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The Best T Top Boat Covers

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Many would agree that T-top boats look stunning as they glide on the water. The sharp nose and sporty look are what makes a vessel look good. In order to keep your T-top boat from becoming an eyesore, you must find the best T-top boat cover. You may need something like a tent that covers every inch of your vessel, preventing dirt, leaves, dust, and bird droppings from staining the surface. Or, you may only need something to cover the center console.

best t top boat cover

Having one of the following covers guarantees that your boat is always protected. Simply put, it’s a must-have for boaters. Spare a bit of time to read this review and you will be able to choose the right cover with ease.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Classic Accessories T-Top

+ Fits, snugs, and tucks in well
+ Super easy to put on
+ Has incredible form and function

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Budge B-621-X6 T-Top

+ Made of waterproof and breathable materia
+ Maximum protection against outdoor elements
+ Can be used in trailering

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Trident TRI-T1718G

+ Nice fit with no shrink wrap
+ Dampness and mold don’t develop
+ Withstand any type of weather

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Top 10 T Top Boat Cover Reviews

1. Classic Accessories StormPro T-Top Boat Cover

Much relief was given to me by this product. I have a 23-foot 2018 Bulls Bay CC 230 and the biggest size of this cover, which is 22-foot to 24-foot long suits it well. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t also reap value from this cover if you have a different boat! There are three other sizes that you can choose from.

The fittings on the side snug nicely even if there’s an extra inch. You will be able to discern the front part and putting it on is super easy since it just slides. The zipper spans from the top to the bottom to close this cover over any T-top boat. I can tuck it so that no debris gets in. The fit, form, and function are incredible!

The strap and integrated system of this boat cover attributes to its great performance. There are adjustable strap snaps that quickly release for convenience.

It remains intact even on windy days and in all sorts of weather. Heavy-duty material is used to make this product. Thus, the producer is not scared to offer five years of limited warranty.

Support poles are provided for the bow part of the canvas. These accessories will stop water or snow from accumulating. Moreover, cleaning this cover is not demanding. Water, mild soap, and a soft brush will do. You don’t have to worry about this process ruining the cover’s water-resistant ability.

It’s not hard to find this boat cover as it’s always included in T-top boat covers reviews. It’s safe to say that it has a lot of patrons. I can’t complain about anything but I wish it could go along with a trailer. So, I can take it with me 300 or 400 miles away.
  • Fits, snugs, and tucks in well
  • Super easy to put on
  • Has incredible form and function
  • In heavy-duty material to withstand any weather
  • Has five-year limited warranty
  • Includes support poles to stop water and snow accumulation
  • Not suitable to use on a trailer
There are numerous things that I love about this t-top boat cover. In my opinion, nothing can beat its fitness, form, and function.

2. Budge B-621-X6 T-Top Boat Cover

What’s the challenge of owning a teetop to you? Every owner knows that finding a wide enough cover is a struggle. I’ve been in the same situation and I only felt relieved after buying this item. Even though I got a bigger size than my 21-foot T-top boat, the fit is incredible. I can still get inside the boat and walk around while it’s being covered by this product.

There are five sizes to match every craft. However, only blue and grey shades are available. It’s made of waterproof, denier polyester, which is a marine-grade material. I like that it’s breathable as it’s not likely to allow condensation to build-up. Moreover, rust, mold, and mildew are prevented.

Since it has high-quality material, maximum protection against sunlight, rain, and snow can be expected. Even squirrels and tree branches cannot pass through it. The elastic hem and taped seams also promote a favorable tight fit.

Its value extends to giving security with its strap system for top and bottom parts together with the heavy shock hem for semi-custom made. The straps are not only strong but much longer than needed.

What I like the most about this cover is that it can be used in trailers. It results in smoothly towing the boat to the shore without any limitation and worry. Also, it can be used as a t-top mooring cover. Putting the entire cover can take 10 to 15 minutes. The challenging part is when tending to the top portion.
  • Has an awesome fit but has space inside so one can walk inside it
  • Made of waterproof and breathable material
  • No condensation and formation of rust, mold, and mildew
  • Provides maximum protection against outdoor elements
  • Semi-custom made with a good strap system
  • Can be used in trailering
  • Tending the top part during installation is challenging
This boat cover with T top boat compatibility is amazing! It’s everything that I need to protect my vessel.

3. Classic Accessories 20-405-130501-RT T-Top Cover

This is the most amazing product I found among hard t-top boat covers. To cover the t-top part well, I zip it up and close the buckle attachment. What I worry about is properly enclosing the bottom parts, but it went well to my surprise.

The manufacturer boasts about the quality of the product as it offers a 4-year warranty. Thanks to its Stellex fabric, this cover is durable and reliable. Moreover, since it’s marine-grade, it has wonderfully stays firm against UV rays, mildew, and harsh weather conditions. As such, you can depend on it in all seasons.

It is also free from harmful chemicals because it’s made of classic material. My 21-foot boat is secured neatly by this 24-foot long boat cover. Another size option that you can opt for is 22 feet in length.

I like the elasticized cord of the hem a lot as it results in an efficient t-top boat shade. It’s not only about easy fitting but establishing protection against water, dirt, and stain. In simple words, it’s waterproof.

By working on the straps snap, zipper, and quick release buckles, this cover clings well on my boat. Possible adjustments made installation uncomplicated.

Other accessories that come upon purchase are a storage bag, running lights, and bow rails. Once it’s set, I was able to see its full-cut style, which gives extra room for accessories. This boat cover is exclusively in blue and I’m happy with it.
  • Properly enclosed the entire boat including the t-top
  • Durable, marine-grade, and waterproof
  • Firm against harsh weather, mildew, dirt, stain, and shrinking
  • Made of classic material with no harmful chemicals
  • Clings well with possible adjustments
  • With some accessories (storage bag, running lights, and bow rails)
  • Only in blue color
This cover gives me peace of mind as it secures my boat well. It properly works as a t-top cover and I can’t complain about anything.

4. Budge B-1221-X7 T-Top Boat Cover

I’m very pleased with the full coverage that this boat cover offers. Although the center console of my boat is quite high at 8 feet, I didn’t have problems putting it on. Aside from its complete scope, it can protect water vessels from ever-changing weather.

It has kept my boat safe under the sun, rain, and snow. Moreover, bird droppings, pollen, leaves, dust, dirt, and other environmental pollutants can’t pass through the covering. Credit goes to the waterproof ability of its 1200 denier polyester composition.

This cover is waterproof from inside and out. The sturdy material is enhanced by the sewn-in air vents which make it breathable. Thus, no condensation can form and you don’t have to worry about mold, mildew, or rust. Based on my observations, it doesn’t fade as it resists the damaging effects of UV rays.

The protective nature of this cover preserves the paint and upholstery present in your boat. I’m amazed at how it can be in multiple fittings, including the center console flat fronts, fit V-hull fishing boats, skiffs, and deck boats. The full elastic hems ensure a tight fit at the bottom, like gloves.

You can leave it with your boat even though there are strong winds blowing. The sewn-in straps and buckles will keep the cover in place. Storing your boat outdoors is something that you don’t need to worry about. It’s also designed for trailer use. I just wish there are other colors aside from gray.
  • Covering a vessel with full coverage
  • Protects boats from changing weather and environmental pollutants
  • Waterproof inside and out
  • Preserves the paint and upholstery present in your boat
  • Can be in tight, multiple fittings
  • Designed for trailer use
  • Should have other color options aside from gray
I never felt assured of my boat’s protection until I started using this boat cover. Being able to have multiple fittings makes it outstanding among boat covers for t tops.

5. OceanSouth Center Console T-Top Cover

I like how this product properly fits on my T-top boat. It’s the ideal one among the center console boat covers with t top feature. The fitness on the front seat and other seats are marvelous. Two hurricanes took place and my boat remains intact without any damage. Thus, it goes far beyond how it clings on the t-top.

This t-top boat canvas is 60-inch long, 71-inch high, and 48-inch wide. I know color doesn’t affect its ability to protect a boat. But it’s better if it comes in other colors aside from gray.

The material used for this cover is weatherproof, UV resistant, and breathable. These characteristics imply damage prevention. No water or liquid can get inside it. Even solids, like branches, twigs, dust, and dirt won’t be able to reach the t-top.

I applaud this cover on how it can block sunlight. Also, being breathable won’t allow any development of mold and mildew. All the parts can be utilized based on their purposes without interference from the outside. Every inch of this cover is of high quality.

What helps with easy fitting is the #8 Delzin zipper. Then tight fit can be carried off with the nylon adjustment buckles in an inch webbing. I’m happy with the snug fit that it creates. It happens as there’s elasticized bond found on the helm seat, top, and bottom of this t-top cover.
  • Properly fits on any t top installation
  • Protects from possible damage caused by the outdoor elements
  • Weatherproof, UV resistant, and breathable
  • Every part is of high quality
  • Snug fit on the t-top
  • Only in one color (gray)
The way it fits and snugs well, it’s one, tremendous custom t top boat covers. It eliminates the difficulty in finding the right cover for my t-top. I’m sure you’ll be happy too when you purchase this item.

6. Taylor Made Products 67852OB T-Top Cover

It’s my favorite among Taylor Made t top boat covers due to its perfect fit on my 18-foot center console boat. The coverage is not only around the console but including the swing back cooler or bench.

Every console has different sizes and this cover is only for those with a base perimeter of 18 feet or smaller. Nevertheless, adjustable straps are provided to make covering most of the console configurations manageable. Vessels with a smaller console will be able to cover the helm seat.

I like the little loose fitness as it’s going to be a disaster when mildew forms. The setting allows air circulation on the inside. You can put this Taylor made t-top boat cover without all the straps and buckles. It’s to give passage to the air while the console is protected.

With what I did, no flopping around is experienced. Two storms came with 40 mph gusting wind and it’s still here. This cover holds up well despite the presence of wind, sun, and rain. It has been with my console for three summers even though I live in an area where it’s scorching hot. So, kudos to its durability.

Inspecting the stitches, zipper, and snaps will give you an idea about the toughness of this product. It’s effortless to put on as your basis can be the two snaps in the front. Place them in the right place and the cover will just align itself.
  • Doesn’t only cover the console but other parts as well
  • Has adjustable straps to cover most console configurations
  • Mildew won’t develop because of the loose fit
  • Holds up well despite the presence of wind, sun, and rain for durability
  • Effortless to put on
  • Only suitable for a console with a base perimeter of 18 feet or smaller
It’s the ideal covering for my console. I like that there’s not much to do when putting it on, so I’m stress-free.

7. SavvyCraft T-Top Boat Cover

I love how it fits on my boat and console. My vessel is protected and away from dirt. It’s one of the hardtop boat covers that every T-top boat owner wants. The material is terrific and reliable.

This cover is heavy-duty as it’s composed of 600D marine-grade polyester. When it comes to durability, it excels and can compete with other brands. It’s tough and waterproof, so I don’t worry about rain and water getting into my boat. Available colors are blue, navy, and gray.

Weather does change and the material can bear whatever comes around, even the harshest sunlight. What’s more beneficial about it is the tightly woven and breathable design. Pollution and dirt have no chances of passing through this cover. I don’t have to spare time to thoroughly clean either. No rust ever occurs!

Individuals who love fishing need this item as it has a place for rod holders, GPS, and outrigger mounts. You can even connect one or more VH antennas on its unique hook and loop.

To secure it in place, there are straps and a buckle. A rope ratchet also helps with this intention. There’s a zipper for double entry whether on the starboard or port side. However, users have to be extra careful as it might come off your hand. Some additional accessories are a fine mesh storage bag and boat cover reinforcement kit.
  • Protects the boat and the console
  • With high-quality material to block sun, rain, pollution, and dirt
  • Has breathable, tightly woven design to prevent the need for cleaning
  • No rusting will take place
  • Has a place for rod holders, GPS, and outrigger mounts
  • The zipper may come off your hand if you’re not careful
It excels among other center consoles t-top covers because it doesn’t only protects but frees you from tedious cleaning.

8. Taylor Made Products 742060B T-top Boat Cover

This boat cover is ideal for boats with a permanent T-top. Just imagine the relief that it gives me as it’s not simple to find at all. It’s been with me for years now and it continues to serve its purpose well.

I need to completely cover my boat and the console. It can’t be denied that the zipper is reliable but to ensure that it stays closed, a tie-down system is added. This feature also lessens stress on the ends of the zipper when you use it for trailering. Yes, it may look simple but it can be in trailer use.

The installation is focused on the bow and stern and it can be done by one person. It’s straightforward, so you don’t need to have deep thoughts on any necessary step. I handled various items but this is the easiest t-top boat cover installation that I’ve encountered.

After zipping it up, the center console is protected while the console tube is secured underneath. This cover is composed of marine acrylic-coated polyester fabric. Thus, it fits to protect your boat while inactive.

Don’t allow its appearance to deceive you! Though it may look like plastic, based on my experience, it endures any weather conditions. Whether it rains or shines, my boat stays as it is. It also minimizes dirt from getting into my boat.

I can maintain the cleanliness of my boat as well as not finding any damage. Just think about spending money on all of those unwanted things!
  • Can last for years
  • A reliable zipper for securing the boat and console
  • Tie-down system to keep the zipper in place and for trailer use
  • Straightforward installation
  • Protects the boat from different weather
  • Seems made of plastic but it’s just the appearance
The way this t-top boat cover works tells me that I shouldn’t worry about my boat and console when in storage.

9. OceanSouth T-Top Boat Cover

Finding the right size is the main struggle when looking for a t-top boat cover. This product will make it easy for you as you’ll undoubtedly find the most suitable one for your boat among the 14 available sizes.

However, you should know that there are only two options for the width, which are 102 inches and 120 inches. It’s made up of marine-grade threads and breathable fabric. As such, it’s waterproof and no water or rain can’t mess up your boat.

A heavy downpour, as well as the heat from the sun, shouldn’t worry you. Consequently, it’s ideal for long-time storage and winter. This cover also excels in durability as every part is detailed. The double stitch construction and the hem with tie-down loops strengthen the material. Expect no raw edges on the seam as it’s folded in four plies.

The installation comes with ease as there’s a braided rope that fills the hem. There’s a rope ratchet for easy gathering and tightening the whole thing. You install it with no complication but it snugs well on your vessel!

I like that there’s a cover tie-down kit in a single purchase. It doesn’t only function as a t-top protector but it can take in GPS and CHF antennas, outriggers mount, and rod holders. People who are into fishing will surely appreciate this feature.
  • Made of marine-grade threads, breathable, and waterproof fabric
  • Can withstand downpour and sunlight
  • Ideal for winter and long-time storage
  • Durable with double stitch construction and hem
  • Easy installation but tightens well
  • Can take in GPS and CHF antennas, outriggers mount, and rod holders
  • Only two different widths in 14 available sizes
You don’t have to try so hard in finding a cover with the appropriate size for your boat as this offers up to 14 sizes. The functions are incredible too! You won’t regret getting it.

10. Trident TRI-T1718G Titan W/T-Top Boat Cover

I don’t need to go over numerous t top covers as I’m satisfied with this one. It does what it’s supposed to do. The nice fit comes together once it’s cinched up by the heavy-duty cord. It’s worth the money as it lasts for a while. I say this with confidence because it’s been serving me for 3 seasons so far.

The cover is definitely tough since it survived some Nor’easter. In addition, you can be at ease that with a pure, marine-grade poly guard polyester composition, mold won’t develop on it. Its superb 4-ply folded join seams and anti-wick threads also allow it to firmly withstand any type of weather.

At first, I was worried about whether it is appropriate for my 23.3-foot T-top. However, thanks to its universal fit, the cover falls perfectly in place. Easy trailering can be done because of the innovative built-in strap system. I love how it snugs on my boat with the support of a marine braid cord attached to the hem.

Aside from trailering, this boat cover can accommodate GPS, VHF antennas, rod holders, and outrigger mounts. Although it seems lightweight, it pleases me in so many ways.

I haven’t encountered any trouble when putting it on my boat. The usual process that I do is placing it on the vessel, adjusting, then taking it off when it’s time to sail.
  • Nice fit with no shrink wrap
  • Dampness and mold don’t develop
  • Withstand any type of weather
  • In universal fit
  • In easy trailering and accommodates GPS, VHF antennas, rod holder, and outrigger mounts
  • Easy to put on
  • Seems lightweight
I can’t imagine using another boat cover since this one does its job well. You don’t have to be hesitant to get it because of its universal fit.

Buyer’s Guide


There are more factors you have to consider when buying a t-top boat cover compared to the regular type. There’s a cover that clings on the entire vessel and one that is solely for the center console. It all depends on the type of boat that you have.

Different types of t-top boat covers are found in the market. The most popular type among buyers is the one that covers the whole boat. It gives assurance to the owner that the vessel is protected from rain, sun, wind, snow, and dust. A good cover often doubles for trailer use and long-term storage.

There’s a curtain type t-top cover or also called a center console cover. It’s usually used for t-top and to store your boat in a short period.

Every boat owner wants to protect their precious boat. Seasons and weather change but with an excellent boat cover, the protection stays the same. It remains immovable all year round and even when the rain falls, the wind blows, and the sun becomes intense.

Since you crave protection, you have to be attentive to the material. It depends on your preference and budget at times. You may want something lightweight but tough. The next thing you have to think about is the coverage, so the size of your boat is important in this part.

When it comes to preference, some opt for a dainty T-top curtain cover. Others seek total coverage from the hardtop to chine. To identify the necessary coverage, you need to consider the duration and why you’re putting your boat in storage.

If you’re someone who needs to cover your boat for trailering, the ideal t-top boat cover should have straps and hooks. These parts keep the covering intact so the wind can’t blow it away while you’re venturing.

Storing your boat when not in use is another thing. Something simple but durable is the right choice. It must stay tough and flexible as the weather changes. Snow and weather requires a sturdier cover for more security. Therefore, you can notice that boaters have different boat covers because of their preferences and needs.

High-quality or marine-grade material is what works best for a t-top boat cover. A breathable one is also good to prevent mold and mildew. Products of excellent quality can cost more but view it as a worthy investment for your beloved boat.

It’s not complicated to put a t-top boat cover on and take it off. Radar, antennas, rocket launchers, and other things placed at the top are not interfered by a T-top boat cover.

What is the Top-Rated T-Top Boat Cover


Above, you can find product reviews on a few of the top-rated t-top boat covers. Numerous manufacturers produce fantastic t-top boat covers. Carver t-top boat cover is one of them. Sunbrella t-top boat covers are common and known by many. But, you have to dig for more information and search for the appropriate cover for your boat.

You can rely on companies like Classic Accessories, Budge, Titan, OceanSouth, Taylor Made Products, and SavvyCraft in making effective t-top boat covers. Make sure that you get one that you can install properly on your boat.

How Do You Cover a Boat at the Top

It’s better to start at the front as there are usually straps intended for the bow. Then, hooking becomes easier. The top part has an opening for antennas or outriggers.

For convenience, some have zippers that run from the bottom to the top on each side. Rod holders can help you when covering the top of your boat. They also allow some air to get inside to prevent mold and mildew.

You also start from the top when you have a cover that gives full coverage. If you start at the bottom, it may take time as you need to deal with antennas or other objects at the top.

The cover needs to be aligned with the boat, so there’s complete coverage. There are webbing straps too for security. Some adjustments can be done to get rid of any slack and it’s fine to latch the buckles below your vessel.

How Do I Keep Water Out of My T-Top Boat Cover


Some t-top boat covers have shrink wrap features. However, you have to be on the lookout during rainy days. Luckily, there are many ways to keep water out of a t-top boat cover or to make sure that pooling doesn’t occur.

Cover Support Pole

This pole is the most effective for small areas like the forward seating section of a bowrider. It has a convex end cap on the tip. Some of it has a fabric patch as a reinforcement on the boundary between the pole and cover. When you use this, you have to always check it.

Pole and Strap Kit

It’s fine to use this kit in various boat types and sizes. Straps and sets of poles also make the installation of the cover easier. The poles are usually made of plastic or aluminum. However, it requires frequent check-ups for tightening and adjusting the cover that relaxes over time.

You may get a fine kit of support if you go for a shrink wrapper. There are some advantages and disadvantages to everything. With this kit, you won’t be mindful of the size that is appropriate for your boat.

Bow and Socket

It’s another kit that can help you prevent water from forming. You will get sockets to connect the ends and wooden or fiberglass, flexible bows. These bows can be bent as they’re made longer than the supposedly covered area. Clamps are used to mount the sockets that are screwed into the gunwale.

When putting this support on your boat, avoid leaving gaps so the cover won’t droop. Make sure you add the right number of bows. You also need to tightly cover the bottom and regularly check on it.

Hanging Support

Instead of frames, you can opt for a suspension system like lines. You have to do it if you have a ski tower. This support begins to the underside as the line is connected to the tower. The best part of using this is that it will only take a second to hang your cover.

How to Care and Maintain

Despite the high-quality material of a boat cover, maintenance is still essential to keep the performance consistent. Negligence of taking care of your boat cover destroys the material.

Manufacturers give instructions for the user. Some covers are fine with a mild detergent but others are only safe with water. Never use soap on sensitive material as you’ll end up ruining it.

After cleaning, dry the cover first before putting it into storage. Some brands offer storage bags or duffel-like bags. You can roll then place it in the bag so dirt or animals can’t get hold of it.


A t top boat cover is a good investment, but selecting one to purchase can be tricky. Thus, in addition to getting the best t top boat cover, you must take good care of it. Doing so will help it live a long and healthy life to look after your boat!

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