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How Much Does a Boat Motor Cost? – Latest Expert’s Suggestions

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

how much does a boat motor cost

When it comes to constructing a vessel or buying a recreational boat, the most problematic issue that needs to be assessed carefully is probably the cost of outboard motors. Even for expert boaters, it takes many considerations to select a suitable and affordable watercraft engine.

In fact, a new boat motor cost is appraised based on many aspects. It’s not easy to answer the question: “How much does a boat motor cost?” as outboard engines cost depends on so many elements that it is hard to define a baseline.

If you are looking for an article that can at least compile some of the standards in outboard engine pricing, this is the perfect place for you! In this post, we will provide you a proper list of boat motors costs, as well as other factors affecting the valuation of new boat engine prices.

Moreover, other tips on checking different vessel engine prices and further notices while figuring out “How much do outboard motors cost?” will be highlighted so you and other boaters can have a better understanding on this topic without too much difficulty. Continue reading to learn more!


An Outboard Motor’s Overview

An outboard engine is a self-contained device that includes a motor, auxiliary systems, and propeller that is meant to be positioned just at the stern of a vessel.

Outboard motors have a particular horsepower, a given dry weight, a certain amount of cylinders, a start mechanism (electric or manual), and a type of fuel, which is often gasoline. The horsepower may range between 15 and 115 h.p. Nevertheless, some outboard generators may reach 350 horsepower.

The most popular shaft lengths are 15, 20, and 25 inches. In the market, Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, and Honda are among the most famous brands.

It is important to check out some of your boats with various types of engines before making a purchase. You may browse our privately owned, global fleet of vessels, interact with boaters and captains, plan your boating excursion, and begin your boat setting experience.

After you’ve tried a couple of your boats, you might find it useful to review spreadsheets with varied specifications for each type of engine in terms of aesthetics, shaft length, capacity, and so on. If you want to use your motor frequently and require features that go above and beyond the normal possibilities, a professional merchant is the best solution.

Factors Affecting the New Boat Engine Cost


There are several factors that influence the cost of a new boat engine. Various characteristics, including efficiency choices, are among the elements that might influence outboard engine cost.

Nevertheless, there are three major aspects contributing to the outboard motor cost that you must take into account when selecting a boat engine. Let’s look more closely at them in this next section.

1. Size

Boat motors are classified into three size ranges: small, medium, and big. The size of the boat engine you require is controlled by the volume and weight of your vessel. However, both size and power must be considered.

For instance, smaller engines are used in smaller vessels like canoes and Jon vessels. Medium or mid-range motors may be used for boats ranging in length from 12 to 18 feet.

2. Manufacturer

Different manufacturers have different pricing strategies. Each brand has its own unique manufacturing process and technology, which may either raise or cut pricing. Popular manufacturers, like Mercury, may be more pricey but they have a well-established image, and many sailors attest to their dependability.

Certain brands excel at creating engines for particular types of boats. It all depends on the type of performance you’re after. It might also depend on whether you want greater speed or more carrying capacity.

The placement of a manufacturer’s manufacturing or assembly facility can also affect the price of outboard motors. While cost may rise, having facilities in several locations provides greater availability, as transporting built boat engines is challenging.

3. Performance

There are other components to engine size, but horsepower is the one that most people pay attention to. Fishing boats can be powered by a motor with as little as 8 horsepower, but big vessels may require 300 horsepower or more. The general rule of thumb is that as the horsepower of an outboard motor rises, so does its price.

The Price of Outboard Motors

New engines are much more pricey than used engines, but they have a few advantages. They normally come with a guarantee, which makes dealing with product issues simpler.

When you’re a beginner in boating, having standardized pricing is beneficial. Prices for more common manufacturers typically begin at $1,000 for engines rated at 2 to 4 horsepower.

Small engines with up to 35 horsepower can be utilized for crafts up to 18ft in length and carrying up to three passengers. A 25hp motor would cost roughly 4000 dollars at the usual pricing, while a 30hp one may cost up to 5000 dollars.

Mid-range engines are strong enough to propel pontoon boats or 18ft boats built of heavier substances like fiberglass. The horsepower of these engines varies between 40 and 75 hp. Engines with this power range from $5,000 to $10,000 at SRP.

Engines of 100 to 140 horsepower can operate boats up to 25 ft long. Anything over 150 horsepower is considered huge and is often utilized for larger boats with lengths of 22ft or more. Notice that weight is still an important element, and a 25-foot-long vessel can be lighter than a 22-foot-long boat.

Last but not least, a 150-horsepower engine might cost roughly $12,000, however model differences may increase the pricing. A 350-horsepower engine may cost up to 30,000 dollars.

Further Expert’s Suggestions


There are some tips you should keep in mind while purchasing an outboard motor. The following guidelines from boating experts will help you select the suitable engine for your vessel at an affordable price:

  • Assessing the power to total weight is one of the easiest and most effective techniques to determine the power required for your boat. Directly comparing your craft’s weight to the engine’s horsepower will inform you of the efficiency of the
  • Your budget will determine which kind of engine you can purchase and whether you might buy new or secondhand. Acquiring a new one is advantageous because solid factory guarantee and financing alternatives are available. On the other hand, buying old motors is a good way to save money, especially if you’re on a restricted budget and are proficient with engine maintenance.
  • Fuel economy is critical for a number of reasons. The overall range of your vessel is calculated by multiplying the capacity of your gasoline tank in gallons by the mileage every gallon. Thus, a more efficient motor allows you to go farther between fill-ups. But if you still wondering about this, there are marine fuel stabilizers now that will make your engine more fuel-efficient.

To find more detailed information about the price of each boat motor brand, watch this video: Bass Pro Shop Outboards Walk-through. Prices, and Specs Mercury Optimax, Verado. Bass Pro shop boats.


There are indeed a lot of elements affecting the valuation of an outboard motor. It is important for any boater to understand how these factors influence the price of boat motors to make a wise purchase.

Hence, we hope that the above information will also help you and your crew to select a suitable boat engine that makes cruising experiences with family and friends affordable!

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