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Seattle Washington Tours Route

When you and your friends arrive in Seattle by plane, cruise ship, car or Seattle-style bicycle, Ride the Ducks should be your first stop for a Seattle tour. In ninety minutes, you’ll see the top sights and hear about how the city developed into the tech-coffee-expensive-real-estate hub it is today. Before you start drinking your double tall, extra foam, skinny vanilla latte or posting photos when “the mountain’s out,” enjoy all that makes Seattle famous on the tour that was rated #1 City Tour for more than a decade. Stretching nearly 20 miles from historical Pioneer Square to quirky Fremont, you’ll see all the sights, plus a lot more in an hour and a half!

Seattle Tours Route

Is it a tour? Is it theatre? Is it stand-up comedy? YES! It’s all that and a bag of chips**. Our tour guides combine history, current culture and fun facts with music and jokes (both good and “dad”) for the perfect recipe to kick start your Seattle exploration. You’ll journey to the best spots and neighborhoods so you can learn where you want to go back and spend more time.
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View of Public Market Center from Seattle Boat Tours

Making our way along the route, you’ll cruise the Seattle Waterfront to see the Seattle Aquarium, the Great Wheel and where the Alaskan Gold Rush first started. Then, drive through Seattle’s historic district: Pioneer Square and hear the story of Seattle’s underground and how the Great Fire of 1889 changed Seattle and our toilets forever. Downtown, your hilarious wacky Tour Guide will show where to find the Original Starbucks at Pike Place Market and, shoppers beware, we’ll drive past the Flagship Nordstrom! Did you know it started as a shoe store right here in Seattle?!


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Boat Tours in Seattle

From downtown Seattle, we’ll travel to the Center of the Universe (don’t worry – it’s not as far as you think!) where we’ll show you how to turn a bus into a boat and your amphibious Duck will splash into Lake Union for an experience you won’t forget! Enjoy a breath-taking view of the skyline, see Gasworks Park and get a peek at a floating home from an old movie we know you’ll remember! (Tom Hanks? Meg Ryan? Ring any bells?) Keep your eyes peeled – you may even see one of Seattle’s famous float planes take off and land right in front of your Duck!


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"Our Guide had great jokes, some with extra cheese on them (which my wife and I love), had some awesome facts about the city, an amazing playlist, and it was my birthday, so she had everyone sing happy birthday to me while we were in the middle of Lake Union... My little sister was visiting Seattle for the first time, and when we got home she said it was her favorite part of visiting Seattle after seeing my wife and I. Thank you for making our experience memorable!" Fernando P from Seattle, Washington"My kids and I thought it was a fantastic experience. Our guide made it fun and included everyone." Aimee T from Barrington, Illinois"Evan Flow was so awesome! Super funny and so very informative! He added so many interesting tidbits of info and the comedy made the tour very entertaining. Best city tour I've been on to date!" Donald G from North Vancouver, Canada

Kids always have fun on a Duck tour, but there’s more to a Duck Tour than just jokes. Since the Denny party landed on Alki in 1851, Seattle-ites have been figuring out how to make Seattle even more spectacular. Our horses-and-wagons navigated the legendary hills by shaving off the hilltops (yes, the hills used to be steeper!) and we solved a unique toilet issue of the late 1800’s by raising the streets (it was our #1 and #2 problem of that era). If all this all sounds very strange, we know! It is! We’ll fill in the details on your tour.

We’re definitely going to ask you to clap and dance in your seat, but, trust us, even if you don’t, you’ll have a great time watching the other 33 people onboard. You’re going to want to sing along with Jimi Hendrix when we share that MoPop was designed to look like his smashed guitar. Our music trivia will astound you with the depth of music history that extends way beyond Nirvana and the grunge era. Did you know that Sir Mix-A-Lot and Kenny G both got their start in Seattle?

We use songs and props to tell the stories of Seattle, so you may see a rubber chicken, silly hat or be surprised by a flying salmon like you would at Pike Place Market (spoiler alert: NOT a real salmon). Duck Tours are fun, clever and memorable, so allow yourself to let loose a little… unless you’re enjoying one of our large group events, you’re never going to see these people again.

If you’ve gotten this far, you can probably see that we believe laughter and a sense of fun crosses all boundaries and borders; everyone loves to laugh, right? For more than twenty years, we’ve welcomed more than 3.5 million smiles (and counting!) and we’d like to welcome you next on the tour voted #1 City Tour for more than a decade.

This is a Duck Tour and that does not mean that you’re on a bird-watching trip. It means we go from land to water and back to land on our United States Coast Guard-certified amphibious craft with licensed Captains. Learn more about our extensive training and safety program.

At the end of your tour, we want you to feel like you learned a bit about Seattle – both some of its history and some of the current culture – plus, enjoyed the scenery. If we can get you to giggle at a bad dad joke or clap along with a song sung by one of our famous musicians, then that’s a win.

Welcome aboard. The fun starts here.

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    Disclaimer: While we do our best to stick to the tour route. Throughout the year, we will re-route from time to time for a variety of reasons – marathons, parades, construction, traffic snarls and the all-encompassing “etc.” We’ll do our best to communicate to you in advance of your tour, but we reserve the right to change or modify the tour route at any time for the enjoyment of your experience.