The Best Gelcoat Restorers

best gelcoat restorer

As time passes, the once brilliant and near-perfect boat surfaces are wrecked by oxidation, fading, and scratches. What’s worse, environmental contaminants speed up gelcoat damages. If left unattended, your boat’s appearance becomes entirely ruined, which …

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The Best Marine Epoxies

best marine epoxy

Different materials are used in making boats and other water vessels. When doing some fixing on a boat, you will be prompted to deal with cement, metal, fiberglass, plastic, or carpentry. In this aspect, you …

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The Best Aluminum Boat Cleaners

best aluminum boat cleaner

Aluminum is considered a versatile metal. Thus, its significant contribution to different industries including the marine industry is seen everywhere. Aluminum boats are common and they are not immune to abrasive components of both saltwater …

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The Best Boat Polishes

best boat polish

The boat’s exterior is the most susceptible to harmful environmental factors like UV rays and salt water. Although regular washing keeps stains and contaminants at bay, this does not ensure a clean and brilliant finish. …

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