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How Far is Cuba From Miami by Boat? (Answered)

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

How Far is Cuba From Miami by Boat

How far is Cuba from Miami by boat? It’s hard to give an accurate answer as the distance may differ depending on which route you take. Generally speaking, the Cuba to Miami distance is approximately 250 nautical miles.

Compared to flying, traveling to Cuba by boat is much more time-consuming. However, the sun-kissed journey is worth it for those drawn toward the ocean and its astonishing panorama.

Distance and Route for Sailing Between Cuba and Miami


  • Location of Cuba: Cuba is a long and narrow archipelago located in the northern Caribbean, right at the intersection of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

The country faces Jamaica in the north, Florida in the south, and Haiti in the west. Havana, known for its cigars, is Cuba’s capital and the country’s largest seaport.

  • Location of Miami: The City of Miami is found right in the coastal region of the Atlantic Ocean. This conurban part of Florida state hosts one of the largest passenger ports in the world, with over 5 million passengers passing by annually.
  • Distance from Cuba to Miami: The shortest distance between Miami to Havana in Cuba is only 90 miles, but the geographic locations of the two make direct sailing impossible.

When traveling by water, you’ll have to sail around Cuba and through the Florida Straits, meaning the journey will be increased by some extra miles. How many miles, you may ask.

Your voyage from Florida to Cuba by boat is now approximately 250 nautical miles, which is roughly 463 km.

How Long Does It Take to Travel to Cuba From Miami by Boat?

1. Travel Time


The trip duration varies depending on the size of the boat, speed, and weather conditions. Generally, it would take around 13-25 hours. Provided that you set off early and the weather is pleasant, you can finish the trip within one day.

However, it’s worth mentioning that taking this trip from Miami to Cuba isn’t just like any other boat trip you have or will ever take.

Even though the embargo between America and Cuba has been lifted, it’s illegal for private vessels to enter Cuba waters without permission. If you fail to comply with the regulatory requirements, you will likely face a penalty of several thousand and even imprisonment.

2. Factors Affecting the Time


  • Boat Size: Bigger boats are typically faster than smaller ones. Since they’re designed for stability, steering at high speeds occurs effortlessly. Conversely, smaller vessels are more prone to losing balance when going at high speeds because the hull stability isn’t as good as bigger counterparts.

That said, going by ferry to Cuba from Miami will be significantly longer than going by ship.

  • Boat Speed: The faster you go, the shorter it takes to arrive.

Provided that you’re going by speedboat, high-performance models can reach a speed of over 50 knots, so it should only take about 5 hours to finish the trip.

Meanwhile, a sailboat poses an average speed of 7 knots and 17 knots for a ferry boat. In other words, different vessels have different average speed values.

  • Weather and Water: Always check the weather forecast before heading out to the water. However, even if you do so, the weather can suddenly change occasionally without any warning. You ought to know the basis for handling strong wind and currents, thus making them an advantage to your navigation.

Be careful of the choppy seas along the way; they’re commonly seen due to the trade winds blowing from the East and the Gulf Stream flowing through the Florida Straits.


How far is Cuba from Miami by boat? Knowing the locations of the two destinations and the distance between them helps you make plans accordingly and more straightforwardly.

The best way to go from Miami to Cuba would be by ship; it takes the least time, but the price can be costly. Houseboats make a great alternative if you don’t mind the time; they also provide all the conveniences of a home as well as generous storage space for your supplies.

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