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The Best Teak Sealers & Protectors

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

It is known that teak wood is tough and durable. But, are you aware that it can turn to silvery gray? It should be your concern if you’re fond of boat decks and furniture that are made of teak wood. You need to handle this possible issue to maintain the radiant look of your properties.

best teak sealer & protector

Teak oil is more about beautifying the surface, which is why you need the best teak sealer & protector to protect the teak and other types of wood from UV rays and impede mildew formation.

Before applying the teak wood sealer, you have to clean the surface first. Start with a thin layer and add more if it’s necessary. Drying would only take a few hours. Your teak deck or other boat parts will be ready to use the next day then the needed protection is fixed. To the joy of many boat owners, the recommended application is once a year.

Here’s a list of the effective teak sealers so you will no longer spend time going through trial and error.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Star Brite Teak Sealer

+ Three color choices
+ Has advanced polymers
+ Has UV inhibitors

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Golden Care Teak Protector

+ Has UV protection
+ Non-flammable, eco-friendly
+ Easy application

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

TotalBoat Danish Teak Sealer

+ Contains UV inhibitors
+ Doesn’t change the natural wood color
+ Uncomplicated application

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Top 10 Teak Sealer & Protector Reviews

1. Star Brite Teak Sealer

It’s the right sealer for teak wood for me as its result goes along with my preference and taste. I love the satin effect it gives to my boat’s deck and rail, as well as the furniture at home. I choose the Classic color and can’t wait to try the other choices – Clear and Light.

This product can prove its worth as the most trusted teak protector. Since it has advanced polymers, it resists the intrusion of salt, water, and sun. Water only turns into beads over its finish, then you can get rid of it by wiping.

Therefore, the wood is not at risk of turning gray and the development of rot and moisture. With its UV inhibitors, weathering and fading can’t easily destroy the wood structure.

It’s a reliable teak sealer as it is formulated for harsh environments and bad weather conditions. Its performance during winter is simply exceptional and it amazes me. I love how some pieces of furniture in my outdoor screen house weren’t affected by the freezing temperature in the cold season.

As for my boat, it remains good-looking with its wooden deck all summer long. So I don’t have to worry while basking under the sun. So I make it a practice to apply this product every year.

It has a gel formula that makes way for easy application. I don’t have to deal with dripping and flashing. A vertical application can be done with ease too. It makes me happy as I can easily protect the things that I’ve invested in.

When it comes to drying, it’s recommended to process it under the sun. Direct sunlight will help it cure for around two days. It is much more convenient than needing to refinish every few months.
  • Three color choices (Classic, Clear, Light)
  • Has advanced polymers to block water and salt
  • Has UV inhibitors to prevent fading and weathering
  • Formulated for harsh environment
  • Has a great performance even in winter
  • In easy gel formula, no dripping or flashing.
  • Does well at the vertical application
  • Drying and curing of the finish need direct sunlight.
To minimize your effort on wood teak maintenance, use this teak sealer. It will keep your boat and furniture look brand new.

2. Golden Care Teak Protector

Individuals who are into a teak wood deck like me should know about this teak wood protector. I also use it to maintain the grandeur of my furniture. The finish displays a honey brown shade, which is similar to the natural color of teak wood.

I was amazed at what this teak protector can do. It allows my 10-year old furniture set to regain its great looks. The worn-out looks were gone in an instant.

While preserving the luster of the wood, it contours protection from exterior elements. I don’t have to worry about having my teak deck exposed to the sun for an extended period. So I get to enjoy summer boating and sailing. I know that teak wood will turn gray if not maintained by the right product.

The protection that it provides would keep mold and mildew away. The wooden surface won’t easily be damaged with UV rays. Just imagine; the finish it creates lasts four times longer than the one created by teak oil.

Straightforward application is another thing that I love about this product. Its water-based formula is not greasy. I like the texture but I need to be extra careful when handling it. Every bit of this solution is precious so it shouldn’t be wasted.

I used the cloth that comes with it, and applying goes with ease. My movements are quick, but I was able to finish without negligence on making an even finish. It’s eco-friendly and solvent-free, so I don’t have to sniff on toxic fumes. I think it’s safer to use as it’s non-flammable.
  • Doesn’t alter the natural color of the teak wood
  • Can fix worn-out furniture
  • Keeps the wood protected from exterior elements
  • Has UV protection
  • Straightforward and easy application
  • Not greasy, water-based formula without toxic fumes
  • Non-flammable, eco-friendly and solvent-free
  • Needs to be extra careful when handling the water-based formula
When protecting teak wood, the color doesn’t have to change. These are the things that this product can assure you.

3. TotalBoat Danish Teak Sealer

When it comes to my boat’s maintenance and accessories, I always see to it that I use marine-grade items just like this product. Once it has this mark, it’s guaranteed that you can combat the exterior elements when boating or sailing.

You may think that it’s only for furniture but it’s a teak sealer for boats too. The finish you can create out of it can protect boat decks, swim platform, cockpit, handrails, trim, and more. But I won’t deny that I buy this for indoor and outdoor furniture pieces as well.

The ability of this marine teak sealer is useful for oily hardwoods like cherry, mahogany, sapele, cherry, oak, ipe, and walnut. I like how it doesn’t change the natural color of the wood. The surface won’t turn gray as it assures you that the wood won’t be dirty, dull, and dark.

Moreover, it has UV inhibitors to combat fading and graying. The formula of this teak sealer can prevent destructive elements on wood like salt, stain, humidity, moisture, and dirt. No bacteria, mildew, and molds can weaken the wood.

By just using it once a year, it prevents me from spending a heap of money on repairs. Since it drives back moisture, there will be no slippery surface. Hence, it’s all about enhancing the wood’s appearance and providing firm protection.

Although it brings a lot of benefits to your boat, the application seems to be a mundane thing as it’s uncomplicated. You can do it with a rag or a brush. Wait 20 minutes to 30 minutes for you to get rid of the excess amount. Then let it dry for 12 hours before the next coating.

When the wood is weathered and gray, you have to clear it out with a cleaner. I’m afraid that sanding is not compatible with the finish of this teak sealer so skip it.
  • Suitable for boats and furniture, especially those made of oily hardwoods
  • Doesn’t change the natural wood color
  • Contains UV inhibitors to combat fading and graying
  • Protects the wood from destructive elements (salt, stain, humidity, moisture, dirt, etc.)
  • Saves you from spending money on repairs
  • Uncomplicated application
  • Sanding is not suitable for its finish.
You don’t need to worry about teak stain and sealer that’s right for your boat. The formula of this Danish teak sealer made by Totalboat got you covered.

4. Semco Natural Teak Sealer

I came across this product when I was going over Semco teak sealer reviews. I was easily convinced to buy this item based on what I’ve read. The information that I’ve gathered is not just a bluff after all.

I followed the experts’ advice to shift from teak oil to teak sealer. The latter promises long-lasting protection. It also works on the looks of the wood. The golden color from its finish makes every wooden surface fabulous. Yet, the natural look of the wood is retained.

Of course, I like how it gives my boat a new look. It makes my friends love to hang out at my deck. This fantastic effect can last a season, so evidently, it’s a part of my boat’s maintenance. It gives a different vibe in my living room and porch because I also use this sealer to preserve all my furniture pieces at home.

I only need to reapply this teak sealer without the need for stripping and deep cleaning. Just think of how much work and labor it saves you. The application is no sweat with the help of a brush and it’s done as needed. But you can opt to use a rag if you want to.

I’ve observed that the wood seems to drink the solution. I did two coatings on my deck, which only took me half an hour. The challenging part is the strong smell coming from it. It’s manageable, though, if you do the process in a ventilated area.

I love how it enhanced the grain pattern. I can say that the finish is waterproof as it repels water. Also, the surface is not slippery, so it’s great for boats.
  • Gives a golden color to the natural look of the wood
  • Provides long-lasting protection and a non-slippery finish
  • No need for deep cleaning when reapplying
  • No-sweat application
  • The coating can be done quickly
  • Enhanced the grain pattern
  • Should do the process in a ventilated area for it has a strong smell
If you want to minimize cleaning and tasks on maintaining your wooden deck, you will find a shortcut with this product.

5. Bayes Teak Cleaner and Restorer

This product is commonly known as teak furniture sealer. However, its tremendous abilities make it very suitable for marine use. Another reason why I trust Bayes is its utilization of plants for all of its formula including this one. No stink would pester me as it is with essential oils and natural fragrance.

It is friendly to the environment as it is non-toxic in a recyclable, non-aerosol container. I appreciate how it’s good for nature.

Using this naturally formulated product makes my boat’s maintenance a breeze. You can also use it to revive an old wooden surface. I can attest to its effectiveness as I tried it on my mom’s antiques.

They can restore any worn out wood, and it can give protection from environmental changes. It can defend your boat from moisture, sun or UV rays, rain, and other outside elements.

While applying, I saw that the wood absorbs this solution. It tells me that it is indeed teak wood protection. No spots, stains, grayish color, cracks, and dryness will remain on the surface. What you need to work on is discoloration so that you will end up with an even finish.

This cleaner and restorer in one formula is oil-based. I’m also impressed with its ability to remove dirt, dust, and even grime in no time. It is naturally nourishing because of lemon and some essential oils.

I like that it’s in a spray bottle for convenience of use. Spray on the surface, then use a clean cloth or rag to evenly spread the substance all over. Once dried, you will surely be surprised and love the result. It gives the wood a beautiful finish.
  • No stink, thanks to essential oils and natural fragrance
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • An effective cleaner that can restore old wood as well
  • Can protect the wood from environmental changes and harmful elements
  • Naturally nourishing oil-based formula
  • In a recyclable, non-aerosol spray bottle
  • Gives wood a beautiful finish
  • Need to correct discoloration before applying
If you’re an environmentalist like me, this product supports your belief. The result won’t make you regret buying it either.

6. SEAL-ONCE Exotic Premium Wood Sealer

I couldn’t ask for another teak sealer other than this. With its features, it’s a complete package in maintaining my teak wood deck and furniture inside the boat.

The best part about this product is that it’s created out of nanotechnology. Taking care of the teak wood on your boat or some furniture pieces doesn’t mean sticking with strong chemicals. This teak sealer has low VOC and it’s non-toxic, non-flammable, and void of undesirable odor.

It amazes me upon knowing how this formula works. This sealer penetrates deeply below the wood’s surface. Hence, a breathable barrier with flexibility came into existence. This function waives water or moisture to leave the wood.

Since dampness won’t dwell in the wood, mold and mildew growth, decay, rotting, cracking, and splitting are all prevented. Aside from the reliable protection that it grants to your boat, it preserves the natural color of the wood despite exposure to sunlight.

When talking about colors, this wood sealer offers various choices such as cedar, black, bronze cedar, light, brown, clear, cape cod gray, battleship gray, redwood, mahogany, and natural. So you can pick the right color for your boat and furniture.

I go for 1:1 (a quart of tint to a gallon of sealer) during application. You have to mix them as they are in separate packaging.

A brush is an ideal tool for this procedure. You would still need this as a back up even if you use spray. See to it that the preceding coating is absorbed by the wood before doing the next one. You can give it an hour.

A gallon of sealer can finish up 250 to 350 square meters. But it depends on the porosity of the wood. When it’s done, no peeling and cracking can happen. Your boat can stand the test of the marine journey.
  • Low VOC, non-toxic and non-flammable
  • No undesirable odor
  • Creates a breathable and flexible barrier against mold, mildew, decay, rotting, etc
  • Doesn’t store moisture or water
  • No cracking or peeling despite exposure to sunlight
  • 11 color choices for your preference
  • The tint and sealer are separate, so you have to mix them.
If you want a safe and effective wood sealer, this is the best candidate. I love how I can pick the exact color for my boat and furniture.

7. Gloster Teak Sealer

Choosing the ideal teak sealer for my deck and rail is just simple. I want something that protects and enhances the look of the wood. This product does these things, and I’m happy having it as a part of my boat’s maintenance. Using it annually makes me feel confident that damages won’t arise.

I started using this product from the moment that I got my boat. It gives a golden-brown color to the wood and doesn’t make any modifications to its natural look. Just pure enhancement. It may not be for you if you don’t like adding a bit of color to your wood.

Since I love its effects on my boat, I didn’t miss the chance to apply it on my furniture. It makes new wood look even better. Moreover, it can restore the original finish of my Gloster furniture. These wooden pieces are situated outdoors, their longevity is not altered by the finish.

This teak sealer for outdoor furniture can hinder black spot formation. It creates a finish that is resistant to mold and mildew. That’s why it’s recommended to apply it once a year to combat weathering. I do it for continuous protection, so my boat will look good as new.

A single purchase comes with an application rag and gloves. It’s easy and quick to apply. The credit doesn’t only go to the free application aid but with its formulation too.
  • Gives a golden-brown color to the wood
  • Can restore the original color of the furniture
  • Makes new wood look better without modifying the wood’s looks
  • Hinders black spots formation
  • Resist mold and mildew
  • Comes with a rag and gloves for easy and quick application
  • The color that it gives on the wood may not be the preference of some people.
Providing protection is not just teak sealer ability, but this one proves that it’s excellent for enhancing the wood’s appearance.

8. DITEC Triton Teak Protector

If you want to have peace of mind when it comes to taking care of the wooden parts of your boat, this formula from DITEC is what you need. What’s best about it is that it’s suitable for all types of wood. You can use it even though you don’t have any idea of what kind of wood you have in your boat.

When dealing with my boat, I believe that I need superior protection, just like what this product can provide. It creates a barrier by binding the wood fibers to impede water and oil from getting into the wood. This feature also makes the wood resistant to dirt, rain, UV rays, and salt.

It allows me to use my boat all year round without any concern about weathering. We have parties at the deck, and spilling some drinks can’t be avoided. But I just wipe the mess and it doesn’t leave any stain.

With the latest chemical technology, the manufacturer makes sure that you will have a wonderful experience for every use. I can prove that they nailed it.

Before application, you have to shake the bottle well and prepare protective items like gloves and goggles. Of course, you have to clean the surface first, and it must be cool before you start applying. Every coating should be allowed to dry 40 minutes to an hour.

I did two coatings and let them dry for 12 hours. Curing time takes up to 24 hours. It takes hours, but it minimizes the time and effort needed in maintaining the good condition of my deck and rails.
  • Fit for all types of wood
  • Provides superior protection
  • Binds the wood fiber to fight destructive elements (dirt, rain, UV rays, salt)
  • Doesn’t allow the stain to form
  • Made out of the latest technology
  • Less maintenance
  • Using protective gear during application
The protection coming from this product is what I need to keep the wooden parts of my boat intact.

9. JustTeak Sealer

With modern innovation, many products amaze me and this is one of them. I’m also very picky about choosing marine-grade quality items for my boat. It’s another reason to get this product that delivers a satisfactory result.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like adding color to the wood, you will be happy with this one as it only offers natural and clear tone hues. I ended up with a remarkable finish, and I know it won’t damage the wood as it has a safe formulation.

Due to its premium, marine-grade performance, it renews and protects wood safely and quickly. It can clean the surface based on its results and how it brightens the surface. However, you can also sand it then remove the dust before applying.

It is recommended to have the application under the sun with the temperature above 10 degrees Celsius. Shaking the container vigorously before using is essential. You may use a brush for even application. You can apply two coatings until you see that the wood ceased to absorb the sealer.

I’m amazed at the result and how gentle it is on the wood. The finish from this sealer is so clear that it makes my deck look brand new. You can also use this to refurbish furniture. The result is splendid too.

You only need to be careful handling it and disposing of things you use for application as it contains flammable liquid. As for the frequency of use, I don’t wait for the finish to wear off as I use it once a year.
  • A marine-grade sealer that offers natural and clear tone hues
  • Has a safe formulation that gives a remarkable clear finish
  • Renews and protects the wood due to its premium, marine-grade performance
  • Brightens wooden surface
  • Can be used to refurbish furniture
  • Have to be careful when handling and disposing of things used for application
If you want to brighten up your deck to have a new look, this teak sealer can help you.

10. Star Brite Teak Care

My dad has an old boat that needs fixing and grooming, so I opt for this kit. It has a cleaner, brightener, and teak oil. I didn’t expect much from it as I only got it for convenience in the first place. So, upon seeing the result, I was surprised by the boat’s makeover.

Since there are three things in the kit, you have to follow three steps as well. I start with its cleaner that is safe for fiberglass and painted areas. Cleaning an old boat is not an easy task. Thus, I used a power washer to get rid of unwanted bits. I allow the wood to turn dry first before applying a brightener.

The two steps have made it easier to restore a dull and dingy wooden surface. The finale is applying a Starbrite teak sealer. The wood should be dry before application to not lock in moisture. You can choose a sponge, brush, or cloth for application and make sure you do it following the grain’s direction.

Give the formula time to soak then you can wipe off the excess amount. Let it dry for you to gain long-lasting protection for your boat. You will surely execute every step with ease, just like how I did.

Old pieces of furniture can also benefit from the abilities of this kit. You may use it for all fine woods. It gives life to worn out things. See? This kit can be full of surprises. You will be amazed at how its magic works on old wood.
  • Three items in one kit (cleaner, brightener, sealer)
  • A convenient three-step process to groom the boat.
  • Different tools can be used for the application.
  • Gives long-lasting protection
  • Good for fine woods
  • Gives life to worn out, old things
  • Need power washer to rinse the cleaner
I don’t have to spend more time finding which products I need. Everything is in this kit, and it’s effective in making old things look better.

What is a Teak Sealer and How Does It Work


A teak sealer forms a layer that protects teak wood or other types of wood from UV rays. It creates a barrier to resist oxidation, which may happen to the wood’s outer layer.

If you fail to combat oxidation, a grayish color will appear. An ingredient is also added to the teak sealer’s formula to resist mold and mildew. It’s important as these two things arise from moisture. It occurs with the presence of water, which is inevitable when you’re on the waters.

You may choose a clear or tinted brand as it will be based on your preference. Teak oil doesn’t make alterations to the natural oil of the wood. It creates a finish that is neither oily nor slippery. You can just wipe away any spillage or dirt.

The beautiful finish and protection from a teak sealer can last a year or more. So, it’s recommended to apply it yearly. To dig deeper on how it works, you should know its different uses, which are as follows:

Marine wood protection

Teak is the wood that has been utilized in the shipbuilding industry for hundreds of years. It’s deemed to be the best material for ships since the medieval period. This belief is still existing up to these days. So no wonder that there are numerous teak sealers specifically made for marine use.

For Hardwood

Teak is one of the hardwoods out there. Other examples are mahogany, oak, maple, and bamboo. Therefore, the teak sealers that are in the market are capable of protecting any hardwood.

Covering for Furniture

People use a teak sealer to fight decay so their furniture can remain in good condition. It is given that teak is a tough kind of wood and its durability is dependable. However, you still need a teak sealer for enhanced appearance and longevity.

The application of teak sealer is essential for outdoor and bathroom furniture. These things are exposed to sun, water, and molds, so they need protection given by a teak sealer.

Types of Teak Sealers

Marine Grade Teak Sealer

A marine-grade teak sealer will prevent water or moisture from residing in the wood. It’s a starting point to stop mold, mildew, fungi, and bacterial growth from bringing damages. Since marine life means exposure to water, this part is prioritized.

Another important thing for the wood to survive is UV protection from a teak sealer made for marine use. It lowers the chances of fading and weathering as your boat would be exposed to sunlight. Furthermore, this effect will allow the wood to withstand even the harshest weather.

The finish of this teak sealer is not slippery. Thus, it promotes safety for everyone in the boat. It also makes cleaning effortless by just wiping. No stain can tarnish the wooden surface.

Furniture Teak Sealer

This teak sealer usually varies in color, from soft to blonde, golden brown, and amber. It was mainly made for outdoor furniture, so it protects against sun and rain. Despite weather changes, the wood won’t transform into silvery gray color.

It is also formulated to protect the wood from the lowest temperature of winter. So the finish can withstand all season.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Teak Sealer and Protector


Here are the benefits you can gain if you have a teak sealer and protector as part of your boat’s maintenance.

Restoring Wood’s Color

If ever you’ve heard about teak sealer because of the protection it provides, this part will tell you that it can enhance the wood’s appearance too. Before applying it, you have to clean the surface first. Once using it, you don’t need to clean the wood in the succeeding application.

Manufacturers have added color options of teak sealer. You may add a bit of shade or choose something that matches the wood color. If you want to make it plain, you can get clear or natural. Some can give off the natural look of the wood.

Providing the Ultimate Marine Protection

When going sailing on the waters, your boat is exposed to numerous things such as water, salt, and different weather conditions or environment. Thus, its formula includes things that can counter possible damages from these things.

UV protection is always a feature of a good teak sealer and protector. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes weathering and fading even though for tough teak wood. It’s important to protect the wood’s natural color to maintain its good-as-new look.

The teak sealer can give the ultimate protection as it creates a layer that doesn’t permit water or moisture to permeate. When the wood is dominated by the liquid, mildew and mold will form. You don’t want your wood to fall into pieces, so you have to keep it dry.

The finish is akin to a waterproof layer as spillage won’t be able to penetrate the wood. It doesn’t permit the stain to mark the surface. Once you have the coating on the wood, you can easily wipe any liquid or dirt. It’s also non-oily, which means it’s not slippery.

Lesser Maintenance

The finish of the teak sealer can last up to a year or more. Once you start using this on the wooden parts, you no longer need to clean the surface before application. It saves you some work, and making a yearly application is much better than just a few months.


You have to be knowledgeable about the product so you can avoid experiencing drawbacks. For instance, you should give the formula enough time to dry. You have to make sure that the surface is completely clean before application.

Some brands offer teak sealer in various colors. Get the one that suits your wood, or you’ll regret it. If you have the right color, it will enhance the look of the surface.

Buyer’s Guide

These are the things to note before you get a teak sealer and protector for your boat.

Ability to Repel Water

Water always causes issues on any kind of wood. So a teak sealer was made to stop damages from arising. Be wise to select a brand that can repel water.

Eliminates Heavy Stain

You don’t want the wooden surface to get stained as it ruins its innate beauty. It may start with a small spot, but if you don’t tend to it, it might surprise you that it spreads widely. The harsh sunlight can cause some stains, so make sure you get something with UV protection.

Can Block Foreign Objects

Aside from water and sunlight, other objects can damage wood too. Humidity, dirt, and other minute things are bad for the wood. Check the features of a teak sealer if it includes getting rid of these unwanted foreign objects.

Tintable Color Finish

Who doesn’t want their boat deck to look exceptional? The good news is that you can gain it by using a teak sealer. It’s not only for protection from harmful factors, but it can beautify too. Don’t be hasty about buying a teak sealer and check the color first if it fits the wooden area.

Easy Application

Teak sealer and protection are made for easy application. So it won’t be hard to get one that you can use right away after purchase. It should be something that can be applied using a brush or rag.


You want to finish a project one time as the teak sealer needs enough drying time. Check the quantity first if it can cover the entire wooden surface. It’s wise to get a gallon.

Care and Maintenance

When you haven’t used up everything in one gallon, you can store it for later use. It should be placed in a dry and cool area. Some formulas have some flammable ingredients, so you should keep it away from heat.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best teak sealer?

The ones who make the top-rated teak sealers are Star Brite, Golden Care, TotalBoat, Semco, Bayes, SEAL-ONCE, Gloster, DITEC, and JustTeak.

What is the difference between teak oil and teak sealer?

To discuss teak sealer vs teak oil, it’s best to mention how it works on the wood. Teak oil is not what its name says as it is made out of tung oil or linseed oil. Some thinner or varnish is in its mixture. Once it dries, a nice golden glow will shine.

Unfortunately, the spectacular shiny surface will only stay for a few months. Then you will find a dry surface. It happens as the oil has already evaporated. It’s not the kind of oil that prolongs the life of wooden surfaces. The wood has its natural oil to fight pests and harsh weather.

When it comes to application, excess teak oil can’t be avoided. So you need to give it around 20 minutes for you to wipe it off. On the other hand, applying a teak sealer is easier as you don’t have to tend to the excess amount. You can also finish it quickly too.

A teak sealer can be in clear and tinted hues, so you can use it for beautification as well. Its abilities stay on the wood longer than the teak oil. It even restores the color and luster of the wood.

To compare teak sealer or teak protector vs teak oil in providing protection, the former is much better. It doesn’t affect the natural oil in wood, and no slippery surface on its finish. Then it can last a year or more. So you can depend on its long-lasting protection.

How to protect teak outdoor furniture?

Protecting teak outdoor furniture is best done with a teak sealer rather than applying teak oil for the sake of adding some color. It can be done once a year.

Before applying teak oil, you have to clean the surface first thoroughly. You may choose to use a cleaner or make it on your own by mixing water and dish soap. Use a brush with soft bristles in a way that it follows the grain’s directions.

The grain should be open, so you have to sun dry the surface for two weeks. Subsequently, you can apply the teak sealer with a brush or a clean cloth. When winter comes, you have to ensure that no water stagnates on the wood, even a puddle under the furniture.

How do you weatherproof teak?

Waterproofing teak is done with a teak sealer since its formula can create a layer that can stop water and moisture. You can make sure that it’ll be waterproof by concentrating the application in a particular area. It will create a thick glossy surface on the wood that repels water.

Where can I buy it?

It’s easy to find teak sealer and protector in a home depot branch, Lowes, or other local hardware stores. Buying from an online store is also good as long as you’re accessing a reliable website. So you can find the exact information which will help you decide which product to choose.

You can find some great deals online, and you can avail of promos as well. If you get lucky, you can have a purchase with the shipping fee being waived.


Even though you have the best teak sealer & protector, you should clean the surface well before applying it. It’s fine as the next application won’t require you to do it. You’ll avail a year or more of protection, especially if you’re always out sailing. It also gives the wood a nice appearance. Maintaining your boat’s wooden areas won’t be arduous anymore as the teak sealer does many things for you.

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