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The Best Marine Holding Tank Treatments

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

There are times when we want to relax and spend our entire day on a beach. We must bear in mind that this relaxation can be distracted when holding tank odors. This article aims to enlighten you on the benefits of having the best marine holding tank treatment and how it works amazingly.

best marine holding tank treatment

Many boat holding tank treatment promises their clients that they have the “perfect solution” to treat your tank. But, the question is. Is there any company that illustrates or teaches you how that certain holding tank treatment works and why it best fits in your area or field? There is none.

That is why we need to discuss the important elements of properly treating your holding tank. We’re here to help you discover the right treatment. Here are some of the fantastic holding tank treatment products that offer only the most reliable holding tank treatment for boats:

<strong>Top 1</strong>

VALTERRA Holding Tank Treatment

+ Effective in lubricating valves
+ Break down tissue and waste
+ Bears no unplesant chemical scent

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

CAMCO Toilet Treatment

+ Safe for human exposure
+ Proven reliable in eliminating odor
+ Cco-friendly or environmentally-friendly

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

UNIQUE Holding Tank Treatments

+ 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
+ Applicable in a saltwater system
+ Comes with a safe and effective formula

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Top 12 Marine Holding Tank Treatment Reviews

1. VALTERRA Holding Tank Treatment

This brand provides a healthy and useful marine head treatment in all septic tank systems and research vessels.

Their mechanism offers the marine toilet chemicals that provide naturally occurring bacteria. Thus, your water tank is guaranteed a supply of alternative energy sources to pure oxygen nitrates.

You will need to prepare 4 ounces to get rid of different holding tank odors, dissolve waste and tissue. It does its job perfectly well, and it suits various clogs by accelerating waster and tissue breakdown.

If you are allergic to chemicals, this holding tank cleaner will not be a problem. It is because its scent-free formula does not bear any harsh chemical smell.

For your information, this solution is usable in extreme temperatures or weather conditions but must not be stored in freezing temperatures. Plus, it is 100 percent environment-friendly, posing no harm to our surroundings.

It is also effective in lubricating valves, and it does not involve many operations for it to work out. However, the container needs to be redesigned. This is due to the extremely viscous liquid or solution that may form, making it ideal for septic use but not for bottle storage or use.
  • Powerful chemical agents that break down tissue and waste
  • Bears no unplesant chemical scent
  • This treatment is highly safe, healthy, and useful for various clogs
  • Can be used in extreme temperature or weather conditions
  • Effective in lubricating valves and does not have complex operations
  • The container needs to be redesigned because of its viscous solution.
If you have difficulty deciding the best product to use in your holding tank, worry no more. I strongly suggest this to you because all of its features are highly reliable. Try it now.

2. CAMCO TST Clean Toilet Treatment

Suppose you are looking for a great product that provides an effective boat head treatment. Then, this treatment from CAMCO is a good option and investment because its components are proven effective. When buying a water tank treatment, it should contribute to your boat’s comforts.

This solution offers an ultra-concentrated formula that functions well in eliminating odors. The citrus smell is ideal for sensitive people while effectively breaking down waste and leaves to avoid clogging. It is very safe for all types of marine applications. In detail, 2 ounces of the agent can treat a 40-gallon holding tank.

Boat owners select this as their marine holding tank sludge treatment because it has a good result even at a high temperature. If your ultimate goal is for your septic tank to smell fresh, this is the best choice. Its components are formaldehyde-free and eco-friendly, making it safe for humans.

It is also 100% biodegradable. However, there is a minor issue when buying this product in the department store. Its pricing may come more expensive. It would be best to get this product online to save more on the product cost.
  • The product’s components are proven reliable in eliminating odor
  • Effectively breaks down waste and comes with a citrus smell.
  • Extremely safe for all types of marine application
  • This treatment is formaldehyde-free, which is safe for human exposure
  • It is also eco-friendly or environmentally-friendly
  • May come more expensive when buying it in the department store.
To conclude, it would be best if you can try this now. I’m confident that the agent will not disappoint as it is your choice of treating the holding tank.

3. UNIQUE Holding Tank Treatments

If you are looking for a treatment for your marine waste holding tanks, this is it. This product offers the most potent versatile treatment that dissolves solid waste like all toilet paper types and helps eliminate more waste in every pump. What more can you ask for?

This marine holding tank cleaning treatment contains billions of powerful enzymes and bacteria. Thus, it does an excellent job of eliminating foul toilets and tank odors. Aside from that, it helps in unclogging the marine holding tank system. Also, you should know that the solution is applicable in saltwater systems.

I love its safe and effective formula that is not harmful to my family’s health. Aside from that, this treatment is also environmentally-friendly. Its eco-friendliness does not involve any toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde, in every dose. You will be surprised by its potent yet safe formula.

Bedies, this one is an ideal marine black water tank treatment, and the purchase also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

However, just see to it that you must be guided on the right amount and application frequency to achieve extraordinary results. It needs more application before you can witness good results.
  • Contains powerful enzymes and bacteria that unclogs your system
  • Applicable in a saltwater system
  • The treatment comes with a safe and effective formula
  • Has an eco-friendly formulation that is free from harmful chemicals
  • Comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • This tank treatment needs more application to have satisfying results.
In summary, this treatment is a significant factor in attaining a good and healthy marine holding tank at a very affordable price. It is indeed a worthy product.

4. HAPPY CAMPERS Holding Tank Treatment

Worry no more as we already have this excellent product that you can use when encountering problems in your holding tank. I am sure that you will be overwhelmed by its results, as it ensures that your vacation will be more healthy and fresher by preventing unwanted odors from ruining your outing.

This fantastic product eliminates RV and marine holding tank odor. Yet, it has no chemicals involved, even formaldehyde. This agent is purely organic and environmentally-safe and carefully formulated with a natural blend of minerals and biodegradable micronutrients ideal for septic tanks.

It is good to use in extreme hot and cold temperatures. I love how it effectively dissolves solid waste like tissue paper to help prevent clog in my system. It will also help eliminate foul odors in my RV’s black water and gray water holding tanks. Notably, this agent is also compatible with washing machine usage.

If you find it hard to eliminate the bad smell out of your clothes, you can add a scoop of this product and witness the fantastic outcome. However, when you apply this treatment, be very careful as it can be quite messy due to its powder form.
  • Effectively eliminates RV and marine holding tank odor.
  • Purely organic and has no chemicals involved, such as formaldehyde.
  • It is environmentally safe and comes with a natural blend of minerals.
  • The solution has biodegradable micronutrients for septic tank use.
  • Can be used in either extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • Must be extra careful in application due to its messy powder form
You better buy it now to try it immediately and see just how amazing and incredible this product can be. You will surely love this worthy and remarkable product.

5. BOATERS MATE Zaal Boat Treatment

If you aim to find the right marine holding tank cleaner, getting the correct treatment is required. Luckily, this option is the key to dissolving waste that resulted in a fouling smell. This treatment is impressive in preventing awful odors in your holding tank system and waste treatment.

It is a powder-based product that is useful in treating sludge and prevents odor problems in RV holding tanks and marine systems. It is also useful in our homes and the cabin septic. You need to use this frequently as is necessary to maintain healthy and fresh air.

Aside from that, it does not have formaldehyde. This safe and wonderful product will assist you if you have a problem with the build-up of solid waste in your holding tanks.

In detail, it will liquefy solid waste and will also clean the pipes and tanks. Then, the agent immediately destroys the odor in your grey and black water tanks without making you worry about your health.

As a user, you need to be very careful not to use or combine this with other chemicals or substances, which might cause some damage. It is also quite expensive, but it works great. You just need to follow the correct procedure on how to use this to achieve a good result.
  • Useful in treating sludge and odor problems in your holding tanks
  • Free from formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals
  • It can efficiently liquefy stubborn and unwanted solid waste.
  • This treatment can also clean the pipes and septic tanks.
  • Immediately destroy the odor in your grey and black water tanks
  • The treatment can be quite expensive compared to other products.
  • Requires careful handle to avoid combination with other chemicals
You better try this highly recommended and tested product. It is proven by many as the most trusted and most convenient to use as a treatment in your holding tanks.

6. WALEX TOI-91799 Holding Tank Eliminator

If you are looking for a treatment that works like magic, try this one and discover the fantastic features of this holding tank treatment. The right treatment will make a difference in your day-to-day living. It has the power to dissolve solid waste like paper even with its biodegradable feature.

There is nothing that can beat this in terms of odor prevention. There might be moments when you are scared of flushing your toilets as it may have a foul odor, but this treatment effectively eliminates odor. This fresh-scented treatment also has no formaldehyde, making it safe and effective.

It is easy to use and has a simple operation in your RV. You need to drop one on your holding tank or septic tank with correct measurement or guidelines. Afterward, add water and let the magic begin. From then on, it starts to liquefy the solid waste, and your surroundings will start to smell fresh.

It has its comfortable zipper bag for effortless storage. This product is highly recommended and is a good value for your money. You will be amazed by using this product because it is better to use than liquid chemicals. However, this treatment is not suitable for a portable toilet.
  • This biodegradable treatment has the power to dissolve solid waste.
  • It can effectively prevent unwanted odor from your toilets.
  • The treatment is formaldehyde-free and even comes with a fresh scent.
  • Extremely easy and simple to use
  • Comes with comfortable zipper bag for easy storage
  • This product is not recommended and not suitable for a portable toilet.
This marine tank treatment is a real necessity for boaters. Don’t think twice about buying this reliable and highly effective treatment. Hurry now before it’s too late.

7. TheFord Holding Tank Treatment

Suppose you want to have an excellent holding tank treatment in your boat or your RV’s. You better try this one and expect magnificent result. This product is suitable if you have a problem with your holding tanks, as it serves as a powerful tool in getting rid of a foul smell coming from your tanks.

You will love this treatment because it is designed to unclog solid waste in your tanks. It will help to liquefy waste thanks to its concentrated formula. It eliminates boat holding tank smell and is a great product known for its 3-in-1 formulation as a cleanser, dissolver, and odor eliminator.

Speaking of its safety to its users or customers, it is purely biodegradable. This feature makes this treatment ideal to use when cleaning your septic tanks, as you don’t need to worry about your health in using this. Aside from that, I love how it is effective to use in any weather condition.

On the contrary, you must be alert when using this product. Since it is quite strong, you need to flush it immediately not to be bot by the smell. It would also be best to wear a mask when applying this, especially if you have clogged tanks, to avoid encountering problems in your throat.
  • Can effectively get rid of bad smell in your holding tank
  • Formulated to unclog solid waste in your tanks.
  • Greatly helps in liquefying waste thanks to its concentrated formula.
  • This 3-in-1 treatment comes with a triple formulation for many purposes.
  • Purely biodegradable and usable in any weather condition.
  • Requires mask-wearing to avoid throat issues caused by the odor
To sum it up, this kind of holding tank treatment is a perfect choice thanks to its 3-in-1 formulation. You can also have this treatment at an extremely affordable price.


Looking for the holding tank treatment? Search no more. This product is safe and proven as an effective product for your boat, marine vessel, or RV. It won’t worry you about environmental safety as it has no formaldehyde content and is also biodegradable. It is the type of product that you are all wanted.

This treatment is formulated with triple molecular technology powerful in controlling awful odors that effectively lasts for awhile. It will make your toilet healthier and give off a refreshing scent that you’ll surely love.

Thanks to this treatment, I won’t have to worry about preventing any solid from building up in my tanks. It aims to liquefy solid waste that effectively cleans my tanks. In every 40-gallon wastewater tank, I just have to prepare one holding tank treatment pack. Thus, it is truly a cost-effective product.

This holding tank treatment does what its promises to its buyers. It is better, powerful, and more affordable compared to other products that I have purchased before. However, it may have a weak deodorizing power compared to others. Other than that, it does its job perfectly well.
  • Effective and environmentally-safe product free from formaldehyde
  • This treatment has biodegradable components
  • Prevents awful odors in your boat and holding tanks.
  • Delivers a healthier and refreshing scent that you’ll surely love
  • Guarantees to prevent solid build-up in tanks.
  • This treatment may be a weaker deodorizer compared to others.
This agent is a kind of product that you must have in your boat. You will also love how it is highly compatible and extremely safe for wastewater treatment. Try it to believe it.

9. VALTERRA V23128 Digester Treatment

If you are one of those people worrying about holding tank problems, this treatment can help you. It is reliable in eliminating awful odors in your holding tank, septic tank, and many more. Aside from that, it also comes with a fresh scent that is ideal for your toilet.

Another thing that I like about this treatment is that it is all-natural and has no toxic formula involved. It does not have any formaldehyde content, making it extremely eco-friendly. This treatment is ideal and commonly used in all campgrounds, effectively improving any septic tank system.

Please be reminded that 2 ounces will treat a 40-gallon tank. This formulation is enough to fully digest stubborn and unwanted solid waste. It is mostly used in a black and grey water tank. I highly recommend this product due to its consistently good service.

The only downside of this product that I have noticed is that it may need more than one application before you can witness the nice result that this product can do in your holding tank or septic tank. It takes a little patience if you want to achieve optimum results in cleaning your holding tank.
  • Effectively eliminates awful and unwanted odors.
  • It comes with a refreshing scent that makes your toilet clean and fresh.
  • This treatment is all-natural and has no toxic formula involved
  • Has no formaldehyde content in its treatment formulation
  • Two ounces can effectively digest stubborn solid waste
  • Requires more than one application to ensure satisfying results
To wrap up, you should consider this as one that offers excellent treatment in your holding tanks. Aside from its effectiveness, it is proven natural and safe in our environment.

10. BETTER BOAT Portable Tank Treatment

Buying a treatment product may sometimes be expensive, but this kind of treatment will give you hope because of its functions that are highly effective.

This tank treatment helps prevent and eliminate foul odors in your tank’s system. It is bio-enzymatic; therefore, its composition has safe occurring probiotic strains that are formulated to get rid of awful odors and concern liquefying waste. It is biodegradable and safe in the marine system.

It has extraordinary features that offer a comprehensive quality treatment in your boat tanks. This treatment has been developed properly to cater to boaters’ needs to a strict standard and has all the essential tools to make your RV holding tank, boat toilet, and camping waste tank smell cleaner.

The natural enzyme prevents clogs in your holding tank, breaking down solid waste for easy and fast drainage. It is commonly used in salt and freshwater. The only minor disadvantage I have noticed in this holding tank treatment is that it is not a good deodorizer due to its weak deodorizing power.
  • Helps prevent and eliminate foul odors in your tank’s system
  • Its bio-enzymatic structure has safe pro-biotic strains that liquefy waste
  • Highly biodegradable and extremely safe in the marine system
  • Maintains strict standard to provide boaters exceptional quality
  • Effectively prevent clogs in your holding tank.
  • This item is not a good deodorizer due to its weak refreshing power
In summary, this treatment has a good performance in holding tank treatment. It is equipped with all the handy features that you can find in an effective tank treatment.

11. TANKTECHSRX Holding Tank Treatment

Are you one of those people searching for the most affordable holding tank treatment in your RV or your boat? Check this treatment out, and you will undoubtedly be excited upon reading this.

This treatment has the power to prevent odors in your RV holding tanks. It also dissolves solid waste and allows the tank to be empty and clean over time.

The sludge effectively turns into water, but how long it will liquefy depends on how thick it is and also its size. This purely organic is a safe and effective agent. You can use it in your RV, parks, and dump stations. It also discourages mineralization, for it is the cause of misreading sensors.

This product works well or very effectively with no intense smell. When I use it, my disposal does not have undissolved particles. It can create a wholesome atmosphere in your tank as well as in your RV. Besides that, it works well in your RV tanks and even in a pyramid plug, as it greatly helps unclog it.

It is truly unbeatable in treating your holding tanks. The only downside I’ve noticed in using this product is that it does not have a refreshing scent or perfume to prevent unwanted odor, especially on hot and humid summer days.
  • This treatment has the power to prevent odors in holding tanks.
  • Dissolves and liquefies solid waste and sludge.
  • This purely organic treatment is guaranteed safe and effective.
  • Discourages mineralization which is the cause of misreading sensors
  • No intense chemical odor that may harm your sense of smell
  • Does not have a fresh scent or perfume to cover up the odor on hot days.
All in all, this all-around agent does a great job of eliminating smell and dissolving waste for your marine holding tank.

12. WEST MARINE Holding Tank Treatment

This kind of marine holding tank is a good investment. Even if its formulation is chemical-based, I must say that it is safe to use. It can prevent foul odors and has its highly refreshing scent that you will love. The treatment’s four-ounce size allows you to use it in your RV and a 20-gallon holding tank.

It does not have toxic formaldehyde composition that is often found in eliminating odors. If you want to have an easy and simple way of preventing odor and gassing, this should be your choice. This treatment is highly recommended in RV, marine toilets, and holding tanks as it functions like magic.

I also like this product since it is useful for dissolving solid waste like tissue paper. This well-known product comes with handy aspects that cater to the latest lubes and prevent the drain valves from sticking. Most boaters prefer this treatment because it is environmentally safe, effective, and easy to use.

Despite all its good characteristics, it would still be best to remember that this product needs more operation or application to have excellent results. However, this concern is nothing to worry about as it is just a minor issue of uneasiness.
  • This chemical-based product is still guaranteed safe to use
  • Effectively prevent foul and unwanted odors.
  • Comes with a refreshing scent that customers will surely love
  • This treatment is good for dissolving stubborn solid waste.
  • Environmentally-safe, effective, and easy to use
  • Requires more application before you can have a better result
From my experience, this marine holding tank treatment delivers its promise to dissolve the stubborn waste. Plus, if you love a refreshing-smell cleaner, this is the good stuff that is worthy of your consideration.

Buyer’s Guide


In looking for your ideal tank treatment, it would be best to choose a product that offers lifelong protection. Aside from that, you should also consider its bottle size. It can greatly help in saving time and money in the long run.

The additives should also be considered. Every product offers unique composition, which eventually affects the effectiveness of the treatment. Some are scented, while others are not. It will help if you choose what’s best for you.

When buying your holding tank treatment, you should look for the one that guarantees ease of use. If you’re a busy person like me, it would be best to choose a higher concentration treatment so that you won’t have a hard time applying the solution throughout the day.

Its compatibility is also important. Before adding the treatment to the tank, you should consider whether it’s well-suited and enough with your tank’s size. This can help to know if you’ll be needing more solutions or not.

How Do Marine Holding Tank Treatments Work


A holding tank is a carefully made container to receive and keep waste discharge from a marine toilet. Its primary purpose is to ensure that your septic tank or holding tank dissolves solid waste and eliminates odor. By doing that, you can rest easy and enjoy your trip without any hassle.

There are problems that RVers or campers encounter, like how to prevent clogs, backups, and most especially-on, how to get rid of lousy holding tank odors. Many of them rely on those known holding tank treatments that promise good outcomes.

But questions are being raised on how this holding tank works. In this part, let me discuss with you important details on how the marine holding tank works. Keep reading about this marine toilets and holding tanks 101.

When using a marine holding tank, treatment is relatively easy and simple. If it is in liquid in form, you need to pour it, but if it’s a tablet in a formulation, you only need to drop it. But take into consideration that it varies on what kind of treatment you are applying.

After you drop or pour the treatment, you must flush it directly and let it soak. This kind of treatment will immediately and effectively start to function. Some choices treat as much as 40-gallons of wastewater per session.

You also need to understand and follow the manufacturer’s important instructions regarding the dosage on application. This kind of product is effective in achieving their roles in the sanitation system and your toilet.

How Do I Stop My Holding Tank from Smelling

If you are fond of adventure or enjoying your quality time on the beach using a boat or any marine vessel, it is quite common that you may experience an awkward moment when your holding tank is smelling. The only solution is to be properly guided with our reliable tips.

The first important thing to follow is that there should be a sufficient amount of water getting in your tank so that waste would not dry up, which may be difficult to digest. It will also kill the naturally-occurring bacteria.

It would be best if you flushed your toilet regularly. Next, your vent should be working effectively. Your RV has a vent capable of allowing the naturally occurring sewer gasses to escape so that the smell will not be going back into your vehicle.

The third is you need to regulate tank temperature. The ideal temperature is roughly 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If you think that your tank might exceed 85 degrees, you may need to pour some cold water or ice into the tank.

Lastly, when you are applying a holding tank treatment, see to it that it is environmentally safe. It must have no formaldehyde so that the good bacteria grow and function effectively on your respective tanks.

Can I Put Bleach in My Boat Holding Tank


The excellent and ideal way to clean and disinfect your RV or boat holding tank is to pour some water solution with bleach in your tanks. To make the specified solution, you must mix one-quarter cup of bleach with one gallon of water.

You need to fill the tank with the prescribed solution and leave it in the RV or boat holding tank for a minimum of eight hours. If a head chemical is being used, you must choose the one that is safe and effective.

It must have no Formaldehyde and bromine content, since these two chemicals are unsafe. Without these chemicals, the aerobic bacteria will live and work effectively in the tank.

How Do You Clean a Marine Holding Tank

If you plan to have an RV adventure or boat adventure, you must prepare for the entertainment and excitement it provides. But, one factor that calls for attention and discussion is the marine holding tank.

You need to learn the fact that your tank needs to be empty and be cleaned. In addition to this, you must know how to eliminate awful odors that you may encounter. Here are a few steps on how to clean your marine holding tank.

The first important step is to empty your holding tank. After that, you need to add approximately halfway using freshwater. The next step is to add about 8 oz. of bleach-free liquid treatment into the water before getting afoot.

You need to apply a detergent together with the ice quantity. This idea is favorable in enhancing the cleaning action while processing. However, to eliminate future foul odors and waste build-up, you can begin with pouring water into the toilet bowl before the formation of the solid waste.

Then, use a single ply of tissue paper or just a little bit of quick-dissolve. It is also necessary to use the holding tank treatment as often as needed or regularly. You need to always lubricate the head accordingly based on instructions given. You must see to it that it has no oils.

Some tools also come in handy in making your holding tank fresh. The head o matic shock treatment, forespar refresh, and bactank holding tank treatment are some of the best products to keep your tank smelling fresh and squeaky clean.

Lastly, you need to be sure that your tank is properly vented. You must then flush the tank with freshwater every 4 to 5 pump-outs, or if necessary, you can add more.


Now that you already know the different marine holding tank treatments with their best features and benefits. It is up to you to choose one that will fit in your area, and you will have a happy and healthy holding tank.

You are now knowledgeable on the different important points to follow to have outstanding results. Remember that there is always a solution to every problem you will encounter in your camping.

I hope this article will help you better understand and appreciate the importance of knowing the best marine holding tank treatment.

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