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The Best Pontoon Boat Ladders

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

An average person may not have problems getting on and off a pontoon boat. However, situations vary from time to time. For instance, you may be into diving. Dragging yourself with your fingertips to get back onboard happens at times. It’s only one of the several reasons why getting the best pontoon boat ladder is a must.

best pontoon boat ladder

The right boat ladder makes things easier for kids, the elderly, and some individuals who are not fit enough to climb a boat. Even some states have mandated that boaters should have this accessory on their vessels.

Many ladders for pontoon boat are found in the market, so it can be tricky for most buyers. This review will guide you to get a dependable one that ensures safety and convenience. Find the boat product with the features that work best for you from these picks.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Extreme Max 3005.3380

+ Used on pontoons and docks
+ Made of sturdy aluminum
+ Carries weight up to 300 pounds

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

RecPro Removable

+ Stable and doesn’t submerge
+ Sturdy aluminum construction
+ Has wide steps

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Amarine Telescoping

+ Easy to climb
+ Has non-slip rubber on steps
+ Breezy installation

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Top 12 Pontoon Boat Ladder Reviews

1. Extreme Max 3005.3380 Pontoon Ladder

I think I made the right decision in getting this 4-step ladder. There’s more to gain other than its nice appearance, so it’s worth every penny. This aluminum boat ladder can be used on pontoons and docks.

It has a sturdiness that I can trust though it seems lightweight. Thus, it’s perfect for me as a 65-year-old and my grandson, an 8-year-old. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The quality of this ladder is backed up by a two-year replacement guarantee. But, I know for sure that it will last.

I can easily climb it due to its slight angle. With a total height of 75 inches, it’s more than enough for standard pontoons. The size is also great for docks as you can avoid splinters from climbing up and down your pontoon. This part is for the safety of every user.

After using this ladder, I can pull it out of the water because of the fasteners. In this case, no green slime can develop on its body. Some sharp edges need to be piled. Fortunately, I tend to inspect the products upon purchase, so I did the piling before assembling.

Putting the parts together is pretty easy for a handy person like me but I must say that it takes more time than I expected. It’s not an issue for me as this ladder suits my pontoon well. What you may find a challenge is attaching this ladder to the dock. You’ll find it easy if someone holds the step and rails together for you while you assemble.
  • Used on pontoons and docks
  • Made of sturdy, aluminum that is sure to last
  • Carries weight up to 300 pounds
  • Has two-year replacement
  • Has a slight angle for easy climbing
  • Can be easily pulled out of the water
  • Some sharp edges for piling
  • Time-consuming assembly
I can climb on this four steps pontoon boat ladder and pull it out of the water with so ease. Moreover, I can’t complain about anything regarding its angle and sturdiness.

2. RecPro Removable Boarding Ladder AL-A4

I have an old model pontoon boat, so I thought searching for a suitable swim ladder for pontoon boat would be difficult. This product is now on my front deck and I couldn’t be happier! You also have the liberty to place it on the boat’s side entrance.

The hang-free design is convenient without any need for bottom support. Hence, it’s a hook ladder that you can connect with a floating dock. I’ve seen some people who did it. There’s no problem with its stability as it doesn’t get submerged. It’s also good to install on a small ground pool.

I think this ladder has the appropriate angle and it can accommodate tall handrails for easy boarding. That’s why my grandparents don’t have a problem getting up and down my pontoon. They don’t have to go through painful legs and feet.

My granddad is around 250 pounds and this ladder can bear his weight. It just proves how sturdy and heavy duty aluminum construction is. There are wide steps so it’s safe for everyone. I can attest that it’s one of the most reliable pontoon ladders for the elderly.

I was able to assemble and install this ladder all by myself. A mounting kit comes with every purchase. I like the stainless steel screws. However, they’re 1.75 inches long and might not be enough for the thickness of some mounting surfaces.
  • Used as a pontoon side ladder and on floating docks or small pools
  • Stable and doesn’t submerge
  • Has appropriate angle and tall handrails for easy going up and down
  • In sturdy and heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Has wide steps for everyone’s safety
  • Super easy assembling and installation
  • The screws may not be long enough for some mounting surfaces
Accidents are not bound to happen with this ladder’s hang-free design and wide steps. You can have a good time with your old folks in open waters.

3. Amarine Telescoping Boat Ladder

I scanned through the catalogue of folding pontoon boat ladders with the hope of getting a great boarding ladder. It’s a wise decision that I settled for this as it’s easy to climb. This pontoon ladder won’t be a problem for anyone, regardless of whether you’re tall, short, heavy, or have bad knees, it’s suitable for you.

It has a solid feel as it’s composed of 304 stainless steel marine grade. The shiny and bright surface is impressive! I’m also in awe of the neat welding finish as it appears to be made by professionals.

Round rungs usually hurt my feet. On the contrary, this product’s four steps are flat with a nice embedded tread pattern and non-slip rubber. Every step is free of any discomfort and pain! Slipping as you climb is not likely to happen. I can feel that I have a maximum grip every time I board my boat.

You can skip assembling as there are hinged brackets that allow you to fold it. It’s breezy to install and fit on a horizontal platform because of the hinged bracket. There’s a Velcro strap for securing its form as a folding ladder. The necessary screws are also provided but you have to buy the bolts separately.

After swimming, I can easily hold on to it, so it’s perfect as a pontoon boat swim ladder. I sometimes rest on this telescoping pontoon ladder before I go back to swimming.
  • Easy to climb for everyone
  • Has a solid feel and neat welding finish with a shiny appearance
  • Pain-free steps because of non-slip rubber
  • Breezy installation on a horizontal platform
  • A perfect pontoon swim ladder to hold on to and rest on
  • Need to separately buy the bolts
This quality ladder is for everyone, including the elderly. I have a great time out swimming because of it.

4. Extreme Max 3005.3434 Pontoon Ladder

This product got my attention among the pontoon boat ladders for sale online. I purchased it after reading the product description. I wasn’t wrong for choosing it as it works so well in front of my pontoon boat. The four steps for comfortable boarding are well-appreciated by my passengers.

Based on its structure, it’s more than just a ladder and I can describe it as a stairway instead. The welded aluminum construction is topnotch. It’s well-made and sturdy. So, a two-year limited warranty is given to confirm its quality. I’m a 260-pound granddad who can get on my pontoon without problems because of this superb product.

The angle is also great as no one will have difficulty in getting in and out. Note that it can be a swim ladder as I often pull it out on a sandbar. It contributes to my family’s fun time when swimming in open waters. Even my grandchildren manage to open and close it from the water or the boat.

A rubber strap is present to ensure that the ladder is secure in its place. As such, it’s safe to step on for a heavy man like me and the kids too.

The only challenge I’ve encountered so far is when I use this undermount pontoon ladder for trailering. There’s a hook strap located in the middle part to secure the boat. But, I need to feed it through the ladder.
  • Has four steps for the comfortable boat boarding
  • Well-made and sturdy with a two-year limited warranty
  • The angle makes it easy to get in and out of the pontoon
  • Can be used as a swim ladder
  • Has a rubber strap to secure it in its place
  • Taking this ladder when trailering requires additional task
This 4-steps pontoon boat ladder provides comfort. Hence, getting in and out of a pontoon is a breeze. You’ll discover that its design and sturdiness ensure everyone’s safety.

5. RecPro Marine Pontoon Boat Mount Ladder

My son thanked me for buying this under deck pontoon ladder as any person can be on board without difficulty. His kids can climb on it well. The credit goes to the slant on this 5-steps boat ladder. Moreover, every step is wide enough with a thickness of 2.25 inches.

It also works on tritoon as long as you leave a 17-inch gap between the side and the center. You may also have it on old pontoon models. Some people also have it as a rear or sad mount ladder. Anyhow, it tucks well even you allow it to extend into 59 inches long.

I like how solid and heavy duty this product is. It’s what you can expect from its aluminum construction. Before attaching it to our pontoon, we tested it. A friend who weighs 280 pounds helped us. I was amazed as it still holds despite the weight.

The weight capacity of 300 pounds in its description is for real. Hence, everyone climbs up and down with confidence.

This under deck ladder for pontoon boats still holds well even in deep waters and climbing seems effortless. You don’t have to worry that it might be knocked down while you’re on your way up or down.

Adding it to your pontoon or tri-toon is easy. In my case, I inspected the whole thing, so I discovered that the bottom part has sharp razor edges. Some piling will keep climbers from getting cut. Aside from this, there isn’t anything to complain about.
  • Any person can easily be on board
  • Can be used for pontoons, old model pontoons, and tritoons
  • Tucks in well under the deck
  • With a weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Has solid, heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Holds well even in deep water
  • Sharp edges at the bottom part that needs piling
There are many heavy duty pontoon ladders that you can find. This one excels among them because of its stability even in deep waters.

6. Hoffen Telescopic 4-Steps Ladder

I spent a lot of time looking for the right pontoon ladder for sale as I want to get one that can withstand harsh weather. Big waves come unexpectedly and this four step ladder remains unaffected. It gives me relief as it doesn’t swing back to the hull.

To my delight, it can be converted into a dock ladder. Therefore, it can lend a helping hand during emergencies, like when someone has to get out of the water quickly. It also does a huge favor for petite people who will find it effortless to tread.

I can always go back to my pontoon with no delay when the water gets cold. Once it’s near my reach, I pull it to unveil the steps. It goes smoothly every time I do it because of the nylon bushing between sections. For the much-needed grip, there’s a vinyl tread.

Through these experiences, there’s no doubt that you can have this as a pontoon swim ladder. With some parts added to its system, slipping is minimized.

Since it’s made of marine-grade stainless steel, its toughness and durability are unquestionable. I saw on someone’s review that it can hold up to 900 pounds of weight. So, I recommended this to my neighbor, a 330-pounds big guy. He thanked me for it so it’s the confirmation of its power to hold.

The installation can be tricky for some. It’s given as boaters own different water vessels. In my case, I spent more time trying to reach the drilled holes on the diving platform. This issue was luckily resolved by locking the nut in place. Nonetheless, easy fitting is achieved with a hinged bracket.
  • Can withstand harsh weather and big waves
  • Converts into a dock ladder
  • Can be pulled smoothly
  • Has vinyl tread for much-needed grip
  • Tough and durable as it can hold up to 900 pounds of weight
  • Easy fitting with hinged bracket
  • Installation can be tricky for some users
I don’t have any regret in purchasing this item as it makes my boating life easier and safer. Its toughness to hold incredible weight is awesome too!

7. Amarine Made Pontoon Boat Ladder

I belong to a family of tall people who are devoted boaters. Even my grandparents who have undergone surgery can join our water adventures because of this folding pontoon ladder. With its proven dependability, I don’t only use it on my pontoon boats but also the pools at home.

Among the pontoon ladders that I’ve used, I can say that this is much stronger as it has better construction. A self-supporting design is employed on top of 316 stainless steel material. So, heavy individuals are welcome to use it as the weight capacity is 400 pounds. Going in and out of the water is easy.

It has telescoping steps that can be flipped up for easy storage. In terms of installation, you only need to go through simple steps. Bolts are provided so I only needed to buy a few necessary mounting hardware, like screws, washers, and locknuts.

I want to recommend this ladder to freshwater pontoon boat owners. The rungs are not prone to corrosion even though I left them under the lake the entire summer. I forgot to pull it up and I was so happy that it wasn’t damaged.

I like folding ladders like this one because I can just pull it to lock the steps together. To safely do it, I added a rope on the bottom rung. There are a total of four steps and this pontoon ladder can be drawn out in a maximum length of 41 inches.
  • A dependable ladder for pontoon boat and pool
  • Has a strong construction and self-supporting design
  • Easy going in and out of the water
  • 400 pounds weight capacity
  • Doesn’t corrode in freshwater applications
  • A folding ladder that can be pulled with ease
  • Separate purchase of some mounting hardware
It’s a pontoon ladder that delivers safety and convenience. Moments at the lake and summer are always fun! I’m amazed at how it doesn’t give in to corrosion even though it remains in freshwater for a long period.

8. XGear 4-Steps Pontoon Boat Ladder

If you’re looking for a swim ladder with higher than usual handles, this one can end your search. The curved boarding handrails are the features that I love the most about this ladder. Getting on and out of the pontoon is easier because it’s easy to hold onto the ladder and pull yourself up. I’m grateful for it as my 65-year-old grandma can join our pontoon escapades.

Divers with fins who usually carry heavy gear will love this for sure. More than anyone else, they need comfort and safety when going back to the pontoon. These essential factors are granted by this dive ladder’s non-skid step treads. The chances of slipping are lowered so you don’t have to be scared of falling back into the water.

I also added it to the pool deck and I like it a lot. There’s no need to spend time removing it as you can fold and secure it with a strap. Coming across the shore with no dock is not a problem as this ladder can help you step down from the pontoon.

This can be a gunwale ladder as I was able to set it in front of my pontoon. Since it’s composed of welded stainless steel, it’s robust and durable. You don’t have to worry about corrosion despite water exposure. A couple of heavy individuals stepped on this hook ladder and no mishaps occurred.

A few minutes is all I need to install it. I’m happy that I don’t have to spend on mounting hardware as it comes with every purchase. However, you have to put more effort into bolting if you have a fiberglass pontoon.
  • Has wonderful curved handles for easy getting on and out of the pontoon
  • Suitable for elderly and divers with gear
  • Has non-skid step threads to prevent slipping
  • Used on pool and shore with no dock
  • Robust, durable, and non-corrosive
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • More effort on bolting for fiberglass pontoon
It’s great to have this hook ladder when you’re diving in ocean waters. This product renders safety and durability.

9. CO-Z Collapsible Pool Ladder

A sturdy pontoon ladder is very important to me as I’m a big guy. It’s also for the sake of my passengers’ safety. I’m glad that this product works as advertised. With continuous use, I came to know how heavy-duty its 304 stainless steel construction is.

It’s a telescoping pontoon ladder that has resistance against temperature and corrosion. I don’t worry about dents and cracks anymore. Thus, it’s no wonder that it has a 330 pounds weight capacity. Also, the manufacturer is willing to give a warranty due to the premium, heavy-duty material used on this hook ladder.

Stepping on the four, thick steps is like doing it on the flat ground even though you have wet feet. Grooved PVC pads are added for solid footing. There are also boarding handrails that curve into 180 degrees for a secure grip. So, slipping and accidents are prevented. Moreover, these features promote comfort for a fantastic sailing experience.

You have the option to make this permanent or removable. The simple design is uncomplicated to assemble and the necessary fittings are available. The plastic latch was broken out of the box but a replacement came in no time. On the other hand, removing is easy after it collapses into a foot and four inches. Thus, you don’t need huge storage space for it.

Though it’s mainly created for swimming pools and swim platforms, it’s great to add on your pontoon, kayak, and small sailboats. It makes your vessel accessible without consequences.
  • Has resistance against temperature, corrosion, dents, and cracks
  • Made of premium, heavy duty material
  • Has solid footing and curved handrails for secure grip
  • Can be permanent or movable
  • Uses on pools, pontoons, kayak, and smalls sailboats
  • Broken plastic latch upon arrival of package
You can’t go wrong with the sturdiness of this ladder. It can handle a big guy like me while it promotes safety at the same time.

10. DasMarine Folding Telescoping Inboard Ladder

This ladder delivers a great improvement to my pontoon boat. I did it for my grandparents so they can join the water adventures. I’m glad that I picked this from numerous boat boarding ladders.

Since it’s made of welded 316 stainless steel, you can expect a lot from this heavy duty material. Its unique, universal design further strengthens the structure despite the absence of any support. Therefore, going in and out of the water or stepping on land is trouble-free. It’s not a problem if you’re heavy as it has 400 pounds weight capacity.

I feel safe when taking its telescoping wide steps. These parts also create a clean aesthetic appeal. What’s more to experience are comfort and easy boarding. It’s tall enough with four steps, and with the handrails, it’s an awesome boat boarding ladder!

When it comes to installation, necessary parts are provided. There’s a bungee cord strap for me to arrange it in a stowed position. Quick-release mounting brackets pave the way to transform this into a rear entry ladder. Therefore, you won’t have a hard time mounting it on the deck.

However, washers for proper movement are not included. So, I bought them from a nearby hardware store. You may need other mounting parts based on the model of your pontoon.

I like its ability to flip up so I can easily keep it. Storage space is not a problem as all the telescoping steps can be closed into a compact size. I can keep it clean and protected when not in use.
  • Heavy duty and can carry up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Has a unique universal design without needing any support
  • Wide steps and good handrails for safety, comfort, and easy boarding
  • No hard time when mounting it on the deck
  • Steps can be closed for storage
  • Washers and other necessary mounting parts need to be bought separately
Once you’ve started using this ladder, you will agree with my findings that it’s a substantial piece of equipment. It does best in promoting comfort, safety, and convenience.

11. Haida Folding Boat Marine Pontoon Ladder

I don’t regret spending a lot of time going through under deck pontoon boat ladders. Finding this terrific ladder is worth my time and effort! Even though it’s winter, I still like going fishing with my pontoon.

Since this is a reliable accessory, I haven’t had any accidents outdoors under chilly weather. I can immediately go back to my pontoon without experiencing hypothermia. This ladder favors me in so many ways as I would usually go out alone every winter. I can say that spending on a helpful ladder like this is not a waste of money.

This ladder can be stretched up to 12.5 inches long, so no issues come up when it’s stowed. When it’s time to store it, this folding ladder can smoothly transform into a compact form. You don’t have to worry that it takes up a lot of space.

Adjustable standoffs made me happy to use this folding ladder. So, I comfortably take steps at my own pace. Though I tremble because of cold weather or wet feet, it’s still safe to board.

As you will see upon purchase, every step has a flat tread cover and non-slip plastic. Users with a slim stature will appreciate this ladder’s wide three steps but it may be narrow for heavy-built people.

The strength of this product is also reliable. It’s known that stainless steel construction is robust. Thus, using it outdoors will not cause any problem. Expect that it can be with you for a long time.
  • Helps you to immediately go back to your pontoon
  • Stowed and folded with no issues
  • Transforms into compact form for storage
  • Comfortable and safe to board
  • Has a robust construction and reliable strength
  • It may be narrow for heavily built people
I like how I can adjust the steps to my comfort. It’s one of the reasons why fishing is always fun for me. I believe that it can be with me for a long time because of its admirable construction.

12. NovelBee Welded 316 Pontoon Boat Ladder

This is the boat ladder that I’ve been looking for. It’s great to add on my pontoon as I use it as a dock ladder. Based on my preference, the four steps in this item are perfect for getting in the boat and out of the water. I’ve also tried using it on a floating dock.

I salute its design, inclusive of slip-proof plastic tread for the maximum safety that it provides users. Also, the telescopic steps are wide enough for your feet. Hence, easy boarding is possible. It doesn’t stand straight when added to my pontoon but has a slight angle that welcomes everyone to climb with no trouble.

To address all your concerns when climbing the ladder, the C-shaped inboard handrails for easy boarding are added. When it comes to appearance, I find the mirror-polished heavy duty 316 stainless steel very attractive.

The material used on this ladder is not only for the sake of aesthetics. It’s welded 316 stainless steel guarantees toughness. Despite frequent exposure to water and various kinds of weather, it still maintains its sheen. There’s no chance for corrosion to occur.

Aside from the ladder and handrails, I got a set of mounting hardware. It’s easy for me to assemble all the parts thanks to this. What made me spend more time putting all the parts together, however, is buying necessary bolts.
  • Can be used on pontoon and dock or floating dock
  • Designed for the maximum safety of the users
  • Easy and comfortable climbing
  • Attractive as its made of mirror-polished stainless steel
  • Tough and heavy-duty so corrosion has no chance to develop
  • The mounting hardware set may not be complete for some users
This ladder makes my pontoon boat more attractive. It’s been with me in my entire sailing journey and I know for sure that it will continue to serve me well.

Buyer’s Guide


There’s no need to make a DIY pontoon ladder and be hard on yourself just to make every step easy and safe for everyone. Many are advertised as the best pontoon boat ladders. However, don’t allow some of them to trick you. Pick the one that has the important features to meet your needs. Here’s a guide with factors to consider before you purchase a pontoon boat ladder.

Ladder Material

Marine accessories like pontoon boat step ladders should be reliable at all times. The ladder material should be strong enough to bear weight and it shouldn’t break easily. Just imagine the disaster that might happen when it gives up in the middle of your climb. The sturdiness of the ladder is the key to prevent accidents.

Aluminum and stainless steel are the ideal construction for pontoon ladders. These materials are deemed to have resistance against corrosion and rust. Exposure to water is inevitable when you use a pontoon and other vessels. Thus, you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of checking the materials.

Always go for either stainless steel or aluminum products. Ladders made out of these materials will surely stay with you for a long time.


To completely guarantee safety and durability, construction should also be considered. For instance, it’s still deemed a substandard item despite having solid materials if the construction is faulty.

The top-rated pontoon boat ladders are welded well and correctly angled for the safety of every user. Remember that the reason for getting a boat ladder is to keep you secured when getting in and out of your pontoon. So, don’t overlook the importance of the ladders’ construction.

Number of Steps and the Length

Some beginners may have the idea that the more the steps, the longer the ladder will be. However, this is not always the case. Some companies add more steps to the ladders but the length remains unchanged. Think the other way around and check the total length of the ladder instead.

It should have a length that can reach deeply into the water. This setup makes climbing easier and more convenient for everybody.

Size of Steps

You can determine the stability of the ladder when you step on it based on the size of its steps. The balance of your body is essential when climbing a ladder. Unfortunately, this factor can be altered when you’re going along narrow steps. The pontoon boat ladders must have wide steps.

However, wide ladder steps increase the contact between your feet and the steps that you take and can cause users to get injured. Manufacturers have recognized this matter and have added a protective covering on the steps to create friction.

Pontoon boat ladders with improvised steps may cost more than the others. But, the price that you pay ensures your safety. Money is nothing when it keeps you away from harm and danger.

Weight Capacity

The ideal weight capacity will be based on the purpose of using a pontoon boat ladder. You’ll be fine with a light capacity if it’s used for kids. Choose a tougher ladder if heavy individuals will use it. Typical ones accommodate 250 pounds but it won’t be enough if overweight people climb on it.

To be safe, purchase a boat ladder with 300 pounds or 400 pounds weight capacity. It’s not practical to get something that has over 400 pounds capacity as this only means increasing its weight.

Permanent or Removable

Pontoon boat ladders can either be mounted or removed based on usage. Either way, there are pros and cons that you have to foresee.

A permanently mounted ladder saves space on your boat and your time. It’s often in contact with water which might result in corrosion given that the ladder material is unreliable. Since it’s fixed at a certain point, its usage varies. You may need to mount it in different areas, like side mount ladders. Under different circumstances, some changes are required.

On the other hand removable boat pontoon ladders offer convenience as they can be in different mounting positions. You can put it in storage so it won’t get soaked in water. However, it tends to take up a lot of space. For some obvious reason, it can be an issue for smaller pontoons or other vessels.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages will lead you to get the type of ladder that suits your pontoon and passengers the most.

What is the Top-Rated Pontoon Boat Ladder

Generally, there are three things that the right pontoon boat ladder should have. The first one is safety. Material and construction play a big role in this concern. It should be able to bear the weight of the user. Furthermore, no accidents should be able to happen.

When someone unexpectedly falls into the water, that person needs to get back to the pontoon right away. So, the second thing that a ladder should offer is convenience. Elderly, overweight people, and those who have health concerns should still manage to get on and off the pontoon.

The third one is connected with legality as some areas require it. Aside from these three factors, there are other features to meet the needs and preferences of the users. Dive ladders are fine with kids while sturdy boat ladders with high handrails are suitable for the elderly and those with extra pounds.

Therefore, the pontoon boat ladder varies for every user and purpose. Telescopic, folding and dive ladders are available in the market. Once you choose the right type for you, you can make unforgettable memories with your sailing experience.

How to Mount a Pontoon Boat Ladder

Given that you’ve already found the right pontoon boat ladder, you should learn how to properly attach it to your pontoon. You may put it on the diving platform, bow, or stern.

It’s fine to put a removable hook ladder on the front of the pontoon even though you’ll face windy days and choppy water. On the other hand, the presence of a diving platform requires an under mount ladder.

A boarding ladder is great to be placed on the stern which can be on one side of the engine. This setup is recommendable for those who are into tubing and skiing. It would be easy for those riders to board the vessel when they’re tired from all the water activities.

When it comes to the gunwale section, side mount ladders are the right option. They are placed on the pontoon’s side that is over the gunwale. This is usually done with vessels that have one side entrance.

Will Your Pontoon Boat Ladder be Used in Saltwater or Freshwater


This question may sound silly to some but it’s a way to figure out the right ladder material. Going over saltwater needs a material that can repel corrosion. Prolonged exposure to seawater increases the risk of damaging the ladder. In this case, opt for stainless steel pontoon ladders.

Marine-grade aluminum ladder suits freshwater adventures. You may find it at a low price but still, it’s resistant to corrosion. If you crave longevity, look for more superior material like galvanized steel.

What is an On-Deck Pontoon Ladder

As its name suggests, this pontoon ladder is mounted on the deck or the platform. The benefits you can gain from it are easy mounting, uncomplicated usage, and durability.

Attaching it to your pontoon is a piece of cake as you can reach the mounting section without difficulty. To start using it, bend down and release. Then, you don’t have to reach out for something below the deck.

It’s deemed to have a long life span as it’s not always exposed to the water. You have to know that corrosion can still happen even though the ladder material is marine-grade. So, limiting its exposure to the water is a great deal.

The only downside of this type of pontoon ladder is that it takes up a lot of space. It may not be favorable for those who own smaller vessels.

What is the Under Mount Pontoon Ladder

The nature of the under mount ladder is opposite to the on-deck type. It’s a challenge to mount and use it. Unfortunately, it may not last long as you wish. The advantage is that it doesn’t take much space.

It’s placed under the deck so that’s why it’s a bit complex to install. Some waves may test you when you connect them with your pontoon. Thus, quick installation might be impossible as you run into issues. It’s not a problem if you ever choose to mount it but it’s not as convenient as an on-deck ladder.

Some people may find it uncomfortable if they want to use the ladder as it’s located under the boat. It stays in the water for a longer period which means that there is a higher risk to corrode.

The good thing you can gain from using an under-mount pontoon ladder is that it can save you some space. Also, users’ toes are free from any pain.

How Can I Stop Folding Ladders from Slipping

Wrap a bungee cord around the folding ladder to stop it from slipping. As you know, boat movements can affect the stability of the ladder.

How to Clean Polished Stainless Steel Ladders

When you clean the ladder, make sure you do it thoroughly. A toothbrush can help you go through corners and angles. You can use marine cleaner or wax to get rid of any stain. You can also polish the ladder if the need arises.

What Pieces of Mounting Hardware are Needed for Pontoon Boat Ladders

A ladder won’t be safe and comfortable if not for the mounting parts. Some brands provide them with the ladder in a single purchase. Nonetheless, it’s worth spending on separate purchases as they have a big part in stabilizing the ladder. Here are a few of them:

Hinge guard – It’s a cover for the hinges to prevent fingers from getting injured. Cuts and getting pinched are what you least expect when you’re out on the waters.

Boarding handrail – With this part, one can pull himself/herself up so he/she can easily get back to the boat.

Keyhole mount – This will ease your confusion of where to place the ladder. You can easily release them in any section of your pontoon.

Mounting cups – You have to get these if you have a gunwale ladder. They’re relatively affordable and you need to connect them to the hook’s end of the ladder.


This review enlightens every reader as it supplies adequate information about the best pontoon boat ladder. It’s a big help especially for novices to get the right ladder for their pontoon. Don’t miss its importance as it makes sailing and fishing safer, more convenient, and more fun! It also allows everyone to get on the pontoon and enjoy the wonderful moments created in open waters. You also can prepare another comfortable boat seat and enjoy your trips.

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