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The Best Bass Boat Seats (Fold Down, Bucket and Other Types)

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

best bass boat seats

Reeling in a record-smashing largemouth bass is much easier and more enjoyable if one has the best bass boat seats in the watercraft. These chairs are more flexible than other seating types, allowing anglers to cast their line in any direction. Not only do they ensure more productive fishing adventures, but these seats also guarantee a more comfortable and enriching lake or river activity.

Buying a seat for one’s bass boat is not different from buying seating furniture for the home. There are factors one must consider to get the best furnishing. We determined the following three parameters to be crucial in choosing a bass boat seat.

  • Design: Bass boat seats come in different styles. One can choose the most suitable chair by considering personal preferences and boating needs. Most bass boat owners choose a fold-down seat because it affords ample storage space. On the other hand, a bucket seat is perfect for comfort, and a casting chair is ideal for fishing stability.
  • Padding: Most bass boat seats feature foam cushions. However, some manufacturers also design boat seat padding to provide exceptional lumbar support, shock absorption, and moisture resistance. Other companies create boat chairs with contoured or molded cushioning.
  • Size: It is always best to choose a seat with sufficient space for the buttocks, ensuring equal weight distribution and relieving stress on the lower back and spine. One should consider 47” bass boat bench seats if one needs more seating space. The backrest should be high enough to support the spinal column, giving boaters more pleasant fishing adventures.

Buyers of bass boat seats can also consider other factors, such as those discussed in the buying guide and the following product reviews.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Wise 8WD588PLS-660

+ Affordable
+ Easy to install
+ All-weather cover

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Millennium Marine B100

+ UV-resistant
+ Quick-drying
+ Breathable

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<strong>Top 3</strong>


+ Fold-down style
+ UV-resistant cover
+ Premium-quality foam

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List of Top 7 Bass Boat Seat Reviews

1. Wise 8WD588PLS-660 Standard High Back Boat Seat

Wise is one of the most trusted names in boat seats, with the 8WD588PLS-660 being popular among bass boat owners. These high back bass boat seats are perfect for people with back problems, allowing them to enjoy a full day of bass fishing at the lake or river.

I like this bass boat seat’s simple design, reminiscent of a car seat. Not only does it look like one, but it also feels like an automotive seating platform. One will never have a sinking feeling when one rests the back and buttocks squarely on the compression padding.

The backrest is higher than other bass boat swivel seats. I can rest my back together with the back of my head. Dozing off while sitting on this boat chair should not be a problem because it is that comfortable.

I love the company’s seat cover treatment. This product comes with a marine-grade vinyl treated with UV inhibitors and anti-mildew substances. Cleaning and maintaining the boat chair’s integrity is never a hassle because of these unique applications. The cover will never crack under the intense heat of the sun, saving boat owners hundreds of dollars in boat seat upholstery.

The molded plastic seat frame features multiple mounting holes, ensuring hassle-free installation on any pedestal mount or swivel-type seating platform. It is more affordable than other bass boat seat brands, too.

Unfortunately, some customers had issues with the snap, which rusted after moderate usage. Moreover, some boat owners find the backrest’s angle too straight, preferring a reclined position.
  • Ideal for people who need adequate back support
  • Compression padding and high backrest for exceptional comfort
  • All-weather seat cover for durability
  • Compatible with pedestal and swivel mount systems
  • Easy to install and affordable
  • Some boaters find the backrest angle too straight
  • Seat snap can rust
Still, many bass boat owners recommend this bass boat seat to their friends. It is affordable, fits the back and buttocks nicely, and is effortless to install.

2. Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat

Bass boat owners who want a simple yet effective bass boat pedestal seat should consider the Millennium Marine B100. It might have the most plain-looking design of all the bass boat chairs on this list, but it never compromises quality, comfort, and functionality.

The ComfortMax technology is present throughout this bass boat seat’s design. Although it does not have a foam cushion, one can rely on its revolutionary technology to deliver exceptional seating comfort.

Boaters will never worry about dew formation when fishing early in the morning. Heavy downpours will never dampen the spirit of a seasoned angler, and neither will this seat stay wet.

This seat has an all-weather construction, making it the toughest chair one can ever install on a bass boat. It resists mold and mildew and does not fade due to UV radiation. The fabric has a tight weave, creating tiny holes for air to pass through and delivering optimum comfort for the bass angler.

I love its color scheme, including the gray seat frame. I find this design perfect for hunting ducks and other game fowls. The color blends well with the environment, adding a layer of stealth to one’s hunting adventures.

I am flabbergasted to learn that these bass boat fishing seats can accommodate a 400-pound person. It is comforting to know that the boat chair has an all-aluminum construction, giving it exceptional strength without adding to its weight.

The only downside I see with this product is its fabric seat design. I know some people who prefer the feeling of foam under one’s buttocks. Unfortunately, they will not get that satisfaction with this bass boat seat.
  • Cutting-edge ComfortMax technology for optimum comfort
  • Gray color scheme ideal for game fowl hunting
  • Breathable, quick-drying, UV-resistant, and mold and mildew-resistant
  • Aluminum construction that’s sturdy and lightweight
  • 400-pound seating capacity
  • Some boaters might prefer a seat with a foam cushion
Regardless, I find this bass boat seat exceptionally crafted. It has a simple design that belies its unbeatable durability, stability, comfort, and functionality.

3. NORTHCAPTAIN T1 Deluxe Low Back Folding Boat Seat

NorthCaptain makes some of the most comfortable bass boat seats on the market. Its T1 Deluxe Low Back Bass Boat Seats reflect its dedication to quality innovation.

I love this bass boat seat’s overall design, especially its contoured styling that hugs the body for optimum comfort. It provides excellent low back support for people who might have issues with pain in this body region. I can spend countless hours bass fishing without complaining of low back pain or other discomforts.

The vinyl cover is also noteworthy. I appreciate its UV treatment and mildew resistance, ensuring this bass boat chair will last many years. Even if boaters head to the waters every day, this seat will resist damage better than other chairs I know.

I also like what’s underneath the cover. It is not an ordinary foam that sinks into the frame when someone sits on it. This boat furniture features a premium-grade compression foam with excellent shape and density retention.

I appreciate this chair’s fold-down design, allowing me to save space. I can effortlessly unfold the seat for the ultimate fishing comfort and convenience once I get to my favorite bass fishing spot.

I also like this bass boat seat’s seat frame with a mounting plate for pedestal and swivel systems. I have seen other products with a similar design, but they only work on one type of mounting platform. It is always refreshing to learn that one can install this chair on almost any bass boat seating platform.

Unfortunately, I find its 16-inch seat width insufficient for wide-bodied people. The chair’s bottom finish also requires more finesse because some boat owners might consider it poorly made.
  • Exceptional lower back support
  • Premium-quality compression foam with strong shape retention
  • Fold-down style for ample boat space
  • Mildew and UV-resistant marine-grade vinyl cover
  • Compatible with swivel and pedestal mounts
  • Not for large boaters
  • Seat bottom has cosmetic flaws
Nevertheless, this bass boat seat remains an excellent buy. One can always rely on its superior design and good-quality construction to deliver a bass fishing experience like no other.

4. DeckMate 61-inch Bass Boat Seats

The DeckMate 61-inch Bass Boat Seats are an excellent replacement for ordinary bass boat seating furniture. It has an exceptional construction that delivers optimum comfort for endless hours of bass fishing.

I love this product’s middle seat for bass boat. Anyone can use it as a buddy chair or step chair. The center seat is wide enough to accommodate a third angler, ensuring everyone gets into the joys and pleasures of bass fishing.

The two bucket seats are also commendable. They are taller than most products, with about 26 inches of backrest height from the seat’s topmost surface. The chair is 22 inches wide, with a 7-inch high front section supporting the inner thighs. The backrest’s sides also conform to the body, hugging it like a plush Teddy Bear.

The cushion is denser than most bass boat bench seats I know. It might have a plastic frame, but I can vouch for its solid construction. Moreover, the premium-quality material adds to the seat’s lightweight characteristics.

Installing this bass boat seat is a cinch because it is a two-piece design. One can install the chair or the backrest on almost any boat seating platform. I know of a few bass boat owners who installed this seat on a swivel mount without the backrest. It allowed them to cast their line more effortlessly than a fixed-position seat.

Unfortunately, I agree with some customers that an aluminum hinge might not be the best material for this bass boat chair. Nevertheless, the mounting hardware is stainless steel.
  • Wide and tall bucket seat design for most bass boat owners
  • Extra-thick cushion for superior comfort
  • Heavy-duty plastic frame and backrest that hugs the body
  • With a 7-inch section that supports the thighs
  • Two-piece seat design for easy and versatile mounting
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Some boaters might not like aluminum hinges
Overall, I still recommend this bass boat seat. The way it hugs the body and provides comfort throughout the boating adventure is something impossible to resist. Its modular-like design is also exemplary.

5. Attwood 98391GNMX Padded Boat Seat

The Attwood 98391GNMX is an excellent choice for boat owners who want cheap bass boat seats without undermining comfort and durability. Bass boat owners will love this budget-friendly and versatile chair. I know I do.

I adore this bass boat seat’s lightweight and folding design. The 20-inch wide and 17-inch deep seat is sufficient to support the buttocks. I can carry and install it on any boat, such as a bass boat, Jon boat, and other watercraft.

Unlike other folding boat seats, this product comes with thick padding that never strains the buttocks. It conforms to the user’s body shape like a glove, delivering surprising comfort.

Waterfowl hunters will also love the seat’s camouflage color scheme. One can blend with the tall grass lining the shore, concealing the boat for the perfect shot. The molded plastic seat also has a dark grayish-green hue, reminiscent of military fatigues. It is the ideal seating platform for seasoned game fowl hunters.

I am glad this bass boat seat adheres to the American Boat & Yacht Council’s (ABYC) Code B seat standards, giving me confidence about its suitability on most low-speed boats. The guidelines state that Type B seats are ideal for boat speeds less than five miles per hour. This bass boat seating is perfect for the bow or rear section.

Some boaters might dislike this product’s Chinese origin. Moreover, its plastic frame is not suitable for heavy people. Although I could not find information about its maximum weight capacity, I learned of a 190-pound guy breaking his chair after sitting on it.
  • Lightweight, folding design for portability
  • Thick and comfortable seat padding
  • Camouflage style for hunting game fowls
  • Affordable bass boat seat with gray-greenish hue
  • Adheres to Code B ABYC standards
  • Chinese-made
  • Not for heavy boaters
Nevertheless, this bass boat seat remains an excellent choice for boat owners on a tight budget. It does not have a fancy design, but it does an exceptional job of keeping anglers cozy while waiting for their prized catch to bite.

6. Tempress ProBax Orthopedic Limited Edition Boat Seat

Bass anglers with large builds should not let their weights prevent them from having a heyday at the lake or river. They can always install the Tempress ProBax Orthopedic Limited Edition seat on their bass boats.

I love Tempress boat seats because of their ingenious and thoughtful designs and unmatched construction. This bass boat seat is not different. As the most favorite boat seat for bad back, this bass boat seat comes from a collaboration with ergonomic seat experts and spinal surgeons. One can expect excellent spinal support from the lower back to the neck.

Like many bass boat bucket seats, the seating platform and backrest conform to the body like a Teddy bear giving the user a warm hug. It keeps the spine in perfect alignment, preventing aches and pains from ruining a pleasant day bass fishing. The 23.5-inch-high backrest complements the seat’s 18.5-inch-wide and 19.5-inch-deep dimensions.

I am reminded of premium-quality car racing seats when I look at this bass boat chair. The marine-grade vinyl has exceptional UV treatment, ensuring it will never crack under the intense heat of the sun. This bass boat seat only requires periodic cleaning to guarantee its extended service.

I am also glad this bass boat seat complies with ABYC’s H31 boat seat standards, giving boat owners confidence about its quality and performance. Its mount design is also commendable. One can install it on any seating platform, including Jon boats, mobility scooters, and ice shelters.

Unfortunately, these features make this bass boat seat more expensive than other brands.
  • Ideal for those who are heavy
  • Bucket style hugs the body comfortably and securely
  • With spinal support
  • Heavy-duty, UV-resistant seat materials for durability
  • Complies with ABYC H31 boat seat standards
  • Versatile design for multiple applications
  • A high price
Regardless, I will never hesitate to recommend this bass boat seat to anyone, especially those with back problems. Its craftsmanship is exceptional, and its comfort-centric design is impeccable. I did not mind paying more for this bass boat seat.

7. DeckMate Compact Bass Boat Seats

I am constantly reminded of Ranger bass boat seats every time I look at the DeckMate Compact Bass Boat Seats. They have an impressive design, extra-thick padding, and excellent craftsmanship.

I love this bass boat seat because of its thick foam. It gives my back and buttocks a more comfortable seating platform. The cushion is perfect for heavy people, guaranteeing optimum support every time they head to the waters. I can spend countless hours sitting on this chair, and my buttocks will never ache.

Many boat owners also love this bass boat seat’s two-piece design. They can install it to the seating platform and add cushions and cover without a hitch. People can also opt not to mount the backrest to the chair, giving them exceptional versatility in customizing their boats. Not many bass tracker seats provide such flexibility.

Like other DeckMate products, this bass boat seat features a marine-grade vinyl cover. However, I am most impressed with its SunStop UV treatment technology. Boat owners will feel more confident about this bass boat chair lasting many years.

The company also offers a three-year warranty for its boat seat. It will not hesitate to replace the chair with a new one if it fails to meet customer expectations.

One bass boat seat feature I adore is the removable center seat cushion. It adds versatility to the bucket seat, giving people the chance to modify it according to their needs. Velcro straps secure the seat padding while ensuring effortless cushion removal and backrest attachment.

Although I appreciate this bass boat seat’s design and craftsmanship, I do not find its price tag justifiable. It should be at least $200 less than its list price.
  • Removable center seat cushion and Velcro straps for extra versatility
  • Thick seat cushion for support and comfort
  • Two-piece bucket seat design for easy installation
  • Marine-grade seat cover with SunStop treatment
  • Three-year replacement warranty
  • Pricier than other bass boat seats
Still, I cannot blame people for buying this bass boat seat. Its versatility, impeccable construction, and thoughtful styling are features too good to miss.

Buyer’s Guide


Shopping for the best bass boat seat is almost similar to picking a household seating furniture. One might want to check a product’s design, materials, price, and other considerations. It would be best for potential buyers to understand and evaluate various product parameters.


Bass tracker replacement seats come in various styles, each with corresponding pros and cons. People might want to consider their bass fishing needs when choosing a bass boat seat design.

  • Fold-down Seats

This bass boat seat style is the most common, consisting of a backrest that folds over the seating platform. It can come in various designs featuring a straightforward plastic frame construction, usually without any cushion. Most folding bass boat seats have a padded backrest and seating platform, and are a favorite of seasoned anglers and hunters.

  • Bucket Seats

Also known as sport seats, bucket-type bass boat seats offer exceptional comfort because of their body-hugging style. These boat chairs have thick and dense padding for optimum body support and maximum comfort. Anglers will never mind treading rough waters because the padding supports their movements.

  • Buddy Seats

It is easy to mistake a buddy seat for a bucket chair. After all, these boat seats look similar. However, a buddy seat does not have backrest sides that conform to the body. These seats also have a narrower cross-section, making it an ideal middle seating platform between two bucket bass boat seats.

  • Bench Seats

Common in walleye and bass boats, bench seats are perfect for at least three people. Some brands offer high-compression foam for optimum comfort, while others design their bench seats with folding backrests. Bench seats can also feature a three-unit seating platform with a forward-folding capability, giving instant access to the boat’s compartment.

  • Casting Seats

As the name implies, casting seats are ideal for throwing a fishing line while standing. Some people call it a pro seat, butt seat, or pedestal seat because it mounts to a pedestal. This bass boat chair’s design supports the angler’s body when leaning on the seat to cast a line. It is perfect for reducing fatigue by taking the pressure off the feet.

  • Leaning Posts

This seat type is a cross between a casting chair and a bench seat. It is perfect for multiple anglers taking the pressure off their feet, allowing them to lean on the structure. This seat style is suitable for reeling in the biggest catch of the day.

  • Swing Back Seat

The only difference between swing back seats and benches is the built-in compartment in the chair’s supporting base. It is perfect for storing fishing gear, fish, beverages, and food items. This seat type is ideal for maximizing a bass boat’s storage space.


Some bass boat seats do not have padding, relying only on a thick fabric to support the buttocks and lower back. However, most products feature a foam cushion, ranging in thickness from an inch to five inches. In general, the padding’s thickness is directly proportional to its comfort and body support levels. Hence, a thicker cushion is more comfortable than thinner padding.

Manufacturers try to outdo each other by integrating other elements into their bass boat seat padding. Some companies design their chairs with extra cushions in specific areas. For example, the seat can have exceptional lumbar support and a body-conforming contour or molded inserts. Some paddings also have excellent moisture-wicking properties, improving the bass boat seat’s comfort.


One’s idea of the perfect bass boat seat size depends on one’s preferences and existing medical conditions. For example, a person with back problems will find high-backrest seats more suitable than low-back versions. On the other hand, some people prefer a backrest that supports their lower back.

Three measurements are crucial to determining the right size of a bass boat seat. Its width should accommodate the person’s side-to-side dimensions. The chair’s depth should allow the angler to sit on the platform with the buttocks squarely on it. The seating platform’s height reflects how much back support the boat owner wants.

Most boat owners recommend a bass boat seat with a depth of at least 18 inches and a width of 20 inches minimum. This size is sufficient for most boaters.

Seat cover

The best seats for bass fishing boats feature marine-grade vinyl. However, it is not uncommon for bass boat seat manufacturers to offer other materials, such as nylon.

Vinyl is resistant against mold and mildew, and its durability is exceptional. On the other hand, most game fowl hunters prefer nylon seat covers in camouflage color schemes to reduce sheen and noise. Most companies also apply UV treatment to their products.

Seat frame

Bass boats are suitable for fishing in freshwater because they are lightweight. The seat must not compromise this attribute. Hence, the chair frame often features high-grade polypropylene plastic. Some manufacturers mold their products to follow the body’s natural contours.


Some bass boat seats are versatile, allowing boat owners to install them on pedestal or swivel mounts. It would be effortless for a boat owner to install swivel fishing boat seats. Unfortunately, some products only work with a particular seating platform mount.


Brand new bass boat seats can range from $70 to $800, depending on the style, material, and inherent features. In general, more expensive products come with cutting-edge technologies and premium-quality materials.

If one does not have a budget for these chairs, one can still find excellent deals with used bass boat seats. However, it’s a must to pay attention to the bass boat seat’s overall condition. The seat cover should still be intact, and the frame should be free of any sign of damage.


Not all bass boat seat manufacturers provide a warranty for their products. Most companies offer a three-year pledge, providing buyers with a small measure of assurance about the quality of their purchase. However, it would be best to check the guidelines on guarantees. Some brands honor their commitment only if one purchases a bass boat seat from an authorized dealer.

How Tall Should Bass Boat Seats Be


A bass fishing seat should have a backrest at least 10 inches high to support the person’s lower back. However, if one needs more support for the spinal column, including the neck, it would be best to get a chair with a higher backrest.

One must also consider the person’s height. A 6’5”-tall bass fisherman will require a boat seat with a higher backrest than a 5’5”-tall person. An 18-inch high backrest might be sufficient for the little guy but not for the tall angler.

How Do You Remove a Boat Seat on a Bass Boat

Removing a boat seat on a bass boat is a straightforward process. Boat owners only need a screwdriver for the job, depending on the type of fastener securing the chair to the boat. It would be best to check the boat owner’s manual to determine what tools to use.

One must check the fastener securing the factory bass boat seats. Most bass boats have mounts bolted to the floor. However, some boats cover these sections with carpet or other flooring material.

Try to lift the seat and look for bolts in the bottom compartment. Some bass boats have an access port to insert a socket wrench and loosen the bolts. A bass boat front seat will often have this design.

If one cannot raise the boat seat, it would be best to check the rear boat compartment, where the gas tank and batteries are present. Reach around the livewell tanks’ sides and top to determine the location of the two bolts. Unfasten the bolts to remove the boat seat.

How Do You Install a Boat Seat on a Bass Boat

Installing replacement bass boat seats is as straightforward as removing the old chairs and replacing them with new ones. Unfasten the bolts securing the current chair to the bass boat’s sole. If one wishes to retain the mounting swivel or pedestal, it would be best to remove only the chair by loosening the fasteners under the seat.

Some boat seat manufacturers deliver their products for final assembly by the boat owner. Follow the assembly instructions, ensuring all bolts are in the correct position.

Place the replacement boat swivel chairs or boat pedestal seats on their mounts. Fasten the nuts to the bolts, and tighten the fasteners following the recommended torque.

Some boat chairs require the installation of individual chair components. It would be best to start with the backrest by securing it to the seating platform’s rear. Boat owners can then install the seat cushion, aligning it with the backrest. If the chair has a center console, it is best to determine the correct spacing before finalizing the installation.

Are Wise Bass Boat Seats Any Good

Yes, Wise bass boat seats are some of the best in the market. This boat chair maker is a member of the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), the National Marine Distributors Association (NMDA), and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Its membership in these reputable organizations underscores its high-quality orientation and philosophy.

Although its bass boat replacement seats cost more than the competition, boat owners can feel more secure and confident about their quality. Their customer service is also unbeatable, adhering to their philosophy of creating exceptional value for every customer.


Boat owners and seasoned bass anglers will do well to replace their watercraft chairs with the best bass boat seats. There are many designs to choose from, providing exceptional comfort throughout the bass fishing adventure.

Bass boat seats come with different cushioning materials, seat covers, frames, prices, and warranties. It would be best to consider these factors when buying a new chair for a bass boat.

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