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The Best Electric Boat Anchor Winches

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Setting and retrieving an anchor is a difficult task. Especially if you are a beginner, anchoring is frustrating and time-consuming. Injuries are also common. For a smoother and quicker process, you need one thing – the best electric boat anchor winch.

best electric boat anchor winch

New boaters and anglers will appreciate a helping hand when anchoring. With an electric winch, the boat won’t drift once you are ready to reel in a fresh catch! No need to crank or manually haul a rope to your boat! I can raise and lower an anchor within seconds with a winch!

For easy and safe anchoring, the most reliable electric winch is a must-have. If you are clueless about what to choose, keep on reading, and learn from some of my recommendations!

<strong>Top 1</strong>

TRAC Outdoors 3004.7004

+ All-steel gear construction
+ Compact size ideal
+ Rugged construction

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

MinnKota 1810140

+ Comes with an anchor shackle
+ Supports different davit positions
+ Weighing up to 40 pounds

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Trac Outdoors 69000

+ Consumes minimal space
+ Durable rope
+ Effortless installation

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Top 10 Electric Boat Anchor Winch Reviews

1. TRAC Outdoors 3004.7004 Electric Anchor Winch

This automatic anchor winch is my favorite. It is made by one of the most trusted names in the global market. When you buy this product, it already comes with a 100-foot .20-inch pre-wound braided anchor rope. It isn’t cheap, but its superb construction and exceptional performance make it worth every dollar!

If you have a small boat, I recommend this electric anchor winch. With dimensions of 19.5 x 9.75 x 5.75 inches, it is space-efficient. Despite its compact size, it does not compromise power. It supports anchors up to 35 pounds. The winch drops an anchor at a speed of 70 feet per minute. Meanwhile, it raises an anchor at a speed of 65 feet per minute.

The rugged construction of this Trac Outdoors electric boat anchor winch is also a plus. With its solid all-steel gears, this anchor can withstand many years of use. Even in tough marine environments, the housing tolerates external elements that speed up its wear. I also like the sealed membrane switch, which protects the internal components from water damage.

Need another good reason to choose this anchor winch? It is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty! The warranty is voided if you use it in saltwater. As I know, this winch is designed only for freshwater use.

However, before buying this anchor winch, you should take note that it does not come with remote control. Instead, I see that the housing has an up and down switch. It is compatible with a remote, but you need to purchase one separately.
  • All-steel gear construction
  • Compact size ideal even for small boats
  • Rugged construction for many years of functionality
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Does not come with remote control
From its space-efficient design to the rugged construction, the Pontoon 35 electric anchor winch is a top-notch product! Its compact body makes it a great addition even to small boats!

2. MinnKota 1810140 Electric Anchor Winch

Raise and lower the anchor with a touch of a button – that is what you can expect from this electric winch. This anchor allows up to the 25-feet corded remote operation, so you don’t need to be near the unit. Aside from the remote control, there is also a built-in switch on the base to stow and deploy an anchor in an instant.

I love that this anchor packs plenty of features to ensure intuitive operation. For instance, it has an anchor shackle that allows easy anchor changes. Besides, there is no need for spooling. When you receive the electric boat anchor winch, it is already pre-spooled.

Another good thing about the Minn Kota anchor winch is that it offers versatile davit positions. I have the option to install the davit of the deck or at the base of this winch, depending on the available space. I can also mount the davit horizontally to secure the anchor and prevent it from swinging.

One more feature I would like to highlight in this Minn Kota Deckhand 40 review is the quality of the stock braided anchor rope. The 100-foot 800-pound test nylon rope looks like it can withstand many years of use. The rope and the winch can support up to a 40-pound anchor.

Nonetheless, you need to pack patience in its installation. The assembly of the electric anchor winch is far from being straightforward. Drilling the mounting holes requires removing the top cover. Also, I find that the wires are exposed and fragile, so one wrong move during its installation, the circuit board can break.
  • Comes with an anchor shackle for quick changes
  • Supports different davit positions
  • Has a durable and pre-spooled braided anchor rope
  • Supports anchors weighing up to 40 pounds
  • Installation is a bit tricky
Overall, this is a versatile electric anchor winch as it supports different davit positions. It comes with a pre-spooled durable rope and an anchor shackle.

3. Trac Outdoors 69000 Electric Anchor Winch

Whether it is in river or mushroom anchors, this is a promising product. This user-friendly Trac electric anchor winch allows effortless installation, even if you are a novice. As stated in different boat anchor winch reviews, no technical knowledge is necessary! The rope is pre-wound, so you don’t need to exert effort spooling!

Aside from its simple installation, operating the Anchor Zone 20 anchor winch is also a breeze! It does not come with remote control, but there is a built-in mechanical toggle switch. I can quickly raise and lower the anchor with the push of a single switch! With just one finger, my boat holds its position in the desired anchor zone!

I recommend this electric Trac outdoors winch to anyone who has limited deck space. At 7.5 x 7.5 inches, this anchor is compact to fit even in small boats. Despite its size, the performance is superb! It is strong enough to support anchors up to 20 pounds. Also, the 100-foot braided anchor rope that comes with the winch has a high breaking strength of 500 pounds.

Another thing I want to mention in this Trac anchor winch review is that it is affordable. If you are budget-conscious like me, you will love its reasonable price. Even better, this anchor is already inclusive of a durable rope, 14-gauge heavy-duty wire, and a 20-amp circuit breaker.

If there’s one drawback, it would be that this electric boat anchor winch is only for freshwater use. Using it in saltwater does not only compromise its performance and durability, but it also voids the two-year warranty.
  • Effortless installation even for novices
  • Consumes minimal space in the boat deck
  • Durable rope with a high breaking strength
  • A great option for budget-conscious buyers
  • Only for freshwater use
In sum, this affordable Trac Outdoors winch is exceptional because of its easy assembly, compact design, and sturdy rope.

4. Pactrade Marine PDSA0317 Electric Anchor Winch

Simple, smooth, and budget-friendly – these are just some of the reasons why this is one of the best electric boat anchor winches 12-volt. I can power the anchor up and down within seconds, and best of all, without having to do all the manual work. It comes with a 150-watt motor that produces up to 3,800 revolutions per minute.

Despite being affordable, this electric boat anchor winch has impressive technical specifications. It comes with a 12-volt battery-powered gear motor. My battery lasts long because of its energy efficiency. The anchor has 150 watts and can support a maximum anchor weight of 20 pounds. This isn’t the most powerful, but for most pontoon boats, it is sufficient.

Even in salt water, I don’t have to worry that it is easily prone to corrosion. This anchor comes with a UV-resistant cover, which protects the internal components. To add, UV inhibitors shield against the sun.

Another design feature that I like in this saltwater anchor winch is the safety cable. This holds the anchor when it is not used. You can keep it neat near the unit instead of putting it on the deck where it can be a safety hazard.

If you have a large boat, I recommend that you choose another electric boat anchor winch. This product comes with a short bow roller, which isn’t ideal for larger vessels.
  • 12-volt motor delivers incredible energy efficiency
  • Comes with a case for saltwater protection
  • Has a secure spot that holds the anchor when not used
  • Short bow roller is not for large boats
From its energy efficiency to saltwater protection, there are tons of reasons why this electric anchor for boats is one of my favorites!

5. MinnKota 1810141 Electric Anchor Winch

Made by one of the most trusted names in the market, this is another reliable option for anchor winches for small boats. It is designed with a maximum anchor capacity of 40 pounds. The high weight capacity is possible because of the 800-pound test nylon rope.

One of the best features of the Minn Kota electric anchor winch is the anti-drag system. It detects the bottom to control drifting and keeps the boat stable. Regardless of the movements of the water, my boat stays in its place.

The Minn Kota Deckhand 40 delivers exceptional value for money. When I purchased this electric anchor winch, it was inclusive of different accessories. It comes with a universal davit, which allows me to mount it next to the winch or anywhere on my boat deck. I can also stow the davit horizontally to prevent the anchor from swinging. This prevents boat damage.

A corded remote is also included. While I prefer a wireless remote control, I appreciate the cord’s length. At 25 feet, I can control the winch almost anywhere on my boat. Aside from the remote, there is also a manual switch next to the circuit breaker.

While it is a minor issue, it is frustrating that there are limited options for replacement parts. Even online, it is difficult to find dealers.
  • Anti-drag feature controls drifting
  • Comes with a corded remote
  • Allows versatile davit position
  • Hard to find replacement parts
From the multiple davit positions to its anti-drag system, this Minn Kota electric boat anchor winch is another exceptional product worth considering.

6. Trac Outdoors 69005 Electric Anchor Winch

Pulling and dropping a rope is a thing of the past! With this anchor winch for boats, I enjoy a convenient way to secure my vessel and prevent drifting. Like with the Trac Deckboat 35, the anchor automatically deploys with a push of a button.

One of the best things about this electric boat anchor winch for sale is the Auto Deploy button. As soon as the anchor hits the bottom, the winch releases the rope slowly. It locks in an instant when there is sufficient rope let-out. Plus, this dedicated button also corrects the position of the anchor when wind or waves cause drag.

The simplicity of this Trac Outdoors anchor winch is notable. I see that there are three main buttons for straightforward operation – up, down, and auto deploy. It also releases the right length of the braided anchor rope depending on what a specific situation requires. Installation is also a snap!

Another thing I like is that the Trac Deckboat G3 electric anchor winch is easy to use because it comes with wireless remote control. This is unlike other inferior automatic boat anchors that require purchasing the remote separately. I can mount the remote anywhere on the boat as it comes with a keychain.

From its construction, I can say that this autodeploy G3 electric anchor winch will withstand many years of use. It has all-steel gears for unmatched durability. Meanwhile, the housed membrane switch protects against water and sun damage. The marine-grade 14-gauge wire is also sturdy.

A common problem I have found with this electric anchor winch is that it is prone to jamming. This is frustrating, especially because when the rope gets stuck, it is difficult to retrieve the anchor electronically. Frequent jamming also weakens the structural integrity of the rope. Lubricating the winch is a good solution.
  • Auto Deploy button simplifies the release of the rope
  • Simple user interface with only three buttons
  • Includes a free wireless remote control
  • All-steel gears for extended lifespan
  • Can be prone to jamming
With its simple user interface, automatic deployment, and wireless remote, this Trac Deckboat anchor winch is impressive.

7. Pactrade Marine PDSA0409 Electric Anchor Winch

This is another simple and seamless power anchor winch! The anchor rope 100-foot pre-wound braided nylon connects to an intelligent motor for smooth and quiet anchoring. I can spare my hand from the trouble of having to throw and retrieve the anchor manually as soon as I am ready to settle my boat.

Whenever I connect anything to my boat battery, my immediate concern is its power consumption. Luckily, this 12-volt anchor winch has a low-amp motor. It is praised in many boat anchor winch reviews because it is energy-efficient, so I am not worried that it draws high battery power.

This Pactrade pontoon 35 electric anchor winch has a covered power up and down switch. The cover protects not just the switch but the other external components from possible damage, especially water splashes and the harsh heat of the sun.

Even the marine-grade wire is durable. With its 14-gauge construction, I am confident that it will withstand many years of use. It has a special coating to prevent oxidation. This allows the wire to handle even tough marine environments.

Let me warn you that this electric anchor winch is built only for freshwater use. It is great for lakes and rivers, but when you are boating in an ocean, you need to find the one that works for saltwater. Also, the breaking strength is 700 pounds, which is quite low compared to an 800-pound test nylon rope.
  • Low-amp motor helps save battery
  • Covered switch protects from the water and sun
  • Comes with a durable marine-grade wire
  • Only for freshwater use
  • Low breaking strength
Overall, this energy-efficient winch is another great option for smooth anchoring.

8. Trac Outdoors 69004 Electric Anchor Winch

As you search for automatic boat anchoring systems, this is another product that I highly recommend. Earlier, I have already talked about a similar product, but the main difference between the two is their weight capacity. According to many boat anchor winch reviews, this electric anchor winch model is designed for smaller pontoon pontoons or fishing boats.

The package is already inclusive of wireless remote control. I appreciate this since there are some models wherein the remote is sold separately. With the remote, I can release, pull, and lock the anchor even from a distance. Alternatively, I can also do so through the three buttons.

With this autodeploy electric anchor winch, I have the option to attach or separate the davit to the unit, depending on what is more convenient for my boat set-up. Even if the anchor davit is connected to the winch, it has dimensions of only 9 x 14 inches, making it ideal even in compact spaces. It is compatible with a boat length of up to 22 feet.

I am also impressed at the durability of this electric boat anchor winch. From its all-steel gears to braided rope, it has a plethora of features that ensure an extended lifespan. The 14-gauge battery wire is protected against corrosion. Also, the switch kit has a sealed membrane to keep external elements away.

As I see, one of the drawbacks of this electric anchor winch is that it has a minimal load capacity. While the maximum weight capacity is 25 pounds, the manufacturer recommends that you limit the weight to 20 pounds.
  • Includes a wireless remote for ease of control
  • Option to use the davit attached or separated
  • Rugged construction to withstand extreme environments
  • Minimal weight capacity
To conclude, with its three buttons and wireless remote, this electric boat anchor winch makes anchoring incredibly easy!

9. Power 4S 12V Electric Anchor Winch

Positioning a pontoon boat in the water does not have to be difficult! This electric boat anchor winch makes things a lot easier as it eliminates the need to throw and retrieve the rope manually. It also comes with a wireless remote, so I can control the anchor even when I am at a distance.

The maximum weight capacity that it supports is 30 pounds. I do not recommend that you maximize this. It is best if you can keep the weight of the anchor and rope at 20 to 25 pounds. When the anchor is too heavy, it stresses the rope and the motor.

Saltwater can cause serious damage to electric anchors for pontoon boats. Luckily, this anchor model is designed for use even in the ocean! It has a 10-gauge tin-plated battery wire to protect against corrosion.

This electric boat anchor winch comes with the bracket needed for its assembly. I have the option to mount it anywhere in the boat as I please. The bracket also has built-in clips to hold the remote. I can position the anchor roller next to the bracket or away from the winch. The length of the anchor shank determines which position is better.

I had doubts about this product due to its lack of popularity. I did not find many electric anchor winch reviews talking about this model. However, I haven’t had any troubles since I started using it.
  • Protects against saltwater damage
  • Comes with a corrosion-resistant tin-plated battery wire
  • Anchor roller can be positioned away from the winch
  • Not as popular as its main competitors
It may not be from a popular brand, but I’m sure this electric boat anchor winch is another great option because of its ease of use and durability.

10. Trac Outdoors 69002 Electric Anchor Winch

Be spared from the discomfort of having to manually reel an anchor! This is another winch I recommend keeping fishing boats stable! It helps in preventing the vessel from drifting, increasing the chances that I will take home a fresh catch.

Like many of the electric anchors for sale, this model comes with a sealed membrane. What I like about it is that it protects the switch from external elements that can eventually damage its functionality. The 100-foot double-braided rope of this anchor winch is also durable. Plus, it has a marine-grade battery wire. The tin coating protects the wire from corrosion.

I love this Fisherman 25 electric anchor winch because of the anti-reverse internal clutch. This prevents the braided anchor rope from free-spooling. In turn, it throws and retrieves the rope and anchor smoothly.

I also find that this electric boat anchor winch already comes with all the required hardware. The manufacturer also provides a comprehensive manual that makes the installation a breeze. Its wires and switch are already connected to the main unit.

However, if there is one thing that I believe can be improved, it would be the speed of this anchor winch. Even if the manufacturer notes that the anchoring speed is up to 70 feet per minute, I feel that it is quite slow. Also, this isn’t built for saltwater use. Using this anchor in the ocean will void the warranty and make the electric boat anchor winch prone to corrosion.
  • Sealed membrane for switch protection
  • Has an internal clutch that inhibits free-spooling
  • Comes with all the hardware needed for installation
  • Setting the anchor is a bit slow
  • Not for saltwater
Wrapping up, this electric anchor winch for small boats is an ideal product. It prevents the rope from free-spooling, protects the switch from damage, and comes with the hardware you will need to complete its assembly.

What is an Electric Boat Anchor Winch and How Does It Work


An electric boat anchor winch is an electric motor-powered device that automatically raises and lowers the anchor. It is a must-have accessory in a small to mid-sized pontoon boat and fishing vessel. This is a good way to save time and effort when setting or retrieving an anchor and stabilizing the boat in its desired position.

In traditional anchor winches, there is an up and down switch. When you press the down switch, the electric boat winch automatically deploys the anchor. On the other hand, when you press the up switch, it retrieves the anchor slowly. No need to hold the rope and the anchor. Meanwhile, in an electric anchor winch with a remote, the product is controlled at a distance.

Types of Electric Boat Anchor Winches

Buying an electric boat anchor winch is overwhelming. As soon as I went online, I was confronted with tons of search results. If you are having a hard time differentiating the possibilities, it is important to know the different types. They are different based on their intended use.

  • Freshwater Electric Anchor Winch: If you are boating mostly on lakes, rivers, and streams, this anchor type is the best option. If the product is freshwater-rated, using it in saltwater will often void the warranty.
  • Saltwater Electric Anchor Winch: When in the ocean, this is a better type of anchor winch. It is designed with excellent anticorrosive properties that protect the winch from potential saltwater damage.

More so, the type of anchor winches are also different depending on their mode of operations:

  • Switch-Based Electric Anchor Winch: A hard-wired switch needs physical access to the buttons installed next to the unit to operate the winch. The mechanical toggle switch has sealed components to protect against damage.
  • Remote-Controlled Electric Anchor Winch: For convenience, I recommend choosing an anchor winch with a remote. Even if I am far from the unit, I can control the anchor. The remote is corded or cordless. The latter is a better option since there is no wire that limits the length of the remote.

The winch orientation is another good way to differentiate the models available. Space availability in the boat is crucial to determine the best type of winch:

  • Vertical Electric Anchor Winch: I recommend this orientation to minimize anchor slippage and jump. It is more affordable and easier to maintain.
  • Horizontal Electric Anchor Winch: If there is limited space below the deck, this type of winch will be a better option for better accessibility. It is also a good choice for handling two anchors in a single winch.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Electric Boat Anchor Winches

The biggest benefit of an electric boat anchor winch is that it makes anchoring effortless. Anyone who has tried manually throwing and retrieving an anchor will agree with me that it isn’t easy. The weight of the anchor and the friction from the rope can make things uncomfortable. With an electric device, I can free my hand from the dirty work!

I save time by using an electric boat anchor winch! Once I find a spot for fishing, all I need to do is idle the engine and let the winch do its magic! The same thing is true when it comes to retrieval. I do not need to manually spool the rope! I am ready to leave in an instant!

Safety is another benefit of electric boat anchor winches. They reel the rope, making sure that it is not scattered on the deck to prevent tripping. It also keeps boaters safe by automating anchoring.

If there is one drawback, however, it is the cost. A high-quality electric boat anchor winch is quite expensive, especially if you choose the top-notch models. Nonetheless, it is worth every dollar as it improves convenience and safety for a better boating experience.

Buyer’s Guide


To help you differentiate the options for an electric boat anchor winch, below are the most essential considerations.


Most of the boat anchor winches have a rope. The products I reviewed earlier all include a pre-spooled rope. You can save money and effort with those compared to buying one without a rope.

The length of the rope is a crucial factor. The right length depends on the water depth. Remember the 3:1 rule, which means that the length of the rope must be three times the water depth. It gives enough allowance for safety in anchoring. The rope in most anchor winches is 100 feet.

Consider the space below the deck as well when deciding on the length. The deck’s depth must accommodate the entire length of the rope once it is spooled and stored below. If space is not enough, the rope is prone to get stuck.

Aside from the length, the material is also important. Braided nylon and polyester are common in anchor lines. It must be abrasion-resistant. Plus, it should not be easily prone to water damage. Pick one that remains sturdy even if it is always wet. If the rope has inferior quality, this compromises the functions of both the anchor and the winch.

Another important feature is the anti-reverse clutch system. This prevents the rope from free-spooling. It allows the rope to wind up and down smoothly. Without this feature, there is a higher chance that the rope will jam.

Anchor Capacity

It is also important to consider the maximum anchor capacity to ensure the structural integrity of the rope. Most of the products above hold anchors that are 20 to 40 pounds. I suggest that you do not maximize the limit. For instance, if the stated anchor capacity is 40 pounds, do not use boat anchors weighing more than 35 pounds.


A good electric boat anchor winch has a robust construction to withstand many years of use. A sealed membrane is good to have, which protects the switch, circuit board, and internal components from damages. An all-steel gear also ensures durability. Tin wiring is also a good thing as it protects against corrosion.


The top-rated electric boat anchor winches have intuitive controls. Traditional models will have a manual toggle switch. It has options for up and down, which will dictate the movement of the anchor. Some models will also offer an automatic deploy function with a dedicated button.

I like an anchor winch with a remote. This means that I can control the movements of the anchor even if I am not next to the winch. The remote is either corded or cordless. I prefer the latter because I can activate the winch anywhere on the boat.


Electric anchor winches are designed only for small to mid-sized boats. You need a more capable winch if you have a large boat. The right size of the winch depends on the size of the boat. The available space in the deck dictates the right dimensions of the winch.

As you consider the size of the electric boat anchor winch, look beyond the motor. The size of the anchor davit is also important. This is the part that comes with a roller to guide the rope and prevent spooling. If the davit is attached to the winch, it requires more space. In some models, the davit is separated for versatile positioning anywhere on the boat.


Top-notch electric boat anchor winches will have a powerful and energy-efficient motor. This is responsible for smooth and dependable anchoring. Most models have a 12-volt motor. They have a minimal power requirement. This is an excellent way to prolong battery life.

To ensure the reliability of electric boat anchor winches, the motor must be protected from water and sun damage. A sealed case is a must. Follow the maximum anchor capacity the manufacturer states. Going beyond such will put excess pressure on the motor, causing it to eventually break.


It dictates how fast or slow the motor drops or retrieves the line. There are two speeds – up and down. The speed down is usually faster than the speed up. This is because the winch has to exert less effort in dropping the anchor compared to pulling it back to the boat.


This isn’t as important as the other things listed, but it is annoying when the electric boat anchor winch is noisy. Especially if the set-up includes a chain, the winch should operate quietly. Read boat anchor winch reviews to see if the product is quiet or noisy. To prevent any noise, keep the anchor winch well-lubricated.


Whenever I buy anything for my boat, the price is always an important consideration. As much as I would like to save, I don’t always settle with the cheapest product available. In most instances, I do not hesitate to spend a bit more if the quality is top-notch.

I found some inexpensive options for electric boat anchor winches, including those that are below a hundred dollars. These are entry-level models, many of which are from unpopular brands. There are also mid-range and high-end options, including the anchor winches I included in this buying guide. They offer excellent value for every dollar!

If you want to save money, I recommend buying a used electric boat anchor winch. They are a lot cheaper, but quality can be compromised. Make sure to buy only from reputable sellers. I also suggest that you take the time to read boat anchor winch reviews. It is a good way to learn from the real-life experiences of other people and make the right choice.


Most of the products I listed above have a one or two-year warranty for your peace of mind. Within the warranty coverage, the manufacturer guarantees craftsmanship. If there’s any problem, let them know and they will address the issue.

Take note that there are specific situations that void the warranty. For instance, if it is rated for freshwater application, using it in saltwater invalidates the warranty. More so, some manufacturers only honor the warranty if you are the original owner of the product.

Care and Maintenance

Keep the electric anchor winch in its peak condition even after years of use. Take note of the things mentioned below for proper maintenance.

  • Wash the winch routinely. Dirt and debris accumulate on the surface, which will harden over time. It affects the appearance and hurts functionality. Use mild soap and water to clean the winch and the rope.
  • Remove corrosion build-up as you see it. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to eliminate. Use a rust remover spray. Apply a protectant to prevent future rust formation. For advanced rust, it is best to replace the winch instead of saving it.
  • For long time boat storage, use a silicone spray to coat the metal parts. Avoid spraying on the switch as it can damage the motor.
  • Lubricate the moving parts to eliminate friction. In turn, it allows smooth operation of the winch, preventing damage on the rope and eliminating noise. Remove the cover to apply lubricant on the key components, including the bearing.
  • Follow the installation instructions from the manufacturer. Check the content of the manual that comes with the product for specific care and maintenance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions


Got questions about electric anchor winches? I will answer some of them below.

Who makes the top-rated electric boat anchor winch?

Trac Outdoors, Minn Kota, PacTrade, and Johnson Outdoors are some of the best brands. They are known globally for their wide selection of winches offering superb quality and exceptional performance. Their products are quite expensive compared to unpopular brands, but every dollar is worth it!

Is it difficult to fit an electric anchor winch?

Especially if you are a beginner, installing anchor winches is intimidating. However, it is quite straightforward to fit with a bit of patience and the right tools. Plus, most manufacturers will provide detailed installation instructions. Some will even come with graphics to assist you in the assembly.

How do you install a winch electric boat anchor?

The procedure will vary depending on what the manufacturer recommends. Whether the davit is attached to the unit or mounted separately also impacts the assembly. Consult the installation instructions and follow them step by step. For a general guide on its installation of the electric boat anchor winch, here’s what you should do.

  • Start by determining the right location for the winch. In most cases, it is on the deck at the bow. If the davit is not attached to the unit, you also have to consider where it is placed. Between the main unit and the davit, the rope must move smoothly to avoid jamming.
  • Open the cover of the winch. Position on the surface, mark the holes, and drill. Screw the main unit and affix the roller.
  • Once the winch is in place, set everything up. The anchor nylon is pre-spooled, so it is ready. The only thing to attach is the anchor. Use the anchor hitch to attach the line to the anchor.
  • Test the unit. Watch out for signs that the rope or motor is struggling, which means that something is wrong with the installation.

How do you drop an anchor?

Like with the installation, using an electric anchor winch differs depending on the brand. In most cases, here’s how you can drop the anchor using the winch.

  • See to it that the circuit breaker is unengaged unless you are ready to use the winch. It prevents accidentally dropping the anchor while the boat is moving.
  • Engage the circuit breaker once ready to drop the anchor. Push the down button on the switchboard or remote. Put the boat in reverse and idle the engine as you get ready for anchoring. Idling back is important for maintaining rope tension.
  • If the rope slacks, stop powering down. This means that the anchor has hit the bottom. Otherwise, there is an overrun. The rope tangles and this is tricky to undo.
  • Disengage the circuit breaker and the boat is now in a safe and stable position.

How do you retrieve an anchor?

The steps are different depending on what the manufacturer recommends. In most models, this is how you can pull the anchor.

  • Start by engaging the circuit breaker to power the electric anchor winch.
  • Start the engine and slowly move in the direction of the anchor. Engage the up-button switch.
  • In a few seconds, the anchor is out of the bottom and on its way back to the boat! Position the anchor properly so that it won’t be a distraction or safety hazard. Stow it neatly to avoid accidentally dropping it.

Where is the best place to mount an electric boat anchor winch?

The best place to position the boat anchor winch is somewhere with enough space for all the components, as well as for the anchor to be positioned after retrieval. The end of the deck or the bow is a good location.

What is the difference between an anchor winch and a windlass?

The two terms are often used interchangeably despite their differences. An anchor winch is a mechanical tool that pulls in and lets out the anchor. It has a spool attached to a crank or motor. High-end models have a solenoid or mechanical brake.

A windlass, on the other hand, is not exclusively used in an anchor. It is a mechanical assembly meant for moving heavy loads. The set-up includes a horizontal cylinder that rotates when a crank or belt turns. It is more common in larger boats.

What is the difference between an electric and hydraulic winch?

The main difference between the two is the power source. Speed control also differs. They are also different in terms of anchor capacity. An electric boat anchor winch is limited to small boats. For large-scale applications, a hydraulic winch is a better option.

How do you troubleshoot an electric boat anchor winch?

If the motor of the anchor winch does not turn on, make sure that the circuit breaker is engaged. If it still doesn’t work, open the cover and check the components. Ensure proper wiring. Check the battery as well. Clean the terminals and get rid of any corrosion. Replace if they are heavily damaged. The remote might also be broken.

If the boat anchor winch is making an unusual and annoying noise, tighten the bolts. There can be loose components causing the unusual sound. Cleaning the winch is another easy solution to make it operate quietly.

When the winch has difficulty dropping or pulling the rope, lubricating the winch is an easy solution. Also, inspect the rope for damages as such can limit its smooth movements. The battery might also be underpowered.

Can you make a DIY boat anchor winch?

Yes, it is possible to create a homemade boat anchor winch. However, I do not recommend doing so. It takes a lot of time, effort, and materials. The good thing is that even on a budget, there are tons of top-notch options, so there’s no need to make it a DIY task.

Where can I buy it?

The best place to buy electric boat anchor winches is online. I recommend buying from reputable sellers for your peace of mind. Websites like Amazon and Home Depot have a great selection of top-notch products suitable for different needs. Take the time to read reviews and compare prices.

Alternatively, you can also check neighborhood stores. Visit your favorite shop selling boat accessories. The good thing about buying an electric anchor winch from an actual store is that I have the opportunity to inspect the product in person before purchasing it.


Whether in a recreational pontoon or fishing boat, among others, the best electric boat anchor winch is a good investment. Gone were the days when you had to raise and lower an anchor manually. With the products mentioned above, anchoring is a breeze while also saving your hand from doing the manual work and sparing yourself from back pain!

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