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The Best Marine Soft Coolers

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

A cooler is a must-have in your boat, especially if you like to travel on board during summer. Having one makes your adventure on the water easier. You can immediately grab a drink from a soft cooler to quench your thirst. Plus, a soft cooler won’t take up too much of your boat’s space.

best marine soft cooler

You must be wondering what the best marine soft cooler in the market is. Worry not, this article will feature the finest and most reliable ones out there. You can choose the ideal cooler for yourself in this list of carefully handpicked products.

Check out the right soft coolers that will help you enjoy your water adventure. You will thank their presence as they can greatly help cool you down, especially when you’re in the middle of the sea.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

COLEMAN Soft Cooler Bag

+ Comfortable and pain-free shoulder straps
+ It can keep ice chilled for 24 hours
+ Wide hatch and large side handles

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

AO COOLERS Soft Cooler

+ Made of sturdy soft canvas 
+ It comes with a first-rate TPU liner
+ Keeps ice peak up to 120 degrees

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

YETI Hopper Soft Cooler

+ The hydro shield finish keeps water in
+ Comes with cold cell insulation 
+ Double-stitched and reinforced construction

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Top 10 Marine Soft Cooler Reviews

1. COLEMAN Soft Cooler Bag

Here’s another great cooler bag from COLEMAN. I love their cooler bags that stay true to their words. This one can keep ice chilled for up to 24 hours. Plus, the large storage can hold 30 cans of my favorite drink. I can go on sea trips more comfortably thanks to this product. It keeps me hydrated on the go.

The main thing that captivated me about buying this bag is that it is treated with antimicrobials to effectively resist mold, unwanted odor, mildew, and bacteria that may form on the flexible lining. Plus, the high temperature-welded seams efficiently prevent leakage. I don’t have to worry about getting untidy in my travels due to water spills.

I love how I don’t have to struggle in getting my drinks and foods from this soft cooler. The top hatch opens wide, so I can just grab something easily from it. Besides that, the shoulder straps are also comfortable. They’re not painful even when I wear them for a long time as I go to my boat. I also have better grip thanks to its large side handles.

This product also comes with a front pocket. However, it’s too small to store bulky things. It is an ideal pocket for thin and tiny objects that you want to grab easily.
  • It can keep ice chilled for 24 hours.
  • The large storage is capable of holding 30 cans inside.
  • Treated with antimicrobials to give you a bacteria-free and odorless lining.
  • The heat-welded seams effectively prevent leakage.
  • Wide hatch and large side handles.
  • It comes with comfortable and pain-free shoulder straps.
  • Comes with a front pocket that’s only ideal for thin and tiny objects.
Considering all the product highlights and features, I can say that it was one remarkable cooler bag. It’s a good companion on the go as it never fails to keep me hydrated and refreshed.

2. AO COOLERS Original Soft Cooler

You will love this soft cooler with high-density insulation from ao coolers. I came across several soft coolers, but this one is far superior to most of them. It has double insulation compared to other soft-sided coolers, so I can keep my ice in it even in weathers that peak up to 120 degrees.

This bag is a functional all-rounder. I love to bring it to all my activities due to its high versatility. It is ideal for boating, parties, fishing, picnics, and other sporting events that I attend. Anywhere I go, it keeps my drinks fresh so I can stay hydrated and reinvigorated.

I love how this bag is made of sturdy soft canvas that is highly suitable for travels. This feature allows me to bring this bag anywhere I go. Moreover, I can keep my boat dry with its first-rate TPU liner that prevents leaking.

Under other models, this soft sided cooler is a bit hard to zip up. I would consider it perfect if this wasn’t the case. Even so, the superb insulation makes this item one of my favorite coolers.
  • This soft cooler comes with high-density insulation to keep drinks cool.
  • Keeps ice even in humid weathers that peak up to 120 degrees.
  • This functional all-rounder bag is ideal for any activity.
  • Made of sturdy soft canvas that makes it suitable for traveling.
  • It comes with a first-rate TPU liner that efficiently prevents leaking.
  • This soft cooler is a bit hard to zip up.
It’s amazing to have this kind of marine cooler bag to accompany my trips. It comes with a good performance and provides me with exceptional comfort in my journey. Try it out!

3. YETI Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler

YETI is here to fulfill every customer’s top request. I’m glad I found this yeti softside cooler which I think is worth a try. I heard that all of its features undergo exquisite engineering plans and design. No wonder all my adventures have been exciting. You should check out more about this product.

What I love about this product is the magnet that efficiently seals in liquids and makes it leak-proof. I can carry my favorite drink without having to worry about spills. Plus, it comes with a moisture shield finish that further promotes its water-containing capability.

Another useful feature of this bag is that it comes with cold cell insulation. I can keep my drinks cool for a longer period, thanks to this feature. If you like to keep your valuables secure as much as I do, this cooler bag is perfect. Thanks to its double quick-release buckles, I can ensure that my Hopper M30 won’t open unexpectedly.

Thanks to the double-stitched and reinforced construction, it can hold more drinks than I can carry. For me, this soft side cooler is almost perfect. The thing that prevents me from giving this hopper a perfect review is that I need to have a trick in cleaning its interior properly. The magnets often lock the opening, making the cleanup quite challenging.
  • This product undergoes exquisite engineering plans and design.
  • It comes with a magnet that makes it leak-resistant.
  • The hydro shield finish keeps water in.
  • Comes with cold cell insulation that keeps drinks cool for a long time.
  • The double quick-release buckles securely lock this bag in place.
  • Double-stitched and reinforced construction.
  • Cleaning the bag’s interior may be tricky or challenging.
This product from YETI is the future. All of its features are truly remarkable. If you want to keep your drinks refreshing and make your trip convenient, this cooler bag is highly recommended.

4. IGLOO Marine Ultra Square Cooler

The igloo marine ultra soft cooler is one of my favorite bags to bring along. I can easily clean it after my trips thanks to its wide opening. Plus, this UV protective cooler bag comes with antibacterial properties. I don’t have to worry about unwanted odors and mildew that may form while using this product.

I love its extremely thick insulation that efficiently preserves the temperature of my food and drinks. With this feature, I can stay hydrated and refreshed throughout my trip. I often wonder how this is possible. But I discovered that its good insulation stems from the 1.1-inch thick cell foam. I’m grateful for this product from igloo.

Moreover, this cooler is not prone to corrosion. It is highly durable and can even withstand harsh marine conditions. I can take it even on long trips to the sea. It’s a real hassle when I have to spend time cleaning the boat from leakages. Thankfully, this product is leak-proof. It’s all thanks to the 0.35mm thick PEVA material.

It’s a good cooler for its price. However, I wish there was more space to store my favorite drinks. Other than that, this product is everything that you can ask for. It is durable and leak-resistant. You will experience a hassle-free adventure when you bring this cooler with you.
  • This cooler is easy to clean thanks to its wide opening.
  • It comes with antibacterial properties to prevent unwanted odors and mildew.
  • It has thick insulation that effectively preserves food and drinks temperature.
  • This cooler is UV-protective, not prone to corrosion, and is highly durable.
  • The product comes with 0.35mm thick PEVA material that makes it leak-proof.
  • Available at a good price.
  • It has a limited storage space.
This product is everything that you could ask for. All of its features are handy. I can assure you that this soft cooler is worth buying. You won’t regret all the goodness you could get at a fair price.

5. ARCTIC ZONE Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler

The best one is here. This product from ARCTIC ZONE is the best seller in the market due to its performance. I can attest to the quality that this bag provides. I’ve used it several times on my adventures, and it never failed me. You should check out this product.

As a constant traveler, I opt for a cooler that’s comfortable and compact like this. It comes with a convenient lid, which I just have to flip open to get my favorite drink along with my snacks. This bag’s zipperless feature makes my access easier and quicker. Plus, its exterior material is FDA-compliant. So, you’ll be guaranteed a reliable product.

I also like this product because I don’t have to worry about any leaking issues. It’s truly leak-proof, even if all the ice has melted in it. Plus, the interior is easy to clean, unlike other coolers that I used. I can also store my accessories freely in its front pocket without worrying about any damages.

Even if the Velcro strap aims to secure the top, it’s not ideal for overpacking. It would be best to put just the right amount of drinks that won’t bulk up the top lid. This can help lock it properly, keeping the drinks chilled as there would be no outside air.
  • A compact design.
  • A convenient zipperless lid that’s easy to open.
  • The product’s exterior material is FDA-compliant.
  • You do not have to fret about leaking issues.
  • Easy-to-clean interior.
  • Comes with an additional front pocket.
I have great experience in using this bag. Plus, its unique design is highly captivating. If you’re a light traveler like me, then I highly recommend this cooler. It’s a good product for a fair price.

6. CLEVERMADE Collapsible Cooler Bag

A manufacturer like CLEVERMADE continues to design large and portable bags that are easy to store. Their bags are designed especially for a light traveler like me. That’s why their products are some of my favorites. In this review, find out more about why this item is worth a try.

I love how large this product is. It can store up to 50 cans of my favorite cola, all with ice in it. This all-rounder product is ideal for beaching, fishing, camping, or picnics. I find its simple design convenient as it suits any occasion. It also comes with patented hinges that snap easily at each side of the cooler. I find its locking system very efficient.

Moreover, its size is perfect for my car. It fits in my trunk, and I can store it even in small spaces. When talking about comfort, this product is also unbeatable. The bag’s handle is not painful to my hands even when I carry loads of weight. Lastly, the company’s customer service is top-notch. I appreciated how they catered to all my concerns regarding the bag.

I only wish this product came with a shoulder strap. The handle works well, but sometimes it would be nice to have my hands free while moving stuff to my boat.
  • It comes with large storage that stores up to 50 cans of drinks.
  • This product is an all-rounder, making it ideal for any event.
  • Its locking system is efficient thanks to the patented hinges that easily snap.
  • The product’s size is perfect for any auto and even guarantees easy storage.
  • The handle is comfortable to hold, even when the bag is heavy.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • No shoulder strap.
If you have difficulties deciding the best product to use in your water adventures, worry no more. I strongly recommend this to you because all of its features are highly reliable. Try it now.

7. BISON COOLERS Insulated Ice Chest Bag

BISON COOLERS is a brand highly committed to making water adventures and other outdoor experiences into a comfortable lifestyle. Their line of cooler bags is highly remarkable. I never regret buying one. Check out this product review and know why you should do it, too.

This highly durable product is made of 1000 denier vinyl shells, making it sturdier than all other soft-sided coolers I bought. I noticed that its thick shell cover is two times more insulated and more effective than usual coolers.

I love how it can keep all the ice I put in for 24 hours, even in a 120-degree temperature. This feature allows me to keep all my drinks refreshingly cold. Plus, mine never had any scratches and tears even after years. It’s all thanks to its tear-resistant feature that can withstand up to 375 pounds of hefty weight. The color also doesn’t fade.

There are not many flaws with this product except its sloppy stitching. I believe the manufacturer can sew it cleaner. But even though the stitching is not as neat as other bags like the west marine yeti cooler, it still functions perfectly well. Its insulation is also top-notch for me. All the drinks I stored remain frosty cold even after a few hours.
  • Made of 1000 denier vinyl shells.
  • Two times more insulated than regular coolers.
  • Keeps ice for 24 hours in 120-degree weather.
  • Tear-resistant with a weight limit of 375 pounds.
  • Fade-resistant color.
  • Has sloppy stitching.
It’s a good quality all in all. It’s one of my favorite bags to bring in any adventures. You should try it out. I’m sure you will have no regrets about trying out this exquisite bag from BISON COOLERS.

8. ENGEL HD30 Waterproof Cooler Tote Bag

Are you looking for a reliable and high-performing soft cooler? Then, take a look at the ENGEL HD30 cooler tote bag. I love this product as it can hold my ice cubes for four days. This was made possible due to its vacuum valve system that greatly improves the bag’s insulation.

It is also water-resistant, like most brands. However, what makes this cooler unique is that its full-length zipper is also waterproof. That way, I can get my things easily and quickly without worrying about spills. I also like its front pocket, where I usually store my lotion, sunglasses, medicines, and other important things that I have to bring on my trip.

As a sea traveler, I can attest to this product’s durability. It’s all thanks to its rugged TPU exterior construction. My cooler tote bag lasted for years with no signs of flimsiness. Also, the ergonomic shoulder band makes this product comfortable to carry. I can say goodbye to shoulder pains even after carrying this loaded tote bag.

However, a short-armed girl like me has trouble reaching the drinks that sunk to the base of this soft cooler bag. It may be due to its zipper that doesn’t open very broadly. If you have long arms, then you won’t have any problems with it. It is extremely good to use.
  • It can hold ice cubes for four days due to its vacuum valve system.
  • The whole unit is water-resistant, including its full-length zipper.
  • It comes with an additional front pocket.
  • This product is durable thanks to its TPU exterior construction.
  • The ergonomic shoulder band makes it comfortable to carry.
  • Reaching the bottom drinks may be challenging.
All in all, this Engel soft cooler is a must-try! I love all its features, especially its ability to keep my drinks chilled and refreshing. It exceeded my expectations. For me, it’s one of the top-tier Engel coolers out there.

9. COLEMAN Soft-Sided Marine Cooler Bag

One of my favorite go-to cooler bags is this one from COLEMAN. It’s my most favorite marine soft cooler. All drinks stored in this cooler stay thirst-quenching and keep me fresh on the go. Plus, this product is highly insulated. It keeps my stored ice cool for 36 hours.

I can sail with no worries as it can handle temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. All my drinks stay refreshing. Besides that, this bag is also easy to bring. I can sling it on my shoulder as I go. Its surprisingly huge storage can hold up to 42 bottles of my refreshing water, so I can keep myself hydrated no matter how long I stay on the ocean.

Also, this product comes with an antimicrobial feature that keeps my drinks free from unwanted odor, mold, mildew, and fungus. This water-resistant cooler makes it highly suitable for the ocean because this feature allows me to keep my drinks away from seawater. Plus, it has heat-fused seams that retain moisture to avoid leaking.

This soft sided marine cooler is nice but has a flaw in the design. I’m afraid that the flimsy shoulder strap requires much care to last longer. However, it wasn’t a big deal as COLEMAN’s shoulder strap is easy to find. It comes with a common design that allowed me to buy a new one at a cheap price.
  • This highly-insulated cooler keeps ice cool for 36 hours.
  • Can handle temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This marine cooler is portable.
  • It comes with a huge storage that can store up to 42 cans.
  • Has antimicrobial features that keep my drinks free from unwanted odor.
  • Water-resistant and leak-free.
  • The shoulder strap requires much care to last longer.
So, if you’re looking for a top-tier soft marine cooler, this one is worth a try. It has all the features of a good cooler. Plus, it guarantees to keep your drinks chilled and your ice cool.

10. NORCHILL Soft-Sided Cooler Bag

Check out this imported cooler bag from NORCHILL. I’m sure you will love its reliable zipper closure and water-resistant tarpaulin cover as much as I do. Witness how these features make the overall product tear-proof and puncture-proof. If you like to know more about this worthy product, keep scrolling.

As a sea traveler, it may be tedious to have a bag that constantly leaks ice water. However, I’m glad that this one is an exception. The welded lining seams efficiently remove any possibility of leaks caused by melting ice. They made my trip more convenient. Plus, the double temperature padding system retains the food or drink’s heat or coldness.

And, best of all, it comes with a “kangaroo pouch” zippered compartment that adds storage for other things. I can store my keys, shades, sunblock lotion, and other belongings that I find handy in my voyage. Plus, its 1000-denier anti-slip base canvas efficiently keeps this bag in place, even when my boat faces big waves.

It is undeniable that all its features are handy and can make my trip worthwhile. However, it would be perfect if the product were a little bigger. It can only hold twelve cans, so if your trip is long, it’s not the best choice.
  • It comes with a reliable zipper closure and a water-resistant tarpaulin cover.
  • Tear-proof and puncture-proof product.
  • Welded seams to prevent leaking.
  • A double temperature padding system that retains food and drinks temperature.
  • It has a “kangaroo pouch” zippered compartment for additional storage.
  • Comes with a 1000 denier anti-slip base canvas.
  • Not the best choice for long trips.
This product is one of the top-rated soft boat coolers that I tried. It never fails to amaze me as it efficiently keeps my drinks refreshing. You should try this bag on your next water adventures.

Buyer’s Guide


I will give you all the info that you need to know when buying a cooler. If you want to keep your beverage fresh at any event, having one is a good idea. It would help if you consider the number of people going on the trip, how long the outing would last, and most importantly, your budget.

Coolers come in different sizes, the material used, and levels of durability. I always want to make sure that my drinks stay chilly. That’s why I always look for a soft cooler with good impact resistance and insulation to keep my drinks in top shape.

You should also consider some features that make coolers more portable and convenient. One example is the presence of grips, hinges, and rarely—wheels for portability.

Look for coolers with accessories that you’ll find handy. There are some with wheels and telescoping handles. I like to have this feature because it is easier for me to cover long walks from my car to my boat.

Plus, you’ll be surprised that there are coolers with cushions that perfectly turn them into comfortable seats. You can have two functions in one product. There are also ones with a food storage holder and a tie-down kit that makes your drinks more organized.

What’s the best size for a cooler? Well, it all depends on the number of people going on the trip with you. Ensure that you’ll buy one that perfectly stores everything. A moderate-sized cooler is preferred since large ones cannot keep food colder for longer.

Why do bigger coolers melt ice quicker? It’s because of the excess air or open space inside. But, if you are going fishing, it might be best to get a large cooler so you don’t have to chop what you caught.

You should also keep in mind the three kinds of coolers: soft-sided, electric, and hard-shell.

Soft-sided coolers

If you’re only out for a day or two, then a Soft-sided Cooler is ideal. This type is good for keeping food and drinks for a short time. It comes with different designs that you can choose from. Some have hard interior linings with an insulated fabric cover. Some are flexible on both sides.

I also love to look for coolers where the straps are heavily padded. One with outside pockets to store my car keys, sunblock lotion, and other important things is also a bonus.

It’s also good to look for something that fits perfectly into your boat, no matter how loaded it is. If you have a crowded boat, it’s a nice idea to use soft-sided coolers that easily squeeze in tight or narrow spaces. It makes your boat spacious. Plus, soft-sided coolers have different capacities depending on your preference.

Electric coolers

Next, there are two main types of electric coolers, the compressor type, and the thermoelectric type. Both operate on 12V current supplied by boats. The thermoelectric ones are more convenient as you don’t have to deal with slushy ice or leaking wet food. However, thermoelectric coolers have a limited cooling capacity.

On the other hand, compressor-driven coolers use a compressor, an evaporator, and a refrigerant. It has a similar process to a household refrigerator that efficiently cools or freezes the food and beverage stored inside.

Its difference compared with thermoelectric coolers is that compressor-driven ones can efficiently hold a stable temperature no matter how hot it is outdoors.

Hard-shell coolers

These are more weighty than their soft counterparts. However, they are tougher and can last for many years. If you want something that can withstand constant abuse, they are your best bet.

What is the Top-Rated Soft Sided Cooler


The market offers various marine soft-sided coolers we like and perfectly suit our budget. With all the choices available, it might get confusing on what to buy. The products listed above are the top picks, as they offer exceptional quality that customers love.

However, I was not able to cover all of it. If you wish to go the extra mile in finding other soft-sided coolers, I also recommend igloo marine soft coolers and coolers from Engel. Customers love the quality of their products. Plus, you can rest easy as their coolers have excellent insulation. You can keep your drinks frosty all day long.

Plus, these are not like other brands. They come with industry-leading features that customers can’t get enough of. They’re as competitive as the products listed above.

Now that you know the most trusted soft-sided coolers out there, it’s about time to have yourself one. Investing in this product is worthy, especially if you love to go on outdoor trips or sea travels.

Which Soft Cooler Keeps Ice Longest

There are excellent coolers that come with remarkable features. Some may even catch your attention. However, not all of them have good insulation that keeps ice for a long period. This section will introduce some of the products that can effectively keep your ice in top shape.

The best brands you can trust in having good insulation are Engel, Yeti, and Igloo. Their materials undergo unique engineering that gives you a leak-free journey. You won’t have to be upset about wet floors anymore.

Among all, the igloo cooler bag is a product that you should look out for. All of its features are great. Plus, it is highly reliable. Most of the products I mentioned come in small sizes. But there are also large coolers that can keep ice in good condition for a long period.

Are Soft Coolers as Good as Hard Coolers

People are curious if soft coolers are as good as hard coolers. Well, it all depends on you. If you like something strong and sturdy, then hard-sided coolers are good for you. Plus, they are more durable. If you have a big family to bring on trips, a hard cooler is a wise choice because it is available in large sizes.

On the other hand, light travelers like me prefer soft-sided coolers because they are lightweight and compact. I can carry them conveniently even when I walk a distance from my car going to my boat. If you tend to carry coolers a lot, then soft-sided ones are better. They won’t give you shoulder pains.


Choose the best marine soft cooler to help you on your trip. Before you make your final buy, make sure that it comes with good insulation that keeps your drinks cool and refreshing.

Plus, having a cooler with antimicrobial properties will also help you a lot. It will save you from unwanted odors or bacteria that may form in your drinks’ bottles. Having one of these appliances is definitely a good try.

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