space. This allows the pedestal to move left and right or forward and backward. It is a good option for a driver or helm seat.


With a pedestal, you can make your seat more stable, even in rough waters. Unlike traditional boat seats, a pedestal is screwed on the floor, which minimizes the chances that it will wobble.

Not all pedestals, however, can deliver the same incredible stability. One good thing is to have a wide base. More so, the mount must screw tightly to the base of the seat to prevent unnecessary movements.


Aside from being stable, one more thing that can make you more comfortable is the shock-absorption of the pedestal. It should have shock-mitigating benefits. This means that it will minimize the vibrations and pressure that your body can feel. This is handy in rough seas.

Even if the boat bounces because of the large waves, the pedestal must stay stable. If it moves, you will also move, and this might make you uncomfortable.


Before buying a pedestal, make sure that it is compatible with the boat seat that you wish to link to the post. Luckily, most of the products available will offer universal compatibility with marine seats. Consider the position of the holes and type of connection to make sure that the mounting bracket of the pedestal will fit the base of the seat.

To determine the compatibility, you also have to look at the seat mount bracket type. Whether you have a swivel, Jon clamp, permanent, or quick-disconnect bracket is crucial in determining the right pedestal to choose.

Height Adjustability

It is good to choose a height-adjustable seat pedestal for versatility. You can make the seat higher or lower, depending on what is most comfortable. Most of the pedestals will rely on a gas lift or pneumatic riser to make this possible. It is crucial to have a strategically positioned lever or handle for easy adjustments.

Seat Location

When choosing a boat seat pedestal, you should first identify where specifically you will install it on your boat. For instance, if you put it on the helm or driver seat, then you will need a pedestal that meets certain requirements. This also determines whether you should choose a removable or permanent pedestal.


While it is the seat that will immediately captivate attention, the design of the pedestal is equally important. Aside from the material, the color and finish are important to make it stylish. Choose one that will match the boat’s floor and interior. Nonetheless, do not pick a pedestal only because it is beautiful. The best option is one that can deliver the perfect balance of form and function.

Care and Maintenance

Even if you choose a boat seat pedestal with top-notch quality and superior performance, you need to be proactive when it comes to care and maintenance. Here are some of the best things to do:

  • Cover the seat and the pedestal when you are not going to use the boat for a long time. This will protect against the sun, rain, snow, and other things that can speed up wear.
  • Follow a regular cleaning schedule. Most people clean only the seat and forget about the pedestal. Use a mild cleaner and a sponge or soft-bristle brush to clean the surface. Using wax or polish is a good idea to make it gleaming and spotless.
  • Apply a protectant. This is a commercially available product that aims to shield the pedestal from damages from the sun and saltwater, among other external factors. This will form an invisible shield.
  • Take note of the installation instructions and requirements from the manufacturer. Follow the directions religiously to avoid future problems. Otherwise, the pedestal can lose effectiveness and easily deteriorate.

Frequently Asked Questions


Before closing this short guide, allow me to answer a few questions you might have about boat seat pedestals.

Who makes the best boat seat pedestals?

Attwood, Wise, and Leader Accessories are some of the most reputable suppliers of boat seat pedestals. I can highly recommend these manufacturers if you are looking for superb performance. Many of their pedestals are expensive, but it is worth every dollar. If you are looking for a Lund boat seat pedestal or a pedestal for any other boat brand, it’s hard to go wrong with those companies.

How do you get a stuck seat out of a pedestal?

Getting a seat stuck on a pedestal is frustrating. It may not swivel or you might have a hard time pulling it out of the mount if you want to remove the seat. Lack of lubrication is one of the major culprits. More so, prolonged position results in hardening, which gets the seat stuck.

Spraying oil or lubricant is the easiest solution. Apply it directly on the part that you cannot move. To add, you can use a plastic mallet and pat the base so that the seat will loosen. Apply more force to move or pull the seat from the mount.

How do you mount a boat seat pedestal in an aluminum boat?

Start by inspecting both the floor and the pedestal and then seeing if both of them are in good condition. Look at the pattern and number of holes in the baseplate, marking it properly. Next is to drill  holes on the floor of your aluminum boat. Next, screw the base to the platform. Attach the seat to the top mount and you are now ready to use the pedestal!

The steps are different depending on the brand and model of the seat pedestal. Read and follow the instructions religiously. Different types of seats will have different mounting options. Check the compatibility of the base of the seat with the mount of the pedestal.

How do you install pedestal boat seats?

The installation of a pedestal boat seat is straightforward. You will need basic tools, as well as a bit of time and patience. No need to pay someone to do the job for you. Follow these steps:

  1. Find the place in your boat where you would like to install the pedestal. Remember, not all pedestals are suitable for all locations. For instance, if it is for the driver seat, then find one that is specifically categorized for such.
  2. Put the pedestal on top of the floor where you will mount it. Use a marker to draw holes on the surface. Remove the pedestal and drill depending on the number and size of the holes in the pedestal base.
  3. Drill one-inch holes on the place with marks. After drilling, use a marine-grade epoxy resin to cover the holes. Let it cure for three days before you complete the installation.
  4. After curing, drill holes in the epoxy patch. It must be half of the size of the screws that you will use for the base.
  5. Spread marine adhesive on the holes, then put the pedestal on the top, and add the seat to the mount. Secure the pedestal tightly. Wiggle the post to be sure that it is not moving. Otherwise, tighten the screws.

How do you adjust the height of a seat pedestal?

This will depend on the brand and model of the pedestal that you are using. In most cases, you can adjust it quickly by pressing the lever or pneumatic riser. Press and release the handle to increase seat height.

To lower the seat, on the other hand, sit and press the handle while applying a downward force. Apply downward pressure until reaching the desired height. Nonetheless, some models come with manual adjustments. You need to rotate and lift or push the post to customize its height.

Where to buy boat seat pedestals?

The best place to buy a new seat pedestal is online. Purchase it from websites like Amazon. It is convenient since you can buy online anytime and anywhere. No need to go to the store!

If you want to see the pedestal before buying, you can also visit brick-and-mortar locations, such as Walmart. The latter stepped up their game by introducing Walmart Academy, which trains its staff to deliver exceptional service. This way, you will receive the best in-store assistance to help you find the right pedestal!


Make your boat more stylish and comfortable! The best boat seat pedestal offers the perfect solution! It is a quick upgrade that will make boat trips more relaxing! With too many options, many of you may end up deciding in haste! Consider our recommendations above to help you make the right choice!

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