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How Wide is a Pontoon Boat – A Guide to Pick Your Ideal Boat Size

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

how wide is a pontoon boat

The pontoon boat is a great device for you to have. It can provide many different kinds of recreational activities, such as fishing, snorkeling and swimming, or even having a party on the water.

Nevertheless, picking a suitable size pontoon boat for your needs can be difficult. Thus, knowing the pontoon boat width is very important for you to make the best decision. This article will help you know “How wide is a pontoon boat?” and provide even more information, so continue reading.


The Common Width of Pontoon Boat

These are the pontoon boat dimensions of some of the most popular models in the market.

Models Deck Length Width
Avalon LS Cruise 17 ft. 3 in 8 ft
Bennington 218SL 21 ft. 9.5 in 8 ft
Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 20 ft 8 ft. 2 in
Aqua Patio AP 235 Sport 25 23 ft. 11.5 in 8 ft. 6 in
Sylvan Mirage 8520 Cruise 20 ft. 10 in 8 ft. 6 in
Sweetwater SW 1880 FC 19 ft. 8 in 8 ft. 6 in
Avalon GS Fish 19 ft. 5 in 8 ft. 5 in
Bennington 30 QSR 23 to 30 ft 10 in

These models represent the standard pontoon boat width better than anything. Whichever boats you are planning to buy will probably have a similar width (and size in general) with one of them. However, there is more to find out on this topic. So, continue reading for the details!

As you have seen from above, while the length varies from one model to another, the width usually ranges from 8 to 10 feet. This number may slightly change in use, due to the pontoon width addition, but they will not affect the overall estimation by a lot.

Different manufacturers will come up with their own pontoon boat sizes. The width of a model will scale with its length, however, the ratio depends on the manufacturers. So, you can have many different choices to make.

People usually question a lot about the width of 24-foot-length models. They are some of the largest ones in the market, hence, people are concerned about whether their widths are any different. Generally, their number will still be within the range of 8.5 to 10 feet.

Pontoon Boat Types Divided by Width


The width of pontoon boats can be used to determine their type, each having different strengths, weaknesses, and ideal usage.

1. Small Pontoon Boat Sizes

Typically, pontoon boats classified as “small” are less than 20 feet in length and have a width of 8 feet. A compact pontoon boat can have an even lower size, from around 12 feet long and down to 7 feet wide.

Pontoons less than 7 feet wide are considered mini or compact. They’re mostly used for fishing or for moving in smaller waterways. Two to six is the ideal number of people in these boats.

2. Medium Pontoon Boat Sizes

This is the most popular type of pontoon boat. If the length of boats ranges from 20 to 24 feet, then you can say they have a medium size. Said boats have a width of 8 to 10 feet, depending on the ratio that manufacturers prefer.

On average, a medium size pontoon boat can hold up to ten people. They are great for multi-family recreational activities.

3. Large Pontoon Boat Sizes

How wide can a large pontoon boat be? Even the biggest ones do not exceed 12 feet of width, along with 24+ feet of length. Of course, there are some exceptions like the Dodici line from Premier Pontoons.

If you want to have more than 10 people on board, consider this type of pontoon boat. Remember that unless you have regular needs for that many people, buying this boat can be very wasteful.

Tips and Factors Regarding Your Pontoon Boat of Choice


1. Be considerate of the water

Are you going to use your pontoon boat on a small lake, a larger lake, or coastal waters? Each type of boat is designed for some particular environment. If your waters can be very rough at times, or you want to go for long distances, you’ll want a specific type of boat.

On the other hand, it’s not necessary for a boat that can handle strong waves if you’ll only be using it on a smaller, protected lake.

If the water is often calm, which is common in small lakes, it is alright for you to look for a small pontoon boat. For lakes and rivers with potentially large waves, you should consider boats in medium size at least.

Lastly, if the water is typically rough, you may want the pontoon boat length to be between 23 to 28 feet and width between 8.5 to 10 feet.

2. The width can be measured in different ways

Depending on the manufacturers, a pontoon boat’s width can be measured as the deck width or the tube width. You should focus more on the deck as they are the one providing space on your boat, while the tube is more about its power and performance.

3. Be careful with your garage door

You should know that the average garage door is usually 7 feet wide. If you want to use the garage, make sure your pontoon boat can fit through the entrance. It wouldn’t hurt to measure the length by yourself instead of just relying on given numbers. Meanwhile, the double doors can be 14 to 16 feet. wide–plenty for most boats.

4. Custom pontoons is also an option

Obviously, the best boat for you is the one designed on your demand. Try asking a boat designer for a custom-built boat. If it is possible, by careful measurements and consideration of your personal usage, you can have a perfect pontoon boat.


With all the different choices and factors needed to take into consideration, picking a pontoon boat can be quite troublesome. I hope that this article on how wide is a pontoon boat can provide you with some useful information, especially those related to the pontoon boat’s width (and size in general).

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