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The Best Boat Flags

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Sea navigation unleashes adrenaline, but before fun and games, there are many safety precautions to follow. Perhaps, one of the unseen significant parts of boats is a flag.

Why do we need flags for boats? It is because they signify our origin and organization in the open sea. They make sailors more recognizable even in international waters.

best boat flags

Different flags have different functions and nautical etiquettes. Most of them serve as an emblem for maritime assistance and emergencies. They provide signals or warnings to the other vessels in the vicinity.

Picking the best boat flags for yourself can be a daunting task. That’s why I’ve prepared a comprehensive list of 10 products to help you make up your mind.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Yafeco U.S. Flag

+ High-quality polyester
+ UV-protective Nylon fabric
+ Water resistance

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

GOLOHO American Flag

+ US flag made in weather-resistant
+ Praiseworthy stitches without defects
+ Heavy-duty brass grommets

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Airhead Parent Title Flag

+ It floats in water when it falls
+ Waterproof 
+ Easy to handle flag pole

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Top 10 Boat Flag Reviews

1. Yafeco U.S. Flag

This international-tailored flag is the definition of iconic. Yafeco’s American flag for boat is crafted from top-quality polyester. Such material is known to have strong fibers that can resist wind and water. I tried it multiple times under adverse weather conditions, and I am impressed with its remarkable performance.

For its affordable price, this flag is one of a kind. The polyester is partnered with nylon fabric that makes it waterproof and UV-protective. You no longer need to do a ninja-like stunt to remove it when it rains. On the other hand, I remember using it on one sunny afternoon, and I had no issues.

All of the parts are carefully sewn. I don’t see any loose or uneven stitches. The tiniest detail is immaculately polished, as you can see from the hoist down to the four-needle fly end. Another good point is that it comes in two sizes; you can pick between 12 x 18 and 16 x 24.

The canton also displays seamlessly embroidered stars. What I also find beautiful is the durable brass grommets. They completely prevent the rope/cord from chafing.

I have no problems using it in the first couple of months. However, after using it for a year, I noticed that the colors began to fade and lost their vibrance. Nevertheless, for its price, this product still gives a justifiable performance you can’t see in other prominent brands.
  • High-quality polyester with excellent wind and water resistance
  • Water-repellent and UV-protective Nylon fabric
  • Four-needle fly end and high-quality embroidery
  • Available in 2 sizes for preferred applications
  • Durable brass grommets
  • Has an affordable price
  • Not fade-resistant
If you’re out of budget, you might consider this lovely flag. It may not be as premium as other fishing boat flags, but it still gives a graceful performance at the open waters. With the presence of brass grommets, I’m sure it could last more seasons.

2. GOLOHO American Flag

Honestly, this is my first time reviewing this brand out of curiosity. It has captured my attention because most boaters highly recommend this ensign flag for recreational boats. And now I see why — it is because it exudes excellent characteristics that will give you a hard time saying no.

This flag is as unique as the brand name. It is constructed from the whole fibers of polyester. I bought this as a gift for my best friend, and she was astonished by its superb resistance to all weather conditions. Upon receiving the item, I rubbed the flag and realized how thick and sturdy the machine stitch was.

Windy afternoons are no match with this superior flag as it can bear the weight of seasonal winds without tearing apart. This capability is made possible by the four rust-resistant stainless steel flag clips that are stiffly tight when used with a pole and a stern light. This kit makes this flag more cost-efficient.

You can also easily insert it through biminis with 0.09″ to 1.38″ in diameter; hence, installation is smooth. The field of the flag is double-stitched to maintain its high-end quality offshore. The two brass grommets reinforcement allows the flag to remain steady in powerful winds.

Goloho guarantees total customer satisfaction through their 2-year warranty and lifetime customer service. The product could have been better if it had come with a pole, since some customers don’t have a stern light pole on their boat.
  • US flag made in weather-resistant polyester and compatible with biminis
  • Praiseworthy stitches without defects
  • Can withstand strong winds without breakage
  • It comes with four rust-resistant flag clips
  • Heavy-duty brass grommets
  • Trustworthy brand: 2-year warranty & lifetime customer service
  • No boat flag pole
The bold colors of this flag best represent the imagery of America. I once saw a customer paired it with a maga boat flag. Whatever you’re pairing yours with, I’m sure they will look great together. I’m going to buy one for myself next time!

3. Airhead Parent Title Flag

I guess the first impression lasts with this product. I’ve been using it for a year now, and I haven’t had any problems with it in my kayak fishing boat. The flag fits perfectly in the pole rail mount, and I can’t get enough of it!

I once used this flag for a boat racing festival in our town. Its vibrant orange color piqued the attention of my co-boaters. It stood out the most as they kept on looking at it. With this flag, I am at ease knowing boaters are unlikely to get in my way. It helps prevent collision accidents.

Moreover, this flag floats in the water. You don’t need to worry about it sinking. The fabric is made out of waterproof and wind-resistant nylon fabric. I tested it one day on a gusty afternoon, and the flag remained intact.

It is also economical because you don’t need to purchase a separate pole. After all, the flag is attached to it. Besides, the pole has a hand-held width and is tall enough: you no longer need to extend an arm to make it higher and visible from afar.

The only minor drawback is that it doesn’t have strong UV resistance. The bright orange color slowly becomes lighter when soaked in the sun. Still, this flag is valuable as it is durable for watersport activities.
  • Vibrant orange color helps prevent maritime accidents
  • It floats in water when it falls
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant Nylon material
  • It comes with a tall and easy to handle flag pole
  • Weak UV resistance, color-fade is possible
If you’re in the quest for small boat flags, you might jot down Airhead on your list! It has a lot of benefits for small watercraft! It is easy to install, and it helps your boat stand out.

4. Fine Line Flag American Flag

I’ve been looking for American-made flags recently, and nothing seems to fit my requirement except for this luxurious flag. It is an authentic US-made flag approved by the FMMA.

The entire flag encompasses a dense texture, and the cloth is heavy-knit when you touch it. An army duck canvas and nylon fabric are integrated to ensure a long-enduring performance.

The flag is super classy when you finally raise it at the top of your boat. It is chiefly designed for outdoor use. It is weather-resistant, so the fun onboard never stops, rain or shine!

I bought two pieces of this flag, one for my boat and one for my office. It looks glamorous even by just hanging on a wall. My ten-year-old boat also looks lovely with it.

Moreover, this is one of the many boat flags with wonderful sewing patterns. The stars are neatly embroidered, and the threads are neat. The fly end is also reinforced with four rows of stitching and hemstitches so that it won’t easily wear out. Plus, it comes with a refund if you don’t like the product.

The only flaw of this flag is that it might be too big for a golf cart. But because I only use it for my boat, I’ll surely buy again because it gives more than the bare minimum of a flag’s purpose.
  • Authentic USA flag approved by the FMMA
  • Premium-built flag: army duck canvas and nylon construction
  • Weather-resistant flag for all seasons
  • Outstanding stitching quality
  • Guarantees refund for customer dissatisfaction
  • Might be too big for golf carts
A flag and boat should work in harmony to effectively convey a message to fellow ships. Thankfully, this product has what it takes to get things done smoothly in maritime operations. It exceeds my expectations and is definitely worth the money.

5. Yafeco US 50 Star Sewn Boat Flag

This flag is the twin of Yafeco’s previous US flag but in a dark mode. I find it interesting that this version exists. I would like to use it to honor law enforcement officers, and after checking the product details, I decided to get one.

This flag radiates bravery from its somber colors that are not visually lifeless. The first time I saw it, I was pleasantly surprised by its construction. The whole flag is made with impeccable stitches, which means it is hard-wearing even in the harshest marine environment.

Moreover, this flag has an adequate amount of protection for all kinds of weather. It is from nylon material that can handle excessive temperatures. I tried it multiple times on a sizzling hot morning, and the flag remained pristine. Rainy seasons don’t even stand a chance to moisten it since it doesn’t absorb much water.

I admire the precise construction of this flag. I counted the stars, and they are indeed 50, and it only means that the makers are detail-oriented. The stripes are individually sewn. I also find the four-needle fly end helpful since it makes the flag more stable as it flies in the air. Plus, I love how quickly it dries after every wash.

The fabric itself is beautifully crafted, but the brass grommets may be a little disappointing for you. Mine fell off after a trip, and few customers have the same sentiment. I managed to replace them with durable ones, so it’s not a big deal for me.
  • Dark colors that don’t look lifeless
  • It can resist high temperatures
  • Superior water resistance like no other
  • Well-made stitches and embroidery
  • Four-needle fly end that adds stability in the air
  • Quick to dry
  • Brass grommets can fall off
If you’re looking for US marine flags to support police officers, then this one right here is the one for you! Its overall quality is mesmerizing. There may be a little imperfection, but it is amendable. Therefore, I have no regrets about purchasing this flag.

6. Flagmesages Universal Boat Flag

Flagmesages’ US flag version is uncomplicated. That was my first impression. Upon buying, I told myself I have yet to discover the features of this, so I should reserve my judgments for later on. Surprisingly, this product is crafted from sturdy nylon fabric.

The craftsmanship of this flag is out of this world. It is magnificently sewn in every corner as I didn’t see any seam line errors. It makes tears very unlikely because of its indestructible quality. Plus, it is fade-resistant. You may now say goodbye to your perhaps tattered flag on your boat and replace it with this one.

Furthermore, this flag is true to its advertisement. It is a high-quality flag that resists a lot of elements like sun and rain. It is super convenient to use since you no longer need to make efforts to check on it. It won’t wear out quickly in marine environments.

This flag is ideal for boat enthusiasts like me. It provides a satisfying result on board. Installing it in my boat didn’t take much time. I hung it on the stern light pole, and it has held up pretty well. I’ve been using it for six months already, and I still have no issues.

I also saw a boater pairing this up with the sail boat flags on his catamaran, and it looked gorgeous! So if you have a sailing boat, you might consider looking at this premium quality flag.

All in all, I am pleased with this product. My friends often praise its unique quality. It comes with four flag clips, and it clings on my pole well. However, my neighbor who bought this flag said she didn’t receive the clips.
  • Made in durable nylon fabric
  • Extraordinary seamless craftsmanship
  • It offers trouble-free installation
  • It comes with four well-built flag clips
  • A customer didn’t receive flag clips
With the product reviews I have written so far, it shouldn’t be challenging to find nautical boat flags. I am at ease because this ensign flag is surprisingly designed for long-term use.

7. Airhead StIK-a-FLAG Water Ski Flag

This is my second time reviewing Airhead’s product, and I know it’s going to be a bomb! I bought this flag because of its silly logo. I find it amusing! It captivates me since it illustrates the brand name.

I found this attention-grabbing flag when I browsed through a funny boat flags catalog online. As I read the reviews, most boaters prefer it because of its vivid orange color. It increases broad visibility in waters.

The unswerving strength of the 420 denier nylon for all types of weather makes this flag two steps ahead of its competitors. Installing it isn’t burdensome! The banner itself is attached to the white wooden shaft, and at the bottom, there’s a mountable 3.5 suction cup that you can put on your boat.

This flag is said to eliminate observer’s elbow fatigue because it’s designed as an arm-free flag. However, it’s static. You can’t swing it up and down once mounted.

Moreover, the shaft is 24 inches or exactly 2 ft in length, tall enough to be visible. The mount adheres well to the surface of the boat. You can apply it to the windshield or exterior of your boat. The fabric is thick and withstands strong wind currents pretty well.

The suction cup is amazing. It doesn’t move in its place. What is more is that this product conforms to AZ, CA, CO, ID, MO, NE, NM, OR, TX, UT & WA laws. All in all, this flag offers valuable performance!
  • A bright orange flag that ensures 100% visibility
  • Durable, thick weather-resistant 420 nylon denier material
  • Long shaft with a mountable suction cup
  • Eliminates elbow fatigue
  • Strong wind resistance
  • Includes conformity to multiple flag laws
  • The flag can’t swing up and down
This bright orange flag is a marine water sport flag that caters to a lot of recreational boats. Its overall quality is unsurpassed in outdoor activities. I’m going to buy another one for my athletic cousin.

8. HOOSUN American Flag

I’ve been looking for different boating flags for my pontoon boat for quite some time, and finally, the search is over! I haven’t cleaned my boat flag in ages. Hanging it in such a condition is poor etiquette, isn’t it? That’s why I bought this product to replace it, and I find it useful!

First of all, the entire flag is a double seam. It is a well-made boat cabin product that is manufactured with outstanding polyester material. It is moisture-resistant, a practical choice for outdoor use. One time, I went fishing with my dad, and a sudden drizzle occurred. I glanced at the flag, and it wasn’t drenched.

Moreover, the flag is two-sided, and the entire ground is loaded with two rows of lock stitches, while the fly end has four rows of the double seam. This sewing technique adds remarkable durability to withstand outdoor environments. The stars are also embroidered in thick layers of high-quality white threads.

This flag also incorporates two brass grommets at both ends of the hoist. They are known to have tensile strength support, but they are poorly inserted in this flag. One of them fell off after a strike of a strong breeze. Regardless, this is a minor issue that you can solve with minor repairs using a grommet tool kit.

All in all, I am still pleased with this product. It is a low-cost flag, so set your expectations right. It performs decently on many occasions, and that’s what’s important. I once used mine on Labor Day and had no issues aside from the previous one I mentioned.
  • Outdoor Protection: Moisture-resistant polyester flag
  • Intricate stitching details for durability
  • Crafted with high-quality threads
  • Competitive brand at an affordable price
  • Brass grommets are not properly installed
  • Not advisable for windy weather
There are many marine boat flags created for a tough marine environment. Such an attribute also requires additional cost, doesn’t it? Thankfully, this US flag has an affordable price and works well, as long as the weather’s not too windy.

9. bA1 Outdoor Prestige Worldwide Flag

bA1’s maritime flag evokes college retreat memories for some reasons. The black canvas, combined with the hip logo and design, depicts mischievous youthfulness. If you want to buy college boat flags, you might want to add this classic flag to your cart.

The flag is filled with black and white colors, but it doesn’t look dull. It looks like a flag I would use to decorate my college dorm with my friends. After purchasing, I immediately told them about it, and they loved it!

I invited them to a luxury yacht reunion party that I organized, and I placed the flag at the stern. It flew rhythmically with the winds as if there was music. It is also UV-resistant; there was no physical damage made by the scorching sun during that morning event.

I have high expectations of this product since it is made in 100% polyester. After months of using, I noticed that the print was still unblemished. The subtle colors are as sharp as new. I’ve experienced all sorts of weather conditions, and yet this flag is still flying beautifully in the air.

It comes with two hard-built brass grommets. It has become my habit to check on this part because the past flags I replaced had flimsy grommets, and I admire how durable they are. This flag is total chic! The only thing I dislike is the thinness of the fabric. I couldn’t complain more since it is unexpectedly durable for its price.
  • A flag that brings back good memories through its dark yet rich colors
  • UV-resistant and fade-resistant polyester
  • Flies steadily in the air while retaining its print quality
  • It can withstand all seasons of the year
  • Two sturdily built brass grommets
  • The fabric is thin
I don’t want to have favoritism, but this flag is my ultimate buddy. Among all of the products, this is the only one I use in my dorm. I’ll buy another one for my black and white-themed room!

10. In The Breeze Phantom Happy Hour Flag

This item is said to be a great pirate flag for boats, and now I can see why. When I was a child, I used to dream of owning a ship, ruling over the seas of the world just like Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. When I bought this flag, it was as if my childhood dream came true.

Like many 12×18 boat flags, this one is made of polyester. The quality of this cloth is unrivaled because of its weatherproof. Therefore, you can rely on this product as it is highly resistant to environmental conditions, making it the best alternative for personal watercraft.

Moreover, Polyester is a luster fabric, so this means that it reflects light excellently. It appears shiny when struck by the light. Don’t worry, it’s also UV-resistant, so the print won’t be easily tainted.

I originally wanted to give this to a friend on his birthday, but I instantly changed my mind when I inspected its quality. It is lightweight but strong enough to withstand blustery winds. Plus, it is wrinkle and shrink-resistant, making it easy to clean.

What I also find admirable is the nylon webbing set in the hoist, fastening the brass grommets. So far, it remains in its position, but of course, time will tell its durability.

Unfortunately, one customer complained of poor stitching on this part as the grommets fell off in strong winds. I guess it depends on how consumers apply it on their boat.
  • Brilliant pirate-themed design flag
  • Made of lightweight polyester with praiseworthy weatherproof
  • Lustrous UV-resistant flag
  • Includes shrink and wrinkle protection
  • Nylon webbing stitches aren’t tight
Whenever I’m free, it’s my habit to read marine product reviews because I am an aspiring sea traveler. I was stunned when I first saw this product in the cool boat flags section online. It doesn’t disappoint when I use it as one of my pontoon boat flags, so I am happy with this purchase!

Buyer’s Guide


All boaters should know some general information when flying a flag on their boats. The three guidelines below will make your decision-making less complicated.

Know The Right Flag For Your Boat

Before buying, you should know that there are designated flags for every boat. You can’t buy custom boat flags online without knowing their intended use. It is crucial to understand this part since it will be a significant factor in choosing the right boat flag for yourself.

  • Ensign Flag – It indicates the nationality of a ship, and the owner should abide by the state’s flag law. I’ve encountered boaters who often ask if they can fly a foreign flag on their boat. The answer is yes, but under an acceptable condition which is when you enter foreign territory. You can use the flag to pay respect to the visited country. Hence, it is called a courtesy flag.
  • House Flag / Private Signal Flag – It specifies the identification of the owner of the boat. It is often customized to represent a brand/organization. It can only be flown if the owner is in charge of the vessel.
  • Nautical Alphabet Signal Flag – This flag is used to communicate important messages between ships, especially when safety is being compromised.
  • Burgee – It is a small flag, typically a triangular one that is seen in a yacht. It represents a yacht or sailing boat’s club/association.
  • Special Ensign Flag – A flag that requires permission through the Queen’s authorization for British yachts and recreational boats.

It is divided into three types

  • White Flag – This flag is exclusive for the Royal Yacht Squadron.
  • Blue Flag – It is granted to yachts for admirals that are acknowledged by the Royal Queen.
  • Red Flag – British convention states that all ships are granted with permission to fly the national flag.

If you have finally determined what flag suits your boat the best, read more information about its rules and laws. This knowledge will help you prevent dealing with penalties.

Flags have their respective positions on a boat

For ensign flags, the stern of the vessel is the most recommended location. Keep it as close to this area as possible. The same applies to the special ensign flags, they always occupy the senior position.

The burgee must be flown at the masthead; it should always match the special ensign flag and should be higher than the latter.

For other flags, the placement arrangements are masthead, starboard spreader, and port spreader. Now that you know where to set up your flag, you can easily find one that fits your boat accordingly.

Weather-resistant flags are essential for the marine environment

Most of the flags in this list are made of polyester and nylon. Both are known to have good weather resistance. Hence, professional boaters highly recommend it for outdoor use. If you want a long-standing flag that can withstand ferocious weather conditions, look for these two.

What Flag Should I Fly on My Boat


An ensign flag! If you’re installing it on your boat, make yourself familiar with its existing rules. If you’re using a Maryland boat flag with a US flag just like me, you have to know that the latter should always fly on the stern and the former resides in the starboard spreader for most recreational boats.

What Do Flags on Boats Mean

Flags relay signals that are imperative for vessel navigation. They serve as a secret language of boaters to communicate with their fellow boaters for emergencies and maneuvering problems.

Sometimes, boat flags meaning depends on their colors. I was looking for Irish boat flags as a birthday gift for my Irish friend and found out that each color represents symbolic messages.

The orange color represents Irish protestants; the green represents Irish Catholics, and the white represents peace for both parties. Flying the colors of their flag during your stay in Ireland is an act of respect.

What Does a Blue Flag in a Ship Mean

Based on international nautical sign flags, the blue flag or sometimes referred to as Blue Peter means that the vessel is about to proceed at sea.

What is the Flag on the Back of a Boat Called

The ensign flag is flown on the stern, which is located at the back of the boat.

Care and Maintenance

Each flag has unique properties that make it long-wearing, but we don’t want to rely entirely on them, do we? Time will come, and its condition may not be as good as it used to be.

A daily inspection could help the flag last. After every use, it should be dismounted from the boat. If there are visible signs of fraying, you can cut the parts affected and run a zigzag stitch to prevent it from recurring.

Be familiar with your fabric. There are various ways to make it long-lasting if you know its weakness. Polyester is well-known for its extreme durability and flexibility. It may be machine-washed, but it is prone to a static buildup so make sure you remove it from the dryer while it’s still slightly wet.

As for nylon, it almost has the same wearability capacity as Polyester, but it also has its limitations. It is sensitive to heat. Thus, it needs to be handled with care. When ironing, use low heat and spray water to dissipate the warmth, and always dry iron without steam.


Flags are our endless travel companion offshore. They transmit a signal or a message that we boaters need to decipher to ensure smooth cruising. They indirectly say something about us and our ongoing maritime activities.

Similarly, personalized boat flags can help authorities track us down if something happens to us in the open water. Hence, prompt rescue operations are possible.

The best boat flags can mitigate long-distance communication problems between sailors. Getting lost in the ocean is worrisome, but thanks to the nautical flags and boat compass, we can always find our way back home.

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