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How Much Does a Paddle Boat Cost? – Updated in 2023

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

how much does a paddle boat cost

Do you know how much does a paddle boat cost? You can buy used pedal boats for about $300 or less, while new paddle boats can set you back by at least $500. And if you want premium features in your boat, you can expect the prices to soar beyond $1,000.

Other factors can dictate the cost of a paddle boat. So, please keep reading to learn how much money you must save to bring home a family paddle boat.

How Much Money Should I Save to Buy a Paddle Boat?

At the very least, you should prepare about $200 for a cheap and used paddle boat. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee these watercraft’s quality. You should set aside a bigger budget, around $300 or more, to get more reliable vessels.

A high-end model can set you back for about $1,000 or more. An excellent compromise is to look for a high-quality preowned paddle boat. In such a case, you can find a premium paddle boat as cheap as $835.

The average price of paddle boat units is $400 to $600, which should be right around a family budget.

So, why the price variance? Are there factors aspiring paddle boat owners should know before buying paddle boats? So, shall the boat prices go down this year?

What Factors Go Into Paddle Boat Prices?

If you’re unfamiliar with the factors impacting the paddle boat price, shopping for the best vessels can give you a headache. Let us look at each one.

1. Capacity


Most paddle boats can accommodate two to four persons. Some even have five seats for two adults and three kids, making these paddle boats ideal for family weekend getaways.

Small paddle boats typically cost less than larger versions. We said “typically” because other features can impact the vessel’s final price tag. For instance, a large 5-seater paddle boat without extra features might have the same price as a full-feature 2 person pedal boat.

That said, you can typically get a high-end 2-seater for about $1,000, while a luxurious 5-seater might require an extra $500.

Here is a tip. A mini paddle boat is more affordable than an oversized option, provided all other things are equal.

Hence, go for a midget pedal boat if you are tight on a budget. Otherwise, splurging on the best 4 seater paddle boat should not be a problem if you have no issues with finances.

2. Type


Paddle boats move on the water using leg or arm muscle power. You either row with an oar or push the pedals with your feet. Some paddle boats have electric motors, allowing users to rest while still enjoying a pleasant cruise.

In most cases, manually-operated paddle boats are pretty affordable—their price range rarely exceeds $1000. For example, Tractor Supply paddle boats cost around $680. Meanwhile, an electric pedal boat (same brand with the same number of seats) lists for about a thousand dollars.

3. Materials


Polyethylene paddle boats are very portable because they are not as heavy as other materials. These boats are also sturdy and affordable.

On the other hand, high-end paddle boats feature fiberglass, making them ideal for frequent use. Families will also appreciate the smooth ride these boats offer. Sadly, these watercraft can cost at least a thousand dollars.

4. Features


Paddle boats with canopy tend to cost more than versions without a top cover. The materials used in these elements contribute to the extra dollars. A Sun Dolphin paddle boat with leather seat cushions can also cost more than a product with plastic bucket seats.

A double paddle boat with a built-in cooler, ample storage space, an entry ladder, and adjustable seats will have a higher price tag than a pedal boat without these features.

5. Brand


Like everything else, pedal boat manufacturers or brands can also spell the difference between an affordable and an exorbitant paddle boat.

For example, the 5-seater Sun Dolphin 5 Sun Slider will cost you around $1,200 to $1,240, while the 5-seater Monaco DLX will set you back by about $1,500 to $1,700.



What is the difference between a paddle boat and a pedal boat?

Paddle boats require arm and upper body strength to move the watercraft over water with an oar. On the other hand, a pedal boat needs leg and lower body strength to move “pedals” like on a bicycle.

However, most refer to “pedalo” (foot pedal boat) as paddle boats. Hence, it is safe to assume that a 4 person pedal boat can accommodate a family or group of four powering “paddlewheels” with their feet.

Do you need two people for a paddle boat?

No, in most cases, a single person is enough to operate paddle boats, as long as they are physically fit.

For example, the lightweight two-hulled (pontoon) Tavoline Turbo P1 is a sleek-looking paddle boat for one person. It features a center seat for you to pedal the paddlewheel. And if your leg muscles are sore, you can mount a trolling motor at the rear.

How and where to buy a paddle boat?

The first order of business is to decide the paddle boat size. Next, earmark a budget for the paddle boat. You can always try asking for a discount from the seller if you want a model with a higher price tag.

Research pedal boats in your area, considering their warranties before buying.

So, where can I buy a paddle boat? You can try water parks, river areas, ponds, lakes, and beach areas. These places have many rental paddle boats. You can ask around where they sourced these watercraft.

Alternatively, a Google search for “boat dealers near me” should be sufficient.


We hope we have provided you with a clear answer to your question, how much does a paddle boat cost? You can buy a pedal boat for as low as $200, although we cannot say how good it will be on the water. Brand-new high-end units can cost you at least a thousand dollars.

As a rule, paddle boat prices increase with vessel capacity (how many passengers it can seat), material construction, manual or electric, and extra features. Branding can also be a significant factor.

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