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The Best Jon Boat Lights

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Jon boats are small and simple yet popular fishing boats. They are not only inexpensive to buy, but their ownership and maintenance costs are also affordable. Thanks to these factors, Jon boat owners can invest in the most trusted boat lights they could ever have.

best jon boat lights

Boat lights are essential to all kinds of boats, especially to smaller boats like a Jon boat. Sufficient boat lighting is not only for aesthetics but also for legal requirements. Having your boat illuminated makes it safe for you to operate at night or during low light conditions.

There are different varieties of boat lights available in the market, making it confusing to choose which one to buy. So, here are my reviews on some of the best Jon boat lights that you can also consider when you buy boat lights.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Seapon Boat Light

+ Easy to use and install
+ Low power consumption
+ Life span lasts up to 50,000 hours

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Shangyuan Navigation Lights

+ Simple and easy installation
+ Waterproof and shockproof
+ Low power and energy consumption

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Attwood 14192-7

+ Lights are easily assembled
+Excellent quality of LED lights
+ Great battery life

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Top 10 Jon Boat Light Reviews

1. Seapon Pontoon Boat Light

The Seapon Pontoon Boat Light is a 5-meter marine LED strip light in the color green. You can use this as an interior light, accent light, a courtesy light, and many more. The strip comes with adhesive backing and strip clips/screws.

This boat light is easily used and installed with minimal knowledge in working with wires. The strips have wires on both ends, which allows up to three (3) boat lights to be connected end to end. All you have to do is supply a power source and switch to operate this light.

A commendable feature of this product is its lighting capacity. The amount of brightness it offers is an assurance of your boat to be seen clearly during the night. At the same time, the LED lights don’t consume too much energy leading to a life span of up to 50,000 hours.

My most favorite feature of this product is its adjustment features. Its ribbon is flexible for easy bending along your boat’s curves. What’s more interesting is you can trim the LED strip lights along the cut mark provided without damaging the rest of the strip lights.

Upon using this product, I realized that its self-adhesive backing is not sticky enough. My advice when you encounter this problem is to sand down and paint your boat’s surface before placing the lights so it won’t come undone but I recommend using the strip clips/screws.

Furthermore, I am not so fond of the product’s water resilience. Yes, this boat light is waterproof, but you can’t directly submerge it underwater. For a waterproofing idea, you can use RTV silicone.
  • Easy to use and install
  • Luminous LED lights with low power consumption
  • Comes with strip clips and screws for a stable installation
  • Strip light ribbons are flexible for smooth adjustments
  • Life span lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Self-adhesive backing requires additional adhesion
  • Cannot be submerged underwater
Uneven boat lighting won’t be a problem anymore if you have these lights installed on your boat. It is also worth mentioning that this boat light serves its functional and aesthetical purposes.

2.Shangyuan Boat Navigation Lights

Are you looking for a navigation light that is a value for your money? If yes, then the Shangyuan Navigation Lights are the most affordable Jon boat navigation lights you can buy.

This product comes with two (2) marine slim LED strip lights. The one light is green, and the other is red. You can easily install the lights with the use of the included stainless screw sets and foam tape. Just be careful in mounting these lights as they may snap when force is applied.

There are lots of navigation lights available in the market, but this product stood out the most for me because of various reasons, and one of them is its brightness. Contrary to its size, the LED lights are radiant but not blinding, which allows the boat to be seen by other vessels and is perfect for preventing collisions during low visibility or at night.

Another feature of this product that I love is its energy and power consumption. A 12 voltage power supply is enough for this product to work for over 50,000 hours. Take note that you still need to provide the power supply and switches when you buy this product.

Aside from that, the lights remain at a low temperature, so there are no risks of burning yourself. These lights are waterproof and shockproof, making them safe to touch. On top of all that, these navigation lights are fit for portlights, starboard lights, and even courtesy lights. I can say that this product is good enough to turn a simple Jon boat into a modern and enticing Jon boat.

The only downside I can say about this product is that the lights are too small. You need to buy at least two sets of these navigation lights for a wide range and angle of visibility. Other than that, all is well for this product.
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Offers high safety as low heat, waterproof and shockproof
  • Low power and energy consumption
  • Bright lights with over 50,000 hours of life span
  • Comes with screw sets and foam tape for convenient installation
  • The lights are too small
If you want affordable yet sleek looking navigation lights for your Jon boat, then these boat lights are the perfect fit for you.

3. Attwood 14192-7 Navigation Light

Most boaters recommend Attwood as one of their most trusted boat light brands, and I couldn’t agree more. It is because, in my experience, these marine products are reliable and long-lasting.

One of their marine products that caught my attention is the Attwood 14192-7 Deck Mount Navigation Light Kit. This light kit comes with a red/green LED bow light, white LED stern light, mounts, and a pole, which fits small boats.

This Jon boat navigation light kit offers different features that most boaters look for when purchasing their very own boat lights. One of these features is the overall simple installation process. You just have to attach the lights to their mounts then place it onto your boat.

Speaking of which, this has versatile mounting options. You can mount the lights onto your deck using either the provided adhesive pads or any available rivets/screws at your end. Although, I recommend screwing down the mounts as it is more stable than adhesive pads.

What I like most about this product is how easy it is to attach and detach the lights from the clips of the mounts and pole, which can be adjusted to approximately 24 inches high and can be disconnected from its base if preferred.

This product is a battery-powered navigation light kit with a run time of over 150 hours on 3 AAA standard batteries. The portable lights are enclosed in a shockproof and sturdy casing with an on/off switch for convenient operation.

Aside from everything I’ve mentioned, this product has excellent quality LED lights making your Jon boat visible during nighttime. However, these lights are not Coast Guard approved, so I recommend using this light for backup.
  • Lights are easily assembled and installed
  • Offers flexible mounting options with adhesive pads provided
  • Excellent quality of LED lights
  • Great battery life
  • Durable electronic housing materials
  • Portable marine lights are not Coast Guard approved
This Jon boat light kit’s overall performance and quality exceed my expectations, so I highly recommend this product for small boat owners like me.

4. Exzeit LED Boat Light

As having a beam angle of 120°, Exzeit LED Boat Light has become one of the most recommended Jon boat LED lights today. It allows a wide range of illumination and clear visibility of boats at night.

Aside from its floodlight feature, this two-piece boat light offers a high intensity of brightness. Each LED light is 2000 lumens with 6000K color temperature, which is fitting for boats to be seen during the night or low light conditions. In addition to its brightness, it works up to 30,000 hours.

This product also comes with 304 stainless steel nuts, bolts, and a U-shape mounting bracket with powder coating. With the correct wiring, power supply, and the provided hardware, this light is easy to install on your boats.

Another admirable feature of this product is its aluminum housing. It is made with sturdy electronic materials that can withstand harsh environments like snow and rain.

I also like its IP68 waterproof factor. Its wires are protected with fat rubber grommets making the product waterproof. I used to submerge mine for a couple of minutes, and it still works fine. Although waterproof, it is not intended for underwater use so using it underwater for a long time is not advisable.
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with U-shape mounting bracket, nuts, and bolts
  • Vibrant IP68 waterproof LED lights
  • Made with sturdy housing materials
  • With up to 30,000 working hours and a beam angle of 120°
  • Not recommended for underwater use
Start replacing your old halogens with this LED light for a lasting and quality boat light. I highly recommend this boat light if you are aiming for vision purposes and not mood purposes.

5. Boaton Navigation Lights

Various Jon boat running lights are out in the market, but the Boaton Navigation Lights caught my attention. This product has amazing features, making it worthy to be considered a top-tier navigation light.

These navigation lights are in colors red and green with dimensions of 13” x 1/2” x 1/4” (L x W x H). The lights are made with exceptional ABS materials and enclosed with silicone shells to make it IP67 waterproof. It is resistant to water splashes and rain.

The lights are notable for their eighteen (18) pieces of 5050 LED chips. They make the lights super bright and vibrant, allowing your boat to be seen at a maximum distance of four (4) miles.

The low amperage draw and power consumption of each strip light lead to a longer life span of over 50,000 hours. Aside from that, these lights are flexible for free bending and easy mounting purposes.

Another feature of this product is its simple installation using its 3M adhesive backing. Just peel off the double-sided adhesive and install it on your boat. It is super simple that you’ll never have to question how to install navigation lights on a Jon boat ever again.

Its self-adhesive backing is sticky and durable, if and only if proper surface preparation is performed. Light strips will easily fall off from irregularly-surfaced boats. Therefore, make sure to sand and rub alcohol on your boat’s surface before installation.

Furthermore, the lights have professional marine cable wires and a 22awg wire gauge. Its total wire length of 32 inches makes it easy for me to connect the lights to my switch, power source, and other boat wires.
  • Simple installation
  • Comes with professional marine cable wires and a 3M adhesive backing
  • With high-grade LED chips for longer visibility range
  • Low power consuming lights that last for over 50,000 hours
  • Flexible IP67 waterproof lights made with exceptional ABS materials
  • Additional work required for lasting adhesion
These high-quality performing navigation lights let you relax at the comfort of your Jon boat, especially at night.

6. Shoreline Marine Stern Light

Shoreline Marine is a good quality line of multi-purpose marine products, and I recommend their Shoreline Marine All-Round Fold Down Stern Light. This light comes with an aluminum pole and an ABS plastic base.

This product includes an incandescent bulb, which is really bright. However, this kind of bulb has a high power consumption and it gets too hot. The good thing is you can replace it with an LED bulb, if preferred. The bulb is covered with a 360-degree frosted globe that allows your boat to be seen at a two(2)-mile distance during the night.

What I love most about this product are its fold down option and all-round capacity. There is a thumb screw at its base that can be twisted to adjust it to your desired position. Furthermore, it can be used as a running light and anchor light. For running light, turn this on together with your red and green front navigation lights. Turn on this stern light for an anchor light.

It is simply structured and can be mounted easily. There are three (3) screw holes in a triangular pattern on the light’s base. You can secure the light on your boat with any available perfect fit stainless steel screws at your end. Make sure to follow the regulations of mounting navigation lights when you use this product.

Product installation is also simple. There are two wires coming through the bottom of the mount, one red and one black. If you prefer an on/off switch, try splicing the wires and connect one to your switch and the other to a 12v dc power supply.
  • Can be mounted and installed easily
  • Has a 360-degree globe view that meets the visibility distance of two (2) miles
  • Used as a running light and anchor light
  • Has a fold down option
  • Comes with an aluminum pole and ABS plastic base
  • Included bulb is an incandescent bulb not an LED bulb
Pack your things and get ready for a safe fishing and boating at night with this foldable Jon boat stern light.

7. Aaiwa LED Pods

There are many affordable and quality proven LED lights produced by Aaiwa. And there is a certain product that stood out for me, which is the Aaiwa LED Pods. I considered this product as one of the best products for various reasons.

It has two (2) pieces of bright LED lights that run for over 50,000 hours. The lights are designed with a high amount of brightness for safer boating at night. Each light also features a combo beam, providing both flood and spot beams for wider and further visibility.

And I also like its easy installation and flexible mounting that comes with a tail wiring and mounting screw sets for each light. Each set includes stainless steel adjustable brackets and screws. With the use of the provided hardware, changing the direction of each light is possible and easier.

In addition to that, you won’t need a relay when using these lights as they don’t draw much current. I used mine with a 12v power supply, and it works fine. I also recommend using an on/off switch for this. Otherwise, these lights will always be turned on.

Moreover, it is protected with an aluminum housing and a silicone strip for durability and an IP67 waterproof rating. It is dustproof and can withstand raindrops and water splashes. However, using this underwater is not advisable as it may decrease the lights working life span.
  • Easy installation and flexible mounting
  • Features combo beam for wider and further visibility
  • Comes with a tail wiring and two (2) mounting screw sets
  • Protected with a durable housing for an IP67 waterproof rating
  • Has two (2) pieces of bright LED lights with over 50,000 hours of life span
  • Not intended for underwater use
Regardless, these LED Pods are worth recommending for boat lights, specifically as duck boat headlights.

8. Seapon Pontoon Boat Light

Sufficiently enough as a Jon boat interior lighting is the Seapon Pontoon Boat Light in the color blue. It is a five(5)-meter marine flexible strip light with a self-adhesive backing, and ten(10) pieces strip clips and screws. Its ribbons are flexible for easy bending on your boat’s curves.

It can be installed and mounted easily on your boat with the use of its self-adhesive backing. However, there is a tendency that it will fall off because the tape on its back is not sticky enough. Thus, I recommend using the supplied strip clips and screws for stable installation. If you prefer using its adhesive backing, I suggest preparing your surface first before placing the lights.

Furthermore, strip lights can be cut at a provided interval, which is every 3 LED, without damaging the rest of the strips. You can also connect up to three (3) boat lights end to end. In addition to that, you can link it to your available on/off switch and power supply for convenient operation.

This boat light has an IP65 waterproof rating, which means it is not submersible. Although it cannot be submerged underwater, it is still water resistant. You can also use marine sealants to provide additional waterproofing. In any case, it is an energy-saving and bright LED strip light with working hours of 50,000 hours.
  • LED strip lights can be installed and mounted easily
  • Comes with a self-adhesive backing and strip clips and screws for stable installation
  • An IP65 waterproof energy-saving LED lights
  • Flexible strip light ribbons are linkable for easy adjustment
  • Bright LED lights with life span of 50,000 hours
  • Self-adhesive backing is not sticky enough
  • Lights are not submersible
This blue-colored boat light is recommended as an interior light. Just make sure to install it in a way that it will not interfere with your navigation lights. Also, I advise consulting your local coast guard for approval because blue lights are often mistaken as law enforcement lights.

9. Shangyuan Boat Light

Are you running out of Jon boat lighting ideas? If yes, I suggest trying the Shangyuan Boat Light in the white color. It can be used as an interior light, accent light, and courtesy light. Besides, there are other noteworthy features to look out for from this product.

This boat light comes with six (6) slim LED lights, stainless steel screw sets, and foam tape. The lights are small enough to fit any compact spaces of your boat. Mounting these lights is not a problem with the use of the provided hardware. I used both screw sets and foam tape for lasting adhesion. If you prefer using only the foam tape, I suggest applying a stronger sealant.

Further, it is easy to install as it comes with two wires, one positive and the other negative. You only need basic wiring knowledge. I wired mine to an unused switch on my boat to easily turn it on/off. Apart from that, the lights are very bright. Even so, the lights have low power consumption leading to a long-lasting life span of 50,000 hours. The lights also remain at a low temperature.

The product’s only downside is its waterproof capacity. Yes, it can withstand low amounts of water splashes and rainfall, but it cannot be submerged underwater. Hence, I recommend using it on your boat’s interior.
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Comes with screw sets and foam tape for lasting adhesion
  • Offers low power consumption and remain at a low temperature
  • A long-lasting life span of 50,000 hours
  • Lights are slim and small for perfect fitting
  • Cannot be submerged underwater
When you are looking for an LED boat light that can be used for different purposes, then this boat light should be on your list.

10. Nilight ZH002 Light Bar

I was looking for a reliable light bar on Jon boat, and I came across a striking product, the Nilight ZH002 Light Bar. It covers one (1) piece of combo beam LED light bar, two (2) pieces of spot beam LED pods, and a wiring harness kit.

The lights have high-grade LED chips for a higher intensity of brightness. The combination of its beam angle and pure white color temperature suffices my boat light needs. Although bright, the lights are nevertheless consuming excessive power, which leads to a working life span of over 30,000 hours.

Additionally, the lights are enclosed with 6063 aluminum housing, which makes them corrosion resistant. This product is dustproof and water-resistant; it can withstand rainfalls and water splashes. Don’t try to submerge them, as they will be broken.

One of its commendable features is its easy adjustment. Stud mounts are slidable, which let you move it from end to end and position it in different locations. Mounting is also easy with the use of included mounting brackets, bolts, and nuts. Brackets are adjustable to a certain degree for better light positioning.

Regarding this product’s downsides, there are two minor problems. Firstly, the installation takes longer and is more complicated than I expected. Secondly, the wiring harness has only two connectors, so I had to add more wires for a more convenient on/off switch. You can also add a separate harness for the remaining light if preferred.
  • Offers high intensity of brightness
  • Comes with adjustable mounting brackets, bolts, and nuts for easy mounting
  • LED lights are water-resistant and dustproof
  • Anti-corrosive LED light housing made with 6063 aluminum
  • Has high-grade LED chips that work for over 30,000 hours
  • Proper installation takes a lot of time
  • Wiring harness caters to only two connectors
This Jon boat light bar has remarkable features, and owning one is worth it. I also recommend this for boat owners who are aiming for additional lighting.

What is a Jon Boat Light and How Does It Work


A Jon boat falls into the small boat category, which is normally eight (8) to twenty-four (24) feet long and commonly used for duck hunting or freshwater fishing. It can be powered by oars, fuel outboards, or battery-powered engines.

In any case, a Jon boat is required to equip lights for various reasons. These lights are labeled as Jon boat lights, and they are required by law. Other boaters place boat lights for decoration reasons and additional lighting purposes.

Boat owners must abide by the standard rules and regulations issued by their local Coast Guards when it comes to boat lighting ideas. The main purpose of equipping the required boat lights is to ensure that boats are seen by other vessels during the night or low light visibilities like rain, fog, or haze, and vice versa.

Just like a big boat, small boats like a Jon boat need to operate with the necessary lights during periods of restricted visibility, and/or between sunset and sunrise. These lights are generally referred to as navigation lights.

The navigation lights are color-coded lights with designated spots on a Jon boat. They work with any power supply available onboard. Some navigation lights are battery-operated, and some are hard-wired. Regardless, it is important to be familiar with a Jon Boat’s right type of lights.

Types of Jon Boat Lights

Jon boats have boat lights used for navigation, and each light has its own type. Before we go further, let me show you the types of Jon boat lights used to navigate on waters.

Starboard Lights

These serve as your front green lighting. Color green lights are placed on the starboard or the right front side of your Jon boat.

Port Lights

The other front side of your Jon boat, which is the left side is called a port. Red-colored lights are placed on this side.

Stern Lights

The back of your boat is as important as the front. Proper lighting is required to notify other vessels of the correct position of your Jon boat. The backlighting is a white light called a stern light.

Transom Lights

As Jon boats are mostly used as fishing vessels, you need transom lights. These lights illuminate the waters below, which result in effective fishing at night.

Other Lights

You can add other lights to your Jon boats such as an all-around white light, masthead lights, and sidelights, anchor lights, and docking lights. I advise consulting your local Coast Guards when putting these lights on your boat.

A simple Jon boat requires fewer navigation lights than other bigger boats. Additional boat lighting, although optional, is nevertheless prohibited. Just make sure that the additional lights don’t hinder the performance of the required navigation lights to avoid confusion.

For legal safety, all boats whether big or small must display the mandatory lights when navigating on water. However, not all boats have the same lighting requirements. Therefore, it is your obligation as a boat owner to know about the factors to consider when equipping your boat with lights.

  • The length of the Jon boat

Jon boats fall into the category of “boats less than twelve (12) meters long”. And all boats that fall under this category are generally required to exhibit the following navigation lights:

  1. Red and green sidelights
  2. All-Round white light
  • Jon boats powered by oars or paddles

A human-powered Jon boat can be equipped with the standard navigation lights stated above. However, in most cases where these lights are not available, make sure to present the following lights for safety:

  1. All-Round white light
  2. Portable lights such as flashlights and torchlights
  • Jon boats powered by an engine

If your Jon boat is powered by an engine, you are required to display the following lights:

  1. Red and green sidelights
  2. White stern light

Knowing the general lighting information is helpful for a secured boat operation, especially at low light conditions. It is still best to check legal boat light requirements with your local Coast Guards before heading on water.

As I’ve mentioned, each boat light has its type, and boat owners have the freedom of which type of boat light they prefer. The different types of light are as follows:

  • LED Lights

These are the latest and most recommended type of light for Jon boats because of various advantages. The LED lights for Jon boat are long-lasting, energy-saving, and most have a high amount of brightness. They are safe to use for long periods because of their low working temperature.

  • Incandescent Lights

Before LED lights became available in the market, incandescent lights were the most commonly used lights for boats. They are inexpensive and bright. However, they are high power consuming lights and not as long-lasting as LED lights.

  • Halogen Lights

These are the least recommended type of light for boats because of their inefficient energy consumption, and shorter life span than LED lights. There is also a risk of burning yourself from touching these halogen lights.

No matter what type of light you choose for your Jon boat, always remember that safety is always your first priority. After all, boat lights are placed to avoid collisions and alert other vessels of your presence.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Jon Boat Light

Proper placing of Jon boat lights, also referred to as aluminum boat lights must be observed by every boat owner at all times. Using Jon boat lights is advantageous not only to yourself but also to other boaters around your area as well. Let me explain these benefits further.

Legal Safety

Using boat lights on your Jon boat is required by law. There are rules and regulations established by law to prevent marine accidents from happening. Therefore, you must display the standard navigation lights when operating on the water to avoid being punished according to the law.

Boat Safety

Communication among watercraft is possible with the use of boat lights. Jon boat lights are designed to ensure the safety of the boat and other vessels within its proximity. The reason for color-coded navigation lights is to inform other boaters of your boat’s position from their boats, and vice versa. These lights will let you know whether the other boat is going in the opposite direction or not.

Aside from the boat’s position, boat lights also signal other boaters of your distance from their boat. For this reason, navigation lights must be seen at a certain distance. In addition to that, boat lights tell other boaters the size of your boat. Therefore, it is important to place your boat lights in their designated place.

Crew Safety

Another benefit of using Jon boat lights is to make sure that the crew on board is safe. It is not enough to let other boaters know about your boat. It is also important that the interior lighting of your boat is sufficient.

You can’t navigate properly if you can’t see clearly. There is a possibility of hurting or tripping yourself in the dark. Thus, equipping your boat with its corresponding boat lights is necessary.


Boat lights are also placed to add style to your boat. You can customize your own Jon boat by adding interior lightings. Whatever additional lights you place, make sure that they don’t get in the way of your navigation lights. Otherwise, don’t bother adding decorative boat lights.

Jon boat lights are indeed beneficial to boat owners. However, there is also a disadvantage when using Jon boat lights.

Additional Cost and Maintenance

Based on my experience, using Jon boat lights caused me to spend more than the actual Jon boat ownership cost. On top of the additional expenses, there is more maintenance work to do when you have diverse boat lights on your Jon boat.

Buyer’s Guide

Every boat owner aims to choose the right boat lights for their Jon boats. Hence, if you’re thinking of upgrading your simple Jon boat to a legally safe and attractive Jon boat, you can follow the guide below when buying your Jon boat lights.

Coast Guard Approved Light Output

This is the most important factor that you must consider when purchasing your Jon boat lights. Standard navigation lights follow the two (2) mile visibility distance. Therefore, Jon boat light must be bright enough to be seen clearly within the said distance. This avoids collisions during low light conditions (i.e. night, rain, eclipse, or fog).


Another factor to consider is the light’s durability. It must be made with high-quality housing materials and high-grade light chips. This is to ensure that the lights can withstand harsh environmental conditions and extreme forces. Durable lights can save you from additional lighting expenses.

Working Hours

You must also look into the light’s working hours before you purchase a Jon boat light. Lights with longer working hours are worth buying than those with a shorter life span. The boat lights that run for long periods are the LED boat lights.

Working Temperature

When purchasing boat lights, always make sure that the lights don’t get too hot when they are in use. The top-rated Jon boat light works for a long time and remains at a low temperature, which is safe to touch.

Low Power Consumption

Aside from the light’s working temperature, you must also look at its power consumption. Ideally, a Jon boat light must be radiant and consumes only a little power.

Waterproof Rating

You must never miss the chance to check the waterproof rating of the boat lights you intend to buy. Most boat lights feature an IP65, IP67, and IP68 waterproof rating.

An IP65 waterproof rating is water-resistant but not submersible. Both IP67 and IP68 waterproof rating means that the lights can be submerged underwater for half an hour. However, IP67 reaches only up to a maximum depth of one (1) meter, while IP68 reaches up to one and a half ( 1 ½) meter deep.

Boat lights need to be at least resistant to water to withstand rainfalls and water splashes. And it is up to you whether to buy a water-resistant boat light or a fully waterproof boat light.

Easy Installation Process

One important factor to assess when purchasing your Jon boat light is its easy installation process. To save your effort and time, buying boat lights that are easy to install is your best option. It goes the same for the wiring and mounting process of the boat lights.


Choosing the right color for your Jon boat lights is also a factor you need to think about. Some colors attract bugs and insects while some don’t. Other colors are prohibited to use by common boat owners, according to the law. For example, flashing blue light means the boat is a law enforcement vessel.

You are required to place the standard navigation lights with the colors green, red, and white. If you prefer to have some additional lights, there are other available colors to choose from, like blue, yellow, and turquoise. Just check the colors with your local Coast Guards to be safe.

Care and Maintenance

Supplying the right boat light for your Jon boat is vital to avoid replacing your lights in just a short time. Aside from that, proper care and maintenance are required to enjoy your Jon boat lights to their full extent.

Taking care of and making sure that your boat lights stay in their best condition is simple. You just have to make sure that you are using your boat lights properly. Only use your boat lights for their designated purposes.

I recommend using switches for your boat lights. This is to avoid using excessive and unnecessary lights when sailing on waters. By using a switch, you can easily turn your needed lights on/off.

I also advise you to dock your Jon boats at dry places, specifically using underwater lights. Maintaining your Joan boat on dry spots refrains the lights from getting soaked on waters, especially when there’s a storm.

Preventing your boat lights from corrosion is the best way to keep your Jon boat lights safe and long-lasting. You can also use marine silicones for your boat lights to have some additional waterproofing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best Jon boat lights?

Boat lights that offer an efficient and quality light output with protective shell designs are the top-rated boat lights for your Jon boat. Aside from that, lights must also be able to run for long periods without consuming too much energy and power. Additionally, the lights must be water-resistant.

Of all the brands making Jon boat lights, Attwood, Shangyuan, and Shoreline Marine make the top-tier boat lights for Joan boats. They offer quality and reasonably priced Jon boat lights.

How do you wire navigation lights on a Jon boat?

Wiring navigation lights on a Jon boat is easy but somehow tricky. Improper wiring will not make your navigation lights work. Therefore, it is important to have some basic wiring knowledge, if there are no professionals available near you.

Most navigation lights are easy to install as they have two-wire connections. Besides, there are wiring instructions provided when buying navigation lights. For cases without instructions, the simplest steps in wiring navigation lights on a Jon boat are as follows:

  • Determine the power supply of your navigation lights. Make sure that you are using the correct voltage required by your navigation lights.
  • Once the power supply is identified, look for the wires from your navigation lights. The red wire is your positive wire, and the other black wire is the negative wire.
  • The navigation lights that I have installed, the red wires are the hot wires and the black wires are the ground.
  • Then simply connect red to red wires, and black to black wires.

From there, you will see that the navigation lights are working. You can supply a switch if you don’t want your lights to be always turned on.

How to set up Jon boat lights?

Most Jon boat lights are easy to set up. If your boat light is battery-operated, you can just mount them on your boat with adhesives or screws, and simply turn it on/off. If your boat light requires hard wiring, you can mount it on your boat with the required mounting hardware, then wire the lights to your switch and power supply.

Where can I buy Jon boat lights?

You can buy Jon boat lights at any local marine equipment and supplies physical stores. You can also grab various Jon boat lights through any marine light brand’s official websites, Walmart, and Amazon.

What is the best beam angle for my boat lighting?

The best beam angle for a boat light is the combo beam angle. A combo beam angle is a combination of flood angle and spot angle. Boat lights with a combo beam angle offer greater, wider, and longer distance of illumination.


Equipping the right and best boat lights for your Jon boat is a crucial factor when going on waters at night or in low visibility conditions. You are obliged to follow your local Coast Guard rules and regulations about boat lighting to guarantee the safety of all water vessels around your area.

There is no doubt that a variety of Jon boat lights are available in different outlets worldwide. And choosing quality boat lights may be a bit overwhelming. Thus, may this review of the best Jon boat lights come to your aid whenever you are pondering about which boat lights to buy for your Jon boat.

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