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Who Owns My Druthers Boat in the “Outer Banks” Series?

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

who owns my druthers boat

Fans of the hit series “Outer Banks” streaming on Netflix cannot help but ask, who owns My Druthers boat? Ward Cameron owns this sleek and super-sexy aquatic machine. Although fictional, the My Druthers boat Outer Banks has a few semblances in the real world.

I bet you want to know about that, too. If so, please stick around and let us explore this mesmerizing Outer Banks yacht.

Who Owns My Druthers?


Ward Cameron, one of “Outer Banks” principal characters, owns My Druthers. The boat is one of Cameron’s prized possessions, which included a Dodge Ram, a Range Rover, and an Aston Martin DB11 Volante.

In case you are wondering about the My Druthers boat meaning, the phrase translates to “my desires,” “my wishes,” or “my preferences.”

Overview of Druthers Boat


My Druthers is one of several boats used in Outer Banks show, including John B’s HMS Pogue. The Pogue is a 21-foot Carolina skiff powered by a 115-horsepower 4-stroke Yamaha engine.

The show also featured the real-life Andros Tarpon 26, christened “My Druthers Too” in the Netflix series. It is a fishing vessel with a ¾ dual station tower.

Meanwhile, the My Druthers yacht is the epitome of luxury, afforded only to the super-wealthy. It is like the Hatteras 1996 82’ Skybridge, a superyacht crewed by three.

My Druthers has four well-appointed staterooms, perfect for four couples or eight guests. The stern features lounging decks, while the superstructure offers stunning views of the Outer Banks seascape.

This luxury boat has a jet ski, perfect for water-related adventures. It also has at least one harpoon for fishing.

So, what kind of boat is it? My Druthers is the classic luxury yacht that Hollywood bigwigs use to depict fictional elite personalities. It is the perfect vessel for highlighting Ward Camerons uber-wealthy character.

We can only speculate about the My Druthers boat price because it is fictional. However, its closest real-life semblance – the 1996 Skybridge – had a price tag of $1.285 million on HMY Yachts.

Is There a Druthers Boat in Real Life?


Redditor “beachy_birchwood” noted spotting a My Druthers boat type in Myrtle Beach. Other Reddit and Facebook users also reported seeing a similar boat in Atlantic City.

Although “My Druthers” is a fictional boat name in a hit Netflix series, it is plausible it exists in real life.

As mentioned, My Druthers looks like the 82-foot Hatteras Skybridge. Some folks also liken it to the 92-foot 1996 Seaquest, although the two differ in the lounge and rear cockpit sections.

Jack Hargrave’s High Spirit 1996 82’ superyacht (from Hatteras Boats) remains My Druthers’ closest real-life incarnation.


Now you know who owns My Druthers boat on the hit Netflix series “Outer Banks.” Although the vessel is fictional, a few real-world watercraft offer hope to those who want a taste of Ward’s opulent lifestyle.

It is a lavish vessel fit for the modern king. Unsurprisingly, its constant exposure on the show only fuels a real-world desire to own one.

My Druthers might have met a fiery end, but a real-life Hatteras Skybridge or High Spirit might just be in your dock one day.

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