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The Best Boat Trailer Rollers

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

We all know that the hardest part of a sea trip is to start it off. Launching a water vessel onto the trailer may be a tedious task even for a veteran sports enthusiast. Not to mention the tough task of loading the vessel back onto land after a draining day of staying in the water. In this case, a marine roller makes your task more convenient.

best boat trailer rollers

If you want to have the best boat trailer rollers, check this article out. Choosing the right one may be difficult, especially with the vast available choices. That’s why this review’s primary purpose is to guide you on the right units out there. Keep scrolling to start choosing the one that suits you the most.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

attwood Boat Trailer Roller

+ Provides consistent quality to the masses
+ Highly robust rubber to protect boat quality
+ Efficient V-cut design

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Shoreline Marine Roller

+ One of the most reliable brand
+ Sufficient height
+ Immune to the damaging build-up of oil, gas,…

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

C.H. Yates Rubber 3143-4 3

+ Widely used on trailer winch stands
+ Compact 
+ The rubber used is very sturdy

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Top 12 Boat Trailer Roller Reviews

1. attwood Boat Trailer Roller

ATTWOOD is a famous brand when it comes to providing the top-rated boat trailer rollers for the masses. Thanks to their consistent quality, they gained a handful of loyal customers. ATTWOOD’s roller for boat trailer comes with a non-marring and extremely robust rubber that guarantees to preserve and protect your boat’s quality.

The quality that this brand provides is one of a kind. Its design is highly compatible with most vessels, making it a reliable brand. Aside from that, its inner taper and “V” cut design make the grip firmer and safer. That’s why I chose this product to make my boat unloading more convenient.

I also love the molded rubber that comes over its metal tubing as it makes the roller more durable and convenient to use. Its ends are also filled with nylon, making it ideal for heavy boat usage and adding strength to the unit.

On the downside, you have to watch out for its misleading product description regarding its size. The actual product is smaller than its label. You just have to make sure that it perfectly fits the size of your boat trailer by reading customer reviews. Other than that, this product is good to go.
  • Provides consistent quality to the masses.
  • It comes with non-marring and highly robust rubber to protect boat quality.
  • The design is engineered to be compatible with most water vessels.
  • The inner taper and efficient V cut design make for a firmer and safer grip.
  • Molded rubber and metal tubing with nylon ends
  • Size description is inaccurate.
Nothing beats the quality of ATTWOOD when it comes to providing heavy-duty boat rollers. I love this product as it provides consistent quality that never fails to amaze me.

2. Shoreline Marine Super Bow Roller

If you want an item that can ease your vessel’s launching, SHORELINE MARINE is a good brand to start with. They have been present for 28 years and have provided all the necessary tools for your boat. This reliable brand guarantees to roll your cruiser easily onto the trailer. Check out more features of this incredible roller.

This tool turns freely to lessen drag while launching your craft. Plus, its height is sufficient to avoid rubbing against the trailer bracket. I also love its three-piece design that guarantees to reduce abrasion and drag. I never experienced any difficulties in launching my boat with this product.

Aside from all the mentioned features, these boat trailer bow rollers are also immune to the damaging build-up of oil, gas, or salt. You can use this roller for a long time. Make your life easier, and invest in SHORELINE MARINE’s boat trailer with rollers. It is definitely worth a try!

The only aspect that I don’t fancy about this product is that its measurement is inaccurate. Instead of its 3-inch size, the actual product only measures 2.75 inches. It slightly differs from the product description, so you have to watch out and ensure that it perfectly fits your boat trailer to avoid any regrets.
  • This brand has been around for 28 years and is one of the most reliable ones.
  • Turns freely and lessens drag while launching your vessel.
  • Sufficient height to avoid rubbing against the trailer bracket.
  • The three-piece design of the roller reduces abrasion and drag.
  • Immune to the damaging build-up of oil, gas, or salt.
  • The actual size measurement differs from the product description.
It is a good and reliable product, overall. I love all of its handy features that make my work easier and quicker. If you want to make your boat launching a breeze, this one’s definitely worth a try.

3. C.H. Yates Black Rubber Bow Roller

Invest in the exceptional quality that C.H. YATES offers. Thanks to their high-grade rubber construction, their trailer rollers for boats always come in excellent condition and quality. If you want to learn more about this roller, scroll down for more info.

This roller measures three inches in length and has a shaft size of 0.5 inch. Its outside diameter is also three inches. These measurements perfectly fit the standard size of the boat trailer and are considered a universal fit type. C.H. YATES’ high-quality rollers for a boat trailer are commonly used on trailer winch stands.

Since it comes from compact and high-grade black rubber, this tool efficiently acts as a bow stop for the water vessel. Besides that, I also love the rubber’s sturdiness as it can be highly comparable to a tire’s rubber. This feature makes it perfect for any trailer boat application, making your work more convenient.

Despite how good this roller may seem, it still comes with a minor downside. The important thing is that you should know the axle dimension before buying this one. Otherwise, you may have to route and drill out a hole to install on the axle pin.
  • Boat trailer rollers from this brand always come in excellent condition.
  • The measurements of this boat roller are considered the universal fit.
  • Widely used on trailer winch stands due to its exceptional quality.
  • It has a compact and high-grade black rubber material that acts as a bow stop.
  • The rubber used is very sturdy, comparable to a tire’s rubber.
  • It would be best to know the axle dimension before buying.
If you’re looking for a roller that works well, this one’s for you. It is one of the most reliable trailer rollers for fiberglass boats. With all the high-quality features of this roller, it is worth it.

4. Invincible Marine Super Bow Roller

It’s about time to stop your search for the boat tools in town. INVINCIBLE MARINE offers all the reliable boat rollers and brackets to meet your needs perfectly. Their products are known for using only the finest quality components and guaranteeing that all the rollers passed performance and quality testing.

Since INVINCIBLE MARINE is one of the most trusted names in naval equipment and apparatus, you can fully rest easy and trust their products. The inner section of this roller measures 2.75 inches, giving it high compatibility with most trailers. It also comes with a joint middle roller and finish bells that guarantee the best safety and protection for your craft.

This tool is made of polyurethane, so you won’t have to worry about shocks and vibrations as this roller effectively absorbs them. It ensures that there will be no markings and grazes on your vessel. You will love how it outlives a conventional rubber, allowing you to use this product longer.

As for setbacks, I wished the return policy the brand gives to customers was better. I hate how I have to pay for the shipping or return cost, which beats the purpose of sending products back to save money. However, the product itself is good, so I never had to concern myself with this fee.
  • Guarantees that the rollers are made of the finest quality components.
  • Passed the performance and quality testing for boat trailer rollers.
  • It comes with high compatibility with most trailers.
  • The joint middle roller and end bells ensure optimum safety and craft protection.
  • It effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, making your boat mark-free.
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Customers need to pay for shipping to return products.
This is a fine product to begin with. If you want a highly reliable roller to make your unloading routine a breeze, consider this one. I love all the features that come with this tool.

5. CE Smith Boat Trailer Keel Roller

If you’re looking for either a brand new roller or a boat trailer roller replacement, CE SMITH got your back. This brand has been around for ages, proving its long-lasting quality to the masses. This is an interesting and reliable brand. If you want to discover further about this brand’s rollers, keep scrolling.

Their five-inch keel roller that comes with five-eighths inch I.D. is highly durable, especially since it was coated with all-natural black rubber. It also comes with a bushing that adds to its durability.

You will love this reliable roller, which is used on many trailers. It comes with a versatile design that can fit the standard bracket size and even fit numerous shaft sizes. Aside from that, this roller gives actual dimensions similar to what was advertised. I also find its performance one of a kind and highly reliable compared to other brands.

The only factor you must watch out for in this product is that it may arrive faultily. When I ordered this item, the carpeted guide rail was warped. However, it was just a minor issue that you can fix easily. The performance may vary a little, but it still functions as it’s supposed to.
  • A reliable product from a renowned brand that’s been around for ages.
  • Highly durable keel rollers that come with the right size.
  • This roller is coated with an all-natural black rubber for optimum durability.
  • Its bushing feature further adds to its sturdiness.
  • It comes with a highly versatile design that fits the standard brackets and shafts.
  • The product may arrive with minor defects that don’t affect the performance.
Overall, the boat trailer keel rollers from this brand are some of my favorites. Their durability is top-notch and can accompany you for ages. With this roller, you will never have to worry about launching your boat.

6. SeaSense Super Bow Roller

Another remarkable product from SEASENSE is their bow roller that offers high durability and ease of use. Their rollers are highly resilient, thanks to their non-marring and molded polyvinyl material. This feature also allows the roller to glide smoothly on the trailer, reducing the time it takes to launch your boat.

This product comes in three pieces to guarantee maximum protection. Aside from that, you will surely love how this roller comes available with two various polymer materials. It is made from polyvinyl and polyurethane. All the shaft and mounting hardware are also included upon your purchase.

I can spin freely with this device. It efficiently reduces drag while launching my boat, making my work easier and quicker. Besides that, this roller is unaffected by oil, gas, and salty residues thanks to the material used. If you want to experience ease in putting your boat down on the trailer, try this one out.

It can be an undeniable fact that all products come with setbacks. In this case, I ordered two rollers, but one was bent. As a result, I had to return the faulty product and get a replacement.
  • This bow roller from SEASENSE offers high durability and ease of use.
  • It is highly resilient due to its non-marring and molded polymer material.
  • Comes in three pieces to guarantee maximum protection.
  • Available in polyvinyl and polyurethane materials.
  • Reduces drag while launching boats and includes all mounting hardware.
  • Unaffected by oil, gas, and salt residues
  • Product may arrive faulty
I really love the convenience that this roller gives me. This legendary product is one of a kind thanks to its consistent quality, comfort, and guaranteed ease of use. You had better check out this product.

7. Goldenrod Galvanized Roller Bunk

If you are peeping for a good roller bunk to launch your boat with, highly consider this galvanized model from GOLDENROD. It weighs 32 pounds and has product dimensions of 60 x 5 x 5 inches, which are suitable for many vessels. It is made from 12 gauge steel, which makes this roller bunk highly reliable.

The galvanized finish will make you love this product more, as this feature protects the product from rusting or corrosion. Aside from that, it comes in five sets of three non-marking rubber rollers on each bunk, making up a total of thirty rollers. This model is available in pairs, so it’s ideal for bulk buyers.

Make your loading and unloading of boats a breeze with this roller bunk. Its features guarantee that your work will be easier. Aside from that, each rail comes with six holes for bolting. You will never get enough of this roller as it makes installation easier aside from making your launching quicker.

This roller solves your problems in a jiffy. However, the package doesn’t include any installation hardware, so you’ll have to get it yourself.
  • This roller bunk is galvanized, which prevents rusting or corrosion.
  • Its size and weight fit many vessels.
  • Made from 12 gauge steel, which makes this product extremely reliable.
  • Comes in five sets of three non-marking rubber rollers on each bunk.
  • Guarantees to make your loading and unloading of boats easier.
  • Six holes for bolting
  • No installation hardware.
This remarkable roller makes my boat unloading a breeze. It never fails to meet my needs in looking for a reliable roller. If you want to make your boat launching effortless, I highly recommend this roller.

8. CE Smith Boat Trailer Roller

Another reliable product from CE SMITH is their adjustable keel roller trailer bracket. It perfectly fits a three-inch tongue width, making it perfect for many vehicles. Aside from that, it also has a five-inch black rubber roller that makes gliding smoother and easier.

This product comes with a pair of three-eighths inches bolts, which guarantee to make your installation more convenient. Since it comes from the United States, you can rest easy as it provides a consistent and good quality that lasts a long period. If you want to have a tool to support your boat’s keel, this one’s for you.

I also love its modifiable keel roller bracket assembly, which is ideal for adding keel support along the tongue. The sturdy brackets also resist corrosion. So, you won’t have to fret about its sea exposure. It is highly durable and has a high versatility that adapts to different trailer heights.

The only drawback that you have to look out for in this trailer is that it comes with a rolling pin that may become dysfunctional from time to time. This issue may damage, scrape, or scratch your boat, so it would be best if you can keep an eye on the roller pin.
  • An adjustable keel roller trailer that makes installation easier.
  • This trailer bracket is perfect for many vehicles and different trailer heights.
  • The five-inch black rubber roller makes gliding smoother.
  • Ideal for adding keel support along the tongue
  • Made in the United States and offers consistent and non-disappointing quality.
  • The sturdy brackets resist rusting and corrosion.
  • It comes with a dysfunctional roller pin that may damage your boat.
Try out this interesting boat trailer roller assembly and make your boat launching easier and quicker. With this item, you won’t have a hard time setting your vessel onto the trailer. It is truly a worthy product.

9. SeaSense Vinyl Keel Roller

SEASENSE is back again with their highly reliable products that make boat launching more comfortable than ever before. This roller comes with plastic inserts that make installation more convenient. If you’re interested in this product, keep scrolling and find out more interesting features of this item.

This yellow keel roller comes with a package height of fifteen inches, a package length of twenty inches, and a package width of fifteen inches. These dimensions fit my twelve-inch roller bracket with no problem. It is also made of highly durable material that lasts even under harsh weather conditions.

Since this product’s made from polyvinyl and not black rubber, it can withstand higher temperatures more efficiently. This cost-effective product also comes with a center hard plastic core. Aside from that, it does not have steel or metal parts that easily rust from the salty sea water.

It comes with a handful of good features. However, this roller has a downside too. It has no bracket for the keel, just the roller. It doesn’t affect the quality of the product, but it’s a bummer for me because I like to get my shopping done with one purchase.
  • It comes with plastic inserts for smoother and easier installation.
  • Made of highly durable material that lasts even under harsh conditions.
  • The polyvinyl material allows this roller to endure higher temperatures.
  • Hard center plastic core
  • No steel or metal parts that may easily corrode or rust due to the salty sea water.
  • No bracket for the keel
Check out this cost-effective item that serves its purpose! You won’t be disappointed if you try out this keel roller. It delivers optimal ease and comfort in launching your boat.

10. Tie Down Engineering Wobble Roller

Witness the remarkable quality that TIE DOWN ENGINEERING has to offer. This five-inch wobble roller kit comes with a consistent and durable quality that is greater than the usual rollers. If you’re curious about this product, keep scrolling to find out more about this exclusive product from TIE DOWN.

The shafts of this roller are measured seven eighths and one plus one eighths in inches. The mentioned sizes perfectly fit any trailer and are considered the universal fit. I also love how this tool is made of the finest quality polyvinyl material. This feature adds to its durability that allows me to utilize the product longer.

I won’t have to worry about scrapes, grazes, and scratches because this roller comes with cut and fade resistance. It can perfectly preserve its roller kit quality thanks to its highly robust construction.

Even though this product is highly reliable, it does not come with the necessary mounting hardware. So, you have to singlehandedly purchase the necessary accessories to install the rollers. By doing so, you might spend more than usual. However, you should not worry because the quality of this roller is worth it.
  • The five-inch wobble roller kit has a consistently durable quality.
  • Measured size perfectly fits any trailer and is considered a universal fit.
  • Made of a highly robust polyvinyl material that makes it last for a long time.
  • This roller efficiently resists cuts, scrapes, and fade-outs.
  • Perfectly preserves its quality thanks to the highly robust construction.
  • It does not come with all the necessary mounting hardware.
Invest in this highly remarkable product and see the difference. By having this, you can glide your boat smoothly onto the trailer. Enjoy more days at the ocean and let go of your worries with this roller.

11. attwood Marine Keel Roller

ATTWOOD has once again proven its reliable quality when it comes to boat and marine accessories. You can never go wrong with this brand’s marine keel roller that makes your trailering and boat launching an easy task to do. It is also affordable, so you won’t have to worry about it exceeding your budget.

This black marine keel roller guarantees consistent protection for a boat’s keel during trailering, making the task quicker and more convenient. Aside from that, it comes with a molded rubber construction and nylon inserts that make this product highly durable and long-lasting.

Its dimensions of three inches outside diameter, five and one-fourth inches length are the perfect fit for most trailers. It will not give you a hard time attaching the roller to the boat trailer.

Another reason I trust this model is its manufacturer. Attwood has made top-notch marine tools for over a century. Its engineering quality is highly regarded by many consumers, making it a brand I can rely on.

It’s important to note that the product doesn’t come with a shaft. I had to buy one and install my roller with some washers and cotter keys.
  • This roller from ATTWOOD offers reliable quality that makes launching easier.
  • Has an affordable price.
  • The black marine keel roller provides consistent protection during trailering.
  • Comes with a molded rubber construction and nylon inserts for durability.
  • The measurements are perfect for most trailers.
  • Guarantees easy installation onto the boat trailer.
  • No shaft in package.
This product is one of my favorites due to the convenience it guarantees. It never makes my work more complicated, making my boat launching easier. I love this marine keel roller.

12. DLLJ Boat Trailer Roller

If you’re looking for a robust roller that can withstand surprisingly heavy boats, this product is worth a try. This boat trailer roller from DLLJ offers a non-marring and extremely sturdy molded rubber coating that makes it long-lasting and allows it to efficiently protect and preserve the boat’s finish.

Aside from that, the rubber coats a steel tube with nylon end inserts. This material guarantees optimum durability that lasts a long time. It also comes with a special design highly intended for tough and heavier types of machinery or vessels. Its inward taper and V cut guarantee to ease out the handling of these mentioned machines.

The dimensions of eight inches in length, 0.63 inch shaft size, and 3.3 inches outside diameter perfectly fit most trailers. Therefore, you can rest easy as this roller is highly compatible with a standard trailer. It is also reliable thanks to its carefully engineered design that can withstand any weights. Plus, it is obtainable at an excellent price.

Despite all of its good characteristics, this roller is also equipped with a single minor downside. The two fixed bushings could not efficiently extend through the entire length. However, this issue is just a minor one that is highly fixable. It is still a good product.
  • A robust roller that can withstand heavy boats.
  • Offers a non-marring and sturdy molded rubber coating that lasts longer.
  • The coating also efficiently protects and preserves the boat’s finish.
  • Steel tube with nylon inserts
  • Comes with a special design that makes handling and trailering easier.
  • This roller has high versatility and is offered at a great price.
  • The two bushings fail to extend through the entire length.
Try this product out. This one-of-a-kind roller is highly durable. Aside from that, you can have this product at an excellent price, and it guarantees to save your budget. You will love it.

Buyer’s Guide


Among all the boat trailer roller guides, this one aims to provide you with the best tips and ways to have a regret-free roller purchase. I hope that this guide gives you all the interesting and helpful facts about buying a roller.

It would be best to become informed on what a roller is. It is a type of machine for getting boats onto and off a trailer.

With all the available rollers online or in local marine stores, you may be confused about which roller to use. This section will help you with that. It will discuss several types of rollers, which can help when planning to do DIY boat trailer rollers.

  • The HDPE polyethylene rollers are usually used for aluminum vessels and trailers. On the other hand, the softer polyurethane roller is mostly used for fiberglass hulls.
  • Self-centering keel rollers usually come with grooves that center the ship’s hull and keep it aligned while it’s being hauled onto the trailer. This can come in handy during strong winds or lone travels.
  • Bow rollers are used to grip the vessel properly during shipment. So, they need to be sturdy and resilient as they bear a lot of weight and movement.
  • Keel rollers support the boat’s keel. They also carry the majority of its
  • Wobble rollers perfectly suit the hull’s curvature and carry approximately 40% of the boat’s mass. If you’re traveling to distant places on rough highways, using more rollers helps distribute the heaviness evenly. It can also reduce damage from rubbing on the hull.

Now that I’ve introduced the various types of rollers, it’s up to you to choose which suits you the best. Each roller variety is unique and serves different yet highly specific purposes. It would be best to reconsider the ideal one for you.

How Do You Measure Boat Trailer Rollers

Measuring boat trailer rollers are easy and convenient to do. This section will help you discover the tips on measuring a trailer roller. In that way, you can make sure that you’ll have the roller’s accurate size and dimensions to fit your trailer.

The first thing I’ll introduce is the wobble rollers. These rollers can be seen on boat trailers with a hand hoist or power winch to pull the liner up onto the trailer. These rollers are engineered to deliver the least amount of resistance. Aside from that, they also permit the vessel to roll up to the winch stand.

The way the rollers are installed or mounted should help center or align the boat properly. When replacing the wobble rollers on your boat trailer, you must have a few measurements before buying.

Measuring the diameter of the roller and the width of the roller is the first step to do. By doing so, you can make sure that you obtained the proper diameter for your roller that best fits your trailer.

The second thing that you have to measure is the inside diameter of the bushing. It is also known as the size of the opening from top to bottom. Knowing this will aid you a lot in getting the appropriate fit for your trailer.

It would also be best to get the shaft’s measurement at its widest part. Specifically, you should determine the accurate diameter, especially since some shafts are not completely round. You can steer clear of getting the wrong size by doing this.

Before you can start measuring, it would be best to note that a shaft diameter and a bushing inner diameter should be different. The difference is usually 3/32 inches. However, it can also vary sometimes. This disparity will allow the roller to wobble efficiently for optimum results.

The last thing to do is measure the length through the bushing’s midpoint from one edge to another. The last step will ensure that you have your roller’s dimensions to perfectly suit your trailer. Avoid regrets after buying by measuring properly.

How Do You Put a Roller On a Boat Trailer


Setting up a roller on a boat trailer is quite easy. First, you need to remove your old roller by pulling the cotter pin and taking out the roller spindle. Second, place the replacement roller between the panel bracket’s sides. Then, push the roller spindle and insert the cotter pin into its end.

Once your roller’s installed, some work is necessary to ensure your boat’s sitting correctly.

The first step to do is place the keel rollers so that the bow is elevated compared to the stern. After that, slacken the bolts on the roller mounting brackets, then tune the rollers, so they sit tightly against the body of the boat.

The next step is to make the bolts firm and secured again. Ensure that no loose ends are there to avoid future accidents. It would be best to maneuver around the car park to re-adjust things that you find necessary or vital.

Should Boat Trailer Rollers be Lubricated

Not necessarily. But, it is a good decision, especially if you want to keep your rollers from corroding or rusting. Lubricating the roller shafts is not essential. However, trying it would not harm your roller and may help resist corrosion.

Before lubricating, you must ensure that the pin and split pin are securely in place. Doing this process with all the rollers in a trailer will take you about 20 minutes entirely. Afterward, getting the boat on and off the trailer will become a lot easier. It would also be best to check your winch shackle frequently for signs of wearing.


Now that you gained knowledge of the best boat trailer rollers, it’s the right time to choose the ideal one for yourself. If you followed this article, it should’ve guided you on the best ones out there. The choice depends solely on you and your preference.

Make sure to assess each product to avoid regrets in the future. After all, a roller is a good investment, especially if you want to make trailering and boat launching a breeze. You can then spend more time for leisure on the ocean.

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