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Where Are Crestliner Boats Made – The Famous Boat Manufacturer

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

where are crestliner boats made

When it comes to trustworthy and reliable vessel brands, many experts mention Crestliner thanks to their reputation and long history. Still, having a better insight into the production of boat manufacturers, especially Crestliner, can help boaters make the right decision.

That leads us to the main topic of our article “Where are crestliner boats made?” Most of Crestliner boat productions since 2010 have been taking place in their new factories located in New York Mills, Minnesota. 

Still, in this post, we will help you have a better understanding of Crestliner boats by providing information about Crestliner factory and Lund boat manufacturing.

Also, other knowledge related to products like Crestliner bass boats or Crestliner fish hawks will be covered in this post under these categories.

Keep reading until the end as we will compile some fun facts about Crestliner! Let’s start!

The Brief History of Crestliner Vessels


Crestliner is a vessel manufacturing company with a history dating back for over 70 years. In 1946, William Morse Sr. developed the very first Crestliner boat, which was an aluminum watercraft. In 1957, the firm was formally established.

The firm was a huge success, especially after they switched to an all-welded construction style in 1964. In the 1960s and mid-1980s, they produced fiberglass vessels.

However, AMF purchased the firm in the mid-1970s. Then, In 1981, the company was sold to Nordic Boat Company or Crestliner, an association of ex-Crestliner staff. Nordic/Crestliner was bought by Genmar Holding Company in 1988.

Crestliner started their pontoon boat production at their former fiberglass manufacturing facilities in 1992 and eventually, this product line became the target part of their business.

Brunswick Boat Company, which acquired the major competitor Lund, purchased Crestliner in 2004. The manufacturer of Crestliner was relocated to New York Mills, Minnesota in 2010, after years of working in Little Falls.

Crestliner’s Facilities and Boat Products


If you ever come across a boater who owns Crestliner boats, these vessels might probably be constructed in the Crestliner factory in New York Mills, where Brunswick also proceeds Lund boat manufacturing.

Crestliner takes pride in the fact that their boats are completely built and made using welding. Aluminum vessels with all-welded construction technologies have a high level of quality and durability.

While the company’s mechanic who makes crestliner boats is really proud of their aluminum vessels, the Crestliner fish hawk is in fact very popular among fishermen. There are many series of Crestliner fish hawk produced in the past years that received multiple compliments and trust from expert boaters.

The J-hook fabric layout as well as the anchor locker technology for aluminum boats are two important inventions from the company in recent years. Throughout the twentieth century, the firm continued to innovate, eventually becoming one of the world’s leading boat builders.


For those who are seeking potential Crestliner vessels, understanding “Where are Crestliner boats made?” and how these crafts are created is essential to make a purchase decision. Hence, we hope that the above information is useful for you.

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