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The Best Paints for Boat Trailer to Ensures Safety & Protection

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

best paint for boat trailer

Boat trailers are also submerged into the water and exposed to various outdoor elements. Boat owners must take care of the boat trailer since it helps with the maintenance and restoration of a vessel. But many forget about this need. You have to protect them with the best paint for boat trailer with the following characteristics.

  • Durability: A boat trailer can be exposed to harsh elements so it is necessary to apply a marine trailer paint that creates a tough finish to counter all the challenges. It should be able to withstand impacts and chemicals as fuel can sometimes spill on it. Moreover, it should be firm enough so it’s not easily chipped or scratched. Flexibility is also essential when the surface contracts and expands from weather interference.
  • Time Needed for Drying and Curing: The ideal boat trailer paint dries in just an hour or a bit more. If a second coat is necessary, it shouldn’t take much time to finish. The boat trailer painting should be cured in a day or two. So, you can go back to the water as soon as possible.
  • Ease of Use: To lessen your worries, it’s best to have paint that can deal with the existing one. The formula must include rust inhibitors and converters. When it works as a rust converting primer, you won’t have to utilize another product before painting a boat trailer.

I bet you’re eager to know the best type of paint for boat trailers. These boat trailer reviews will help you find what you’re looking for.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Rust-Oleum 207006

+ Used in various surfaces
+ Application is a breeze
+ Can dry up in one to two hours

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Totalboat 365399

+ Results in beautiful and glossy finish
+ Can be applied to different materials
+ Easy to apply as it’s self-leveling

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Rust-oleum 207012

+ Makes cleaning effortless
+ Delivers a smooth finis
+ Can be thinned with mineral oil

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Best Boat Trailer Paint Reviews

1. Rust-Oleum 207006 Marine Topside Paint

This is a versatile paint since it can adhere to various surfaces, such as metal, fiberglass, and wood. You’ll hear people using it unconventionally too; my neighbor puts it on porous materials!

I’m in awe of its smooth, glossy, and thick finish that guarantees resilience. The hardness is safe to wash so I can keep my boat and trailer clean. You can have a successful paint job as this is tacky and covers faded, horrid-colored surfaces. I was even able to revive a van from 1975.

Painting a boat trailer with Rustoleum topside paint is a breeze. I’d like to suggest a paint roller as the ideal tool for achieving desired results. The normal formula of this oil-based paint can dry in an hour or two. When I thinned it out, the drying time became longer. So, avoid doing it if you want to use your trailer right away. There are various Rustoleum trailer paint colors you can choose from.

It’s advisable to apply this paint in a ventilated or open area due to the strong smell. But this is normal for all oil-based paints. Anyway, it’s gone in a few days, and it’s worth it. Apart from the solid coating, this paint establishes long-term protection against UV rays and extreme weather conditions.
  • Used in various surfaces
  • Forms smooth, glossy, and thick finish that is washable
  • Can cover faded and horrid-looking surfaces
  • Application is a breeze
  • Can dry up in one to two hours
  • Makes long-term protection against UV rays and extreme weather conditions
  • Needs a long drying time when thinned out
  • Oil-based paint with a strong smell
This proves to be suitable boat trailer paint even if it’s marketed as boat paint. I love the easy application, finish, flexibility, and protective layer.

2. Totalboat 365399 Wet Edge Marine Topside Paint

With all its wonderful effects, it makes sense to say that this is the right paint for a trailer. I can make a beautiful and glossy finish out of it. Even when it’s dried on my newly painted boat trailer, it looks as if it’s still wet. I must say that it’s hard to beat its gloss.

The first coat has the capacity to make the surface look good. My neighbor even thought I was done but I told her I’ll go for a second coat. After curing was completed, I intentionally scratched the finish. I want to see if the ads are telling the truth. With my own eyes, I witnessed its high quality since it didn’t budge. Indeed, it has resistance to scratch, abrasion, and chemicals.

The durable finish can adhere to different materials, such as fiberglass, metals, wood, and painted surfaces. I decided to apply this to my trailer after it made my old boat new and modern. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to use this paint even though it may take 4 to 6 hours to dry. It’s all worth it when I see my boat and aluminum boat trailer looking so fine.

It’s easy to apply so you won’t have a hard time. Since it’s self-leveling, it spreads well with the help of a paint roller. Cleaning my boat trailer is straightforward as well because of it.
  • Results in beautiful and glossy finish
  • Durable finish with resistance against scratch, abrasion, and chemicals
  • Can be applied to different materials
  • Can restore the old boat and make it look new and modern
  • Easy to apply as it’s self-leveling
  • Drying can take 4 to 6 hours
I’ve tried several paints for the boat trailer, and this one proves to be resistant against harsh conditions. I was naïve to assume that it’s only for boats. After all, the boat and trailer are exposed to the same elements most of the time.

3. Rust-oleum 207012 Marine Flat Boat Bottom Paint

This Rust-oleum trailer paint is known for its antifouling properties. It can prevent any unnecessary slime and marine growth on my trailer when I go sailing. Hence, cleaning won’t require much effort.

The product description is right because it lays flat and smooth. I usually apply two coatings using a roller or brush, and I’m happy that the paint covers the area well. But since it has a thick consistency, you have to stir it well before the application. Spare an hour for this step since it’s still like goo after 20 minutes of continuous stirring. I ended up using a beater.

You can thin it with mineral oil if you want to blend in colors. However, do note that because it only leaves a flat sheen, it’s better for those who don’t like shiny coat paint.

Since this is boat trailer paint for saltwater and freshwater, I’m not reluctant to dip my trailer in the water any time of the day. Additionally, it releases copper to block fouling. Thus, it provides amazing rust protection for metal surfaces.

Somehow, I remember Totalboat aluminum boat paint that is copper-free and they’re the total opposite. What’s important for me is that I have peace of mind even though my trailer is in the water for hours.
  • Have antifouling properties to prevent unnecessary slime and marine growth
  • Makes cleaning effortless
  • Delivers a smooth finish with a flat sheen
  • Can be thinned with mineral oil for a color blend
  • With protective coating for freshwater and saltwater
  • Can prevent rusting
  • Putting more time in stirring its thick consistency before applying
I can’t ask for more from this antifouling paint because it keeps the metal frame of my trailer protected from marine growth and rust. Thanks to it, I’m doing a good job in maintaining my trailer.

4. POR-15 45008 Rust Preventive Coating

After I found this item to cover and protect the metal surface of my pontoon, I had an idea of using it on my boat trailer. It pleased me a lot that it’s truly a preventive coating for my boat and trailer. Apart from daily wear and tear, it can protect various surfaces from water, salt, corrosion, and chemicals.

I must say that it has a unique protective coating as it’s also effective in restoration. It was tested and proven when I successfully revived my 1986 Delta 88. Another proof is that my friend’s dump trailer that looked hopeless with all the chipping and peeling was restored too. Without a doubt, you can use it to repaint the boat trailer; it’s dependable in restoring metal surfaces.

Although you apply it thinly, a thick finish can be achieved. Thus, I’m happy with the hard, glossy layer! Whenever I apply it on rusty surfaces, it seems that it soaks up the rust. The formula is specially made for covering and preventing rust. I like how it doesn’t bridge rough spots because it’s thin. The manufacturer suggests that only two layers should be applied.

Before you start painting your trailer, it’s best to cover the area or put things aside because the downside of this product is that it’s hard to remove. If it sticks onto your hands, use paint thinner to remove it. Be careful so cleaning won’t consume a lot of time.
  • Protects various surfaces from water, salt, corrosion, and chemicals
  • Has a unique protective coating against rust
  • Can restore surfaces with rust and peeling or chipping paint
  • Creates a hard, glossy layer
  • Doesn’t bridge rough spots
  • Hard to remove when this paint sticks on hands and things
It doesn’t only prevent rust from developing on your trailer but also covers it well and even absorbs it. The formula is superb, and it works like no other!

5. Interlux 4359G Y4359/1 Brightside Polyutherane Paint

After it restored my 30-year old canoe, I was more than convinced to use it on my trailer. Indeed, it’s the top-rated boat trailer paint as it leaves everything with a glossy finish.

Also, I’m so happy that it helped me to maintain the steel tube parts of my truck, a trailer hitch, and all the welded components. You can use it on cars and restore old refrigerators too. These applications prove that they can take care of all the hardware. You can’t go wrong since the finish is smooth. It looks like spray paint and is free of streaks.

I observed that its finish hardens as time passes, and it just proves the quality of its single part formula. Hence, you can rely on its durability. It’s been over a year since I applied it on my trailer and it’s still good. Some users say that it can last for years. With these advantages, I don’t need to try out many different paints; I will continue to use this marine-grade paint.

During application, I can say that it’s great as it levels on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The roll and tip method is the best way to apply it. I thinned it on the second coating. However, the surface of the steel trailer needs sanding. This paint can’t cover up old paint or residue.
  • Leaves glossy finish
  • In different applications
  • Smooth like spray paint without forming streaks
  • Hardens as time passes by
  • Durable and can last for years
  • Levels well on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Sanding is a must since it can’t cover up old paint
Due to its glossy and durable finish, this is a great paint for a trailer and other things. I didn’t have a hard time during the application. It minimizes the frequency of necessary repainting.

6. POR-15 46604 Flat Gray Top Coat Paint

A painted boat trailer should be protected from the sun and other outdoor elements. It’s very important for me because I use my trailer the entire summer. This marine paint meets the need with its tough finish that won’t give in to cracking and peeling. Moisture and fading can’t also persist. After you give this a try yourself, you’ll agree for sure that the layer that it creates is long-lasting.

You can revive an old boat trailer with its ability to remove existing rust. Plus, thanks to its self-leveling property, a glossy finish is always guaranteed. Of course, this is not only exclusive for marine use. The shiny finish can bond on cars too. I also used it to restore my motorcycle that had been neglected for years. I’m amazed that it dries in half an hour to an hour.

A foam brush is the best tool in applying this paint but you may use roller paint too. Some even used it as a spray. Prep work is necessary for heavily rusted objects so I use a wire brush. I think it’s the same requirement even with the paints for boat. What I find inconvenient is the difficulty of removing it from the skin. To prevent this, use gloves during application.
  • Protects surfaces from the sun
  • Its finish doesn’t fade, peel, crack and give in to moisture
  • Durable or long-lasting finish
  • Self-leveling property for nice coverage
  • Shiny or glossy finish
  • Restores old things and bond on cars
  • Hard to remove from the skin
The best asset of this paint is its hard and durable finish. It protects your trailer from the heat of the sun even if you take it outdoors often.

7. Majic Paints 8-0852-2 Camouflage Paint

Dark boat trailer colors are favorable to boat owners like me because they don’t make the dirt obvious. Thus, I love the earth colors of this product, and it’s way better than coat chassis black paint. Nevertheless, I’m not only after the color and aesthetics of paint, I also appreciate the protection against harsh sunlight and weather conditions that it provides.

It sticks well on wood, metal, and aluminum surfaces. So, it’s not only for my Jon boat and pontoon but for the trailer as well. You may also use it on ladders, duck blinds, and more. Its non-reflective finish is amazing because it’s long-lasting. Since it’s water-resistant, I don’t have worries when dipping the trailer in the water.

Application is pretty easy since you can use a brush, roller, paint gun, or spray. When you spray it, make sure that you’re 10 to 16 inches away from your trailer. You have to be attentive so you won’t end up with rough paint. Anyways, there’s no need for aluminum oxide primer. I like the coverage, and it dries evenly to stay for a long period. Hence, you’re assured of its durability.

After opening the can, the strong smell that escapes from it is not missed by my nostrils. Thus, to prevent sniffing on it, work in a ventilated area. This is especially necessary if you have a sensitive nose.
  • In earth colors for a camouflage effect
  • Protects against harsh sunlight and weather conditions
  • Sticks well on wood, metal, and aluminum
  • Delivers non-reflective, durable finish
  • Easy to apply and good coverage
  • Dries evenly in a few hours
  • Needs to have the right distance when spraying to achieve the desired result
  • Has a strong smell
The finish from this paint is all I need to protect my trailer from frequent use during the summer. Therefore, I don’t have headaches when buying paint.

8. Durabak 18 Textured Version

This textured paint helps stabilize my boat when it is mounted on a trailer as it creates a non-slip finish. Moreover, it can adhere to various surfaces, such as metal, fiberglass, wood, and concrete.

The non-slip finish is advantageous with many things like the vessel’s deck. After painting the boat trailer with this product, protection is also obtained. Even with continuous use while being baked under the sun, the paint layer doesn’t discolor or gain spots. It does a big favor for boaters who live in areas with harsh sunlight.

I sometimes think that it works with magic because it remains in good condition despite being soaked in the rain for hours. It wasn’t even damaged when oil and gas spilled on my trailer. There’s no need to question its durability, and you’d agree once you see its effects.

Two coatings are ideal to complete the desired finish. To avoid having a hard time, you need to utilize the right kind of roller. The one that I bought from a different company doesn’t work. It’s a must to buy the Stipple roller from Durabak. Xylene is the recommended thinner so I used it. I think you should follow the instructions as it’s time-consuming. It gives a rough finish, which is why it’s non-slip.
  • Creates non-slip finish for stabilization of the boat when on a trailer
  • Adheres with different surfaces
  • Tough against sunlight, rain, oil, and gas
  • Doesn’t have loose spots and discolorations
  • Durable as it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and harsh elements
  • Application is time-consuming
Painting boat trailers may take a lot of effort when you use this paint. But I won’t trade it for another brand as it promotes safe mounting of my boat in my trailer. Accidents and mishaps are avoided.

9. Rust-Oleum 7792502 Stops Rust Brush On Paint

With the superior quality and coverage of this paint, there’s no doubt that it can remove rust. Specifically, it covers the rust so it’s out of sight after a little scraping and cleaning. It’s good at covering rust so it’s a dependable galvanized paint for boat trailers. I’ve done numerous projects aside from working on replacement boards. The metal cabinet in our kitchen, refrigerator, and porch is looking great because of its finish.

The glossy finish that it creates is like fresh paint even in its dried form. Any type of aluminum trailer will be taken care of. Even a bit of rust can’t pass through the finish. Just to emphasize, it’s the perfect match for interior or exterior surfaces made of wood, masonry, stone, and more.

This paint also promises durability so the surface is protected in the long run. The glossy finish is not prone to chipping and fading. So, my uncle only has to repaint his boat after several years despite tons of traffic and bad weather conditions. It’s more effective than the enamel spray paint that I used before. Latex can’t beat it as well because it forms a smoother finish.

I always use disposable brushes when applying this paint. There are only a few drips even though I’m sloppy. I don’t make a lot of mess because this thin substance goes smoothly and evenly on the surface. Drying time usually takes 2 to 4 hours but I allow it to cure for 24 hours. The process is straightforward, although I would need to rub my hands with vegetable oil when the paint sticks to them.
  • Has superior quality and coverage
  • Good at covering rust
  • Makes a fresh, glossy finish
  • Can be applied on various surfaces
  • Durable and not prone to chipping, abrasion, and fading
  • Application is straightforward
  • Rubbing vegetable oil when the paint sticks on the skin
I recommend that this paint is for galvanized boat trailers. Repainting has never been this easy

10. FIX LL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Acrylic Paint

I tend to overthink when it comes to choosing the right paint for my trailer. However, I think it has a good consequence since I found this anti-slip paint. No slipping will occur as it has a gritty texture. Many boaters use it for their decks and floors.

I don’t have regrets about choosing this product. My boat trailer faces the rain and submerges in the lake but the rough finish with skid resistance stays tough as ever. You can also use it on things other than vessels and trailers. It can be seen on the driveway, ramp, patio, basketball court, and more. It stands out from the recognized best paints as it can stick on stone, asphalt, cement, wood, and more.

With its flexibility, it’s useful indoors and outdoors. You may think that this paint will appear dull since it’s rough. On the contrary, the finish can be a sight for sore eyes as there are several colors to choose from. It’s also cost-effective because a single coating is enough to cover my boat trailer.

I never thought that using this product would be a breeze. However, the textured, rough roller helps me a lot. There’s no bothersome smell from this paint so you can work in peace. It dries quickly but you have to give it ample time if it’s more than one coat.
  • Anti-slip due to gritty texture
  • Prevents slipping and accidents
  • The finish doesn’t mind exposure to water and rain
  • For different areas and materials
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cost-effective as one coating is sufficient for some projects
  • More than one coating needs more time to dry
I don’t have to worry too much when mounting my boat on the trailer. Thanks to the anti-skid finish of this paint.

Buyer’s Guide


What Kinds of Paint Used for Boat Trailer?

  • Alkyd enamel

This works best in preventing rust from painted and properly prepared areas. It creates a tough coating that fights corrosion and abrasion.

  • Spray-on truck bed liner

The most promising effect of this paint is its hard and impermeable bond with metal sections. While it hinders water and air to cause damage on the surface, it also prohibits rust formation and has resistance against scratches. Application is easy peasy, and this kind of paint is typically available in various colors.

  • Powder coating

Among other paints for boat trailers, this requires a unique process since it coats the metal surface using electricity. Then, it’s baked to cure. It’s almost impermeable as the interior of the trailer rails is encased. However, the application is done by professionals so you have to pay for the service.


These paints for boat trailers are easy to use and don’t even require thorough preparation. The finish that they deliver is durable and can resist chemical damages and physical impact. They even have rust removal and prevention features.


The paint features in this review are ideal for DIY projects. Some users find it challenging to come up with a presentable finish. It’s usually fine since boat trailers are not used for display. But if it matters to you, use an air compressor to eliminate small bits before painting.

Can You Paint Aluminum Boat Trailers


Yes, you can paint aluminum boat trailers. Don’t forget to pay attention to the product that you choose. It must adhere well to aluminum surfaces. A primer that specializes in rust protection and sanding is necessary for this process. Apply fresh paint without over-rolling or over-spraying.

Can You Spray Paint a Trailer

You can spray paint for boat trailers with enamel spray paint.

How Do You Paint a Rusty Boat Trailer

Ideally, you have to apply rust-converting paint and prepare for the steps. You’ll need to remove wheel bearings and loose bearings. All the broken components should be taken care of before you get started. It’s similar to usual procedures on how to paint boat trailer. Collect the necessary tools, such as wire brushes, wire brush attachment, and angle grinder.

You can brush the rust or use an air compressor. There’s no need to use rust converters if you have all-in-one paint. Get a couple of brushes since the paint dries quickly. But you have to give it a day or two for curing. You have to paint the spare wheel too.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Boat Trailer

Here are the estimations on the cost of painting a boat trailer:

  • Small trailers – $400 to $800
  • Medium trailers – $650 to $1,000
  • Large trailers – $1,000 to $3,000


Utilizing the best paint for boat trailers ensures safety and protection. Your boat is mounted and placed on the trailer properly. The paints that are introduced here can create a tough and durable finish. Some of them can remove and prevent rust all at the same time. Using one of these products is a way of properly taking care of your boat trailer.

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