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What Is a Duffy Boat? Everything You Should Know!

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

what is a duffy boat

What is a Duffy boat? You may have heard about people buying or renting this boat. Well, a Duffy boat is an electric boat that promotes a relaxing lifestyle! It’s the reason why a lot of people love to use it when hanging out with friends and families. You can cruise with it all summer long! Since this boat is quiet, it won’t bother you as you sail the whole day. You don’t have to go into deep water or face waves.

This is a small electric boat so you can steer it with ease. Thus, all you can think of is relaxation and enjoyment. Before you buy or rent a Duffy boat, know more about them.

Wonderful Things About Duffy Boat


1. History

Duffy electric boats were discovered 5 decades ago. They were the products of the accidental creation of Marshall ‘Duffy’ Duffield. He experimented with replacing the beat-up engine of a boat with a motor from a used golf cart. Little did he know that he would pioneer the electric boat that makes boating comforting to many people nowadays. It’s recognized as the finest electric boat in the world.

2. The likable features of Duffy boats

The reasons why Duffy boats are renowned worldwide are their specifications designed for the needs of the users, materials of excellent quality, and the right choice of table and seating configuration. The aesthetics of these boats are also superb! It’s the result of combining good quality foam and canvas as well as Cherry wood that passed marine standards used on tables and cabinets.

Duffy boats are made in the company-owned factory. Thus, quality control is readily applied to produce functional Duffy boats. No wonder they do business with well-known companies and institutions like Marriott Hotels, Disney’s California Adventure Park, California Fish, and Game Department, and Nature Conservancy in Naples, Florida.

3. Exceptional customer service

The exceptional customer service of Duffy boats is another reason that gains patrons. You can check their website for maintenance tips. These electric boats don’t only operate well, but they’re so easy to service. Issues are detected right away for an immediate solution since the parts can be repaired and replaced with no delay.

You can either phone customer service to walk you through troubleshooting or schedule an appointment for someone to resolve the issues.

Renting a Duffy Boat


Thinking about the Duffy boat price for purchase may not be necessary. I’d like to recommend that you rent one, especially when you’re spending the summer in Orange County, Newport Beach, California. It won’t be hard to find a Duffy boat rental.

1. Reasons to rent a Duffy boat

It’s ideal to rent a Duffy boat if you want to enjoy the water in groups. This boat goes at a low speed so you can enjoy the scenery. It gives you the chance to have a good time hanging at a bay. You can either cruise or enjoy a bottle of champagne together with cheese on this boat. It’s also ideal to surprise a lover or make a proposal.

The sleek appearance of a Duffy boat is accompanied by quiet operation. Thus, it’s possible to take your baby on a family cruise as it won’t be hard to put your child to sleep. You can even take this electric boat to other remote areas and moor it in the right place.

2. The ideal time to rent a Duffy boat

Besides family outings, a Duffy boat also works for business meetings since it doesn’t make a lot of noise. It can give a safe and sophisticated ride. You can take it with family, friends, and colleagues during happy hour or brunch time.

3. Examples of Duffy boats for rent

People have different preferences and needs when renting a Duffy boat. There are lots of options to choose from in many Duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach. Some families will just go for a single ride and some are eager to stay for the whole day.

If you haven’t ridden a Duffy boat yet, I recommend Old Bay Rental and Sun Cruiser Rental. They’re both 21 feet long and have windows but you can breathe fresh air while moving to the back part.

Final Words

What is a Duffy boat? It’s an electric boat that you can rent and it’s common in Newport Beach, California. This is the ideal choice if you want to have a quiet, relaxing boat ride. You don’t have to go into deep waters as you can just stay at the bay and sip some champagne. Be carefree and share laughter on a Duffy boat with friends and family. It’s like having a vacation as you free yourself from stress.


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