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The Best Pontoon Seats: Lounge, Bench & Captain Seats

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

best pontoon seats

Adding a splash of life to a pontoon interior design is straightforward with the best pontoon seats. Not only are these pieces of furniture instrumental in giving a luxurious vibe to a party vessel, such as a pontoon boat. They also extend the watercraft’s functionality and versatility.

Choosing a piece of seating furniture to add to or replace existing pontoon boat chairs is not different from shopping for a sofa, lounge, or chair for the home. People consider various factors in their buying decisions. We deemed the following three attributes crucial when choosing a pontoon boat seat.

  • Design: Pontoon boats have a spacious deck, allowing people to add as many pieces of furniture as they want without exceeding the boat’s capacity. It also extends one’s choice of furnishings, such as lounges, captain chairs, fold-down seats, benches, and more. Each design can have various styles, giving the pontoon boat owner plenty of options.
  • Size: Although pontoon boats have spacious decks, it would be wise to consider a piece of furniture’s size, including its weight. Pontoon boat owners must not exceed their boat’s weight capacity while also maximizing space for people to move about and store gear and other items.
  • Materials: Pontoon boat seats must be comfortable to use and can withstand the elements. The materials used in the boat chair’s construction provide different purposes, such as improving the boat’s interior aesthetics, UV protection, mold and mildew resistance, wear and tear resistance, and optimum comfort.

Pontoon boat owners can also consider other factors, such as warranty, price, and more. We will present and discuss these buying considerations in the following guide and product reviews.

Top 1


+ Mildew and UV resistant
+ High backrest
+ Affordable and versatile units

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Top 2

Wise Boat Seat

+ Two-inch thick
+ Versatile use
+ An affordable pontoon boat seat

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Top 3

Seamander Boat S1040

+ 7-inch-high backrest
+ Plush and elegant captain’s bucket seat
+ High-compression foam padding

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Top 11 Pontoon Boat Seat Reviews

1. NORTHCAPTAIN S1 Folding Boat Seat

The S1 Deluxe High Back Folding Boat Seat is NORTHCAPTAIN’s signature pontoon furniture that works with other watercraft, such as Jon boats and bass boats. This chair is so versatile that one can install it on almost anything, including ice shelters and other motorized vehicles.

Not surprisingly, this boat seat is a favorite of boat owners worldwide. Its construction is top-notch, and its design epitomizes thoughtful creation. I love its high backrest design, extending to about 21 inches from the seat cushion’s top surface. It has a 75-degree incline, allowing skippers to rest their backsides comfortably into the chair.

Perfect for people with back problems, this pontoon boat seat is an excellent piece of furniture to have on any watercraft. It resists mildew growth and will never crack because of its UV treatment.

The marine-grade vinyl protecting the dense, high-compression foam is also soft and smooth to touch. People will never complain of skin irritation.

The seat frame is also UV-resistant, and I am happy the company did not use wood. Otherwise, boat owners might have to worry about water damage.

I can imagine pontoon boat owners getting two pairs of this furniture because the two-unit package costs less than other brands. One can also mount it on either pedestal or a swivel mount. Its universal design makes it a suitable seat on almost any seating platform.

However, it is worth noting that its 16-inch width might be smallish for some people.
  • High backrest, suitable for people with back problems
  • Mildew and UV resistant, marine-grade vinyl
  • UV resistant, durable polypropylene seat frame
  • Features a high-compression foam, soft and smooth to touch
  • Compatible with swivel and pedestal mounts
  • Affordable and versatile units
  • Smallish for some people
I still recommend this pontoon boat seat. Boat owners deserve only the best without shelling out a large amount of money. It is versatile, functional, durable, and comfortable. Although it is not as luxurious as other brands, this furniture can still add elegance to a pontoon boat’s interior.

2. Wise 8WD588PLS-66C Boat Seat

The Wise 8WD588PLS-66C is an excellent pontoon seat replacement, turning a party-going boat into a reliable and efficient fishing vessel.

This design is one of the best pontoon seats in the market, whether as a replacement unit or an extra. It also does not cost a fortune to own this boat seat.

I love this boat seat’s high backrest design, extending to 21 inches from the furniture’s seating platform. It can support the neck and upper body, allowing anglers to reel in their prized catch of the day. Although it does not have orthopedic foam, the padding provides excellent spinal support. It can relieve stress from the back, ensuring a more worthwhile pontoon boating experience.

Like all products in this list, this pontoon boat seat also features a UV-resistant marine-grade vinyl cover with mildew inhibitors. Rain or shine, this product stands up to the elements. The two-inch-thick high-compression foam never sinks into the frame, giving users enough support for their bodies.

I also like its versatility, enabling people to install it onto a pedestal or swivel mount. One can use it for fishing bass, trout, and other game fish. Hunting waterfowls from a pontoon boat is also a cinch with this furniture.

Unfortunately, I found some complaints about the pontoon boat seat frame’s durability. Some users claimed the structure broke after several months of use. Moreover, some people found the backrest too steep for optimum comfort.
  • Recommended for people who need ample back support
  • Marine-grade, all-weather vinyl seat cover
  • Two-inch thick, high-compression padding for comfort
  • Compatible with different seat mounting systems
  • Versatile use, ideal for fishing bass, trout, and other game fish
  • An affordable pontoon boat seat
  • A few issues with frame durability
  • Backrest is a bit too upright
Regardless, this piece of marine-grade furniture remains an excellent choice for pontoon boat owners. People can replace their existing seats with this product or add it to their current pontoon boat furniture layout.

3. Seamander Boat S1040 Pontoon Bucket Seat

People who find their captain’s seat too boring can install the Seamander Boat S1040 Series Pontoon Bucket Seat.

Not only will this furniture improve the pontoon boat’s interior aesthetics. It also guarantees a more comfortable and relaxing ride as one steers the pontoon boat along the waterways.

Unlike other replacement pontoon boat seats, this product has a bucket design that supports and warms the body like a Teddy bear. I feel like it gives me an invigorating hug after a day of navigating rivers and lakes.

I adore its white color scheme with red trims for a stunning contrast. It is perfect for pontoon boat owners who prefer a minimalist design to an audacious one.

I find the 19.7-inch-high backrest sufficient to support the lower and middle back, allowing boaters to rest their tired bodies. The 22.2-inch-wide and 21.7-inch-deep seating platform is comfortable to sit on without creating a nasty sinking feeling. It is perfect for most pontoon boat owners unless one has a large body frame.

I love the vinyl cover because it is softer to touch than other products. Furthermore, the seat cover adds an impressive touch to the high-compression foam underneath. The padding is thick, perfect for supporting the buttocks, thighs, and backside.

The seat frame is also commendable. Although it is plastic, the structure features an advanced rotational molded construction. This characteristic gives the supporting system exceptional strength and rigidity to last many years.

However, I wish the company would improve its mold and mildew resistance. Also, it is available in a pretty small size for some people’s likings.
  • Plush and elegant captain’s bucket seat
  • 7-inch-high backrest and 22.2-inch-wide seat for optimum fit
  • Soft-touch, marine-grade, UV-resistant vinyl cover
  • High-compression foam padding for maximum comfort
  • Durable high-density, rotational molded plastic frame
  • Not mold-resistant
  • Smallish for some people
Still, I recommend this pontoon boat seat. Its luxurious looks, clean and elegant styling, and superb craftsmanship are impossible to resist.

4. MSC Bucket Pontoon Boat Seat

Boat owners looking for comfortable and elegant-looking Overton pontoon boat seats might want to consider the MSC Bucket Pontoon Boat Seat. It is the perfect replacement to the factory-installed helm or captain’s chair, giving boat owners a much-needed cosmetic upgrade for their pontoon boats.

I love this pontoon boat seat because of how it hugs the body. It also has the right backrest incline, unlike other products with a 90-degree angle that can be unforgiving to the back. The arms also flow from the bucket seat’s topside, allowing users to rest their arms comfortably.

This pontoon boat seat also has high-compression foam similar to leading brands. The padding has sufficient ‘give’ to ensure relaxing sitting without the annoying sinking feeling. I also find the panels reminiscent of racing seats, conforming to the body like a glove.

I am glad the company decided to use marine-grade vinyl instead of ordinary material for the seat cover. It is noteworthy that the product features exceptional UV treatment and mildew resistance. These attributes can improve the bucket seat’s longevity while ensuring the health and safety of anyone who sits on the chair.

I commend the brand for using rotational molding technology in fabricating its seat frame. One can rest assured of its strength and durability, impervious to water damage.

Although I love this pontoon boat bucket seat’s body-hugging design, its 16-inch width might be a tight fit for some people. I also learned of some customers reporting they received incomplete packages, mostly missing installation hardware.
  • Body-conforming captain’s bucket seat design for comfort
  • Thick, high-quality, high-compression padding for support
  • UV-resistant, mildew-resistant, marine-grade seat cover
  • Robust rotational molded polypropylene seat frame
  • Elegant design for improved pontoon boat aesthetics
  • Narrower than most pontoon boat captain’s seat
  • Issues with missing hardware upon delivery
Despite these concerns, this furniture is an excellent choice for pontoon boat owners who want an elegant seating platform behind the controls.

5. Wise Premier Series Pontoon Bench Seat

I like Wise pontoon seats because of the technological innovations introduced into each product series.

For example, the BM1144-986 Premier Series Pontoon Bench Seat is perfect for boat owners who want plush furniture in their boats. Not only is this 30-inch wide bench aesthetically pleasing, but it is also exceptionally crafted.

Unlike other pontoon boat seats with ordinary UV protection, this product features an advanced UV treatment. Boat owners can trust this bench to last many years without requiring expensive upholstery repairs.

I also love the advanced mildew inhibitors integrated into the marine-grade vinyl seat cover. Safeguarding people’s health is hassle-free with this innovation, requiring only a simple surface wiping to prevent mold and mildew growth. The bench is also robust, capable of resisting scuffing and other surface damage.

The boat seat’s high-compression padding is also exceptional. The backrest and seat have thick and dense cushions that support the body’s bony prominences. It has enough ‘give’ to make for a comfortable seating platform. Partying on a pontoon boat is more enjoyable with this bench.

I am glad the company offers a three-year warranty for the pontoon boat seat’s upholstery. Boat owners will never worry about incurring additional expenses anytime soon.

However, this pontoon boat bench does not include the seat base. It makes its price steeper than others. Most boat owners create their furniture foundations from scratch to give them excellent customization options. It is better than having a seat base one cannot modify.
  • Three-foot-wide, 30-inch-high pontoon boat bench
  • High-compression, OEM-grade foam padding for support and comfort
  • Marine-grade vinyl cover with advanced mildew inhibitors and UV treatment
  • Durable and resistant to scuffing, marring, and the elements
  • Three-year upholstery warranty
  • No pontoon boat seat base included
  • Available at a high price
Although this pontoon boat seat is not perfect, it remains a popular choice for seasoned pontoon boat owners. There is no questioning its craftsmanship, and its cushioning is better than other brands.

6. Wise 8WD120LS-1012 Pontoon Bucket Seat

Piloting a pontoon boat is more straightforward and comfortable with the Wise 8WD120LS-1012 Deluxe Series Pontoon Bucket Seat.

Designed and crafted with leisure boaters in mind, this furniture delivers exceptional comfort and robust construction that will see it in service for many years.

I love this bucket seat’s simple design, similar to many premium Overtons pontoon seats. Its high-density, high-compression padding supports the back and bony prominences to relieve pressure and ensure optimum comfort. Piloting the pontoon boat will be free of aches and pains, allowing skippers to maneuver their vessels along waterways like seasoned captains.

There is also no worrying about color fading and mildew formation and buildup. This bucket seat’s cover features advanced mildew inhibitors that prevent the growth and colonization of these nasty microorganisms. The sun’s rays will never harm or damage the chair because of its UV treatment.

The pontoon boat seat’s base features a solid polypropylene structure, which the company subjected to a unique injection molding process. Its high-impact properties translate to a seat frame that lasts many years, regardless of how rough the waters can be.

The seat’s dimensions are also noteworthy. It measures 24.25 inches wide, 16.5 inches deep, and 23 inches high. Skippers can rest their bodies comfortably while steering their pontoon boats safely.

Proof of this helmsman seat’s quality is its three-plus-five-year warranty. The upholstery has a three-year coverage, while the seat frame is good for at least five years.

Unfortunately, the seat is not mold-resistant. It is also a little pricier than other captain seats for pontoon boats.
  • Marine-grade, UV-resistant vinyl cover with mildew inhibitors
  • High-compression, high-density, contoured padding
  • High-impact, injection-molded polypropylene seat frame
  • 25-inch-wide seating platform
  • Three-year upholstery and five-year frame warranties
  • A bit pricier than other pontoon boat seats of similar design
  • Not mold resistant
Regardless, I am happy to recommend this pontoon boat seat to anyone. Its design is impeccable, performance commendable, and craftsmanship like no other.

7. DeckMate Classic Pontoon Seats

Boat owners who want to turn their standard pontoon boat benches into pontoon sleeper seats can add the DeckMate Classic Pontoon Lean Back Seat. This product is one of the most exciting ways to add pizzazz to a pontoon’s furniture, giving it a cozy vibe and a relaxing atmosphere.

When I saw this pontoon boat seat, I remembered the Toonmate pontoon seats. It is comfortable to lie on, perfect for catching a slumber after a day of pontoon boat partying.

The backrest angles at 45 degrees, making it an excellent platform for going into dreamland aboard a pontoon boat. There is a headrest integrated into the cushion for neck and head support.

I love the drain channels in these seats because I will never have to worry about damaging my pontoon boat’s carpet. Although the cover is not leather, I find the vinyl material surprisingly smooth and soft on the skin. I can lay bareback on this pontoon boat seat and be in dreamland within minutes without irritating my skin.

The cover is also resistant to UV damage and mildew growth, and its double-stitching guarantees exceptional durability through the years. I adore this seat’s design, making it ideal for storage bases. It should add versatility to a pontoon boat’s organizational requirements.

I like this boat’s seat’s lifetime warranty for its frame and the additional three years for the upholstery.

Unfortunately, one must have an existing pontoon boat bench for this product to be valuable. Buying a suitable marine-grade sofa can further increase its overall price.
  • 45-degree backrest incline with integrated headrest for improved comfort
  • Marine-grade, UV-resistant vinyl with double-stitching
  • Ideal for enclosed storage bases
  • Integrated drain channels to prevent water damage
  • Lifetime frame warranty to ensure good quality
  • Not a complete set
  • A high-priced option
Nevertheless, I love this pontoon boat seat. It is comfortable to rest a tired body, has excellent craftsmanship, and its looks never disappoint.

8. Moeller Marine ST2000-HD Boat Helm Seat

A luxury-looking pontoon boat seat does not have to cost a fortune. Boat owners only need to shop for products that offer the ideal balance of affordability, function, comfort, and looks. In that case, the Moeller Marine ST2000-HD fits the bill.

Unlike premium pontoon boat seats, this product does not dent a boat owner’s budget. One can buy two of these boat chairs, and the cost will still be more affordable than other brands.

Although it is affordable, we should not misjudge this boat seat’s quality. On the contrary, the vinyl cover is marine-grade and has a smooth and soft feel that never scrapes the skin. It also has UV stabilizers, ensuring seat durability. People can party all day, 24/, on their pontoon boats without worrying about cracks forming in their seats.

I also love the seat’s double-walled design, adding to its superior strength. I am impressed with its immaculate white motif. It is the perfect color scheme for boat owners who want a pristine, classic, elegant, and minimalist look in their boats.

I admire the seat arms’ precision molding. They flow like water from the 13.5-inch-high backrest, supporting the back like a cradle. Although the cushion is thinner than most pontoon boat seats, I still find it comfortable and soft. I can imagine myself piloting my pontoon boat for countless hours without suffering from aches and pains.

Unfortunately, some people might find its 16-inch-wide seat too narrow for optimum comfort. Moreover, the installation instructions can be confusing. Although the text is grammatically correct, it does not match the illustrations.
  • Luxurious folding captain’s seat
  • Neat all-white design for a classic, elegant, and minimalist look
  • UV-stabilized, double-walled, marine-grade vinyl seating platform
  • More affordable than similar pontoon boat designs
  • Precision-molded arms and backrest for comfort
  • Confusing installation instructions
  • A bit too narrow for some people
Nevertheless, this pontoon boat seat is perfect for people who desire a piece of luxury furniture without the premium price.

9. DeckMate Classic 28-inch Pontoon Seats

Boat owners know the importance of maximizing a pontoon boat’s deck space. That is why I consider the DeckMater Classic 28-inch Pontoon Corner Seats perfect for the job. Like the company’s other premium boat seats, this furniture screams pure elegance and refinement.

People can forget Overton’s pontoon seats once they see this product. It has exceptional craftsmanship that features superior SunStop thread technology. The seat’s seams will never rip apart, saving boat owners from costly upholstery repairs. It is perfect for securing the dense and soft foam material that cushions and supports the body.

I love its gray color scheme with charcoal and blue trims. Although it does not look as immaculate as an all-white pontoon boat seat, it has a unique charm and elegance that demand attention. I will never hesitate to put this chair in my pontoon boat.

The seat cover is perfect for marine environments and features exceptional UV resistance, too. I adore the plastic base supporting the pontoon boat seat, ensuring it will never get water damaged. I also appreciate the inclusion of drain channels at the bottom, allowing boat owners to divert water away from the carpet and other flooring materials.

Boat owners also appreciate the company’s exceptional warranty. The brand will replace any defective pontoon boat seat within three years, and they guarantee the frame for a lifetime. And if owners decide to sell their pontoon boats, they can also transfer the warranty to the buyer.

Sadly, these innovations and features come at a steep price.
  • Elegant corner seating furniture for pontoon boats
  • Unique SunStop technology for durability
  • Marine-grade, UV-resistant vinyl cover
  • Combination of soft and dense OEM-grade foam for comfort and support
  • Robust plastic seat frame construction with molded drain channels
  • Three-year replacement guarantee
  • A bit pricer than standard products
However, I would still tell prospective pontoon boat seat buyers to go for it. This furniture is perfect for adding a splash of elegance to a drab pontoon boat.

10. Leader Accessories High Back Boat Seat

People looking to replace their OEM Sun Tracker pontoon seats should consider the Leader Accessories High-back Fishing Folding Boat Seat. It is perfect for people who use their pontoon boats for bass and trout fishing. It provides a stable and relaxing platform to reel in the biggest catch.

This boat seat is perfect for placing in a pontoon boat’s two bow sections, giving people an excellent platform for landing the biggest fish of the day. I can think of other uses for this chair, not only boats. Its polypropylene plastic seat frame is sturdy enough to guarantee stable and secure installation on almost any mount.

I like its 23.75-inch-high backrest complementing its thick, high-compression foam padding in supporting the body. Anglers will never complain of backaches because the cushion relieves stress and pressure from the backsides.

Like many pontoon boat seats, this product features a UV-resistant vinyl seat cover designed and built for marine environments. Boat owners will never have issues with fading color or cracks on the furniture’s surface. It is also water-resistant, making it effortless to wipe any spill or water splashes.

The best part about this pontoon boat seat is its budget-friendly price tag. One can buy four of these chairs and install them in the pontoon boat’s four corners.

Unfortunately, the seat’s 16.75-inch width might be insufficient for some people. And while it folds onto itself, the backrest slants at an angle. It would be impossible to use the backrest’s backside as a storage shelf for other items.
  • Versatile folding seat design
  • Thick, high-compression padding for optimum comfort and body support
  • 75-inch high backrest for maximum back alignment and support
  • Premium-quality polypropylene plastic seat frame with aluminum hinges
  • Marine-grade, UV-resistant vinyl cover
  • An affordable seat for boaters
  • Only folds partially onto the seat
  • A bit narrow for some people
Nevertheless, this pontoon boat seat remains an excellent choice. Budget-conscious people can get a pair of these chairs to add to their existing pontoon boat furniture.

11. DeckMate Premium Pontoon Boat Seats

I love DeckMate pontoon seats because of their thoughtful styling, exceptional craftsmanship, and top-notch comfort. One of the best I have seen is the Premium 38” Pontoon Boat Seat. Not only does it look elegant and classy, but it is also relaxing and inviting.

This pontoon boat resembles the PMI pontoon furniture in one of my friends’ boats. It has a pillowed design, allowing resting on the plush high-backrest while relaxing their bodies on the sufficiently broad seating platform.

I am glad the company used high-grade, UV-treated polyester thread in double-stitching the seams. People will be more confident about this seat not ripping apart or water entering the soft-dense foam combo. The cover also features mildew and UV treatment, ensuring this pontoon boat seat will last many years.

The plastic seat frame is robust and comes with a similar UV treatment as the other seat components. I love its molded drain channels, allowing boat owners to move water away from the pontoon boat’s sole and carpet.

I commend the company for offering one of the most remarkable warranties in the market. Although it only covers three years for defective pontoon boat seats, I am surprised to learn the brand provides a lifetime guarantee for its frame. People will also love the warranty’s transferability to a new owner.

Unfortunately, these features bump this pontoon boat seat’s price.
  • Pillowed 38-inch wide boat seat with double-stitching
  • Marine-grade vinyl seat cover with mildew and UV resistance treatment
  • Dense and soft foam combination for comfort and support
  • High-impact, premium-quality plastic seating platform with molded drain channels
  • Unparalleled lifetime warranty on frame
  • Available at a high price
Besides that, I can only sing praises for this pontoon boat seat. It is the best any boat owner can put into their pontoon boats.

What to Look for When Buying Pontoon Seats


People who have bought furniture before often find it straightforward to purchase pontoon boat seats. The process is similar, and the choices reflect the buyer’s understanding of certain factors.


It is crucial to choose a furniture design that fits the pontoon boat’s existing layout when adding or replacing pontoon seats. Most people also consider the boat’s deck space and weight limits. The good news is that the pontoon boat’s spacious deck allows boat owners to install as many pieces of seating furniture as practically possible.

  • Folding Seats

These single-seater pieces of furniture are perfect for pontoon deck corners, giving people a sturdy platform to fish. Versatile and compact, one can install these chairs almost anywhere on the pontoon boat. Most people mount them on existing swivel or pedestal platforms. Some people also use them as pontoon replacement seats, ditching the factory-made chairs.

  • Bucket Seats

Although folding seats are comfortable, they do not offer exceptional body-hugging support. That is why many pontoon boat owners love adding bucket seats to their water vessels. These chairs are similar to a car racing seat, with sides that flow naturally from the backrest to form a half-closed shell.

Sitting in a bucket seat gives people a sense of security and stability. Most pontoon boat seats with a bucket or sport design serve as a captain’s or helmsman’s chair. A pontoon boat should have at least one of these seats behind the controls.

  • Lounge Seats

People who own a 30-foot pontoon boat have plenty of space to place lounge seats, two pieces of seating furniture with their backrests joined to form a center rib. Lounge seats can also improve a pontoon’s storage requirements, turning the seat’s base into a compartment. Separating the two chairs creates a jump boat seat with a similar function.

  • Bench Seats

This seating furniture is a mainstay in many pontoon boats because of its versatility. One can lie down on them or accommodate up to three people at a time. Bench boat seats have spacious bases, which boat owners can convert into storage compartments. Some benches have folding backrests, improving the furniture’s versatility.


Pontoon boat seats come in various sizes, depending on the type. For example, most folding and bucket seats are at least 16 inches wide and 15 inches deep, while benches and lounges can be as wide as 60 inches.

The backrest can be as low as 12 inches or as high as 24 inches, suitable for people with back issues.

A pontoon boat seat’s weight is also crucial because one must not exceed the boat’s maximum weight capacity. The chair’s physical dimensions are essential in determining how many pieces of furniture and what type the boat owner can install in the pontoon boat.


Most pontoon boat seats feature marine-grade vinyl seat covers. Some manufacturers offer leather, too. Unfortunately, leather requires more meticulous maintenance than vinyl. Many companies treat their vinyl covers with UV protectants and mildew inhibitors.

The frame is almost always polypropylene plastic, which is more resistant to the elements and the marine environment than wood. Folding seats have aluminum hinges to preserve the furniture’s lightweight characteristics. The padding is mostly high-compression foam, although it is not uncommon for some seats to have padding-less fabric panels.

Price and Warranty

Some pontoon boat seats are expensive, ranging from $200 to $1,000. If one does not have the budget for a high-end pontoon boat seat, an excellent option is to wait for promotional discounts on pontoon furniture for sale.

It would also be best to consider a pontoon boat seat’s warranty. Some companies cover their frames for a lifetime, while others guarantee only three to five years. It is also worth checking the upholstery warranty, which most brands cover for three years.

Can You Add Seats to Pontoon Boat


Yes, one can add seats to a pontoon boat because of its spacious deck. However, it would be best to consider several factors to determine the best possible pontoon boat seating option, including the following.

  • Pontoon boat’s maximum weight capacity
  • The combined weight of all items present on the pontoon boat
  • Load of the additional pontoon boat chairs
  • Number of people the pontoon boat can safely and comfortably accommodate at any given time
  • How the boat owner can ensure uniform weight distribution with the seating additions

How Do I Add More Seats to My Pontoon Boat

People who want to add pieces of luxury pontoon furniture to their pontoon boats might want to check their vessel’s maximum weight capacity. For example, a 24-foot pontoon boat might weigh 2,500 pounds, excluding passengers, cargo, and other gear. It might also have a 2,000-pound maximum weight capacity.

Suppose the weight of all gear and items is 500 pounds, and the boat owner wants to invite five 200-pound people to the boat. In that case, the pontoon’s capacity is 1,700 pounds (including the boat owner). The boat owner only has 300 pounds worth of pontoon boat replacement seats to work with.

The boat owner should also consider drawing a seating layout to distribute the weight across the pontoon boat’s deck. One can place a lounge seat near the bow, a captain’s chair in the middle, and pontoon boat bench seats at the stern.

What Are Pontoon Boat Seats Made of

Pontoon boat seats feature thick foam padding with a marine-grade vinyl seat cover. In truth, such material has exceptional resistance against wear and tear, mildew infestation, UV damage, and color fading. Therefore, maintenance and cleaning will be a breeze.

Some manufacturers use other materials for their pontoon boat seats. For example, top-of-the-line Taylor Made pontoon seats feature genuine leather, giving boat owners a sense of exclusivity.

The seat frame is mostly polypropylene plastic with aluminum hinges and stainless steel fasteners.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Pontoon Seats

Pontoon boat seat replacements can cost boat owners anywhere between $150 and $1,000, depending on the brand, type, materials, and quality of construction. Although it is tempting to buy cheap pontoon boat seats, the class might be subpar. Boat owners might have to replace these chairs sooner than initially expected.

On the other hand, some boat owners might want to consider pontoon seat covers replacement to lend their boat furniture a much-needed aesthetic upgrade. Reupholstering boat seats can set boat owners back by $100 to $300 per chair. Reupholstery costs vary according to the materials used.

Another option is to look for pontoon seats for sale. Some retailers want to empty their inventory quickly by offering substantial discounts. It would be best for pontoon boat owners to look at the quality of these boat seats and determine whether the price equates to good value.


The best pontoon seats can add functionality and elegance to a pontoon boat. That is why boat owners must determine their needs before going on a shopping spree.

It would be best to consider a pontoon boat seat’s design, size, and materials before finalizing one’s buying decision. A buyer might also want to consider the product’s warranty and price. Alternatively, using this review should give buyers a quick head start.

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