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What Does Boat Stand for? Get Facts Here!

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

what does boat stand for

What does BOAT stand for? Not the usual “boat” that we know refers to a water vessel. In this case, “BOAT” is actually an acronym.

With the evolution of pop culture, the word “BOAT” came to stand for many things. One of the well-known ones is “bust out another thousand.” This phrase pertains to how expensive BOAT ownership and maintenance is.

Interestingly, there are many other meanings that people created over time. Read on to find out.

Origin and History


Like any other word, “boat” has an origin. Experts believed it to originate from the Anglo-Norman word “bat.” By literal definition, this means a water vessel or ship.

If you look at other languages’ words for “boat,” these are not so far from the “bat” history. For French, it is “bateau” which may be of Old English or Norse origin. For German, it is “boot,” for Norwegian, it is “bat,” and for Spanish, it is “bote.”

Boat’s synonym, “ship,” may have come from Middle English origin. The known word is “scip” which means a BOAT of a considerable size appropriate for sailing or navigation.

Most Common Meanings of “BOAT” as an Acronym


BOAT is not a widely recognized acronym with a standard meaning. The same goes for BOAT abbreviations. However, if used in a particular context, it could stand for a specific meaning.

  • Bank of America Tower: BOAT refers to the Bank of America Tower, a skyscraper in New York City, USA.
  • Bankruptcy On A Trailer – a BOAT slang meaning BOAT owners may go bankrupt with how expensive this hobby is
  • Bring Over Another Thousand – another joke referring to how much money you need to invest in and maintain your BOAT.
  • Best Of All Time – used in sports and commentary
  • Byway Open to All Traffic – a type of public highway in the UK
  • Base-station Over Air Testing – used in the telecommunications industry

Other Meanings of “BOAT”


On social media, users have come up with different terms and phrases. These go beyond the BOAT terms or other slang associated with sailing, BOAT ownership, etc.

Below are some of the popular and funny examples. You can probably find them on social media, in newspapers, in magazines, in advertisements, etc.

  • Beats Out Another
  • Best Obsession After Thirty
  • Beyond Opinions And Time
  • Bored On Another Transport
  • Bought On A Bender
  • Bring On Another Thrill

It is interesting to note that the BOAT’s meaning or slang “best of all time” is typically used to denote an athlete, artist, gamer, or any other notable individual. It is used similarly to “GOAT” or “greatest of all time.”


“What does BOAT stand for?” is likely a question you don’t encounter often. After all, we all know it refers to the water vessel. But as shown above, “BOAT” has many other interesting meanings and slang. The popular “bust out another thousand” is only among the few. Certainly, there will be more acronyms invented as time goes on.

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