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The Best Boat Cover Support Poles

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Fending off debris and water from pooling on your boat cover is not a simple task, especially for newbies in the boating field. However, the best boat cover support pole can help you ensure that your boat is protected by blocking debris build-up and water accumulation.

best boat cover support pole

The cover support pole can be made from aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel. The material must be reliable as the pole needs to be strong and fit for rugged use. Adjustment of this accessory is also essential to fit any boat size and style.

Don’t just get any support pole that you can lay your hands on. Invest in a reliable one, such as the following boat cover poles, so you won’t waste money and effort in providing your boat with the protection it needs.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Classic Accessories Support Pole

+ Adjustment from 12 to 54″
+ Keeps the cover elevated
+ Can accommodate multiple straps

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

iCover Support Pole

+ 12 months warranty
+ Comes in six poles
+ Stable base & mushroom cap

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Better Boat Support Poles 

+ Durable
+ Rust & corrosion resistant
+ Can customize the height

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Top 10 Boat Cover Support Pole Reviews

1. Classic Accessories Boat Cover Support Pole

The design of this pole works on a Jon boat with low seats. I received it in sections, so I was able to fix the height to correspond with my boat’s size. You can let it stand from 12 inches to 54 inches.

This pole plays a big role in protecting my boat from various outdoor elements. It stands still despite strong winds. Moreover, this cover has an ABS plastic composition that makes it so that I don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort getting rid of snow, water pools, dirt, or debris falling on my boat.

It’s affordable but it doesn’t fail in keeping the cover elevated. Since it doesn’t cost a lot, it’s not a burden to buy more of this for bigger boats and low areas. Tautness is important to lower the chances of staining and damaging the boat cover.

However, a minor drawback is that the pole is hollow. I am worried that this will compromise its integrity, so I insert it in a PVC pipe to solidify its structure. Thankfully, the end result is a robustly stationary boat cover.

What I like about this pole is how it accommodates multiple straps to ensure that the cover won’t sag. Typically, I don’t settle with a boat cover support pole with straps. I think it’s better to choose the number and type of straps on in Walmart Canada.
  • The adjustment from 12 inches to 54 inches
  • Corresponds to different boat sizes and even the ones with a low seat
  • Stays still despite the wind, water, and snow
  • Keeps the cover elevated so no water pooling, dirt, and debris can hang around
  • Can accommodate multiple straps
  • Must place the pole inside a PVC pipe to ensure it stays in place
Although I need to do some upgrades, this is still one of the most affordable boat cover stands in the market. I can add the necessary number of straps with no problem.

2. iCover Boat Cover Support Pole

An affordable and not so rugged boat cover will be fortified by a quality boat support pole like this product. My cover doesn’t have pockets at the top but I was able to assemble them easily. This pole comes with a 12-months warranty, a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in its quality.

There are six pieces of poles, so I can fix the length to suit my boat. The shortest length possible is 12 inches while the longest is 54 inches. Since adjustments are allowed, every user can make use of this pole.

To ensure that the pole won’t tip over, there’s a 7-inch stable base and a mushroom cap at the top. With its established stability, it can be a reliable boat tarp support system under harsh weather. Even after heavy rainfalls, my boat cover doesn’t sag. A single drop of water can’t get into my boat!

Although this pole is made of durable ABS material, its usage is not recommended for areas that always have strong winds, heavy rains, and violent storms. Nevertheless, this pole has been my reliable companion for over a year now, where storms or hurricanes rarely visit. This pole continues to protect my boat while in the garage for storage. It doesn’t tolerate water pooling and debris build-up.
  • Has 12 months warranty
  • Comes in six poles so you can fix the ideal length for your boat
  • Pole adjustment from 12 inches to 54 inches
  • With stable base and mushroom cap to prevent the pole from tipping over
  • Doesn’t tolerate water pooling and debris build-up
  • Not recommended to use frequently under heavy rain and strong wind
My boat is protected from water and debris because this pole helps the cover sticky neatly to its post. It’s one of the most favorite boat cover support pole bases that I’ve ever had!

3. Better Boat Boat Cover Support Poles System

The solution for the struggles I had on my boat cover is this aluminum pole. It’s lightweight and marine-grade and I don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. Hence, I know that it is durable and will stay with me for a long time. You can expect nothing but the best from Better Boat as a company that offers high-quality marine products.

I love that this is an adjustable boat cover support pole. It’s easy for me to get it to the length that’s suitable for my boat. You can customize the height of this telescoping pole from 23.5 inches up to 56 inches.

All poles are prone to falling or tripping over. As a precaution, this has a mushroom cap and a button snap rubber end. The mushroom cap features slips for the attachment of straps. This allows the pole to accommodate various canvas types. However, the caps are a bit slippery. I had to buy clips to easily disconnect the straps.

I applaud its ability in being a support pole for canvas, tarp, pontoon cover, and other types of a boat cover. I have two of these for my 18-foot boat with an open bow. In my opinion, this works way better than many boat cover support bows available in the market these days.

This pole works well in distributing the load on the cover, which helps users avoid stress tearing as well. It’s also efficient in stopping water pooling and debris build-up.
  • No problem with rust and corrosion
  • Durable as it’s made of marine-grade aluminum
  • Can customize the height the fits your boat
  • Used for different types of boat cover or canvas
  • Distribute the load on the cover to avoid stress tearing
  • Stop water pooling and debris build-up
  • Buying clips for easy disconnection of straps on the slippery cap
If you don’t want to have to handle problems with rust, corrosion, and stability, you should opt for this aluminum support pole. You’ll find a savior in it just like I did!

4. NEXCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole

I first used this as my third pole for my winter boat cover. But, because of its incredible dependability, I started using it for all of my boats. It is made of tough and rust-proof ABS material, so it holistically favors my boats.

While support poles have a tendency to fall, this pole avoids that by offering a 9-inch rounded flange that not only stabilizes the pole, but also spreads the load from the cover In addition, the sturdiness of this pole prevents against nasty rips.

Since it raises the cover without any issues, water and snow neatly roll off. You can expect that no water pooling will ever happen. It holds up so well that you don’t have to ever fret about it giving up at any moment. However, I won’t recommend this for transport or trailer use.

It helps me to tightly install the cover, so I couldn’t ask for a better boat cover support pole system. Also, it’s adjustable with 6 extension stages. It starts with 12 inches and you can increase it to 20.4”, 28.8”, 37,2”, 45.6”, and 54”. With adjustment capabilities, this can be installed in any section of the boat.

Furthermore, I can say that it’s a universal support pole as you can put it on Jon boats, Carver boats, and pontoons. So, all of my boat covers are supported by this pole with a long-lasting performance.
  • Made of tough and rust-proof ABS plastic
  • Has a rounded flange for pole’s stability and spreading the cover’s load
  • Lets the water and snow rolls off from the cover
  • 6 stages adjustments to be used in any section of the boat
  • A universal support pole for any type of boat
  • Not recommended for transport or trailer use
This pole takes care of all my boats and covers well. I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

5. Redneck Convent Boat Cover Support

As long as you know how to use this firm support pole, you’ll gain numerous benefits. It’s an anodized aluminum, so it’s durable and dependable in giving the cover a tenting shape. Unlike my previous support stands, this doesn’t let water get in the front and behind the windshield.

It’s one of the original telescopic poles with features including a boat cover support mushroom cap and snaps fitting. I only need to pull the snap when placing the cap to its intended position. It’s a simple step that wouldn’t create damage on a pressure point.

I also figured that users need to deal with the rubber present on the mushroom cap. Remove the screw with the help of a screwdriver, then you can adjust the rubber to fit the top part.

Each end of the pole has durable, rubber grummets. However, I bought larger caps to replace these parts to make sure that the pole won’t easily fall out. Better safe than sorry!

Adjustment on the pole is important for the cover to fit the whole boat. It can be done from 28.5 inches to 51.25 inches. Since it gives a tent shape, the boat cover won’t have low spots where water and snow can pile up.

I don’t need to go through pontoon cover support poles as it’s universal and applicable to any type of water vessel. It’s great for pontoons, Carver boats, Jon boats, and more. This pole stands firmly in any vessel as it fights corrosion.
  • Helps the cover to have a tenting shape
  • Has a mushroom cap and snap fitting for easy positioning
  • Pole adjustments from 28.5 inches to 51.25 inches
  • Eliminates low spot so water and snow won’t pile up
  • Universal so it applies to any water vessel
  • Made of anodized aluminum which can fight corrosion
  • The needs to replace grummets with larger caps
With good design, quality, and build, there’s no doubt that this pole guarantees user satisfaction You should definitely consider this!

6. CoCo Boat Cover Support Pole

Boat cover supports should be a firm pole, like this item from CoCo. The body is made of aluminum, a tough material that is rustproof. As such, it is constructed for long-lasting use. It’s not flimsy, so it’s ideal to face outdoor elements and to make the cover taut.

The construction of this pole is much better than those of factory-produced poles. The boat cover support base and the one at the top are made of ABS. The top plate is great as it can take more straps. I like this part since I can add as many straps as I need to keep the cover from drooping.

The boat cover spreads well because of this pole. Hence, the set-up that I made can ward off different kinds of weather. After the rain, I don’t need to clean up and get rid of water. Snow is also blocked from sitting on the cover. With continuous use, I can say that I trust how this pole holds up and gets rid of water or snow.

It’s tested and proven that it works on small boats. However, I’m afraid that it’s not a suitable pontoon boat cover support system. The pole can be in three lengths, starting from 22.5 inches up to 54.5 inches.
  • Tough and rustproof to face outdoor elements and to make the cover taut
  • Has support base for stability
  • The top plate can take more straps
  • No rain and snow can sit on the cover
  • Works well on small boats
  • Not suitable for pontoons
If you’re a small boat owner like me, you ought to buy this pole. You will be impressed by how it casts out rain and snow.

7. Vico Marine Support Pole

When it comes to strength and toughness, this support pole stands out among others. It was able to bear 170 lbs, which is more than twice the weight of the standard thumb screw mooring pole!

All the parts of this support pole are hardy as they’re composed of stainless steel and a die-cast collar. The premium, anodized aluminum tubing is lightweight, but I’m in awe of its strength. It has a ribbed profile, so it stays firm in its place even amidst strong winds and heavy rains.

I’m fascinated by how it holds the weight of snow that never got into my boat. My boat is always well-protected and I’m no longer concerned with mold and mildew as a result of outdoor elements penetrating.

I always see to it that this pole is properly set to make the most of its strength. If you just haphazardly add it to your boat, it will collapse. So, being attentive with details is important.

As for the boat cover support pole cap, the one that is located at the base is designed to secure the pole with a locking wingnut. So, it won’t end up submerged in a lake or river. Also, the boat on my floor is not at risk of getting scratched because of its large base, pads, and thermoplastic rubber.

The cap on the top is such a unique feature for a support pole. It’s unique as it has a rubber swivel pole base. I love this feature as it makes boat cover installation effortless. There’s no need to get in and out of my boat as I set it up.
  • Has strength and toughness of premium, anodized aluminum
  • Stays firm against strong wind and heavy rain
  • Carries the weight of the snow
  • The base cap locks it well on the floor without the risk of scratches
  • Makes boat cover installation effortless
  • Should be attentive with details as it may collapse
With its strength and unique features, I don’t think I can find a better support pole than this. Settling for this product will end your tedious search for the perfect pole!

8. Pactrade Marine Boat Cover Support Pole

This support pole works as expected as it improves the longevity of my boat cover. It’s just what every boat owner needs, and it’s more than the typical multi-sectional pole in the market.

It can be easily adjusted from 28 inches to 48 inches. To lock, you only need to twist it. Thus, it’s possible to fit it on any vessel with different heights. I personally have it on my pontoon and skiff.

Its quality is top-notch despite it being lightweight as it’s made from high-quality anodized aluminum. This gives it the ability and strength to face any type of weather.

I am able to protect my vessel all throughout the sailing season thanks to this pole. I don’t have to worry about rain, snow, wind, or sun. The cover doesn’t sag as there’s a broad cap carrying its weight. There has never been a single occasion where I had to deal with water collected on my boat cover.

I know I’m in good hands with this pole because it doesn’t give me much work. It’s easy to remove the cover when it’s time to go sailing.

However, its rubber foot is not only great in keeping the pole still. Nevertheless, it’s gentle to the hull and doesn’t leave distasteful scratches. The mushroom cap is like a bowl and to ensure the stability of the pole, I need to tie it with the string together with the cover.
  • Improves the longevity of my boat cover
  • Adjustments can be done to fit any vessel in different heights
  • Lightweight but made of quality, anodized aluminum
  • Has the strength to face any weather
  • Removing the cover becomes easy
  • Has a rubber foot that is gentle on the hull
  • Need to tie the mushroom cup with cover
You don’t need to think hard about getting this because it is versatile, fitting any type of water vessel. Moreover, it’s an effective pole that keeps your boat in peak condition!

9. Seachoice 97301 Boat Cover Support Pole

I don’t want to get stuck with a lousy support pole that gives up in the middle of winter. It’s a wise move to buy this as it takes care of my boat and the cover season to season. The strength coming from the anodized aluminum is what makes this pole a champion in supporting boat covers. The nice construction promises durability as well.

Being hand-adjustable, I can come up with the right length for my watercraft. You can have it as short as 35 inches or as long as 64 inches. I use a couple of these for my pontoon. It holds up my tarp and covers for the entire winter.

The weight of outdoor elements doesn’t weaken this item either. The boat cover doesn’t sag, which means that there are no chances for water pooling and snow piling. Even debris and small particles won’t cling onto it.

I was able to set the pole up well without damaging the deck. There is a mushroom top that carries the cover without causing any deterioration. This part can be attached to the cover straightforwardly because it has a snap-on fastener.

Installing this pole is hassle-free except for one part. Tightening requires twisting. I don’t know if I used too much force but it once sunk. The advice here is to be careful with the amount of force you apply!
  • Has a nice and durable construction (anodized aluminum)
  • Hand-adjustable from 35 inches to 64 inches
  • Doesn’t allow sagging of boat cover
  • Base and mushroom top don’t cause damage and deterioration
  • Straightforward attachment to the cover because of the snap-on fastener
  • Can sink when tightening with too much force
When not in use, I can easily store it. Thanks to this pole, I no longer have problems with sagging boat covers. When not in use, I can easily store it.

10. iCover Adjustable Boat Cover Support Pole

I want a support pole that is easy to install and gets its job done, and this pole from iCover is just that! I’m glad I’ve found this product. It effectively prevents the cover of my pontoon boat from sagging. My wife even used this for our patio furniture pieces to protect from rain and snow. She placed it in the center hole of the table, so rain droplets just slid off.

I was able to gain wonderful experiences with this pole. I have three of these in my boat, aside from my pontoon. Although one pole fell, I can still say that it’s more heavy-duty than others and is an outstanding pontoon boat cover support pole. It never allows my boat cover to droop, so I don’t have any serious complaints.

Storing my boat during the winter and rainy season is no longer a big worry for me. With its composition of tough ABS PVC, it can withstand the harshest weather. No debris build-up and water accumulation will happen as well. Its quality is superb, so it’s no surprise that the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and 12-months warranty.

The height of this pole can be adjusted from 35 inches to 65 inches. To secure its position, I just twist to lock it. There are caps and bases on each side of the pole to ensure the hold on the cover.

Every time I take off the canvas after long-term storage, my boat is perfectly “healthy” without any damage thanks to this pole that doesn’t allow the cover to sag and outdoor elements to enter.
  • Easy to install with a twist to lock feature
  • Used to protected patio furniture from rain and snow
  • Protects boat and cover from heavy rain, winter, and the harshest weather
  • Offers 60-day money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty
  • The height of the pole can be adjusted
  • Good for long-term storage
  • One pole sometimes fall off
I’ve found what I need for long-term storage and harsh weather in this pole. Therefore, I highly recommend this to others who share the same needs.

Buyer’s Guide


Looking at the features and function of a boat cover support pole is crucial before you actually make a purchase. You must look beyond the aesthetic appeal to consider the benefits of a certain pole.

In particular, it’s more worthy to buy a suitable, ready-to-use product than a homemade boat cover support pole. Below are the valuable factors that you need to look for in a support pole:


A brand becomes well-known because of its quality products. It’s wise to choose a company that has been trusted and proven to satisfy its customers for many years.

You’ll know more about reputable companies that produce support poles from reviews made by experienced sailors and smart consumers. Spending time reading featured products and comments is very helpful to make wise purchasing decisions.

You may have heard of the Shoretex boat cover support system and Taylor Made boat cover support pole. But other manufacturers are worthy of buyers’ trust too. Just like Classic Accessories, iCover, Boat Cover, NEXCOVER, Redneck Convent, CoCo, Vico, Pactrade, and Seachoice.


In terms of features, it’s best to get a support pole that is updated with the latest innovation. There’s a lot of poles that you can go over with special or exclusive features. Some offer maximum protection. You may find ones that give you convenience.

Support poles usually have height-adjustability, telescoping, cam-lock mechanism, and many wonderful features. These make boating life convenient.


The support pole should be made of superior materials for much-needed durability. It would be ideally composed of ABS plastic, PVC, stainless steel, and aluminum. These materials ensure strength in facing harsh weather conditions and destructive outdoor elements.

Easy and Convenient

It should be easy and convenient to use and assemble a support pole. So, it won’t take a lot of time nor will it give you a headache. Go for something user-friendly and with a step-by-step guide. It’s not practical to go for an intricate one if it only gives you troubles.


Price is not the very first factor you have to consider, but it is still important. Keep in mind that expensive poles are not always better-performing. You can still find a good deal that serves its purpose well.

Rushing things won’t help you get the top-tier support pole for your boat cover. Carefully consider the factors above to make a purchase you won’t regret.

What is the Top-Rated Boat Cover Support Pole


The right support pole is indispensable for every boat owner. It’s the accessory that is responsible for prohibiting water and debris build-ups on boat covers.

Most support poles are designed as adjustable for versatility. They should be able to bear the load coming from the entire boat cover.

The cover support pole should be able to stay strong despite harsh weather conditions and long-term storage. After the storage season is over, no damages and depreciation should emerge if you have protection from a good pole.

How to Use a Boat Cover Support Pole

First, it’s important to understand the features and functions so that you won’t venture in the wrong direction when assembling.

Beginners can seek an instructional video to walk them through installation. A manual guide also lends big help.

If you wish to enhance durability and security, you may add accessories, such as straps. You can do it your way without interfering with the stability of the support pole, given that most poles allow for modifications.

Be aware of the twist and lock that are found in some support poles. Some may come in multiple poles but others may not. They are in a single piece and you only need to manually twist them.

How Do I Keep My Boat Cover from Sagging

A snug fit of a boat cover doesn’t guarantee that sagging won’t happen. You may use a support system but you can also prevent sagging by using a support pole.

A boat cover support pole can bear and distribute the weight of the cover. It makes the cover taut for the water and snow to roll off. Since the cover is spread with tension, outside elements won’t cause sagging through their impact and weight.


Water vessels give their owners a fun and joyous experience. That’s why the best boat cover support pole is valuable. It has a big contribution to the protection of any watercraft as long as you install it properly. It will give you peace of mind as your boat is not exposed to any harmful outdoor elements while being kept.

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