Group Events



A one-of-a-kind experience!


Ride the Ducks of Seattle has been voted the #1 City Tour in Seattle for more than a decade, so you know your group event is going to be a great time! Let us help you create an unforgettable event. Aren’t you curious why more than
three million locals and tourists
keep coming back for more?

Is it a tour? Is it theatre? Is it stand-up comedy? YES! It’s also a fantastic way to reward your team for a job well-done, show off the city to visiting family and friends after a wedding or get away from the convention center for a hot second (er, 90 minutes) to see the city! Our tour guides combine history, current culture and fun facts with music and jokes (both good and “dad”) for the perfect recipe to kick start your Seattle exploration. Fun for groups of all sizes!

We offer group discounts when you purchase 20 or more tickets and can accommodate groups of up to 500+! If you’re looking for a corporate event that your team will still be talking about next month, we have private Duck Tours as well!

Want to see Seattle from above, too? Check out our Sea to Sky Duck package with Sky View Observatory!

There are so many options! Let us help pick the right package for your group event: