The Best Teak Oils for Boats

best teak oil for boats

Teak wood is not something to be taken for granted as it is a significant part of the boat. Appropriate care and maintenance should be practiced by boat owners. Knowing about the best teak oil …

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The Best Boat Washes

best boat wash

Owning a boat grants you endless adventures and memories with your friends and family. However, keeping one isn’t as easy as it looks. Frustrations such as stains, dirt, rust, salt sprays, corrosion, nasty odors, etc., …

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The Best Boat Vinyl Cleaners

best boat vinyl cleaner

 Vinyl is steadily becoming the cover of choice for many boat owners due to its affordable nature and ease of use. This material is ideal for boat making as it’s capable of withstanding being exposed …

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The Best Marine Varnishes

best marine varnish

It’s impressive to see a nicely varnished boat or water vessel. You may see a toe rail or handrail and some wooden parts that are neatly done. These parts have different materials, and you may …

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The Best Marine Sealants

best marine sealant

You may find yourself in hard times of searching for the best marine sealant. As a boat owner, you know that it’s an essential thing as there might be instances that you need to cover …

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The Best Teak Cleaners

best teak cleaner

Before applying something on furniture, deck, and rails made of wood in your boat, you have to clean the surface. You should get rid of dirt and any foreign objects. Some cases would require sanding …

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The Best Gelcoat Restorers

best gelcoat restorer

As time passes, the once brilliant and near-perfect boat surfaces are wrecked by oxidation, fading, and scratches. What’s worse, environmental contaminants speed up gelcoat damages. If left unattended, your boat’s appearance becomes entirely ruined, which …

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The Best Paints for Aluminum Boat

best paint for aluminum boat

Many owners want to customize their aluminum boats. They often paint them, not just to get the color and appearance they like, but also to maintain the vessels. Although aluminum is lightweight, durable, and resistant …

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